Snow 02


The blaster made a noise as she cocked back the trigger, keeping it’s point pressed against Lotor’s head. She felt a grim satisfaction to know that at this close a range, low stun setting or no, it would kill him, his brain simply wouldn’t be able to handle the electrons of the laser bolt. Lotor had to realize it too, for he went still, face pressed against her neck, his fingers ceasing their infernal rubbing on her womanly flesh.

“Get your hands off of me.” She repeated, not liking the way he rested them on her. Lotor moved, slow and steady, hands leaving her body in a way that caused him to do one last lingering caress.

Allura bit back a growl, incensed that even as she threatened him, Lotor took advantage to cop a feel. “Can I move my head?” Lotor asked, voice muffled against her neck.

“Yes.” Allura said, relieved when the pressure of his lips left her skin. She kept the blaster pressed against his temple, moving when he moved. Lotor looked at her, his eyes deadly calm, a fact that had her frowning. Allura wanted him scared, wanted to see him beg for his life, and realize there was no chance for survival. Just like there had been no chance for Keith and Cheesy.

Lotor stared at her, and she fought to keep her hands from shaking, Allura using both hands to hold it in place. At last his lips curved upwards, a not quite half smile on his face as he spoke. “You won’t get away with it.”


“Shooting me.” Lotor said. “Even if you kill me, you won’t get very far. This ship is full of my men, and they won’t take kindly to some human who dared harm their prince.”

“I’ll take my chances.” Allura retorted, displeased to hear him laugh.

“They won’t be as kind to you as I have been.” Lotor added, in between chuckles. “They don’t care about you the way I do. They’ll hurt you, make you wish you were dead, and when they are through, they’ll bring you to my father. And then the real torture will begin…”

She shivered at his words, but kept on pressing the gun against his head. “Allura…” Lotor purred, his hand lifting towards her.

“Don’t move!”

He ignored her, touching her wrist, long fingers wrapping around it. He gave a gentle tug, trying to pull her hand away, speaking as he did it. “Your best chance is with me. Don’t waste it on a moment of foolish anger.”

“Foolish anger?” Allura hissed, eyes flashing with that very anger. “You killed my friends! You tried…you tried to have sex with me! I think I have a right to be angry!”

“You’ll get over it.” Lotor retorted, pulling harder on her wrist. Her eyes narrowed, and before she could stop herself, she screamed.

“Get over this!”

Her finger released the trigger, waiting in breathless anticipation for the laser bolt to fly free. She had never shot a man before in such a spot, Allura staring in a sick kind of fascination, wondering what would happen. Would Lotor’s pretty looks be smashed, his face blown to bits? Or would he simply crumple beneath her, a lifeless sack of flesh?

Lotor didn’t scream, instead he laughed, Allura shocked to hear it. She got her answer as to why he was so amused in an instant, for nothing came out of the blaster. Frustrated, she pulled the trigger again and again, trying to fire off three more blasts into Lotor’s brain. Again she was rewarded with nothing, Lotor smirking at her and squeezing her wrist so tight she was forced to drop the blaster.

“Did you really think I would leave a charged weapon within reach of you, Allura?” Lotor demanded, jerking her hands away from his face.

“How?” She whispered, still in a kind of angry shocked state. “I saw you hit the door with it. It was loaded.”

“I turned off the charge rather than lower it’s setting.” Lotor explained. “I was sure you would do something foolish if the chance presented itself, though I had hoped you’d behave yourself. Such a pity.”

“It was a test?” Dull was her tone, Allura staring at him as he nodded. “Damn you!” She screamed, trying to jerk her hands free of his. She wanted to hit him, to smash her fists into his face. But his grip prevented her from doing anything but fitful jerks of her arms.

“You’ve been a very bad girl Allura.” Lotor grinned at her, Allura glaring back hatefully at him. “Trying to shoot your husband in the face. I’ll have to think of a suitable punishment for you.”

“You are not my husband, and nothing could be worse than what is already happening!” She retorted, finding him leaning forward to hiss in her face.

“I could make things a million times worse for you, my dear girl. Be glad I have been considerate thus far.”

“This is considerate?” She was disbelieving, staring at him. He nodded, and she glared. “I think I’d rather face your men than take any more of your consideration!”

His eyes darkened, Lotor surely annoyed by her words. “You don’t appreciate the position you’re in.” He said, words a heavy hiss of emotion. “But before this night is through, you will.”

He suddenly pushed her, Allura falling backwards off his lap, and onto the carpeted floor. She scrambled to her feet, eyes on Lotor as he stood. His hands touched his belt, finding the release button located on the grinning skull’s face. It popped open with a clicking sound, Lotor tossing the belt onto the floor. The removal of his belt loosened his tunic, Lotor reaching for the bottom hem.

“Why are you taking your clothes off?!” She asked, alarmed. He gave her a look as though she was stupid, an instant before he tugged the tunic up over his head, revealing his broad chest. She stared, taking in the clearly defined lines of his muscles, seeing the strength his body contained. Another wave of hopelessness spun through her, Allura wondering how she could ever hope to fight off such power.

He left his pants on, though now with the tunic gone, she could see the obvious bulge in his crotch. It made her want to run, Allura backing up a step, then another, watching helpless as Lotor advanced on her. “Lotor don’t…” She said, seconds before he lunged forward, hands grabbing at her body. She hated the shriek that escaped her, Allura finding herself lifted up into his arms, his face too close to hers as he carried her forward.

She pushed at his shoulders, legs kicking out as she struggled to make it difficult for him to carry her. His hands didn’t slip, Lotor tightening his hold on her body as he stalked towards the bed. “No.” Allura said, that one word without panic, a direct contrast to her movements.

“You’ll learn not to say no to me.” Lotor said, and without warning dropped her onto the bed. She actually bounced in place, an instant before she was scrambling backwards, her hands reaching behind her for purchase.

“And what if I don’t?” Allura asked, reaching the bed’s headboard. Pillows were piled up before it, she grabbed one now, bringing it to cover herself as though it could shield her from Lotor’s dark intentions.

“Oh you will.” Lotor’s grin was positively wicked, the man getting a knee up on the edge of the bed. “For with each refusal you give me, your body will be the one to bear the punishment.”

“Punishment?” She gaped at him, clutching the pillow more tightly to her. “What…what kind?”

“Keep saying no to me if you really want to find out.” Lotor said, body now on the bed. He stayed on his knees, hands placed on the mattress before him. The distance between them wasn’t long enough, Allura eyeing the mere feet that separated her from Lotor. Especially with him crawling towards her, his eyes dark like a predator’s.

It didn’t take him long to reach her, Allura pulling her knees against her chest, watching him wide eyed. “Allura.” He purred out her name, hands reaching for her legs, fingers ghosting up the length of them. She tensed when he paused his hands on her knees, the princess wanting nothing more than to kick him in the face. He seemed to sense her intentions, Lotor staring her in the eyes. “I wouldn’t, if I were you.”

“Why not?” She whispered, not liking the grin he gave her.

“Because I know what I will do to you if you plant that lovely foot in my face.” He was all purrs, even as he let a thinly veiled threat linger between them. She shivered, the impulse to kick him dying down as she let her mind run wild on the possibilities. None of them were pretty, Allura remembering the way her cousin Romelle had looked when they had passed each other by in the crater. The princess of Pollux had been pale, dark circles under her eyes, a bruise on her chin. She wondered now if Lotor was responsible for that, and she hesitated to find out.

“You’re so pretty Allura…” Lotor had been speaking all this time, eyes looking her over as he rested his hands on her knees. “I could never grow tired of looking at you.”

“As long as you don’t do more than look, I won’t raise any objections.” Allura retorted, dismayed when he laughed.

“Oh I intend to do a lot more than just look at you.” His fingers tensed, crying out when he pried apart her knees, forcing her legs to spread. She was pleased she didn’t say the forbidden word, but she was unable to keep the blush off her face, or keep silent her protests. One hand let go of the pillow, Allura dropping it down between her legs, trying to cover herself from his sight.

“Don’t hide yourself from me.” It was an order, Lotor catching her wrist, pulling her hand up towards his face. He stared at her, lips kissing the palm of her hand, Allura trying to pull back from his grip. He held on easily enough, lips traveling down to the pulse point in her wrist, kissing her there. She hated the way her heart raced, sure Lotor could feel the elevation of her pulse against his lips.

He lingered over that spot for a few seconds more, Lotor than kissing down the length of her arm. He paused at the bend of her arm, staring at her as he pressed his lips into her skin. “You’re still trembling Allura. Are you that cold?”

She wondered what the safe answer would be, not wanting him to take yes as an invitation to warm her up. And yet she hated the thought of him thinking she was shaking from fear alone.

Lotor laughed again, seeing the indecision on her face. He lifted his head, but did not release her arm, bringing both hands to bear on it. She just stared, watching as he rubbed his hands up and down the length of her arm, pushing warmth onto her skin. “How does that feel?”

“Nice.” Allura grudgingly admitted, watching his hands move. Slow and steady, dragging friction across her skin. He did it a few more times, reaching all the way up to her shoulder. He danced his fingers across to the opposite one, taking the same care on her left arm. When he was done caressing warmth into her skin, he brought that hand up to his face, pressing her palm against his cheek.

“I’ve always wanted to be touched by you.” He confided, forcing her hand to move. He was leaning into that forced touch, Allura just staring at him. A crooked grin then, Lotor lowering her hand. “Not to mention wanting to touch you in return.”

She snatched back her hand, glaring at him, words defiant as she hissed. “The only time I’ll ever touch you is to push you away from me!”

It was subtle, but there was a darkening of his eyes, the gold color turning an annoyed yellow. Allura realized it bothered him what she had said, and she wondered why he cared. Surely he was used to rejection, both from her and her cousin, Romelle hardly the type to give in to him and his demands.

“Then we’ll just have to work on your responses to me.” Lotor said, voice calm and not betraying what he was thinking. He shifted his body so that he moved closer to her, situating himself right on top of her legs so that he straddled her. The way she was propped up against the pillows left her eyes even with his chest, Allura quickly tilting her head upwards to meet his smirking face.

“What are you up to?” She demanded, voicing her alarm.

She thought he wouldn’t answer save for his smile, Lotor once again touching her arms, gliding his hands up to her shoulders. He rested them there, and purred out an answer, one that had her chilled all over again. “Why Allura, I’m going to make love to you.”

“L…love?!” She sputtered in angry disbelief, conscious of his hands moving the short distance from shoulders to neck, fingers caressing the sides and moving upwards to cup her face. “This is not love….this is, this is…”

“A consummation of our union.” Lotor said, still cradling her face in his large hands. He held her steady, not allowing her to flinch back as he bent forward, hair a white curtain that surrounded them both.

“What union?!” Allura snapped, watching as his lips descended towards hers. “We’re not even married yet!”

“A minor technicality.” Lotor smiled, brushing his lips gently over hers. “And one that can be easily remedied.” The words were whispered against her mouth, Allura feeling each syllable as he spoke them. She disliked that intimate way of speaking, Allura trying to pull free of his hand’s hold to distance themselves. But his grip firmed immediately, keeping her hostage against him, making her sigh in agitation.

“I won’t marry you.” Allura told him, her own lips fluttering against his as she spoke. “No matter what you do, to me or to my friends, I will refuse your bid for a union between us!”

“Then it is very fortunate for me…” Lotor began, not losing his smile, lips trembling against hers as he spoke. “That on Doom a bride’s consent is not required.”

“What?!” She was startled, both by his words and by the fact that he had pressed their mouths together firmly, Lotor taking advantage of her open mouth to plunge his tongue into it. Allura made noise, jerking back her head which accomplished little in his steel grip.

His tongue played against hers, a not wholly unpleasant feeling, even though he was stealing her kisses from her. She refused to melt in his arms though, doing fitful jerks of her head, and bringing up her arms, hands grabbing at his. She squealed protests, trying to pull his hands away from her finger by finger. It was no use, he clung to her like a leech, mouth hungry and demanding on top of hers.

His kiss was suffocating her, stealing her breath away and leaving her desperate for air. She thought he’d kiss her unconscious, Lotor so consumed in chasing after her tongue, trying to get her to participate in the kiss beyond her blatant attempts at escape.

Some sound of hers got through to him, Lotor slowly releasing her lips, leaving Allura to pant desperately as he kept his forehead pressed to hers. She barely noticed that touch, too focused on getting her breath back, and even to Allura her shaky inhales sounded panicked. Over them Lotor was speaking, soothing noise to calm her down.

She refused to be comforted by him, trying to steel her gaze into an angry glare. It hurt her chances of that, her eyes too wide with shock. Lotor still cupped her face in his hands, and now his fingertips moved, caressing her cheeks.

“You’ll learn….” Allura realized Lotor was speaking something beyond soothing nonsense, his voice a breathy whisper. “You’ll learn how to tolerate my kiss.” A smirk then, Lotor looking confidant. “You’ll do more than tolerate it by the time I’m through. You’ll welcome it.”

“Ne…never.” She said in a shaky breath, hardly pleased when he leaned in to kiss her lightly over her mouth. This time Lotor kept his tongue at bay, merely brushing his lips against her, before moving his mouth to one corner. His one hand left her face, and Allura found that from her mouth’s corner, Lotor began kissing a path along the side of her face. His kisses went across her cheek, and up higher, aiming for her ear.

“Don’t you know…?” He asked, Lotor kissing the soft shell of her ear. “To never say never?” A laugh then, smug satisfaction as he did a hard lick behind her ear.

“What did you mean…” Allura tried to ignore the feel of his tongue moving across her skin, licking at her ear. “That on Doom a bride’s consent is not required?”

“Just that.” Lotor said, a voice a throaty purr. “We capture our brides. Force them to marry us through any and all means.”

“That’s….that’s barbaric.” Allura said, appalled.

“Some would say that.” Lotor agreed, lips moving down the side of her neck now. His hand had moved from her face into her hair, tugging gently so as to get her to lean the way he wanted. “But who are they to cast judgment on Drule culture?” He nibbled along the length of her neck, moving across a patch of skin, back and forth, again and again.

“It’s not that different…” He murmured against her skin, Allura straining to hear him. “Then the custom of a human’s arranged marriage. Only there the parents decide for the bride, rather than the groom, yes?”

“That’s different!” Allura protested, hearing as well as feeling his laugh vibrate down her neck.

“Yes, I suppose it is.” She was suspicious of his agreement, especially when he added the following. “At least in the Drule way, the bride knows she is wanted. Be it for love, money, or political gain. Fortunately for me, you fit two of those criteria.”

“Money and political gain?”

“Don’t be smart.” Lotor chided, not amused. “Love plays into this, and you would do well to remember that!”

“But I don’t love you!” Allura cried out, dismayed at his words.

“You will in time. I assure you of that.” Lotor lifted his head from her neck to stare into her eyes, his hands busy on her hair. She felt the pins that held her long mane up in it’s bun, being removed. Curls falling downwards one by one, Lotor’s smile widening as he looked at her. “I will cherish you Allura. You’ll want for nothing, least of all love. I will honor you, admire you, place you above all others in my heart and affections. You won’t be able to resist me or my love.”

“You are deranged if you think that!” retorted Allura, watching as he ran his fingers through her hair, the blue bright against the gold.

“They say love makes one crazy.” Lotor agreed, bending down to rub his face against the hair in his hands. She heard him inhale, the man sniffing at her scent. “It’s a pleasurable enough descent into madness considering the alternatives.”

She tried again to reach him, words almost desperate as she spoke. “If you love me as much as you say you do, you’ll let me go!”

“Let you go?” He lifted his head, eyes showing his amusement. “Allura, no one would let you leave them if they harbored even half as much love in their heart as I do for you.”

“It’s not love…” She insisted, not knowing what else to say. “It’s not!” Allura cried out at his head shake, Lotor sighing.

“Believe what you like.” He said at last, shifting on her body to slide down enough to wrap his arms around her waist. He settled his head on her shoulder, resting there for one brief moment. “In time you will see differently.”

“I won’t.” She said as he licked at the flesh of her shoulder, hugging close to her body.

“I’m not going to waste my breath continuing to argue with you.” Lotor told her, guiding his mouth to the front of her throat. She gasped when he began sucking on a spot there, right at the hollow of her throat. It was hardly unpleasant, lips fastened in place, mouth exerting slight suction on her skin. Allura raised her arms, placing her hands on his shoulders. She pushed, trying to move him, but he merely tightened his arms around her, his hug squeezing her possessively.

She stared frustrated down at the white top of his head, skin feeling prickly from his actions. It felt like it took forever, but in actuality time ticked by slowly, Lotor pulling back to admire the red mark of his mouth on her throat. “There…” He said, Lotor nuzzling against it. “Now everyone will look and see, and know you belong to me.”

“You don’t own me!” Allura snapped, and Lotor glanced up at her face.

“Did you know in the language of the Drules, the words husband and master are interchangeable?”

“Please tell me you are joking!” Allura groaned, and Lotor shook his head no.

“I rarely joke, least of all about such things.” He bent his head once more, lips touching her collar bone, kissing all over it. He relaxed his arms around her, one hand caressing her back, moving up and down the length of it. Circles were rubbed into her skin, Lotor kissing lower, beginning the descent down the slope of her chest. Allura wondered what was happening outside, wondering how far away from planet Mieve they were. She hoped the remaining members of the Voltron Force had managed to take care of the robeast, praying that they would be on their way to rescue her.

“Ah!” She was furious at herself for allowing that sound to escape her, Lotor grazing kisses over the top globes of her breasts. She was even more upset when she heard him laughing, chuckles escaping in between kisses as he worked his way all around her breast. “Stop that!” She said, both to his actions and his amusement, not liking when his hands shifted to her front, lifting up her breasts so he could nuzzle his lips against the underside.

Lotor licked right at the point where her breasts began, dragging his tongue across that sensitive bit of skin. He seemed to be trying to learn her curves with his tongue, leaving no part unmolested save for her nipples. Her rosy peaks were ignored, Lotor even going so far as to kiss circles around one, being careful not to actually touch his lips to her hardening flesh.

She tried again, hissing at him as she shoved at his shoulders. “Stop it!” Allura kept absolutely still, not wanting to inadvertently brush against his lips any further. “Leave me alone.”

“Can’t.” He sighed into her skin, moving now to kiss her other breast.

“Can’t or won’t?!” demanded Allura, her nails digging into his skin, her body tight with tension.

“Got to get you ready for me…” Lotor explained, looking up at her as he teased his tongue closer to her nipple. He did a tight circling of it, tongue’s wetness touching her, making her nipple crinkle even stiffer in response. “Don’t want to hurt you any more than I have to.”

“Have too?” Her heart beat harder, Allura not liking his words. “Why do you have to hurt me at all?!”

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you Allura?”

If she hadn’t already been red from embarrassment, she would have blushed at his question, shaking her head no. “N…no I’m not!” She lied, hoping perhaps that would make him lose interest in her. His eyes look surprised at her words, Lotor shifting on her so that his hands were able to force her legs to spread.

“You’re not…?” Lotor asked, his fingers spreading the lips of her sex open. A caress along the flesh they guarded had her hissing, Allura’s squirm involuntary as she tried to back away from his fingers.

“What are you doing now?!” She snapped out a question, staring at him angrily.

“Just checking the facts of your statement.” Lotor said, and she felt him wiggle a finger inside her, his breath hissing out for some unfathomable reason. “Tight like a fist…” He moaned in approval, Allura not liking the pleased look in his eyes. His finger moved a little bit more, Lotor’s lips curving upwards in a slow smile. “Hymen’s intact.”

She was caught in a lie, and they both knew it, Lotor carefully withdrawing his finger from her. She glared at him, a dismayed gasp escaping her when he stuck that finger in his mouth, sucking lightly on the tip as he made eye contact with her. His lids lowered, Lotor making an approving sound, slowly pulling his finger out of his mouth to touch her lips with it.

“Let’s get you wet.” Lotor said, and ducked down to pop a nipple in his mouth. She gasped once again, her whole body moving, wriggling about as she tried to squirm out from beneath him. He merely settled his weight more firmly on her, body pressed between her spread legs, allowing Allura to kick out at the air but not at him. She remembered her hands, grabbing at him, trying to scratch her nails downwards. Lotor responded to this by grabbing her wrists, forcing her hands back against the pillows.

She continued to thrash about, legs moving futilely, thighs squeezing around him as she fought. Lotor stayed connected to her breasts, lips opening wider to suck in not just her nipple but the skin around it. It was a generous portion of her breast her mouthed, his fangs digging into the top half, a trickle of blood washing down her skin. He seemed to moan when he bled her, apparently getting off on tasting her blood.

His covered erection ground against her groin, pulsating with life as he moved against her. Allura made panicked sounds, arms straining against his iron grip even as she arched her back. It pressed her breast against his hungry lips, Lotor’s tongue rough as it dragged across the nipple in his mouth. Allura shook, with fury and with something else, feeling a reluctant kind of heat burn through her at his insistent sucking.

With a gasp, Lotor broke contact to whisper to her. “I’ve waited for you.” He bit out, kissing across to her neglected breast. “So long I’ve waited…”

“Please…” Allura was not above begging, trying to twist away from his kisses. “Then wait a little longer…! At least until we are married….”

“What does it matter?” Lotor demanded, fiddling with her arms. She found him dragging them up over her head, pressing her wrists against the headboard of the bed. “We’ll become husband and wife in everything but name, and once we arrive on Doom, I’ll have my father take care of that little detail as well.”

“Ah but….but….it’s tradition!” She wailed, his face descending towards her neglected nipple. “We must do things in the proper order!”

“I couldn’t stop, even if I wanted too.” Lotor muttered against her flesh, and his hands forced a change in her wrists, gathering them so that only one was occupied with the holding. That let his other hand free to wander her body, Lotor rubbing at the side of her waist, and down onto her hip. “Do you know how hard you’ve gotten me Allura?” He didn’t wait for her answer, continuing. “It’s been ages since just looking at a woman, just touching her has made me this excited. I think your kiss alone is enough to move me into action…”

She didn’t see the flattery in his words, crying out when he began a rough and steady tonguing of her aching nipple. His hand moved over her, sliding to touch her center, fingers exploratory across her pink flesh. Hot and slow were his movements, Lotor seeming to know just how to touch a woman to get her to respond. Allura wondered how many women he had practiced on, biting down on her lip to keep from moaning at his teasing.

She was getting wet, and as he touched her, her legs stilled their movements, falling to the sides to further open her to his explorations. Lotor took advantage of her wetness to slick his fingers further, dragging his wet thumb over her clitoris in slow, slick circles that proved mind numbing to Allura.

“That’s it….get wet for me…” His voice rasped out, a ragged moan as his lips took her hardened nipple into her mouth. He showed no mercy, sucking on it till it throbbed, Allura’s voice a wail of thinly disguised approval.

In truth she was no longer able to control herself, losing the battle face to his seductions. Allura wished he didn’t waste time on making her feel good, wanting a reason to further hate him. She found it cruel that he would turn her body against her like this, Allura wondering when she had began undulating her hips for him. More liquid warmth pooled between her legs, until she was practically drenched with need.

At last he lifted his mouth from her breast, her nipple wet and achy from his tongue. Finger still rubbing those damning circles over her clit, he let go of her hands, but she barely noticed, keeping them up over her head. Both of them were panting, Lotor grasping the back of her neck, lifting her up to focus on him. “I will be good to you Allura. I will love and protect you. You are mine…”

A kiss then, mouth searing her with his heat. At some point he let go of her completely, following Allura as she sagged against the pillows. His hands were busy by his groin, Lotor jerking open his pants, revealing an erection that was beyond impressive. It was scary, Allura fearing to have that massive thing inside her. Her fear must have shown on her face, Lotor reaching to give a quick caress of her cheek.

“Don’t worry Allura….I’ll break you in slowly.”

Her eyes widened at that, Allura doing a fitful shake of her head no. “I don’t want to be broken in at all!” But his palms were already landing on her thighs, a loud resounding slap of flesh on flesh, as he purred soothing nonsense to her.

Her pelvis was lifted off the bed, Lotor using his thumbs to spread her lips open. Allura remembered her hands were free and started hitting at him, alternating a few scratches at his chest, hearing him let out a growl. It was no use, he was suddenly wrenching her down onto his shaft, the fat head of his cock squeezing into her, making her toss back her head, eyes wild as she screamed.

Lotor yelled too, voice a hoarse shot as he sank into her as deep as he could go. He filled her all the way from one end to the other, and still there was part of him that could not fit, Allura simply not built to take a Drule completely into her body. What was worse was she could feel him, sitting inside her flesh, thick and throbbing deep within her. She felt positively stuffed by him, and it was almost enough to take her mind off the discomfort of losing her virginity.

Allura sniffled, seeing Lotor had closed his eyes as though to savor what he had done. She shuddered, and that made him moan, Lotor shifting slightly so that his cock rubbed inside her. A sob from her had him opening his eyes, Lotor looking down at her with compassion. She didn’t want his pity or his sympathy, whispering a terse command.

“Take it out.”

He said nothing, merely bending forward to snuggle against her neck, sighing happily. His tongue flicked against her pulse point, her heart a wild thing that beat frantically in her chest. One hand reached towards her breast, playing with her aching nipple, as though trying to soothe her into feeling something other than pain. As if he wanted her to enjoy herself.

Thumb and forefinger captured her nipple, rubbing furiously, making her cry out. He stayed still inside her, just waiting, letting her get used to his size. She startled when she felt the pin pricks of his fangs, Lotor biting just harsh enough to distract, as though his bite could turn pain into pleasure.

It worked somewhat, the biting and the nipple play letting her body grow even slicker, Allura whimpering slightly. Lotor moaned into her skin, and began to withdraw, and it was a small mercy that his movement was slow. She tried to relax, but then he was thrusting back inside, forcing her body to accept his, making her whisper tearfully.

“Lotor, it really hurts.”

“Can’t stop…” He bit out, his neck and chest wet with sweat, his muscle tense from the effort he was making to hold back. “Don’t want you to feel pain from this though…”

He abandoned her nipple, reaching down between her legs to finger her clit. A few strokes from his fingertips had her mewling, Allura doing a small hip wiggle that had Lotor tossing back his head. “I won’t be able to control myself if you do that!”

“Sor…sorry…” She whimpered, watching as he pulled back his hips, then did a slow thrust, making her cry out again. He stiffened, lifting his head, frustration gleaming in his eyes.

“Don’t want you to hurt…” He kissed her, quick and hard, tongue thrusting into her mouth at a much faster speed than the movement of his hips. She dully moved her lips against his, Lotor pulling away from her mouth. “It’ll get better.” He seemed to be trying to assure her as much as himself, Lotor kissing now between the valley of her breasts.

His hands touched her legs, gathering them up, so that they squeezed around him. His lips found her nipple, Lotor timing the bucking of his hips with each hard suck of her flesh. Allura still clutched at him, touching the muscles on the upper portion of his arms. She was surprised when she moaned, feeling something like pleasure, just a whisper of it beneath the discomfort she felt.

His thrusting began to pick up speed, his body on top of hers, pinning her to the mattress. She truly felt small beneath him, aware of his size, and how much bigger in every way he was to a human male. A slow friction was generating between them, a pleasant burn that Allura yearning for more. She moved her hips, bucking against his pistoning ones, trying to chase after the friction.

“Allura, yes…yes my love, like that….” Lotor murmured encouragingly, breath blowing across her wet nipple. He raised up, eyes intent on her face now, watching every emotion that flickered across it. She tried to hide it from him, but she feared her beginning pleasure was showing. “Beautiful.” He moaned, fingers touching her face, stroking across her lips. “Stunning and all mine.”

“Not yours…” She still had mind to protest, trembles increasing as he continued to thrust. Over and again, almost too big to move properly within her. But somehow he managed, wrenching her body desperately against his, cock twitching and leaking inside her. The leaking made her worry anew, Allura’s eyes going wide as she protested. “Don’t come inside me!”

“It’s only right.” Lotor muttered, all but pounding away at her body now. “We are mated, destined to be husband and wife…” His words distressed her, Allura pushing at his chest, trying to move the immovable steel that was his body.

“I don’t want to get pregnant!” She shrieked, even as his body tensed, all semblance of rhythm being lost as Lotor bent over her, guttural grunts escaping him as he did vicious thrusts inside her. With a loud bellow of satisfaction, he came, ejaculating deep inside her. Allura moaned out a protest, feeling the hot fluid seep inside her, the girl panicking for she was not on any kind of birth control device.

“Hmmm…” Lotor was still shaking, whole body shuddering in bliss as he filled her. She stared up at him horrified, watching the lazy way his eyes looked at her. He held her legs trapped, holding her against him, making sure she took everything he offered her and then some. It spilled out onto her thighs, there was too much come, dripping onto the bed.

One last sigh from him, and then he smiled, touching her face. “Get off me.” Allura hissed, wanting to run to the bathroom and take a hot shower. Maybe if she washed herself quick enough, she could avoid becoming pregnant by him.

Lotor obliged, withdrawing from her body, far gentler now that he had grown soft. She immediately sat up, trying not to look at the mess between her legs. Allura knew she would start crying if she did.

A hand caressed down her back, lazy, indulgent, Lotor laying on his side besides her. She avoided looking at him, shifting on the bed to move away from him. He was instantly on alert, grabbing her hand, holding it hostage between them. “Where are you going?”

“I need to wash up.” Allura said, still refusing to look at him.

“Later.” Lotor said, and began tugging her to him, Allura fighting him for every inch of bed space. “For now we sleep.” His arms were wrapping around her body, holding her pinned against his chest. He tucked her in close under his head, face resting on top of her hair.

She couldn’t hold back the tears any longer, sniffling loudly as she cried. Lotor made shhing sounds, tightening his embrace as he tried to offer comfort. “It will get better between us, Allura. You’ll see. All we need is time.”

It was the last thing she wanted to hear, her sobs increasing in pitch as she buried her face against his chest. She didn’t know what was going on outside this room, and she feared to find out. The Voltron Force had surely failed, and she was as lost to them as Keith was, Allura knowing Arus would eventually pay the price for their defeat on Mieve.


The End for Now!

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