Freedom 24


He could feel himself shaking, Lotor finding even his teeth rattled from the force of his shivers. A chill was upon him, and no matter how many blankets he wrapped around himself, it would not go away. He felt as though he was dipped in ice, the cold starting from his toes and working it’s way up his body, creeping tendrils of it seeking to encase him in it’s freezing grip.

Odd as it was, he also felt a fever rising in him, and at first he welcomed the heat. Wanted it to chase away the cold that he felt. It soon became apparent that it wasn’t, the two extremes meeting and clashing, giving rise to an increased temperature that left him sweating almost as profusely as he shook.

He was barely aware of hands touching him, working to undress him as they stripped off the garments that clung wetly to his skin. Lotor didn’t even open his eyes, staying in that half conscious state as voices talked urgently around him.

“I’ve had time to analyze the prince’s blood.” An unfamiliar voice said, sounding tired and resigned. “It’s as the Commander said. He’s been poisoned.”

“Poisoned!” A woman gasped, and he felt a hand touch his brow, smoothing back his sweat damp hair. He recognized the touch as that of his wife, Lotor enjoying the feel of her fingers stroking through his hair. “Has a cure been prepared, Doctor Gorma?”

“We can’t prepare a cure until we know just what we are dealing with.” Doctor Gorma said. “I’ve sent the remains of breakfast to also be tested. To see if we can’t identify this strain of poison. Until then we can only sit back and wait.” He heard Allura sighed, footsteps approaching the bed. “I am sorry princess. I know this is frustrating for you…”

“I feel so helpless….so….so useless.” Allura said, the bed creaking as someone sat down next to Lotor.

“There are some things you can do while we wait.” Gorma told her. “You can see that his fever is kept down by keeping him cool. I’d prescribed you some medicine to bring down his fever, but until we know what we are dealing with, I can’t risk the poison reacting to anything I give him.”

Lotor frowned, trying to understand their words. Just who had been poisoned? He couldn’t think, concentrating on the conflicting symptoms within him. He listened to the voices continue their hushed talking, but they were growing distant. He thought they were moving away from him, but in reality he was slipping back into the realm of blissful unawareness.

He didn’t know how long he had stayed under, but the pain dragged him back, Lotor groaning, in agony as knives stabbed into him. He moaned and he screamed, trying to sit up. Soft delicate hands touched him, trying to push him back down. He let them, being soothed by the touch, his head cushioned by pillows once more.

Lotor risked opening his eyes, seeing the room was hazy, dimly lit and an angel was leaning over him. Her blond hair framed her face, forming a gold halo that his hands reached for, sinking into the softness of her glorious mane. Hands went to his, fingers grazing the back of his hands, blue eyes staring worriedly at him. Lotor tried to smile at the angel, but pained shudders wracked his body, his fingers tangling in her hair, both of them crying out for different reasons.

He pulled back his arms, horrified he had hurt her, but the angel remained by his side. “Shh….” She whispered soothingly, a cloth in her hand, dabbing at his face. “It’s all right….rest Lotor, rest…”

He was surprised she knew his name, but before he could ask her how, his eyes were shutting, Lotor slipping back into sleep. Nightmares chased him this time, he moaned and screamed, the word no on his lips as he saw himself as a boy, helpless and weak. He was hiding, peering through the cracks in a cabinet, watching the blond beauty that was his mother scream at his father.

Zarkon’s face twisted in rage, becoming all the more uglier as he shouted. They were always fighting, never having a civil word exchanged between the two. Sometimes his father got so mad he hurt Lotor’s mother, grabbing at her arm and pulling her hair. Sometimes Lotor leapt to her defense, remembering his father swift to strike him down for such an act. This time would be no different, Lotor intending to push open the doors of his hiding spot, and surprise the two of them.

But the wood remained lock to his touch, Lotor watching as his mother grew braver in her anger, slapping her hand across Zarkon’s cheek. His father’s eyes narrowed, he reached for her, and Lotor shut his eyes tight, trying to block out what would happen next. He didn’t want to see, didn’t want to remember, and he found himself whimpering, rocking back and forth in his hiding spot.

“Lotor!” A voice calling out to him, and he realized he was sitting up screaming, a tiny body pressing against his, hugging him to her as his hands reached out, grasping at thin air. “Lotor please, it’s all right! You’re just dreaming!”

Was he? He couldn’t tell, couldn’t tell the dreams from the reality, conscious of always being in pain. But something in her voice made him want to believe her, Lotor looking with unfocused eyes at the girl touching him. “A…Allura?” He asked, and she nodded.

“Yes, it’s me. I’m here….I’m not going anywhere.”

He touched her then, wrapping his arms around her, holding her as he shook. This time his shivers were from fear rather than any chill he felt. Her hands caressed his back, and he let his head rest, nose buried in her hair. “Don’t ever leave me.” He commanded, arms tightening possessively around her.

“I won’t.” She promised, and he sighed with relief, easing back against the headboard. He kept her pressed against him, eyes starting to close. “Lotor?” He couldn’t find the strength to respond to her, hearing her shout out his name more frantically.

The next thing he was aware of, his legs were kicking off the sheets, Lotor shoving the blankets away from him. Allura’s face came into view, the girl hovering over him, hands touching his brow as she frowned. He sighed and raised a hand to her face, stroking her cheek.

“You never smile for me.” He whispered, enjoying the feel of her skin against his fingertips. “Why are you always so sad?”

“I’ll smile when you get better.” Allura told him, and his mouth turned up in a grin.

“Is that a promise?” She nodded, and his hand fell away from her. “Good…I’ll hold you to it.” Lotor warned her, and she made a choking sound. He realized it was half sob, half laugh, Allura torn between two emotions. “So thirsty….” He sighed out, closing his eyes.

When next he opened them, she was holding a glass of water to his lips. He drank deeply of the liquid, enjoying the cool feel of it as it slid down his throat. It was a nice contrast to the heat he felt, Lotor moaning as he licked his lips. He touched her hand, drawing the glass to be pressed against his cheek, feeling some of the coolness of it against his heated skin.

“You’re burning up.” Allura said, her free hand touching him, testing the temperature of his skin.

“I’m always burning when you are around.” Lotor said, trying to make light of his fever. “You set me on fire Allura…”

“I’m afraid this time it’s not my doing.” Allura told him, and Lotor sighed.

“Don’t ever remember being this sick.” He said. “Was always healthy and strong like a robeast.”

“You’re as stubborn as one too!” Her tone was teasing, Lotor smiling.

“Yes, I am. To a fault. It gets me what I want though.” He moaned, shifting restless in the bed, aware of how the sheets were sticking to the back of him. He blinked and she was gone, the room looking darker as voices argued.

“His fevers still not breaking! Doctor Gorma you must give him something!”

“It’s too risky.” Gorma replied. “You know that princess. I could be endangering his very life with a simple injection or pill!”

“But at this rate the fever will kill him.” Allura fretted. “It just keeps rising higher and higher, and even a Drule cannot hold out indefinitely against it!”

“We are working as fast as we can to identify the poison.” A third voice said, Lotor recognizing it as Merack’s. “Until then, continue to sit and watch over him please.”

“You needn’t ask me to do that.” Allura answered. “As his wife it’s my duty to stay by his side.”

He struggled to stay awake, to hear Merack’s response to this, but once again he was slipping, moving in and out of consciousness, losing the conversation and time. When next he awakened, he was aware of burning up, his whole body on fire as Allura sat next to him, adding cold compresses to his face and his shoulders.

“Not going to do any good….” He told her, and she shook her head. “I think I’m dying…”

“Don’t say that!” Allura snapped, than her voice turned begging. “You wouldn’t leave me a widow so soon, would you?”

“If it was up to me, I’d never leave your side.” Lotor said, than sighed. “But it’s in the hands of the Gods now…”

“I don’t believe that….I won’t give up!” Allura insisted, even as Lotor began clawing at his skin, knocking off the compresses. She grabbed at his wrists, trying to stop his motions. “Don’t do that!”

“I’m so hot…why can’t I get any relief?” He fought to keep his eyes from closing, not wanting to go back to sleep. He moaned, mouth dry, feeling as though even his sweat sizzled and evaporated off his skin.

“Can you stand?” Allura asked, seeming to have come to a decision.

“I don’t know.” Lotor said, hating to admit to such weakness.

“If I support you….do you think you can make it to the bathroom?” He had to think about her question, but at last he was nodding. She look relieved, and her hands began helping him to rise up from the bed. He staggered and swayed in place, Allura’s arms going around his waist. He put an arm across his shoulder, and somehow they moved, taking stumbling steps out into the foyer.

The room spun around dizzily, Lotor nearly fell to his knees, almost dragging Allura off balance as he fought to remain upright. “Easy…” She said, urging him forward. “Just a few more steps.”

“All right.” He said, and together they made it to the bathroom. She set him down on the cool tile, Lotor rolling onto his side, grateful to not be moving anymore. He stared at her feet, watching her pad barefoot about the bathroom, hearing the sound of the faucet turning, water rushing out into the tub. She returned to his side, Allura bending, Lotor standing with her help.

“What are you doing?” He asked, and she guided him into the shower, closing the glass door behind them.

“I’m going to break your fever one way or another.” She said determinedly, Lotor starting to shiver as the cold water sprayed down on them both. She wrapped her arms around him, holding him up, letting the water pelt them both. Lotor leaned against the wall, and his eyes closed. He came awake sputtering, choking on the water, Allura looking up at him in concern.

He touched her face, fingers caressing her lips, watching as the water beaded on her skin. He leaned in, licking at a droplet, tracing it’s path down the side of her face. She did a slow blinking of her eyes, surprised by his actions. His arms wrapped around her, hugging her close, Lotor watching as her hair grew wetter yet, hanging down in straight strands around her face.

He leaned back against the wall, just enjoying holding her and feeling the water on his skin, feeling some of the heat cool in the face of the water’s onslaught. Allura’s hands reached upwards, running her fingers through his hair, making him sigh in contentment at the touch. He bowed his head, brushing his forehead against her, feeling how cool her skin felt in comparison to his.

It made him want to feel more, Lotor nuzzling his cheek against hers, his hands moving up her back, finding the spot where her skin was uncovered. She felt good against his hot hands, Lotor rubbing and cuddling her.

“Lotor?” Allura asked, and he shook his head.

“Shhh….” Lotor made a soothing sound. “Let me just feel you.”

“…A….all right…” She said at last, Lotor’s hands landing on her arms, feeling along the length of them. His eyes landed on her lips, wet with droplets of the shower, and he licked them now, tasting the wetness. She made a surprised sound, lips parting and without any preamble, he slipped his tongue inside her mouth. She tensed against him, hands coming up to touch his chest, Lotor making a sound of needing.

He couldn’t tell if he was shaking or she, Lotor kissing her deeply. Her mouth was warm, hot to the touch but yet he found he didn’t mind the heat so long as it was coming from her. Allura began squirming, her wet garments brushing against his bare skin, Lotor realizing she only wore a thin white shift, the girl dressed for the bedroom. He wanted to pull back, to look at her now, but at the same time he wanted nothing more than to keep kissing her.

So he did, finding her tongue moving against his, caressing and stroking back. Allura moved in his arms, and he reacted, thinking she was trying to escape. With a growl he broke the kiss, his hands gripping her arms, spinning her around so fast their hair whipped about their faces. Through a haze of white hair, he saw her surprised look, Lotor pinning her shoulders to the tile.

“Lotor…” She started to say, and he pressed his mouth against hers once more. This time he did a slow exploration of it, tongue licking across the contours of her mouth, learning the texture and feel of it. She squirmed against him, and then her hands came up, but rather than landing on his chest, she touched his hair, caressing it back from his face.

Still holding her pinned, he pulled back to fix her with a questioning look, noticing how transparent that white slip of hers was becoming. He moaned, and this time it was not from sickness, but arousal, seeing her breasts pinned beneath the wet material, nipples already half hard in reaction to the cold water. His eyes traveled lower, he could make out the sight of her panties, as plain and white as the shift, a hint of golden curls could be seen.

With a gruff growl, he kissed her again, just a quick mouthing at her lips before he was working his way down her chin. His tongue tried to lick up the water, the shower spraying more faster than he could drink it off her skin. His mouth planted on the front of her throat, working over the delicate flesh there, licking and using his teeth to mark her skin.

Allura made a sound, her hands landing on his shoulders, fingers tightening as she held onto him. Her head fell back, the girl offering her throat to him, letting him do as he pleased. It confused him, leaving Lotor to wonder if this was all some sort of fevered dream of his.

Another sound from Allura, a breathless moan that had him deciding, dream or not, he would enjoy this moment. Still keeping her pinned, he moved down lower, kissing his way towards her breasts. Her slip was in the way, Lotor using his teeth to drag the wet material downwards, Allura’s breasts popping free. They jiggled temptingly in front of his face, Lotor quickly going to kiss them.

She reacted immediately, hands pulling him closer, Allura crying out. “Ah!”

She wasn’t fighting his hold on her, Lotor dragging his tongue across a taut nipple, licking it so that it stiffened even further. He teased all around it, tongue traveling in a wet circle around it, Allura letting out an impatient whine that him chuckling. She squirmed, her body moving, forcing her nipple to run into his tongue. It was all the motivation Lotor needed, opening his mouth to fasten puckered lips around that nipple.

Sweet sounds escaped her, Allura clutching him close, hugging him to her. He risked letting go of her arms to rest one hand on her hip, fingers drawing up the hemline of her slip. His other hand slipped into her panties, and now he was sure this had to be a dream, Allura not protesting, voice garbled with joy as his mouth continued to suck and draw on her nipple.

Hand in her panty, he caressed through the curls that guarded her most intimate spot, fingers spreading her lips open. He ran a finger teasingly along her womanly folds, hearing her gasp out his name.


A whine followed that sound, and now he was sure she was the one responsible for the tremors he felt, Lotor sliding his finger along her slit. He searched out the entrance to her body, his finger slipping in, and she immediately clenched around it, both of them moaning for different reasons. Lotor fought to move his finger, marveling at how tight she felt, wishing he was using his cock rather than his finger to explore her silken depths.

His other hand slid behind her, moving to feel the curve of her ass. He drew her leg up, Allura hooking it over his waist as he continued to move his finger, doing a slow glide in and out of her that was made all the easier by how wet she was becoming. Allura made a desperate hiss, her hips starting to wiggle, the girl attempting to drive his finger in deeper.

It was only Lotor’s careful control that kept her from succeeding, Lotor teasing and caressing her from the inside out. He released her breast to kiss back up her body, lips gliding over the side of her neck. He could feel her pulse against his lips, fast beats that seemed to increase the more he worked her flesh over. Her own hands were stroking his back, Allura sighing and moaning, doing that desperate movement against his hand. She went wild when he extended his thumb, brushing it against her clit.

Her eyes were wide, he couldn’t tell if she was crying or if that was simple the shower that left her cheeks wet. He licked her face, and tasted no salt, reassured that she was staring at him simply stunned. He went to kiss that look off her face, quick smacks against her lips, and then he was putting his lips to her ears, growling, feeling her tremble at the sound of his voice.

“Do you want this? Want me?” He demanded, tonguing the inside of her ear. He continued to press his thumb against her clit, teasing it back and forth, rubbing it mercilessly.

“I….I…” She stumbled over her words, gasping and moaning, trying to ride his hand.

“Answer me Allura!” He ordered, feeling her shakes, knowing she was close. Cruelly, he stopped his assault on her clit, removing his finger from her body. He brought up his hand, lifting it to his mouth, tongue snaking out to taste the nectar her body had produced. She stared wide eyed at him as he did this, a crimson blush on her face, the girl looking frustrated at his stopping.

“Do you want me?” He repeated, pressing against her so that she could feel his erection through the silk boxers he wore. He ground it against her, Allura immediately wiggling in response, desperate to recapture the feelings he had started building in her. She whined and she whimpered and he forced her to be still, controlling her pleasure with a teasing grind from him. “Do you want this?”

He captured her hand, setting it on the bulge on his pants, letting her weigh the enormity of what he asked her. She closed her eyes, and he shook her, making her keep them open. “Do you?”

He was still grinding against her hand, waiting for her to reply. He expected her to curse him, to shove him away, to say no. Instead she surprised them both with her answer, Allura letting out a loud cry in his face.

“YES!! Yes, damn you! Yes!” And with that she grabbed fistfuls of his hair, hauling him down cruelly to her lips, mouth working to steal his breath away. Lotor staggered and kept her pinned against the wall, dizzy with disbelief. When they pulled apart to regain their breaths, Lotor laughed, the sound pure victory as he stared dreamily at Allura. They didn’t stay apart long, coming together to kiss once more, Allura lifting her other leg, wrapping them both tight around his waist, supported only by his hands and the wall at her back.

“I love you.” He told her in between kisses, and she nodded, a brief smile crossing her lips.

“I know.” She answered, and for now that was enough.

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