Game 03

A city laid sprawled out beneath him, rampant fires and chaos running wild in it’s streets. It was a result of his efforts, Lotor’s men flying their ships low to drop bombs and open fire on both buildings and people, all in an attempt to route out the humans who hid out of sight. It was a common tactic of Doom, laying waste to one of the many cities on planet Arus. By the end of the day, the city would be in complete ruins, even if Voltron hadn’t shown up to help.

Currently that robot defender of theirs was engaged with one of Haggar’s robeasts, the two locked into a fierce battle that was doing it’s own amount of damage to the city. Voltron had tried to lead the robeast away from the buildings, but the monster had obeyed Haggar’s commands, forcing a fight in the heart of the city. The Drules onboard his flag ship were watching, voices making eager comments as it appeared the robeast had the upper hand in the battle.

Lotor tried not to get his hopes up, he was well too familiar with last minute defeats. Voltron had an unnatural way of rebounding from the most dire of situations, emerging triumphant and sending Lotor packing for the day. And yet for all his many defeats at their hands, Lotor normally enjoyed coming to Arus. He liked coming up with new plans, working his mind to it’s full capability as he explored battle tactics. He liked seeing the planet itself, Arus a beautiful and fertile land. But mostly he enjoyed the chance to see Allura, Lotor working many plans around the goal of capturing the princess for himself.

Lately though, Arus had become something even more valuable, Lotor finding his time there a much needed escape. For it was only when he went to Arus that he escaped his murderous bride, Merla left behind on Doom. To spend even one minute away from her and her venomous tongue and constant attempts to murder him, now that was true bliss. Even the most humiliating of defeats couldn’t dampen his mood so long as he got a chance to just sit back and relax, free of the tension that filled him when he was around her.

Only, it wasn’t working out the way he had hoped, Zarkon soon making a new decree. It was on his father’s insistence that Merla join Lotor on Arus, once again hiding behind what he viewed as proper behavior for a newly married couple. Zarkon felt it was wrong of Lotor to leave Merla alone on Doom for weeks on end, the King reasoning the Queen would get lonely. Lotor had outright laughed in Zarkon’s face at that, feeling if Merla was lonely it was through no fault of anybody’s but hers.

And yet a command from the King of the Doom Empire had to be followed, Lotor reluctantly taking Merla with him to Arus. She bickered constantly with him, nagging and nitpicking at his plans, the woman having her own ideas about what they should try against Voltron. Lotor was less than pleased to note that many of her plots were such that Allura would not survive the attacks, the prince putting his foot down and refusing to let Merla do as she pleased.

To be limited in that manner only infuriated Merla more, the woman’s tongue more vicious, and her attacks more varied and wild. She seemed especially displeased that Lotor would not allow any harm to come to Allura, and the prince had started to notice her most vicious attacks usually occurred right after Allura’s name was brought up. It was enough of a clue to leave Lotor wondering, but he quickly laughed at himself for thinking Merla could feel anything towards him but hatred. Merla simply wanted Allura dead because she was the enemy of the empire, a symbol of hope not just for Arus, but for many other planets that still remained free.

It was Allura who made the decisions to allow Voltron to travel to other worlds, to help them fight off Doom and remain free. It was no wonder Merla and his father wanted the princess dead, but that was something Lotor would not allow, the prince standing up from his command seat. “Careful!” He shouted, glaring in Haggar’s direction. “Witch, exert some control over your robeast. It’s claws came too close to blue lion!”

“I’ll try to correct it, but really…in the heat of the moment, my robeast is fighting on instinct!” Haggar retorted. “It wants to take out the weakest link, and it views Allura’s lion as that.”

“It’ll be my own instinct to kill you if Allura suffers so much as a scratch in battle.” Lotor told her, and he didn’t need to touch his sword’s pommel, for the threat to have effect on Haggar. She seemed to blanch, and turn back to her crystal ball, hands glowing with green magic as she tried to reign in the robeast’s murderous impulses.

“Haggar stop.” It was Merla who spoke up, the woman standing several feet across from Lotor. “Don’t let Lotor’s foolish sentimentality keep us from our victory.”

“Merla, stay out of this!” barked Lotor, turning his glare now to his bride.

“I will not.” Came Merla’s firm response, hands on her hips. “You’ve cost us too many victories already with this obsession of yours! I’ll not have misguided affection for Allura, keep us from gaining Arus.”

“It is not misguided, nor obsession!” Lotor snapped back before he could stop himself. “And Haggar is under my command!”

“I am Queen here, and as such my word should be obeyed without hesitation!” Was Merla’s retort. “Haggar, have your robeast focus on blue lion. Taking it out will cripple Voltron!”

“Haggar have the robeast focus on the head of Voltron. Without black lion’s commands, Voltron will flounder!” Lotor ordered, and Haggar was looking up from her crystal ball, a look of apprehension on her face. She clearly did not know who she should be obeying, a fact that annoyed Lotor, and filled him with more anger. “HAGGAR! Just who is in command here?!”

“You are Prince Lotor.” Haggar’s normal screech was but a whisper, she glanced nervously at Merla who let out an outraged hiss. “You may be Queen, Merla, but Zarkon gave Lotor command of the fleet. As such I must obey his decisions…no matter what they are…”

“That’s right.” Lotor was smug now, striding down the steps that led away from his command chair. “I am commander here….everyone on board this, and the ships that accompanied us here, live and die on my whims.”

“We’ll most likely die with an incompetent like you in charge!” retorted Merla, gold eyes flashing with her anger.

“Incompetent?!” Lotor repeated, voice harsh and angry.

“Yes!” snapped out Merla with a smirk on her lips. “Everyone here knows it too! Your obsession with the princess of Arus cripples you! You suffer a mental retardation when it comes to making any decisions that involve Allura.” Lotor made his own angry sound, growling as he stepped off the stair case and started to walk towards Merla. She did not quiet down, nor did she back up, instead taking a step towards him. “There’s a fast way to cure you of this affliction, and that is to kill the princess of Arus! Maybe then you’d grow a back bone and do what is needed to get Doom it’s victory.”

“And what’s your excuse Merla?” Demanded Lotor, shoving aside a ship technician who had foolishly stepped in his path. The Drule crashed into a chair, it and the man toppling over with a loud sound. “We all know you have no love for Allura. And yet those few times you were in charge of a mission on Arus, you failed spectacularly. Ha, it was not I who crawled back to Doom with my tail between my legs!”

Her jaw had dropped at that, she looked as shocked as she was furious, Merla stalking towards him to meet him between a row of computers. Her lips were trembling with her attempts to suppress her rage, her eyes narrowing as she glared at him hatefully. “You…”

“I remember the sniveling, cowardly way you approached my father upon your defeat.” Continued Lotor, feeling satisfaction flow through him at the memory. “How you begged and pleaded for his leniency, wanting another chance to prove your worth. You are lucky you are a woman, else my father would never have gone as easy on you as he had!”

“You’re one to talk about luck!” Merla stabbed a finger into his chest, claw catching on his uniform as she poked him repeatedly. “You’d be dead already, turned into robeast fodder if not for your family connections. Face it Lotor, he only keeps you around because you’re his son. If you were anyone else, you’d have been punished, and not just humiliated for your failures. Yes, failures! You’ve had so many, Doom has begun to lose track of them all!”

He inwardly seethed, hating that Arus had ruined what had been a near perfect military career. He had had countless victories, but they no longer counted in the face of so many defeats. Defeats Merla loved throwing in his face, time and time again. It was almost as though she was a female Zarkon, picking on what annoyed Lotor the most.

She actually smirked then, Merla taking Lotor’s silence as a win for her. “It’s disgraceful what King Zarkon allows to you to get away with! Everyone here knows it too! You think anyone really wants to be a part of your command? That it’s some kind of honor for them? Well, it’s not!” She had stopped poking him, turning slightly to sweep out her arm to encompass the Drules who were all wide eyed and trying to pretend they weren’t listening to this fight.

“Do you know, your command is single-handedly awarded the most deaths of DRULES by far? Even Yurak didn’t get as many of our people killed as you have!”

“And just where is Yurak now?” Lotor snarled, clenching his hands into fists. “Oh yes, he’s dead!”

“And that just proves my point!” Merla snapped in retort. “How long did it take Zarkon to replace him with you? Mere weeks….failure has a time limit except when one is a daddy’s boy!”

He growled then, eyes narrowing even further, Merla smirking as though she had scored a huge victory against him. Wisely, the Drules nearest to them got up and moved, frightened of becoming a target for the prince’s anger. Haggar was off in a corner with her crystal ball, concentrating her magic on the fight. The view screen was full of the battle in the city, and Voltron seemed to be winning.

“Just look at it!” Merla pointed at the view screen. “Does anyone really think we’re gonna win here today?! NO! We won’t, I know it, you know it, they know it, Lotor. Not unless you man up and strike where is needed!”

“I will not sacrifice my love for a victory.” Lotor said through gritted teeth.

“And that just proves my point about you being incompetent!” Merla turned to face him, more Drules hurrying away from their section of the command deck. “Lotor…” She stopped smirking, taking on a serious look as she raised a hand to his face. It was as though she meant to gently caress his cheek, and Lotor snarled at her, slapping her hand away before she could touch him. Her eyes hardened at that, her words surprising him. “I beseech you. I am appealing to whatever small bit of reason is left within you…do what is right for the Doom Empire…”

She was saying things no one else would dare, and Lotor could feel the eyes of everyone on him, waiting for his response. “Damn you.” He said, and she blinked in surprise. The bitch was putting him between a rock and a hard place, leaving him with little choice. He knew what he had to do, but it warred against his impulse to protect Allura.

“Lotor..?” Her tone was questioning, lacking that mocking vibe it normally held. She didn’t seem able to read him in the moment, Lotor turning away from her.

“Haggar…” Every word was like a knife in the heart, bleeding him heavily. “Do it.”

“Sire?” Haggar wasn’t playing dumb, she just wanted to be sure of his command.

“Let your monster give in to it’s instincts.” Lotor stared at the two battling behemoths on the view screen. “Take out blue lion and with it Voltron.”

“Yes, Sire!” Haggar said, and her glowing hands flickered, loosening her tight reined control over the robeast. Immediately it roared out a challenge, knocking Voltron back with a kick before diving at the leg which was made up of blue lion. He tried not to flinch at the sight of claws scraping over blue metal, sparks flaring up in the process.

“Hmm, that’s it.” Merla purred from besides him, and when he turned to look at her, he found her too close for comfort. She had snuck closer to him, and even now was pressing up against his side, running her nails in a teasing manner on his arm. “Now you’re acting like a true commander.”

He tried to shrug off her touch, Lotor feeling ill at ease with the way the fight was going. Merla pretended not to notice, smiling and rubbing up against him. He didn’t like her actions, in no mood to be flirted at.

“I can’t wait until Voltron falls…perhaps your father will let us have the castle of lions for a summer home. Of course we’ll have to remain on Arus for some time, to make sure everyone falls into line with the new regime.” She laughed then. “I wonder how I’d look in Allura’s crown…” She seemed to ignore the low growl he let out, continuing her prattle. “Of course that all too pink wardrobe of hers has got to go. For a princess, she really has no sense of style, no flair for fashion.”

“You get ahead of yourself Merla…” Lotor was once again staring at the view screen, watching as Voltron did a round house kick with yellow lion’s foot, red lion spewing out flames into the stunned robeast’s face.

“Haggar, what’s going on?!” demanded Merla, her happy mood fading as she watched the robeast fall backwards. “What is that stupid robeast of yours doing?! Take out blue lion!”

“It’s trying!” Haggar sounded stressed, eyes focused on the crystal ball. “But the Voltron force isn’t that stupid. They’re learning as the fight continues, and working to keep the robeast from Allura’s lion!”

Lotor wanted to cheer at that, fighting to keep the grin off his face. “What now Merla?” He asked, finding she had stopped rubbing up against him.

“Get that robeast off it’s ass and have it destroy blue lion!” Merla snarled, eyes flashing with her anger. “I don’t care if it has to tear Voltron apart to do it, I want that princess dead!”

“Now who is letting their feelings get in the way of things?” Lotor asked, and Merla glared at him.

“What do you mean by that?!”

“You say my love for the princess weakens me…but your hate is doing the same thing. If all you care about is killing Allura to the point you don’t think of how to accomplish anything else, then we’ll fail all the same.” Explained Lotor.

“If we kill the princess, we win everything!” Merla retorted, and Lotor shook his head.

“It seems Allura is as big a blind spot for you as she is for me. I wonder why though.” He considered Merla carefully. “Why do you hate her so much?”

“She’s an enemy of the empire. That’s all the reason I need!” Merla answered, scowling.

Lotor didn’t believe her, thinking she felt too strong a hate for someone who was merely an enemy of their people. And yet he couldn’t put his finger on it, couldn’t figure out what drove Merla to hate Allura so strongly. He knew he was missing an important piece of the puzzle, something that would surely shock him to find. But he hadn’t the faintest idea in which direction to search, Lotor holding in a sigh.

“Blazing sword has been formed!” A computer technician called out, and the command deck seemed to grow silent at those words. Merla made a hissing sound, both she and Lotor watching the view screen, seeing Voltron cleave the robeast in two. For a second there was only an explosion, the robeast imploding in on itself. And then Merla was screaming out an order.

“All ships down to the city now! Focus all your attacks on blue lion. I want that little bitch princess blown out of the sky!”

“Merla we’ve lost!” Lotor shouted over her, and she shook her head no.

“I won’t accept that! I’ve not begun to unleash the full might of our fleet!”

“There’s no point, without a robeast we don’t stand a chance against Voltron!” Lotor pointed out, and she just continued to shout out commands. A few ships responded to her words, firing missiles at Voltron. The robot easily deflected those projectiles, some crashing into buildings, others being directed back into Drule ship’s. Lotor fought back his annoyed growl, and retook command of his fleet.

“Everyone pull back!” He commanded. “We return to Doom.”


“Merla, accept it. Allura won’t be dying this day…” He couldn’t keep the smirk off his face then, turning to his bride. She reacted with pure rage at the sight of it, rearing back to slap him resoundingly across the cheek. Again silence filled the command deck, the Drules all wide eyed with shock at what the Queen had done. They all seemed frozen in place, and it was Haggar who broke the quiet.

“I uh…think it’s time for Coba’s bath.” The witch stammered, carrying her crystal ball and heading for the stairs that led off the command deck. Lotor couldn’t blame her for leaving, his cheek stinging from Merla’s slap.

Some of the soldiers that were high up in the chain of command decided to follow Haggar’s exit, murmuring excuses as they hurried from the room. Lotor thought them all cowards for leaving, but he was mainly focused on his bride, and the fact that she was gearing up to slap him again.

This time he snagged her wrist before she could make a connecting blow, Lotor twisting it behind her back. She tried to get him with her other hand, and he caught that one too, forcing it behind her back. She hissed and snarled, and struggled against his grip, cursing him and the woman that had dared spawned him. To hear her insult his mother made Lotor all the more angry, and at his growls several more soldiers evacuated the deck.

“Listen you little bitch…” Lotor snapped, and Merla gasped in outrage. “Do not EVER, ever talk about my mother like that!”

“Why shouldn’t I?!” Merla demanded. “It’s her fault you are so weak, so….so HUMAN!”

He felt his eye twitch at that, Lotor beyond annoyed at the insult. Yes, he had human blood running through him, but he had never, ever thought it weakened him, made him act like one of that inferior species. And yet Merla seemed to delight in telling him he was weak like them, deficient in ways that only a human could be.

“In case you’ve forgotten, you’re part human as well!”

“Only a quarter percent on my grandmother’s side!” Merla quickly retorted. “It’s nowhere near the amount of human within you, and it doesn’t affect me or my thinking the way it does you!”

“My mother being human has no bearing on how I act or think!” Lotor snapped. “I’m as Drule as the next man, and you’d do well to remember it!”

“You’re never Drule enough, and that’s the problem!” She was haughty, sneering now even as she struggled to get free. “You’re always trying so hard, trying to be cruel enough, to be mean enough, to be killer enough. But you’ll never succeed, never be even half the Drule that your father is!”

It was too much to hope for that they could last one fight without her comparing him to his father, Lotor glaring at her. “Face it Lotor, you’ll always be chasing after his shadow, hoping to achieve even a quarter of his greatness!”

“You know, for all your expressed enthusiasm for my father, it’s a wonder why you didn’t insist on marrying him instead of me!”

“Believe me, I would have preferred him to you!” She hissed, then shuddered. “But Haggar would have gone for my throat if I so much as look at him sideways.”

“Such a pity for you, to be stuck with a man you hate!”

“That’s something Allura and I have in common, hating you!” Merla’s retort had his eye twitching again, Lotor tightening his grip on her wrists so she cried out in pain. “Hurt me Lotor! It can’t change the fact that your precious princess despises you!”

“You know nothing of what goes through Allura’s mind!” Lotor shouted.

“I know enough! I’ve seen the way she looks at you, the fright and disgust she feels. It’s apparent to everyone but you.” Merla slammed down her foot on his, her stiletto stabbing painfully into his skin. Lotor howled with pain, and let go of her, Merla quickly striking him. “And nothing you can do, no amount of love confessions, flowers and gifts, kisses and more, can ever get that girl to love you!”

Her words hurt more than the slaps did, Lotor growling as he leaned into the front of a control panel. Merla had backed him up into it, Lotor hearing the protesting whine of the keyboard he leaned against, the woman angry and scowling. He felt stunned, but more than that, he was angry, and quickly thinking up his own offense.

“Just as no one will ever love you!” He roared, and she seemed to stumbled at his shout. “All the money and power in the Empire can’t change the fact that no one will ever, ever love you even half as much as I love Allura!” Her mask of anger flickered, for a second her eyes appeared hurt, which left him confused. Why should his words affect her so, she was the ice queen, impenetrable to words and feelings.

“You’re one to talk!” Merla tried a smirk, but it wasn’t as effective as it should have been. She was still struggling to compose herself, to hide behind anger. “You can say you love Allura all you want, but you know, deep down inside, you neither love nor are loved in return. You’re merely chasing after a dream, hiding in what you think love should be! I don’t know which is worse, to never know love, or to think you do!”

He reeled back as though she had landed another hit on him, Lotor staring at her, staggered. She had said something that was one of his deepest fears, Lotor fearing he didn’t know what love really was. He knew he had never had love, not the kind that existed between man and woman. Even as a boy he hadn’t enjoyed love, his mother being taken away from him when he was still so young. As an adult, there had been women, both slaves and free ones, and he never knew if the ones who said they loved him weren’t doing it out of a need to get a piece of him for themselves.

Truth be known he hadn’t cared much about love until he saw Allura, the princess of Arus being everything he thought he could want. He was desperate for her, desperate to have her return the same depth of feeling that he had for her. And Merla knew it, the woman tossing it into his face, all but gloating over it. And yet two could play that game, Lotor remembering the look of hurt that had appeared on her face at his words.

“You’ve never had love at all in your life Merla.” Lotor stood up taller, and began advancing forward so that it was she that backed up, not him. “Not from your mother, your father, and certainly not from any of the men and women you slept with.”

“You…you can’t know that!” She protested, but it was half hearted.

“Oh can’t I?” Lotor asked with his own version of a smirk. “You think me a fool, but I did my research on you. Long before you were in my bed, I was in your head, finding out all about your life, down to the most insignificant of people. And believe me, there was many. The only reason anyone even pays any attention to you of because of that title attached to your name. Without it, you’d be nothing.”

“No…” She sounded so lost, so unsure then, but quickly regained her composure. “And you think all those women that you fucked would still flock to you without your father’s riches, and the fact that you are a prince? Not with your rotten personality!”

He scowled then, and she purred, moving in for the attack. “Face it Lotor…we’re really one and the same. Friendless and unlovable…and there’s not a damn thing we can do to change that.”

She reached out to him then, but it wasn’t to strike him, the Queen touching his chest. She caressed her fingers over the torn bits of his uniform, continuing to purr. “We’re only good for two things…Killing and sex…”

“And even killing we can’t do half the time…” Lotor said, thinking of her many failed attempts to murder him. Strange that, when Merla was such an accomplished killer elsewhere.

“At least the sex is good…” Merla admitted, staring up at him with an odd look on her face. He had the strangest sensation that she wanted him to close the distance between them and kiss her, Lotor blinking rapidly to keep from looking surprised.

“Some of the time..” He lied, and she quickly corrected him.

“All of the time…” Her hand caressed lower, feeling the lines of his abdomen as Lotor tried not to tense up. He was keeping careful watch on her, making sure she didn’t do something like reach for his sword.

“What do you want Merla?” Lotor asked her point blank, and she smiled.

“Why do I have to want anything?”

“We’ve just been handed our ass, and had to flee Arus without victory. Of course you want something.” Lotor pointed out. “Is it you want me to take all the blame for our loss with my father?”

“Would be nice if you did.” She smirked then. “But such a gesture is unnecessary.”

“Then what?”

“Maybe I just want my husband to be nice to me.” Merla purred, hands frozen on his waist. “Maybe I’d like it if…” They had moved closer to each other, Merla going up on tip toe to cover the last few inches to Lotor’s mouth. Her voice was lowering to a whisper, Lotor straining to hear them.

“If what?” His own voice was a hoarse whisper, Lotor’s breath mingling with Merla’s. Instead of answering him, she closed the distance, kissing him. Or perhaps he kissed her, Lotor’s hands suddenly gripping Merla’s arms, holding her so that she couldn’t escape.

Not that that was her intention, Merla melting against him, seductive and shoving her tongue past his parted lips. He wasn’t content to give her control of the kiss, he dueled his tongue against hers, trying to take command. She wouldn’t give him an inch, trying to control his tongue movements, and caressing him with every ounce of passion he knew she had within her.

Her arms raised as best they could within his grip, Merla snagging hold of his hair. She used her grip on his hair to pull him more firmly against her mouth, Merla making a delighted sound in response to their needful kisses. Lotor wasn’t yet lost that he couldn’t stop to think, the prince astounded at how their argument had once again led to a heated moment of passion.

He still wondered what Merla really wanted, even as she rubbed her front against his, her breasts pushing into his chest. The fabric of her dress abraded her nipples, they quickly peaked, two stiff points that were rubbing into his. Ice queen she may have been, but she was always quick to grow heated when it came down to sex.

“Merla..” Lotor said, and was hardly pleased at how strangled his voice sounded. “We shouldn’t…not here…there’s..”

“There’s no one here…” She replied, pouty in the moment, and still pulling on his hair. “They all left. Cowards, the lot of them.” She didn’t let him take his eyes off her to check, Merla rubbing her cheek against his cheek and purring. She almost sounded happy then, which left Lotor all the more confused. Did sex with him really make her happy, or was she scratching some itch he couldn’t understand?

“No one’s here…” She repeated, and started kissing down the side of his face. “No one to see, no one to know…” A lick then, her tongue dragging downwards, making Lotor shiver in response. “Our little secret.” She added, and tried to go for his throat. Leery that she might use her fangs to do more than just nibble, he pulled her back before she could fasten her mouth on his skin.

She kept on looking pouty, Lotor giving her a searching look and noting the arousal in her eyes. “Hell.” He said, and moved in to kiss her again, hearing her mewl in delight.

He had to let go of her arms to pull at her clothes, Lotor trying to figure out the many snaps and fastenings of her dress. Something plopped down to the floor, a metallic plank of some ornamental part of her outfit. Merla’s own hands were not idle, she was running them worshipfully up and down his front, letting her nails catch just enough that she clawed open his tunic.

Merla’s dress got open enough for him to slide it down her arms, and reveal her breasts, Lotor bending to caress his lips over one dark blue nipple. She sighed, and murmured his name, approval in her every sound. He rolled his eyes upwards, seeing Merla had her head back, her eyes half closed. He grinned and pushed on the small of her back, pressing her against his mouth as he began to lick and suck.

She was idly holding onto his hair, when a voice coughed, Lotor and Merla freezing. The sound held all manner of emotion to it, nervousness, politeness, embarrassment, and even fear. And all because the one who had coughed was interrupting what could be considered a delicate moment at best. That soldier grew even more alarmed when Lotor and Merla glared at him, the two still locked in their intimate pose and waiting to hear what the Drule had to say.

“Ah…..we have an incoming message.” The soldier said, and Lotor wondered how he had gotten so unlucky to be chosen to deliver this news to them.

“Message?” Lotor repeated, his tone bored now.

“Er yes…from one Princess Allura of Arus.” explained the guard, and Merla let out a displeased snarl.

“Can’t you see we’re busy?! The princess will just have to wait…!”

But Lotor was already pulling away from Merla, hurriedly adjusting his clothes so as to not appear so disheveled. There was nothing he could do about the many claw marks that had been ripped into his uniform, but at the very least he could smooth out his clothing and fix his hair. “Put her through.” Lotor ordered, realizing they had indeed been left all alone on the command deck.

“What?!” Merla’s voice, the woman sounding angry. There was an undercurrent of hurt to her voice too, but Lotor turned away from her. “Why? We were about to..”

“This is Allura!” Lotor said it as if that was all the explanation he needed, and Merla understood enough to know what he meant. The soldier was nodding, hurrying away to find a technician to put the call through. He got maybe six feet away from the newlyweds when Merla screamed, and lunged forward, snatching Lotor’s sword out of it’s scabbard.

Lotor started to turn, then thought better of it, ducking down to miss the wild swipe of the lazon blade. Merla had come perilously close to slashing open his chest, and she was already trying to stab the sword downwards at him. Lotor rolled to the side, then lashed out with his foot, knocking the Queen down on her ass. He was on her in an instant, grabbing the wrist of the hand that held his sword. He squeezed, Merla forcing him to exert pressure that was just short of bone breaking before she relinquished her grip on the sword.

“Damn you”! She shrieked, and slapped him across the face.

“Just what is your problem?!” Lotor demanded with a growl, well aware the soldier wasn’t moving. Instead he just stood there, staring with a slack jawed expression at the squabbling pair of royals.

“You’re my problem!” Merla shot back, and tried to slap him again. She was rewarded with both hands pinned to the floor, the Queen struggling and trying to kick him off her body. “You and Allura!” Her eyes flashed, she was beyond incensed in the moment. “Always putting that bitch first!”

“Damn it Merla, you’re acting like a jealous house wife! You….you…” A light bulb had gone off in Lotor’s head, the prince staring at her shocked. Merla was acting jealous of Allura, and now that he really thought about it, most if not all her attacks had been born on the heels of his involvement with Allura. Whether it be he had been talking about the princess, or actively trying to capture her so that he could be alone with Allura. And each time, regardless of the outcome, Merla had been there, radiating stern disapproval and attempting to kill him.

He wondered now how he could have missed it all, so much beginning to make sense to him. Merla was jealous of Allura, jealous of the love Lotor had for the princess. He just wasn’t sure why, the prince not even wanting to think Merla could be attracted to him in that way. But what else could there be, Lotor staring at her, and feeling Merla’s body buck.

“You..” He licked his lips, then forced her back down, not bothering to hide how shocked he was. “You’re jealous of Allura!”

“Jealous, me?!” She made a scoffing sound then. “Don’t be ridiculous!”

“It’s true isn’t it?!” Lotor demanded. “It explains so much now…you’re jealous of her…why? Because you have feelings for me?!” Her shifty look was enough confirmation for Lotor, Merla renewing her struggles to get free. He was too stunned to try and hold her down, letting her knock him back. But she didn’t go for his sword, instead standing, pausing only long enough to adjust her dress so that her breasts were covered once more.

“You’re a fool Lotor!” Merla announced, and for good measure spat in his direction. He didn’t have to imagine the upset in her voice, his questioning had left her shaken to the core. What’s more, he was shaken, feeling far too shell shocked in the moment to do more than stare as Merla ran down towards the command deck’s exit. He was still staring, even as the soldier made another polite coughing sound, the man wondering if Lotor would take the call from Allura.

“Tell her I’ll have to call her back.” Lotor said to both their surprise. But he knew he was in no shape to talk to Allura. To talk to anyone. What he needed in the moment was a chance to think. That and a goof stiff drink.

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