Trade 04

 She was aware of voices, distant and vague, Allura lacking the ability to identify just who it was that was speaking. She was coherent enough to know it was men’s voices, the deep baritones holding a concerned conversation around her. She wished she was able to make out the words, Allura struggling in the murky blackness that surrounded her, fighting desperately to wake up.

It was an uphill battle, each loss keeping her on the brink of a deeper sleep, Allura wishing she could cry out in frustration. Especially when she felt herself being touched, hands gentle at first, than business like, doing what she did not know. Allura knew she should be more disturbed by the touches, but she couldn’t fathom the reason behind it. There was something pressing at the back of her subconscious, wanting to remind her of a danger that had not yet passed.

But try as she might, she could neither wake nor remember just what had led her to this infuriating slumber. But the wrongness of the situation persisted, Allura shivering one instant, than suddenly feeling too hot the next. It was a heat she did not recognize, Allura unable to pinpoint just where it started in her body. She had a feeling it wouldn’t be as simple as turning down the castle’s core temperature to cool her, the heat the type to persist even if she removed all of her clothing.

She moaned in frustration, wanting to roll onto her side, then startled with the realization that the sound had been real. She was getting her voice back! She was prepared to speak, to cry out for help, when something inside her gave a wrench, the heat intensifying. What’s more it seemed to center it’s focus on her breasts and groin, Allura feeling feverish but not wholly unpleasant.

Pleasant though it may be, she was unfamiliar with the tingling that came with the heat, the way her nipples seemed to ache with need. She moaned again, this time the sound very different from that of frustration, and heard the voices grow quiet. She was too focused on the way her sex seemed to throb to care about the sudden silence, Allura trying to will herself to move.

Her body wouldn’t respond in the way she wanted, Allura finding the feelings increasing, forcing a needy moan out of her lips. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with her, and yet she instinctively knew, KNEW, that touch was the key to alleviating the fire inside her. If she wasn’t so caught in this foreign feeling of arousal, she’d be blushing, Allura the type to never, ever touch herself in a sexual manner. All her religion’s teachings had said it was wrong, and she wanted to be a good girl. But she also wanted the feeling to stop, feeling her nipples grow impossibly hard in a matter of seconds.

She knew the technical terms for her body’s most secret places, Allura wanting to whimper as she realized her clitoris was begging to be touched. She could feel the dampness of her body, wetting both her sex and her thighs, the girl trying to squeeze them together to alleviate some of the arousal. Another moan escaped her, and she felt her hand move, creeping close to her breast.

The touch would be soothing, she tried to convince herself of that, feeling the silk of the shirt underneath her fingertips. She briefly wondered where it had come from, Allura knowing no garment of hers was made from such expensive fabric. Her hand shook, drawing near to her nipple when something seized hold of her wrist. Allura didn’t have the strength to fight that hold, crying out again as her hand was forced back to the mattress.

Seconds went by, her need growing, Allura starting to wiggle in place on the bed when hands cupped her breasts. It was almost enough to force her awake, Allura’s moan turning into a startled gasp. A face followed the hands, head nestled between her breasts, lips kissing through the fabric of the shirt she wore. It wasn’t enough, the touch too gentle, too slight.

“M…more…” She managed to form the word, then hated herself for it. The voice said something, words a bit clearer as the hands squeezed and kneaded her breasts, Allura crying out. Her flesh was being manipulated by expert hands, she could feel the strength in them and the way they held back from hurting her.

It was wrong to be touched, especially when she didn’t know who was doing it, and yet she couldn’t deny how much better it made her feel. Allura cried out, forcing herself closer to the surface of waking, writhing in place on the bed. Her thighs rubbed together, her skin slick with how wet she had become, a fact that had her feeling ashamed even as she acknowledge how good it felt to be aroused.

The hands lifted off her chest, and she whimpered, wanting them to stay. She was moving her own hands, ready to replace the grip with one of her own when fingers pinched the tips of her breasts, the assault on her nipples making her gasp and snap her eyes open. She blinked, and through a haze, Allura saw a man leaning over her. She colored, but embarrassment was hard to hold on in the face of her arousal.

The man continued to play with her nipples, thumb and forefinger of each hand capturing the hard tips, rubbing them fiercely through the shirt. A loud wail of bliss escaped her, Allura arching her back, feeling the intensity of the friction he generated. It sent pleasure coursing through her, the girl squeezing her thighs as tight together as she could.

“You’re awake…” The man said, not ceasing in his pleasurable torment of her nipples. She nodded dimly, then squinted, trying to make out who it was. The sight of cat’s eyes, gold and gleaming, set in a face that was colored azure almost turned her blood cold. Almost made the feverish fire within her cool.

“Lotor!” She gasped, and was suddenly shoving at him, trying to push him away from her. Bemusedly, the prince of Doom allowed her that action, though her body mourned the loss of his fingers.

Drawing her knees up to her body, Allura backed into the bed’s headboard, hands reaching behind her to grip the steel. She shook her head again, trying to chase away the haze that surrounded her, squinting as she saw two Lotor’s, images superimposed on one another. “Where am I?!” Allura demanded, and even to her, her voice sound ripe with fear and uncertainty.

“You’re on my ship.” Lotor said calmly, leaning back on his knees to watch her. His eyelids drooped, masking most of his eyes as he stared at her.

“How did I get here?” She tried to focus on her questions, hoping the arousal would die down in the face of her fear at being alone with the prince of Doom.

“You don’t know?” He asked, and she shook her head, dimly aware of him frowning at her. “Allura I brought you here from the auction house…”

She scarcely heard his words, battling with herself to not let her scream, a frustrated sound wanting to escape her. Her hand was trying to move of it’s own violation, wanting to creep under the shirt and stroke herself till the fire inside finally froze. Allura forced herself to be still, though her hand trembled from the effort, the girl looking around and feeling dizzy in the process.

Her vision was still so blurry that she couldn’t make out the details of the room, and something was around her neck, heavy iron that wanted to weigh her down. She knew if she could think Allura would recognize just what that metal was, but all she could concentrate was the aches of her body, and the way her stomach clenched itself into a fierce knot of arousal.

“Oh Goddess!” She cried, and hunched over. Lotor’s hands were immediately on her shoulders, and she was shaking too badly to reprimand him. “What’s wrong with me?”

He was easing her back against the headboard’s cushions, Allura peering at him and his double with frustration in her eyes. “You’ve been given a powerful drug.” He began, and she cried out again.

“A drug? What kind of drug?!” Her hand moved, landing on her thigh, and it took all her will power not to part her legs.

“We don’t know yet.” Lotor answered, sounding regretful. “The host said it was mangepita and Alcueran powder but…that should have just made you sleep. You were given something else….”

“Is there a cure?!” She demanded anxiously, letting her legs open just a tad. Lotor appeared not to notice, Allura easing her fingers into that open space.

“My doctor is working to discover what it is, but until then no…” She moaned, even as she discovered she wore no panties under the shirt, her fingers brushing against her slit. Her touch was hesitant at first, Allura conscious of Lotor looking at her. But it became apparent that a slow exploration wouldn’t be enough, Allura gritting her teeth as she began to vigorously masturbate, fingers furious and without knowledge of just what they were doing.

She looked down, but not before she saw Lotor swallow, the Drule licking his lips at the sight of what she was doing. Allura’s cheeks burned, she couldn’t believe she was touching herself in front of her most feared enemy. But her fingers had a mind of their own, and she spread her legs wider, almost crying tears of frustration as she tried to rub relief into her clit.

“It won’t stop…” She whimpered, biting her lip so hard it started to bleed. “Why won’t it stop?!” Furious whines followed that exclamation, Allura’s actions clumsy as her inexperienced hand continued to touch herself.

Lotor was staring at her, a considering look in his eyes. “I can help you Allura….”

She seized on that, gasping. “You can?”

“Do you want me too?” She was already nodding her head, too tense to be relieved that he was offering aid.

“Yes, please…!”

“Then you’ll have to trust me…” He reached for her shirt, his fingers long and elegant as they touched the top most button. She cried out, shying away from his hands, voice suspicious.

“What are you doing?!”

“I’m going to ease your discomfort…” Lotor explained, tone patient and kind.


“By making love to you.” He answered, and she paled.

“NO!!’ She shook her head, even as another wave of pleasure hit her, stomach clenching in the process, making her whine in pain.

“It’s the only way Allura.” Lotor told her, even as she continued to shake in denial.

“The doctor must have a cure…I can last that long…” But even to herself she sounded doubtful, her fingers stroking her sex all the while they argued.

“I don’t think you can.” Lotor said, and his next words had her moaning again. “It’ll be hours at least before he can narrow down what drugs are in your system…you’ll go out of your mind with need by then…”

Except for her harsh pants, and tiny squeals, she was silent weighing his words. She could barely stand the arousal after just a few minutes, how much worse would she feel after a few hours of this torture? A tear wanted to drop down her cheek at the thought, Lotor catching it with his finger, the prince cupping her cheek as he leaned in to lick her skin.

She turned her face to the side, staring across the blood red sheets of the bed to whisper an order. “No….no kissing.”

“What?” He sounded surprised, pulling back from her.

“You heard me.” Allura replied, fixing him with a side long glance. “No kissing. Our lips are not to be touched.” He didn’t like that request of hers, she could see that on his face. But she didn’t care, Allura hoping to distance herself from the act by limiting his actions. “If we don’t kiss….it won’t have any meaning to it.” She added, seeing his frown deepen. “It’ll just be sex….a business arrangement…”

“I don’t know if I can do that…” Lotor began, and Allura squealed, wiggling in a deliberate manner against her fingers.

“Please…” Sweat was beading on her brow, her chest heaving with every pained breath. “I think I’ll go out of my mind if you don’t help me!”

He stared at her, surely weighing the options in his mind. He seemed on the verge of turning her down when she whimpered, his calm demeanor breaking. “Very well Allura. Your mouth is off limits…for now. But I will kiss you in other places, of that make no mistake.”

She nodded, feeling him push her back against the pillows, his hands smoothing down the length of her arms. “Not there…” Allura protested, still playing with her clit. “Touch me elsewhere!”

He actually chuckled at that, murmuring a response. “So demanding.” His hands reached for her shirt, and he once again began the attempt to unfasten the buttons. She stared up at him, Allura hardly daring to believe she was going through with this. But any doubts she had were quickly pushed away by the arousal, her strong need for sex making her docile as Lotor undressed her.

“Oh hurry, hurry!” Allura cried out urgently when he paused to just stare down at her body. The silk shirt had been opened, parted to either side of her body like a frame of silk.

“You’re stunning Allura.” Lotor praised her, hand touching her belly. “Absolutely beautiful.” She was in no mood for his compliments, watching anxiously as he bent over her, Lotor licking at her belly. The touch of his wet tongue against her skin had her gasping, Allura writhing in place on the bed. He purred his way around her navel, licking and dipping his tongue into her belly button.

“Don’t tease me..” She begged, feeling as though his tongue licked flames right into her skin.

“What do you need?” He looked at her as he continued to lick her stomach, and she blushed a furious red at having to answer him.

“My…my breasts…they hurt…”

He dragged his tongue upwards, licking across her waist till he was between her breasts. His cool hands on her heated skin had her crying out in relief, Lotor lifting her breasts so he could kiss and suck at the underside of them. It wasn’t what she wanted, Allura making impatient noises as he continue to mouth at the bottom halves of her breasts.

“Ngh….need you….elsewhere…” Her tone was pleading, Lotor taking mercy on her to kiss around her nipples, his tongue’s tip doing teasing circles around the hardened flesh. It brought a cooling wetness on her flesh, Allura all but screaming when he fastened his mouth around one taut nipple, giving her a generous suck. It was amazing, like nothing she had ever felt, and she knew she’d never be able to replicate the sensations his mouth caused on her own.

His tongue swirled over the nipple in his mouth, Lotor sucking harder, each draw of his lips sending pleasure spiking through her. She whined and wiggled, fingers still moving at their furious pace when Lotor grabbed hold of her wrist. Allura cried out in protest as he forced her fingers away from her sex, the girl struggling with him. It was an ultimately futile fight, Lotor’s strength too much for her under the best of circumstances.

“Lotor no!” She was almost weeping, so frustrated at being denied the right to masturbate. He merely moaned against her nipple, teeth grazing that bit of flesh so that she gasped. She did it again when his hand cupped her sex, Lotor’s middle finger touching the swollen slit.

“You’re so wet Allura….you’re positively dripping.”

“It’s the drugs!” She was quick to point out, trembling and pushing against his hand. “It’s made me this way..!” He said nothing in response to that, merely kissed his way over to her neglected nipple, taking it into his mouth. His hand left her groin, and she wailed pitifully, barely acknowledging the sound of a zipper as Lotor worked to free himself of his pants.

A glance at him through hazy eyes showed the double image of Lotor, tunic’s skirt drawn up to reveal the erection it had covered. She felt fear course through her at his size, wondering how in the world they would ever fit together. “You’re too big!” She told him, frowning when he laughed.

“That’s the first time I’ve gotten that complaint.” His tone was teasing, Lotor returning his hand to her sex. “Don’t worry Allura, we’ll fit. Just got to make you ready…” Her eyes widened as his fingers stroked her a few more times, Lotor than probing at the entrance of her body with the smallest. She heard him mutter something in Drule, the words sounding obscene to her ears, even as she clenched tight around his finger.

That finger of his was moving, wiggling about inside her. She hissed, wanting something that could go deeper. He laughed when Allura told him as much, Lotor withdrawing his finger, and pressing his cock’s head against her body’s entrance. “This will hurt…” He sounded regretful, Allura shaking her head.

“Don’t care.” His eyes widened at that, Allura hurrying to explain. “It can’t possibly hurt as much as not doing something about this arousal within me!”

“I’m sorry it had to be this way…” Lotor said, and she managed a snort.

“No, you’re not.” His eyes flashed annoyance at that, the prince not liking her doubting his words. Before she could even think to voice an apology, he was pushing inside her, Allura shivering at the feel. She could feel her body’s resistance to his cock, Lotor gearing up to do another thrust. It tore a cry from her, but it wasn’t as bad as her Nanny had made it out to be, or perhaps it had to do with the drugs making her too besotted to care.

“Did I hurt you?” Lotor asked, and even to Allura’s addled mind, he sounded anxious.

“No….not really…keep going.” She tried to push herself back on his cock, needing it to reach all the way inside her to soothe the desire within her. Lotor grabbed hold of her hips, keeping her still as he gently eased in more of his cock. “More….oh more!” Allura wiggled against his hands, trying to fight free of his grip. “Go deeper…I…I need it…”

“Patience Allura…” Lotor advised her, and started to draw out. Feeling him leave her body made her do a protesting cry, Allura squeezing tight around him. That made Lotor lose some of his calmness, a moan escaping him as he began to thrust. But he was going to slow for her satisfaction, Allura ready to weep from her neediness.

“Faster! Go faster!” She begged him, arching her back up off the bed. “Please…don’t be gentle…give it to me hard!”

He was hesitating, she could see it on her face, Allura screaming in frustration. Her hands were free to move, on ending up on her breasts, playing with a nipple as the other one reached down to pinch her clit. Lotor let out a soft growl and grabbed hold of her hands, pinning them to the bed as she wailed in protest.

“Didn’t want to hurt you….” He muttered, and began thrusting harder, each stroke seeming to take him deeper inside her. Though she had been upset just seconds ago, now Allura was ecstatic, screaming encouragement to him.

“Yes! Ooooh yes! More! Harder!”

Soon her cries goaded him to the point he was doing powerful slams into her body, hips almost a blur of movement. She wouldn’t be surprised if she was sore afterwards, sure her body would bear bruises from the way his body crashed into hers. He had let go of her hands to grip her hips, and this time she dug her nails into the bed sheets, hearing them tear beneath them.

The fire within Allura continued to build, growing stronger until there was no point on her body that wasn’t burning. And with it came intense feelings of pleasure, making her squeal and shake, Allura feeling she was close to something. When it hit her, Allura’s whole body clenched around Lotor’s cock, the princess doing an open mouthed wail of pleasure.

She was still vocalizing her orgasm when Lotor bent over her, his own cock giving in to the climax her body encouraged out of him. She felt his seed empty into her, Allura still crying out an ecstatic yes when Lotor brought his mouth crashing down onto hers.


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