Report 05

This was beginning to look like a bad idea, Allura huffing, trying to catch her breath. She leaned against the hard bark of a tree, trying to get her bearings. Allura found it hard to think, hard to calm down, her pulse racing, her mind screaming at her again and again to run. So far she had been moving purely on instinct, allowing her legs to guide her as she wandered aimlessly among the countryside.It was early morning, dawn had come hours ago, and she had had little sleep, spending all her time running. Allura might as well admit it, if only to herself that she was fleeing, abandoning the castle and her friends. A few times she had tried to turn back, but the fear would heighten, alarm bells ringing in her mind, keeping her from returning to the castle.

She was sweating, pilot uniform sticking to her skin, Allura shaking her head, trying to get a hold of her fear. She tried to think beyond it, to remember what had happened. She knew she had had a terrible dream, a nightmare she woke up screaming from. That nightmare had proven to be a warning, a vision of her dead father appearing in her room. She replayed his words in her mind, hearing them perfectly as though he was speaking to her now.

“My dear daughter the bad dream was my warning. Lotor comes. Flee the castle. Survive for the sake of Arus. Run child, run.”

She did exactly that, pausing only long enough to change into her uniform, all the while his words echoing in her mind. Allura didn’t even pause to tell anyone she was leaving, didn’t care that they had visitors, foreign dignitaries here for a summit meeting, a talk to ensure peace with Voltron. She now knew there would be no peace, her father wouldn’t have warned her otherwise. Lotor—Doom was coming, and this time there would be no winning.

She had waited long enough, her body was practically dancing in place, legs wanting to move. She let them, running again, listening to her breath come out too loud and too fast. She wasn’t even sure where she was heading, although the caves sounded like a good place to hide. Allura knew many of her people had hidden there during the last attacks by Planet Doom. It would be cold, and dark, and lonely, but somehow she would survive. She didn’t think beyond her survival, Allura just doing what her father urged her to do.

She kept moving, rushing past a waterfall, the spray of it splashing her, cooling her slightly. Allura knew something was wrong when she couldn’t bring herself to stop for a drink, this fear was unnatural, pushing her to move beyond her body’s endurance.

The water screamed behind her, and all too soon it faded to a dull roar. She reached a clearing, the trees spread out here, leaving her feeling exposed. She ran faster, feeling as though someone was watching her, the hair on the back of her neck standing up. The clearing opened up onto a well traveled path, ground smoothed out by wagon wheels. Allura wanted to run back into the cover of the trees, feeling she was bound to be noticed if she stayed on this path.

She darted to the left, slowing down slightly as she pushed her way past trees. That persistent feeling of being watched nagged at her senses, Allura whipping her head around to peer over her shoulder. No one there, and she sighed relieved. It proved to be false, she heard laughter, her heart leaping to her throat. She was surrounded, spinning around, trying to identify where the laughter was coming from.

“Go away!” She screamed, the laughter continuing. It was cruel, mocking, and Allura slapped her hands over her ears, trying to block it out.

“Now….” An amused voice asked. “Is that a way to treat an old friend?”

“Friend?” Her blaster was already in her hand, Allura relieved she had had the presence of mind to bring it with her. “Go away!” She shouted, as a shadow leapt down from the tree tops. She fired a shot off before thinking, the shadow avoiding it.

“Not now, my princess! You’re alone!”

He wasn’t laughing now, stepping out into the sunlight, perched on the hillside directly above the path she was on. Lotor, dressed in full military regalia, his sword on his hip, his helmet on his head. Her eyes widened, and now the urge to run left her, her legs stilling, freezing her in place.

“It’s your spirit I admire the most…” His hand was on a tree branch, Lotor just standing there watching her. “I’ll make you my Queen.” With that he snapped the branch in half, an effortlessly move on his part. Allura knew she should shoot him, and yet she couldn’t bring herself to pull the trigger, standing there watching as he leapt down to stand before her on the path.

“You don’t really want to shoot me.” He said, eyes locked onto hers, the gold gleaming. She gasped as he lunged towards her, grabbing hold of her wrist. A squeeze from his fingers persuaded her to drop the blaster, the weapon hitting the dirt, it’s laser catridge popping free.

“Lotor!” Allura cried, fighting past whatever spell was upon her that kept her from moving. He frowned as she started to struggle, his other hand grabbing her by the upper arm. He fought to keep her still, Allura panting, moaning as she squirmed.

“So…not even Haggar’s magic is fool proof.” He muttered,

“Haggar?!” Allura exclaimed, looking wide eyed at him. “What does Haggar have to do with anything?!”

“Heh ha ha!” His laughter confused her, Allura didn’t think she had said anything particularly funny. “Everything.” Lotor finally said, fingers digging cruelly into her skin. “It was thanks to her dark magic that you fled the castle.”


“Did you like the dreams she sent you?” Lotor asked, smirking.

“That was her doing?!” Allura hissed, anger making it’s way through her body.

“Yes. She made sure to sprinkle the dreams with a fear spell, make you flee the castle, drive you straight into my arms!” Lotor laughed, pleased. “It worked better than I could have imagined. You’re here, and you’re all alone. No one to interfere with us this time!”

“I will not go with you to Doom!” Allura snapped, stepping on his foot. She slammed her heel as hard as she could on his toes, Lotor letting out a yelp of pain, grip loosening on her. She broke it, and turned to run, knowing she was too far away from the castle for anyone there to be of any help. Perhaps if she ran towards the nearest village, someone there could hide her until the Voltron Force could be contacted.

But did she want to risk endangering innocents?! Hers steps faltered for a moment, and that was all the prince needed to gain on her. “You know….I’m sure all this running around is not good for the baby.”

“Baby?!” His hand grabbed her arm, snapping her back towards him, his other arm coming across her chest. She was pinned against him, squirming.

“Yes, baby.” He purred in her ear. “Haggar tells me your pregnant. You’ve been a very bad girl Allura, just when were you planning on notifying me that I am going to be a father?”

“Wh…What makes it so sure it’s yours?!” Allura demanded, and felt him stiffen against her.

“You didn’t…”

“I might have…” Allura said, wishing she could make herself sound more confidant of the lie. “It’s been a few months since we’ve been alone….I’ve had plenty of chances to be with someone else.”

“No matter.” Lotor said, his hand letting go of her arm to touch her belly. It was still pretty flat, only a perceptive eye would have noticed she had gained a few pounds in that area. No one at the castle even suspected her condition, she had been careful to hide her nausea, and lack of menstural cycle. Life at the castle had gone on as normal, no one knowing of her private shame, the shame of bearing the grandchild of the man who had killed her father.

“Regardless of whose it is, I’ll raise your child as my own.” Lotor was rubbing her belly, palm moving in circles, there was possession in his touch. He really didn’t care who she was pregnant by, Allura both amazed and dismayed by his devotion to her. “Think of it Allura. A girl as lovely as you. Or a boy who can grow to lead armies for us. Armies that will take over the galaxy, making you Queen of the Universe.”

“I don’t want to rule over the universe. I just want my planet to be left alone in peace!” Allura said, squirming against the arm over her chest.

“You can best serve your people by coming with me.” Lotor said, pressing his lips into her ear, his voice beguiling as he talked. “I’ll ensure Arus is left alone, but only if you agree to be my wife.”

“Why does it matter if I agree or not?” Allura asked, bitterness in her tone. “You’re going to do whatever you want, regardless of how I feel about it.”

“Ah but it’ll be better if you were willing.” Lotor turned her around to face him, his hand touching her cheek, playing with the curls that had strayed free of her bun. “I grow tired of forcing you…it’s so much better when you give in. So much sweeter…”

“Ah….think before you answer…” Lotor said when she opened her mouth to reject him. “There is so much more to consider now. The baby for one thing. Explaining your condition is another. How will your people feel to see you pregnant when you have no husband? What kind of message are you sending them?” Allura said nothing, knowing that was one of the reasons she had tried to hide her pregnancy from everyone at the castle. “Allura…you will be shunned, and if the child is mine, they will hate you for sleeping with me….”

“They’ll hate me even more if I just give up and leave with you!” Allura exclaimed. She could see that her words frustrated him, Lotor sighing.

“They’ll never know….whether you come willingly, or I carry you off, they’ll never know what your choice had been.” Lotor pointed out. “They will be left to speculation and rumor. Town gossip can be a vicious, vicious thing.”

She just shook her head, Lotor’s nostrils flaring as he let out a huff of air, sighing deeply. “Allura why? Why do you hold yourself back from me? I know I’ve made mistakes, I know I started our relationship off on the wrong foot, but I thought….”

“You thought what?” She asked, staring searchingly into his eyes.

“Back in your bedroom…” Lotor said, not finishing what he had been previously saying. “You seemed so willing…so eager…As though you had come to return some of my feelings. Tell me….tell me I didn’t imagine that.”

“I…” She closed her eyed, his fingers now caressing her cheek. “Just because the sex is good, doesn’t mean I care for you. You mean nothing to me.”

“Nothing?” He pulled back, letting go of her completely. For an instant his eyes looked pain, the gold a dull yellow that was hidden from her as he turned. Lotor presented her with his back, raising a hand, making a fist. “So that’s it then….”

“Lotor?” She actually found herself taking a step towards him, hand hovering over his shoulder.

“You don’t want me. I get that.” His voice was low, he was controlling his emotions, not letting any leak into his tone.

“I’m sorry…” Allura said softly, feeling something in her heart wrench.

“Sorry?” A snort then, a bitter laugh that left his shoulders shaking. “You’re sorry?!” He whirled around, eyes flashing with anger. “You play with my emotions, step on my heart….You toy with me Allura, and I’m sorry is all you can offer me?” She licked her lips, suddenly feeling nervous, seeing the menace on his face. “You may not love me, you may not even LIKE me, but the fact of the matter is you’re going to be my wife. Learn to accept that.”

“Lotor no…” She started to say, but Allura’s words ended in a gasp, the prince lunging forward, seizing her by the shoulders. He slammed her up against the bark of a tree, pinning her in place. For one heated instant, he stared down at her, the atmosphere growing tense between them. And then he kissed her, her head knocking against the tree trunk, Lotor pushing her back with the force of his kiss.

Dazed, she tried to resist, squirming, her hands pushing at his chest. He was immovable, a wall of steel that didn’t even dent when she pounded her fists against him. His lips were cruel against hers, nibbling on her bottom lip. He pressed against her hands, determined to use his body to hold her in place, his hand starting to roam. A less than gentle exploration was offered to her curves, hands rough, Allura shifting away with a cry.

He released her lips, letting her cry out to her heart’s content, his mouth buried in her neck. His fangs bit into her skin, she was surprised he didn’t draw blood, his mouth so aggressive on her neck. She grabbed at his hair, trying to haul him of her neck, Lotor sucking hard and fast on her flesh. Her eyes were half closed, feeling his fingers manipulating her breasts, capturing a nipple between thumb and fore finger. He pinched her, the pinch turning into a rub, a sensation that made her nipples start to bud in response.

“Lotor stop…this won’t make me change my mind…” Allura said, her breath coming a little faster in response to what he was doing. He just grunted in response, shifting his mouth to another spot on her throat. His hands slid down her waist, her eyes snapping open as he wrenched the belt off of her. It hit the dirt with a thump, Lotor’s hands fumbling with her pants.

He yanked them down, along with her panties, one arm keeping her pinned to the tree as he inched downwards, shoving her clothing off of her feet so that she was bottomless before him. He didn’t stay down long, straightening up to kiss her again, and this time she opened her mouth, bringing her tongue to bear against his. This was beyond desperate, it was raw, it was needy, Lotor overwhelming her senses.

Before she even registered what happened, she felt his erection against her belly, free of the confines of his pants. Lotor wasn’t trying to seduce her, doing the bare minimum to arouse her. He seemed intent on dominating her, doing a hard claiming of her body in an attempt to prove some twisted point of his.

His knee got between her legs, forcing them apart. Her heart beat quickened, Allura blurting out the first thing that came to mind. “Don’t! You’ll hurt the baby!” Lotor barely reacted, not even a smirk, or a laugh, his hands reaching for her legs, lifting her up off the grass. Such was his strength that he had her dangling off the ground, Allura’s only support that of the tree, and the man in front of her.

She grabbed onto his shoulders, hanging on desperately, feeling him nudging into place. Allura cried out, burying her face against his throat as he entered her. Lotor moaned, a deep, almost animalistic sound, thrusting deeper inside her, making her shriek.

“Finally you are mine.” Lotor growled, and began to fuck her. This was no gentle love making, it was fast, it was hard, as aggressive as he had ever been in pursuing her, his hands holding her legs up and spread wide. Allura hissed, she scratched at his back, her nails sliding over the rough material of his uniform. Her breasts were smashed against his chest, he was practically trying to meld them into one being, sinking against her. Allura was sure the texture of the bark would be imprinted on her back, a sound that was half pain, half pleasure escaping her.

He looked up into her face, his eyes dark, demented and lustful, Lotor suddenly pressing his mouth onto hers. Both their mouths were wide open, groaning to each other as they kissed, tongues battling for control. Allura fought him for this, desperate to at least have control over the kiss. But he refused to back down, tongue aggressive as it rubbed against hers.

Something else was rubbing against her, harsh friction that felt so good it almost hurt. She was wet and growing wetter, wanting desperately to move. But Lotor’s command of her legs kept her still, forced to endure his pounding without giving him anything in response. Allura whined into his mouth, desperately wanting to move her hips, knowing it could only increase their pleasure.

Another vicious stab into her, Allura crying out as he let go of her lips. Lotor was grunting, his actions making it hard for Allura to catch her breath. She cried out again, a distorted groan just as a twig snapped.

“Let her go!”

Allura’s eyes widened in shock, staring into Lotor’s equally stunned face. He didn’t miss a beat, continuing his thrusting motions, and his lips curled into a smirk. “Keith!” Allura cried, not daring to look at him, her face pale. She was too dismayed to even think of blushing, feeling herself start to quiver with a familiar feeling. She shook her head, crying out, “No! Don’t!” She wasn’t sure if she meant for Lotor to stop, or for Keith to look away, but either way the pleasure was building in her. Mounting towards a release, leaving her dangling over the edge.

“Release her!” Keith ordered.

“You’re a fool!” Lotor said, and suddenly he tensed up, screaming out her name. “Allura!” She screamed too, partly dismayed that he hadn’t waited for her to orgasm, feeling the prince shoot his seed into her already occupied womb. He kept inside her until every drop had been drained from him, and only then did he pull out. He set Allura’s legs back on the ground, and the minute he released her, she sank to the dirt, ashamed at being caught like this.

She risked a look at Keith, who was understandably angry, his eyes on Lotor as he aimed his blaster at the prince.

“Run!” Allura cried, not sure if she was speaking to Lotor or Keith.

Lotor didn’t even bother to tuck himself into his pants, he was already drawing his sword, running towards Keith. “Yah!” Lotor said, swinging his blade at Keith.. Blaster fire from the Voltron captain, Lotor dodging some, deflecting the others with his sword.

“Stop this!” Allura screamed, fumbling to pull on her pants. She didn’t even bother with her belt, already scrambling to her feet.

“This time I’ll destroy the Voltron Force for good!” Lotor boasted, dancing about as he deftly avoided being shot.

“Alert the team!” shouted Keith. “Hurry princess, I’ll hold him off while you get away!”

“Come with me!” She said, forcing herself to stand, knees weak and trembling.

“He may have other forces nearby. Go now!” Keith said, jumping back as Lotor came close to slashing open the front of his uniform. For one brief instant she just stood there, leaning against the tree for support, watching in horror as they fought. They yelled and they screamed, both enraged to the point of no return. Someone would be killed this day, and she had no way of knowing who.

“Run princess!”

“Allura stay!” commanded Lotor.

She still hesitated, torn between running and staying. But in the end, she did the only thing she could do……she ran.

Rewatching the episode, I am convinced Allura wasn’t running from the castle in a blind terror in the Go Lion version, but doing training. Especially that scene of her sitting under the stream of the water fall. I’ve seen several animes where a character training had to endure the cold water fall falling on them.

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