Freedom 02

The forest was alive with sound, a low distant hum of crickets chirping, and the occasional warble of a night fowl. They could hear the rustle of bushes, and the occasional footsteps letting them know the planet’s wildlife ventured near. So far they had been fortunate, they had encountered nothing more dangerous than a small boar. It had stopped, surprised to see them, but before it could turn aggressive, one of Lotor’s men was shooting it. The poor dumb beast didn’t even get a chance to use it’s tusks, falling down dead on the ground.

Allura had made a noise, Lotor couldn’t tell if it was pity or disgust. It was probably both, knowing how kind hearted she was. His men had ignored her, showing little reaction to her cries. Lotor heard Allura whisper to herself, voice soft as she spoke.

“How cruel.”

Lotor merely grunted, knowing she didn’t expect a reply. If that was the worst thing the princess expected to see while in his care, he knew she would be sorely disappointed. He almost snickered at the thought, wondering how she would react to being brought to Zarkon’s coliseum, seeing the monstrous alien races fight for their lives down in the pits.

Lotor shook his head, trying to keep his mind from wandering. Before he could show Allura the many spectacles of his planet, he had to get her there first. And right now that was proving problematic at best. Lotor held back a sigh, thinking back on what a disastrous day it had been. The attack from Voltron had proven to be one of the worst defeats of his military career, Lotor not being able to remember a time where he had come so close to losing his life as he had this day.

It was only by pure chance that his ship hadn’t exploded upon impact, surely the Dark Gods the Drules worshipped had been smiling at him today. Instead the ship had merely been damaged, hull breached by one of the missiles. It had sent them crashing into the woods, Lotor and the survivors scrambling to escape the burning wreckage. There was little they could do to put out the fires, being forced to salvage what supplies they could.

Though they had survived the crash, the men had been down in spirits, holding little hope for a rescue. Lotor knew that his father would care little for his capture, never being one to concede to the demands of others, even to save his only son. There’d be no hope of for a ransom, no exchanging of prisoners after this latest debacle. Things had looked pretty bleak, Lotor knowing there was nowhere they could run to, nowhere they could hope to hide on this wretched planet. Their skin color simply did not allow for hiding amongst these pale skinned aliens.

Not that Lotor ever for an instance thought of surrender. No, he’d fight tooth and nail before anyone would have the honor of bringing down Doom Royalty. Better to die a glorious death in battle, taking out as many enemies as he could, then to cower in defeat. Things had seemed to be going very much in that direction when the Voltron Captain had arrived in the woods. How it delighted Lotor to think he might take out the young captain with his own two hands.

Fighting had broken out immediately, the Arusian soldiers taking the first casualties. Lotor lost men as well, but not enough to keep from being overwhelmed by the search party. It was an all out brawl, when another force of soldiers arrived, this time bringing him a most precious gift indeed.

Lotor glanced at Allura, knowing she couldn’t see the way he smiled as he gazed at her profile. He must really be blessed by the Dark Gods, they were bestowing so many gifts on him this day. Now if only they could see to favor him with a swift return home….!

Lotor gave a soft jerk on Allura’s arm, dragging her forward, away from the boar’s corpse. She moved willingly enough, though her steps were slow, hesitant. It amused him to watch her think she was slowing them down. He could practically see her thought patterns, knowing she hoped to delay him until help arrived.

Up ahead were his men, weapons drawn as they scouted the terrain. They moved with silent efficiency, leather boots not making a sound on the ground. No talking from his soldiers, they used hand signals to convey messages, their sharp eyes picking up the movement in the dark.

Allura stumbled, stubbing her toe against an uncovered root. Lotor’s hand on her arm was the only thing that kept her from planting her knees in the ground. She wasn’t thankful for the assistance, staring straight ahead, a haughty expression on her face that couldn’t quite hide the worry in her eyes.

They walked for what had to be two hours time by Earth’s standards, eventually reaching an outcropping of rocks. A dark cave beckoned to the side, and at a terse command from Lotor, one of the soldiers stepped forward to explore it’s insides. The rest of his men began setting up camp, cautiously relaxing as they knelt down in the dirt. Two of the soldiers remained standing, tense and alert should there be any trouble.

Lotor let Allura slump down to the ground, watching as the princess drew her knees up to her chest, hugging them close. She stared downwards, trying to ignore the men, Lotor knowing they were paying more attention to her than they showed. With a confidence born in the knowledge that she couldn’t get away, the prince of Doom strode over to his commander, a tiny object held in his hands.

It was Allura’s communicator, an item he had wrenched off her belt. He handed it now to the man, speaking brusquely. “Continue to monitor the airwaves.”

“Yes sir!”

“The fools themselves will keep us abreast of their positions.” Lotor smirked, his commander mirroring his expression. “This will help greatly in avoiding them as we make our way for the falls.”

“Prince Lotor.” The solider who had been sent into the cave approached him. Lotor nodded, giving him leave to speak. “The cave is empty. There is nothing of worth inside, nor is it home to any dangerous beasts.”

“Excellent.” Lotor answered, then resumed giving orders. “Rest now. Divide the watch in shifts, keep the noise to a minimum.” The men were relaxing, dropping their voice to a low murmur, rooting about in their packs for the cold rations they had packed. Lotor himself picked up a protein bar, biting into it with vigor. It tasted bitter, not at all like the fine meats he was used to dining on, but it would do.

He returned to Allura’s side, nudging her with his foot. She tried to ignore that touch, but he kept prodding at her side. Finally, with reluctance in her eyes, she looked up at Lotor. “Here.” He said, extending a bar out to her. He saw her frown, clearly not expecting to be offered a share of the rations. Her hand moved, reaching towards the bar, when Lotor snapped his other hand forward, snagging her by the wrist.

She let out a wordless cry, Lotor’s men laughing as he hauled her to her feet. The bar ended up on the ground, being smashed underfoot as Allura fought him. “What do you think you are doing?!” Allura demanded, beating her free fist against his chest.

“Taking what’s mine.” Lotor said, and his men roared in approval as he hauled her against his chest. He heard her gasp, her hand resting flat against his pectoral muscle. He thrilled to feel her touch him, even as her hand strained to push him away. His other arm was around her waist, pinning her securely against him, letting her body mold against his.

He leaned his face in close, feeling the breath of her on his face. “Lotor don’t.” Her lips whispered, eyes going wide as she watched him capture her mouth with his own. She let out a whimper, trying to keep her lips sealed. He pressed insistently against them, bruising force meant to make her yield to his kiss. His men were cheering him on, Lotor letting go of her wrist to grab at the back of her head, holding her firmly in place.

At last she gasped, his tongue sliding into her mouth, seeking out hers. She flailed about in his arms, seeming not to know what to do with a tongue in her mouth. That was a pity, but he looked forward to teaching her.

When he finally broke the kiss, she was dazed, panting for air. Allura looked stunned, forgetting for a moment to fight as he started to drag her towards the cave’s entrance. A cocky grin on his face, he announced to his men, “Do not disturb us unless necessary.” That got a chuckle from his soldiers, though a hint of unease peppered it, the men knowing he was very well capable of killing for a lesser offense.

As they drew closer to the dark cave, Allura seemed to recover, shouting out a panicked, “NO!!” She swung her fists around, trying to hit him, and Lotor laughed, easily dodging her feeble attempts. Arm still around her waist, he lifted her up off the ground so that her feet dangled, Allura grabbing onto his shoulders for support.

Inside the cave, it was even darker, Lotor carrying his prize all the way to the back, well away from the ears of his men. Practically gentle now, he set Allura down, but kept a hold of her one wrist. His other hand reached for the light on his belt, setting it off with a flick of his finger. He blinked as the yellow light illuminated this corner of the cave, his eyes slow to adjust.

Allura stared at him, fear on her face. Fear that was rising, terror he could practically taste as she let her panicked mind imagine what would happen now that she was alone with him. Another smirk from him, Lotor never one to disappoint, pulling her against him. He practically devoured her with his kiss, feasting hungrily at her mouth, months of pent up frustration being released.

Suddenly pain was on his lip, the wench had bitten him, his blood heavy in his mouth. He pulled back, eyes narrowed, and saw her trying to glare at him. “How dare you!” Allura shouted, and with her free hand, slapped him across the face.

Lotor did a slow blinking of the eyes, and then to her apparent surprise laughed. “Your blows are as weak as a kitten’s, my love.”

“Don’t call me that!” She snapped, trying to draw her arm free of his grip.

“Why not? It’s the truth.” Lotor said, watching as she shuddered.

“You have no love! Least of all for me!” Allura retorted.

“Oh but I do.” Lotor told her, holding her close. “And now I can finally prove it.”

“How?” She asked suspiciously, squirming in his arms. Lotor fought to keep from stiffening, enjoying the feel of her moving against him. He knew if Allura knew just how much he liked her struggles, he had no doubt she’d stop just to spite him. “By letting me go?”

“Gods no!” Lotor laughed. “Now that I have you, I would be a fool to let you go.”

“Selfish!” Allura snapped. “Only thinking of yourself. I repeat, you have no love, only a sick desire to conquer, to dominate me!”

“You’re wrong.” Lotor told her calmly. “And in time you will see. I just have to educate you on what it means to be the Prince of Doom’s love.”

“And just what does this education entail?” Allura demanded suspiciously. A slow curving of his lips, Lotor smirking at her, and she groaned. “I might have guessed. All you know is to be a bully! Is forcing a woman into your bed what you really want?!”

“Perhaps.” Lotor retorted, letting go of her arm to rest his hands on her hips. He bent down to whisper in her ear, voice a cat’s purr. “But I’ve never had to force a woman before. They come willingly to my arms.”

“I….I don’t believe that.” Allura replied, and he could feel her trembling against him. He smiled and kissed the shell of her ear, hearing her gasp and jerk away from his lips.

“Believe whatever you like.” Lotor said. He buried his nose in her hair, finding it as luxurious to the touch as he had always imagined it to be. He inhaled deeply, taking in her scent, smelling the lavender shampoo she used. She was still in his arms as he did this, not deigning to speak to him as his right hand lifted up to touch the back of her bun. He didn’t care, concentrating more on releasing the pins that held her hair back in that complicated style.

As the pins came free, her hair tumbled downwards, a shining golden mass that caressed her back and shoulders. He pulled back to look at her, his hand stroking through her mane. “Much better.” Lotor said approvingly, finding this style suited her.

She merely narrowed her eyes at him, Lotor once again bending over her. His lips touched the side of her neck, just above the collar of her shirt. Mid kiss, he licked her, the salty sweetness of her flesh tantalizing him like no other could.

Licking and kissing her neck, trailing kisses to the front of her throat, his hand pulling on her hair so that her slender neck was proffered to him like an offering. His mouth fastened on that delicate flesh, exerting gentle suction in an attempt to place his mark on her pale skin. He could hear Allura making soft protests, but he ignored them, his hands starting to wander along her body.

She gasped, and squirmed as his large hands found her curves, feeling out the roundness of her breasts. Her hands came forward, curled into claws as she scratched at his arms, trying to dissuade him. Still he rained kisses on her, and now his hands sought out the fastenings to her shirt.

“What are you doing?!” Allura demanded, alarmed.

Lotor looked her directly in the eyes, taking in their blue color. “I’m going to undress you Allura.”

“You most certainly are not!” She hissed, trying to wiggle free of his embrace.

“Yes I am. I have…an objective to accomplish.”

“Objective?” An arch of one delicate golden brow, Allura staring in disbelief at him. “Is that your term for it?!”

Keeping a straight face, Lotor once again tried to open the back of her shirt. “I have to make sure you’re not carrying any concealed weapons.”

“I’m not!” Allura retorted quickly.

“I would be a fool to take your word for it.” Lotor told her, getting the first of the fastenings opened. Her hands grabbed at his wrists, fingers unable to encircle it fully. “Or would you rather do it yourself?”

“Myself?” She licked her lips nervously, Lotor’s eyes drawn to that movement. He nodded, and she frowned, perplexed. Another button was opened, and she shouted out, panicked. “Wait one moment!”

“Can’t wait.” Lotor told her, the third button popping free of it’s slit. Allura let out a sound of pure frustration, and began twisting about in his arms, limbs thrashing about violently. He struggled to control her body, keep her from slipping free. “Allura! Allura!” He repeated her name, trying to get her to look at him. “Let me say this in terms even you can come to accept.”

She ignored him, just missing placing her knee in his groin. Lotor bit back an angry curse, hissing at her. “I can either undress you in a civil fashion, or tear the clothes off of you. Your choice.”

“Not much of one.” Allura pointed out, tone bitter.

“Ah, but it means you do not have to face my men in the tattered remains of your clothing.” Lotor said, feeling her freeze at his words. “Now…” Another smile, Lotor turning her around. “Be a good girl, and let me do this.”

Allura seemed to sag in defeat in his arms, giving a curt nod of surrender. If possible, his smile widened even further, Lotor knowing his fangs must be flashing. Quickly, he opened the last two buttons, her shirt loosening around her. He pulled it free, sliding the pink material down her arms, and dropping it to the floor. Allura’s cheeks turned pink, the girl glancing downwards in an attempt to avoid his eyes.

Beneath her clothing, she wore a white brassiere, plain except for the tiny pink bow in the center. He fingered that bow, finding it felt like satin against his skin. Allura couldn’t keep from trembling, Lotor’s fingers sliding away to trail teasingly along the edges of her bra. He followed the material to her back, finding the clasp there.

An expert at undoing bras, Lotor all too soon had it open, the material loosening and sagging on her chest. He reached for the straps, carefully lifting them up off her shoulders. Another pull had the bra wrenched off her body, breasts bouncing free. He couldn’t stop himself, his breath caught in his throat, as he issues out a compliment.


Allura didn’t acknowledge him, and right now Lotor didn’t care. He was more intent on divesting her of her clothing, seeing what splendors she had to offer him. Soon her holster joined the pile on the floor, Lotor yanking down pink pants to stare at her panties. Like the bra they were plain, with little frills to be found. Allura gasped when he had the audacity to touch them, finding they were soft cotton. Lotor grinned, thinking to himself that he would keep her garbed in the finest of lace, nothing but the richest of materials would touch her soft skin.

“Lotor please…” Allura whispered, as he reached to draw down her panties. He ignored her, teasing them both with a slow reveal. She blushed, and tried to cover herself, Lotor batting her hands away as he stared. Time seemed to stand still, Lotor just looking, feeling his loins flare to life with the heat of desire.

Drawing a ragged breath, Lotor turned his back on Allura. “Get dressed.”

“What?” He could hear the confusion in her voice, as well as the relief.

“You heard me.” He didn’t dare risk a glance over his shoulder at her, knowing his thinly held control would shatter if he continued to stare at her open nakedness. Allura didn’t question him again, he could hear the rustle of her clothing as she hurried to get dressed. He waited until the sounds stopped before turning, finding her leaning against the cave’s wall, staring at him. He didn’t try to make sense of the expression on her face, he merely reached for her hand once more.

“Come.” He said, tugging her after him. “Let’s get some rest.”

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