Freedom 53

There was numbers over the door, dimly lit carvings that briefly came alive with a flash of red light. That light drew attention to it, signaling what floor the elevator had just passed by. Motors hummed, a smooth sound resonating around the small enclosed place, whirring down slowly as the elevator drew to a stop. A ding accompanied it’s halting, the doors sweeping open to reveal a waiting Drule who was clad in a soldier’s uniform.

That soldier bowed smartly to the emerging couple, Prince Lotor sweeping out into the hall, his right hand firmly holding the small hand of his wife, the princess Allura. She had a smile on her face, nodding her hello at the soldier, the Drule pausing, stunned by the beauty of Allura’s expression. Lotor could not blame the man for staring, the prince finding he was taking every chance to pause and look at his wife.

Allura noticed Lotor’s eyes on her, her smile being directed at him as she gave a soft squeeze of his hand. It reassured him, let him know she was real, and that this was not a dream, Lotor stepping quicker down the hall. Allura followed him, a silent presence as she looked around, taking in the sights of the ground floor of the tower. He barely noticed, long used to it’s opulent grandness, his thoughts more consumed with the reunion he had had with his wife.

It made him smile, lips curling upwards in an expression of pleasure that all took notice of. Lotor didn’t care, his mood jovial as he thought back on what had to have been one of the best nights of his life in recent memory. Even more astounding was the fact that they had not had sex, the pair sitting up in bed for most of the night just talking. Allura had worn one of his oversized shirts, the sleeves dwarfing her hands as she gestured animatedly to the pictures she painted with her words.

Lotor had laughed, and been enamored of almost all she had to say, sharing his own stories as he continued to hold hands with her. Their touches had been innocent, reaffirming the love that they felt for one another with no demands placed towards one another. There had been a bit of a nervous energy in the room, both of them feeling uncertain on how to proceed, sex a question that went unanswered for now.

Instead they just took the time to get to know one another once more, learning little had changed in the two and a half months since they had last seen each other. Some things made Lotor frown, the prince learning Allura had invited Nanny back to the castle in his absence. It was all right, Allura voiced displeasure when Lotor was less than enthusiastic at her suggestion that he speak to his father about lowering the bounty on Keith’s head. They each had difficulties to get over, problems to work through but they were both determined to make the effort, work together to find happiness.

Now Lotor guided her through the glass doors that led out into the courtyard of the tower, the ground soft beneath their feet as they walked towards a fancy carriage. It was white with gleaming gold adornments, the wheels spokes spiraling curlicues that reached upwards towards the sky. To the front of the carriage sat the driver, perched on the bench just below the roof of the carriage. He held the reigns of the horse like beasts in his hands, the creatures snorting and pawing at the ground, eager to be allowed free range of the road leading out of the courtyard.

Allura’s eyes landed on the beasts, taking in their lizard like faces, seeing the sparkling scales of purple and blue that covered a long neck. That neck tapered down into an equine body, a round barrel with powerful legs that bore hoofed feet. “Timells.” Lotor said, naming the odd creature for her.

“Ah.” She said, still eyeing the tassel covered beasts. “Are…are they dangerous?”

“No more than the horses of Arus.” Lotor assured her, guiding her closer to the carriage. A human hurried forward, dressed in the uniform of a footmen. He pulled open the carriage’s door, standing solicitously to the side to offer an assisting hand to the princess. Lotor reluctantly handed her over to him, watching as Allura gripped one of the wheel’s spokes for support, the princess being boosted up into the carriage.

Lotor ignored the human’s hand, pulling himself up without assistance, to land inside the velvet lined carriage. A pale pink was the fabric on the floor, the material not making a sound as Lotor’s feet walked across it. He had to hunch over, the carriage ceiling being too low for a Drule of his height. Allura had had no such problem, the princess watching him as he sat down on one of the leather lined seats.

He turned to reach for the panel that separated the front of the carriage from the interior. The driver immediately turned his head, eyes peering inside the coach, alert for Lotor’s commands. “Take us to town. Travel along the main street, the one that leads to the park’s promenade.”

“Yes, your highness.”

Satisfied, Lotor closed the panel, turning to look at Allura. She smiled and patted the space next to her, urging him to share the bench with her. Lotor eagerly did so, sinking down into the brown leather with a sigh. “The road leads to town.” He explained to her. “It won’t be long before we reach the outskirts of the city.” Lotor heard the driver make a sound, a command in an alien tongue that had the timells responding. The carriage immediately moved into a brisk trot, the curtains on the windows billowing.

Lotor reached an arm across Allura’s body, pulling open the curtains to the right of her so that she could view the scenery passing them by. She turned to look, and through her, Lotor experienced the sights of Zaroovia in a way he had not appreciated before. He saw the beauty of the country side, the wild plants that grew to towering heights, with colorful bulbs interspersed between thick green grass.

That grass rippled in the wind, the breeze causing petals to fly free, a few straying into the window. They brought with them their flower’s perfume, Lotor breathing deeply of it. It couldn’t compare to the scent of Allura, Lotor finding she smelled like a mixture of vanilla and jasmine. Her laugh twinkled inside the carriage, Allura holding out her hand to catch the petals on her palm.

“They’re so soft.” Allura commented, holding one out to Lotor. He reached with the tips of his fingers, taking the petal from her.

“Yes, very.” Lotor said, watching as the petal crumbled into powder at his insistent rub.

“The flowers on Arus are a lot hardier.” Allura murmured, carefully depositing the petals out the window.

“Well, they’ve had to thrive under a lot of harsh conditions.” Lotor said. Allura nodding, not needing to ask what he meant, knowing that in addition to the harshness of mother nature, they had had to deal with the attacks from Doom. Fires, robeasts trampling them under foot, even chemical war fare. And every time the flowers returned, blooming more beautiful than ever.

“We could learn a lesson from them.” Allura said, leaning into Lotor’s side. She felt relaxed against him, Lotor raising his arm to rest it loosely across her shoulders.

“About survival?” Lotor asked, brow drawn together in confusion.

“Well, that and…how to thrive under harsh conditions.” Allura clarified. “Love is like that. It doesn’t just go away when something bad happens. Not if it’s real. It stays and fights, and comes out stronger.”

“Ah I see.” A teasing note slipped into his voice, Allura giving him a side long glance. “And your love for me is stronger now for all we’ve been through?”

“I’d like to think so.” Allura said, a hesitant smile lighting up her face. “I’ve loved you for a while now you know.”

“Have you?” Lotor asked, seeing her flush, a slight bit of color to her cheeks.

“Yes. I didn’t just realize it when you were gone. I already knew by the night of the ball I had come to love you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” He heard her sigh, saw Allura glance down at her hands which rested lazily in her lap.

“It just never seemed like the right time.” Allura said, frowning. “It came to me suddenly…and before I could voice it to you, so many things happened. And kept on happening. It almost tore my heart in two, leaving me to wonder what to do. After all…” A shrug of her shoulders, Allura glancing up at him once more. “How do you confess you love someone when you are in the midst of an argument?”

“You just blurt out the words.” Lotor said in all seriousness. He turned to face her, his hand reaching towards her face to catch her chin with his long fingers. “Shout I love you with real feeling. The rest will follow naturally.” His lips quirked into a smile, Lotor’s eyes mischievous. “It might have even ended the argument for us if you had told me sooner.”

Allura was frowning, blue eyes worried. “Or it would have given you something to hold over my head.” She muttered, not protesting when he tilted her head up to meet his descending lips. Before he kissed her, he asked her a question, breath caressing over her mouth warmly.

“Do you use my love for you as something to beholden me with?”

“No.” Allura answered, her frown still in place. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Then don’t worry that I will do the opposite.” Lotor said, then fulfilled the promise of the kiss, lips pressing down urgently on hers. Allura immediately reacted, her own lips giving him pleasurable pressure as she tried to mold her lips to his. Lotor kept her chin trapped in his finger’s grasp, holding her steady as he kissed her.

Allura seemed to sigh into the kiss, her hands reaching up to clutch at his shoulders, her nails digging into his jacket. Lotor let just the tip of his tongue slide out, brushing it against the crease of her mouth, an insistent urging for her to part her lips. She did so gladly, revealing the heat of her mouth to him, a warmth Lotor could not wait to explore, his tongue dipping forward to plunder her mouth with fierce passion.

Her fingers tightened their grip on his shoulders, Lotor pressing against her so that she fell heavily against the carriage door. Only then did he lift his mouth from her, Lotor knowing his eyes had quickened with desire. Allura’s own eyes mirrored that look, the blue dark with that emotion as she gazed at him, breath coming quicker. For a second that sound was all he heard, her pants drowning out the sound of the carriage and the timells.

He was again reminded of how much he wanted her, thinking on how long it had been since he had last gotten to do more than kiss Allura. His every instinct screamed at him to ravish her, Lotor fighting the urges to pin her down against the leather bench. But he didn’t know how she’d react, Lotor worried he’d frighten her away with his lustful intensity.

So with a barely restrained sigh, he let her go, moving to straighten up. But Allura surprised them both by grabbing him, her voice sounding panicked as she called out a command. “Wait!”

“Wait?” Lotor hesitated, neither moving away nor coming closer, just staring at her with a heavy gaze.

Her blush deepened, Allura speaking softly. “I don’t mind.”

“I want more than just your concession Allura.” Lotor said, hardly enamored by her words. “I want my wife to be enthusiastic about us sharing intimacy.”

“Now you’re just being difficult.” Allura said, and tugged at his body, trying to draw him close. Lotor refused to be moved, holding himself still as he stared at her. She actually pouted at him, her cheeks turning redder as she blurted out a confession. “Can’t you tell by now? That I want you just as bad? Lotor…I’ve miss you. Not just talking with you, but other things….I…I miss the closeness we shared, the feelings your body made me experience…I….”

He took mercy on her, suddenly pressing forward to kiss her mid sentence. She squealed out in surprise, Lotor chuckling as he licked her lips with his tongue. He kissed her with open mouthed urgency, striving to steal her breath away with his demanding kiss. Allura gave it to him, fingers not only clinging but pulling at his arms, allowing him to pin her down against the bench with his weight.

He didn’t pull back right away, placing soft kisses on each corner of her mouth, feeling the upturn of her lips as she smiled. He trailed a kiss to her cheek, then turned his face, nuzzling cheek to cheek with her. His own hands touched her arms, fingers brushing across the sleeves, the purple muslin thin enough that he could swear he felt the heat radiating off her skin.

Lotor kissed towards her ear, his tongue dipping out to lick along the curve behind it. Allura sighed, tightening her fingers hold on him, Lotor pausing to whisper an urgent question to her. “Are you still on birth control Allura?”

He felt her head move, a nod that had his lips brushing more of her ear, Allura whispering out a yes softly. Lotor grinned, and lifted up off her just high enough to reach out with his hand, pulling the window’s curtains close. “Good….because I don’t think I can wait any longer…”

“Would it really be so bad?” She wondered out loud, eyes serious as she looked at him. His hands were back on her arms, rubbing past her elbows as she spoke, Lotor looking curiously at her. “Having a baby with me?”

“No, it wouldn’t.” He said, then smirked, tightening his grip on her arms as he let a possessive light show in his eyes. “But maybe I’m greedy. I still don’t want to have to share you with anyone else.”

Her lips quirked, Allura fighting a smile as she tried to look stern. “You have to share me sometime you know.”

“But not today…” Lotor said, fingers massaging their way down her arms once more. They skirted over her wrist, to touch the back of her hands, fingers seeking out hers to entwine them together. “And not tomorrow…or the day after…” He brought up one of her hands, Lotor pressing kisses into her palm, lips moving downwards to linger on the pulse point in her wrist.

“All right…” Allura said then giggled. “But soon…”

“Soon.” He agreed, lips beginning to suck sweetly on the pulse point in her wrist. It made her gasp, the giggles dying down as Allura stared up at him, her own eyes darkening further. She moved her free hand, bringing it to the front of his chest, a light airy caress across the shirt revealed over his jacket’s opening. Lotor pressed against that hand of hers, liking the feel of her finger’s movements across his skin.

Lotor lowered her hand, leaving it to lay by her side, a vibrant red mark on her wrist from where his lips had been fastened. Allura smiled at him, her fingers moving down to capture a button on his jacket, working it open. But by bit she got the coat open, reaching with eager hands to brush them across his belly, her fingers drawing his shirt up and out of the waistband of his pants.

A sly look in her eyes, she dipped her hands under his shirt, touching his skin directly. It made Lotor moan, a powerful shudder overtaking him as he felt her warm hands gliding across his abdomen. His own hands were not idle, Lotor touching her waist, feeling impatient at the fabric that barred him from touching her directly. With a sigh, he bent over her, nipping at her throat, Allura letting out a gasp and arching beneath him.

He settled more firmly on top of Allura, not quite straddling her as he lay bent in half, her skirts puffed around them as he caressed and rubbed the sides of her waist. “Lotor…” A dreamy sigh of his name, Allura shifting restlessly. “Touch me more…”

“More Allura?” he couldn’t resist teasing her, keeping his hands somewhat innocent as they avoided her breasts, fingers tracing the curlicues patterns on her dress’ bodice. “Like this?”

“Higher!” She cried out urgently, making a moan out of frustration when his hands did not go high enough to her liking. “Lotor!” He chuckled and gave in, hands cupping her breasts, squeezing them together, so that rose up out of her bodice, poised to spill free of the lace. He paused in his worship of her skin to glance down at the sight of her in his hands, fingers kneading the pliant flesh of her breasts to encourage more sounds from Allura’s lips.

Her own hands moved, sliding to the back of him, fingers hooking over his belt as she held on for support. Lotor was in the process of kissing down to her breasts, when a knocking sound was heard, both royals going stiff with displeased shock at the noise.

He lifted his head, noticing out the corner of his eye the red cheeks of Allura’s face, Lotor realizing the carriage had slowed down somewhat. The knock sounding again, coming from the panel that seperated them from the driver. Lotor sighed and moved off Allura, the girl blushing furiously as she sat up, straightening her dress and making sure nothing showed.

Lotor moved the short distance to the opposite wall, pulling open the panel to hiss out an aggravated word. “What?”

“We’ve reached the town…” The driver’s voice was mild, not betraying if he was aware of what had been going on inside the carriage. “There’s quite a bit of foot traffic on main street. Do you still want to proceed with the tour?”

Lotor fought the urge to glance at Allura, hissing out a command. “Take us to the park instead.”

“All right…” The driver agreed.

“And when you get there, drive around it a few times.” A smile then, Lotor smirking. “We’ll let you know when you can stop.”

“Yes, your highness.” The driver’s response was drown out by Lotor sliding the panel shut, turning to look at Allura. Her eyes were lowered, face flushed as she fidgeted with her skirts.

“Do you think he heard us?” She asked, Lotor fighting to keep his expression blank as he answered.

“I doubt it.” He lied, thinking the direct opposite was probably true.

“Really?” She glanced at him through lowered eyelashes, looking so hopeful at his white lie.

“He’s paid not to pay attention to our private conversations.” Lotor told her, seeing her frown. He let out a heavy sigh, and moved to rejoin her on the bench, wrapping his arms around her. “Allura, don’t worry about it.” A kiss in her hair, Lotor trying to distract her from her worry. “It’s perfectly natural for a husband and his wife to be affectionate towards each other. Especially when they haven’t seen each other in a long while.”

“I’m just a bit embarrassed.” She told him, and Lotor smiled tenderly at her.

“You need never be embarrassed about expressing your love for me.”

“But Lotor…” Even as she started to protest this, he was tilting back her head, ready to kiss her into submission. Her lips moved against his with her attempts to speak, Lotor trying to make her forget her embarrassment and regain the mood the driver had interrupted. Perhaps it was a sign of how much she missed him, perhaps Allura needed this as much as he did, because she soon gave up trying to talk, returning the kiss with equal passion and vigor.

Allura went unresisting onto his lap, Lotor resuming reacquainting himself with her body as his hands wandered her curves, easing her breasts up out of her bodice. She quivered in his hands, tiny trembles of excitement as he felt the weight of her breasts, a pleasant heavy feeling that had him curving his fingers around her soft flesh. She gasp, pleased by his touches, her dusky colored nipples already budding at the slightest graze of his fingertips.

Lotor held her breasts in his hand, raising them up like an offering as he lowered his head, his hair sweeping forward to tickle across her skin. He was pleased by her giggles, Allura starting to squirm in an attempt to avoid that ticklish touch. But there was no evading his lips, Lotor peppering the top half of her breasts with his kisses, worshipful pressings of his mouth that made her giggles die down as she clutched at his shoulders.

In between kisses he nuzzled his face in the valley between her breasts, enjoying the soft cushion they provided for his head. His fingers continued to play with her nipples, both thumbs and forefingers capturing the pebbling peaks between them. He did an insistent rub with the pads of his fingertips, urging them to stiffen further from the fierce friction he offered her.

A low, strangled cry was her response, Allura shaking her head, as she tried to speak. “Enough….enough….I can’t take anymore..”

He showed no mercy on her, continuing his teasing, his breath coasting along her skin as he whispered huskily. “I can never get enough of your body.” He followed up his words with a kiss on each nipple, a tenderness that did not betray his fervent need for her. Allura lifted her hand, fingers curled into a fist, the princess pressing her knuckles to her mouth in a feeble attempt to stifle the loud cry that escaped her.

It made him smirk, Lotor reaching to capture a pebbled nipple in his mouth, suckling sweetly on it. She tasted as good as he remembered, all honey suckle and sweetness, Lotor flicking his tongue across the nipple in his mouth. That sudden movement had her jerking, a hard spasm of her body as Allura gasped. He rolled his eyes upward to look at her face, seeing her staring down at him with such love, tenderness battling the lust in her eyes.

He smiled, and sucked harder, wanting to hear more sounds from her. She gave them to him, arching against him even as her hands caught at his face, Allura tugging insistently for him to raise up off her. He gave in to her urgings, finding Allura was drawing him in for another kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth in a bid for domination. He let her have it, let Allura guide his tongue into a moving dance, his hands clinging to her waist as she wiggled and pressed harder against him.

He moaned, overcome by her kiss and the movements of her body, finding she was grinding on his cock, causing the fabric of his pants to rub in a delicious manner over the head of his cock. With each wiggle of her body he grew harder, erection lengthening and thickening, Lotor letting out a ragged breath against her lips. For a second they just rested, forehead to forehead as they stared into each other’s eyes, trying to regain their breaths.

“I love you.” Lotor murmured huskily, pleased when she said it back.

“I love you too, my husband.” Allura said, seeming to relish each word as it escaped her mouth. Again she brought them in for another brutal kiss, Allura losing control when he stuck a hand under her skirts. He landed it just above her knee, caressing warmth up her leg as he traced his hand to the inside of her thigh. Higher up it moved, till the tips of his fingers were brushing against her panties, finding the material wet with the dew of her arousal.

He lost the last vestiges of his patience, growling into the kiss as he tore at the thin fabric between her legs, jerking it open to leave her exposed to his fingers. Allura moaned as Lotor broke the kiss, the prince planting his lips in the crook of her shoulder, his fangs scraping her skin as his fingers sought out the slick heat of her body. A gasp and a shift of her hips, Allura settling downwards as he probed forward with his fingers.

“Yes…” She hissed, a feral whisper at feeling his fingers inside her. He stroked her from within, rubbing at a slow, languid place, even as she whined and wiggled, trying to buck back against his hand. “Lotor….I’m more than ready for you…please…no more teasing.”

He might have argued with her, if his own body hadn’t been so desperate for her. His guided her hand down between their bodies, leaving her fingers on the tent in his pants. “Help me out of my pants love…”

Allura needed no further urging, her fingers easing down the zipper with blinding speed. He gave a hard lurch when her fingers touched his cock, the hard flesh twitching and burning with need. She drew him out slowly, taking the time to caress her fingers down to the base of his shaft, cooing nonsense in his ear. Lotor grinned, and with her help, lifted her into place over the crown of his cock.

Allura grabbed at his shoulders for support, wiggling in place over him so that her dampness got all over his skin. Lotor bit his lip to hold back a moan, and with a sudden surge of his hips, thrust upwards to push inside her. Allura busied herself with her mouth on his throat, not quite concealing the pleasured shriek that ached to come out of her. Working together, she was lowered downwards, taking in inch after inch until she was seated firmly on his cock.

“Ah….that’s it…” Lotor sighed, finding she was tighter than he had remembered. For one instant time seemed to still, the two not moving as they savored the feel of being one once more. It was Allura who broke the standstill, an impatient whine escaping her as she gave an order.

“Lotor, move!”

She didn’t have to ask him twice, Lotor beginning to thrust into her, his hands guiding her hips in a bouncing motion that was pleasing to them both. Allura tossed her head back, hair wild all around her, mesmerizing Lotor with the look of her. For a second his thrusts faltered, just staring at her, taking in her flushed cheeks and her sparkling eyes.

A squeeze from her body snapped him back into reality, Lotor growling as he began plunging upwards in fast, furious thrusts. Allura’s own voice was a constant, vocal praise to his movements, Lotor burying his face in the crook of her shoulder, kissing extravagant patterns onto her skin. Her arms moved, wrapping about him to hold him in a tight embrace, Allura bouncing herself harder on him, moaning all the while.

He pushed farther inside her, each slick thrust of his cock seeking out the deepest part of her soul. Allura squeezed and clenched all around him, her fingers raking their nails down his back so violently that Lotor was surprised she didn’t tear open his jacket in the process.

To further tease them both, he began to pause at the peak of each thrust, holding himself motionless for what seemed like an eternity. Both their breaths caught in their throats, Lotor lifting his head to stare into Allura’s eyes. It was then that he moved, slower this time, drawing out the pleasure in a slow friction that had his breath hissing out of him.

Allura gave an impatient whine, moving her own hips to push against him, chasing after his thrusts with an impatience that had him smirking. But he refused to be rushed, trying to ignore the enticement of her body to prolong the pleasure they were both after. It was a slow, gentle love making he did, and even as Allura made protests, Lotor could feel her body responding. Growing wetter, her insides coiling tight around him in a rhythmic squeezing that had him seeing stars.

His own climax followed on the heels of hers, Lotor biting down on her shoulder to muffle the howl that wanted to escape him. Allura’s fingers stroked through his hair, petting vigorous motions across his scalp. He settled into the seat with a sigh, enjoying her hand’s movement in his hair, Lotor’s own arms wrapped tight around her waist.

Together they panted, not attempting to separate as they tried to regain their breath. The carriage continued it’s movements, Lotor wondering how many times it had circled round the park by now.

Allura made a sound, a soft hmmm of satisfaction, the princess tugging on his hair to have Lotor looking up at her. She smiled and kissed the tip of his nose, giggling in the process at her actions. “This was more fun than a tour of Zaroovia’s main city.” She confessed, eyes twinkling with mirth.

A slow smirk crossed Lotor’s lips, the prince nodding. “We can still finish that tour if you want.”

“As long as I don’t have to actually get up out of this carriage and walk.” Allura told him, snuggling close to his chest. “I think my hips are too sore to stand.” That made his smirk widen, Lotor hiding his face in her hair.

“We can just look at the buildings from the carriage window then.” Lotor said, hugging her tighter to him. “Afterwards will return to the tower so I can wrap up a few last minute business arrangements.”

“And then we go home?” Allura asked. and Lotor nodded.

“Yes, Allura. And then we’ll return home to Arus.” She smiled at that, a content look on her face as Lotor ran his fingers through her mussed tresses. He knew there would still be hardships waiting for them back on Arus, but he was confidant that together they would overcome them. After all, they had love on their side, and the determination to make things work out between them. He was sure that nothing and no one could tear them apart, not even the eventual return to Doom would put a damper on things, Lotor feeling confidant that he and Allura were well on their way to their own happy ending.


The End….

But the story is not over yet. Coming soonish…The Price of Freedom 2: Return to Doom. With new twists and turns as Lotor is called back to Doom for a very specific reason. It’s chills and thrills as Lotor and Allura navigate new dramas and problems, parenthood being just one of their concerns.


11 thoughts on “Freedom 53

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  1. A wonderful last chapter of the story:) I am eager to see the sequel:) I know it will be as best as this one!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!! All done!!!!!! But the sequeal…….hm…….well, all around and excellent story buddy! Keep up the good work and we’ll see you in the sequeal!

  3. Great fic, really emjoyed it! 😀 As for the sequel I have a feeling he’ll eventually have to choose between Allura and Doom…I’m not sure they can keep stalling Zarkon on the building an army of Voltrons indefinetely…Anyway that’s me rambling, looking forward to the sequel!

  4. Having never commented before, I know this is pretty presumptuous of me, but even though I like most of your stories…I kind of had a problem with this one. I mean, there were some pretty interesting ideas in it, but I don’t think that just because Lotor loves Allura and she loves him back, that it’s okay for them to rule a tyrannical empire that ruins people’s lives and then puts their heads on stakes in their own hometowns to discourage resistance. I mean, Doom is an empire, and they “have” to do certain things, which you emphasized a lot in this story, but just because they feel they have to doesn’t make those things acceptable in the least. I feel like Allura was one of the only characters in the story who understood this but her perspective made just about no difference except for occasionally making Lotor uncomfortable because she was mad at him. Frankly I couldn’t believe it when Lotor staked those guy’s heads; it felt way too extreme and overblown. No matter what the terrorists did, they only did it in the first place because Doom invaded their home planet and subjugated them. I think invading someone’s homeland and forcing them to obey you is deeply wrong, no matter how much you attempt to minimize bloodshed because your wife doesn’t like bloodshed. And this story didn’t really address that. Even if you choose to focus on villains in your story and interpret things from their POV, you still have to keep in mind that they are villains and what they do isn’t okay.
    That said, you did have some good conflict with Allura’s situation and I thought Zarkon was interesting in this version.
    Sorry to get all philosophical. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me or anything, I just found this thought-provoking.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comments. The story is actually technically not finished. Oh this one has an ending, but it’s meant to be the first in a least a two part series. The second one will be called Return to Doom, and try to deal with some of what you meant. I really need to sit down and reread Price of Freedom, cause it’s been like two years and I don’t remember everything. I do remember Keith or Lance got hold of the shcematics for Voltron…cause I wanted Garrison to make their own Voltron to fight Doom.

      I don’t want to reveal why they return to Doom just yet though…I’ve been slacking off on starting the sequel because I can’t quite imagine what the opening scene should be. I know how I want the first chapter to end, with Lotor getting word that they have to return to Doom and fast.

      But also, this was my first Voltron story in years! I think it shows….;-p It was also really the first Voltron story where I didn’t try to make Lotor a completely good guy like I did with my stories in 2000/2002. (My first one being Rules of Engagement….which kinda makes me cringe in embarrassment.)

      And don’t worry, I didn’t think you were being presumptious. 🙂

  5. That sequel sounds good. I’m looking forward to it. However, I’ll also totally understand if you never get around to it…it’s hard for me to finish anything I start writing because I always want to do something new.
    I think the moral issues I had with this first part have some really great potential as far as character development and conflict goes. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do with it.

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