Report 04

AH, Incident report number four. And what’s this…Allura actually starting to enjoy this visits with the prince?! Gasp!

Okay this one was a little tricky to get them into her bed. Really I think Lotor should have just carried her off if he was even a little smart. I feel like she gave him a total line of bull shit…and he fell for it!

At least she didn’t mind distracting him! XD


The words on the page all seemed to blur together, becoming meaningless nonsense that she had no interest in reading. It didn’t help that the words were in another language, one Allura had yet to master. It was just the latest to be added to her stack of studies, preparation on the basis of assuming she might someday meet with people from that planet.

Allura sighed, closing the book. She was already proficient at over fifty different languages, and yet her guardians still insisted she learn more. Sometimes she didn’t know why they bothered, it wasn’t like anyone ever came to visit Arus for peace talks. In fact, because of Doom, the only visitors they had were the type prone to violence and conquest.

Allura would much rather be flying her lion than wasting time on studying languages. Now that was something useful and far more practical than being able to ask the time of day on Planet Zaboomba. Right now she could have been doing drills, practicing her skills at maintaining formation, and target practice. It was something she was in sore need of improving, Allura feeling she was still the weakest link of the Voltron Force.

If left to her own devices, Allura would spend all her time with the guys, practicing and sneaking the time to have fun. Her latest attempt at relaxing had led to her current predicament, locked in her own bedroom, grounded as though she was just a child and not ruler of her very own planet. She sighed, pushing her chair away from the desk, smoothing down her voluminous skirts as she stood.

Allura supposed she had been pushing it, what with the bikini. It was something she had known her nanny wouldn’t have approved of, a garment she had snuck into the castle via one of the maids. She had felt daring in it, adult, liking the way the boys had looked at her, especially Keith. It hadn’t taken long for Nanny and Coran to discover her state of undress, they came running, almost out of breath, a robe in hand to cover her with.

The boys had laughed as Nanny broke down into tears, and Coran berated her, the man red-faced and angry. Hooking her arms with the two of them, they had all but dragged her back into the castle, Nanny insisting she get dressed at once. Allura had grabbed the first outfit in her closet, her familiar pink dress, pulling it and it’s many petticoats on.

Nanny had been busy while Allura was struggling to do up the laces on her bodice, the woman piling book after book on Allura’s desk. She had all but ordered the princess to sit down and start studying, telling her that if she spent the next few days reading these books, she might just be allowed to fly blue lion again. It was utterly ridiculous to be ordered around like that, but Nanny had insisted, going so far as to lock her in the bedroom. Allura supposed she was fortunate the over bearing woman hadn’t stayed to watch and hover over her.

She paced, ignoring the pile of books, shooting dark looks at the door. If she glanced out her window, she could see the lake, see the boys still cavorting on the grassy shore. How she envied them their freedom and carefree ways. She sat down on her bed, slumping down on the mattress, her dress a paler shade of pink than the dark frills that decorated her sheets.

A pout on her face, Allura rolled onto her side, reaching for Mr. Rumple, a white teddy bear with a bright pink bow around his neck. She pulled him close to her, cuddling with the bear, thinking to herself she might sleep for just a little while. Her eyes after all could use the break, they practically hurt from all the reading she had done.

Eyes falling close, Allura sought to sleep, and for a time she did doze. But a sound soon intruded on her rest, Allura fluttering her eyes open. At first she ignored the bright light that was coming from her window, thinking to go back to sleep. But then the noise started, Allura snapping her eyes open, fully awake now. She knew that sound, recognized it as one of the ships that composed of the fleet from Doom.

Setting aside Mr. Rumple, she climbed off the bed, hurrying to the window. It was now night, though the light competed with the sun for brilliance, illuminating the lake and the woods beyond it. “A solar flare?” She wondered, pressing her hands against the glass. She squinted, trying to see beyond the light, and caught two shadowy forms. She gasped as she realized one of them was a coffin, the ship that held a robeast imprisoned in sleep. It would stay in stasis until a ray from one of the Doom’s ships hit it, awakening the monster and encouraging it to grow.

Alarms were going off in her head, Allura realizing they were under attack. She wondered if the boys knew, wondered if anyone had spotted it besides her. In a panic she turned from the window, hurrying towards her bedroom door. For one brief instant she forgot she was locked in, jerking hard on the handle. The door’s refusal to budge reminded her of her situation, and Allura let out a frustrated whine, kicking her foot at the door.

“Let me out!” Allura screamed, raising her voice as loud as she could. She banged her fists on the door, hoping someone would hear her. “We’re under attack! Please! Someone alert Coran…”

No answer came, and she sighed, pressing against the door, trying to listen to hear if there was anyone on the other side. This part of the castle was usually pretty empty out of respect for her privacy, she doubted there would be many maids wandering about unless Nanny sent them here with orders.

Agitated, she stepped away from the door, Allura hurrying back to the window. She wished the alarms would ring, at least then she would know that the Voltron Force was being called to Castle Control. Allura wondered if anyone would think to come get her, knowing they couldn’t form Voltron without her lion.

She peered out into the gloom, squinting against the light. It had faded in intensity, the coffin was torpedoing towards the surface, knocking aside trees as it struck the dirt. “No…” Allura moaned, helpless to do anything but pay witness to the robeast emerging from it’s coffin. It stood and roared, and a light hit it, causing it to grow. It took on immense proportions, as big as the castle. It stomped through the woods, heading straight towards her home.

“They have to have noticed it by now…” Allura fretted, watching as the robeast drew closer to the building. Like avenging angels they came, four lions flying through the air, doing a warning pass at the robeast. The monster turned to follow them, lumbering away from the castle. That was good, but she knew she needed to be out there, lending a hand.

Again she rushed to the door, banging on it so hard her hands hurt. “Let me out! The team needs me!” She screamed and railed, trying to rattle the door, but the metal held. “Please…” She said softly, laying her head against the cool surface. “What good is being a ruler if there’s nothing left to rule?”

She was still pressed against the door, when she heard a sound, engines of a ship that was hovering far too close to the castle. She frowned, wondering how anyone but the lions could get in close, wondering why the castle soldiers hadn’t shot the ship down.

Allura was moving away from the door, almost to her window when she saw it. The seamless black metal, the curved wings that reminded her of a bat, the sleek center compartment that held a powerful engine. It was Lotor’s private ship, the jet hovering just outside her window as Lotor looked down at her. He saw that she had noticed him, and he smiled, raising a hand in greeting.

Her own hand started to raise back before she remembered herself, curling it into a fist at her side instead. She was annoyed at his acting like this was a normal social call, greeting her like an old friend and not the enemy responsible for the monster rampaging in the woods outside the castle grounds.

Still smiling, Lotor gestured for her to back away from the window, his cock pit opening so he could stand. She frowned, not understanding, and he picked up a device from his seat. It looked like a crossbow, with a sharp point that was aimed at her window. Allura’s eyes widened, and she stepped back, just as the arrow was let loose, a long cable attached to it’s end.

A gasp escaped her as the arrow shattered the window, embedding itself into the carpet just before her toes. Lotor was busy anchoring the other end to his ship, testing the cable to make sure it was secure. Allura could only watch as Lotor prepared to slide down the cable into her room, cutting a dashing figure in the process.

He stood with the shattered remains of her window at his back, hands on his hips as he looked at her, grinning. He was pleased by his dramatic entrance, his hair whipping about his face wildly. “Allura…!”

“Lotor.” She said his name calmly, staring back at him. He took a step forward, and she reacted, instinct causing her to move back. He lifted a hand, as thought to stop her.

“Allura, don’t go away, I bring you affection!”

She ignored his words, backing up to the door, pressing against it as she fixed him with her best glare. “I’ve had enough of your so called affection to last me a lifetime, you beast!”

“Ah….you are angry?” He cocked his head to the side, considering her. “I admit I was rough last time we met, but only at your insistence my dear.” She blushed, remembering her words, ordering him to move while he fought to retain some semblance of control. “How are you?” Concern was in Lotor’s voice, the man taking another step forward. “I know you were tender after our last love making….but I assure you this time I will be gentle.”

“This time?!” Allura gasped out, annoyed at his presuming sex between them was a sure thing. “There will be no this time. I order you to leave at once!”

“Still giving me orders?” Lotor sighed. “How like a woman. We are not even wedded yet and already you seek to nag me into complying.”

“We will never be married.” Allura snapped back. “I order you because you are in my home, on my planet. In case you have forgotten, I am ruler here not you!”

“Not for long, if my robeast has anything to say about it.” Lotor smirked. “Arus will soon fall, my lion tamer is the perfect monster to deal with those cats. He’ll soon have them declawed and helpless before me.”

“You’ll never win.” She insisted. “Good will always triumph over evil!”

“My dear princess…” Lotor looked at her as though she was naive. “Such an outdated way of thinking. Haven’t you realized? To be victorious I only need one win, while your people…they need to ensure they win every time. No one’s luck is THAT good. The Voltron Force will lose, and you will be my bride.”


“You should be honored Allura. Grateful I still want you.” Lotor told her, smirk firmly in place. “Think of your position, a young girl spoiled for marriage with any other man.” She blushed at his words, knowing he referred to her lost virginity. “I don’t have to do the honorable thing…I don’t have to marry you…I do it because I…I care for you greatly.”

“If you cared for me at all, you would stop these attacks, speak to your father on leaving my planet alone!” Allura was dismayed when he started laughing, the girl crying out. “An honorable man would do it! An honorable man would seek my hand through traditional means, court me in the proper manner.”

“And is that what you really want? Proper?” Lotor asked, lifting a hand to brush back his hair. “Tell me Allura, has not some part of you, some secret inner self enjoyed the way I have pursued you? You enjoy being chased, admit it. Much as I enjoy the pursuit and eventual capture…”

“Must you see everything in terms of conquest?!” She demanded, voice sounding far too shrill for her liking.

“I see you haven’t denied what I said.” Lotor stepped closer to her, Allura gasping, making a sound as she pressed against the door. “You’ll never be satisfied with anything else. You’ll always crave what I can give you, what I do to your body, the way I make you feel.”

“You are as arrogant as ever!” She snapped, cringing back as his hand reached to touch her face.

“It’s just one of my many charms.” Lotor grinned, palming her cheek. She tried to keep from trembling at his touch, but she found herself shaking, lips parting as she breathed out a soft no.

“You have no charms..” Allura told him, just seconds before he kissed her. But for all her protests, she went eagerly into his embrace, melting against his body as he pressed himself against her. One hand held her head in place, the other pressed against the metal of the door, brushing against her bare shoulder.

Their lips clung together, molding and conforming to each other’s shape, both pressing harder together. There was no gently coaxing on his part, he lay siege to her mouth, Allura unable to fend him off as tongues mingled together.

Her hands touched his chest, fingers curling around handfuls of his uniform. Allura tried to pull him closer, though there was no possible way for him to do that. His kisses left her feeling feverish, Allura enjoying being trapped between his hard muscles and the unyielding door at her back. She actually tried to follow him when he broke the kiss, her swollen lips pouting as she stared at his mouth.

Lotor smiled, a sexy slow curving of his lips. “You’re weakening.” He told her, and then ducked in close to lick at her cheek. Allura frowned at him, shaking her head no. “You’re helpless to resist me…” Lotor planted his lips on her jaw, tracing the line of it with his kisses.

“That….that’s not true…” Allura said, troubled by his words. It kept her from paying any mind to how good it felt to have his mouth working over her skin. Lotor just chuckled, his mouth moving lower, warm breath teasing across her skin. He did a quick kiss on the side of her neck, brief as he pulled away. It left her staring at him confused, Lotor smirking at her.

“Now we return to Planet Doom.” He announced, pushing away from her. He took hold of her hand, intent on leading her towards the window. She held back, shaking her head no.

“No! I won’t go there!” Allura protested.

“Come Allura, don’t make me throw you over my shoulder.” Lotor said, grinning at her. “I would have you maintain some modicum of dignity as we leave this place.”

“Why can’t we stay here?!” Allura asked, mind working desperately to delay him. She knew if he got her on board his private ship, she’d never get away. “Stay at the castle…?”

“It would be unwise to stay here, much as I would enjoy dallying with you here.” Lotor answered.

“But…if your robeast is as good as you say it is, the lions will soon fall….the castle will belong to you…” Allura spoke slowly, making it up as she went along. “You’ll only have to return to the castle to claim it for yourself. Why not wait here and save yourself the trip?”

“True…” Lotor said, pausing to consider it. “But…what ever would we do while we waited for their eventual defeat…” It was not a question she wanted to answer, seeing Lotor looking around her room, seeing it for the first time. He looked at her things, noting the many books on the desk, seeing the open closet that hinted at a far too pink wardrobe. Eventually he looked at the bed, and he smiled.

“Is this your bedroom Allura?” She nodded, his grin widening. “It’s very….pink.”

“My nanny picked out the colors when I was just a child…” Allura hastened to explain.

“How very interesting.” Lotor said, tugging her towards the bed. His eyes lingered on Mr. Rumple, and she flushed feeling far too childish for having that toy on her bed. “Ah….so this is where you sleep…”


“In your pink nightgown, with it’s frills and ribbons….on your pink sheets, dreaming your sweet dreams.” His tone was teasing now, Lotor and Allura standing at the foot of the bed. “I wonder….have you ever done anything…..naughty in your bed?”


“I remember you told me you dreamt about me.” Lotor continued, not answering her questioning tone.

“I said those were nightmares, not pleasant dreams!” Allura snapped, watching Lotor finger the canopy of the bed.

“Your blush would say otherwise.” Lotor said, making her glare at him. “Tell me Allura, when you thought of me…did it ever make you excited…?”

“No never…” Allura replied.

“Not even a little?” Lotor prodded her, and she continued to frown, shaking her head no. “Such a pity….” He suddenly swung her forward, turning her so her back was to the bed. “We will have to amend that immediately.” His hands were on her back, seeking out the laces. Her eyes widened, and she pushed at his chest, wanting to escape the embrace of his arms.

“You can’t mean to…” She trailed off, seeing his grin. “Not in here!”

“Why not?” Lotor asked, fingertips brushing against the laces holding her dress closed.

“It’s….it’s…” She reeled, trying to imagine the heart attack Nanny would have just knowing Allura was alone, unchaperoned with a man in her own bedroom. The woman would most likely die on the spot if she knew Allura was having sex in this room. “No! Absolutely not!” Her words fell on deaf ears, Allura hearing Lotor rip open the back of her dress, the bodice loosening instantly.

“Lotor!” Allura exclaimed, exasperated as he grinned. “For once in your life LISTEN to me. We can’t do this here….I…I grew up in this room…my childhood memories are here….”

“And now you will have a very adult memory to go along with those childish ones.” Lotor said, shoving her dress down to the floor. She was left in her petticoats, top bare except for her necklace. Lotor’s eyes gleamed as he pushed her, causing Allura to topple backwards until the bed. Before she could sit up, his hands were on her petticoats, pulling them off.

“Such royal grace…” He purred as he looked down at her, Allura blushing and going to cover her chest with her arms. “Such perfection! You delight the eye Allura….” She couldn’t help but be flattered by his words, knowing no one had ever talked about her in that way except Lotor.

His gloved hands reached for her, skirting against the sides of her waist as Lotor climbed on top of her. She felt him settle his weight on her legs, the man straddling her as he gazed down smiling. “And you’re all mine….”

She started to shake her head no, but his hands were touching her, the leather of his gloves rough against her soft skin. His hands touched her breasts, Lotor grabbing greedy handfuls of them, squeezing down gently on her skin. It felt good to feel his fingers pressing down on her flesh, to feel them working as they kneaded her skin. Lotor bent over her, bringing his face to nuzzle against the side of her neck, Allura letting her head fall in a way that offered up the line of it to his lips.

He rubbed all over her, using his hands and his face to mark his territory, his hair tickling her skin to the point she giggled. Kisses fell all over her flesh, Lotor constantly on the move. His lips never lingered in one place for long, going from her neck to her shoulders, kissing her along her collarbone, planting one on her stomach. His lips even teasing her breasts, causing her nipple to pearl.

Lotor caught at her hands, careful as he brought her wrist to his face, rubbing his cheek against it. Her pulse sped up each time he kissed her, his lips moving down her arm, his other hand stroking her belly. She was left with goose bumps all over her flesh, Allura almost impatient with need, wanting him to find a spot and focus on it. But Lotor continued his teasing, scooting down her body to kiss at her thighs, moving his head in such a way that his hair caressed her skin.

His hands were now rubbing her arms, palms smoothing up and down the length of them. Allura shifted, growing restless, finding his lips were now on her belly again. She gave a startled reaction when he dipped his tongue in her belly button, Lotor finding a new tool to use in his teasing of her.

Now he licked her, tongue teasing along her skin. When he licked across one of her nipples, she moved, grabbing at him with her hands. She tried to lock him into place, force him to stay at her breast. Lotor chuckled and complied, giving a fierce lick of her nipple, letting the length of his tongue slowly drag across it. Her hands were clutching at his shoulders, trying to pull him down further on top of her, feeling the spill of his hair across the sides of her breast.

His tongue continued to wash over her breast, licking not just the nipple but the skin around it, wetting it thoroughly. Allura was making noise, enjoying the feel of it, letting her voice encourage him to do more.

His teeth closed around her nipple, Lotor biting her, hard enough that it sent a sharp sting through her. But it was more pleasure than pain, Allura feeling Lotor give a little tug on her nipple, her body rising to follow where he pulled. His hands grounded her, fingers gripping her waist, holding her steady. Another pull of his teeth, and then he was licking the sting away.

Her nipples ached, finding the attention he gave them was not enough, leaving Allura greedy for more. She made a sound, a desperate whine as Lotor licked her. He pulled back, breathing on her nipple. his breath making her shiver as it touched her wet skin. He chuckled, letting the vibration travel across her skin, following it up by pursing his lips around her nipple.

No biting this time, only sweet sucking, Lotor almost dainty as he teased her. Allura trembled, and cried out, ‘Harder!” Her hands clutching at his shoulders, trying to drag him down against her breast. He did as she bade, a fierce inhale on her nipple, the suction traveling through her body, pleasurable and yet torturous, Allura wriggling as though she would try to escape from his lips.

Lotor easily held her down, his mouth sealed around her nipple. Over and again he sucked, Allura shaking, feeling herself start to sweat, beads of it appearing on her body. Lotor actually let go of her nipple to lick at one such drop of moisture, lapping it up so that his tongue dragged right between her breasts. He resumed that nuzzling motion, rubbing his face against the sides of her breasts, hands moving lifting them up so that he could mouth at the underside of her curves.

It was erotic, her flesh burning, only cooled by his touch, his mouth working at the underside of her right breast. He sucked so hard, she was sure to have a bruise there, Allura moaning beneath him.

His hands moved, touching her legs, fingers stroking her though her panties. She whined and spread her legs, enjoying the play of his fingers through the fabric. He left her breast to return his lips to her mouth, a deep passionate kiss, tongue seeming everywhere as it undulated against hers. When he pulled back, she followed, sitting up and placing her mouth against the front of his throat.

Lotor made a surprised sound, surely taken back by her initiative. Allura smiled, grasping his arms for support, and fastened her mouth on his throat. She kissed, and she sucked, tongue licking across the skin. She even bit him, a light imprint of her teeth remaining on his skin. She found where his adam’s apple was, mouthing at that section of throat, hearing him groan, feeling it bob against her.

Allura moaned, Lotor shifting to allow her to open her legs even more, his fingers nudging aside the fabric over her womanhood, touching her directly now. His fingers came away wet, her body shameless in proving her desire for him. He dipped fingers inside her, scissoring them apart, trying to stretch her open. She merely wiggled and bit down harder on his throat, feeling her moisture leak out of her.

He actually curled his fingers inside her, hooking the two against one sweet spot that left her to moan loudly. She pushed against his hand, shaking, wanting more. He didn’t give it to her, Lotor pulling his hand out of Allura to resume stroking the inside of her thigh. “Lotor…” Allura whined, frustrated, her lips pouting. She didn’t understand why he stopped, wanting the pleasure to overtake her.

Instead Allura had to settle for his fingers dancing patterns on her thigh, so close and yet miles away from the part she wanted him to touch. He shifted, getting between her legs, one hand still petting her. His touch was anything but soothing, leaving her inflamed and yearning. The sound of a zipper easing back made her close her eyes, Allura laying back down in surrender.

Her legs went around his waist, trying to draw him nearer, rubbing herself against his freed erection. “Allura…” Lotor moaned out her name, she could feel him shuddering as she rubbed herself wantonly against his hardness.

“I can’t wait any longer…” Allura told him, keeping her legs locked around him.

He chuckled at her impatience. “You need to give me room to move.”

With a pout, she relaxed her legs, her heels resting on his rear, Allura waiting for him to enter her. Lotor seemed intent on teasing them both, slipping inside her far too slow for her liking. She could feel the knot of his head stretching her open, Allura gasping and tightening up in response. He paused, moaning, enjoying just the slightest bit of her heat when she growled, no longer content to wait for him to move.

Digging her feet into his rump, she pushed down, legs drawing him close, forcing him inside her all the way. They both cried out, Allura’s nails digging into his shoulders, her eyes wide. It had been too much, too fast, and yet for all the discomfort she felt, she also felt pleased. Good vibrations traveling through her at being joined with him once more.

“You need to learn to wait.” Lotor growled at her, his eyes closed as he began to move his hips.

“Waited long enough.” She retorted, relaxing her legs, letting them move with his body. Each time he tried to go slowly, she tensed up, legs pulling him against her, Allura wiggling in place, enjoying the feelings such grinding brought her. From the sound of Lotor’s voice, he enjoyed it too, though he seemed annoyed that she wouldn’t let him control their pace.

She let go of one of his shoulders, reaching up to touch his face. His eyes opened at her touch, golden eyes showing a reflection of her as she smiled up at him. Her thumb extend to brush across his lips, Lotor kissing it as he pistoned his hips into her. “AH!” Allura moaned in approval, one last glide against his lips. Her fingers then went to his hair, running through the tangle free locks.

She studied his face as he made love to her, seeing his rapture for the moment. As always he looked as though he was concentrating so hard not to hurt her, Allura doing her best to tempt him into breaking that control.

“You can go harder…” Allura told him, smoothing back his hair. “I don’t mind.”

“I don’t want to hurt you…” Lotor moaned, cock slowly pulling back, only to do another stab into her. “Last time you could barely walk afterwards…”

“It was only a little pain…” Allura sighed, pushing against his thrusting. “The pleasure outweighed it by far.”

“Allura, don’t tempt me…” Lotor groaned, his pushing inside her setting her off, making her wriggle and writhe beneath him. Even as she moved, she pouted, longing to feel him when he abandoned himself completely to pleasure. Her hand was back on his shoulder, she drew him down so her was flat on top of her, pressing into her breasts. The material of his uniform was rough across her nipples, sending delightful shivers through her as the fabric rubbed her skin.

She continued to move, wiggling under him, enjoying all the sensations he offered her. Lotor buried his face against her neck, lips seeking out her pulse point. He found it, just above the band of her necklace, Lotor licking it. He was soon biting at that spot, gathering skin into his mouth as he feasted on her flesh.

Still Allura goaded him on with her body, squeezing his thrusting length tightly, forcing him to fight to move in her. Her hands caressed his back, touching his spine and his shoulder blades, feeling the muscles contained in his back. His gloved hands were holding onto her waist, digging into her skin as he continued to pin to her the bed with his hips.

He growled against her throat, the sound doing things to her, making her grow wetter. Lotor was doing slow thrusts, driving himself fully into her, only to do a slow pull back that teased. She whined at his withdrawal, pulling at his body, trying to make him slam back into her. A curse was on his lips at Allura’s actions, Lotor starting to speed up, his hips a blur between her legs.

She cried out ecstatic when he got rougher with her, stabbing into her again and again. Such excitement brought her screaming, Allura’s pleased cries filling the room as she reached the pinnacle of bliss. She could feel her insides spasming, clenching and unclenching around him, her nerves alive with pleasure. Still she didn’t let him go, not even when she wanted to fall back against the sheets exhausted.

Lotor made all kinds of sounds to her, crooning her name softly as he purred and growled. He was using his hold on her waist to pull her back on him, her skin making a slapping sound as it smacked against his. Allura waited for him to take his pleasure, finding he just kept going, each thrust sending shivers through her body, leaving her to feel as though she could come again at any moment.

Tingly, she was so tingly, body aflame, the moment of peace she had felt at her orgasm fading away as the pleasure built up a second time. She knew he was going to bring her again, and it was no less explosive the second time around. He kissed her when she opened her mouth to scream his name, Lotor eating up the sounds she made. He devoured her mouth, tongue thrusting inside, practically mimicking the motions of his cock inside her.

Just when she feared he was going to make her go for a third release, he came, tossing his head back as he howled out his pleasure. Allura quickly fastened her lips on his throat, sucking at the skin, feeling the vibrations from his shout. He collapsed on top of her, their sweaty bodies still entangled. She made a protesting sound, not wanting to suffocate under his weight.

Lotor chuckled and rolled to the side, allowing her freedom to move. She snuggled up to his chest, laying there a moment, just trying to get her breath back. His hand found his way to her hair, petting her, Lotor breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

“When we are married….” He began, fingers stroking through her hair. “We will make love like this every single day.”

“Every day?!” Her eyes were wide, Allura looking at him in disbelief.

“What”s wrong?” Lotor asked.

“I will be too exhausted to do anything else!!” She protested, and he smirked.

“Good. It will keep you out of trouble then.” He laughed at her expression, and she growled, grabbing a pillow, slamming it into his face. She left it there, slipping free of his arms, wincing slightly at the ache between her legs that flared up when she moved. Lotor pulled the pillow off his head, sitting up to watch her. She adjusted her panties, making sure the fabric he had wrenched aside was back in place, covering her completely.

“I’m surprise you have energy to move.” Lotor commented as she began pulling on her petticoats.

“I have just a little left…” Allura admitted, pulling on her gown. The laces were no good to her, ripped to pieces, forcing her to hold onto the back with one hand. Lotor moved, adjusting his pants, his zipper easing back up. Slow and relaxed, he walked over to the window, intent on looking out at the battlefield. She glanced that way, seeing the robeast had the lions ensnared with some kind of metal coils, their bodies glowing golden as their energy was drained.

“It won’t be much longer.” Lotor said, voice sounding satisfied. “Soon the lions will be rendered useless. And then the people of your planet will have to acknowledge me as their new king.”

“Yes….it seems that way.” Allura said sadly, knowing the chances for a turn around were bleak at best. She supposed she should resign herself to situation, be grateful she had an enemy who at least seemed to care about her. Her eyes fell on the books on her desk, Allura wondering if as Lotor’s wife would she still be expected to keep up with her boring studies.

She was about to ask him, when the door to her room opened, both Allura and Lotor turning at the sound. A maid screamed at the sight of the prince, and armed guards came running into the room. Lotor growled, drawing his sword, using the lazon to deflect the blaster fire. Allura moved, and Lotor shouted.

“Allura don’t!”

For a second she hesitated, regret in her eyes. But then she was shaking her head no, running for the door. Lotor moved to follow, and the guards ran between him and her. She heard him bellow a challenge, heard the men scream, Allura praying he had only injured them. But she didn’t pause to check, rushing into the hall, hearing Lotor’s footsteps behind her.

“Allura wait!” More guards rushed past her, blasters firing shots off. Lotor laughed, and she heard him yell out his challenge. “Come! Fight for your princess! We’ll see who wants her the most!”

It was on shaky legs she ran, stumbling forward. She fell to her knees, and suddenly Coran’s arms were around her. “Princess are you all right?!”

“You were just in time Coran…” Allura said, pushing free of his arms. “And now I got to go out and help the Voltron Force.” She was straightening, running once more, Coran’s shouts echoing behind her.

“No it’s much too late! You’ll be fighting alone! Princess! Come back!”

She didn’t bother to respond, skirts clutched in her hands as she ran. She prayed her escape from Lotor wouldn’t prove to only be temporary, Allura desperate to reach Castle Control. “Hang on Keith, I’m coming!” She shouted, seeing the doors to Castle Control looming in the distance.

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