Shell 04

 His words repeated in her mind, Allura staring shocked up at Lotor, knowing her cheeks had to be turning red. They burned all the brighter at his laugh, the prince amused by her reaction to his bold statement. Allura narrowed her eyes, giving him a glare that was no less fierce due to her embarrassment.

“You arrogant, pigheaded braggart!” She snapped, giving a jerk back to free herself of the hand on her hip. “Of all the nerve. As if I would ever beg you for anything!” A shake of her head, Allura exhaling sharply. “Let alone the chance to be bedded by you!”

“You’d beg for your friends’ lives.” Lotor pointed out, Allura making an annoyed sound. “You’d do anything to save them.”

“So that’s it then?” She demanded, arching an eyebrow at him. “You are going to threaten them to get my compliance?!”

“Oh no.” Lotor was quick to assure her, his confidant smile making her shiver. “I am more than capable of getting you to give in to me without resorting to outside motivation.” She didn’t believe him, continuing to glare. His smiled widened, Lotor once again closing the distance between them, his hands moving to grip her waist. “Allura…I will make you love me. I know it will take time and effort, but love will blossom between us.”

“It can’t.” She insisted, shaking her head no. “Not in this kind of situation.”

“We shall see about that.” Lotor said, hardly dissuaded by her words. “I regret that we cannot have a conventual courtship, but you and your friends made it difficult to get close to you. No matter, we shall have all the time in the galaxy to learn more about each other.”

“I know all I need to know.” She was stubborn, glaring defiantly up at him. He didn’t so much as flinch from her words, merely pulled her against him so that her body pressed against his hard front.

“Come now Allura…you are not curious at all about me?” Lotor asked, bending slightly towards her. His hands on her waist were tugging on her, urging her to go to tip toe. She rose reluctantly, feeling Lotor’s kiss brush against her lips.

“No.” That made him sigh, the prince pulling back with a frown.

“What a shame. Cause I have been hungry for every tidbit of information my spies can gather on you.”

“You had people spying on me?!” She exclaimed, annoyance warring with disbelief at his words. He was nonchalant, nodding as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

“Yes. Their reports proved very illuminating.” He took another step back from her, presenting Allura with his back. “It only made me want you more, the knowledge helping you to secure a place in my heart.”

“You can’t have fallen in love with me based on what others observed!” Allura shook her head, still reeling over the news that she had been spied on. “It doesn’t work that way!”

“Oh? And how does it work Allura? Please…” A glance over shoulder, Lotor smirking at her. “Tell me. I’d be delighted to hear about your experiences in the matter.” She flushed even deeper, knowing she had no love to experience, other than the feelings she felt for her friends and family. Lotor smirked again, his hands dropping down to the skull on his belt. “You can’t really say can you?” He asked, and she heard the clicking of a button, the belt buckle unfastening. “You have a lot of bold notions about love, but no experience to back it up. Which means you shouldn’t be so quick to judge and deny me my claims of loving you.”

“What are you doing?” Allura demanded, ignoring his words to stare frightened as he dropped his belt on the floor.

“I am merely making myself more comfortable.” His tunic had loosened, Lotor’s fingers grabbing the hem, and jerking it upwards in one smooth movement. That left Allura staring at his flawless back, the blue skin rippling with muscles, and covered by his long white hair. He tossed the tunic over the back of a chair, then turned towards her, clad only in his boots and pants.

She tried not to stare, quickly averting her gaze towards his face, though in truth she wanted not to look at him at all. “Do you like what you see Allura?” She snorted, refusing to dignify that with a response. It seemed to matter little to him that she was quiet, Lotor advancing on her once more. She immediately backed up, trying to avoid his reaching hands.

“If you really love me…” He stilled at the sound of her voice, hands hovering by her arms as Lotor listened to what she had to say. “You’d free my hands.”

“Ah but that’s to ensure your safety as well as mine.” Lotor began, and she quickly interjected with a sharp word.

“Nonsense!” Her eyes blazed with a challenge, Allura staring boldly at him. “There is no way I could hurt you, could even hope to over power you. You do this because it gives you a sick satisfaction to hold power over me, to render me helpless!”

She didn’t expect him to react to her words, but to her surprise he sighed, hands reaching around her back. “If I do this.” Lotor said, fingers caressing down the length of her arm. “You have to make me a promise.”

“What kind of promise?” Allura asked suspiciously.

“That you’ll attempt to do no harm…to me or to yourself.” He smiled then, eyes mischievous. “And you have to agree to come to bed with me.”

Her response was immediate, Allura giving a vigorous shake of her head no. “As if I would ever agree to that!”

His eyes darkened, Lotor giving an elegant shrug of his shoulders. “Suit yourself.” His hand dropped away from the cuffs, Allura stifling an annoyed sound. “Just remember…I gave you the chance to be free.”

“With a condition I find unacceptable!” She retorted, holding back her annoyed whine. She wanted her hands free in the worst way possible, and though she felt willing to do almost anything to achieve that goal, Allura knew she would not make it easier for him to get her in that bed.

“Is it really that unpleasant…” Lotor asked, his intense stare boring into her eyes. “The thought of sleeping with me?”


Her quick answer made him frown, Lotor crossing his arms over his broad chest as he studied her. “I’ll have to work on changing your mind then.”

“You won’t.” She shot back, seeing his frown lines deepen. “So you might as well have married someone else, because I refuse to give in and play the happy house wife.”

“You set yourself up for misery.” He retorted, a flash of annoyance in his eyes. “And what’s more, you seek to make us both unhappy.”

“It’s an unhappiness that’s your own doing.” Allura pointed out. “Lotor, you knew I did not want to marry you, and yet you insisted on us joining together. What did you think would happen when you take an unwilling woman for your bride?!”

“I expect you to do the right thing….” he began slowly, causing her to lift her brow in surprise. “I expect you to learn to be happy, to learn to love me back.”

“I shouldn’t have to learn anything!” Allura snapped back. “Love doesn’t work that way!”

“What do you know?!” Lotor demanded, dropping his arms down to his sides. “You have no love, no experience with it!”

“I may be inexperienced…” Allura replied, gaze heated. “But it doesn’t change the truth of my words!”

They stared at each other, neither one speaking, both their gazes narrowed. The silence seemed to stretch out between them, seconds ticking by, before Lotor deigned to speak. “My love is as real as any truth you speak of. And I will prove it to you.”

“How?” She shied away from his reaching hands, seeing the annoyance flash in his eyes. “By bedding me? Do you think that sex will make me fall in love with you?!”

“It will deepen the bond between us.” Allura bit back her frustrated scream at his words, once again evading Lotor’s attempt to take her in his arms. “It’s a step…” He added, using the speed the Drules were known for to lash out with his hands, catching her around the waist. “…in the right direction. But fear not Allura. I won’t force you to consummate the wedding this night.”

“What about tomorrow?” She demanded, struggling against his pull on her. “Or the day after?”

“That’s up to you.” Lotor told her, jerking her so that she came forward, placing her unwilling body against his front. “But I won’t make it easy for you to resist me.”

“You underestimate my aversion to the situation you placed me in.” Allura retorted, squirming against him. That was a mistake, she could tell by the way his eyes darkened, and the quickening of his breath. Lotor LIKED feeling her body’s wiggling motions against his, Allura making an unhappy sound as she went still, glaring up into his face.

She was no less pleased by the expression he wore, Lotor’s golden eyes taking on a predatory look to them. His fingers tightened their grip on her sides, Lotor pulling her tight against him so that she felt every breath he took, felt the hardness of his muscles against her front. “And you Allura?” He was bending, moving to claim her lips, his breath hot on her face. “You underestimate the desire I have to make this work between us.”

“You desire the impossible.” Allura said, feeling his lips brush hers, Lotor choosing to kiss her rather than respond to her words. She didn’t fight him, nor did she make it an easy thing, this kissing of her mouth. She let herself be dead to his kiss, even as Lotor tried to blossom a reaction out her, his lips pressing hungrily to hers. She couldn’t help but notice the softness of his mouth, and the way it fitted so perfectly against hers.

Lotor continued his attempts to kiss her, lips moving, molding to hers, trying to coax her mouth to open. Allura kept her lips sealed as tight as possible, though she flinched when she felt his tongue probe the seam of them. He noticed her reaction, Lotor pulling back with a sigh. “You can play the cold fish with me Allura, but that doesn’t lessen my desire to be with you.”

“I’m not playing!” She snapped, an instant before he lifted her into his arm’s hold. “What are you doing?! Put me down!” Allura kicked out with her legs, squirming furiously about as he cradled her against his chest. Lotor laughter echoed in her ears, the prince carrying her towards the bed.

She was deposited none too gently on the mattress, Allura’s body bouncing against the cushions. She immediately tried to sit up, knowing she had no time to lay there stunned. The mattress sank with the added weight of Lotor, the prince perching on the edge next to her. He was still laughing, his hands catching her around the waist, and pulling her onto his lap.

“Allura, relax..” Lotor purred into her ear, his tongue snaking out to lick behind it.

“How can I relax when you manhandle me into bed?!” She demanded, torn between squirming and sitting still. She could feel his lips, mouth nibbling on the curve of her ear, a not wholly unpleasant sensation. One arm was still around her, hand resting on her hip, keeping her pinned in place. Allura tried to remember not to struggle, not wanting to do anything to add to Lotor’s enjoyment of the situation.

“I meant what I said when I would not bed you this night.” His husky tone announced, Lotor still playing his tongue against her ear. “Not without your invitation.”

“You’ll never get it.” Allura told him, tone furious. “Not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever.”

“Ah, but we will see about that.” He sounded smug, and she wondered at his confidence in the matter. “Because I intend to treat you very good…”

“Nothing you do, can make up for the evil you’ve done to my planet!” She interjected, cutting him off mid sentence.

He ignored that, continuing. “Both in and out of bed. Think of it Allura, the whole galaxy laid at your feet.” His hand was touching her hair, brushing it back from the side of her face, his lips pressed into her skin. They spoke a path down her jaw line, his warm breath blowing across her skin, kisses being place gently on her flesh.

“I don’t want the galaxy to submit to me!” Allura protested, trying to ignore the way he kissed her. “And I don’t care about riches, about jewels and fancy gowns.”

“Everyone needs money, Even you.” Lotor pointed out. “And with your marriage to me, Arus will finally get the financial backing it needs to thrive. There will be no more war to devastate it and your people.” She was quiet so long, he laughed, nuzzling his face against the side of her neck. “Even you have to see the benefits to that.”

She did, though Allura was hesitant to admit that. She knew Lotor needed little encouragement for his smug attitude to worsen, Allura staring stone faced at the wall across from them. Lotor let out a sigh, though it wasn’t as put upon as she would have liked, the prince tasting her skin. He kissed with an open mouth, letting his tongue lick strongly at her neck, and she even felt him grazing his fangs against her, nibbling bites that felt better than she had expected.

When his mouth closed around the pulse in her neck, she spoke, more to fight back the gasp that wanted to come out. “Your….your people won’t insist my people fight wars for you?”

Lotor took his time answering, actually doing an insistent suck at her pulse point, mouth wetting the skin there. “We have more than enough soldiers that Arus need never be made use of. You can have peace…”

“At a price…” She whispered sadly.

“Nothing in this universe is free Allura. Nothing.” He was suddenly shifting her, turning her so that she straddled his lap. His expression was serious, eyes glittering with an emotion she could not read. A hand was at her back, supporting her, Lotor’s gaze dropping down to rake consideration over her body. Allura forced herself to remain straight, to not curl in an effort to hide herself from him.

“And now?” She asked, when his other hand touched her belly, fingers caressing the exposed bit of skin that her flimsy top did not quite cover. “Now I suppose it’s my turn to pay?”

“Oh Allura…” He flashed a quick look at her face, a smile quirking his lips upwards. “It’s not about payment….not this.” His hand caressed upwards, skirting over the thin material of her top. “Now I simply wish to study my bride. To learn your reactions, and to introduce you to a world of pleasure.” His hand was between her breasts, fingers fisting the material of her top.

Before Allura could snap back an answer, he jerked on the material, the top tearing free of her body with a resounding ripping sound. The suddenness of it all had her gasping, her cheeks flaming brightly as he bared her breasts to his hot gaze. Her hands instinctively jerked, the metal cuffs holding them from coming forward. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do, if she had intended to hit him, or merely cover herself with her arms.

But there was no hiding from his gaze, from that pleased smile the crossed his lips as he gazed at her. She didn’t see what he did with the torn top, his hand was already there, touching her skin, even as she tried to back away. His hand on her back moved, reaching up too grip under her hair, a loose hold on the back of her neck.

“Don’t do this.” Allura outright begged, staring imploringly into his eyes.

“I’m not going to do anything but some touching.” Lotor said, his voice low and calm. She realized he was trying to sound soothing, and that panicked her all the more. “I will do nothing to compromise your virginal state.”

“You’ve already compromised me plenty!” Allura snapped in a hiss.

“And now I will continue to….further your education on pleasure.” He bent forward, nipping at the front of her throat. That surprised her, Allura having expected him to go straight for her breasts. Instead he lingered at her throat, kissing and licking her there, long enough that she wished he’d moved on. She knew enough about what he was doing, that her neck would bear the marks of his lips, shameful signs of his kisses that all would see.

He moved to the right side, mouth settling in the crook of her should, teeth biting down gently there. She held back her displeased sound, staring over the top of his head as she tried to ignore what he was doing. It seemed the time for talking had passed between them, communication limited to his actions alone. She felt the pull of his lips, Lotor sucking at the bite mark and then he was pulling back.

She stared at him, confused for just a second before his hand moved, just the finger tips touching her breast. He touched her with one finger, lightly following the bottom curve of her left breast, the sensation foreign to her. He then did the same with her right one, watching her face to gauge her reaction to the simple touch. When Allura didn’t so much as flinch or attempt to get off his lap, he smiled, his other fingers joining the first one.

He had the gall to cup her breast in his hand, seeming to test the weight of it. Allura noticed how perfectly she fit into his large hand, the princess noting it was bigger than a human males, but the perfect size for Lotor’s larger Drule frame. The hand on the back of her neck came to her front, and then she had two hands holding her breasts, fingers flexing to give her squeezes that made her frown.

“What are you doing?” Allura asked, Lotor looking serious as his hands continued to squeeze her breasts.

“Getting to know you.”

“It’s not me you’re getting to know!” Allura protested, an alarmed breath escaping her. It was starting to feel good, his manipulation of her breasts. “It’s my body you’re seeking to familiarize yourself to.”

He actually smiled at that, Lotor giving a nod of his head. “That and trying to get you used to my touch.” His thumbs brushed over her nipples, rubbing against the flat surface in a friction inducing manner. “You’ve never taken pleasure, have you Allura?” His smile was pleased, Allura turning shamed at the way her nipples tingled, starting to bud against his thumbs insistent rubbing.

“That’s really not your business!” She snapped.

He made no move to correct her, just continued to wear that pleased look. “I bet you’re the type to not even touch yourself at night.” Allura couldn’t help herself, she gasped at the thought of it, Lotor chuckling. “You’ve denied yourself this kind of touch…which leaves you vulnerable in another way.” A pinch of his thumb and forefinger, Allura squealing, unsure if she liked that sensation on her nipples.

“Vulnerable?!” She demanded when she caught her breath.

“Yes. Not just to me, but to anyone who seeks to touch you this way.” His hands left her breasts to grip her waist, Lotor lifting her up of his lap. She stared confused at him as he laid her down on the bed, the prince hovering over her. “But fear not…only your husband will have this right…this gift of pleasing you.”

“What…” She trailed off confused, noting Lotor was back to touching her just with the pads of his fingertips. It was the softest of touches, going up and down the sides of her body, caressing her lightly. He smiled as he did this, eyes darting back and forth from her face to her body, fingers never ceasing their movements.

“Your body is starved for touch Allura.” Lotor said, Allura’s flesh rippling with goose bumps wherever he touched her. “It yearns for this contact.”

“That’s not true!” Allura shook her head no, Lotor reaching for her leg, holding it up as he smoothed fingers down the inside of her thigh. That alone got her shivering, the touch so intimate and close to her sex. He noted her reaction, not quite smirking as he caressed circles into her thigh. But though he neared it, not once did he touch her sex, not so much as accidentally brushing his fingers against her panty covered groin.

Instead he focused on smoothing both hands down the length of her leg, Lotor lifting it high so that he could press a kiss behind her knee. That spot proved especially sensitive, Allura shocked that the skin there could find a kiss so sweet. He noticed, Lotor aware of her every reaction to what he was doing. He pressed another kiss into that spot, than allowed her leg to bend, Lotor kissing down the front of it, all the way to the tips of her toes.

He even went so far as to massage the arch of her foot, a move that felt so good, Allura forgot to fight him. It wasn’t until after he started touching the other leg that she realized she had missed a prime opportunity to kick him in the face. And now he was touching the inside of her thigh again, teasing patterns into her skin.

The same treatment was delivered to this leg, Lotor’s fingers working their way downwards, kisses being placed on her skin. He left her legs parted, settling in between them quick enough that she didn’t have a chance to snap them close. It made her glare at him, Allura furious to feel him press against her as he reached for her waist once more.

This time Lotor paid mind to her belly, hand flat as he did a circular motion. Over and again he repeated that movement, until he bent over her stomach, pressing his mouth to trail kisses just above her panty line. She twitched at the sensations that arose from begin kissed in that spot, Lotor’s tongue licking just above the band of satin. His hands reached higher on her body, touching her breasts at the exact instant he kissed onto her panties.

“Lotor don’t!” She cried out in protest, hardly reassured when he made soothing sounds.

“I promise…only touch until you ask for more.”

“This is more than touching!” Allura snapped in retort, her mouth falling open in a wide o of shock as his tongue licked at her panty covered slit. It was another new sensation, his saliva dampening the garment. But more than that, she felt the rub of his tongue, making her ache and wonder what it would feel like without the satin barrier in the way.

A troubling thought, Allura shaking her head no to chase it away. His fingers were playing with her nipples, teasing her until they ached, Allura recognizing some kind of need growing within her. A need she refused to give voice to, trying to endure his licking and caressing as best she could. To her dismay, she realized his actions were coaxing out a reaction from her body, her sex growing damp with a moisture that had nothing to do with the saliva of his tongue.

His hands released her breasts, sliding down her waist, till his fingers were hooking into the band of her panties. “I can’t wait to taste you.” Lotor announced, pulling back enough to start tugging down her panties. She made it difficult for him, trashing about, but that merely caused him to tear the satin free of her body. Panic flared into her as the last barrier was done in, Allura trembling as she stared up at Lotor.

He was staring down at her sex, reaching with a hand that was shaking in it’s excitement. A whimpered out moan escaped her lips, Allura feeling how carefully he touched her damp sex. His fingers seemed to cover every inch of her pink flesh, careful as they traced it, greedy in the next as he spread her lips open to expose her more fully to his gaze.

“Beautiful.” Lotor sighed happily, and then was pressing his mouth to her sex once more. She tried to close her legs around his hand, his strong hands moving to grip her thighs and force them to stay spread. At his tongue;s delving into her sex, Allura cried out, the first real sound of unexpected pleasure. She damned Lotor for causing her to react in that way, fighting his hands, fighting the reactions he was causing in her.

His tongue moved upwards, hitting a spot she knew only by reputation. In that moment, she arched her back, likening him to a snake as his tongue flicked against her clit, over and over again. It tickled, but more than that it made her burn, need making itself known to the point it almost hurt. She had to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming, Allura finding he was driving her crazy at the insistent way he kept at her clit.

And when he took that morsel of flesh into his mouth, lips wrapped firmly about it, she nearly wept at the buzzing the sweet sucking of his lips caused her. She began to wiggle, trying to push back against his face, even as Allura told herself it was wrong to enjoy it. She heard her voice, but it sounded alien to her, breathless and husky, a wanton woman’s voice that moaned with need and desire.

At some point Lotor had let go of her legs, and now she dimly registered movement from his hands. She realized he had his cock out, his fist pumping furiously up and down the length of his dick. She was shocked to think he was masturbating while giving her pleasure, the ache inside her intensifying, her insides giving a twist as she realized she was close to achieving something.

Lotor continued his furious motions, his mouth just as frantic as his fist, and just when Allura thought she’d scream like a wild woman, he suddenly released her. Her whole body buzzed, but it was fast fading without the constant stimulation of his mouth. Her clit throbbed, wanting his mouth back on it, and she stared at him in hazy confusion.

“‘Why?” Allura managed to ask, seeing Lotor continuing to stroke his hand up and down his cock. Faster and faster his hand moved, almost a blur, and if she wasn’t so addled with need, she knew she’d be shying away from the sight of it.

“Because my dear, sweet tasting Allura…” Lotor moan induced words had him licking his lips, the princess realizing the Drule’s mouth was wet with the juice her body had produced. “You’ll get nothing more from me until you beg me to be inside you.”

In that moment she truly hated him, knowing her bound hands had formed fists behind her back. She glared at his face, ignoring what he was doing below his waist. “Damn you!” She said, relieved when he didn’t start laughing. Instead he bent over her, and put his mouth to her breasts, lips seeking out the right nipple, making her arch her back in surprise. It felt good, the heat of his mouth around her flesh, his lips firmly pursed around her nipple. His free hand touched her left breast, making sure not to neglect it. And all the while he continued to jerk himself off as he teased her.

She wasn’t sure how much time passed between them, her eyes falling close as she moaned and shook beneath him. The suckling pressure on her breast wasn’t enough to bring her to orgasm, it just left her frustrated and determined not to say the words Lotor longed to hear. He switched breasts at times, mouth seeing that no nipple was neglected for too long.

It was one such switch that he suddenly tossed his head back, letting out a roar that startled Allura into looking at him. Pleasure twisted his features, a dreamy smile on his lips as she felt something warm and sticky hit her thighs. A glance down showed him releasing all over her lower half, the prince taking the pleasure he had denied her.

It left Allura with mixed feelings, the girl not sure how to react. She felt certain this meant her night’s ordeal was over with. She had no idea how wrong she would be about that…..

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