Freedom 14

The party was still going strong when Lotor stepped up onto the platform where the band was performing. A hand signal from him caused them to cease their music, the boisterous crowd letting out angry protests. His people turned towards the band, annoyed looks fading away as they saw Lotor standing before the microphone.

“Speech, speech!” slurred a drunken Drule, the raven haired youth raising a glass upwards in mock salute. The gathered guests took up the cry, chanting and clapping their hands in encouragement. Lotor laughed, and held up his hands, gesturing for quiet.

“My friends!” Lotor began as the crowd fell silent. “I thank you for joining me on this special day. It’s been a rough and rocky road but Allura and I finally made it to the altar.” He glanced at Allura, standing off to the side of the stage, watching him quietly, her hands at her sides. Her expression was solemn, she had barely cracked a smile during the festivities.

He tried to write it off as her being uncomfortable around so many strangers, but deep down he couldn’t lie to himself. Allura simply was not happy to be here, to have become his bride. Still he didn’t let it affect him, didn’t let his frustration creep into his voice as he addressed the crowd. “I know it’s still early, and you all want to party.” He paused, letting them cry out their affirmation.

“And so I invite you all to remain here in Castle Doom.” Lotor continued, seeing servants come out with fresh barrels of rum. “We still have plenty of refreshments, and I expect you all to drink every last drop!”

“Will do!” shouted a man, to the laughter of the crowd.

“But as for myself and my bride, it’s time for us to bid you good-bye.” Lotor said, the crowd’s reaction a mixture of disappointment and cheers. Some people were begging them to stay just a little longer, others were offering salacious looks towards the princess, making lewd comments about Lotor being impatient for his bride. They weren’t that far off, Lotor smiling good-naturedly as he listened to their speculation.

Such talk was only fueled by Lotor’s following actions, the prince leaping off the stage in his eagerness, landing neatly before Allura. Grinning at her, his arms went to her side, gripping hold of her waist as he pulled her to him. Her hands went to his shoulders, she had to fight to remember not to push him away, tilting back her head as he bent down to kiss her.

She was sweet to the taste, Lotor savoring the feel of her tongue against his. The crowd was excited, cheering him on, Lotor struggling to behave. He hoped Allura was impressed by his behavior, he had managed to keep his hands from wandering about her body. He grinned at her when the kiss was broken, leaning in to give a quicker peck against her sealed lips.

“Come Allura!” Lotor said, and still holding onto her, he spun her around. One hand left her waist to grasp her hand, Lotor leading her in a dance across the floor. He spun her about until she was dizzy and disorientated, humming along to the music which had picked up again. Most of the guests had returned to the dance floor, Lotor maneuvering past them with a small entourage that followed their every step.

Lotor and Allura glided over to the throne room’s exit, the guards pulling open the doors. Only then did Lotor stop his light hearted dancing, keeping a hand on Allura’s waist to steady her. They stepped into the darkness, some of the guests hot on their heels.

They left behind the drunken revelry in the throne room, going to navigate the corridors of Castle Doom. Allura occasionally casting nervous glances at the people who followed them, clearly trying not to show her agitation.

“Are they going to follow us all the way back to your bedroom?” Allura asked, her voice a soft whisper.

“Our bedroom.” Corrected Lotor, grinning. “And be glad if all they do is follow us my love. Drules have a tradition of hazing the newlyweds!” She paled considerably, looking horrified at the thought. It made him stifle his chuckles, wondering what she imagined would happen.

“They wouldn’t dare!” She said at last, sounding as though she was trying to convince herself of that. “You are the Crown Prince after all!”

“That I am.” Lotor agreed. “They would do well to remember it.” He quickened his step, Allura keeping up as best she could considering her skirts dragged heavy on the floor. He knew the bottom of her train would be dirtied, picking up all the dirt and grime of the castle floors.

To the left and to the right they traveled, navigating twists and turns with ease, a few of the guests soon losing their enthusiasm for chasing the newlyweds, disappearing to return to the party. Soon Allura grew suspicious, another question being issued forth.

“Just where are we going Lotor?”

“Whatever do you mean?” He asked innocently enough.

“Don’t play naive with me.” Allura told him, frowning. “We should have reached your chambers by now!”

“Ah…are you that eager to be alone with me, my love?” He teased her, delighted when she turned red.

“No!” She quickly got out. “I just want to know where we are going…”

“It’s a surprise.” Lotor answered, and she let out an infuriated squeal.

“I hate your surprises!” She told him.

“You’ll like this one.” He assured her, refusing to say anymore.

“Lotor!” Allura cried, exasperated.

“Save some of that passion for when I bed you.” Lotor teased her, and she gasped, shocked. He could tell his comment bothered her by the way she narrowed her eyes at him, falling silent in an attempt to ignore him. He knew his own eyes had to be twinkling with mischief, Lotor confidant she wouldn’t be able to ignore him for much longer! But for now he let her sulk, traversing the rest of the castle’s dark maze.

Soon they reached doors, guards pushing them open for the wedding party. Allura drew in a deep breath of surprise, as cheers erupted from the crowds waiting outside the castle. Lotor paused on the landing, feet at the very edge of the staircase leading down to the tarmac. Flashes of light went off, photographs being taken of Lotor and his bride.

The people were going wild to see them, ecstatic to see their beloved prince at long last married. They had lined up for hours hoping to catch a glimpse of the prince and the princess, and not even Voltron’s attack had kept them away for very long.

“In honor of our union, my father has agreed to open up the castle kitchens to the common man.” Lotor murmured to Allura. “The servants will be bringing out the remains of the celebration feast for them to sample.”

“How very unlike him.” Allura commented, and Lotor had to agree.

“True. But then this week’s events has put him in good spirits the likes of which I haven’t seen in years.” Lotor said, and with that he was moving, ushering Allura down the staircase.

“Ah….we’re not returning to the castle?” She asked surprised, and he smiled at her.

“No. Allura….we’re leaving Planet Doom.” He heard her gasp, pleased. “We’ll enjoy our honeymoon elsewhere.”

“Where are we going?” She asked, and he shook his head no.

“That is part of the surprise.” Lotor grinned, their feet reaching the tarmac at last. The statue of Matrima watched over them as they passed by, the Goddess appearing to smile down at them. In the distance ships were lined up, most ready to take off. Black Lion was presently being loaded onboard one of the ships, the other four lions presumedly already loaded.

“What are you going to do with Arus’ lions?” Allura wanted to know.

“They will be transported back to the planet.” Lotor explained. “Fear not my love, Arus will have it’s lions once more.”

“Thank you.” Allura said, a relieved look on her face. He was glad to relieve her worries, not wanting her distracted on their wedding night. If anything, he wanted Allura to be able to concentrate solely on him and what he intended to do to her.

His grin widened as he imagined all the possibilities, knowing that soon it would be reality. His cock practically twitched with anticipation, Lotor hurrying his steps as he lead her past the cheering throngs and towards the flag ship of the 110th fleet of Doom.

The ramp was already lowered, soldiers lining the sides, waiting for them. The wedding entourage stopped before the ship, knowing they could not follow the bride and groom any further. Fireworks began going off, multi colored lights that exploded and dazzled the sky, the crowd ooohing in appreciation.

At the top of the ramp, the couple paused, Lotor raising a hand to wave at his people. Allura stood demurely by his side, looking down at Planet Doom and it’s people. More photos were taken, people eager to commemorate this moment. The soldiers began going up the ramp, passing by Lotor and Allura as they entered the ship. Lotor continued to wave and pose for the cameras, and the ramp began to lift up off the ground. Lotor kept them standing at the edge of the ship’s archway, right up to the point in which the ramp sealed it closed. Only then did he turn her away from the exit, noticing the ship’s captain standing off to the side.

“Ah Captain Dracma.” Lotor said, extending his hand to shake the captain’s. “I leave the command of this ship in your capable hands.”

“Prince Lotor.” A glance at Allura, the man bowing slightly. “Princess. I congratulate you on your union. It is an honor to relay you to your honeymoon destination.”

“And where is that exactly?” Allura asked, and Lotor laughed, hurrying to speak.

“Ah my bride is a crafty one, trying to wheedle the information out of you Captain.” Lotor said, tsking at Allura. “Please be sure to inform your men that no one is to tell her where we are going. It’s to remain a surprise.”

“Lotor!” Allura actually pouted at him, lower lip jutting out cutely. It made him want to kiss her, to nibble teasingly on her pouting lips.

“You will just have to keep being patient Allura.” Lotor said. “Now Captain, prepare for immediate take off. Allura and I will be retiring to our cabin.”

“Yes sire.” Captain Dracma said, and turned to leave. Soldiers followed him, Lotor leading Allura in the opposite direction. Their cabin was found well on the opposite side of the ship, past the command center, and training facilities. Drule servants were waiting for them, dressed smartly in matching uniforms. They bowed upon seeing the royal couple, the female speaking up once Lotor nodded his permission for her to speak.

“Your highness. Your room has been prepared according to your specifications, everything down to the finest of details.” She said. “However, if you need anything, do not hesitate to ask.”

“I won’t.” Lotor said arrogantly, and turned to Allura. “I believe it is a human tradition to carry the bride over the threshold?” He didn’t wait for her answer, scooping her up in his arms. The dress weighed down the normally light princess, but with Lotor’s Drule strength, he managed to lift her up easily enough. Allura let out a startled cry, wrapping her arms around him as though she feared he would drop her. He merely smiled and tightened his hold on her, stepping towards the door.

Wordlessly, the female servant keyed in the open sequence, the door swooshing open to admit them into a softly lit room. Candles were set up all over the place, fake flames emitting a warm glow. Scents wafted on the breeze stirred up by the cabin’s central air unit, fragrant flowers that were pleasing to Lotor’s nose. A string quartet was playing softly, a romantic Drule ballad that Lotor hoped Allura appreciated.

A huge bed dominated the center of the cabin, Lotor carrying her towards it now. He set her down on the edge of it, bed creaking softly as her weight was added to it. The sheets were dark, black edge with a deep purple color. Lotor couldn’t wait to see Allura laid out naked on the sheets, her hair unbound and spread out around her. Behind him, the servants were touching the door’s key pad, making it beep. The door had barely closed, and already he was kissing her, Allura making protesting sounds as his lips hungrily devoured her mouth.

He ate up her sounds, lips coaxing her mouth to open to him, Lotor eager to delve inside it’s moist depths. As he kissed her, his hands touched her bare shoulders, fingers brushing at the off the shoulder sleeves of her gown. He had to fight to behave himself, Lotor wanting nothing more than to hook his fingers into the material, and tear the dress downwards.

Instead he settled for massaging her skin, working to ease the tense knots he felt lurking below the surface. Allura kept her hands on her lap, held primly together as they kissed, and for now he didn’t press her to use them. He listened to her sounds, hearing her whimper, and it was then that he broke the kiss, seeing how she gasped for air. But he didn’t stop kissing her, planting his lips firmly against her jaw, lips smacking across the line of it.

He licked a path up towards her ear, wondering if a human’s ear was as sensitive as a Drule’s. He decided to find out, flicking his tongue against the inside of her ear. Allura practically jumped, only his hands on her shoulders held her down, Lotor letting out a deep chuckle in her ear. “Relax.” He purred, teeth catching hold of the delicate lobe of her ear. A light bite from him, tugging playfully on that bit of flesh.

Another lick, this time behind her ear, and then he was reaching with one hand under her veil, letting her head fall back in his grasp. His kisses went downwards, over to the side of her neck. His mother’s necklace was around that beautiful neck of hers, he kissed just above it’s gold strands, lips finding Allura’s pulse point, fastening his mouth onto that spot of flesh. Her heart actually sped up, pulse starting to beat a frantic tune against his lips. He tried to suck in time to the beat, working to darken her skin into a bruise.

“Lotor….” Allura was shifting against him, and he realized he had lost track of her hands. They were on him now, attempting to push him away, fingers digging into his jacket.

“What’s the matter?” Lotor asked, pulling back to look at his blushing bride. She hesitated, and he urged her to tell him. “You can tell me, I won’t get mad.”

“I…: She licked her lips slowly, Lotor’s eyes drawn to that movement. He found himself leaning into her, intent on stealing another kiss when she hurriedly got out her words. “I’m a little thirsty.”

“Ah….easily solved.” Lotor grinned, offering a quick peck against her lips. He stepped away from her, walking over to the round coffee table, where a bottle of white wine sat chilling in an ice bucket. Wine bottle now in hand, he turned to Allura who had risen to stand. He popped the cork, wine bubbling forth to spill onto his hand, Lotor careful to keep any of the bubbles from splashing onto his clothing.

Shaking his hand to rid himself of the spilt wine, he reached for the glasses, pouring two of them. He then offered one to Allura, who took it from him. “A toast Allura! To us!” Lotor laughed, excited as he clinked his glass against hers. He quickly downed the wine, Allura drinking more daintily. He waited impatiently for her to finish her wine, but she seemed to be dragging it out, slow sips that were driving him mad.

At last he could not take it no more, moving to resume kissing at the side of her face while she drank. Allura nearly choked when he did that, Lotor pulling back concerned. She was blushing, fingers fiddling with the stem of her glass, which he took from her now. Carelessly, he tossed it over his shoulder, hearing it smash against the floor.

“Lotor!” Allura exclaimed, seeming shocked by his actions.

“It was in my way.” He told her, finding her kisses were now tainted with the taste of the wine. It only made her all the more intoxicating, Lotor laughing in between kisses.

“Ah….he…help me remove my veil?” Allura suggested, and Lotor nodded. As beautiful as she looked with her current hairstyle, he much preferred her hair hanging down loose. He found the pins that kept the veil in place, lifting the crown off her head. He set it down on a chair, tucking it out of his way. Quickly his fingers resumed the search for pins, finding them one by one, removing them all. Her hair came tumbling down, Lotor smiling as he sank his fingers into her golden mane.

“It’s like holding sunshine.” He commented as he stroked her luxurious hair. She merely blushed in reply, Lotor ceasing the petting long enough to pull back and start to unbutton his jacket. Allura’s eyes widened, watching him reveal a tight muscle shirt that defined the lines of his body. The jacket joined the veil on the chair, Lotor turning his attention back to Allura.

Pulling her to him so that her body molded to his, soft curves squishing against his hard muscles, he buried his mouth against the crook of her shoulder. “You taste so good Allura.” He commented in between licks. “I bet you taste sweet all over.”

“Ah….I don’t know what to say to that.” He glanced up, and saw her blushing deeper.

“You don’t have to say anything.” Lotor told her, smiling. “Just accept it as truth.” Once again his mouth touched her shoulder, gently nibbling on her flesh as his hands reached around to the back of her dress. Allura shifted, restless, Lotor’s hands seeking out the fastenings of her bodice. He quickly popped them open, and began the process of shoving the bodice down her body, hands pulling her sleeves off her arms.

Another shove on her dress, letting it collapse on itself to the floor, leaving Allura clad in her underwear. Lotor’s grin widened as he took in the sight of her clad in white lace, with just a hint of butter yellow to accentuate the swirled designs on the bra and panties. Allura glanced downwards, avoiding his eyes, and now he felt the trembles start in her body. He frowned, but was determined to shrug it off as nerves, leading her towards the bed.

He grabbed her close, hands on her ass, giving her a vigorous squeeze as he kissed her suddenly. She barely had time to make a squeak, and Lotor was tossing her onto the bed. She sank into it’s soft embrace, Allura crawling backwards away from him.

“Gods, you look delectable!” Lotor exclaimed, getting a knee up on the bed. He crawled after her, moving in place on top of her. He began his worship of her, hands caressing all over her body, feeling up the sides of her waist, and moving upwards to cup her breasts. He bent to kiss at them, easing her breasts so that they swelled up out of her bra. He covered the top globes of her bosom with his kisses, intent on lavishing attention as he explored each inch of her in detail.

Allura shifted beneath him, squirming in response to his attention, little gasps escaping her. Soon he tore the bra from her body, feasting his eyes on the vision that was her bare breasts. He went to kiss a nipple, lips puckering around it, feeling Allura reach to touch his hair. He was surprised by the touch, the princess timid as she found the gold ribbon that held back his hair.

With a tug his hair came free, spilling onto his shoulders. He glanced up at her, and she blushed. “I like it better this way.” She admitted, and Lotor grinned, pleased by the half compliment.

He returned his attention to her chest, intent on making her moan, tongue trailing teasing around her nipple, leaving a wet trail around it that caused it to start to harden and protrude. His mouth captured it, Lotor sucking sweetly on that pearled flesh, drawing a sweet sounding moan from Allura’s lips. She continued to play with his hair as he suckled at her bosom, her fingers nervous as she wove them in and out of his mane.

He sucked harder on her nipple, her hands tensing as she let out a warbled moan, pushing down on his head so it rested against her chest. He couldn’t resist smirking around the nipple in his mouth, tongue playing with it as he exerted sucking force on it. Her left breast was looking woefully neglected, Lotor’s hand being brought to bare against it. He squeezed and fondled her breast, rubbing his palm over her nipple in a circular motion.

“Ah!!” Allura cried out, back arching up off the bed, inadvertently pushing her breast against his mouth. Lotor chuckled against her, slipping a hand under back, holding her up against him. She was beginning to really squirm beneath his mouth’s attentions, and he glanced at her to see her eyes were tightly closed, her breathing heavy.

“Lotor…” Allura was saying his name, sweet voice practically sighing it out in a way that was reserved for his ears alone.

“Yes, Allura?” He asked, placing a kiss between her breasts. She said nothing, his kisses going lower. “You can tell me my darling.” He dipped his tongue into her belly button, hearing her gasp again. His hands reached for her panties and suddenly she was crying out.

“Wait….wait!” He paused, resting on his elbows as he looked up at her. She was staring down at him, shaking her head no. “I….I’m not ready yet.”

He chuckled, fingers playing with the ties that held the panty together. “I’ll get you ready my dearest wife.” His fingers nimbly unraveled the ribbons, panty loosening. He began to peal back the front, when she grabbed at his hands. “Allura….” He said calmly, hands freezing at her touch. “Let go of me.”

“I told you I’m not ready yet!” She said insistently, trying to back away from him. She hit the pillows that were crammed against the headboard, having nowhere else to go. Lotor crawled after her, plucking the remains of her panty off her body, leaving her completely bare before him.

Staring at her, he thanked his lucky stars that this beauty was now his, Lotor reaching for her legs. Allura tensed up, forcing Lotor to pry her legs apart. He lifted one shapely leg up, planting a kiss on her knee. His eyes closed, Lotor beginning to kiss along the inside of her leg, moving towards her thigh. Suddenly something hit him in the head, Lotor slow to realize Allura had whacked him with one of the bed’s pillows.

He dropped her leg, frowning at her. Allura clutched the pillow against her chest, quickly snapping her legs closed. “I told you to wait.”

“So you did.” Lotor said, frowning. “The question is why?”

“Why?” She blinked, having to think on her reasons. “I’m….I’m tired.”

“Allura, it’s still early.” Lotor pointed out, tone still reasonable. “I had us leave the party with plenty of time left for us to enjoy ourselves together alone.”

“But it was a long ceremony, and a tiring party.” She countered, still trying to hide behind her pillow. “I really am quite sleepy.” She faked a yawn, Lotor hardly amused by her actions.

“You can sleep after.” Lotor told her, reaching for her legs once more, determined to not be put off his seduction of her any longer. She glared at him, drawing her knees up against her body, forcing him to straighten out her legs. He tugged and pulled on her, drawing her up against him so that her legs were spread around his thighs. His reached for the zipper on his pants, eager to free his erection.

Allura made a sound as his cock sprang free of his pants, her eyes going impossibly huge as she stared at him. She began squirming, inadvertently brushing against his cock, making Lotor let out a pleased moan at the feel of her soft skin against his hardness. His one hand went to the small of her back, to keep her from escaping, Allura redoubling her efforts, wiggling harder.

He went to kiss her, still enjoying the feel of her grinding motions against him, only his incredible self discipline kept him from penetrating her in one swift movement. “Ummm!” Allura cried out as he kissed her, her hands coming up to push at his chest. She shoved hard, fighting him, and he pulled back frustrated. He was surprised to see her blue eyes looked panicked, tears brimming, threatening to fall.

“What now Allura?” Lotor asked softly, reaching to catch one of her tears on his fingertip. She went still against him, and now that she wasn’t squirming, he noticed the way her body was trembling. “I won’t hurt you if that is what you are worried about….”

“I’m sorry..” She got out, starting to cry. “I can’t go through with this.”

Lotor drew back his hand, staring at her in shock. His eyes narrowed, his words terse. “What do you mean?”

“This…” A half hearted gesture, Allura clutching the pillow to her once more. “I can’t sleep with you.” Her words hit him as though she had slammed her fist into his cheek, Lotor reeling back. He let go of her, sinking back on his knees, Allura unmoving, still sitting there with her legs spread apart, looking so tempting. A second’s indecision, Lotor suddenly lunging forward, kissing her recklessly, desperation at the core of it.

Allura made a protest, loud squeals and pained whimpers as she tried to push him away. He stayed connected to her, and his one hand smoothed down the front of her belly, going towards her womanhood. His fingers combed through her curls, spreading her nether lips apart, a finger caressing her slit. Allura cried out, her movements becoming even more frantic as Lotor attempted to caress her into submission.

Her hand grabbed at his hair, pulling on it hard, causing him to break the kiss. Still his index finger stroked through her folds, up and down in sure movements, even as Allura let loose with a hard slap across his face.

“BEAST!” She shouted out at him, her tears angry now as she glared. “How dare you presume to touch me like that!”

Lotor growled, drawing his hand away from her womanhood, his cheek stinging from her slap. “You’re my wife.” He said through gritted teeth. “I can touch you however I like.”

“You don’t own me!” She retorted, hands back to pushing at his chest. “I am not a possession you can manhandle!”

“Funny…” Lotor snarled, words coming out almost faster than he could think them through. “You weren’t complaining when I had your tits in my mouth!” He instantly regretted saying that, seeing the angry hurt in her eyes.

“I hate you!” She retorted, her tears endless as she gave in to deep, body shaking sobs.

“Allura, I…” He reached for her, trying to gather her up in his arms, wanting to offer her comfort. She cried out, violently slapping her hands against his chest, making him curse. “All right, damn you! I won’t touch you!”


“Trust me on this Allura. I am in no mood to rape my own wife.” Lotor snarled, turning from her. The sound of his zipper was heard, Lotor stuffing himself back into his pants. He was seething with rage, badly aroused and infuriated with his bride. She said nothing in response to his words, just sitting there watching as he left the bed. He nearly tripped over her dress on the floor, Lotor letting out an angry shout, kicking the gown aside.

He reached the door, keying it open, marching out into the ship’s hall. The servants were gone, and for that he was grateful, not wanting to be seen abandoning his wife on their wedding night. He let the door close behind him, and with a low growl stalked off to the ship’s kitchens, in desperate need of a good stiff drink.

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