Game 02

There was many things Lotor found to hate about being wed to Merla, but he often thought one of the most offensive aspects of married life was the complete lack of privacy he now enjoyed. And all because his father insisted they share a room, claiming that the key to a successful marriage was a couple who spent as much time as possible together, be they awake or sleeping.

Lotor thought it was easy enough for Zarkon to make that decree for the Drule did not have to share a living space with Merla! The room, which was quite large, never felt big enough, Lotor feeling cramped and suffocated within it’s walls. It didn’t help that he had had to give up his own spacious bedroom to accommodate the Queen, Merla refusing to step foot into any of the rooms where Lotor had enjoyed members of his harem.

It was just one more attempt to control him, Zarkon granting Merla this small victory over Lotor. The new bedroom did not feel like home, and it certainly wasn’t the safe haven Lotor had come to expect from his private chambers. He had always found his bedroom the one place the harsh realities of life could not intrude upon, Lotor leaving behind the day’s politics, Zarkon’s beratings, his failures to capture Arus. His bedroom was meant to spare him all that negativity, giving Lotor a chance to relax and think, making it a room that meant more to him than just for sleeping and fucking.

That was all changed now, with Merla on the premise. She was quick to pick at him, berating him and pointing out his faults, resuming familiar harassment that his father favored. It often led to verbal arguments between the couple, Lotor making threats, Merla acting on them. She wasn’t shy about attacking him, using fists, claws, and anything she could reach, forcing Lotor to do a mad tap dance to avoid her attacks.

What’s worse, he could never tell what would trigger an attack, Merla’s mood unreadable, and as quick to change like the whims of a cat. He honestly tried in the beginning to avoid setting off her temper, but that had only lasted a week before Lotor grew fed up. To some it was remarkable that the prince had even lasted that long, and it was with some amusement that the nobles of Doom’s court kept a close eye on the newlyweds. The pair was even the focus of a few gambling games, one of which was based on when and if they would kill each other.

Merla wasn’t being exactly discrete about her attempts at murdering him, striking whenever the mood took her. Lotor was on constant alert, unable to relax in his own home, the prince finding he looked forward to the trips to Arus more and more. It was becoming a pleasure to deal with the Voltron force, if only for the few moments of peace the battle could provide him.

Of course he looked forward to seeing Allura, of trying to catch her, and settling for whatever bit of encounter he could get with her. Most times it was just her voice speaking over the airwaves, the princess responding to orders from her teammates, or making suggestions for the battle. Sometimes he might actually get to see her face, and if he was really lucky, he’d get to have a chance to meet with her in person.

Not that those meetings ever went his way, Allura acting frightened and trying to get away. Someone, usually that asshole Keith, would swoop in to her rescue. Lotor always bristled at that, knowing that Allura absolutely did not need rescuing from him!

With each encounter, he left Arus a failure, neither having secured Allura for himself, nor the planet for his father. And with Merla waiting for him, the Queen quick to point out any faults and failures on his part, Lotor looked less and less forward to coming home.

Last night he had been especially reluctant, the prince sneaking through the castle at a time when everyone should have been in bed. Even his father had been tucked away, the fool snoring off his head, unaware that his son had returned. By all rights he should have been able to slip into bed with Merla unnoticed, but the Queen had been up, waiting for him.

Words had been exchanged, the fight pretty nasty even considering Lotor kept his distance from Merla. He never allowed her to step close enough to touch him, the prince in no mood to deal with her nonsense. In the end she had tired herself out, flouncing off to bed, and stealing the covers all for herself. Lotor had been tempted to sleep elsewhere, on the couch, or even locked in the bathroom. But in the end he had angrily reasoned that it was his room too, his bed, and he deserved to sleep in it.

So grumbling under his breath, he had climbed into the bed, grabbing a hold of the blanket and tugging it viciously off Merla. She had tried to hold on, the blanket threatening to rip from the tug of war that broke out. He wasn’t even sure who had won, Lotor falling asleep soon enough simply due to his exhaustion from the long trip between Arus and Doom.

His mind was not too tired to dream, images of Allura filling his head. Of her sweet smile, a look his spies had captured on a recording device. How Lotor longed for Allura to look at him that way, rather than with the open fear she often showed him. When she wasn’t scared, she was angry, Allura bolstered by the support of her friends. He wanted nothing more than a chance to be alone with her, to talk to her, and soothe away that anger and fear. Maybe then she’d see him for who he really was, and begin the path of falling in love with him.

He desperately wanted that, Lotor wanting to be loved as much as he loved in return. And he knew Allura had plenty of love to give, the girl having a big heart that she opened to just about to everyone. Why not him? Why was he not deserving of Allura’s love? Why was he stuck with Merla as his bride, rather than the one girl in all the known universes who held the capability to crush or heal his heart completely?

He was still half in dreams, pondering Allura and his hurt heart when the bed shifted. He didn’t rouses himself completely, and that was his first mistake, Lotor laying relaxed in the bed. A figure climbed on top of him, a weight that was not unpleasant straddling his lap. A part of him thought he was still dreaming, Lotor starting to smile as hands touched him.

“Allura…” He murmured sleepily, wishing with every bit of his soul that the dream would prove a reality. It was a harsh wake up call when those hands locked around his neck, fingers digging into his flesh, squeezing down in an attempt to choke the life out of him.

Gagging on his attempt to breathe, Lotor’s eyes snapped open. His assailant was revealed to him, Merla grinning down at him, still clad in her skimpy nightie. The purple material was translucent, revealing her body beneath the thin fabric. It was sight that should have aroused any man, but the fact that she was trying to kill him yet again had his fires cooling before they could so much as spark.

Wicked grin on her face, Merla narrowed her eyes at him, arm muscles tensing as she focused all her strength on squeezing the life out of him. She might succeed too, if Lotor didn’t stop panicking and took the actions necessary to stop her.

Shaking off what little sleep still clouded his mind, Lotor lifted his hands, grabbing Merla’s wrists. She snarled at him, showing off her sharp fangs, as if that would warn him off from touching her. Lotor thought her insane if she believed he would not try to fight for his right to live, Lotor breaking the hold she had on him. He took in a great, gasping breath of air, lungs desperate for oxygen and got a slap in the face.

Apparently he had not held on to Merla’s hands quite as securely as he had thought, his cheek stinging from her blow. She reared back, ready to hit him again, and
Lotor growled at her. “Merla, stop!” He couldn’t manage to sound commanding, not when he was wheezing for the air she had denied him. The blow landed, and then he succeeded in regaining control of her hands, the two struggling.

But there was no contest, Merla may have been a Drule, but she was still female, vastly out powered by Lotor whose arms bulged with muscles. She struggled on top of him, weight resting firmly on his lap, and to his shocked horror, he felt himself reacting to her. Merla felt it too, far an instant she looked outraged, jaw dropping open in shock. Then she smirked, and rubbed on top of him deliberately, encouraging his erection to grow.

Lotor couldn’t believe he could be aroused by this treacherous female who was so intent on murdering him. But the proof was on his body, cock growing half hard in an instant. It would stiffen the rest of the way at Merla’s wiggling, her mocking laughter filling the room.

“What’s the matter Lotor?” Merla’s voice was taunting him as she spoke, the woman no longer struggling to get her hands free. Instead she was using her body to further arouse him, wiggling and grinding in place. “Does my attempts to kill you turn you on?” Her lips widened in a grin, Merla taking vicious delight in his reactions. “Do you have a death wish?

“If anyone has a death wish it’s you!” Lotor growled, fighting the urge to flip her on her back and do something about the erection she had caused.

“The only death I truly wish for is yours!” Merla retorted, then paused to rub up on him, a thoughtful look in her eyes. “Well, yours and that princess you so love.”

“You’ll not lay a hand on Allura!” Lotor snarled, and this time he really did flip her on her back, rolling to pin her in place. “I’ll kill you if you try…”

“We both know you’re not man enough to kill a woman!” mocked Merla, renewing her struggles. It forced him to lay down on top of her, pinning her in place with his body. Unfortunately, it let him feel every inch of her squirming, Merla artful as she brushed the front of her body against his. “You’re even less likely to kill someone who can fight back!”

He felt that familiar twitch of his eye, Lotor growling out a question. “I’ve fought and killed many a warrior. It’s not my fault if they weren’t equal to my skill with the sword!”

“Oh you always have an excuse!” Merla retorted. “I’ve yet to see you take on anyone of real skill…it’s always those grunt soldiers around you, the ones delivering bad news, that you kill. They’ve hardly had a chance to complete their training, let alone stand up to the big bad prince…” A shrewd look then, Merla studying him. “Maybe that’s all you can handle…fresh recruits…ones too stupid to know they don’t have to stand there and take it from you.”

“Listen you!” Lotor began, but Merla was not done talking.

“You’d never be able to take on a real man like your father. Now that is a prime example of everything a Drule should be!” purred Merla, ignoring his angry sputtering. “He’s strong, he’s smart, and he’s had more success in a decade than most Drules have in a lifetime.”

“Oh yes, and I am just so sure he’s never killed some weak little soldier in a moment of tantrum.” Lotor spat angrily.

“He woulnd’t have to.” Merla retorted without batting an eyelid. “Men know to tremble before him, they’d gladly die on his sword. But you? Ha! You surrounded yourself with boys and incompetents. Probably to have someone to blame when your plans inevitably fail!”

“I’ve had some good plans!” Lotor reminded her, giving her a little shake by her shoulders.

“And yet they all failed!” She pointed out with a smirk.

“Not all of them!” Lotor retorted, thinking of the many success he had had before being given the Arus campaign. There had been many worlds, maybe not as many as his father had claimed for the Doom Empire, but enough to be substantial. Riches and slaves had fallen his successful campaigns, Lotor returning to Doom a lauded hero, celebrations being held.

That was all in his past now, defeat after defeat earning him only the open disgust of his father. His people wisely kept their thoughts private about his failures, but Merla was neither wise nor shy about letting him know what she thought of his problems with Arus.

“Name me ONE time you succeeded with Arus. One time where you held the planet for longer than five minutes!” demanded Merla, pausing expectantly. Lotor’s expression grew even stonier, the prince unable to think of an example. Merla’s lips twisted into a triumphant smile, she laughed at him. “Your silence speaks bundles. You know I am right, you failure of a prince!”

“I am not a failure!” Lotor hissed at her, his anger growing by leaps and bounds as he listened to her peals of laughter. “I’ve brought wealth and slaves to the kingdom, entire worlds crushed beneath my heel.”

“You’ve lost as many worlds as you’ve gained, all thanks to your incompetence in dealing with Voltron!” Her eyes danced with wicked amusement, Merla snide. “You’re such a disappointment. To your father, to your people, and to ME!!”

“It doesn’t matter what you think!” Lotor growled, and a strange look appeared on her face. “You are nothing! You mean nothing to me! You’re just some bitch my father tied me to, and by God I will rid myself of you one day!”

“Not if I get rid of you first!” Merla hissed out a promise, resuming her struggles. He could see from the look on her face she thirsted for his blood, the Queen trying to get her hands free. She’d go for his face the first chance he’d give her, Merla intent on doing damage. That was something he would not allow, Merla letting out fitful sounds, half snarls that showed how angry she was.

He was angry too, fighting to hold her down, body pressed against her and behaving in a traitorous manner. He was growing excited by her struggles, body squirming and moving against his in a delightful manner. She had yet to comment on the fact his covered erection was bumping insistently against her groin, Lotor hoping to pretend this wasn’t happening to him.

“Damn it Merla, enough!” Lotor shouted, pushing down on her wrists with his hands. They ended up pinned against the mattress, Merla shaking with her rage. Her gold eyes were like two storm clouds, he wouldn’t be surprised to see lightning flash inside them.

“It’s never enough Lotor!” She retorted, still fighting his hold on her. “I won’t be satisfied until you’re dead!”

“Then prepare yourself for a lifetime of disappointments!” Lotor shot back, a humorless expression on his face. “Because I am neither going to die, nor allow you to kill me.”

“As if you could stop me!” She scoffed, even though he was doing just that. He merely arched an eyebrow at her, looking pointedly at his hands holding hers down. “You won’t always have the upper hand! I will kill you one day Lotor! Mark my words! You will die by my hand, and no other!”

“Merla…” He sighed out her name, Lotor grim faced and serious. “Don’t you tire of this? Don’t you grow sick of the constant fighting, of constantly being on guard?” He knew he did, Lotor just wanting to earn a few days rest.

“Oh? And what would you have us do instead?” Merla asked mockingly, then purposefully rubbed up against his erection. “You would turn me docile, just another notch on your bed post.”

“Merla if there’s one thing you can never be, it’s docile.” Lotor told her, trying to keep his interest from showing at the way she was grinding her crotch on his. He was struggling to keep his hips still, Lotor wanting nothing more than to thrust against her movements. “Please…” His eye twitched, Lotor not liking that he was reduced to asking her for something. “Reconsider your stance…agree to divorce me.”

She instantly stilled, Lotor’s traitorous body missing her movement. A dark look appeared in her eyes, she turned even angrier, Merla snapping her teeth at him. “I will never give up my claim to the throne of the Doom Empire! I’d rather die than grant you that divorce!” She suddenly lunged forward to knock her head into his, Lotor crying out in surprise at the head butt.

His grip on her loosened, Merla jerking her hands free, and shoving at his chest. At least she wasn’t going for his neck, he noted, face smarting from the blow. He allowed himself to roll off her, Merla springing up off the bed. He should have remained on her, Merla making a lunge for the bed table’s lamp. It came crashing down on his head, Lotor seeing stars as shards of glass stuck to his hair.

He stumbled, collapsing onto the bed, stunned by the lamp breaking over his head. He almost didn’t recover in time, Merla taking the lamp’s cord, attempting to lasso it around his neck. He didn’t like hitting women, and yet to defend himself he lashed out, hand slapping at her hands. Lotor found himself wrestling with Merla, the two both trying to gain control of the lamp’s cord.

Ultimately it went to Lotor, the prince using it to tie up the Queen, leaving her trussed up against the bed’s headboard. Merla glared at him, giving furious jerks of her arms as she tested the strength of her bondage. The cord wasn’t a flimsy rope, she’d have little chance of it breaking it, Merla at his mercy until he or some servant chose to free her.

And yet the fight hadn’t left her, the Queen kicking out with her legs, trying to land knee in Lotor’s groin. Lotor was cautiously as he stayed on top of her, hands grabbing her knees and pushing them down. He meant simply to keep her from kicking him in a delicate spot, and yet her thighs ended up spread, his body fitting between them.

Merla’s expression turned unreadable, her words laced with frost. “Now what?! Do you intend to have at me like the animal you are?!”

He gaped at her, jaw dropping open in shock. “I am no animal!”

“You could have fooled me! You’re so mindless, giving in to your lusts, always chasing after that Allura!” She wiggled then, Lotor swearing she was inviting him to do more to her body. Her actions were at war with her words and her mood, emotions ugly and volatile. “I think you chase after that virgin cause you know you can’t satisfy an experienced woman!”

That was a low blow, Merla seeming to favor insulting his sexual abilities. Lotor found himself snarling, his hands jerking open his pants, ready to prove her wrong. Her breath hitched, her gaze traveling down his body to his open pajama bottoms, tongue coming out to lick her lips. He didn’t notice that action of hers, too focused on his anger and lusts to realize she was giving him a calculating look.

“Oh yes Lotor, yes!” Merla was sarcastic as he shoved the hem of her nightie up to her belly. “Force yourself on me! That’s the way to prove your manhood! When all else fails, resort to violence and take what you want!”

“You’re in no position to talk violence to me!” Lotor retorted, pressing his fingers between her legs. To his shock they came away wet, Merla drenched. He was left blinking owlishly at her, wondering why the both of them seemed so affected by their fights and attempts to kill one another. It certainly shouldn’t have proved arousing in the slightest, and yet both their bodies bore the proof of their excitement.

“If you would only behave…” Lotor muttered, licking at his wet fingers. Merla’s eyes seemed to darken further, slit thinning out in a sign of arousal. “If only you would stop trying to kill me all the time!”

“And you think Allura would be any different?” Merla demanded, trying to goad him on to something. “She probably hates you even more than I do!”

“Allura is not capable of hating anyone!” Lotor protested, and Merla laughed.

“Everyone can find someone to hate…pity for you that the princess despises you!” Merla wiggled again, and the move was dangerous, considering their was no barriers of clothing between their bodies. Lotor bit back a hiss, fighting the impulse to thrust inside her, glaring down at her with the full intent of his furious emotion.

“I don’t know who I hate more…” Lotor told her, and she blinked back her surprise. “My father or you!”

She blinked again, Lotor almost swearing a hurt look came to her eyes. It was gone with the next blink, Merla scowling at him. “Get out!” She shouted, jerking violently on her restraints. “Get out now, because so help me, when I get free….I’ll KILL you!”

He didn’t want to appear cowed, but he took the promise her threat held seriously. Lotor pulled back from her body, movements hurried as he stuffed himself back into his pants. Merla appeared to be having a tantrum, mattress shaking as she fought against her restraints, trying to twist about and get free. Lotor stood there watching her, waiting for her to get tired. But her energy seemed boundless, Merla panting and angry, and screaming insults and threats.

They followed him out into the hall, Merla’s voice loud and echoing, earning him odd looks from the soldiers patrolling this part of the castle. Lotor glared and snarled at them, wanting them to mind their own business. He knew though that word of this latest fiasco would soon reach the ears of the gossip, the nobles of Doom’s court enjoying a good laugh at Lotor’s expense.

Something had to be done, things couldn’t continue the way they were. But Lotor did not know how to improve the situation, his father not allowing him to end this marriage to Merla. Lotor didn’t understand why his father was so intent on making him miserable, but he knew Zarkon had found an excellent tool to accomplish this, Merla hating him with ever fiber of her being.

They were going to end up killing each other, he was sure of it, Lotor knowing it was only a matter of time. He didn’t know how, but he knew that much anger and hate could only lead to an explosion, people getting hurt by the after effects. He just hoped he’d be strong enough to survive whatever happened next!

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