Freedom 25


She was barely aware of them moving, too busy returning his kisses to notice much of anything else. Lotor’s hands were on her rear, holding her up as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, clinging to him. Allura moaned, enjoying the feel of the bulge tenting against her center, rubbing herself wantonly against it, trying to keep the intense feelings going.

Her body tingled in ways she had never dreamed of, Allura wanting nothing more than for Lotor to return his hand to her womanhood. She blushed at the thought, feeling something clench inside her as she recalled the way his finger had invaded her insides, rubbing her in a spot no one, not even Allura herself had ever touched. She was especially intrigued by what he had done with his thumb, marveling at how just a touch of it against that one spot had her gasping and seeing stars.

What she had attributed to the water of the shower, continued to pool inside her, leaving her wet and needy, Allura gasping into Lotor’s mouth. He stumbled through the open door of the bathroom, effortlessly carrying her. She bit down gently on his bottom lip, a playful nibble that made him growl and move faster. It was no surprise to either one of them that they didn’t make it to the bedroom, Lotor depositing her onto the wicker love seat.

Allura let out a tiny giggle, amused by his impatience, Lotor pressing down on top of her, trying to disengage her legs from his body. She was pressed so tightly against him, she left him little room for maneuvering. He had to growl at her to let him go, Allura relaxing her legs’ grip on him, his strong hands easing them down onto the floor, making sure to keep them spread.

Her giggles suddenly died down when he did a terrible wrenching of her panties, tearing the material off her body in one smooth move. She blushed as he looked at her, feeling shameless as she sat with her legs spread, her shift bunched around her middle, leaving everything but her stomach bare to his eyes.

“Beautiful.” Lotor whispered, and fell on her, kissing her once more. Allura turned her face to the side, letting him kiss her jaw, her hands stroking his back. She soon became bolder, ducking her face in close to his neck, giving him tiny, tentative kisses on his flesh. Lotor moaned, pleased by her actions, his hands touching her breasts, fingers flexing and kneading her bosom.

Allura mimicked his earlier attempts, putting her all into lavishing attention on his skin. She fastened her mouth on a bit of his flesh, sucking on it as she worked to place a mark of her own on him. “Harder.” Lotor growled, his hands almost frantic upon her. She complied, exerting as much force as she could manage on him, adding her teeth to the experience.

Lotor groaned, and his hands gave her one last squeeze, gliding down her body, over the wet slip and onto her hips. He pulled away from her, Allura disappointed, wanting to taste more of him. He kissed her through the shift, mouth trailing teasingly lower down her body. His hands touched her legs, palms pressed against the inside of her thighs, Allura amazed at how sensitive to the touch that skin proved to be.

His hands were still warm, he seemed capable of transferring his fever to her with his touch alone, Lotor rubbing and massaging the insides of her thighs. His fingers danced circles into her skin, Allura sighing, pure bliss in that sound. Her eyes were half lidded with desire, she stared down at him, meeting his eyes boldly as he gazed up at her, mouth poised just above her womanhood.

He smiled, a slow curving of his lips, leaving him to look devastatingly sexy, and then he pressed his lips to her, making her jump when she felt his tongue flick out. “Lotor?!” She made a question of his name, unsure of what he was doing.

“Shhh….” He soothed her, hands still working to stroke and tease her thighs. “Just relax….let me do this…”

“N…no….that’s…” But her words were lost when his mouth returned to her center, tongue coming out to lick her surely. She gasped and she moaned, Allura’s eyes wide with disbelief as she stared down at Lotor. His tongue licked her, Lotor doing bold, confidant strokes that swept across her folds, wetting them thoroughly. Allura trembled and fought against his hands, trying to close her legs as she squealed.

Lotor growled, his hands going from caressing to holding her down, keeping her spread open as he kneeled between them. “Stay still.” He ordered her, Allura staring fascinated at the gleaming wetness on his chin, the girl realizing she was the cause of that moisture.

“Keep your legs open.” He added, then was returning to lick at her. Allura cried out, feeling his tongue wiggle, dragging across her in a way that left her toes curling. He did it again, Allura gasping, feeling herself grow wetter yet. Up and down in sure strokes he licked her, each swipe of his tongue sending tingles of pleasure racing through her.

Allura found herself reacting, bucking her hips, trying to press herself against him. She felt the vibrations of his chuckles against her, Lotor amused by her antics. She desperately wanted his tongue to touch that one spot of hers again, and now she wiggled trying to entice him closer to it. He tortured her by avoiding it, instead inserting his tongue inside her entrance.

It was different from his finger, and she wiggled harder, feeling it brush against the sides of her. Instinctively she clenched around it, moaning out Lotor’s name. Again that chuckle, that husky laugh as he gripped her legs, hauling them up so that they rested on his shoulders, Lotor burying his face more fully into her. She was practically bent in half, her lower half lifted off the floor as he began moving his tongue, thrusting it in and out of her.

“Lotor….I…” Allura started to say, her moan overtaking her words. Her fingers curled around the edge of the wicker seat, nails tearing into the cushion’s fabric. His tongue was extending as deep as it could reach, and still it wasn’t enough, her body desperate for something more.

Her head went back, resting against the rear of the love seat, her breath coming out in short pants as Lotor continued his tongue’s expert movements. Allura lost track of time, unaware of how long he kept at it, feeling moisture leak out of her more and more. A whine escaped her, Allura wanting to sob, to scream, feeling that familiar desperate feeling of wanting something, needing something, poised on the brink of madness.

“Lotor please…” She whispered out, chest heaving from the effort it took to breathe. She nearly wept when he withdrew his tongue, Allura wanting to drive herself back on it. She was so close, to what she did not know, and she felt she would lose her mind if Lotor didn’t help her reach the promised fulfillment of her body.

Lotor was back to licking her in those slow, careful strokes. Each one felt like a torment, calculated for maximum pleasure as his tongue swept across her slit. Suddenly, so fast she thought she imagined it, she felt it touch that one special spot, her tingles increasing, her voice getting louder, distorted with pleasure. “Please!!” She all but screamed as she begged, Lotor answering her pleas by touching the tip of his tongue to that spot.

He licked it, tongue flicking against that tiny nub of flesh, back and forth, Allura’s voice coming out a warbled cry of joy. He kept at it, picking up speed, going faster and faster, Allura trying to fight his hands to move with his tongue. One hand reached for his head, fingers tangling in his hair as she tried to pushed his face closer.

She became undone when he pursed his lips together, fastening around that bit of flesh, long hard suction being exerted on it. “Lotor…no…” She shook her head, whining and wiggling, conflicting emotions rising up in her from the pleasure. “St…stop…I…I can’t….I can’t take anymore!” Blessedly he took no heed of her words, hands holding onto her waist, legs still hooked over his shoulders as he feasted on her flesh.

Higher and higher she climbed, feeling her body growing tight with need, Allura practically clawing her way towards the edge of an insurmountable cliff. With a scream she went over, feeling pleasure explode behind her eyes, finding herself growing wetter yet as blessed relief coursed it’s way through her body. Lotor held her down, keeping her still as she shook with bliss, and now she did weep amazed at the feelings of her first orgasm.

It was a profound moment, one that left her shaken to the core, Allura only half aware that Lotor continued to lick at her womanhood. He was drinking up the juices her body released, tongue attempting to clean her. There was no hope for her, each stroke of his tongue sent her shuddering, body spasming in delightful half quakes until she was crying out, “Enough, enough!”

Finally her words got through to Lotor, the prince lowering her legs back down onto the floor. Allura was glad she was seated on the love seat, feeling she would have collapsed if she tried to stand. Her lower half was awash with bliss, melting into one relaxed muscle. Lotor was grinning at her, that familiar, rakish smirk as he eased up her body, coming to kiss her square on the mouth.

That kiss transferred the taste of her to Allura, the girl finding she did not mind it at all. She eagerly kissed him back, tears glistening on her cheeks as she tried to express her thanks with her lips. Lotor’s hands were all over her torso, caressing and stroking her, leaving her body enflamed once more.

Lotor caught at her wrists, bringing her hands to his waist, fingers brushing the edge of the boxers he wore. With no prodding from him, she hooked her fingers into the silk, drawing them downwards. His erection sprang free, a long length of blue, proud flesh that strained upwards as she stared. She felt nervous to see it, but not as scared as she had once been, reaching a tentative hand towards it.

Just a touch but it had Lotor moaning, cock twitching against her fingers. She drew her hand back, unnerved by it’s movements. A glance at Lotor’s face showed him staring at her, eyes a deep golden color, heavy with lust. Allura licked her lips, aware of how Lotor watched her every movement, the girl readying herself to touch him again. This time she gripped him fully, fingers encircling around his thick shaft, giving him an experimental squeeze.

Fluid glistened on the tip, she touched it now, fingers smearing it over the head of his cock. She looked at it, noting it’s color, the length the same azure as him, the head a darker blue. Her fingers explored it, feeling out the veins that bulged along it’s sides, tickling her fingertips against the underside. Lotor hunched over her, his lips falling on her shoulder, kissing her there, his moans muffled against her flesh.

His hands gripped her waist, they spasmsed and squeezed as she continued to touch and stroke him, moving her fist up and down his shaft, recalling how he had thrust into it the other night. What had horrified her then now intrigued her, Allura trying to get him to react. He did so but not in the manner she expect, drawing back, escaping her grip.

She actually pouted, missing the feel of his hardness in her hands. Lotor smirked, his hands on her knees, the man bending to look her in the eyes. This time she kissed him, pushing herself forward that she almost fell off the love seat as she threw her arms around him. She was greedy for his attention, tongues mingling together, feeling his hands on her knees, trying to push them apart even more.

She let her legs fall open wider than they had ever been, her tongue still in his mouth, rubbing and exploring, learning every inch of it. Her exploration was cut short when she felt him against her, his hardness sliding along her center, rubbing and getting her moisture on the tip. A hand tangled itself in her hair, keeping her mouth pressed to his, the head of his cock probing her entrance.

There was no time to protest, not time for fears, Lotor suddenly thrusting forward, penetrating her in one smooth movement. Allura gasped, a cry of pain being issued into his mouth. It had been explained to her there would be pain the first time she joined together with her husband, but still it took her by surprise. It was such a contrast to the pleasure his mouth and fingers had offered her, Allura feeling her tears spill free as she tried not to sob.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Lotor was whispering, again and again to her, his eyes closed, a half smile on his lips. He seemed to be savoring the feel of her wrapped around him, holding himself absolutely still while Allura tried her best to not whimper. His hands were petting her hair, burying her face against the crook of his shoulder, Allura sure he could feel her tears on his skin.

She trembled against him, arms wrapped tightly around him, her nails digging into his broad back as she tensed up. Lotor moaned out a command, “Relax Allura…relax….the worse is over.”

She wasn’t sure she believed him, but she tried to do as he asked, remembering to breathe once more. He was muttering against her skin, hips starting to move. “That’s better…good girl, good girl….oh you’re so tight…”

Allura wondered what tightness had to do with anything, noting he sounded pleased when he said that. He was pulling his hips back, drawing out of her body, the discomfort lessening slightly. She thought he was done, but before he could removed the head of his cock, he suddenly pushed back in, leaving her to squirm and cry out, experiencing a sensation of fullness inside her.

As the pain dulled, doing a slow fade, she became aware of other things, Allura noting a delicious friction as his dick slid back and forth inside her. It made her moan, tossing her head back to let out a surprised cry. “Ah!”

“Allura!” Lotor responding to her cries, growing encouraged by the sound she had made. His hips actually quickened, no longer doing that slow, hesitant thrust. His hands gripped her waist, fingers leaving their imprints on her skin as he began thrusting rhythmically. “Yes…that’s it…concentrate on the pleasure….” It was an order she could obey, her eyes falling close, feeling him plunging in and out of her.

With each thrust of his hips, he seemed to go in deeper, until he was sheathed to the hilt of her, his balls brushing against her body. He set her on fire with his hip’s movements, Allura sure she was burning just as hot as Lotor, the girl moaning at the decadent feel of him moving inside her. Lotor bent his head to nip at her breasts, quick kisses covering her feverish skin, Allura shivering in response to what he was doing to her body.

Her one hand left his back to grab at the back of his head, entwining her fingers in his white tresses, smiling as she petted him. Lotor moaned into her bosom, pumping his hips harder now, her breasts starting to bounce from the force of his movements. She lifted her legs, wrapping them tight around him, trying to keep them as close as possible. Her feet pressed down on him, trying to force him to move faster, Allura starting to wiggle and moan, pleasure making her lose her senses.

“Move…your hips, move them!” Lotor ordered her, a deep growl that had her staring at him in shock. She did an experimental rock of her hips, pushing back against him, body trying to follow his so that they never separated. Lotor gave a deep moan of approval, licking upwards to rain kisses down on the front of her throat. Together they moved, voices joining together in pleasure, bodies working to keep the friction at a constant, frenetic pace.

Sweat gleamed on both their bodies, they were both panting, crying out to each other, names and nonsense babble being uttered. Amazingly, Allura felt herself reaching that point where her body began tightening up in anticipation, the girl realizing she was close to falling into pleasure’s embrace. “More!” She demanded, pulling his face up so she could kiss him, a quick peck on the lips. “Give me more!” Their mouths locked together, a searing kiss that sought ownership over their souls.

Allura squealed into the kiss, feeling her body react, the pleasure making her writhe and sing. Shaking, she felt herself spasming, body clenching and unclenching as it gripped hold of Lotor’s cock. Lotor’s movements became even more vigorous, the prince letting out soft grunts as he worked to reach his own completion. A few more of those desperate strokes, and suddenly he was howling, his head tossed back as his fingers dug into her waist hard enough to bruise.

She felt something release inside her, Lotor’s seed shooting deep within her. Like everything about this encounter it was warm, Allura startled by the feel of him emptying inside her. His whole body seemed to shudder with his release, Lotor holding on to her, making sure to fill her completely. With a heavy draw of breath, he kissed her, drawing out of her body only to collapse next to her on the love seat.

He didn’t ignore her, pulling her against him so that her face rested on his chest. She placed a hand on his skin, finding he no longer felt as hot to the touch, Allura pulling back. He looked at her questioningly, the princess raising a hand to his brow, feeling for his temperature. He was not quite cool to the touch, but she smiled, relieved. It seemed his fever had broke, Allura settling back against his chest with a happy smile.

His hands were in her hair, stroking long fingers through her mane. Allura let out a blissful sigh, feeling more content than she could ever remembering being. They sat like that for a few minutes more, Allura snuggling close as she half dozed. Lotor’s voice startled her awake, Allura blinking sleepy eyes at him, seeing him look at her with a serious expression on his face.

“Allura…..what does this mean?” He asked, and she paused.

“It means…” Allura said, giving careful consideration to his question. She thought about what happened, she thought about her feelings, she thought about love and the possibility of it. Lotor seemed to hold his breath, waiting for her answer. She finally offered a small smile. “It means that I am ready to be a true wife to you.” She couldn’t, wouldn’t say she loved him. Of all the emotions she felt for him, love was the one she was least sure about.

She could see Lotor was disappointed by her answer, his eyes lowering as he sighed. But he didn’t pull away from her, keeping her cuddled close against him. Finally he spoke, voice soft. “For now….that is enough.”

She was relieved by his words, not wanting to ruin what they had just shared with an argument. Nor did she want him to force her to examine her feelings too closely, Allura still amazed she had surrendered herself to him so completely.

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