Trade 07

 The feeling of arousal was starting to grow in intensity, her thoughts starting to wander towards pleasure rather than the direness of the situation she found herself in. Allura cursed under her breath, a vicious Earth phrase she had picked up from Lance, the princess curling her fingers into fists. She pressed her nails into the palm of her hands, hard enough to leave half moon circles as an impression. The pain of her nails digging into her skin help focus her thoughts a little, Allura realizing she couldn’t just sit here and wait for Lotor to return.

She pushed away from the table, letting her towel drop to the floor. It crumpled at her feet, Allura stepping over it to reach for the bundle of clothing Lotor had left on the table for her. It was hardly her ideal outfit, the color a drab gray, it’s fabric some kind of wool that scratched against her skin. But she put the dress on, feeling it rub it’s woof surface against her breasts, unpleasantness that still made her nipples react with a jolt of sensation.

The dress covered her up to her neck, with sleeves that tapered down to her wrists. It wasn’t an outfit meant for seduction, it’s use intended to make the wearer blend into the back ground. She needed that now, Allura doing her hair up into it’s familiar bun. A black cap had been included with the outfit, Lotor surely not imagining Allura to wear it. She put it on, making sure to tuck as much of her blonde hair as she could underneath the black material.

The dress fell down to her knees, and underneath it she wore black stockings, the tops of which came up to her thighs. The stockings felt out of place with the rest of the outfit, silky smooth and thin. Sensible brown shoes completed the look, Allura finding they were two sizes too big for her small feet. Still she laced up it’s ties, making them as tight as she could in the hopes they wouldn’t flop about too much as she moved.

Once dressed, and doing her best to ignore the arousal that urged her to remain in the room, Allura picked up the silverware from the table. She actually risked a smile, pleased Lotor had trusted her enough to leave her with a knife. She palmed it now, hiding it in the pocket of her dress as she walked towards the door. It was a waste of time to test the strength of the lock, Allura dropping to her knees before the door knobs. She could see the lock, an old fashioned mechanism that required a key of some kind.

“I bet Lance never thought this trick would come in handy.” Allura murmured to herself, pulling out one of the hair pins that had been included with the bundle of servant’s clothing. She began unbending it’s edges, forcing it into a straight line that she then pushed into the key hole. She pressed against the door, alert for sounds, both of Lotor returning, and of the lock itself.

“Come on, come on.” She whispered, fiddling with the lock, bumping the pin’s edge against various tumblers. It took her nearly ten minutes to trigger the locking mechanism, Allura tricking it into believing her pin was the key that unlocked it. She almost couldn’t believe it had worked, Allura hearing the door unlock with a click. She stood and quickly tucked the hair pin into her pocket.

Taking a deep breath, Allura cautiously opened the door, peering through the crack out into the hall. She could only see the patch of hallway directly before the door, a long stretch of corridor that led deeper into the ship. She hadn’t been awake for her arrival to the room, but if Allura had to guess, she thought the private cabin of the prince must be in the rear of the ship.

That left her wondering where the hanger area would be, Allura wondering if there was another level to the ship that would house the various fighter craft Doom employed. Star cutters wouldn’t be ideal for long jaunts across space, but she’d surely be able to fly one to the closet planet, and find friendly aid there. But first she knew she had to reach the hanger, the girl returning to the table, reaching for the food’s remains.

Piling the dishes onto the cart, she then wheeled it over to the doors, letting them creak open with a push of her hips. She kept her gaze downwards, pretending to be a downtrodden servant as she pushed the cart out into the hall. Footsteps to the right of the doors alerted her that she was not alone, Allura keeping her eyes averted as she began walking down the corridor.

She was not challenged, the soldier barely even glancing at her and her burden. Allura fought not to wilt in relief, wheeling her cart farther down the hall, passing by closed doors on either side of her. Apparently this section of ship wasn’t very busy, Allura wondering if those doors led to the soldier’s sleeping quarters. She had no chance to explore, continuing down the corridor until it curved to the right, Allura stepping across the metal floor and hearing her footsteps echo.

One side of the ship was a window, the length of a room’s wall, showing the star filled galaxy. She paused to look out into it’s darkness, and felt a tremble go through her, Allura realizing she had no idea where she was, or how far from Arus and the Phi Nom Sector, her travels had taken her. She wondered how Lance, Hunk and Pidge were doing, Allura praying to her Gods that the trio were free and scouring the galaxy for her and Keith.

~Keith.~ A shake of her head, nearly dislodging her cap. Allura refused to give in to despairing thoughts about her friend, refused to believe he was dead. But the only alternative was that he had been sold, and she shuddered to think of him at the hands of some merciless slaver. ~Maybe he’ll be able to escape.~ She tried to muster hope at that thought, knowing out of all the five Voltron members, Keith was the most likely to accomplish such a feat.

If he hadn’t been given the same drugs that she had received, Allura thought darkly. The arousal pains was making her shake, the princess gripping the rails of her cart tighter in an effort to hide her trembles. The material of her wool dress was clinging to her chest, her erect nipples noticeable spots that pushed against the fabric. ~Be strong Allura, be strong!~ She ordered herself harshly, relieved she had not yet succumb to moaning helplessly.

She started moving again, not a moment too soon, for three Drules came out of one of the chambers, their voices jovial and laughing. She refused to give in to her instinct to walk faster, not wanting to draw attention to herself. Her head cast downwards, she nearly gasped when a voice called out to her.

“Y…..yes sir?” She stammered nervously, half turning in their direction.

“Our beds could use some making.” The Drule said, his heavy accent making his basic difficult to understand. She hesitated, Allura not knowing how to refuse him. “Get to it, your other duties can wait.”

“Yes sir.” Allura said, and abandoned the cart to walk towards the room. The Drules lounged around the outside, one smoking some kind of pipe, the smell thick enough to choke on.

“So I heard he finally caught the princess of Arus.” One of the Drules said, and another laughed.

“About freaking time. That girl has given him the run around for how long?”

Allura pretended not to listen, doing her best to hurriedly strip the sheets off the beds. The Drules paid no attention to her actions, enjoying their moment of gossip. “I was there when he brought her on board. She’s a small thing, even for a human. Seemed to be sleeping, all cradled in his arms.”

“You saw her?” Another asked, as Allura started in on the third bed.

“Uh huh. Only got a glimpse of her, but she sure was pretty.”

“Eh…” The Drule that had ordered Allura to make their beds made a dismissive sound. “I don’t know how you and the prince can even tell one human apart from the other. They all look the same to me!”

“That’s because you have bad eyes Dirveus!” And two of the Drules snickered. “It’s no wonder they won’t let you fly a star cutter, and you’re stuck on guard duty instead.”

“Being a guard is an honorable position.” The one that must have been Dirveus insisted. The others continued to laugh, leaving Dirveus to fume. “You get to hear all kinds of things.”

“Like what? Allura left the bedding on the floor, and walked over to a dresser, pulling open random drawers, searching for fresh bed sheets. But she was all ears to the Drule’s conversation.

“Well….there’s rumors going around about how the prince got a hold of the princess.” He lowered his voice, Allura finding the bed sheets. “I heard he got a call from someone special….someone dealing in illegal merchandise.” The other two Drules made excited sounds, Dirveus continuing. “Kinda funny he leaves after that, and comes back with the princess.”

“Just what are you implying?” One demanded as Allura pulled the new sheets onto the bed.

“Not sure exactly…” Dirveus admitted. “But don’t you find it funny that his highness isn’t gloating about how he captured her? And how they don’t want us talking about her arrival on the ship?”

“That is strange.” Admitted one, Allura starting to fluff up pillows. “Why I heard Commander Cossack screamed his head off at a group of gossiping soldiers not too long ago. Didn’t like what they had to say.”

“And that in itself is strange.” Dirveus sounded triumphant. “Why maybe he….” A voice broke into the conversation, it’s monotone quality echoing over the ship’s loud speakers. “Hell. It’s time for my shift.”

“Yeah I got to get to work too.” Sighed the smoker, taking one last puff on his pipe. “What about you, Zuvidsa?”

“Eh….I still got a few hours before my shift. Think I’ll head down to the commissary and grab a bite to eat.” He sighed. “Don’t have the pull that the prince and commander have to get meals delivered to my room.” The other two made agreeing sounds, the three moving away from the room. Allura could still hear their faint voices echoing back, the girl dropping the pillows to turn and stare out into the hall.

~Lotor doesn’t want them to know he bought me?~ She thought in amazement ~I wonder why.~ She couldn’t think of a good reason, having thought everyone would have known by now just how Lotor had come to acquire her. One thing was certain, without the slave collar and no other knowledge of her being purchased, the Drules on this ship would merely think her a valuable prisoner of war. She wasn’t sure how that would be useful to her, but Allura liked the thought of still being considered a free woman.

Still mulling over what she heard, she stepped back into the hallway, taking hold of the cart once more. She began wheeling it down the corridor, and soon came to a cross roads that split into four directions. She lifted her head, peering down each corridor, wondering which path to take. ~If ever I needed a floor map of the ship…~ Allura lamented to herself.

She finally chose to keep on going right, wheeling the court down the corridor. Another curve of the hall, and then she came to a dead end, Allura holding back her sigh of disappointment. There was a door here, and it was open partially, the princess creeping closer to see what lay behind it’s metal frame. The room itself was dark, lit up only by the electric glow of the view screen. Allura felt excitement to see it, wondering if she could send a distress call to Arus and the other lions. She was just about to walk into the room, when a voice spoke out, it’s familiar bass causing a startled jolt of recognition in her.


She started to back away from the door, but not before she caught the tail end of his words. “Well, witch?” He sounded impatient and demanding, tapping his foot against the floor. “Can you do it or can’t you?”

~Do what?~ Allura wondered, staying rooted in the spot as she eavesdropped on the prince’s conversation.

“Prince Lotor, you have to understand. These things not only take time but a lot of effort.” Haggar’s voice lacked her normal cheer, the witch lacking enthusiasm for whatever project the prince had given her.

“We don’t have the luxury of time!” Lotor retorted, and she could hear him pacing in the darkened room. “Every minute we delay, is another chance for someone else to find the lions.”

“With what little information you have given me…” began Haggar, sounding annoyed. “Finding the lion ships will be a lot like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Practically impossible.”

“Practically? That means there’s a chance, little though it may be.” Lotor said, leaping on her words.

“Fine, yes. There’s a small chance I can do it.” Haggar muttered her agreement. “It would help if I had some kind of focusing tool though. Something of Allura’s, like her crown or her lion’s key.”

“You’ll have to make do without them.” Lotor told her, and as he came closer to the screen he stepped into Allura’s view. “We’re too far from Doom to give you those items.”

“Really?” Haggar looked suspicious, even as Lotor nodded his confirmation of the statement. “Because I’ve heard you don’t have them. That they’re missing.”

“You know better than to put stock in rumors.” Lotor snapped, and now Haggar laughed, voice a high pitched cackle.

“I know enough to not ignore them either!” Haggar’s eyes narrowed, the witch petting the blue cat on her lap thoughtfully. “They say the situation surrounding your acquisition of the princess is quite strange. Quite strange indeed.” Lotor said nothing to this, allowing the witch to continue her speculations. “There’s a veil of secrecy on board your ship, one engineered by you and that bumbling fool Cossack.”

“Do not meddle in things that don’t concern you witch.” Lotor’s tone was warning, the witch grinning a wide smile at him. Allura began to sneak back towards the cart, quick to hurry away from the room. Each squeak of the wheels made her cringe, Allura expecting Lotor to come flying out of the room and accost her.

Somehow she made it back to the cross roads of the ship undetected, Allura all but hunching over the cart as her body clenched with need. She could feel herself sweating, perspiration moistening her skin as she fought not to moan. ~It’s getting worse!~ She thought to herself, knowing her body was growing wet enough to leak moisture down her thighs.

The cart was beginning to be the only thing keeping her upright, Allura choosing the straight corridor this time. Her legs were shaking with every step, Allura stumbling and squinting her eyes half close. The hall seemed to sway before her, and she had to fight to remember to keep her head down so that the Drules she passed by wouldn’t see her face.

~Maybe if I can find an empty room…~ Allura mused to herself, casting a look of longing at the closed doors she passed by. The urge to touch herself was strong, the princess wanting nothing more than to lock herself in a room and masturbate to her heart’s content.

She turned the corner, and came across another dead end, and this time she did moan, the sound more pleasured than the frustrated. Her sound drew the attention of someone in one of the rooms, door opening to reveal a high ranking Drule. She could tell by the expensive boots he wore that this was no ordinary solider, Allura refusing to lift her head to see what the rest of him looked like.

“Eh….what’s going on? Why are you out here? Are you sick?” To her shock she recognized the voice as Commander Cossack’s, Allura quickly shaking her head no. She didn’t dare speak, frightened the Drule would recognize her voice.

“What’s going on?” Another man’s voice, calling out from inside the room.

“I think you have another patient doctor.” Cossack said, turning to peer into the room. Her stomach clenched, a low whimper escaping Allura. The sound had Cossack approaching her, his hand grabbing her by the arm. “Seems to be in a lot of pain too…”

“Have my assistant look her over then.” The doctor sounded distracted, Allura could hear him moving objects around in his room. Another whimper from Allura, Cossack dragging her closer to the room.

“Sure you can’t take a break from that to look this girl over?” Cossack wanted to know, and the doctor sighed.

“You know prince Lotor has put the utmost priority on finding out what drugs are in the princess’ system. He’d flay me alive if he discovered I took a break just to check on a mere servant.”

“P….please…” Allura whispered, trying to disguise her voice. “I’m fine…I…I have to go..”

“Eh?” Cossack leaned closer to her, trying to get a look at her face. “What was that? I can’t hear you that good.”

“Please…..let me go…” Allura begged. “I have to…” A moan escaped her, and she felt Cossack’s fingers tighten even further on her arm. She felt seconds away from exploding, body demanding relief and wishing Cossack would grab her somewhere other than her arm. She was fidgeting in place, Allura squeezing her legs together tight enough to juice a lemon, her breath starting to come out in harsh pants.

And still she tried to resist him when he drew her against his body, Cossack’s free hand touching her face to lift her head up towards his. She saw the stunned recognition on his face, the instant before she remembered the knife in her pocket. With another cry that was as wild as she felt, she reached for it, jerking her arm upwards in a slashing motion.

Cossack cried out, more from shock than pain, the front of his shirt tearing open to reveal the armor plating beneath it. But it accomplished what she wanted, the Drule letting go of Allura, the knife clattering to the floor as she half ran, half stumbled out the room. She didn’t even try to grab the cart, she just ran, stumbling into the walls and biting her lip in an effort to keep from moaning.

Footsteps sounding behind her, Cossack surely recovering from her attack to give chase. Allura cast a desperate glance to the left and right of her, lunging towards one of the closed doors. Her hands rattled the door knob, but the metal wouldn’t budge, the girl wanting to break down and cry as she shoved herself towards another one.

“Allura!” Cossack appeared, having turned the corner. His sickly yellow eyes gleamed with an angry light, and she gasped at the threatening scowl on his face. She backed into the locked door, trying to make herself appear small even as the commander advanced on her.

“Don’t hurt me.” She managed to moan out, just seconds before he grabbed her, the Drule easily lifting her up to throw her over his shoulder. She kicked and she screamed, Allura gasping when Cossack’s hand landing on her bottom, a resounding slap that felt a little too good for her liking. At his whispered command to behave or else, she slumped, allowing him to carry her with little complaint, her moans growing more frequent as the sexual need pressed into her.

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