Trade 05

 He could hear the scraping of Allura’s nails, the fragile fabric of the bed sheets tearing open as she cried out. She was screaming words that goaded him on, ones that encouraged his hips to move at a breath taking speed. It was as though her voice was the switch that controlled his body, hips pumping as his cock thrusted in and out of her, twitching as her wet heat seemed to sear him alive.

The sounds she was making were sweet, a well orchestrated symphony that was playing a private performance for him and him alone. He muttered things back to her, but she seemed too far gone to care, barely registering the sound of his voice as her clouded eyes stared at him. Lotor liked her looking, wondering what she thought of him in this moment, grunting and growling as he worked to bring them both to satisfaction.

She arched up off the bed, a little ooh of appreciation escaping her as he hit an especially sensitive spot. Lotor smirked, and worked to hit it again, liking her reactions. He liked it even more when she came, her tight little body spasming around him, constricting in quick succession to bring his own orgasm from him. He didn’t even try to stop it, letting his own fierce roar rumble out of him, Lotor spilling his seed inside Allura.

She continued to shriek, her eyes drooping close even as Lotor pressed down on her body. Her discolored lips called to him, Lotor finding he could not, would not honor her request, nor did he want to make the effort to try. Especially when her mouth was ripe for the taking, open and inviting, allowing him glimpses of her tongue. He kissed her, and it was no gentle mashing of the lips, but a bold claiming, lips hard and unyielding against hers.

He felt Allura’s lips move, a tiny flutter of uncertain action against his, the girl’s whole body trembling around his. Lotor moaned into the kiss, and his hand left her hip to reach for the back of her head, fingers tangling in her hair, holding her trapped against him. Lotor took advantage of her open mouth to thrust his tongue inside, rubbing that velvet muscle against hers, trying to stroke her tongue into a frenzy of action.

He heard Allura make a fitful sound, the girl squirming, her hands coming up to shove at his chest. He remained connected, determined to make up for the kisses she had tried to deny him. He was unprepared for her to bite him, the pain causing him to draw back, blood on his lip. Before he could so much as growl her name, she was slapping him, hand a blur of movement that stung sharply when connected with his cheek.

For one brief instant they stared at each other, Lotor unhappy as he felt the blood on his lip seep into his mouth. “That hurt.” He said at last, wondering to himself which had been the worse pain.

“You promised not to kiss me!” Allura exclaimed, and he noticed her eyes were open, anger making them just a little brighter, a little clearer. They were still red rimmed, but not as clouded, anger or the orgasm he had brought her to helping her to fight the effects of the drugs in her system. She didn’t like him staring, he saw that in her face, Allura struggling, trying to push him away from her. “Get off of me!”

“You needed to be kissed Allura.” Lotor said levelly, remaining where he was, both inside and on top of her.

“The hell I did!” She snapped, surprising him with her language.

“Fine, then maybe I needed it!” Lotor retorted, and those words made Allura surprised. She blinked at him, and he realized it was true, Lotor finding he was starved for her touch. This whole encounter had been about her, and her needs, Allura doing little more than lying there and taking what he had to give her. Not once had she attempted to touch him, her hands active but only on her own body. It would have meant so much to him to feel her caress her fingers up and down his arms, to feel them stroke through his hair, or touch his chest. But the princess had been determined to keep the encounter impersonal, taking what she needed in the hopes of discarding him afterwards. If Lotor really thought about it, he almost felt used by her.

He had to push down those feelings, letting out a deep breath to calm him. “A kiss isn’t so bad…” Lotor began, allowing his most seductive smile to cross his lips. “Not after all we shared.” He was met with stony silence, Allura looking away, her actions feeding his annoyance. With a growl he lifted up off her, withdrawing from her body as quick as he could, even as his cock protested leaving her warmth.

It seemed her body protested too, a sharp gasp escaping Allura. Lotor was instantly alert, looking at her. Her lips were pressed tightly together, her expression one of intense concentration. She seemed to be trying to lie absolutely still, and he swept his gaze downwards, noticing her nipples were still stiff. He cocked an eyebrow, Lotor curious, his hand reaching out to brush his thumb over her nipple.

“AH!” Allura actually blushed at that, flushing a pretty pink shade. He glanced back at her face, and saw misery there. She read his look, and exhaled a heavy breath, sounding near tears as she explained, “The arousal is still there!”

“Hmm.” Just a sound from him, Lotor leaning back on his knees to consider her. She was starting to wiggle in place, her fingers clenching the bed sheets so tight her knuckles bled of color. Tiny whimpers escaped her, and her legs moved, thighs clenching together tight as she wriggled.

“Lotor…” She said his name mournfully, as though she knew she was in no position to ask him for a favor after her attacks on him. “Please…do something…help me…”

“What would you have me do?” She glanced downwards as though ashamed, Lotor hiding his smile. “The arousal is not better at all?” A rapid shake of her head no, but he saw Allura’s hesitation. “What? Tell me.” He insisted, and each word out of her mouth was a slow earned victory.

“It felt a little better when you were….were touching me. When you were inside me.” She admitted, blush deepening in intensity. “I could focus a little when you were having sex with me.”

He didn’t bother to correct her that it was love making, Lotor finding her words to be a bit too accurate. He had been having sex with her, left to do all the work save for the wiggle of Allura’s hips. “If we do this…” He stated it in such a way to leave doubt in her mind of his willingness to oblige her.


He nodded. “If we do this, it will be under MY terms this time.” Allura’s face became upset at that, the girl not liking him setting limits anymore than he had liked hers. “That means we kiss. And you touch me. You do what I say. I will not be the only one doing all the work here.”

“I just have to touch you?” She asked, and he was quick to remind her.

“And kiss me.” She looked as though she was trying to weigh the proposal in her mind, Allura chewing at her bottom lip. She opened her mouth to speak, and instead moaned, the sound deep with needing.

“All right!” Allura cried out her agreement, still fisting the sheets in her hands.

A victorious smirk crossed his face, Lotor seizing hold of by the upper parts of her arms. He drew her up to a kneeling position, and bent to kiss at her lips. He didn’t go in for it in his usual fashion, Lotor gentle and hesitating, mindful of some trick on her part. Allura’s own lips trembled against his, the girl just as uncertain here as she had been elsewhere when it came to displaying passion. But it was all right, Lotor would teach her what she needed to know, the Drule grinning against her lips as they kissed.

His hands began tugging down her shirt, easing the sleeves off her arms. All the while he nipped and licked at her lips, being sure to kiss at each corner of her mouth. She hesitantly moved her own lips against his, trying to mimic his actions. It produced pleasant sensations, Lotor starting to eat at her mouth, a hungry, open mouthed kiss that had his tongue probing her lips’ seam.

She yielded to his tongue, and this time when he thrust it inside her mouth, she did not try to bite him. Instead she did shy flicks of her tongues, Allura rubbing and caressing in a way that showed promise.

Still kissing her, Lotor moaned and picked her up off the bed, cradling her against his chest as he walked across the room. He wouldn’t allow her to end the kiss to demand where they were going, Lotor stumbling into the door that led into the bathroom. He got her into the shower, setting her feet back on the floor. “Help me undress.” Lotor gave a breathless order, already tugging her hands onto his tunic’s torso.

Allura looked so uncertain, but she nodded, biting her lip once more as she helped him pull the tunic up over his head. When he was free of the garment, he saw her staring at his broad chest, looking wide eyed with fascination. “You can do more than look.” An amused Lotor told her, waiting with bated breath as she tentatively brought her hands to touch his abdomen.

He arched into Allura’s touch, thrilling at the feel of her soft hands tracing the lines on his waist. He let her admire him for a few minutes more, watching her though hooded eyes as she went higher, exploring his skin with her eyes and hands.

“You have no scars…” She commented, and he felt a jolt go through him as her hand grazed his nipple.

“I’ve been lucky.” He told her, and then began to remove his boots and pants, tossing them outside the shower’s range. Once as naked as she, he closed the stall’s door, and turned on the water, the shower head thoroughly drenching them from head to toe. Allura squealed for the water wasn’t as warm as she would like, but the coldness seemed to do nothing in terms of battling the drug’s power.

“Lotor please…” Allura begged him, hands touching his arms, fingers gripping in tight. “No more of this….I need you…”

“I’m sure you do.” Lotor responded, jerking the shower hand downwards to clean her more thoroughly. “But we’re doing things my way now.”

“More touching?” She seemed so disappointed, and her face was red more from need than embarrassment. He nodded, and pressed her against the wall, leaning in to steal a quick kiss against her lips. But his aim was her neck, lips kissing downwards until they touched the metal of the slave collar, Lotor working around it to please Allura.

His hand held onto the shower head, a flick from his finger changing the speed of the water to a light pulse. He brought it to aim towards her breasts, and she squealed as the water beat against her. Her own hands were on his waist, fingers rubbing in place as she wiggled against him. He whispered a husky order into her skin, one she was quick to obey.

“Spread your legs.”

He skimmed over the metal, licking over her collar bone as he aimed the shower head directly between her legs. Allura cried out, voice a loud squeal as the water pulsated between her legs. His mouth was busy kissing down her body, tongue licking up the stray drops of water as though it was his personal quest to dry her in that fashion.

“Take hold of my cock….” His voice rasped against her skin, Lotor needing more than just Allura grinding against him. He moaned when he felt her hands touch his shaft, fingers curling around it’s thickness. “That’s it…keep touching me…..stroke it…”

“Like this?” Her anxious voice asked, and her hand began moving up and down the length, Lotor groaning to feel it.

“Yes!” He hissed, finding another drop of moisture on her breasts. His tongue then began to lave attention on her nipples, Lotor gently thrusting into Allura’s hand. She cried out, and her hand quickened it’s movements, the girl arching into his licking tongue. He heard her whisper a please, again and again as he licked at her. His own mouth wanted to plead with her in return, Lotor’s body lost to the sensation of Allura’s hands.

She was a getting a rise out of him, cock growing heavy with need as it started to lengthen in her hands. “That’s it…” Lotor muttered, thrusting more vigorously into her grip. “Make me bigger for you.”

He abandoned her breasts to kiss her lips again, Allura making cute mewling sounds that had his cock twitching in reaction. He sucked her tongue into his mouth, allowing her to take control of the kiss, Allura a little less shy and timid as her need for him grew.

“It’s not enough…” Lotor growled, and Allura echoed his sentiment. She whined in protest when his hands touched her shoulders, forcing her down to her knees before him. His cock gave a mighty lurch, the prince liking see his beloved princess kneeling before him. She looked like she belong there, gazing up at him so innocently, the blush back on her cheeks.

“I want you to kiss me.” He told her, and saw her blink confused. That confusion lasted only long enough for him to wag his cock in her face, Allura’s mouth dropping open in shock. She stared for what seemed like an eternity, before reaching for him with shaky hands. Her touch steadied him, the princess drawing nearer to the tip of his cock, lips puckered to kiss it.

Lotor’s head tossed back at that first touch, the prince fighting not to thrust his way into her mouth. Instead he rained down praises to her, encouragement working to make her grow bolder as he petted her hair. At some point she opened her mouth, a wet kiss that took just the tip of him inside her. Her mouth was like warm silk, coiling tight around him.

Allura moaned as she began to suck on him, her hand dropping between her legs to masturbate furiously. The poor thing had raised her hips, fingers stroking and pinching her clit, tiny whines escaping her as she bobbed her head up and down his dick. Lotor allowed her that torment for a few seconds more, just enjoying the way her mouth sucked at his cock.

When he pulled away from her, she licked her lips, staying on the floor. He reached for her hands, and pulled her up right, ready to position her in the way he wanted. She gasped when he whirled her around, pressing his cock against her rear as his hands reached from behind her to cup her breasts. Fingers kneading, Lotor rubbed against her, feeling the water of the shower pool around their feet.

“Bend over.” Lotor told her, and Allura moved without protest, bending over before him. He kept his grip on her breasts, giving her more commands. “Feet spread wide, and hands on the wall.” She did as he asked, and he could see her shaking, feel her excited trembles against his body.

The need to take her was coming on strong, fierce in it’s intensity as he lined up his cock with her sex. She was wet and slippery, and he rubbed teasingly over her before finding his mark. A loud cry tore out of Allura when he shoved inside, her hips bucking back into him. He grabbed onto her waist, making sure his hold was secure before he began a steady rate of thrusting.

Allura continued to moan and scream, her hands sliding on the wet wall as he pounded into her from behind. Lotor stared down at her body, enjoying the sight of them connected, watching his cock disappear into her body. She greedily ate him up, clinging so tight it was though her body never wanted to let go of his.

Bending over her, Lotor eased her hair away from her back, placing kisses above her shoulder blades. He cried out her name, Drule endearments following, proclaiming her his loved one, his cherished one. She had no way of knowing what he was saying, quiet aside from her impassioned moans.

The friction they were generating with their bodies was sheer torment, Lotor forcing himself to hold back as he continued to thrust. Deeper and deeper he went inside her, her body a warm sheathe that was oh so pleasant.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Allura was chanting, her body squeezing him again and again as she hit her climax. She was just as loud this time as she had been last time, Lotor trying to ignore her body’s urgings and keep on thrusting. Allura didn’t care, the princess tireless in her intense need, Lotor working to bring her a second time. It was only then that he gave in to his own body’s desire, shooting off deep inside her with a moan.

When he was brought down from his high, he became aware of their panting, Allura’s hands still plastered against the wall. He kissed the back of his shoulder, and let his concern seep into his voice. “Are you feeling better now? Is it out of your system?”

“I’m fine…” Her tone was breathless, the girl trying to recover. “The arousal doesn’t feel as strong any more.” Lotor felt disappointment to hear she was still suffering, the prince wondering just how much of the drug had been given to her. “I think I can manage without sex for now…” Allura added as Lotor slowly withdrew from her body. His hands turned her to face him, Lotor gazing down into her eyes.

“For now?” He questioned with a lift of his eyebrow. Allura nodded, Lotor brushing back her wet hair from her face.

“It’s just a light heat, a small tingling that I can ignore now.” She hesitated, then touched the back of his hand. “Thank you.” His surprise showed, Lotor not expecting to be thanked by her. “It’s true this was not a situation of my choosing, but you helped me out when I thought I would go crazy.” She paused, seeming to think things over. “You helped me more than just with sex. You got me out of that awful place.” Her hand dropped down to the slave collar, Allura seeming to shudder as her fingers made contact with the metal.

That reminded him of the many questions he had for her, Lotor catching at her hand, drawing it away from the slave collar. “Allura, just what were you doing there? How did the host get a hold of you?”

Her blush had not yet faded, and now it bloomed into even sharper contrast, Allura lowering her eyes. “We were on a mission…”

“We being the Voltron force?” Lotor asked, and she nodded, still not making eye contact with him.

“We heard rumors about Doom involvement in the Phi Nom sector. We hurried to lend our aid…” She sighed then, shaking her head. “We walked right into a trap.”

“It certainly wasn’t a Doom designed one.” Lotor pointed out, and she made an agitated gesture with her free hand.

“It might as well have been!” He frowned, not getting her meaning. “The end result was the same…I was caught by you…”

“You make that sound like a fate worse than death.” Lotor was hardly pleased by her words, or the one that followed.

“It might as well be.” She looked at him now, blue eyes troubled. “What will you do now that you have me? Will my people be enslaved, my planet added to the Doom Empire?”

“Of course.” He answered instantly, feeling her jerk her hand out of his grip. It was then that he realized his answer hadn’t been the best one, Lotor trying to back paddle on his intentions. “You will marry me Allura….and together we will make Arus a shining jewel in the Doom Empire’s crown. Your people need not know hardship under our rule…”

Her eyes flashed with anger, Allura turning her back on him. “I will marry you? So I don’t even get a choice in the matter?”

“I’m sorry, but no.” Lotor told her, and heard her let out an angry hiss of air, reaching for the shower stall’s door. “It won’t be so bad…” He added, caressing a hand down her back. She stiffened at his touch, back going ram rod straight. “We’ve proven we are more than compatible…”

“You mean in bed.” Allura jerked open the door, nearly stumbling as she took her first step out of the stall. “Lotor, that doesn’t prove anything, it doesn’t mean anything. I was drugged, and needed help. You were the only one around who could scratch the itch I felt.”

He was glad her back was to him, he could feel himself scowling, sure his face turned ugly at her words. She continued to move around the bathroom, gravitating towards the towel rack. He waited until she had wrapped the towel around her body to move, crowding in close to her. “Is that all I was to you? A convenience?” Allura looked ready to nod, but at the sight of the angry look smoldering on his face, she hesitated.

That hesitation was the only thing that saved the situation from turning any uglier, Lotor doing his best to keep his temper in check as he fought not to rant and rave at her. Still he was looming over her, stance menacing, Allura taking a nervous step back from him. He didn’t like that, his arms jutting out to snag hold of her arms. She gasped, and the towel nearly slipped free of her body.

“What happened in the Phi Nom sector.” Lotor asked, using the tactic of changing the subject to try and get a hold of his anger at her. “Where is the rest of the Voltron force? Why did they not try to rescue you?” He saw the stubborn set of her lips, Allura determined not to tell him. “Tell me!” He snapped, resisting the urge to shake the truth out of her.

“I don’t know!” She answered at last, looking upset. “We were split up…I…was with Keith…” His lips curled at the mention of the captain, Lotor not liking the thought of Allura being alone with him mission or not. “We were ambushed by that….that creature’s men. The last time I saw Keith was days ago, right before they separated us at the auction house.”

She started to cry, a sight that normally would have gentled Lotor. But the thought of her shedding tears for the captain of the Voltron force merely made the prince jealous and angry, his lips curling into a sneer.

“I don’t know what’s been done to him.” She continued, sniffling. “He could be dead for all I know, dead or sold, a slave to someone horrible!”

It would solve a lot of his problems if the captain was dead, Lotor thought, releasing his hold on Allura. She immediately raised her arms, using the backs of her hands to wipe at her wet eyes. Wordlessly Lotor reached past her to snag a towel off the rack, wrapping the cloth around his waist.

“Lotor?” He turned his back to her, stalking towards the door that led into the bedroom. He heard her footsteps, Allura following after him. “Talk to me…”

“What would you have me say?” Lotor demanded, thrusting open the door. His eyes fell on the bed, the crimson sheets rumpled and torn, pillows scattered onto the floor.

“I don’t know.” She said, and he snorted, walking towards the com unit that was attached to the cabin’s east wall. Allura was quiet as he called down for a maid, demanding his bed sheets be changed, and a late dinner be brought to the room.

“Your captain has never been a friend of mine.” Lotor reminded her, at last turning to face her. “I would be glad if he was dead. It would be one less thorn in my side.”

“You’re cruel.” He nodded at her words, seeing Allura grow frustrated that he wasn’t insulted.

“To those who get in my way, I am.” He told her. “This shouldn’t surprise you.” Lotor added, brushing a hand to his hair. “You’ve known how I am, what I am from the start.”

“This is too outside my experience to wish anyone dead!” Allura protested, and now he did smile though it was without warmth or humor to it.

“Your gentle nature will by your downfall princess so long as you continue to exist without someone to give you their protection. Fortunately for you, I will be that someone.” He advanced on her, watching the princess stubbornly hold her ground this time. “We will be returning to Doom soon enough. And once there, you will become my wife. I suggest you console yourself to the thought, and stop labeling me as a convenience.”

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