The Price of Freedom

 It starts out with a ship crash, the Voltron Force searching for survivors of the Doom Fleet. Lotor soon has the perfect hostage fall into his hands. Can he make it back to Doom with Allura? Will there be wedding bells in his future, and what kind of life can Arus hope to have as part of the Doom Empire. And will Allura ever make a love confession? You’ll just have to read to find out.

    My return to the Voltron Fandom fanfiction. Started it Summer of 2008.

2 thoughts on “The Price of Freedom

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  1. Hi ^^ I stumbled upon ur beautiful fics at FFnet. I’m happy that there’s someone that skillfully write Lotor and Allura fics. Since first time saw Voltron I always wonder if there’s someone that can write about this pairing. I love most of ur work specially The Price of freedom (nanny hit Lotor with a vase is so hilarious) and The Incident report XD love how ur writing can make my panties wet XD. And I love how you depict Allura in your fics so she is having more character than what showed on the show. LUV U

  2. I love your Lotor and Allura Fanfics so much! (my honest to goodness faves being “a wish best served cold” and ” the Harem Slave”

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