Pirate 03


Fireworks sounded in the sky, Allura waking with a gasp. The darkened room seemed to light up with the colorful lights, sending brief flashes of illumination that had her reacting in a startled way to her surroundings. No longer were the walls around her a mixture of purple and gold, but soft shades of pink, with pearl white accents bordering the ceiling.

She glanced down, seeing the furs were replaced with a thick coverlet, it’s color a pink almost as bright as the sleeves of the off the shoulder gown she wore. It was then that she knew she was dreaming, Allura being transported back to a time when she favored this color in all it’s incarnations.

She settled down some, knowing it was a dream, and wanting to see where it would take her. Her hands moved, Allura pealing back the blanket, and inching towards the edge of the bed. Fireworks continued to light up the sky, and she realized Arus was in the midst of a celebration, the lions out on the lawn of the castle where the people could see them and touch them.

She knew she should be out there, putting in an appearance that was just as important as the lions. She was the planet’s ruler, their princess and their protector, and she deserved to be seen. But on this night she knew she would not leave the castle, would not get farther than the grand hall on the first floor.

The room seemed to melt, the act of thinking of another place seeming to be the trigger. She was transported from her bedroom to the grand hall, Allura holding onto her skirts with one hand so they did not drag across the reflective tile of the floor. She looked around, her head turning left and right as she tried to spot his hiding spot. She knew it was a deviation from how the events had played out, but she couldn’t resist trying to find him before he snuck up on her.

He melded too seamlessly with the shadows. Try as she might, Allura couldn’t see any sign of his presence, realizing the dream had to play out the way her memories recalled that night. She moved across the floor, her footsteps drowned out by the bang of the fireworks. She almost reached the archway, when suddenly he was there, slipping arms around her from behind.

It felt good to be in his arms, Allura leaning back against him, knowing she was smiling. He whispered something in her ear, an excuse to get close enough to nibble on it. It felt strange to laugh around him, to give in the girlish giggles that erupted at his lip’s touch. She was totally relaxed against him, when weeks earlier she would have been on edge. But that was before he had changed, before he had approached the Voltron Force with Queen Merla at his side, the duo proclaiming to have turned their back on their evil ways.

The early weeks were days spent in mistrust, both sides getting to know each other. Lotor had painted a story, one that Merla confirmed, of his father leaving him to die in a cell in Doom’s dungeon. Of how the Queen had saved the prince, and together they had decided to mend their evil ways. Keith had been the most suspicious of this change, but even he had to admit Lotor proved an invaluable ally when his information led them to make key attacks against Doom, taking back planets bit by bit.

In the days that followed, the Doom Empire seemed to be on the verge of collapse, the raids against Arus all but stopping as Zarkon scrambled to keep his hold on his dwindling power. That alone was cause for celebration, but this night especially so as Zarkon was hit where it hurt the most, and all thanks to Lotor and the back up Merla’s fleet provided Voltron.

In the past few weeks, he had done more than prove himself a valuable ally, Lotor and Merla had done much to win over the Voltron force. Lotor had worked especially hard to foster a friendship with Keith, and though the two men would never be the best of friends, they now got along famously. Keith was not the only one Lotor sought out a friendship with, approaching Allura, with gifts and flattery at first. He learned to tone down such extravagant proclamations of his love for her, settling for her friendship instead, and came away with her admiration.

Admiration turned into more, Allura not immune to his handsome looks, and his flirtatious talk. She wasn’t sure who had started it, but they began sharing smiles and private jokes, and soon were brushing up against each other. Stolen touches behind the back of their friends, and clandestine meetings that led to kisses in the garden. Kisses and more, the weeks of want building up between them until he was there, holding her with no one around to see.

“We should probably join the party…” Allura said, hearing the wistful longing in her voice. “Keith and the others will be looking for us…”

His arms loosened around her, Allura able to turn in his embrace, her body brushing against his. She was taken aback by his face, seeing it whole once more, and lacking the disguising metal plate. His eyes were full of mischievous delight, the prince smiling down at her, offering excuses why they did not have to attend the party. They were flimsy at best, Lotor keeping his arms around her, his head bowed close to hers so that she felt the warmth of his breath on her face.

He was tempting her without doing a thing, Allura remembering how she had felt as she stared into his eyes. It was she that closed the distance between them, Allura going up on tip toe to kiss him. If he had been surprised by her action, he recovered well, his hands tightening on her body to hold her steady.

By this point and time, they were long past chaste kisses, Allura opening her mouth eagerly to receive his tongue. She remembered how thrilled she was when he pressed harder against her mouth, his lips molding to hers, seeming to tremble with the force of keeping the kiss gentle and sweet. At some point she wound her arms around him, her fingers ending up in his hair.

There was no windows in the grand hall, but she could hear the fireworks, hear the cheers of the people. It was as though Arus itself was giving it’s approval of their union. It had seemed so right to be in his arms, to be with him, Allura taking him by the hand and leading him back the way she had come.

They didn’t get far, Lotor impatiently tugging her to him. He covered her shoulders with his kisses, his body propelling them forward that they ended up pressed against a column. Such was the nature of their progressed relationship that his urgency didn’t scare her, didn’t set her off running from him, Allura hearing the gasps she made, the moans as she gave in to his passion.

Her hands pulled at the sides of his face, Allura tugging him urgently away from her collar. The look on his face was forever ingrained in her mind, seeing the hazy cloud of desire in his eyes, the way his lips were parted slightly, quivering with need. A need she mirrored, Allura pulling him in for another kiss, her tongue clumsy but no less greedy than his in displaying affection.

They had to force themselves to separate for air, both panting and wild eyed. Allura could remember his laughter, how deep and joyous it sounded, the girl teasing him as she slid out from between him and the pillar. Lotor immediately gave chase, catching her around the waist before she could take more than a few steps down the hall. He spun her to him, Allura grabbing at his shoulders, pulling him against her, ready for another kiss.

She got that and more, Lotor’s hands roving her body, making her writhe against him in excitement. It wasn’t the first time he touched her like this, but it had never gone farther than a grope across her clothed form. There just had been too many people around them, but now the castle was empty of it’s servants, everyone outside for the celebration.

Now his hands were moving, seeming to be everywhere at times, fingers caressing and gliding across her bodice. She wanted to feel his hands on her skin, Allura dragging him back against an alcove, a darkened corner with a seat set in the wall. She fell against the seat, pulling Lotor down on top of her, her hands clutching her to him as his fingers caressed her breasts. She grabbed at his hands, guiding them behind her back, her face falling to the side as he rained kisses on her neck.

With her guidance, she encouraged him to undo the fastenings to her dress, Lotor pulling back to stare reverently at her as he eased the dress down her body. She turned red, blushing hard under his scrutiny, feeling him caress the lace corset she wore beneath her gown. The touch felt undeniable good, Allura arching into his hands, feeling his fingers work to pull down the lace and reveal her nipples to his lips.

She cried out, her fist being brought to her mouth in an attempt to muffle her sounds. Allura had never imagined to be kissed in such a spot could feel so good, Lotor’s lips puckering around an aching nipple, his tongue flicking across to play against it inside his mouth. Her hand reached for his hair, trying to hold him closer to her, soft mews of pleasure escaping her.

He awoke more than just lust inside her, curiosity also played it’s hand, Allura wanting to experience more at Lotor’s fingers. To be seen and touched by him, and to touch and look upon him as well. She managed to pull him away, Lotor looking confused at her. He started to ask her if she changed her mind, but his question was cut off mid sentence by her urgent tugging at his shirt.

A dazzling smile was her reward, the prince reaching to help her, dragging his shirt up over his head. It left his hair rumpled, but she didn’t care, staring in amazement at the blue expanse of his chest. He was all hard lines and muscles, lean but not scrawny, Allura reaching with a shaking hand to caress just above one dark blue nipple. He was warm to the touch, Allura sighing, a smile on her face as she began tracing her fingers down the lines of his abdomen.

He let her explore him, his hands on her arms, rubbing up and down in encouragement. She remembered how transfixed she had been, marveling at how beautiful his skin was, how flawless it seemed. And there by his navel, a start of white fuzz, Allura’s skirting a finger down that treasure trail, seeing it disappear into the waist band of his pants. She could remember how eager she was to see him without a stitch of clothing on, but Lotor caught at her hands, pulling them up to his face to press kisses into her palm.

A glance at him showed laughter in his eyes, Lotor kissing down to her fingers before letting go of her hands. He then pressed on top of her, hand wandering her revealed curves, lips capturing hers in another breath stealing kiss. But there was something different about the way he feasted at her mouth now, no longer the playful and reverent prince of her memories. He kissed her like a wild thing, with the desperation of a caged animal, yearning to eat her alive from the lips down.

Allura frowned as she kissed him, wondering what had changed. This wasn’t like any kiss she had received that night from him. And yet it was Lotor who was kissing her, she recognized his taste, knew him in a way she knew no one else. A kiss like no other, Lotor dragging her into his embrace, holding her fiercely. He radiated with raw need, consuming her, swallowing her down and setting her on fire.

She went to clutch at his body, and he chased away her hands, forcing a whine of protest out of her as she left her arms dangling by her sides. She wanted to touch him, but he wouldn’t let her, holding her close yet keeping that distance from her.

She ended up curling her hands into fists, her head falling back as he pressed their mouths together harder. Allura grew weaker yet, feeling as though he was determined to suffocate the life out of her, the woman whimpering. He answered her call with a gruff growl of his own, lips kneading at hers, hard and fast. It was only when she was near faint from lack of air that he released her, leaving her to pant, doing desperate gulps of air.

His own breath was ragged, Lotor swirling his tongue down the center of her throat. His hand was pressed against her back, fingers splayed wide as he held her, Lotor’s lips nibbling and rubbing their way downwards. She felt him shift against her, his hand reaching between their bodies, gloved fingers grasping at material. She had a second to frown, to try and think past the sensations of his mouth to wonder when he had put on gloves and then the thought was lost.

His hand on her bare breast, kneading the skin as his thumb stroke across her nipple. His long fingers were massaging her, that thumb of his caressing circles into her hardened flesh. It made her moan, forgetting everything but the sensation of how it felt. Her sound inspired his own, a chuckle vibrating against her throat. It sent her shivering, nipples tightening even further.

Another resounding smack of his lips against her throat, and then he was dipping his head, his hair falling forward to graze against her breasts. To feel those soft strands brush over her nipples made Allura gasp, the woman enjoying the feather light touch of his hair. And when his lips captured a pearled nipple, she reeled, feeling his soft suckling motion.

“Lotor…” She whispered his name, feeling him increase the intensity of his sucks, showing great skill and strength in the pursing of his lips. It made her go crazy, Allura feeling desire start it’s flame deep inside her. This time when her hands reached for him, he didn’t stop her, too consumed with the task of wringing pleasure out of her breast.

Her fingers sank into his hair, stroking down the back of his head, encouraging moans escaping her. She moved against him, hearing him let out a warning growl, the hand on her back tensing to keep her in place. She settled back with a sigh, just focusing on the pleasure he was giving her. Lazily she let her head fall back, seeing the colors of the hall flash and blur, seeming to melt away to purple and gold for just an instant.

She didn’t quite frown, trying to form words, but it was impossible to speak with the warmness of his mouth as it enveloped her breast, tongue lolling against her nipple in teasing flickers. “Lo…Lotor…! AH!” His teeth bit down, their grazing the border between pleasure and pain. With it came clarity of mind, the dream starting to fade as she made the connection between her mind’s remembrance and reality.

It was simply too much, too there, too REAL, the pleasure she felt, the sensations coursing through her. No matter how hard she had tried, she had never been able to mimic the arousel she had felt that night with him. Her memories and dreams had always fallen short, a pale reflection of the true thing. But now here, it was close, and coming closer yet, Lotor’s hand going between her legs, fingers pressed against her sex.

Even as Allura tried to stop herself, she found her legs parting, the moan bubbling up from deep within. She pushed against his fingers, enjoying the way they caressed against the dampening material of her pants. Another nibble from Lotor, the bite sending a sharp flash of pain and realization, Allura jerking against him.

“Shhh….” Came his whisper, Lotor trying to soothe her, his fingers continuing their caress. She almost wanted to be reassured, to sink back down into sleep and let this play out. It had been so long, and she had gone without knowing any other touch but her own, her fingers falling free of his hair to land on his back. One hand felt the softness of his skin beneath his shirt, but the other landed on something hard. Something the shirt’s material couldn’t disguise, couldn’t hide as being unnatural to his body.

Allura tensed up, feeling Lotor do the same, even as his fingers seemed to do a desperate dance on her womanhood. She moved her hands to his shoulders, attempting to push him away from her. “Lotor….stop…” Her eyes were open now, the tent dark, almost pitch black except for the hint of moonlight that lined the flap’s edges. She couldn’t make him out except for the glowing gleam of his eyes, the gold looking up at her almost guilty like.

“Allura….” Just her name, a husky whisper that had her shivering from the raw need that sounded in it. It made her push against him, Allura trying to slip free of his grasp. “You called out to me…”

Had she? She frowned, shaking her head, trying to think past the insistent glide of his fingers. “I was dreaming….”

“Dreaming of me?” He wanted to know, and she was grateful for the dark, knowing it hid her blush.

“Yes..” The admittance came out slow, reluctant. “Of that night so long ago…Ah…!” Her hand dropped to feel along for his, Allura attempting to grasp hold of his wrist and stop that maddening movement against her center. ” Don’t…”

“Don’t?” Lotor whispered, and she could feel his breath on her face, showing how close he was to her. “Allura you’re in need…”

That really set her off blushing, Allura shaking her head no. “It’ll pass.” It always did went left unsaid, Allura choosing to make her next words an accusation. “It’s made worse by your touch…”

“My touch does this to you?” Lotor asked, Allura sure he was smirking at her admittance. “Makes you this wet and ready for me….?” He wasn’t stopping his caresses, making her wiggle her hips, though she wasn’t sure she was trying to further the pleasure or to evade it.

“You know it does…” Allura said, then whimpered. “You’ve always known how to touch me….to make me feel….” She shook her head, biting her bottom lip. Her hand caught his wrist, trying to pull his hand away. “It’s wrong.”

“It’s not wrong to feel Allura.” Lotor said, his lips brushing her cheek, an almost kiss. “It lets us know we’re alive…”

“It is when the touch is uninvited.” Her words had him stiffening, his fingers ceasing their movements.

“You were calling out to me Allura.” Lotor reminded her. “It was your hands that brought me beside you, your touch that held me close.”

“I was asleep….confused….dreaming of a different time…a different place…a….”

“A different me.” Abruptly his hand pulled free of her flimsy hold, his other hand leaving her back, causing her to topple backwards against the furs on the bed. She could hear the mattress groaning, Lotor moving away from her. She held back a sigh, and reached out with her hand, catching him by the elbow.

“It’s not what you think.” She told him. “It’s nothing to do with how you look but with how you presented yourself to me. I….miss that Lotor. Even though I know he was nothing more than an illusion….I miss him.”

“Those stolen moments with you…” He began, his hand covering hers. “None of that was faked. I meant every word, every action. That was me…I wish you could see that. Understand that I presented myself to you as real as I could be. You reacted to me then….you liked what you saw.”

“But if I had known that you were still the cruel prince of Doom…” A sigh, Allura hesitating. “If I had known you were playing us all for fools, I would have never been charmed by you.”

“I think you were more than charmed.” He retorted. “I think you came close to loving me.”

“Maybe. I won’t deny that I had strong feelings for you. But it’s wrong to base a relationship on nothing but deceit.” Allura said, pulling back her hand.

“I’m offering you the chance to pursue a relationship with me now, free of any such illusions.” The bed groaned, Allura catching a flash of gold in her direction. “We can get back what we had…..it can be greater than that night…I may have lost my looks, but I assure you I have lost none of my skill when it comes to pleasing a woman.”

Her body still tingled from his touches, Allura feeling her interest surge at his words. He had been very good that night, how much better would he have gotten in five years time? Even as she wondered, she cursed herself for that temptation, letting out a heavy sigh. “You act as though you didn’t kidnap me…as if I have a choice in being here…but you’re still the same as you were all those years ago. I cannot be with a man who does the things you do, who holds the callous disregard for life that you do.”

The bed groaned, protesting as he left it, Lotor silent as he moved. No response from him, leaving Allura to wonder why, wonder and speak out, calling to him. “Lotor?”

“It’s late Allura.” Lotor said at last. “Go back to sleep. Go back to your dreams, and relive happier times.”

“What about you?” She asked, hands reaching to pull down her shirt.

“I will be close at hand.” It was all that he said, Allura settling back against the fur encased pillows with a frown. She tried to listen for his movements, and faintly she thought she could make out the sound of his footsteps moving away from her. The flap to the tent stayed close, Lotor being true to his words in staying near to her. She was left sighing, body wanting, longing for relief and unable to act. It made her want to scream with frustration, Allura biting her lip so hard it bled. She turned onto her side, her hands fisting the furs, settling down for what would prove to be a long and near endless night.

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