Freedom 18

Midmorning found Lotor pacing the lower deck of the ship, his thoughts almost as aimless as his feet. Servants passed him by, being quick to stay out of his way, pausing only long enough to offer quick bows to him. He didn’t bother to acknowledge them, lost in deep thought.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone on board to learn the prince thought of Allura. Word had traveled quickly about her tearful flight from his side, rumors being circulated towards what had happened between the newly wedded couple. Lotor himself wondered that very thing, serious speculation spent towards trying to figure out how everything had gone so wrong so fast.

He knew he was frowning, Lotor replaying the scene at dinner over and over in his mind. Like all things with Allura, it had started out innocent enough. Light, casual conversation, a few stolen touches, his hand ending up on her knee. Dinner had meant to be perfect, the food good, the wine excellent, and the company enchanting. The mood had been intimate, sitting close together with the galaxy as a backdrop to their romance.

The servants were quick to see to their needs, but kept far enough away to respect their privacy. Hidden in the wings was his trump card, a violinist set to come out and serenade Allura. He had imagined taking the princess in his arms, dancing the night away, chipping away at her resistance to him.

Instead his plans had all gone to hell, Allura distracted and distant from him, her mind wandering. He had tried drawing her back into the conversation, but somehow he ended up with her on his lap. What happened next had Lotor flinching, grateful his azure skin couldn’t show his blush. He could still remember Allura’s small hand on his cock, see the look in her eyes as he lost control, thrusting into her hand again and again.

He blamed such actions on the wine, refusing to believe he could do such a thing while sober and clear headed. But then, and Lotor was reluctant to admit this, it was growing increasingly difficult to think around Allura. To remain calm and unaffected by her nearness. He damn well shouldn’t be trying to kiss her when his control could snap at anytime.

It presented him with a quandary, how to seduce his bride into his arms, willing and compliant. Each continual rejection stabbed deep in his heart, bringing Lotor closer and closer to losing it completely. Already he was doing things Allura would find hard to forgive, he could still see her face from last night, the horrified disgust in her eyes. He didn’t want her to look at him like that!

He wanted to push her to the brink of desire, make her as desperate as he was, and together tip over into an abyss of raw emotion. He knew some part of her was starting to feel for him, she had gone easily enough onto his lap the night before, actually moving her hips against him. Lotor smiled to think of her desperate moans, Allura shaking and rubbing herself on him. So close, and yet still so far from her breaking point, Lotor sighing, wondering why whenever he tried to go below her waist, she panicked and rebuked him.

It gave him pause, Lotor wondering towards what sort of education she had had in the matter concerning her bedroom duties. He wasn’t surprised to learn she was virginal, Allura preserving herself most diligently. But, she seemed to be almost prudish when it came to affection, Lotor thinking it would be easier to seduce a nun out of her habit than his own wife!

Lotor simply did not know what to do, knowing he had no one he could confide his dilemma too. Certainly not on board this ship, and most definitely not back at the castle. He could just imagine Haggar cackling, her face twisted into a mocking smirk as she reminded him he had turned down her offer of a love potion. Sometimes, and Lotor was loathe to admit this even to himself, he regretted not taking the blasted concoction. Perhaps it would be worth the blow to his pride, to rely on such a thing as long as he could have Allura in his bed.

But he knew that wouldn’t make him completely happy. So long as he had to trick her to love him, his victory would remain hollow. With a sigh that reflected the turmoil in his heart, Lotor passed by the training facility. Several of the crew were out on the floor, doing stretches for warm up. They shouted to Lotor now, voices laughing as they bade him come train with them. Such was his mood, that even the thought of a good work out didn’t appease him, Lotor shaking his head no.

Still thinking his thoughts, he continued on his way, hands reaching into his pants’ pocket. A long length of black silk was removed, Lotor turning it over and over in his hands. He knew what he wanted to do, but after last night, would Allura be agreeable to such a thing? He returned the silk to his pocket, walking towards the cabin. She had yet to come out, staying locked inside for the better part of the morning.

Lotor geared himself for a confrontation with her, his fist banging on the metal a moment before he was keying in the over ride sequence to the lock. The door opened, revealing his bride, the girl turning, blonde hair bouncing from the force of her movement. Allura did a slow blink of her eyes, looking surprised to see him. It didn’t last, expression changing to one of anger, Allura scowling as she backed away from the door.

She was as lovely as ever, dressed in the emeralds of the sea. Her voluminous skirts dragged across the floor, Allura hitching them up one handed, matching slippers peeking out beneath her petticoats. “Lotor.” Just his name, and she managed to convey her mistrust, Allura keeping well away from him.

“Ah good morning.” Lotor said, settling for leaning against the wall. He stayed positioned by the door, ready to grab her should she make a run for it. “I had hoped today would find you in a better mood.”

“My foul mood continues so long as I must remain married to a….to a sexual deviant!” Allura snapped, blue eyes flashing.

“Is that what you think I am?” Lotor asked, surprised. She was nodding, making him sigh. “Allura, I am not. What happened last night was perfectly natural, albeit a bit unusual given the circumstances!”

“Natural?” She made a scoffing sound, clearly not believing him. “That was perverted and wrong!”

“No less wrong than a husband and a wife not sharing a bed.” He was quick to point out, and she frowned at him. “Allura. you have to know….that is not normal.” His tone was gentle, Lotor not wanting to upset her. But still she was quick to reply.

“Nothing about our marriage is normal!” lamented Allura, looking accusingly at him.

He sighed, and said, “I know you blame me. I know you think it is all my fault….”

“It is!” She interrupted, Lotor shaking his head no. “Nothing about our situation is…is right! You KIDNAPPED me, forced me to marry you.”

“I know our situation is hardly ideal….” Lotor began, hearing her make a scoffing sound. “But it will never get better, so long as you hold onto your anger.”

“Sometimes I think it’s the only thing I have left….the only thing you haven’t taken from me.” Allura whispered.

“I’m not trying to take things from you.” Lotor sighed. “I want to give you things, my love chief among them. Allura, why won’t you let me?”

“You think love is a physical thing.” She accused, causing Lotor to draw back in surprise. Before he could allow much thought towards her words, she was continuing, expression troubled, blue eyes not losing their angry gleam. “Do you think I will love you just because we have sex together?”

Lotor paused, thinking. Had he thought that, was some part of him basing all his hopes on winning her love through the claiming of her body? He frowned, eyes meeting hers challengingly. “But for you, sex and love go hand in hand, am I right?” She flushed, that was all the answer he needed. “You hold yourself back from me because you say you do not love me….you fear that you will if you give yourself to me?”

“I will never love you.” Allura was quick to respond, her words meant to distress him. “I will never come willingly to you. All I can offer you is heartbreak and anguish.”

“I don’t believe that.” He told her, pushing away from the wall. “You have so much more to offer, the potential is there for greatness.”

“Potential? What potential?” She asked, watching him warily.

“For love.” Lotor told her, stepping towards her. “For us. Allura, don’t let this be simply a marriage of convenience. Neither one of us will be happy that way.”

“I think you’re plenty happy.” She muttered, taking a wary step backwards. “You’ve gotten everything you’ve ever wanted.”

“Not everything.” Lotor said, quickly closing the gap between them. His hands reached for her, going to rest on her waist, pulling her against him. She was still frowning, tilting her head back to look into his eyes.

“Is this the part where you try to seduce me into giving myself to you?” She asked, tone flippant.

“I don’t know….maybe.” Lotor said, trying not to frown at her.

“I still haven’t forgotten about last night.” Allura reminded him, her hands on his shoulders, trying to hold herself back from him. “What manner of perversion will you visit upon me this time?”

“None if I can help it.” Lotor sighed.

“I think you’re beyond help.” Allura retorted, and now he did frown at her. She stared back at him, blue eyes meeting his boldly. “You’re every bit as vile and perverse as they say you are.”

“They? Who is they you speak of?” Lotor demanded, hands tightening on her waist.

“Well….my nanny for starters.” Allura replied. “She has had quite a bit to say about you.”

“Oh?” Lotor arched an eyebrow, torn between annoyance and amusement. “And do you believe everything your nanny tells you?”

“Well…..” She had to think about it, Allura hesitating before answering. “Usually.”

“Usually?” He echoed. “So then there is a time when you can make up your own mind. Do that now. Toss aside any preconceived notions you have about me. Forget about what’s happened, forget about last night, and give us another chance.”

“Just how many chances do you think you have the right to?” Allura asked, shaking her head no.

“Not many I know.” Lotor sighed. “But please…at least allow me to try and make it up to you.”

“I don’t know how you can.” Allura said. “Jewels won’t make me forget, neither will fine gowns and flowers. Just as your money can’t buy my love, it can’t make up for certain indiscretions that occur between us.”

“I’m not seeking to bribe you into forgetting or forgiving me.” Lotor told her. “I know it won’t be easy, but I want you to let me try. Please Allura. Just one more chance, I promise I won’t waste it.”

“……” She stared at him, blue eyes unreadable as she considered his words. Minutes seemed to tick by, Lotor fighting to keep quiet as he waited for Allura to make her decision. “All right…one more chance.” He smiled relieved, Allura continuing. “But honestly Lotor, you are testing the limits of my patience.”

“I know. I don’t mean too.” Lotor told her, Allura shifting in his arms.

“Is that all you came to say?” Allura asked, clearly wanting to escape his hold on her. He let her, watching her take a step back from him, Allura leaning against the near wall.

“No, I had other reasons for coming to see you besides saying I am sorry for my deplorable actions of the night before.” His words left her curious, he could see it in her eyes.

“Oh? And what is this other reason?”

“This….” Lotor reached into his pants, pulling out the bit of silk. She glanced at it, not understanding it’s purpose. “I…I have another surprise for you.”

“Is that it?” She asked, reaching to graze a finger against the black material.

“It’s part of it.” Lotor said. “If you would allow me to place this blindfold on you?” He knew he was asking for her trust, a trust he hadn’t yet earned from her. She glanced at his face, eyes showing her suspicion.

“You would take away my eyes?” Allura was frowning, shaking her head no. “I don’t know if I am comfortable with this idea.”

“Please Allura. It’s part of the surprise.” Lotor told her, and then smiled, a hint of a tease in that expression. “You do want to know what your surprise is, don’t you?” He was appealing to her curiosity, hoping she wouldn’t be able to resist the thought of discovery.

“..If you try anything….” Allura began, words hesitant and slow. “I will slap you.”

“Yes, you may. I promise I will do nothing beyond guiding you to your surprise.” Lotor said, and she paused.

“You have to guide me to it?”

“It’s bigger than can fit in this room.” Lotor said, seeing her brow draw together as she tried to fathom what it could be. “You’ll never find out what it is, if you don’t put your trust in me.”

“I think my curiosity outweighs any trust I might have in you.” Allura said. She sighed, then nodded, closing her eyes. “All right, I am ready.”

Pleased, Lotor pulled her away from the wall, turning her around so her back was to him. He placed the silk over her eyes, drawing the length of it around to the back of her head. His nimble fingers tied the ends together, forming a tight knot to hold it in place. His hands then touched her hair, smoothing it down around her shoulders. Hands on her arms now, he began to turn her, guiding her towards the cabin’s door.

Allura took uncertain steps in the direction he led, her hands raising to feel in front of her. She touched the sides of the door, Lotor urging her through it. Once out in the hall, he transferred his grip, right hand on her waist, left holding her arm. Together they walked, Lotor’s steps confidant, Allura’s slow and hesitant.

They made slow and steady progress, passing by the training facility, hearing the crewmen let out hoots and hollers as they saw the couple walking so close together. Allura started to turn in the direction of the sound, Lotor forcing her back onto the path they were walking.

“Ignore them.” He advised, watching as those pouty lips of hers frowned.

“Lotor….how much farther?”

“Patience Allura.” Lotor advised her. “We still have some distance to travel.”

“I don’t see why you couldn’t have waited until we were closer to blindfold me.” She grumbled out her complaints. Lotor said nothing, sparing a quick glance at the windows that lined the corridor’s sides, allowing him to view the stars and the ships that closely orbited his ship. He was confidant that if her eyes had been uncovered, Allura would have recognized where they were by the constellations in the sky.

Minutes passed, ten or more before the hall began to taper down into two staircases. He brought Allura right before the steps that led up to the bridge, her toes bumping against the marble. Carefully, he began to guide her up the climb, making sure to grip her tightly so she would not fall. Allura helped, gripping onto the rail her frown deepening as they traveled.

“Lotor…” Allura began, clearly uncomfortable. “If this is another one of your meals…I am not interested.”

“It’s not.” Lotor assured her, clearing the last step. He knew she had guessed where they were, knew Allura was frowning because of the incident that had taken place here last night. He hoped what he was about to show her would make up for it, Lotor leading Allura all the way to the edge of the bridge. A thin guard rail curved around the edge, keeping them from stepping off and falling onto the glass below. He placed her hands on the guard rail, letting her fingers curl around the metal.

“We’re here.” He announced, reaching to undo the blindfold. He tugged on the knot, unraveling it, allowing the silk to slowly fall free of her face. He saw Allura blink, trying to adjust to the sudden change from dark to light. As her eyes grew focused, he heard her inhale, a sharp gasp as she stared at the view screen ahead of them.

Arus, in all it’s blue green glory stood floating before them. The planet loomed close, large and seeming to beckon them forward. His ships were in place, held back to offer Allura an unobstructed view of her planet. The sight of it was having a visible effect on her, her eyes were wide, brimming with tears, and her lips were parted as she starred, clearly stunned.

“We’ll be landing shortly.” Lotor told her, voice quiet as it intruded on her thoughts.

“Landing?” She repeated, seeming unable to turn away from the sight of her home. “On Arus?”

“Yes, on Arus!” Lotor laughed, amused by her slow reactions.

“But why?”

“I thought we could spend our honeymoon in your home.” Lotor said, studying her face for any outward sign of approval.

“Really?” A hint of excitement in her voice, Allura tearing her eyes away from the viewscreen to look at Lotor. She seemed to be looking for confirmation in his eyes, and he nodded, a gentle smile on his face.

“We’ll be staying a while.” Lotor added, touching her hand with his. He gave her a slight squeeze, his other hand pointing to the planet. “My father gave Arus to me….to us. I’m to see it prosper under Doom’s rule.”

“So that is why so many ships accompanied us.” Allura said, realization dawning in her eyes. “You’re installing your people….beginning the….”

“It’s not an invasion Allura.” Lotor said when she fell quiet. “We will help Arus rebuild, help your people to recoup their losses from our previous attacks. There is much work to be done. I hope you will help me in getting the people of Arus acclimatized to the changes my people will bring.”

“I will.” Allura agreed, quick and eager as always to help her people. Her next question made him laugh, the girl showing an impatience not previously experienced. “How long until we land?”

“We’ve already begun our descent.” Lotor told her. “It shouldn’t be long now before we arrive.”

“That’s good.” Allura said, turning back towards the front of the ship. Her eyes showed her longing, she was glad to be returning to Arus regardless of the circumstances that brought her there. “Lotor…do they know?” She asked, Lotor looking at her curiously. “Castle Arus I mean. Have you contacted them?”

“Yes, I spoke with your advisor early this morning.” Lotor told her. “The people have been alerted to your return.” A smirk then, Lotor continuing. “They know better than to launch an attack on my fleet with you on board.”

She bristled, annoyed by his words. “They wouldn’t attack regardless of that. My people WILL honor the treaty I signed.”

“Then we should be in for a peaceful time.” Lotor said. “Tell me Allura, without the Voltron Force, is there no one to rebel against Planet Doom?”

“No, no one.” Allura sighed. “The last time Doom invaded, my people hid. They were reduced to hiding in caves.”

“There will be no need for such measures under our rule.” Lotor answered her. “You’ll see Allura, everything will be just fine.:

“If only i had even one-tenth your confidence.” Allura murmured back.

“I have enough for both of us.” Laughed Lotor, patting her hand.

“That’s true.” She agreed.

“Well, Allura…what do you want to do in the meantime?” He questioned her. “It will take us some time to reach the surface of the planet.”

“I would like to remain here on the bridge.” Allura answered, still staring fondly at her planet.

“All right.” Lotor agreed. “If you don’t mind, I will wait with you.” She nodded her head, Lotor keeping his hand covering hers.

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