Freedom 26

He slowly drew awake, lips parting to let out a sigh of contentment, Lotor feeling relaxed and at ease. It was strange but the prince could not remember ever feeling so happy, so at peace. Not even back on Planet Doom, snug in his own bed had allowed Lotor to feel this way. Not when there was always an underlying anxiety, Lotor having to worry about his father’s ever changing moods, and the pressures put upon him to conquer Planet Arus. But now things were different, a burden had been lifted from his shoulders, Lotor opening his eyes to gaze at the woman lying next to him.

She was still sleeping, Allura snuggled against his side, her beautiful blue eyes hidden from him, her lashes thick and heavy against her cheeks. Her golden mane was unkempt, blond tresses wild and unruly the result of Lotor running his fingers through them again and again. Her lips were curved in a sweet smile, mouth looking swollen from all the kisses he had bestowed upon her. Indeed her skin was dotted with love bites, her neck and her breasts bearing the mark of his mouth, Lotor smirking, proud to see them on her.

He settled back against the pillows, sparing a glance around the room, memories playing in his mind. At some point during the night, they had returned to the bedroom, Lotor carrying a laughing Allura. They had tumbled downwards onto the sheets, and there Lotor began to educate her on all the many ways a man and a woman could love each other, showing her position after position, bringing her to new heights of ecstasy. She was an eager student, eyes watching him intently, hands eager to explore him just as fully as he did her.

Allura blossomed under his touch, the girl quick to burn with passion and ardor. Lotor was pleased, having always suspected her prim and proper attitude would hide a real tigress in the bedroom. Lotor stifled his chuckles, not yet wanting to wake her. Instead he began pulling on the sheets that were tangled around them, uncovering the princess so that he could study her more in depth.

It was hard just to look, he couldn’t resist touching her, rolling her off him and onto her back. His hands came forward, cupping her breasts, liking how his blue skin stuck out against the peaches and cream complexion of Allura’s. For a second he just stared, and then he was giving her a gentle squeeze, Allura letting out a half moan, squirming in her sleep. It made him smile, watching her movements, hands continuing to knead at her pliant flesh.

Allura moaned louder this time, moving sensually, her nipples starting to bud in response to his handling of her. His grin widened, Lotor watching her with sly eyes, her head tossing from side to side as she started to come awake. He dropped a hand between her legs, nudging her thighs apart and shifted, getting in between them. She was just opening her eyes when he entered her, her breath being drawn out in a sharp hiss.


“Hmm, morning.” Lotor said, holding back a moan as he savored the feel of being buried inside her. He had spent countless hours like this during the night, and each time he was amazed, feeling as though it was the first time all over again. She was like molten fire around him, burning him alive as she gripped tight hold of his cock.

“Mor…AH! Morning!” Allura gasped back, her hands reaching for him, being placed on the bend in his arms. Her eyes studied him, taking note of what he was doing, and then she was speaking. “I wasn’t ready yet.” She complained but her pouty lips fought not to smile as she moaned.

“You feel plenty ready to me.” Lotor smirked, moving his hips, beginning the process of loving her slowly. A thrust from him had her squealing, Lotor biting his lip as he went in deep, feeling as though he was touching the very center of her soul with each stab of his cock. She squeezed in response, body tightening up, leaving Lotor to gasp and grunt in pleasure.

His hands were still on her breasts, thumbs extended to rub over her nipples, Allura letting out excited little noises. She began shaking, her hips pushing back against him, increasing both their pleasures. The time for talking was shoved aside in the face of pleasure, neither one wanting to concentrate on anything but the feelings they aroused in one another.

Lotor hauled Allura up so she sat facing him, legs spread around him as he positioned her in his lap. Her hands went around his shoulders, Allura leaning in to kiss him, tongue licking across his lips as he began thrusting upwards. His hands lifted her with ease, bouncing her in place on his lap. Singing his praises, Allura bounced, doing a wiggle grind that had him seeing stars, Lotor nearly losing himself right then and there.

He thrust harder, Allura moaning, mouth now planted on the side of his face. He turned his head, allowing her kisses to fall on his sensitive ears, Allura nibbling gently on the lobe of it. A flick of her tongue had him moving faster, Lotor forgetting his desire to go slow, finding he was twitching inside her. He knew he was close, Lotor fighting to hold back, waiting for Allura to join him in experiencing a release.

She reached it with a few more thrusts from him, her approving moans echoing in his ears as she went squealing into bliss. Her body attempted to milk him, acting like a fist squeezing him as she tried to draw him into spilling his seed. He didn’t fight the feeling, erupting into pleasure with a loud roar.

When it was over they held each other, their bodies trembling, Allura staying seated on top of Lotor. He hugged his arms around her, staring into her eyes, finding talking was all the more intimate with him still inside her.

“I guess you must be trying to make up for the last few days.” Allura said, having recovered enough to speak.

Lotor laughed, nuzzling his face against the side of hers. “Oh no Allura! Heh….this is quite normal for me.” She looked stunned, and he smirked, confidant she was impressed by his stamina.

“N…normal?!” She squeaked out, and he nodded. She shook her head no, sounding a little exasperated when next she spoke. “And here I thought you were just extra energetic from sleeping the last three days away!”

Now it was his turn to be stunned, Lotor staring at her in shock. “Three days? You mean I’ve lost out on three days?!”

“You were very sick.” Allura answered. “We…we feared you wouldn’t make it.”

“What exactly happened while I was ill?” Lotor asked her, slowly lifting her off him. He laid her back down on the sheets, Lotor laying on his side, his hand on her belly. His fingers absentmindedly caressed her skin there, his eyes intent on her face.

“That’s right….you don’t know.” Allura realized. “You…you were poisoned. We don’t yet know with what, but the results should be coming back any day now.”

Lotor fought back the urge to curse. “How long does it take to figure out what kind of poison it is?!” He gave thought to wondering if the doctor had delayed things on purpose, wanting to rid Allura of her previously unwanted husband.

“It’s a particularly nasty poison that masquerades itself as other, less deadly poisons.” Allura explained. “Doctor Gorma has been working day and night to narrow down which one it is exactly, trying to make a cure. But…” A coy look then, Allura smiling. “You seem to have recovered on your own from it.”

“Still I’d like to get checked out just to make sure the poison is out of my system.” Lotor said, rising to sit up. Allura also sat, watching him as he ran a hand through his hair. “Do we know who is responsible for it?”

“No not yet.” Allura told him. “But your men, Commander Merack in particular, have been very diligent about interrogating the kitchen staff. Not to mention making sure all meals are cleared through a check point before being delivered to us.”

“They think the poison came from something I ate?” Lotor asked, standing up and striding over to the bureau. He began opening drawers, removing a fresh pair of pants and a shirt.

“Most likely it did.” Allura said. She walked over to the closet, rummaging through her dresses. She settled on one that was the pink color she so favored. Bra and panties were added to her ensemble, Allura starting to get dressed as she talked. “We took separate meals the first night we were here…and I didn’t get to eat the food the morning you fell ill. One of those times had to have been when the poison was given to you.”

“You could have been in danger.” Lotor growled, buttoning up his shirt. “In trying to get to me, they could have killed you!!” Allura looked uncomfortable at the thought, shrugging her shoulders before she pulled on her dress.

“But they didn’t.” Allura pointed out, turning her back so Lotor could help her do up the laces of her bodice. “I’m fine Lotor…It’s you I’m worried about.” Lotor sighed, placing a kiss on the back of her shoulder, fingers working to do up the criss cross pattern of her corset.

“Is it selfish of me to be pleased by that worry?” Lotor wondered, turning her around in his arms. She smiled and shook her head no, allowing Lotor to kiss her. He meant what he said, finding pleasure in her concern. It was just one step closer to Allura developing real feelings for him, to coming to love him like he so desperately desired.

Reluctantly he broke the kiss, murmuring against her lips. “I find if we delay much long, I will find a reason to draw you back into bed, poison be damned.”

“We can’t have that happening.” Allura said, lips twitching as she tried not to smile. “Let us go to Doctor Gorma immediately.”

“Right…” Lotor said, taking her hand. And thus connected, they strode out of the bedroom, and into the foyer. Lotor paused to survey the damage, seeing the wicker love seat over turned, their clothes laying shredded on the floor. He glanced at Allura who blushed, Lotor withholding from making a teasing remark as he led her to the doorway.

The guards on the other side of the door were surprised to see him, hastily raising their hands to their hands in a salute as they shouted, “Good morning sir!” The shorter of the men looked Lotor over, checking for signs of his recent illness.

“Are you feeling better sir?”

“Much.” Lotor said, already drawing Allura down the hall behind him. The guards went to follow, and Lotor gave a dismissive wave. “You are to remain here. See that no one enters our chambers, not even the maids.”

“Yes sir!” They dutifully chorused, returning to their posts. Allura was looking at him curiously, Lotor hastening to explain.

“Just an added precaution. I don’t quite trust that a nasty surprise won’t be left in our bedroom.”

“You don’t trust my servants?” She asked, eyes looking sad.

“Allura, one of them tried to kill me!” Lotor exclaimed, and she sighed, hardly able to argue the point. “And I mean to find out just who was responsible, and were they working out of concern for you, or as part of the rebel faction.”

“….Please promise me this.” Allura begged. “Don’t kill anyone…”

“I can’t promise that.” He saw her lips tighten, the princess not liking his words. “But I will promise to wait until we are sure who is the culprit.”

“Fine…” Allura said, taking the lead as they headed down the stair case. They passed by many servants as they walked, Lotor eyeing them all with suspicion, wondering who had had the stomach to commit such a deadly act. He went over a list of suspects in his mind, remembering the little maid and Nanny who had delivered the meal to him.

As he thought of the older woman, he came to a stop, his mouth set in a frown. He could see the events clearly as they happened, the woman being unnaturally clumsy in toppling over the morning’s meal onto Allura’s dress. “Allura!” She turned at the urgency of his voice, looking at him curiously. “Was the breakfast tested for poison?”

“Yes. Yes, it was.” She answered, Lotor frowning harder.

“And was it…the egg souffle that contained the deadly concoction?” Lotor asked. She nodded, and he swore, voice so loud that servants stopped to stare at them.

“Lotor, what is it?” Allura asked, concern in her eyes.

“I know who did it.” Lotor said, voice brimming with confidence. “It was that nanny of yours!” She flinched, taking a step back, Allura shaking her head in denial. “Think about it Allura. She had access to my food. She made sure to keep you from ingesting any of it. She made an attempt against me before, and she has shown clear dislike of our marriage. She’s the perfect suspect!”

“Maybe too perfect.” Allura murmured. “Lotor…Nanny wouldn’t kill anyone. She isn’t capable of that.”

“Tell that to my head which still bears the bump from her attack!” Lotor grumbled at her.

“Someone may be trying to set Nanny up…” continued Allura, he could see how hopeful she appeared as she offered the suggestion. “We have to be sure before we go around accusing anyone.”

Lotor frowned. “Given the circumstances, I feel we already know who did this. You are just in denial Allura.”

“Perhaps.” She agreed, resuming leading him to the medical bay. “But…I know this woman in a way you do not. And I can’t believe she would truly do such an awful thing.”

“For your sake I hope I am wrong.” Lotor said, following her. They walked the rest of the way in silence, Lotor growing more and more certain that Nanny was the one behind the plot to poison him. He was practically bristling with angry indignation by the time they reached Doctor Gorma’s office.

Commander Merack was already inside, the doctor and the Drule looking surprised to see Lotor up and about. Doctor Gorma voiced his displeasure, hurrying forward to usher the prince into a chair. “Are you mad? To be up walking the castle so soon after you were ill?! What if you have a relapse?!””

“I am fine doctor.” Lotor said, allowing the man to fuss over him. “I doubt walking will do me in considering the other more…vigorous exercise I have been doing.” He glanced at Allura, who turned beet red, her hand going to her mouth to cover her shocked gasp.

“Exercise? What exercise?” questioned Doctor Gorma, his stethoscope in hand as he listened to Lotor’s heart beat.

“Just adhering to my typical routine.” Lotor answered, inhaling a deep breath at the doctor’s order.

“I think you should lay off the vigorous activity for a few days more.” The doctor grumbled, stepping away from Lotor. “At least your heart sounds good. Lungs sound clear of fluid as well. And your fever is gone, that in itself is a small miracle. We almost lost you, you know.”

“Yes, my bride Allura has filled me in on the details this morning.” Lotor told him. “I was hoping you would be able to fill in the gaps. Just what was that poison that was administered to me?” He saw Merack and the doctor exchange looks, clearly hesitant to speak. “Doctor?”

“We’ve learned some troubling things.” Commander Merack said instead, the doctor returning to his desk.

“Troubling?” Lotor lifted a brow. “More troubling than someone trying to poison your prince? Merack looked uncomfortable, almost fidgeting under Lotor’s stare. Doctor Gorma was removing a needle from his drawer, attaching a vial to it as he made the preparations to draw Lotor’s blood. “Well? Isn’t someone going to answer me?”

“You weren’t the intended target.” Merack said at last, and Lotor frowned. “The poison you were given….it wasn’t anywhere near the correct dosage to kill a Drule. However…” Now Merack looked at Allura, Lotor following his gaze with growing horror. “If the princess had taken even a bite of that poisoned souffle, she would have died instantly.”

“No…” Allura gasped, horrified. Lotor was on his feet in an instant, his arms going around her in support.

“Just what are you saying?” Lotor demanded.

“We think princess Allura was the one meant to die, not you.” Merack said apologetically. “There’s more.”

“More?” Allura sounded upset, and rightfully so. “How can it get any worse?”

“The resistance has sent a letter to the castle. In it they name you, princess as a traitor to the planet.” Merack explained. “They all but called for your death.” Allura grew pale at his words, Lotor hugging her tightly, his right hand going to her hair as he sought to soothe her with his touch.

“I will kill them.” Lotor swore, his voice a soft growl. “Each and every last one of them will pay.”

“We have no way of knowing the resistance is behind this.” Doctor Gorma said, needle in hand. “It could just be a coincidence of timing.”

“Or it could be the first of an attempt by them!” Lotor snapped, and Merack nodded.

“I am interrogating the servants. One or more of them may be in cahoots with the rebels.” The commander said.

“NO!” Allura protested. “The servants have been with me for years, some since I was a child. They would not betray me like this!”

“Not all of them.” Doctor Gorma said. “We do have a few new ones, thanks to your husband.”

“Ah…” Lotor said, a sour taste in his mouth. “You refer to my former harem slaves?”


“They would not dare go against me!” Lotor said confidently. “They love me.”

“Perhaps.” Doctor Gorma sounded disbelieving. “But the drug we found in your system has been identified as a very rare one, available only on Planet Doom.” More gasps from Allura, Lotor narrowing his eyes at the doctor. “Don’t give me that look. I am simply stating the facts. This drug is not easily available on Planet Arus. Someone would have had to have brought it with them, or spent a lot of gold to import it. Gold most of the people on Arus do not have…thanks to your attacks against them” This last was said pointedly, Doctor Gorma glaring back at Lotor.

“Let us concentrate on discovering the traitor in our midst.” Merack said, trying to keep the peace between the two men.

“You have a plan?” asked Allura, and the commander nodded.

“Yes. I want permission to withdraw the soldiers who have been placed in the castle kitchens.” Merack said. “If we lower security, pretend we are not watching so closely, the killer may attempt to strike again.”

“You would use my wife as bait?” Lotor demanded, his glare now leveled at his commander.

“She’d never be in any real danger.” Merack was quick to assure him. “We’d be watching in secret. And the food would thoroughly be tested before given to you.”

“Plus I have now completed the inoculation against the poison.” Doctor Gorma added. “Once administered, the poison will have no effect on you should you accidentally ingest it.”

Still Lotor hesitated, turning to look at Allura. He touched her face, fingers stroking her cheek as he studied her features. “Gods! How can you ask me to risk her? She is my world!”

“If we don’t act to catch the culprit, they may attempt some other means to get at the princess.” Merack pointed out.

“Lotor…please..” Allura said. “Let us do what they ask. It’s a risk, but I am willing to take it to find out who did this.”

“All right…” He sighed, regret in his voice. He turned to look at Merack. “Do what you must. Catch this assailant and fast.”

“Yes, sire!” Bowing, Merack moved to leave the room. “I’ll get right on it.” The door closed shut behind him, already they could hear his voice, speaking in Drule as he issued commands into his com unit.

“You’re doing the right thing.” Allura said, and Lotor shook his head.

“I hope so.”

“Please….sit down.” Doctor Gorma said, waiting for Lotor to let go of Allura. The prince did so reluctantly, the doctor moving to swab at his flesh with a cleanser. Lotor watched as the needle was injected into his arm, his blood quickly filling up the attached vial. “I’ll run some tests on it, make sure the poison is all gone before administering the inoculation.”

“Thank you doctor.” Allura said, Doctor Gorma nodding at her. He stepped towards the door, the sound of Lotor’s voice stopping him.

“Oh doctor? When you get a moment, I’d like to see about putting Allura on some birth control.” Doctor Gorma paused, his eyes wide as he glanced at Allura, whose face was shocked.

“Er yes…I will get a prescription filled immediately.” Doctor Gorma said, and then fled from the room. The door had barely swung shut before Allura turned to Lotor, her eyes flashing with anger. Lotor stared back at her, realizing his mistake too late, leaving him to wonder how he would talk his way out of this one.

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