Report 07

There was screaming echoing through the halls, a harsh sound that caused the people to pause and look up in surprise. It was rare to hear the screams this deep in the castle, this close to the royal chambers. The royal family normally ordered absolute quiet near their domain, a strict law that was obeyed by all. To hear it broken surely meant that someone had dared to arouse Zarkon’s anger, a poor miserable slave, or a foolhardy guard paying a fierce price for it.

Outwardly, Allura barely reacted, not wanting to show how disturbed she was by the screams. She knew such displays of upset would only be used against her, would only fuel gossip, and send word to Zarkon and Haggar. It would please them to know she had flinched, or that tears had colored her eyes. No, to all observing the princess, she was calm, sedate, almost unaware of the screams.

It wasn’t too far from the truth. Allura had long grown used to the screams, the sounds no longer scared her. It didn’t mean she liked then, the princess always fretting, always fearing for the ones who cried out in pain. She knew there was little she could do to help those who suffered, Allura finding she was little more than a prisoner herself. She just had different chains from the ones that held down the average slave, Allura glancing at the gold wedding ring that sat upon her finger.

It wasn’t the only jewelry she wore, her husband was intent on spoiling her, covering her from head to toe with trinkets and jewels, all signs of his affection for her. It left her the most richly dressed slave on all of Planet Doom, Allura wearing the symbols of her status not with pride but with resignation. The gold and silver bracelets on her arms jangled, clashing together as she walked, bejeweled fingers and toes gleaming a rainbow of colors. If she was to look in a mirror, she’d see silver skulls dangling from her ears, a matching silver choker with the gold insignia of a skull at her throat.

She was worth a fortune in jewels alone, clad in blood red silk that shifted about, her skirts twirling as she moved. It offered tempting glimpses of her thighs, and yet she was allowed to walk the halls of Castle Doom unmolested. None save one would dare to lay a hand on her, all knowing Allura for what she was. The captured bride of the crown prince of Doom, his royal highness, Lotor.

It made her sigh to think about it, Allura’s thoughts going back to the day Lotor–Doom had won. Only a few weeks had passed, and yet to the girl, it felt like a lifetime ago. She hadn’t even had proper time to mourn Keith’s death, Lotor quick to usher her onboard his ship. His robeast had made quick work on the remaining three lions, forcing Arus to concede defeat to Doom.

With the fall of Voltron and Arus, came the defeat of several others planets, their rulers and ambassadors having been housed inside the castle for a summit meeting. Prince Bandor of Planet Pollux had been captured and with his sister Romelle fighting on Planet Doom, it had left no one to stand up to Doom’s attack. Also captured was Governor Abi Tirhan of Planet Yadl, and Remo and Milan the representatives of Planet Titus. They were just the first to fall, other planets soon being conquered, kingdoms that Voltron had freed from the Doom Empire, captured and reclaimed.

As for Allura herself, Lotor had whisked her away to Planet Doom, having his father marry them immediately. No white wedding dress for her, no lavish ceremony, no friends nor family to surround her on what was supposed to be her special day. Just Lotor, the witch and the evil king, with dozens of strangers, Drule nobility that had been leering, voices raised up to let out celebratory cheers.

She supposed she shouldn’t be surprised at the haste he had shown in marrying her. After all her condition was one that demanded such formality, Lotor not wanting her child to be born just another bastard. He wanted to give the child she carried legitimacy, allow her first child the right to be named heir to his throne. As odd as it sounded, Lotor was determined to do right by her and her child, taking steps to ensure they were both safe and cared for.

It was almost a relief to have the secret be out in the open, Allura having spent her last few days on Arus in a panic. She hadn’t known what to do, hadn’t known how to break the news to her friends. It had been a burden, one she hadn’t asked for, leaving her worried over the future of her child. Here on Doom, in Lotor’s care, she no longer had to worry, he took care of everything, allowing no stigmata be attached to her for getting pregnant before they were wed. If anything, the people approved, seeing it as just one more way their prince had laid claim to Allura.

She laid her hands on her belly, wondering if the child growing inside her sensed her touch. Already several months pregnant, Allura had a noticeable bump under the loose silk of her clothes, just large enough to leave no one in doubt of her pregnant state of health. She had just come from seeing one of Doom’s doctors, a female physician who had confirmed the child was progressing along marvelously.

Allura had all the usual symptoms that occured with pregnancy, the most common being morning sickness, although the nausea was not limited to mornings alone. Lotor was being overly concerned about her, sweet at times, holding her hair for her as she knelt over the toilet, gagging on bile. It was after one particularly vicious bout of vomiting, followed up by a migraine that had the prince insisting she see the doctor sooner than her next scheduled appointment.

Allura put up with his worries, a bit amused by how he fussed over her and the child. It would seem Lotor was a proud father to be, doting on Allura and the baby. He made sure she ate plenty, Allura worrying she’d balloon up like a whale if this continued. Lotor was hardly put off by seeing her gain a few pounds, if anything he could barely keep his hands off her, or her belly, constantly touching her bump with a possessive pride.

It made her blush to think about the things he did to her, how it seemed not even a day went by without him lavishing attention on her. Allura often found herself reminding him he had a harem, if only to get a moment’s peace to herself!

Allura reached the chambers she shared with Lotor, turning to dismiss the handmaidens that had escorted her to and from the infirmary. The tall Drule women dropped into gracious bows, glad to be of service to the prince’s wife. They paused though, waiting to make sure she entered the chambers, knowing it would be their heads if Allura went somewhere unescorted. She’d never risk another’s life with such carelessness, sighing as she entered the study.

Here in these chambers was the only time she could be alone, and that was only when Lotor was otherwise occupied with something. The prince was finding more and more excuses to stay close to her, taking on a more advisory position for the moment, dealing with paperwork rather than leaving to conquer some other planet. Even now, he looked up from his stack of papers, a smile lighting up his face as he saw her.

“Is everything okay Allura?” Lotor’s tone was anxious, the man pushing his seat away from the desk. She nodded, watching as he stood, moving to meet him halfway across the floor.

“I’m fine. So is the baby.” She reassured him, Lotor’s hands coming to land on her shoulders. She titled her face back expectantly, Lotor bending to brush his lips against hers. “It was just morning sickness.” Allura told him, seeing him frown.

“Are you sure? Perhaps the doctor is mistaken. We can always get a second opinion!” Lotor said, still holding onto her shoulders.

Allura shook her head no, not quite smiling as she spoke. “I’ll be fine. I’ll just have to lay off certain foods…”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Lotor wanted to know. “I mean you barely eat as it is. Isn’t the doctor concerned about how little weight you’ve gained?”

Allura made wide eyes at him, disbelief coloring the blue as she fought not to giggle. “It figures you’d say something like that. Lotor, honestly. I am at a healthy weight for this stage of my pregnancy. I will continue to gain weight over time, but you must stop trying to over feed me. I don’t want to get fat.”

“You’re not fat, you’re pleasantly plump.” Lotor told her, one hand dropping to touch her belly. His hand caressed over it, Lotor enjoying touching her there. “And I want my son to be big and strong from the moment he comes out of the womb.”

“We still don’t know if I’m having a boy or a girl…” Allura remind him, trying not to be dismayed at the thought of pushing out a gigantic Drule baby. “You’re setting yourself up to be disappointed if you keep insisting the baby is a boy.”

“Nonsense! I will be just as happy with a little girl as I am with a boy.” Lotor grinned. “And whatever the outcome, we can always try for the other gender with baby number two.”

“Er yes…” Allura said, trying not to look exasperated at him. She was barely even four months pregnant, and already he talked about making more children with her. It was something that was always on his mind, Lotor eager to give her a big family. It was almost as though he thought he could make up for what was taken from her, by giving her a brood of children to love. “Well, let me give birth to this one first before you start picking out names for his or her’s siblings!”

His smile didn’t fade, if anything it grew bigger, Lotor taking hold of her hand and leading her to the bedroom. “I have a surprise for you Allura…”


“Yes…” He opened the door, ushering her into the darkened room.

“If it’s more jewelry, I really have enough…” Allura began, voicing a typical protest with him.

“Not jewelry, not this time.” Laughed Lotor, turning on the light switch. Allura was left blinking to adjust to the sudden change in light, her vision blurry. When it cleared, she gasped, seeing the baby’s crib lying in the corner closest to their bed. It was painted in a neutral green color, a soft pale shade that was easy on the eyes. Allura let go of Lotor’s hand, walking over to the crib, touching it.

“I know it’s a little too soon but…” Lotor said, coming up behind her. “I couldn’t resist.”

Allura was looking inside the crib, seeing soft down pillows, and lamb’s skin wool blankets lying in wait for a child to be placed upon them. She couldn’t resist touching the blanket, liking the feel of it’s texture against her hand. Lotor’s arms came around her from behind, the prince gently pulling her against his body.

“Do you like it?” He asked, a hopeful tone in his voice.

“I do. It’s perfect.” Allura told him, fingers still caressing the blanket. “Did you put it together yourself?”

“Yes.” He sounded so pleased, so proud, Allura turning to look at him in surprise. He laughed at her look, Lotor smirking. “I am skilled with my hands you know. I can do more than just fight and make love with them.”

“So I am beginning to find out.” Murmured Allura. Lotor continued to smirk at her, holding her trapped in his arms.

“Of course those are my favorite activities to do.” His tone was husky, Lotor starting to draw her away from the crib.

“Yes, I noticed.” Allura said, allowing him to move her where he wanted her to go. She was not surprised when he led her to the bed, sitting her down on the edge of it. He bent over her, hands on her stomach, caressing the sides in a soft motion that bunched up the silk under his fingers. Her skirt was drawn up, revealing her legs up to her knees, but Lotor was all eyes for Allura’s face.

“Allura…I love you…” He said, words repeated often while in this room. She never said it back to him, and if it disappointed him, he hid it well. For now Lotor seemed content to be the one given to proclamations of love, leaning in to capture her lips once more. Allura kissed him back, and it was more than just wifely duty she felt for him. Her feelings could be described as a kind of affection, Allura learning to like her husband, to want and desire rather than just tolerate his touches.

It was no hardship to be with Lotor, not when the man was clearly so devoted to her and the child she carried. Even if he sometimes got the words wrong, sometimes did things that left her displeased, Lotor knew how to touch her to make her respond to him. Already Allura felt the stirrings of her interest as his lips moved against hers, his hands worshipful on her belly, feeling out her baby bump with relish. Lotor adored her body, even with all the changes it was going through, always making her feel like a Goddess even when she was at her worst mood wise.

Long accustomed to his fiery kisses, Allura parted her lips, more than ready to let Lotor deepen the kiss. He wasted no time in doing so, tongue sliding into her mouth with a practiced ease, intent on seeking out hers. She moved her velvet muscle against his, doing bold strokes though she was sure to hold back and let him keep control of the kiss. Lotor liked for her to show enthusiasm, but he never let her forget he was in charge, dominating her mouth as surely as he did her body.

Allura raised her arms, wrapping them around his shoulders, holding him to her at they kissed. She felt easily swept away by Lotor’s kisses, needing to hold onto him for support. Her arms around him was her lifeline, keeping her up right, even as his hands began to wander. She made a soft sound against his lips, finding his hands moving up the silk clad sides of her waist. His fingers nudged against the sides of her breast, a hesitant touch, Lotor quick to remember her breasts had been extra sensitive these past few weeks, sometimes aching, a sensation that had little to do with his expert touches.

They weren’t hurting now, Allura making an excited sound meant to encourage Lotor’s touch. He carefully cupped hold of her breasts, still being so gentle with her, his fingers starting a tender manipulation of her flesh. He gave a squeeze, hands growing bolder, making her break the kiss to offer up a moan to his ears. She saw him smile, Lotor’s teeth flashing, the prince carefully watching her for her reactions to his touches.

Allura didn’t hold anything back, moaning, letting her own eyes cloud over with desire for him, enjoying the way he moved the silk across her bosom. The soft material teased across her nipples, the fabric rubbing in place as his fingers kneaded her flesh. She could feel a tightening in them, Allura’s nipples starting to harden, an act that no longer left her ashamed when it happened.

Her moans left Lotor growling, a gruff sound as he went to reclaim her lips, nipping kisses that made her lips plump up all the faster for his attention. His hands continued their massage, causing a familiar ache to start in her body, Allura wanting more than just a few touches from Lotor. She whined into his mouth, a whispered plea against his lips. “More…”

She didn’t have to look at him to know he was smirking, that familiar rakish grin of his was forever emblazoned in her mind. The thought of that look on his face, once so hated merely caused her to moan again, Allura risking opening her eyes. He was looking right at her, smirk firmly in place, and it sent shivers down her body, pleasurable tingles of arousal. She wondered if Lotor knew he could turn her on with just a look, her body reacting, Allura holding onto his shoulders tighter.

He bent to nip at her neck, her head falling to the side to give him better access. Her fingers found their way to his hair, stroking through the snow white locks again and again. His hands slid around to her back, Lotor never breaking his stride in placing kisses on her neck, Allura letting out a sigh of bliss. She could feel his fingers reaching for the ties of her dress, fingers quick and agile, sliding the strings free of their criss cross pattern.

The dress loosened even further, Lotor growling out a word, hands yanking down her dress so that she was bared to the waist. His hands smoothed down her back, fingers touching the ridges of her spine, his hands slow and unhurried as he rubbed her skin. Allura twisted as best she could in his grasp, hauling his face up so that she could have access to his ear. She knew that was a sensitive spot of his, Allura’s tongue flickering out to lick at the pointed tip.

Lotor twitched, his hands tensing on her back, a rumble escaping him. Her hands were on the side of his face, Allura’s eyes closed as she licked at his ear, tongue carefully tracing down from the point to the lobe. Lotor’s own fingers were kneading at her back, the man enjoying what she was doing, almost to the point of distraction. It made her want to giggle, but she held back, focusing on letting her tongue tease the inside of his ear.

He let her have her way for a few seconds more, and then he was jerking away, hands going to her legs, lifting them up so she fell back against the bed sheets. Her dress soon came off, Lotor sliding it and her panties off her legs, leaving her bare except for blood red slippers and the multitude of jewelry she wore. The metal was cool against her heated skin, Allura hearing them jangle as she moved her arms, reaching for Lotor. He grasped hold of her hands, lacing their fingers together in a quick squeeze of acknowledgment.

She tried to hold onto him, but he was pulling his hands away, going to touch her body. His hands fell to her stomach, Lotor bending over her to press his lips against her belly. His hair fell forward, tickling her skin, Lotor glancing at her while he continue to kiss all over her stomach. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, tasting her there, Allura shifting, squirming from the feel of his tongue wiggling about. It made her giggle, a breathless bit of laughter that made Lotor smile. He withdrew his tongue, resuming his kisses, starting to stray from her belly and go up her waist.

He kissed his way towards her breasts, hands still caressing her belly, Lotor bending over her. The spill of his hair was all over her skin, Lotor’s lips kissing a path towards her right breast. “Lotor…” Allura whispered his name, feeling impatient. He had barely begun, and already she felt teased beyond endurance, gasping as his lips began mouthing at her breast. He nipped whole mouthfuls of skin into his mouth, sucking sweetly on her skin. Her hands went to his hair, stroking fingers through his mane as she tried to press his face against her.

He was pressing against her, his body carefully situated a top hers. Allura smiled and spread her legs, inviting her husband to come press against her. Lotor did so, and she could feel the tightness in his pants, large bulge pressing against her exposed center. She wiggled and rubbed against it, hearing Lotor growl, responding by grinding against her. His movements hit all the right spots in her, Allura letting out a moan as Lotor went to fasten his lips around her nipple.

There had been no warning, no tease or slow build up. One minute she had been aching, the next her nipple was emerged in the heat of his mouth, Lotor doing a fierce suck on that darkened bit of skin. His hands were holding onto her back, supporting her as she went to arch up off the bed, her own legs wrapping around him, holding him trapped against her.

She could hear Lotor making noises as he suckled against her chest, his own hips moving between her legs, continuing that desperate grind against her. A sharp thrust from him, Lotor bumping groins together as though trying to meld them together even with his pants in the way. Allura was no better, doing her own furious wiggles, feeling herself grow wetter yet in response to his movements.

They were practically one body, only the barest bit of fabric keeping them apart. It would be so simple to just ease it open, and let him enter her. But Lotor was hardly rushed for time, intent on loving her slowly. He seemed to delight in tormenting her with a slow build up, doing slow sensuous sucks on her nipple. It left her gasping Allura crying out his name, wiggling as hard as she could against his covered erection.


He merely chuckled, Lotor laying her back down on the bed, trying to move back. She wouldn’t let go of him with her legs, staring up at him with urgent need in her eyes. “All right Allura, all right.” His eyes were dancing with amusement, Lotor reaching to draw up his tunic, revealing his chiseled perfection of a body to her. She wanted him closer, to run her hands all over his muscles, but he stayed away, and her attempts to reach him were batted aside by his hands.

His hands dropped to the front of his pants, Lotor working the zipper open. His erection was thing of beauty once freed, Allura letting out a breathless coo of appreciation. She wanted nothing more than to take him in hand, to bestow a worshipful touch on that glistening tip. Again she reached for him, and Lotor caught her hands, smirking at her.

“Relax your legs, love…” It was a command he gave her, Allura pouting, fighting his grip on her wrists. She did as he bade, unlocking her legs from around him. Lotor hauled her back up, eyes intent on hers as he kissed her again. She melted against him, sitting up on her knees, her hands held prisoner by his.

Still keeping his lips locked to hers, Lotor moved, twisting so that he got up on the bed with her. They fell sideways, landing in the soft cushions of the mattress. Lotor rolled them so that he was on his back, Allura on top of him as they kissed. His tongue licked across her bottom lip, Lotor breaking the kiss to whisper huskily to her. “Turn around.”

Used to such orders, she smiled, getting her hands free from his grasp. Allura shifted carefully on top of him, moving so that her face was near his crotch. That magnificent erection of his twitching before her face. She hardly paid attention to Lotor’s touch on her thighs, her husband lifting and spreading her legs, positioning her womanhood over his face.

Allura was reaching for his dick, her hands taking hold of his length. She stroked along his shaft, up and down in smooth, confidants moves. She went so far as to nuzzle her face against his length, her hair tickling across his skin. She heard Lotor gasp, pleased by her touch, Allura smiling. A few more sure strokes from her, and then she was brining her tongue forward, licking at the tip.

Her tongue teased and twirled around the head of his cock, Allura finding the slit, smearing the pre come fluids across his skin. Even as she lavished attention on him, Lotor was returning the favor, his fingers spreading her nether lips open. Allura gasped, her breath washing over his skin, Allura finding Lotor’s tongue licking along her slit. His tongue moved, expert slides along her wet folds, causing her to wiggle her hips. He had to switch his grip onto her thighs, holding her down so she could not move. She paid him back for that restraint by opening her mouth, taking his erection inside her.

She moaned, finding the eroticism of having him in her mouth delicious and scintillating, Allura humming all around him. Lotor made a sound, a deep growl against her flesh, the prince licking her harder in response to what she was doing. It turned into a competition between them, using mouths, tongues, even fingers to tease the other into submission.

Allura always tried to take as much of Lotor as she could inside her mouth, but invariably she would come up short, finding the tip of him hitting the back of her throat. Her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezing slightly to stimulate the flesh she could not mouth. Lotor continued to lick her, his tongue teasing her clit, doing hard flicks across that tiny pearl of flesh. She whined around the cock in her mouth, sucking harder, making her lips a tight seal around it as she began bobbing her head up and down.

Lotor’s counter attack was to take his fingers, plunging two of them inside her, her body clenching down in response. She couldn’t help squeezing them, enjoying the penetration he offered, feeling his fingertips rub along her passage’s walls. Allura picked up the speed in which she bobbed her head, suction increasing in intensity, her tongue rubbing along the underside of his dick.

Lotor thrust his fingers in all the way to the knuckles on his hand, wiggling and spreading them, scissoring them apart inside her. Allura let his cock pop free of his mouth, seeing it slick with her saliva. She held onto it, licking all the way down to his balls, feeling Lotor thrusting his fingers in and out of her, determined to make her orgasm. As pleasurable as it felt, she fought against the feelings, wanting to make him submit to her for once. Her mouth found the tender skin of his balls, Allura mouthing gently on one.

“Allura!” Lotor’s voice was muffled, his tongue faltering slightly in it’s ministrations to her. She giggled and hummed around the skin in her mouth, her hands squeezing harder, stroking him faster. He was throbbing, flesh so hot she was surprised he didn’t burn her hands. He moaned as he twitched, body tensing up, Allura’s fingers playing with the tip of his cock, smearing his fluid all over it.

He resuming licking her, using all of his arsenal on her womanhood, but she was relentless in teasing him. Finally, Lotor had to admit defeat, his voice gasping out a plea. “Enough! Enough! I give, you’ve won this round.”

She always had to push things, giving his head one last lick before she rolled off him, sitting before him with her legs spread shamelessly. Her thighs were wet with her arousal, a mark of how well a job Lotor had done in tending to her needs. “Hmmm, not yet I haven’t.” Allura said, trying out her own smirk on her husband. She held out her right hand to him, Lotor taking it, drawing them together.

His cock was rigid, swollen with need, Lotor pulling Allura so that she straddled his hips. Arms locked around each other, the two began kissing again, even as Lotor started to ease her down onto his cock. Allura squealed into his mouth, letting her body tense up to squeeze all around him. His hands dropped to her hips, Lotor beginning to bounce Allura up and down, the princess crying out, her head falling back on her shoulders. Lotor took advantage to place his mouth on her throat, lips working just above her necklace, suckling the skin there.

She moved her hips, Allura shaking, riding Lotor as best she could. His body arched upwards, cock thrusting into her, causing a pleasurable friction that had her moaning. She was so wet and slick, it made moving inside her easy, Lotor’s grunts muffled against her throat. Her hands were on his arms, feeling out the muscles there, feeling how tense he was, Lotor holding back.

Allura often missed those rough love making sessions he had given to her in the early days of her pregnancy. It seemed the more her stomach swelled with child, the gentler he was, as though he feared hurting both her and the baby. It was no less satisfying to be made tender love too, Allura bouncing in place on his lap. The stabbing of his cock inside her, proved too much for her, Allura arching her back, a loud, pleasured moan escaping her.

As her body constricted around Lotor’s, he let out a growl, his own body striving for release. He didn’t hold back, orgasm erupting free, splashing her insides with his come. They stayed embraced, panting softly as Lotor moved to kiss her again.

When they finally broke for air, pulling apart with the greatest of reluctance, Lotor ended up with his face on her lap. His arms were around her waist, his cheek pressed to her stomach as Allura sat against the bed’s headboard.

“Sometimes I think I can hear the baby’s heart beat when it’s quiet like this.” Lotor murmured, voice sounding sleepy. Allura smiled, her hands going to his hair, gently brushing it back from his face. They both knew it was impossible, but Lotor liked to daydream about their child. She couldn’t wait to see his reaction the day the baby starts to kick, knowing Lotor would most likely be as giddy as possible.

“If it’s a girl…” Lotor said, his breath warm on her skin. “I hope she looks like you.” A sweet sentiment that made her smile, Allura petting his hair, watching as his eyes started to close.

“And if it’s a boy?” She asked, curious at his answer.

“Then I hope he takes after me!” A sleepy grin at her, Lotor’s eyes staying closed this time. Allura blinked, trying to imagine another Lotor.

“I don’t think the galaxy is quite ready for another you…” She whispered, surprised when he snorted, an amused laugh escaping him.

“They’ve got about five months to get ready!” Lotor announced, arms hugging her tighter. She started to giggle at him, but it was over taken by a yawn, Allura shifting, laying her head back on the pillow propped up against the headboard. They too had to make use of that time, to become prepared to be parents to a healthy boy or girl. Allura only hoped they would be up for the challenge.

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