Freedom 32

Lotor heard Allura make a sound, a muffled sigh of surrender as his mouth covered hers. He’d smirk if he wasn’t so busy kissing her, enjoying how her body relaxed against him, his wife completely at ease on his lap. What a difference a few days made, Lotor marveling at the change in her. He could still remember their wedding night, how stiff and full of tension she had been. No sign of that now, Allura not only yielding to him but participating, her fingers caressing his hair.

He was totally focused on her, Lotor losing himself to the feel of her lips. They were as soft as ever, pliant beneath his, moving in an enticing rhythm that he matched. Lotor had to fight to remember not to push harder against her mouth, not wanting to bruise her. To take it slow, savor Allura’s kisses, knowing she would open up to him at just the merest prodding of his tongue.

He couldn’t help himself, he growled against her lips, a sound that spoke of possession and his desire for her. She answered his growl with a squeal, Allura proving to be a noisy little thing when engaged in the throes of passion. He soon silenced her sounds, tongue traveling forth to coax her lips open. Instantly they did, Allura’s own tongue just as eager as his, the girl doing shy flicks against his bold thrusts.

It was strange, but Lotor could not remember ever enjoying kissing a woman as much as he did Allura. It was just something about her that made him want to delay things, to savor the moment as he set a slow, leisurely pace to explore everything about her.

He practically ate at her lips, tongue overwhelming hers as he let raw need boil over into the kiss. He still kept his hand on her hair, fingers clutching it tightly as he controlled her movements, leaving her at the mercy of his whims. She couldn’t pull back, not that Allura was attempting to do any such thing. Instead she pressed against him, lips rubbing against his, tongue growing less timid the more he toyed with her.

When he finally allowed the kiss to be broken, she was panting, eyes looking dazed. Lotor loved that about her, loved how he could kiss her senseless, leaving her breathless and wanting more. Her chest heaved, enticing movement that caused the opened top to offer tempting glimpses of the globes of her breasts. He forced his eyes away from the sight of her bosom, instead looking at her, a chuckle escaping him.

“What?” Allura asked, confused by his mirth.

A playful lick of her cheek, Lotor’s finger’s carefully tracing the outline of her breasts in her skin tight top. “It’s just I often had fantasies like this…”

“Fa..fantasies?” His thumb found the spot where her nipple should be, Lotor pressing down in a fast rub meant to entice it to blossom. It did so beautifully, the material of her uniform protruding slightly as her hardened nipple pushed against it. He turned his attention to her left breast, taking care to rub a reaction out of her other nipple, hearing Allura moan.

“Yes fantasies. Of what I would do to you if I ever caught you…alone and dressed in this scintillating uniform.” She blushed, Lotor resuming tracing the material around the bottom of her breasts. “Awfully bold of you Allura, to wear something like this. Something that leaves very little to the imagination.” She was quiet, just staring at him, her cheeks seeming to grow redder and redder.

“I used to tease myself with visions of you in this very outfit.” Continued Lotor, hand moving downwards, across her belly. “Not many women could wear something so form fitting and have it look half as good as you do.” They were staring into each other’s eyes, Lotor relying on touch to see the rest of her, feeling her up like a blind man would. “You should say thank you Allura, when someone pays you a compliment.”

“Th…thank you!” She stuttered, it came out more indignant than grateful, Lotor smirking. He could see curiosity in her eyes, Allura licking her lips as she got up the courage to ask him something. “Tease yourself how?”

His smile widened, eyes gleaming as he maintained eye contact with her. “I used to touch myself Allura.”

“Oh!” Shock from her, both from his words and the fact that he had just unbuckled her belt.

“Yes…” Lotor continued, voice practically purring as he caressed her stomach. “I used to lay back in the darkness of my room, and just…” His hand nudged lower, fingers slipping between her legs, making her squirm about. “…touch.” His fingers pressed against the lycra of her uniform, pushing down against the center of her covered womanhood.

“It…almost calmed me down.” Continued Lotor, beginning to rub against the lycra, fingers feeling out what the material tried to hide. “Made me able to think clearly once more. Of course I knew it would never be as satisfying as having you, but there came a certain…relief with my release.” Allura still wasn’t saying anything, but her breath was coming faster, the girl letting out a moan as his fingers played against her covered slit. Her legs actually parted, a silent encouragement to continue, Lotor allowing a smirk to cross his lips.

“Did you ever think of me Allura?” Lotor asked, pressing his fingers harder against her. He was wearing gloves, it kept him from telling if the lycra was growing damp, fingers doing a slow glide up and down. Such a small area to cover, but it had Allura moaning, her body starting to tremble. “When you were all alone? In the darkness of the night, after one of our encounters, did you ever, even think of me?”

“Yes.” She gasped out, trying to shake her head. “But not like that!”

“No, I suppose you wouldn’t.” He murmured. “Good girls like you don’t do things like that. But I’m not good, and I’m no girl…” His lips twitched, Lotor amused by his words. “It’s wasn’t just the outfit you see…” He continued, watching Allura flail about with her arms, unsure of what to do with them. She settled for grabbing onto his knee with one hand, the other resting across her waist. “But the thought of what came with it.”

“The lions?!” She asked him, blue eyes staring at him.

Her answer made him chuckle, Lotor shaking his head no. “Well, that too. But mostly it was about you…Of course…” He glanced away from her, looking at their surroundings. “I must admit to entertaining certain….thoughts about the lions. Especially this one in particular.”

“Black lion?” Allura moaned out, doing her best to push herself against his fingers.

Lotor smiled at her actions, moving his fingers faster, harder against her. “I used to think about the day the lions would be in my control. All the things I would do with them. But out of all the possibilities…one struck my fancy more than the others….can you possibly guess what that is?” She said nothing, just moaned, Lotor chuckling in response. “To have you Allura, to…seduce you while inside a lion….inside this lion.”

She had closed her eyes, but now they opened, a brief startled flash in them. “In Keith’s lion?!” The way she said it made it sound like it was akin to sacrilege, Lotor having to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

“Keith’s lion no more.” He pointed out, pulling his fingers out from between her legs. Allura actually whined in protest, her kiss swollen lips forming a cute pout. “The captain may be gone, but the fantasy still remains…one I intend to fulfill.”

“Here….now?” Her eyes were wide, but the blue held a frustrated light to them. She was still mourning the removal of his fingers, Allura aroused but hardly fulfilled from a few intense touches.

“Yes, now.” Lotor laughed, hand reaching for her zipper. She shifted, allowing her arm to fall away from her waist so that he could unzip her top all the way down. Her breasts stayed covered, only the sides of them revealed, the top loosened but sticking in place to her skin. “No need to act surprised Allura.” Lotor told her, releasing his hold on her hair, seeing her frown at him. “You had to know this would happen the instant I started touching you.”

“Well, yes but…I had thought we could do this somewhere a tad more comfortable…”

“Is that a complaint Allura?” Lotor asked, fingers playing with the line of skin revealed down her open top. “When you were just so compliant a moment ago?” The blush was back in her cheeks, a furious red color as Lotor rubbed the leather of his glove along her smooth skin. He wanted to touch her directly, Lotor lifting his hand, biting down on a gloved fingertip. He gave a yank, glove pulling free of his hand bit by bit.

He left it lying across his knee, unconcerned with it’s precarious perch as he returned his hand to her skin. He loved seeing the blue of his skin on top of her pale complexion, seeing the beauty of the two colors against each other. For now he settled on that strip of exposed skin, feeling Allura shift restlessly beneath his hand. It only made him want to tease her more, doing a slow slide of fingers up towards her breasts.

It was hardly the part she wanted him to touch, she made a noise, a slight whine of impatience as she stared down at his hand. But she didn’t ask him to stop, didn’t bade him to move lower, so he continued, determined to drive her wild with need and frustration.

His fingers were between her breasts, he nudged the tips under the material over her right breast. He took his time in pealing the lycra off her breast, doing a slow reveal that teased him as much as it did her. The other side was done with equal care, Lotor bending over her chest so that his hair fell forward, white mane brushing across her skin. She made a sound, a soft gasp and to Lotor’s trained eyes it appeared her nipples tightened even further.

Lotor moved his head, slow and purposeful, letting his hair tickle across her skin, hearing a giggle escape her. He smiled, eyes focused on her breasts, even as he bent down further. His breath huffed across her skin, hot but it made her shiver. His hand moved, brushing his hair out of the way, a moment before he brought his lips to bear on her skin.

“Lotor..” Allura, purring his name, letting out sighs that hinted strongly of her approval. He kissed all over her breasts, taking the time and care to cover every inch. He even lifted them up with his hand, kissing the neglected underside of her breasts, mouthing at the skin hard enough to bruise. Allura touched his hands, not quite grabbing his wrists, letting her own fingers caress the back of them.

His own excitement rose as he handle her skin, prodding at her back side, Allura’s weight firmly settled on top of his lap. Every time she moved, it sent delicious tingles down his shaft, only causing further reaction from him. She could feel it, and she seemed to tease him back, moving purposefully so that Lotor moaned into her skin, fighting not to become impatient for her.

His mouth continued it’s mission, working around her rosy nipples, feeling the bumps that dotted her areola. He pressed his tongue firmly on her skin, doing a slow drag that washed over the nipple and the surrounding flesh. He licked harder, the music of Allura’s moans in his ear, his hand playing with her other breast, intent on leaving neither one neglected.

He squeezed, he fondled, his fingers manipulated her flesh, Allura writhing under his skilled hands. Lotor’s other hand went for the bottom half of her uniform, fingers working to pull the snug lycra down her legs, dragging her panties down as well. They got caught on her boots, Lotor paying only half attention as he tried to strip her, working his lips over her nipple, rubbing that hard flesh from side to side with his mouth.

“Lotor wait..” Allura’s voice, her hands touching him, trying to ease him back from his task. He glanced at her, and she blushed, words sheepish as she spoke. “Let me do it…”

“All right…” Lotor said, allowing her to flee his lap. She was awkward, bending over to pull off her boots, Lotor enjoying the view she so innocently offered him. The boots hit the floor with a metallic twang, followed quickly by her pants and panties. She barely had time to straighten, he was already grabbing her, pulling her back onto his lap. Allura giggled at his impatience, twisting about to face him, body positioned over his lap so that she straddled his hips. He grabbed her shapely rear, pushing her down against him, groaning to feel her squirm on his erection.

A hand up her back, a quick glide across the ridges of her spine, Lotor’s aim to grab hold of her hair once more. He all but crushed her to him, kissing her deep, passion and need motivating his lips. His other hand was between them, gloved fingers working impatiently to get his kilt up, to gain access to his pants. He jerked it up impatiently, fingers finding the zipper, a sigh of relief issuing against Allura’s lips as his erection was freed.

Allura moved against him, rubbing herself shamelessly against his throbbing cock, Lotor growling and grabbing onto her hips, trying to still her movements. If she kept it up, he’d lose control, he’d force her down hard and fast, consequences be damned.

Allura made a noise, a happy squeal, the princess fighting against his hands’ hold on her. The little minx seemed determined to drive him wild, his wife bringing her own hands to touch his chest, the effect of her caresses not losing one bit against the material of his uniform. She pressed herself against him, leaning in to inhale deeply of his scent, her breath blowing warmly across his neck.

She was no longer the shy virgin of a few days ago, Allura bold enough to touch and kiss him in return for his affections. She did so now, burying her face against the side of his neck, lips working over his skin. It was ridiculous, but such an action from her pleased him immensely, Lotor wanting to purr like a great big kitten as he felt her covering his flesh with her kisses.

She even went so far as to graze his neck with her teeth, her tongue quickly licking over the imprint she had made. Lotor stroked the small of her back, sighing in pleasure, feeling absolutely content to hold her in his arms. She began writhing as soon as he let go of her hips, moving against his erection in such a way, all it would take was a thrust from him to impale her on his cock. Such a visual made him moan, Lotor still maintaining the presence of mind to reach into his pant’s pocket, fingers desperately searching for a condom.

He brought the tiny packet to his teeth, using them to tear it open. Allura heard the sound, pulling back enough to see. “Let me.” She said, reaching for it, Lotor’s fingers unresisting as she took the packet from his hand. She quickly pulled the condom out, glancing down at his erection. He wanted to stop her, thinking her inexperienced hands might fumble and waste the latex shield, but all such thoughts fled his mind the minute her small hand closed around his cock.

She was blushing as she touched him, fist stroking his hardness though he needed no further preparation. It only served to tease him, Lotor hissing out her name, urgency at the core of that sound. It was proof of her innocence that her eyes didn’t take on a wicked gleam, Allura not deciding to torment him in return for his teasing of her. Instead she went straight to her task, carefully rolling the condom down his shaft, Lotor sighing at the necessity of it all.

Condom in place, she scooted forward to kiss him, Lotor’s hands shifting to her ass, lifting her up and holding her directly over his cock. A second’s delay, his cock probing at the entrance to her body, and then he was easing her down, penetrating her in one swift movement. Together they cried out, Lotor’s fingers digging into her skin, as he prepared to move.

Allura hugged him tight to her, eyes locked on his, watching his face intently. He let all the love he felt for her show in his eyes, whispering her name as he thrust into her. His actions were helped by his hands, bouncing her in place on his lap, Lotor watching as she closed her eyes, head falling back as she moaned. Allura wiggled and moved her own hips, pushing against his thrusts.

Lotor kissed the front of her throat, licking and biting at the delicate flesh, groaning as he felt her squeeze all around him. It was no less intense being with her like this, the latex of the condom not dulling him to the sensations her body offered him.

He thrust harder, feeling her do a bounce wiggle that had him seeing stars. Her fingers played with his hair, sure to cause tangles but he didn’t care, enjoying the feel of her fingers stroking through his mane. “Hmmm Lotor…” Immense satisfaction in Allura’s tone, his wife gasping and squealing in response to his hard thrusts.

Lotor felt at odds with his body. On the one hand he felt like he could keep up this pace for hours at a time. The other was impatient, wanting to end this, and reach fulfillment with her. The friction their bodies generated together driving him mad, Lotor growling as he bounced her in place, hearing the slap of her skin on his thighs.

Time seemed to slow, it all became a blur, nothing else mattering except the feel of Allura here and now. He kissed down to her shoulder, biting the material of her top. Allura cried out, and everything about her seemed to tense, body grasping hold of his as though it would never let go. He kept moving, letting out guttural grunts, stabbing himself in deeper, Allura shuddering from the throes of her orgasm. Lotor knew every thrust, every movement of his let her feel after shocks, tiny pleasurable vibrations that had her quivering all around him.

“Lotor! Please…” Her tone begging, Allura bouncing harder. “Enough! I can’t take anymore.”

“You’ll take it and like it.” He growled, seconds before he sealed his mouth over hers. A greedy kiss, meant to muffle her protests, Lotor’s tongue subduing hers in a flurry of caresses and strokes.

His actions soon brought her a second time, Allura all but screaming against his lips. He eagerly ate up her sounds, kissing her thoroughly, and only then with her moaning and squeezing all around him, did he take his own pleasure, come erupting from him in an explosion that was contained by the latex.

The sound of their panting filled the lion, seeming to echo all around them as they pulled apart. “I asked you to stop….” She tried to pout, but it ended up in a smile, a dazzling display of white teeth as she grinned at him.

“And I knew better than to listen.” He retorted, hand brushing back her hair. Her curls wanted to cling to her cheeks, damp from how she had perspired during their love making. Allura mimicked his moves, brushing back his own hair. “Come…I don’t know about you, but I have worked up an appetite.”

“I could go for a bite to eat myself.” Allura said, allowing Lotor to lift her up off him. He carefully set her down, noticing her legs seemed shaky as she moved, Allura pausing to pick up her clothes. Lotor glanced down at his crotch, sighing at the sight of the condom. He hated this part of the whole affair, trying to decide how to dispose of the mess. Especially here in the lion, where there was no trash receptacle.

He was careful as he pulled it off, tying the end off so that nothing would spill. He ended up leaving the used condom lying across the lion’s console, making a note to dispose of it later. For now he settled for tucking himself back into his pants, zipper sounding loud as he pulled it up. His kilt was adjusted, brought down to cover his hips, Lotor setting himself right again.

Allura was zipping up her top, eyes on the floor as she looked for her discarded belt. Lotor stood, striding over to the rear of the lion, intent on retrieving the basket. He found it, hefting it up one handed, turning to glance at his wife. “All set?”

“Yes.” She said, cinching the belt at her waist. She went over and pressed a button, metal hatch opening on the ceiling of the lion. He gave her a boost, hands lingering on her rear, Allura climbing up out of the lion. He handed the basket to her, and then pulled himself up through the hatch, ready to leap down from joint to joint of the lion.

All too soon they had a blanket spread out on the grass before the lion, Allura opening the basket, unpacking the food. Lotor watched her, sitting back on his knees, a smile on his face.

“What?” She asked, noticing the look he gave her. His smile widened, Lotor shaking his head.

“Nothing. Just like looking at you.” He said, making her blush. He took the sandwich she handed to him, fingers slowing unwrapping the cellophane, eyes still studying her. “It’s hard to believe we’re back here…back where it all started.”

She paused, sandwich half way to her mouth, glancing around the woods with new eyes, He saw the understanding come across her face, Allura realizing they were near to where his ship had crashed a few short weeks ago. It had long since been salvaged, any viable parts taken away by the Arusians, surely used to maintain their own ships.

“You’re right.” Allura said. “This was where everything changed for us.”

“Changed for the better.” Lotor said confidently. Instead of answering she set to eating her sandwich, nibbling on the ends. Lotor ate more vigorously, enjoying the meats and the herbs that seasoned his sandwich.

“I wonder when Doctor Gorma will have the results of my blood tests.” Allura said, reaching for a bottle of spring water. “Does it normally take this long to run tests?”

“I guess he wants to make sure everything is all right.” Lotor said, unconcerned. “But it will be a relief once he gets you on the pill. Condoms are such a bother.”

She giggled at him, giving a rueful shake of her head. “For all the bother you complain about, you sure don’t let that interfere with our love making!”

“Well, I am certainly not about to let a thing like that hold me back.” Lotor told her, smirking. “I waited too long to have you, to be with you. I don’t want to waste a minute of our time together.”

“You sound worried as though I am going to go away on you.” Allura commented. “As if our time together is limited. It’s not.” She reached over to touch his hand, covering it with hers. “I promise I’m not going anywhere Lotor.”

He was surprised by her words, the small smile that accompanied her gesture. “I know that Allura. But thank you…” He couldn’t resist teasing her, turning the serious moment light hearted. “Is it our marriage vows that tie you so securely to me, or something else?”

“Whatever could that something be?” Allura asked, Lotor sure she was purposefully misunderstanding him.

“Love Allura.” Lotor said, and she looked away, but not before he saw the hint of a blush on her cheeks. She took her hand away from his, placing it in her lap where her fingers fidgeting with the material of her pants. “I’m talking about, hoping it’s love…”

“Lotor…” She sighed, shaking her head no. “Please don’t. You’ll only be disappointed with my answer.”

He frowned, finding her words alone disappointed him, left him guessing what her answer would be. “All right Allura. I won’t push the issue.” For once it was his turn to lose his appetite, Lotor setting down his half eaten sandwich. An uneasy silence fell between them, Allura busying herself with dining on a salad so as not to speak to him. He was no better, letting the awkwardness stretch out between them, brooding as he wondered what else he needed to do to win her love.

“Ah…” He spoke at last, Lotor clearing his throat for her attention. “I thought you might like to help me arrange a party.”

“A party?”

“Yes.” Lotor nodded. “It won’t be too elaborate an affair. Just a small get together for the various officials of the planet. A chance to meet and greet those in charge of governing the various towns and kingdoms.” A small smile. “I’m sure you would like to see your Aunt, Orla was it?”

“Yes Orla.” A flicker of interest was in her eyes, Allura starting to warm up to the idea of a party.

“Then it’s settled.” Lotor said. “I’ll leave the details of it to you to decide and plan. It’ll give you something to do in the meantime.”

One thought on “Freedom 32

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  1. This is so amazing and dark. For the first 6 chapters I could have cried; I felt terrified. This was a genuine horror story. Especially the scene when he first got her in that cave I was really afraid he was going to rape her. Really. I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep reading I felt so queasy.

    You did such a unique job of showing the horrors of Doom. It was a hell beyond my imagination. If another writer has come even close to it, I haven’t read it. I thought “The Marking of the Days” did a good job of relaying how awful it was in that empire, but your account made me FEEL how black it is. You made it a truly hopeless place. And the scene in the arena was terrifying. And then Lotor did such a sweet job of comforting her!

    I liked that Lotor was helping Allura get acclimated to him physically, instead of Allura just lying there like a blow-up doll. All of that is really cool.

    And then right when you get me thinking he’s all sweet, I was completely chilled–again–when I found out how horribly he treated his harem.

    I’ve really enjoyed your characterization of everyone, especially Allura. I found I kept putting myself in her shoes, so much so, that I found myself uncharacteristically on the side of the Voltron Force hoping they would rescue her! And then later, when they were eating breakfast on the roof of the castle, I was thinking she would reconsider her decision to be with him after finding how he treated his harem, and especially when lions were brought back out into the sky. I thought that would make her feel sad thinking about how much her planet had changed and for the worse.

    And Nanny, Coran, and Zarkon all seemed like real 3D people. I was expecting you to throw in something personal about Nanny. I was predicting you would reveal that she’d had her heart broken, and so that’s why she taught Allura to be so prudish. I was just strange to me that someone would teach their “daughter” that sex was dirty and perverted unless something had happened to them in the past. Anyway, I was just praising that you made me wonder about Nanny in a way I never had before.

    (Ha! In this last chapter, when Lotor growled, “You’ll take it and like it,” for some reason I thought of Rhett Butler. Weird.)

    I read “Rules of Engagement” and it’s like two different people wrote these. Gives me hope in myself!

    Thanks! I’ll come back again sometime.

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