Freedom 17

A table for two had been set up on the bridge of the ship, overlooking the command center on the deck below. They were high enough to allow a small amount of intimacy between them, Lotor sitting next to Allura so that the line of his body touched hers, his tone soft so that his words remained for her ears alone. To the sides, and the front of them was large panes of glass, revealing the cosmos as an endless back drop of stars and the occasional planet as the ship continued it’s ever steady progress.

Allura tried to guess where they were going based on the planets passing by, but for the most part they were too distant for her to make out enough details to name them. At best, she was able to determine that they were still in the Denubian Galaxy, Lotor confirming as much with a laugh as he pointed out they hadn’t been traveling long enough to make it to the next closest galaxy, even with warp drive engaged.

She glanced at him out the corner of her eye, Allura keenly aware of his body against hers. It was all she could do to keep from fidgeting, nervous and on edge by his close proximity. It didn’t help that he kept finding reasons to touch her, a hand across her shoulders, fingers in her hair. Or resting his hand on her knee, fingers idly as he dined on their dinner.

She picked at her plate, fork pushing steamed vegetables around and around, Allura trying to keep the nervous flutters in her stomach under control. But his touches distracted her, left her waiting almost impatiently for him to progress to more deviant behavior. She tried to deny the small bit of anticipation she felt at the thought of him kissing her, Allura reminding herself of the disappointment she ultimately felt after a few heated exchanges with her husband.

“Allura..? Is something the matter?” Lotor’s voice, the prince looking at her curiously. She blinked, confused as she looked at him. “I’ve been calling your name for several minutes now. You haven’t been responding to any of my questions.”

“I’m sorry.” Allura apologized. “My…mind is wandering.”

“I see.” Lotor looked close to pouting, an odd expression on the charismatic Drule’s face. “Is my company so unsatisfactory that now you must escape in your mind?”

“No. That’s not what I was doing!” Allura replied. “I was just thinking a little too hard.”

“What about?” Lotor asked, spearing a piece of meat with his fork.

“It’s nothing.” Allura knew she couldn’t tell him that she had been thinking so deeply about him! She’d simply die of mortification, knowing he would smirk and tease her mercilessly upon hearing such an admittance.

“Come now.” Lotor said, clearly intent on drawing out her secrets. “It must be something engaging. You’ve barely even touched your dinner. Won’t you share with me?”

“No, I’d rather not.” Allura retorted, pausing to make a show of eating some of her steak. “A woman should be allowed some secrets from her husband!”

“Perhaps.” Lotor said, reaching for his wine glass. “Although that only makes me more determined to ferret out those secrets.” He drank deeply of his cup, a servant appearing, ever ready to refill his glass.

“I can assure you my lips will remain sealed on the matter.” Allura told him, watching his eye light up with interest.

“I’ll take that as a challenge then!”

“Please don’t!” Allura scowled at him, and he laughed.

“The more you refuse to tell me, the greater my interest grows.” Lotor told her, making her frown. It was just like him to not take no for an answer! It was just like his pursuit of her, the rejections she had offered him had only made Lotor more determined to catch her. It made her sigh, Lotor reaching to touch her cheek, a light caress across her skin. “Don’t look at me like that Allura. It’s not wrong of me to want to understand my wife’s thought patterns.”

“I think you just want to make sure nothing remains private to you.” Allura said sourly, trying to ignore the touch of his fingers on her cheek. “I notice you don’t tell me everything.” This was said accusingly, Allura giving him a pointed look. “Such as our flight’s ultimate destination.”

“All in good time.” Lotor said, fingers now brushing back the curls that had escaped her bun. She glanced away from him, staring at her plate, food looking unappetizing. His fingers stroked her hair back behind her ears, Lotor leaning in to playfully kiss the curve of it. Allura immediately grew pink in reaction, finding Lotor’s hand going across her shoulders to keep her from shifting her chair away from him.

His other hand grasped hold of hers, lacing their fingers together as Lotor licked along the inside of her ear. “Lotor…” She began, not looking at him as he lavished attention on her ear, Allura fighting back a shiver. “Our dinner will get cold if you don’t stop this behavior at once!”

“Oh yes…” His breath hissed in her ear, Lotor speaking to her in a low purr. “We can’t have that now, can we? After all….” A pointed glance at her full dinner plate, Lotor continuing. “You’ve been so busy enjoying your meal.”

She said nothing, so he continued in that low, seductive tone. “Shall I feed you Allura? Make it a meal you won’t ever forget?”

“No thank you.” She snapped, her free hand now on her lap, fingers curling into loose fists. “I am not a child. I don’t need you to feed me.”

“I know that.” Lotor said, releasing his hold on her hand to reach for his fork. “One would never mistake you for a child. Not with a body as…developed as yours.” Her cheeks all but burned as she watched him twirl the tines in his pasta, noodles wrapping around the fork. He raised the fork to her lips, urging her to take a bite. Allura hesitated, glancing at him, his golden eyes intent on her face.

With a sigh, she opened her mouth, taking a tentative bite of the pasta. Lotor smiled, and twirled some more around his fork, offering her another bite. She took it, feeling tomato sauce lie heavy on her lips. Before Allura could dab at her mouth with a napkin, Lotor was dropping his fork, hand catching hold of her chin. She stared at him, watching as he brought out his tongue, doing a slow lick against the side of her mouth, lapping up the sauce.

Allura tried to pull back, but his hands kept her in place, Lotor taking his time to carefully lick up the remains of the sauce. He went a little further than just cleaning her, moving to press his lips against hers, setting her head spinning as he tried to coax her mouth to open. She tried to put up some resistance, hands leaving her lap to push at his chest, a half whimpered out moan escaping her.

His hands were moving, one going to the back of her head, sinking thick fingers into her bun. The other dropped to the small of her back, pushing her towards him so that she had no choice but to shift closer. Somehow she ended up on his lap, once again straddling his legs, a thrill going through her, half remembered pleasures making themselves known.

Lotor growled at her, lips practically bruising her own as he demanded entrance to her mouth. She yielded to him at last, losing herself to his kiss, forcing herself to remain gripping his shoulders when all she really wanted to do was slide her arms around him. Hold him close and never let go.

That hand on her back was moving downwards, cupping her rear, driving his fingers into her skin as he tried to pushed her against him even harder. But there was literally no place left to go, she was firmly in place on his lap, bodies pressed together so tight she was sure the imprint of his muscles would be left on her soft flesh. Allura couldn’t help herself, she started to shake her hips, doing a desperate wiggle against him. She was growing feverish again, finding herself desperate for some kind of relief.

Lotor chuckles vibrated against her skin, her husband pulling back enough to let her breathe heavily in an attempt to recover from his kiss. She rested her face against his shoulder, feeling the cool silk against her heated flesh. Lotor was shifting, arm reaching out, fingers snagging his glass. He drank from it, then tugged her head back, placing the cup to her lips. It tilted, spilling wine both in her mouth, and down her face, the sweet berries staining her skin.

Lotor resumed licking her, taking care to soak up all the spilt wine with his tongue. He licked down her chin, mouth traveling onto her throat, greedily lapping up the red droplets. Allura felt dizzy, wondering if she could blame it on the wine, a part of her detached, watching as she wantonly rubbed herself against Lotor’s crotch.

She was ready to blame this all on him, knowing it was his fault she was becoming perverted. Bit by bit he was corrupting her, making her dirty and out of control. She didn’t like losing control, especially at the hands of Lotor. And yet the sensations her body was experiencing, it drove her to distraction, Allura voice making a desperate plea for relief.

He resumed kissing her, answering her whimpers with deep growls, the guttural sound causing her stomach to do back flips in excitement. Allura continued her movements against him, soft squeals escaping her, her eyes closing as she furiously ground herself on top of him. His hand was now between their bodies, squeezing into that tight space between them.

That hand of his smoothed down her belly, back of his fingers grazing her shirt. Fumbling movement from him, she heard the sharp sound of a zipper opening, the noise echoing in her ears, causing her eyes to snap open. Lotor was kissing the side of her neck, just under her jaw, his hands fiddling with his pants. Something large pressed against her belly, Allura making a startled sound, finding it was twitching.

She tried to stand up, Lotor holding onto her, sliding against her so that his erection rubbed against her front. “Allura…” He said her name, a husky growl as he stared into her eyes. She was frowning, shaking her head no, and he reached to take hold of her right hand. He brought it to his manhood, Allura trying to pull back as though the feel of his flesh burned her. He held onto her hand, forcing her fingers to curl around his shaft, Allura’s breath growing funny as she felt the thickness of that hard piece of flesh of his.

Again she tried to pull her hand away, amazed when he moaned at her movement. He actually followed her hand, thrusting into her curled fingers, heated flesh sliding along her skin. She could feel the texture of it, not at all smooth, with veins raised on the surface of his skin. It seemed to throb, Lotor letting out a guttural sound as he thrust his hips once more, sliding back and forth in her hand.

It was strange, it was terrifying, and yet it was also exciting, Allura watching his face, seeing him start to lose control. Lotor’s breathing was growing heavy, words tumbling from his lips. “Oh yes Allura……yes….just like that..”

She tore her eyes away from his face, a paranoid glance around the room. The servants had vanished, leaving them alone on the bridge, the command center below separated by a thick pane of glass. The Drules that worked the ship were oblivious to what was going on above them, Lotor’s voice growing louder with need, the sound reserved for her ears alone.

“Ngh…..Allura….can I?” His question brought her attention back to his face, Allura’s eyes wide as she processed his words. Quickly, she was shaking her head no, Lotor groaning in disappointment. “It’ll feel good…I promise…”

“I….I can’t…” She whispered, wishing he would let go of her hand, wishing he would stop pumping his hips into her closed fist. His anguish was apparent in his voice, a distorted sound as he buried his face against her neck. Again he continued to move his hips, erection sliding through her hand which was slick with sweat. His mouth was placing kisses all over throat, his hips speeding up, driving hard against her hand.

Suddenly he stiffened against her, hips doing one last jerk, and then they were both crying out, ecstasy and disgust mingling together. She felt him shudder, whole body shaking as his cock twitched. Something shot out of him, coating not only her hand but the front of her shirt. Allura felt ill, feeling how warm it was, her hand all sticky with fluid.

No longer aroused, she felt like screaming, holding her hand between them, eyes horrified. Lotor’s heavy panting was in her ear, he was still holding onto her as he took a moment to compose himself. Allura thought she was going into a state of shock, shivering when Lotor did a long lick of her cheek. She barely reacted, Lotor pulling back, noticing the mess at last.

He didn’t look apologetic at all, wordlessly reaching for a cloth napkin. He brought it to her hand, beginning a slow, careful cleaning of her fingers. She let him, wanting the remains of his climax off her and fast. Another napkin was brought forth, getting the last of it off her hand, and only then she was moving, going to strike him across the face with all of her might.

“I hate you!” She snapped tearfully, and this time he let her escape his lap. She didn’t return to her chair, instead knocking it over in her haste to flee. He called out her name, rising to stand.

“Allura wait!”

She ignored him, attempting to run from the bridge, hearing him curse loudly. She ignored it all, running into the corridor, past the startled servants, heels echoing loudly on the floor. She grabbed onto the rail, feet taking the stairs two at a time as she descended to the lower deck. She willed herself not to cry, not wanting to be seen with tears dripping down her face.

Footsteps behind her, Lotor chasing after her now. She didn’t turn to look at him, just quickened her pace, running through the long hallway, intent on returning to the cabin. She wanted to scrub at her hand, and to burn her outfit, feeling dirty and defiled by Lotor’s twisted desires. Doors flew past her, locked, their insides a mystery to her. She passed by the training facility, knowing the room would be close by.

She was almost to it, when Lotor caught up with her. He grabbed her by the bend in her arm, and she whirled around, ready to slap him once more. He caught her hand, preventing it from connecting with his cheek. “Allura!”

“Let go of me!” She hissed, noting he had paused to tuck himself back in his pants, no outward sign remaining of what had just happened.

“Not until you talk to me!” Lotor said, not letting her pull free.

“I have nothing to say to you!” Allura snapped, struggling against his grip.

“Then don’t talk, just listen.” Lotor urged her, and she shook her head, glaring at him through a haze of tears.

“Why should I listen to someone as disgusting and perverted as you?!”

“Let’s not do this out here.” Lotor said, and let go of her one hand to key in the opening sequence on the cabin’s door. It opened with a hiss, Lotor backing Allura into the room. He let go of her when the door slid shut, ensuring their privacy. “Allura, I’m….”

“What?” She demanded, crossing her arms over her chest. “You’re certainly not sorry! You did that on purpose!”

“It’s not like I planned it!” Lotor retorted, a hand going to his hair, smoothing unruly strands away from his face. “It just sorta happened…”

“How does that sort of thing just sorta happen?!” She stared into his face, agitated and looking for answers. He shifted, expression uneasy as he thought about his words. “Well?” She demanded, Allura arching an eyebrow at Lotor.

“I don’t think you understand the…..difficulties that come with being a man in love.” He said at last, Allura making a scoffing sound in response. “It’s true!” Lotor insisted, taking a step towards her. She back up with a gasp, hands being raised to ward him off.

“Allura…” Lotor sighed, ceasing his advance towards her. “I’m trying, really I am. But you make it incredibly hard to behave.”

“You’re blaming this on me?” She demanded, aghast.

“….no….not exactly. But you’re part of the problem!” Lotor said in response. “You shouldn’t have started wiggling like that against me….it got me….excited.”

“Obviously.” She fixed him with her stoniest glare, voice dripping derision.

“Damn it Allura, we are on our honeymoon.” Lotor snapped, gesturing agitatedly with his hands. “You can’t expect me to keep my hands off you indefinitely!”

“It’s not just your hands I am finding a problem with.” She said sulkily. It didn’t help her mood any, when she saw Lotor’s lips twitch, the prince fighting back a smile.

“Allura…I regret that my actions at dinner caused you distress. That was never my intention.”

“What was your intention?” Allura asked, hardly appeased by his half hearted apology.

“To make love to you.” Lotor said simply, and she paled.

“Did you think I would really let you….bed me at the dinner table?” Allura demanded, tone indignant.

“I thought you were ready.” Lotor sighed, eyes gloomy. “Obviously I miscalculated.”

“I’ll NEVER be ready.” Allura told him, watching him carefully for his reaction. He inhaled, a sharp sound as he looked at her, a frown on his face. “Never.”

“Never say never Allura.” Lotor said, suddenly looking tired. “You’ll only go back on your word.”

“I won’t.” She insisted stubbornly.

“We can’t go on like this.” Lotor said, once again moving towards her. She back up into the wall, Lotor trapping her between his arms, hands flat to the sides of her shoulders. “One of us is bound to break from the tension.”

“It won’t be me.” Allura whispered softly.

“Don’t be too sure about that.” Lotor answered her, voice equally soft. “Allura…” He was leaning in as though his intent was to kiss her once more, Allura’s eyes widening. She quickly turned her face to the side, finding his lips brushing her ear. “Good night.”

“Good night?” She said surprised, finding he was moving away. “You’re leaving?” He was nodding, heading for the room’s door.

“I won’t trouble your night any further.” Lotor told her, and with that he was stepping out into the hall, door closing shut behind him. She stared at the metal, brow furrowed, chewing on her lower lip. With a sigh, she was sinking to her knees, hitting the floor with a soft thump. She was no longer sure of how she was supposed to feel, that hot anger she had felt fading quickly with his departure.

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