Report 06

Allura ran, the sounds of a fierce battle chasing after her. She could hear yelling, enraged screams, insults being lobbed. It was two men, both she knew very well, both who were important figures in her life. One was Keith, Captain of the Voltron Force, and her dear friend. He was many things to her, a close companion, a confidante, a team mate and loyal subject. He believed in her when no one else would, encouraging her when she wanted to fly the blue lion.

The other man was Lotor, Crown Prince of Planet Doom. He was hardly what she could call a friend, and yet he had had an impact on her life from the first day she had met him. Among being a scoundrel and a fiend, he was the first–the only man she had ever slept with. He was also the father of the child she carried in her, a fact she was less than pleased by. It was also something that she had tried to keep anyone from finding out, dismayed that Lotor had used his witch Haggar to ascertain her current state.

Keith still didn’t know, it was a secret only she, Lotor, and Haggar knew. That wasn’t the reason for the fighting, the animosity between the two men went further back than just her. She knew they hated each other, being on opposite sides of this war, visible leaders of opposing armies. No, Allura was only the icing on the cake, and now an explosive situation had blown up in all their faces.

She hadn’t blushed at the time, to in a state of shock to do anything but scream, but Allura could still remember the horror she had felt when Keith came upon her and Lotor. They had been having sex, rough, aggressive. Lotor hadn’t exactly asked for her consent, but she hadn’t exactly fought him off either. Still it hadn’t been a pretty sight, Lotor having pinned her to a tree as he roughly used her body.

She knew what it looked like, Allura quick to realize Keith would never believe she would willingly sleep with their enemy. She hadn’t at first, their encounters being little more than rape, a cruel game of dominance on Lotor’s part as he took what he wanted. Somewhere down the line, she had started to enjoy herself, and while she never went to Lotor, never initiated the encounters, she had found herself liking what he did to her. Liking it and wanting more.

It ashamed Allura to realize this, the girl running faster, trying to put the sounds of the battle behind her. She and Lotor could never be, the situation between their planets had gone on for too long, fueled by years of hate and fear. She also knew she couldn’t get Keith to leave, the man determined to kill the prince for defiling her body. A few months ago Allura would have been glad for the murder attempt, she had hated and despised Lotor for what he had done to her. Now she merely feared for his life, his and Keith’s, praying she could reach the castle, and bring back help before one of them ended up dead.

She tried not to think about what would happen after, if Keith would keep quiet about what he had witnessed. She didn’t think she could bear the shame, couldn’t handle looking any of her friends in the eyes, knowing her relationships would be forever altered. She also had to worry about what she would do about her pregnancy. She couldn’t hide it for much longer, someone was bound to notice her symptoms. It would bring up uncomfortable questions, would allow Keith to realize this hadn’t been the first time she had had sex with Lotor.

Keith would want to know why she had kept it from him, and to that Allura would have no answer. She didn’t know herself why she kept quiet, except to say she knew they would have never allowed her to fly blue lion again. They would have kept her in the castle, determined to protect her, never realizing that even her own bedroom wasn’t safe from Lotor’s presence.

She made a sound, not quite a laugh as she remembered the last time she had seen him. Recalled him breaking in through her window, determined to carry her off. She had distracted him with her body, willing lied with him in order to buy time. Somehow whenever they ended up alone, they had sex, and that freaked her out. Almost as much as the cat that suddenly landed in front of her, hissing and spitting as it’s lips pulled back in a snarl.

It was that cat of witch Haggar, a blue furred feline that was as alien looking as the prince. It’s eyes glowed with malevolent intent, it’s fur bristled, the feline puffing itself up to look bigger. She could see it’s fangs, longer than should be possible for a creature this small, they glistened with saliva. The cat advanced on her, and she gasped, taking a step back.

This was ridiculous, it was no bigger than a house cat, and yet Allura was reacting as though it was a mountain lion. There had to be some magic associated with the feline, some kind of spell that intimidated it’s foes. She could remember the last time she had encountered it, the cat carrying a knife in it’s mouth. It had slashed open her hand, inflicting her with a poison that had rendered her into a coma. Her friends had believed she died, her entire kingdom had come out to mourn her.

It had all been another plot of Lotor’s, the prince and the witch stealing the wagon that carried her body in it’s coffin. He had almost made it off the planet with her, she had been helpless to resist him, stuck fast in a dreamless sleep. Pidge of all people had been the one to save her, the rest of the Voltron Force quickly coming to back him up in their lions.

“Mrow.” The cat angrily yowled, it’s tail lashing in agitation. The damn thing was blocking her return to the castle, Allura nervously taking another step back. She wanted to look away, to see if there was a rock or a stick she could use to fend the feline off. But every time she started to turn her head, the cat snarled, lunging at her feet.

She danced backwards, Allura trying to avoid being bitten or clawed. Sound from behind her, Allura wondering what else could go wrong this day. If her luck was really bad, it would be Haggar herself, come looking for the damn cat of hers.

The cat hissed, suddenly leaping backwards as a laser blast struck the spot where it had been crouching. More blaster fire, driving the cat away from Allura, the feline letting out an enraged hiss before it ran off into the bushes.

Allura turned her head, and saw a sight that left her experiencing mixed feelings. “Keith!” Seeing him there, for a second her heart hurt, Allura fearing this meant the captain had killed the prince. But something was wrong, his hand holding the blaster was badly shaking.

“Allura run.” His voice was full of pain, it sounded as though he could barely speak. She frowned, not understanding why he was telling her to run. If he was here, it meant he had won, hadn’t he? That there was no need to run anymore…

She took a step towards him, Keith groaning out at her, agitated. “You’re going the wrong way.” He staggered forward, and suddenly stumbled, the blaster falling from his hand. Allura continued to move, and up close she noticed the mark across his chest. It was an insult to call it a mark, it was a jagged wound, a large gash that went from his right shoulder to just above his left hip. Blood did not pour out of the wound, the lazon of Lotor’s sword had seen to cauterizing the injury.

“Keith, you’re hurt!” She ran to him, seeing how badly he was shaking, body wracked with tremors. “Can you walk Keith?” He merely looked at her, trembling, his mouth hanging open as he gasped for air.

“Al…ALlura…” He practically gagged on her name, blood coming up as he coughed. She cried out, her arms reaching for him, even as he crumpled. Somehow he twisted as he fell, Allura going down with him so he half rested on her lap.

“Keith, don’t try to speak…just stay still…I’ll run to the castle and get help…” Allura told him, fighting back tears. It would do him no good to see her crying, the princess trying to put on a brave face for him. Blood trickled out the corners of his mouth, and his teeth chattered as though he was freezing.

“Tried to protect you…” Keith whispered in between coughs. “Was never good enough…”

“No you did fine!” Allura was quick to assure him, sniffling. “You are my perfect knight…”

“No….couldn’t keep Lotor away from you…” Keith made a fist of his right hand, but he had no strength to growl. “Couldn’t keep him….keep him from raping you. I…I failed you…” His hand lifted to touch her face, fingers brushing against her cheek. The touch made her give in to the tears, they trickled down her cheeks, Allura letting out a single sob. “Forgive me…”

“There’s nothing to forgive cause it’s not your fault.” Allura protested, Keith’s gloved finger tip smearing her tears. “Now, I’ll run to the castle and get help right away….just hang on…”

“Allura…” Keith was determined to speak to her, his fingers continuing to stroke her cheek. “Princess…get ready..Lotor will strike again…”

“First we have to get you to safety…” But his eyes were closing, his hand falling away from her face to dangle limply by his side. “Keith!” Allura cried, risking shaking him, desperate to see his eyes open. “Keith!” Louder she screamed, the tears pouring down her cheeks. No response from the captain, his face was so pale, looking lifeless. “No Keith…”

“Allura…” She gasped, and her back stiffened, recognizing the voice behind her. It was Lotor, his sword still out, she could hear the lazon humming.

“Go away!” She snapped, turning to look at him. She tried not to cry at the sight of Keith’s blood coating Lotor’s sword, tried to be strong as she leveled a glare at her tormentor. “Haven’t you done enough?! Keith is…Keith is….”

“He’s dead Allura.” Lotor said, voice calm and showing no remorse. Now he put his sword away, sliding it into his leather scabbard.

“You killed him!” Allura accused, seeing Lotor nod.

“It was either him or me.” Lotor said, walking towards her. She didn’t move, continuing to clutch hold of Keith’s body. “I made sure it was him. After all, I have a family to live for now, a wife and a child.”

“I am not your wife!” Allura shrieked, Lotor not flinching back from her rage. “And this child will never know you as a father!”

“You’re upset.” Lotor said, his shadow falling over her, leaving her blink up at him, her tears drying up as she gave in to her anger. “It’s understandable. But in time you will see…you will understand I had to defend myself. If not, it’d be my body you’d be shedding tears over.”

“I’d never cry for the likes of you!” Allura snapped. “I hate you! I…I…ooooooh!” She suddenly let go of Keith, making a mad scramble for the blaster he had dropped.

“Allura!” Lotor cried out a warning, the girl ignoring it as she lunged to pick up the gun. Keith’s body toppled out of her lap, Allura rolling onto her knees, turning to aim the blaster at Lotor. “Allura…you don’t want to do this…” His voice was calm, level, not at all bothered by the fact she aimed a weapon at his heart.

“You don’t know what I want to do!” Allura shrieked, hands shaking so bad, she had to hold the blaster with both of them.

“Then tell me!” Lotor urged her, holding his hands up to show he was harmless.

“Tell you?” Allura blinked, having to think. She wanted everything to go back to normal, wanted it to be like before his father had ever set foot on her planet. It would mean her father would still be alive, that Keith would still be alive. She might have never met him, but at least somewhere out there in the universe, he would live and be happy. She was taking too long to answer, Lotor taking a step towards Allura. “Stop!!”

“You’re not going to shoot me…” Lotor told her, taking another step forward. He stared into her face, maintaining eye contact all the while, his voice low and soothing. He was treating her like a wild animal, trying to show he was harmless. He was anything but, and she growled at him.

“Don’t give me orders!” Allura snapped. “Is that what my life with you would be like?! One order after another?! No thank you!”

“Allura no, I only give your orders when it suits both our best interests. To keep you from being harmed!” Lotor said, almost in reach of her. Her finger cocked back the trigger, she was trembling. Never had she killed someone face to face, never had she even considered killing someone she knew on a first name basis.

“Stay back! Please!” She begged him now, her hands shaking so badly she feared the blaster would accidentally go off. Lotor reached for her hands, and she gasped, shaking her head. “I don’t want to kill you….”

“Shh, I know…” He touched the blaster, carefully pealing her fingers off the metal. Once the blaster was safely in his hand, he tossed it far away. His aim was impressive, it sailed through the branches of a tree, disapearing into the woods. Allura stayed on her knees, hands still held in his large grip, shaking. “Allura…” With a sob she fell into his waiting arms, loudly crying.

“It’s okay….it’s okay…” He crooned into her hair, his cheek pressed against her forehead. His arms were strong around her, he actually rocked her back and forth, Allura sniffling, rubbing her tear strained face against his neck. She clutched at his uniform, holding onto him like he was her lifeline. She cried for many reasons, cried for her loss innocence, cried for Keith’s death, cried for the baby that was growing inside of her. She cried for her people, cried at their loss of freedom, cried at her failures. She even cried for Lotor, wishing he would have been born a better person.

All the while Lotor just held her, whispering soft things in her ear. Sometimes she wept her words out loud, the prince patiently listening to all she had to say, not offering anger or amusement at her reasons. He let her cry until her throat was sore, hurting from all her sobbing. Only then did she settle down, closing her eyes, settling against him in a half sleep.

“Allura…” Lotor speaking softly, his voice the lowest she had ever heard it. “Come, we must leave now…”

“I know…” She sighed, letting go of his shirt. Slowly she composed herself, allowing him to help her stand. He watched her, seeing how she drew on inner reserves of strength, becoming straight back and regal, only her red eyes giving away the sadness she had felt.

“There’s my princess….” He smiled approvingly, and she pushed out of his arms.

“I’m not your princess.” Allura sighed. “And I won’t just take your hand and walk willing with you. You’ll have to take me, kicking and screaming all the way.”

“Somehow, I always knew I would have too.” Lotor said, and actually had the cheek to smirk at her.

“Will…will you give me a head start?” Allura asked him, and sighed when he shook his head no, still wearing that expression.

“You know better than that Allura. I’ve come too close this time to risk you slipping away.” Lotor grabbed her wrist, pulling her back towards him. “I meant it when I said I’d make you Queen of the Universe.”

“Just as I meant it when I said i had no desire for that position.” She told him, closing her eyes when he leaned in to kiss her. His other hand went to the back of her neck, holding her in place. It might just be the turmoil she was feeling, the emotions pounding through her, but the kiss felt like his most intense yet, Allura sighing. She yielded to him, knowing there was no point in fighting. Even if she escaped him, even if she somehow made it back to the castle, they would be one lion down. There simply wasn’t anyone else trained to pilot black lion, no one with the knowledge to lead the team and form Voltron.

It had been monumentally stupid of them to so jealousy guard their lions, refusing all others from learning how to fly them. It would cost Arus greatly now, with Keith dead, and Allura captured, they would be two lions down. Three could hold out only indefinitely, her planet would fall.

It took her only an instant to think these thoughts, Allura jolting back to reality, her lips moving against Lotor’s. He didn’t try to deepen the kiss, and for that she was grateful, feeling she couldn’t have handle things going any further. Eventually, he allowed them to pull apart, Lotor staring down into Allura’s eyes, the gold of his eyes gleaming with an intensity that left her nervous.

She felt something brush against her legs, Allura glancing down in surprise. Haggar’s cat had returned, winding itself around her ankles, scent marking her with it’s head. Lotor’s hand touched her waist, causing her to glance up at him. That familiar, rakish grin of his was offered to her, a moment before he picked her up. “Put me down!” Allura squealed, even as he threw her over his shoulder.

He just laughed at her demand, hefting her so that she settled more securely in place, his arm across the back of her knees, his hand on her rump. She sighed, and tried to kick out with her legs, curling her hands into fists. She beat those fists against his back, Lotor merely chuckling, and slapping her on the rear. Allura seethed at the touch, feeling the blood rush to her face as he began walking.

She cast one last look at Keith’s body, and for a second her eyes brimmed with a new batch of tears. The cat was pacing behind them, happily following Lotor, his tail up. Allura sighed, and shouted, calling for help, though her heart wasn’t in it. She didn’t think anyone would come, and she didn’t want to risk some innocent villager facing Lotor’s sword and losing.

He moved off the path, navigating through the trees, lifting branches out of his way. Allura hung there like a sack of potatoes, occasionally squirming, trying to kick free. Every time she tried to hit his back, he’d slap her on the ass, the motion reminiscent of that time on Tyrus when he had spanked her.

After a time she dozed, falling asleep hanging upside down. She woke up to the sound of engines, Allura chagrined that she had slept at all. Lotor still had her slung over his shoulder, he was boarding the flag ship of his fleet. Up the ramp he went, cheers from his men sounding off as they saw the prize he carried.

Cocky as ever, Lotor marched right over to the command seat on the bridge, seating himself with her in his lap. He kept his arms around her, bristling with impatience as the ship slowly lifted off the ground. He seemed to fear if he didn’t constantly touch her she would disappear, Lotor almost suffocating her with his neediness.

Allura sat quietly on his lap, watching the goings on with mild interest. Drules were running about, some seated and manning the computers. On the view screen she could see the surface of Arus passing them by, the ship flying high over the woods that bordered the lake by her castle. Her home soon came into view, Lotor all business as he barked out commands.

“Launch the robeast!”

“Lotor don’t…” Allura said quietly, not quite begging him. “You have me….there’s no need to do this.”

“The other three pilots are still out there.” Lotor said. “I will see the Voltron Force defeated before we leave for Doom.”

“Doom…” Allura repeated, shuddering. She had thought he would station himself in the castle, but it appeared he had other plans. She wondered just who would remain behind to keep the people of her planet in line.

She turned her attention back to the view screen, seeing what looked like a large missile launched at the castle. It sped through the air, splitting down the middle so it fell apart into four pieces. A robeast was revealed, all gray metal with black joints, and red trimmings. From it’s face it shot out a beam, scoring a direct hit on the castle. Allura remembering too late the dignitaries that were inside, realizing if the castle fell, it was more than just Arus that would suffer.

Another beam was lobbed at the castle, taking out one of the turret guns. Allura tensed up on Lotor’s lap, wondering why the lions had yet to be launched. Surely they had seen the fleet’s approach, the three remaining pilots having ample time to run to Castle Control.

Laser fire from the castle, the shutters opening to reveal the hidden weaponry equipped all over the castle walls. The fleet went into evasive maneuvers, even as they fired missiles and photon beams at the castle. The robeast roared, floating in mid air, shooting it’s beam to take out more of the castle’s offensive capabilities. Explosions rocked the castle, bits of the roof caving in.

She spotted something on the view screen, three dots hurtling away from the castle. It was the lions, red, green, and yellow, ready to set up a defensive. Allura held her breath, watching as they went to confront the robeast.

“Don’t get your hopes up Allura.” Lotor told her. “Three lions do not make Voltron. They only delay the inevitable.”

She said nothing in response, watching as red lion broke formation, charging towards the robeast. The two clashed together, and when the dust was settled, red lion was spiraling towards the ground. She winced to see it crash, bouncing several times against the dirt. Immediately the robeast turned, that pink beam of it’s discharging towards red lion.

The beam hit, and red lion lifted up into the air, an explosion beneath it. It crashed back down a few feet away, just laying there as though it was broken. Green lion and yellow lion landed on the ground, crouching protectively in front of red lion.

“And now it ends.” Lotor said satisfied.

Yellow lion and green lion were forced to move, to avoid the beams the robeast shot at them. Unfortunately it put red lion right in the path of attack, the metallic feline bouncing again and again. Allura winced, thinking of how badly Lance must be doing, biting her lip to keep from screaming.

Yellow lion’s mouth open, a blast of sand shooting out at the robeast, getting in it’s eyes. The robeast clawed at it’s face, screaming. Thus distracted, green lion formed a knife in it’s jaw, running towards the robeast to slash across his knee. The robeast hopped from foot to foot, bleeding from the cut Pidge’s lion had made. Allura heard Lotor hiss, annoyed.

“Open fire, lend our robeast some support!”

It was as though the sky opened up, raining down destruction on the lions. They were distracted, dancing about as they tried to avoid getting hit. It gave the robeast time to recover, shooting it’s beam at yellow lion. It’s pincher like claw opened, seizing green lion by the head. It lifted, shaking it about like a rag doll. In a desperate move, Pidge launched green lion’s head, slamming into the robeast’s chest.

The robeast dropped green lion, batting the flying head away from him. Before Pidge could reconnect to his lion, the robeast shot out it’s beam, immobilizing the head by slamming it into the ground. A few more blasts from Lotor’s ship, and green lion fell, leaving only the yellow one to deal with.

Hunk put up a valiant fight, lasting a full ten minutes before a lucky shot from the robeast brought him down. Everyone on board the Drule ship erupted into cheers, throwing up papers, and waving their blasters. Somewhere a keg was corked, ale flowing freely as mugs were passed out to the men, even Lotor drank deeply of his ale, the smell leaving Allura nauseated.

The robeast was roaring out it’s victory, the Castle of Lions still trying to maintain some sort of offense. But with the lions defeated, Coran soon answered the Drule’s hails, opening up a channel for communication. Negations for surrender soon began, Allura looking down cast while Lotor laughed, his hand absentmindedly petting her hair. She could only hope and pray that her people wouldn’t suffer too badly under Doom’s rule.

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  1. the reports were execellent the sex scenes were f’n awesome.i would never guess that Allura enjoyed rough sex.but so do i can’t fault her for that.and the remark about Lotor’s member had me drooling.and her thoughts about healthy drule males cocks and her fear for female drules was after all after all of this she might turn out to be a size queen if you know what i mean.

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