Shell 03

 Allura had thought the night could not grow any worse, the princess recalling with a sneer how Doom had defeated her planet’s only defense, leaving her friends trapped and incapacitated, while she was captured and taken to be a monster’s bride. She had thought nothing could compare to the humiliation of being wed to Prince Lotor, of sharing his name and his empire, and listening to the sobbing of her Nanny.

Allura realized now she had thought wrong, the girl sitting on the tile lined edge of the tub, her legs spread wide open. A woman was between her thighs, hand moving as she carefully worked the razor along Allura’s skin. The woman, a platinum hair colored slave with pale violet eyes, was speaking in a soothing murmur to Allura, trying to keep the princess from tensing up any further.

It was a failing effort on both their parts, every word she spoke making Allura want to scream and lash out with her legs. The princess simply did not care that the prince, her husband, preferred his ladies bare everywhere save for the hair on their head. The humiliation of having her personal area shorn free of all hair made Allura’s cheeks burn with an angry blush, the girl feeling shamed at being looked at like this by another woman.

Behind her, moving around in the background was another human female, another scantily clad slave that was gathering up the remains of Allura’s uniform. It had had to be cut off her body, neither the soldiers nor the slave girls bothering to remove the metal cuffs from Allura’s hands. She had felt every cut of the knife, the spandex tearing under it’s sharpened blade, Allura trying not to flinch as the symbol of her pilot’s status was destroyed.

They seemed determined to take everything from Allura, striving to steal away any last shred of dignity she may have by shaving her. Allura kept having to remind herself that these women were slaves, as much prisoners as she was. They didn’t deserve her animosity, but she couldn’t keep the fanciful thoughts away, Allura dreaming of ways to get free and fight these women. They lacked muscles on their arms, looking all too weak, and she knew, just knew she could easily overpower these two women.

But where would she go? Allura knew the hall outside the bedroom was lined with Drule soldiers, Lotor taking no chance in her escaping. And even if she somehow got past them, her home had been invaded, overrun with the Drule. There would be nowhere she could go on this planet to escape them, and she understood that to try would bring repercussions down on her people.

She sighed heavily, breath escaping her in a loud huff. The slave between her legs thought she was making an impatient sound, the girl smiling nervously at Allura as she pulled back her hand. “There….we’re almost done…” She placed the razor on the tray, and pick up a damp wash cloth, making a pass at Allura’s privates to clean up any remaining cream. Allura tried not to wiggle, not liking the abrupt manner in which she was touched.

“Tesla?” The girl called out to her fellow slave, and together the two blondes helped Allura to step down into the tub. It was warm, steam rising off the surface, but the water was pleasant enough. She sank down to her knees in the tub, the water caressing over the tops of her breasts. The one known as Tesla joined her in the tub, helping to keep Allura upright, and work the pins out of her hair.

Once the golden strands had fallen down around her shoulders, the ends trailing in the water, Tesla began working a fine lather into her hands. Allura sighed, ready to try once again to reason with the slaves. “ can untie my hands. Where would I go? What would I do?”

“Prince Lotor…gave explicit instructions to leave your hands tied.” Answered Tesla, her fingers now massaging the shampoo into Allura’s scalp.

“Surely there’s been a mistake.” Protested Allura. “Prince Lotor is my…” She stumbled over the word, trying not to frown as she said it. “My Husband. He would not keep me chained like a prisoner!”

“It is not my way to question the master’s decisions.” Tesla sounded apologetic, Allura nearly screaming in frustration.

“The metal is going to rust.” She grumbled, feeling Tesla work the shampoo down the long length of her hair. “My wrists are getting chaffed.”

“That’s because you keep struggling to get free.” The other slave pointed out, and Allura couldn’t help herself, she glared at the woman. To her guilty satisfaction, the slave paled, turning away from Allura to busy herself with a small suitcase in the corner. Allura tried to peer to see what was contained inside the suitcase, but the slave’s body blocked most of her view.

“Princess, would you like something to drink?” asked Tesla.


“It might help calm your nerves. Randais…please fetch the princess a glass of Zindavis brandy.” Randais turned away from the suitcase, hurrying over to the make shift bar that had been set up in the bedroom.

“I don’t want a drink.” Allura insisted as Tesla rinsed out her hair. “I want to be clearheaded for what’s about to happen.” Tesla had no response for her, quietly wringing out the last of the shampoo. She then started work on soaping up a wash towel, dragging the cloth over Allura’s breasts. Allura shifted, uncomfortable with the touches, and the slave wrapped an arm across her chest to keep the princess’ back pressed against her front.

“Here princess…” Randais had returned, kneeling now on the edge of the tub. She held out the drink to Allura, and Allura all but snarled at her.

“I can’t very well drink it with my hands tied!” Randais looked upset, as though she was the one truly in need of a stiff drink. Allura sighed, the slave’s worry affecting her mood. “I’m sorry. Please….take it away. I’m not thristy…” Randais glanced past Allura to stare at Tesla. The slave washing Allura must have gave some sort of sign, for she was moving away, taking the drink with her.

Tesla finished cleaning Allura, and with Randais’ assistance, the two helped drag Allura up out of the tub. Towels were wrapped around her, the two slaves working vigorously to dry her off. She was guided to a chair, Allura wrapped up in a clean set of towels, the princess slumping against the cushioned back of the chair. The slaves turned to the suitcase, kneeling over it’s contents, digging through it’s items.

At last they turned back to Allura, and held up white cloth, Allura’s face turning redder as she realized what it was. The smallest pair of panties she had ever seen, colored virginal white, with lace embroidered over the silk. The front would barely cover her, and the back was borderline obscene. “I am not wearing that!” Allura exclaimed, seeing the two slaves turn nervous.

“Please princess…” began Tesla, trying to appeal to Allura’s sense of reason. “The prince has requested you appear before him garbed in a certain fashion. He will be most displeased if we don’t do as he says…”

“Let him be displeased…” Allura snapped, even as she inwardly feared what that displeasure would mean for her.

“He’ll punish us all if we do not do this…” Randais whispered, her face paling. Allura wanted to ask just what that punishment would entail, but the sheer terror on Randais’ face was enough to let Allura know it would be bad.

“”All right…” She sighed in defeat, eyes rolling upwards to stare at the ceiling of the bathroom. “Father give me strength.” She murmured under her breath. To the slaves she spoke louder, nodding her head, though she was unable to smile. “I’ll wear it…..”

“Thank you princess.” Tesla’s eyes shown with gratitude, the two slaves approaching Allura. They helped her to step into the panties, carefully tugging the flimsy silk up her legs. The silk was so fragile, the slightest jerk would tear it apart, the material fitting snugly on Allura. She hid a frown, not liking the feel of the thong back riding up her bottom, an awful thought occurring to her.

“Please tell me there is more to this outfit than just a pair of panties!” The slaves exchange a look, and Allura almost groaned.

“Not quite…” Randais went back to the suitcase, and fetched out a sheer white top, free of straps it would cling in place over her breasts, the material draping down to just barely cover her belly. They didn’t even have to unchain her hands to put on the top, Allura sighing in resignation.

“I might as well go naked.” She grumbled, catching sight of her reflection. The slaves exchanged looks, but said nothing, Tesla approaching her to begin powdering her skin. The powder was the same color as Allura’s flesh, and it left a glittering trail across her shoulders and tops of her breasts. Randais began applying the palest pink lipstick to Allura’s mouth, carefully tracing her lips with the tube.

Her hair was drying, thick ringlets of gold that they took turns brushing. At last her circlet, the symbol of her royalty was placed on her forehead, the slaves leading Allura out into the bedroom. She was guided over to the large bed, the covers already turned down, the slaves encouraging Allura to lay across the pillows. She did so with a sigh, watching detached as they fussed over her, artfully arranging her hair so that it draped forward and over her breasts.

“Are you sure you don’t want that drink princess?” Tesla asked, Allura remembering at the last moment not to shake her head.

“No. I’m not thirsty and I’ve little taste for mood enhancers.”

“All right….if you are sure…” Tesla sighed, her fingers doing a subtle adjustment of Allura’s top. “We’ll be leaving now.”

“You’re leaving me?” Allura didn’t have to fake her alarm, not liking the thought of being left to face prince Lotor all alone.

“I’m afraid so…” Tesla smiled, and even Allura could see it was forced. “I wish you all the luck in the world for what is to come this night.”

“Arus ran out of luck hours ago.” A morose Allura said. The two slaves exchanged looks, and with murmured apologies hurried out the room. Allura caught a glimpse of the guards outside the room, and then the door was slammed shut. She immediately moved into action, rolling off the bed and onto the floor. She cast a look about her surroundings, wondering if she could find a weapon, or more importantly something that could free her hands.

Moving about the room, Allura paused by cabinets, turning her back to them so her hands could pull open their drawers. For the most part they were empty, Allura sighing in frustration. She moved on to the desk, glancing at the stray bottles of liquor that were spread across it’s lacquered surface. A long silver knife was laid out next to the plate of muffins and jam, Allura’s eyes lighting up to see it.

Casting a paranoid glance at the door, she picked up the knife, and began twisting about, trying to insert the sharpened end into the cuff’s lock. She was in the midst of trying to pick the lock, when a knock sounded at the door. She froze, not knowing what to do, even as the door knob turned. The door opened, and revealed Prince Lotor, the man still clad in his military uniform.

“Ah….Allura…” He smiled at her, closing the door behind him. “I should have known you wouldn’t be content to wait for me.” She said nothing to him, attempting to hide the knife behind her back. “I do hope you haven’t tired yourself out too much my dear…Because sleeping is the last thing you and I shall be doing in this room.” Her lack of silence was starting to bother him, Lotor frowning as he stepped towards her. “Nothing to say to me, my bride?”

She shook her head, Allura taking a step back from him. That seemed to make him smile, Lotor advancing on her, until Allura was backed up against the wall. “It’s all right.” Lotor purred, placing his hands on either side of her shoulders. “We don’t need to talk this night…” Her eyes widened, Allura seeing Lotor bend his head towards her, his golden eyes staring rapt at her face.

“Talking after all…” Lotor continued, lips hovering over her mouth, each spoken word making them flutter against hers. “Is something we can save for the future…”

“So that’s it then?” She had found her voice, Allura’s eyes narrowing into a glare. Her own act of talking had her lips rubbing against his, making conversation far more intimate then it should be. “You’re just going to take what you want? Hmph! Figures! You couldn’t win me fairly, so now you seek to ra—”

He cut her off with a kiss, Allura squealing impotently against his mouth. Lotor’s lips slanted over hers, pressing harder now than he had when Coran had pronounced them husband and wife. He communicated to her a hunger that hadn’t been apparent during the ceremony, a desperate need that had Lotor making sounds, growling against her lips.

Harder and harder her pressed against her lips, his tongue doing small flicks against the closed seam of them. He was insistent, probing forth with his tongue, trying to force her to yield from the pressure of his lips and teeth. With a whimper she parted her lips, Lotor immediately thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She squealed at that, Allura never having experienced such a kiss, shocked dismay to find his tongue flicking at hers.

When he pulled back, she nearly sagged with relief, only to realize his tongue was still in her mouth, exploring the contours of it. This wasn’t just a kiss, this was a full on claiming, the prince seeking to know every surface of her mouth and tongue. Even when the need for air pressed in on them both, Lotor was slow in his withdrawal, puckered lips kissing the corners of her mouth before he pulled away.

But he stayed pressed against her, watching her face, both of them listening to her ragged breaths. Allura had a feeling she was blushing, her world turned upside down by that kiss. Lotor was smiling at her, the look in his eyes betraying his intent to kiss her once more. She let him, watching him close the distance, only to turn her face to the side in the last instant. It didn’t deter him, Lotor kissing the side of her face, peppering her skin with his kisses.

“You can’t pretend this is something it’s not.” Allura said, trying to ignore the way he was licking and nibbling alone the line of her jaw. “I am not here by choice….I am not your willing bride…”

“Only because you’ve never taken the chance to get to know me.” Lotor said, and she scoffed at that.

“I know enough.”

“Do you?” He wanted to know, pulling back to look her in the eye. She didn’t break gazes with him, bold as she spoke.

“I do! You’re everything I hate, everything I despise in a man…in a Drule..” She tried to wiggle to the right, wanting to escape his nearness. “These chains around my hands prove it!”

“Those chains are there for your safety.” Allura made a mocking sound, Lotor continuing as though she had kept quiet. “They are. You would have done something foolish if left alone to your own devices…” He reached behind her, and she gasped, the prince tearing the knife free of her grasp. He stepped away from her, walking over to the desk, returning the knife to it’s plate.

“Allura…why do you still attempt to fight me. We are married now…”

“Only because you took away all my choices!” She interrupted, and he sighed.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing. But it’s not. Not when I made the right one for you.”

“How is it the right one?!” She demanded.

“You’re still alive aren’t you?” His question sent a chill down her spine, Allura staring at him. “If it was up to my father, he would killed you long ago. He’d have wiped out the Arusian royal family line once and for all. Don’t you see Allura? It’s my love that saved you from that fate.”

“You have no love!” She shouted, giving a vicious jerk on her bound hands. “If you did you wouldn’t force me to marry you! You wouldn’t force me to be with you. You wouldn’t rape me…!”

“Rape?” He arched a delicate eyebrow, looking amused. “Who said anything about rape.”

Allura flushed, giving a toss of her head. “Then why this outfit? Why have those women do those things to me….to make me ready for you!?”

“Oh Allura…” He smirked. “I’m sorry to disappoint. But I don’t intend to rape my wife.”

“You don’t?”

“How suspicious you sound!” He stepped towards her once more, leaning in to whisper into her ear. “I will never rape my wife. However…” She felt him lick at the inside of her ear, Lotor purring. “I am going to touch you.”

As if to illustrate his words, he placed a hand on her hip, fingers resting just above the thin band of her panties. “And Allura?” He was now sniffing at her hair, nuzzling his face into her golden mane. “By the end of this night, you’ll be begging me to make love to you!”

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