Freedom 06

The celebration party was still underway when at last Lotor saw fit to excuse himself. The nobles protested his attempts to leave, begging him to stay, with offers of more wine being pushed into his hands. Lotor laughed good-naturedly, taking hold of an uncorked bottle of wine, his favorite blend of Tyrusian berries. Not that he needed any more to drink, already his steps were a bit unsteady, Lotor having to concentrate to keep from stumbling.

He maneuvered his way through the crowd, showing his impatience when people sought to stop him. His father was no help, feasting his eyes eagerly on dancing slaves girls, ignorant of his son’s attempts to flee the throne room. Lords approached him, eager to talk business, while bejeweled ladies pouted, batting their eyelashes flirtatiously at him, mourning his impending marriage.

Lotor ignored them all, escaping their grasp as he hurried for the doors. Once out in the hall, he breathed a sigh of relief, giving a rueful shake of his head. He supposed he couldn’t fault them for their ways, the Drules hadn’t had anything to celebrate in a long time now. Not since Voltron had started putting an end to their winning streak. Naturally his people would be gladdened to hear the news that such an occurrence would be a thing of the past, months of tension melting away as the alcohol flowed freely.

He had to hand it to himself, Lotor conceded, walking through the corridors that led to his quarters. He really had snatched a victory from the hands of defeat, pulling off a near miraculous win. But as he had always known, it had only been required of the Drules to win one time, while Allura’s people had to ensure they won each and every battle. They were bound to lose eventually. It had just taken longer than anyone had expected.

Lotor knew that soon other planets would fall, kingdoms reclaimed by Doom now that Voltron was to no longer be a threat to them. Lotor offered a stray thought to the idea of piloting the robot himself, feeling a rush of pleasure as he imagined displacing the captain of the Voltron force. Imagining the look on the young pilot’s face made Lotor laugh, a drunken snickering as he walked.

Servants glanced at him nervously, hurrying out of his way as he moved forward. Lotor paid them little mind, pausing to uncork his wine. He took a long swig of the bottle, letting the cooled liquid ease down his throat, Lotor imagining he could feel the rush of intoxication filling him. Soon Lotor reached his chambers, not yet so uncoordinated as to fumble with his key card, the door unlocking with a swipe of it.

The doors opened, admitting him into his study, Lotor pausing by a granite desk. The wine bottle was set down, Lotor reaching to unbuckle his sword belt, leaving it to lie on top of the desk’s surface. His tunic loosened slightly, Lotor tugging at his collar. In one swift movement, he had it off and on the floor, trusting a servant to come by and pick up after him.

Leaving the wine bottle behind on the desk, he entered his bedroom, seeing the lights were dimmed to half their intensity. Lotor preferred it this way, finding bright light tended to hurt his sensitive Drule eyes. Though nowhere near as much as it would a full blooded Drule. Yet one more reason to feel blessed for his mix heritage, the human blood his mother had bestowed on him giving him benefits that far outweighed the negatives.

But he didn’t want to think about his mother right now. Not when he had Allura sheltered away in his home. He could see a long lump on the bed, the princess hidden by a heavy black blanket that was rimmed with dark red designs. He walked towards her, footsteps muffled by the ankle deep carpet, plush fibers stroking his boots as he moved.

His long gait put him before the bed in just a few steps, Lotor reaching down to grasp hold of the heavy blanket. He began pulling on it, the covers being drawn back and off of Allura. He frowned to see her still clad in the pink clothing she had been wearing for days now, wondering why she hadn’t changed into something else. Lotor had a closet full of clothing made in her size, various outfits of silk and satin, lace and frills, all waiting for her approval. He had always known the day would come when he would catch her, and just like with any military campaign, he made sure to prepare just for that instance.

And yet here she lied, shunning his gifts, leaving him surprised that she even deigned to sleep in his bed. He let go of the blanket, moving around to the side, watching as she curled up around herself, seeming to shiver from the lack of coverage. Lotor stopped to just stare at her, marveling at how small she looked, all alone in his bed. But then, everything about her seemed so small when compared to himself! He knew she was tall by human standards, but for a Drule she was positively petite, though her fiery personality more than made her stand out in a crowd.

He went to touch her, hands grasping hold of her shoulders, turning her onto her back. She moved with the ease of one in deep sleep, body uncurling as he repositioned her. Lotor watched her face for a while, fingers touching her lips, stroking her cheeks. Before he knew it, she was smiling at the touches, eyes still closed as she sighed, a blissful, contented sound. It made his lips curve upwards, Lotor liking seeing her like this, pleased to know it was his touch that got her to smile.

Carefully, he got one knee up on the bed, hovering over her. His hands touched her waist, finding her belly firm with not an ounce of fat to be found. His hands moved higher, going towards her breasts, Allura shifting against his hands. As he palmed one, he leaned downwards, his white hair brushing against her face. Her eyelids fluttered, dark lashes revealing blue eyes that were half clouded with sleep.

“Hmm….Lotor…?” She said sleepily, just as his lips touched hers, the prince kissing her deeply. For a second she seemed to kiss him back, his lips curving and molding to hers, tongue probing at her lips. She gasped against him, his tongue traveling into her mouth, Lotor beginning a slow exploration of the contours of her mouth. He wanted to know everything about her, the texture and the feel, and more importantly the taste of her, tongues brushing together.

Unfortunately for Lotor, the longer he kissed her, the more awake Allura was becoming, the girl starting to make muffled protests. He ignored them, teasing her tongue, even as her hands started to lift up, grabbing at his shoulders. Once she got a good grip on them, she began pushing at his frame, trying to dislodge him. Lotor couldn’t help himself, he let out a soft growl, his hands leaving her breasts to grab at her wrists.

A panicked squeal from Allura, Lotor effortlessly pushing her hands back down off his body. She began to squirm, her breasts rubbing against his chest in a way Lotor found all too delightful, pin pricks of interest shooting down into his loins. Another squeal from Allura, Lotor pulling back only enough to allow her to breathe. She took in grateful gulps of air, hands still struggling against his, fingers curled into claws.

“What are you doing?!” She started to shout at him, and Lotor decided he liked it better when she was squealing. His mouth covered hers once more, Allura making an indignant noise. He kissed her long and hard, his tongue stroking down the length of hers, trying to encourage her to participate in the kiss. She didn’t, just making pitiful noises of protest, and all too soon Lotor lost interest in just kissing her mouth.

He licked along her jaw, and she was talking once more. “Stop it!” She hissed, now pulling against his hold on her. Lips now on her neck, he murmured Drule endearments into her collar. They seemed to make little difference to her, Allura not at all mollified by his soft tone, or his gentle words. And still he continued, kissing what little of her neck wasn’t covered by her shirt’s collar.

He wanted to do more than just kiss her, Lotor realizing holding her hands was presenting a problem in his exploration of his bride to be. He clambered on top of her more securely, straddling her hips as he fought with her hands, transferring them into a one handed grip. A soft jerk on her arms, brought them up over her head, Allura straining against his hold, arching her back up off the bed as she tried to get free.

“Lotor…” Allura began as he hooked his fingers under her collar. Her words turned into an outraged gasp, Lotor using brute strength to tear her shirt down past her breasts, the flimsy material easily ripping apart at the seams. Not paying attention to Allura’s words, Lotor smiled, using his fingers to nudge down the material of her bra, revealing her breasts to his eager eyes.

The word luscious came to mind, Lotor inhaling sharply as he stared. His hand was reaching for one when Allura shifted, turning to avoid his fingers. He pushed her back into place, and this time palmed a breast, finding it fit perfectly in his hand.

“Stop this!” Allura ordered, trembling against him. He gave an experimental squeeze of her pliant flesh, hearing her gasp, eyes wide with fright.

“Don’t want to.” Lotor moaned, and bent so that his face was nuzzled between her breasts. His lips turned on her, worshipful, loving, kisses starting between her breasts, Lotor mouthing at the side of her right one. She shifted, squirming under him, but that only caused his mouth to glide across her skin, leaving wet imprints of where it had been.

His tongue snaked out, flicking across a nipple, trying to encourage it to bud. Excitement at the thought of being the first to touch Allura like this goaded him on, Lotor licking more fiercely at her nipple, getting the faintest of reactions from it. He immediately fastened his lips around that protruding bit of flesh, giving a long drawn out suck on it. Allura’s reaction was interesting, her startled gasp turned into a moan, her trembles increased, skin breaking out into goose bumps.

He smirked around her nipple, increasing the amount of suction he exerted, his lips drawing more noise from Allura. He rolled his eyes to glance towards her face, catching the confused expression she wore, his tongue playing with the nipple in his mouth. His free hand played with her left breast, not content to leave either one unattended. Thumb and forefinger captured a nipple, giving her slight pinches as he encouraged it to pearl.

He all but feasted on her skin, feeling his desire quicken with each moan and squeal, her protests falling on deaf ears. Soon his hand was wandering, sliding down her belly. His nails caused the tear in her shirt to widen, Lotor’s hands nudging the waist band of her pants. Allura recovered enough to speak, starting to say something when he nipped playfully at her nipple. His teeth tugged and pulled, drawing another half moan from her instead of coherent words.

His hand slipped into her panties, fingers combing through her curls. That got her to scream, the sound shocking Lotor, her voice sheer and utter panic. For the first time since he started touching her, Lotor looked at her, really seeing her through the haze of lust and drink. Her eyes were apprehensive, leaking silent tears down her face, her lips swollen from his kisses.

She continued to shiver, an angry blush covering her face as she stared at him. “Please.” Allura whispered. “Don’t do this.”

Confused, Lotor removed his hand from her body, letting go of her wrists, though he still remained straddling her. Allura quickly brought her arms down, crying softly as she tried to pull the tattered remains of her shirt over her chest.

“Why do you still reject me?” Lotor asked her, needing answers. Now it was Allura’s turn to be confused, needing him to explain. “We’re to be married after all.”

“Not married yet!” She replied, her breath a shuddery sigh.

“You’re still holding out hope for a rescue.” He accused her, and saw the guilty acknowledgment in her eyes. “You are!” He had to bite his lip to keep from growling, feeling anger that she still hadn’t accepted her situation with him. “They won’t save you….no one will. You’re to be my wife Allura. Learn to accept that!”

He was practically yelling out those last words, seeing her flinch back from his anger. He immediately felt sorry for shouting at her, but he held his tongue, refusing to apologize.

“I’m trying…” Allura whispered. “But it’s still too soon. Too much has happened…..I need more time.”

“How much more time?” Lotor demanded, watching her close her eyes. “Allura?! How much?”

“I don’t know…please…just not….not tonight…” Allura said, and it seemed her eyes were pouring out even more tears. He couldn’t stand to see her crying, Lotor reaching towards her cheek, fingers smearing her tears aside. She managed not to flinch from his touch, the two just staring quietly at each other as Lotor considered her words.

“All right.” Lotor said at last, and in one smooth move he rolled off her. She sat up, arms still crossed over her chest as she breathed a visible sigh of relief. She inched off the bed, and with an uncertain glance at him, she ran across the carpet, running into the bathroom to hide. The door slid closed behind her, but even with the metal in place, he could still hear her sobbing. Those sounds she made, the upset she felt tore at his soul, making him feel like nothing more than the bully she had called him.

Giving in to his upset, he growled, climbing off the bed. He glanced at the bathroom door, but did not approach it. Instead he opened the closet, browsing through the dresses there, to find one of the more modest nightgowns he had made for her. It was virgin white in color, loose fitting although the neckline swooped eye catching low.

He left the nightgown laid out on the bed, hoping Allura would come out and put it on. But he wouldn’t be there to see it, vacating the bedroom in a move that could only be called a tactile retreat, Lotor vanquished himself to his study.

He moved past his desk, eyes catching sight of the bottle of wine. With an infuriated shout, his fingers closed around the neck of the bottle, Lotor lifting it upwards. Another shout, louder this time, Lotor flinging the bottle at the wall, watching with some satisfaction as it smashed into a million pieces, the red liquid leaving a stain on the marble.

“Stupid.” Muttered Lotor, a hand in his hair, smoothing it back from his face. He shouldn’t be drinking around her, it made his control weaken, led him to do foolish things. Worse of all, it made him make her cry, Lotor feeling like a heel for causing that reaction in Allura. “It must be love.” Lotor murmured, walking over to his computer console. “Why else would I care what the girl feels?”

He was frowning, not liking that love for Allura made him weak. He could practically hear his father laughing at him, taunting words spoken to belittle Lotor and this new emotion he felt. He reasoned that they would both have to learn to deal with it together, Allura learning to accept that he loved her, Lotor acting to make sure it did not weaken him, did not change him any further.

Still mulling on love and the perceived weakness of it, he slumped down in his leather chair, staring at the view screen. His fingers tapped in his log in information, admitting him to the main menu of the system. Allura’s smiling face stared back at him, a moment one of his spies caught on holo vid. She had been watching those vermin of hers, giggling at their antics. It was such a rare, carefree moment, Lotor couldn’t resist making that shot of her his screen saver.

Right now he wondered if pictures were the only time he would see her smile, Lotor wondering if her tears would ever dry. With a sigh, he was typing out commands, checking his inbox. It was crammed full of information, emails from dignitaries inviting him to social functions or pleading for his assistance in some matter of state. There was a few letters from his commanders, detailing the latest plans to take down Voltron. Lotor almost smiled as he deleted those, confidant he had no need for the information contained within.

Near the bottom of his inbox, there was an unfamiliar address, several dozen emails posted from this unknown person, all marked urgent. His curiosity got the better of him, Lotor opening one. His eyebrows drew together as he read, finding it was from Arus, that advisor of Allura’s requesting a communication with Lotor, begging for news of Alllura’s well being.

Lotor sat back in his seat, staring musingly at the transmit code that was encoded into the letter. All too soon, he found himself typing it in, wondering if anyone would be up this late at night on Arus. The transmission beeped as it rang up Arus, Lotor taken aback when his call was immediately accepted. The royal advisor’s face was up on his monitor, eyes tired, the skin beneath them showing heavy circles. The man himself looked ragged, his shoulder bandaged, his mustache sagging as he looked at Lotor.

“Prince Lotor, thank you for calling me.” Coran said, giving a slight bow of his head. “I have been most anxiously awaiting news of your safe journey to Doom.”

“I’ll bet you were.” Murmured Lotor, voice too soft for Coran to make out the words.

“Please… the princess all right?” Coran asked, voice almost begging as he sought news of his charge’s safety.

Lotor hesitated, thinking of how traumatized Allura seemed. “She’s fine.” He at last said, wondering if that would ever be true again. “She’s….sleeping now.”

“I suppose you couldn’t wake her up so that I could verify this with my own eyes?” Lotor shook his head no, Coran sighing. “I thought as much. Prince Lotor, what do you intend to do with Princess Allura?”

“I suppose you might as well hear the news from a reliable source.” Lotor smirked, knowing the advisor thought of him as anything but. “Doom and Arus are to be united through my marriage to your princess.” Coran let out surprised hiss of air, his expression grave. “Fear not, your princess is ensuring the continued well being of your people with her sacrifice.”

Still Coran said nothing, Lotor hurrying to fill the gaps of silence. “I take it there will be no rescue attempts made?” A smirk then. “With one pilot captured, another injured, and a lion damaged, Voltron cannot be formed anytime soon.”

“We will contest this.” Coran said at last. “We’ve already put in for aid from the Galactic Federation.”

“You’ll find the Doom Empire doesn’t acknowledge the Federation’s command.” Lotor told him. “Arus will once more be under Doom’s rule. The best you can hope to do is to learn to accept this.”

“And is Princess Allura accepting of this?” Coran demanded.

“Yes.” lied Lotor. “She understands the necessity of the situation. I may even allow you to speak with her, once the official documents have been signed. Good night advisor.”

“Prince Lotor wait…” Began Coran, but Lotor was already disconnecting the transmission. He sat back in his chair, hands steeped together as he stared at the menu screen, once again losing himself to Allura’s smile. ~She will come to love me.~ Lotor thought to himself. ~I’ll make sure of that.~

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