Trade 01

The room was full of smoke, thick clouds of it that seemed to choke the air right out of one’s lungs, replacing it with the overall sweet scent of burning incense. It was no surprise that coughing was a constant noise heard through out the room, men voicing their discomfort of the smoke. It curled it’s way around them, burning amber pits sending their tendrils into the air, to mingle with the smoke of those who dabbled in other lung ruining devices.

Lotor himself frowned, holding a plain white handkerchief to his face, mouth and nose covered to allow him to breathe just a little easier. Over the cloth, his eyes gleamed golden, brimming with idle curiosity as he glanced around the room, trying to make out the faces that surrounded him. It was unfortunate, but the lights were so dim as to cast everyone in shadows, effectively hiding their identities from each other.

And still he tried, Lotor narrowing his eyes, squinting in the darkness as he tried to see if anyone he knew was here. At best he could only make out the shapes of their bodies, men crowding around small tables that could house only two bodies at once. His own table held Lotor and his companion, Commander Cossack, who was brought along for a measure of protection. Lotor was sure he could defend himself against anyone here, but it didn’t hurt to have someone to watch his back in case things turned ugly.

There was movement out on the floor, Lotor feeling Cossack tense up every time the waiters drew near to their table. The servants were all men, dressed in matching uniforms, and carrying trays laden with drinks. They weaved their way between tables, bestowing the items with a flourish, though no one offered up any coin as payment. The drinks were after all, a gift of their host, a subtle trick to entice the men here to drink so as to trick them into parting their purse strings.

As much as he longed for a drink, he went without, Lotor not trusting his mysterious host enough to imbibe of anything, let alone something that was rich in alcohol. He wanted a clear head, and insisted Cossack do the same, his commander muttering his displeasure under his breath. Cossack didn’t see why they couldn’t drink, after all everyone in the room was here for the same purpose, ready to indulge themselves in some of the Galaxy’s most illegal entertainment’s.

But Lotor couldn’t relax, not trusting the reason behind their invitation to such a place. He had received the house’s calling card a scant two days ago, no name attached to the invitation to tell him who was behind this summoning. The message had been cryptic, giving directions to a nondescript building located on planet Autrusca, with orders to bring as many credits as he could obtain on such short notice.

Lotor had expected to be blackmailed, some pathetic, money grubbing worm that had somehow gotten documentation on some humiliating or incriminating exploit of his. He was prepared to pay to shut this person up, though truthfully Lotor intended to kill the blackmailer if he could get away with it. He hadn’t expected to be ushered into this room, where so many men, and even a woman or two by the soft feminine voices he had heard speak, sat watching the stage.

The concrete platform at the front of the room could not be called anything else, with it’s red velvet curtains hanging against the wall, and it’s small podium where a man stood, speaking into the microphone. He talked rapidly, voice clear and making details known, gesturing to a woman who was the only one illuminated by the bright spot light on her.

Men stood holding her arms, forcing her down to her knees, their faces covered by masks to hide their identities. The woman herself was near hysterical, green eyes wet with tears, cheeks soaked as they ran down her face to drip off her chin. She tried to cringe backwards and hide, but the masked men forced her to face the crowded room, a hand holding her chin, keeping her upright.

She was already naked, having been stripped of her clothing, and now they were forcing her legs to spread. At the sight of her shaved sex, the bidding reached a fever pitch, people shouting out high amounts of money. Such extreme amounts that had Cossack swearing, the commander shocked at the thought of someone paying that much to own a slave.

Lotor himself thought it obscene, this amount of money wasted on a piece of flesh. He was long used to the freedom of taking slaves right from the planets he conquered. Whoever had invited him here, had made a big mistake if they thought to trick the prince of Doom out of his money this night.

“Sold for 75 million credits!” The auctioneer said, banging his gavel against the podium’s surface. The woman grew more hysterical, shrieking wildly as they dragged her off the stage.

Lotor barely watched her, already rising to stand. “Let’s go Cossack. I see nothing I want here.”

“Go?” sputtered the commander, stunned. “But we just got here.” It was true, they had arrived just under ten minutes ago, nearly being barred from attending the slave auction due to their own tardiness. But one of the masked men had recognized Lotor, hurrying forward to hold a heated conversation with the building’s bouncers. A grudging look from the two men, they had reluctantly stepped aside, allowing Lotor and Cossack to pass through the beaded curtains and into the smoke filled room.

“Yes, and now we leave.” Lotor didn’t wait to see if Cossack was following him, he was already moving towards the room’s sole exit. He actually got as far as the beaded curtain, hands rattling the wooden balls so that they made a click clack of sound as they brushed against each other.

“Our next merchandise…” A new woman was brought up onto the stage, Lotor hearing the sounds of a struggle as the auctioneer made his announcement. “Is a girl on the cusp of becoming a woman. Roughly eighteen years old, with a fair complexion, and sparkling blue eyes….”

“Hey…” Cossack had caught up to Lotor, nudging the prince with his elbow. “Isn’t that…?”

Lotor was already turning, feeling as though time had slowed down as the man said the following words. Words that startled the prince, words drawn out for maximum dramatics. “The golden haired ruler of planet Arus, princess Allura.”

Lotor stared, seeing Allura struggling futilely against the masked men holding her. She was clad in a pink bikini, with translucent silk hanging down between her legs. It didn’t cover so much as draw attention to her assets, her breasts barely contained by the pink fabric, the panties cut high on her legs, showing off her thighs. A slaver’s collar was around her neck, a partial chain hanging down between her breasts.

“If you would…” The auctioneer continued, though already people were shouting out offers, making Lotor growl and narrow his eyes in rage. Who would dare bid on Allura? Who would dare try to take her for their own, knowing what she meant to the prince of Doom? “Please notice her soft, smooth skin, complimented by her beautiful hair, a color I can assure you is natural.”

“Prince?” Cossack’s voice was a dim echo intruding on Lotor’s awareness, the prince moving slowly towards the stage. “What do we do?”

“And not to forget her body…” One of the masked men suddenly tore the bra away from Allura’s chest, her breasts bouncing free to reveal her nipples which were stiff with fright. “We believe this flower is a rare treat you will not find anywhere else.”

Lotor was positive every man’s eyes were drawn to Allura’s exposed breasts, he could practically feel the weight of their gaze on HIS princess, and he found his hands clenching into tight fists at his sides. When the masked men reached for the ties on the sides of Allura’s panties, Lotor felt what could only be described as a killing rage come over him.

No one seemed to notice, their eyes transfixed to the girl on the stage, the offers climbing even higher at the auctioneers next words. “This delicate flower is still a virgin, untried by a man’s touch.”

Lotor was almost to the stage, his rage narrowing down to the hands touching Allura, forcing her to stare straight ahead as they tried to get her to spread her legs for them. He wasn’t sure who he wanted to hurt first, the men touching Allura, or the auctioneer for his next words. “As soon as you purchase this item, you’ll be able to verify the truth of her virginity yourself.”

The bidding reached a fever pitch, Lotor leaping onto the stage. His hand made a pass at his side, Lotor vaguely recalling being forced to leave his sword behind before being allowed to enter this room. No matter, he’d settle for using his bare fists to make his point.

“Sir!” The auctioneer exclaimed, sounding shocked. “You’ll have to take your seat. If you want to examine the merchandise, you’ll have to purchase this item first.”

Hearing the man refer to Allura as though she was mere property and not a person made Lotor want to advance on the auctioneer, but he had more pressing matters to attend to first. “Let her go.” Lotor growled to the men who had finally halted their attempts to spread Allura’s legs. Allura herself gasped to see Lotor, her face seeming to lose some of it’s color as she paled in fright. He tried to ignore that he was scaring her almost as much as these men, knowing the time for reassurances would come later.

Sounds came from behind him, Lotor tensing up for a fight as he realized more men were rushing the stage. Shouts were heard, Lotor recognizing Cossack’s voice as the commander began fighting with the men, protecting the prince’s rear. A murmur from the crowd of prospective buyers rose, protesting the prince’s presence on the stage as the nervous auctioneer tried to calm them down.

The masked men shared a glance, and then were letting go of Allura, shoving her to the ground. She scrambled to her knees, looking for a chance to escape, though it was plain to all there was no options for her to do that. Instead she backed up to the velvet drapes, watching wide eyed as the two men lunged towards Lotor. They carried no weapons, and even relying on their brute strength, Lotor was confidant they would prove no match for him.

The shorter of the two men took a half leap into the air, twisting in place to swing his foot at Lotor’s chest. The prince caught the man’s ankle with his hands, jerking it upwards to knock the man off balance. Even as he dropped the man to the floor, the other was aiming a punch at Lotor’s face. Lotor blocked the punch with his palm, jerking the man forward to grab him by the neck. A sickening crack was heard as Lotor snapped the man’s neck, his eyes on the masked man on the floor. “You’re next.” Lotor hissed, dropping the dead man at his feet.

“Your highness!” Cossack cried out, voice panicked. “I can’t hold them all back!”

Footsteps sounded on the stage, Lotor turning to peer over his shoulder, expression deadly. “Go ahead.” A slow flashing of his fangs, Lotor looking forward to the challenge the three new men might give him. “Come at me if you want me to kill you too.”

That gave the newcomers pause, the masked men hesitating as they exchanged glances. “Bas….bastard!” One said, though none were trying to come closer to the prince. A sound from behind him, Allura’s voice crying out in pain had Lotor whirling around to fix his glare on the man who had grabbed her arm. He was twisting it behind her back, Allura making a high pitched sound of discomfort that had Lotor advancing towards them, blinded by rage.

“A moment your highness!” A new voice called out, Lotor unable to tell if it was a man or a woman that spoke to him. He barely took his eyes off the man holding Allura, seeing the way her chest heaved in her fright.

“Let her go.” Lotor growled out each word, almost animalistic in his way of speaking.

“I’d really listen to what I have to say….” The newcomer said, Lotor feeling heat on the back of his neck. “Unless you wish for me to have you shot where you stand.”

“You wouldn’t..” Hissed Lotor who had froze, realizing a sniper’s scope was aiming a laser at his rear. “Don’t you know who I am?”

“Of course I do. I did after all invite you here. But…” Annoyance was in the person’s voice now, almost chiding as he or she spoke. “I’m not about to let you run roughshod all over my little slave auction. If you want the girl, you’ll have to bid on her like everyone else has.”

Lotor’s lips curled into a sneer, outraged at the thought of having to buy Allura. “She’s mine.”

“Not until you pay the price.” The mysterious person insisted. “Now….are you going to play my game, or do we have to escort you off the premises?”

“Fine.” Lotor slowly turned, catching sight of the newcomer. The person’s appearance hid their gender well, wearing a red silk cheongsam, that clung tight to the muscled frame. The person was either a man, or a very flat chested woman, with it’s skirts trailing down to the floor, high cut slits on either side revealing stocking clad legs that were shaved as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

AN ornate hairstyle was done up in round buns, with many colorful clips holding each of the amber colored hair in place. Jade green eyes stared a challenge at Lotor, rimmed with black kohl around the eyelids. Lotor had never seen this person before, having little clue as to who his mysterious host really was.

“How much is the bidding up to?” demanded Lotor, spying Cossack out the corner of his eyes, subdued for the moment by the threat of the laser trained on his prince.

A nod from the genderless person had the auctioneer speaking up. “Nearly one billion credits.”

“One point two billion credits.” Lotor offered, shooting an angry glance out into the darkened room, daring anyone to out bid him. A restless murmur could be heard, all attention on the prince and their mysterious host for the moment.

“A generous offer indeed!” said the strange man woman, clapping his hands together in delight. “But I’m sure someone else can do better. After all, this is the princess of Arus, thought to be the most beautiful woman in all of the Denubian Galaxy.”

“One point two billion credits…” The auctioneer began, voice nervous. “Going once….going twice…”

“One point five billion!” A woman called out from the middle of the room, oblivious to the growl that issued out of Lotor’s throat. Her offer seemed to inspire some sort of rebellion in the people gathered for the slave auction, voices shouting, growing in excitement as the offers climbed higher and higher in value.

“Lotor…” Allura’s voice was a soft whisper, the prince not turning to look at her for he was too busy glowering at the people for defying him in this way.

“Don’t worry Allura.” Lotor’s voice was equally soft, the prince trying to sound reassuring. “I’ll handle this. I promise.” To the room he spoke up, voice carrying so all would hear. “Five point five billion credits.”

A loud gasp was heard, the combined multitude of voices issuing it out, their shock apparent at the high price he offered. “Well! That’s an impressive amount, one I am sure the princess is worth. If there’s no other takers…?” A glance at the silent crowd, Lotor holding back his smirk as he waited to see if anyone would dare bid after he had doubled the last offer made.

“Five point five billion credits.” The auctioneer seemed to stumbled over the words, stuttering out the closing of the sale. “Going once…..going twice….going three times….SOLD! For five point five billion credits.”

Lotor was already moving towards Allura, intent on seizing hold of her from the man who had her arm twisted behind her back. “A moment prince Lotor! We must verify that you really will pay the price you named.”

“Of course I will!” Lotor exclaimed, tossing an aggravated look towards the host.

“I meant no insult. It’s merely a precaution. If you would step this way, we shall verify the transfer of assets, and then you can be on your way.”

“Fine.” Lotor snapped his fingers, Cossack responding to the signal. “Commander, your cloak please.”

“Yes, sire.” Cossack was already unpinning his heavy cloak, not a word of protest from the Drule as he handed the gray wool to the prince. Lotor approached Allura, the masked man trying to back to the wall to avoid the prince.

“Oh do indulge him Demetris.” The host said, laughter in his tone. “It’ll avoid another scene, and keep his property from catching cold.”

The masked one known as Demetris reluctantly let go of Allura, the princess staring up at Lotor with wide blue eyes. This close to her, Lotor could see she was trembling, Allura trying not to cringe as he placed the wool cloak over her shoulders. She immediately wrapped it around her, seeming to wilt in relief at being covered once more.

“Thank you.” She said softly, and Lotor nodded, hands still on her. He took care to pull her hair out from beneath the cloak’s fabric, fluffing it up around her shoulders. She stared at him as he did so, Lotor finding he had so much to say to her, and knowing there was too many people around to speak freely.

“Don’t mention it.” He said at last, and abruptly turned from her, catching the eyes of the waiting host. The genderless person waved for Lotor to follow, Allura being taken away to where the other slaves were kept behind the stage. Already the auctioneer was offering up the next person for sale, but Lotor didn’t pause to linger, eager to resolve this business of payment. Only then would he be able to take Allura back to his ship, and get the answers he so desperately needed.

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