Snow 03

Disappointment was what she woke to, Allura letting out a heavy sigh as she slowly sat up. Some part of her had known not to get her hopes up, that the events of the past week would prove to be all too real, rather than the horrid imaginings of an over active mind. And yet she had still prayed, wishing she would wake up anywhere but in Lotor’s bed.

It was a wish repeated again and again, both when she went to bed, and upon awakening, Allura feeling frustration bloom inside her at seeing the too familiar room that made up Lotor’s cabin on the Doom flagship. She was beginning to hate this room, even with all it’s care and comforts, Allura having had ample time to spend studying it’s every nook and cranny.

It wasn’t as if she had much to do, when Lotor wasn’t around. There was little in the way of entertainment’s, the few books on hand proving to be nothing more than guides on strategy and long fought wars. She hadn’t felt much like watching holos, even if her access to the view screen had not been limited. Lotor simply did not trust her to hack her way into placing a call for help, the prince quick to limit her means of escape.

And escape was exactly what she was determined to do, Allura fearing what would happen when they arrived on Doom. She shuddered to think her situation could get any worse, and yet she was sure Zarkon would manage just that. Her hand curled into a fist, Allura staring helplessly at the door that was located several feet across from the bed.

Allura knew without even trying the handle that it was locked, Lotor taking care to keep her trapped inside this room. Trapped wasn’t the only word that came to mind, Lotor keeping her isolated, allowing no one to visit her, the prince bringing in her meals himself. Lotor was determined that he be the only one she saw, the only one she had contact with, Lotor trying to foster a closeness she did not want.

She was sure she blushed every time she thought about just how close he tried to force them to be, Allura
having spent much of her time with Lotor in his arms. He was most enthusiastic about having her in his proximity, Lotor quick to take advantage that she was alone and without protectors. She dared to even say he was delusional, talking about love, and insisting they were husband and wife in all but one minor technicality.

A technicality he would soon take care of, at least according to his boasts on what would happen when they arrived on Doom. She didn’t want to be further tied to him, didn’t want to marry him before the court of Doom. But Allura didn’t know how to escape this impending fate, the girl beating her fist against the bed sheet. It was a furious thump against the mattress, none of her anger dissipating from the motion.

She was more than just angry, she was tired. For all the time she had spent in this bedroom, little of it had been devoted to sleeping. And it was all Lotor’s fault, the man overly attentive to the desires he felt for her. She was learning much about the ways of a man and a woman, joined in body if not in heart. His insistence that they sleep together was doing much in helping her become acclimatized to him, her body slowly learning to not only tolerate but to react to his touches.

She hated what she saw as a betrayal of her body, Allura not liking that she could enjoy what he did to her. But it did, his kisses leaving her breathless, his touch exciting her, leaving her squirming in anticipation for more. Allura feared she was becoming a wanton woman, not liking that her first lover, her only lover if Lotor had his way, could transform her so completely.

She was much changed from the frigid, frightened female, unable to climax in her captor’s arms. That she could now achieve orgasm from being taken by Lotor, that was indeed the ultimate slap in the face. But sex had gone from being a painful thing to a pleasurable experience, one that left her greedy for more. That made Allura fearful of the sex for another reason, the girl wondering if it was possibly she was somehow attaining the state of mind where she sympathized with her captor.

Allura didn’t dare say she felt any more for Lotor than that, but it was hard to hate him when he was being so attentive to her, the prince being as kind as he was capable of being. The Drule actually claimed to be in love with her, speaking words that were attempts to endear himself to her. Even with Allura’s snappish behavior, her less than polite words, and her attempts at fighting him, Lotor never lost his patience. Almost respectful, and certainly worshipful, he was immensely pleased with his acquisition of her.

That pleasure would keep her alive, keep her safe until her friends could rescue her. She was sure of it, banking hopes on Lance and the others riding to the rescue. Allura tried not to worry that a week had allowed the Doom ships to travel from Mieve unmolested, the princess not wanting to drive herself mad with what ifs. There was so many reasons why they could have been delayed, the girl hoping against hope that Keith and Cheesy had been found, and in a condition that would allow them to be saved.

Sometimes at night, when she closed her eyes she could still see those final moments, the instant when Lotor had knocked Keith over the edge of the crater. Or hear Cheesey’s pained squeaks as Haggar’s cat pounced on the mouse. Allura didn’t want to delude herself with false hope, but she thought she’d go mad to think those two dear friends had perished with her unable to do anything about it.

~They have to have lived.~
Allura thought firmly, fingers clutching at the bed sheets. ~They just had to!~ Not only for her sake, but for Arus as well. With her gone, and Keith down, they would be short two lions. Doom would easily be able to take over Arus. She could only pray that there wouldn’t be need to train more than one replacement pilot, knowing that even with four lions, Arus would be hard pressed to keep the forces of Doom at bay. Even worse, she had nothing to barter with to keep her planet and people safe, Lotor having taken the only thing of value she had had on her.

There had been no talk of negotiating for Arus, nor of the fate that would await her people. Lotor quickly shot down any attempts she made to find out what would happen to her people and her planet with kisses and caresses, distracting her thoroughly with his love making attempts. It seemed even in marriage between them, Doom would continue it’s hostility towards Arus.

The thought had her sighing, a breathy expel of air that did not drown out the sound of beeping. It had to be Lotor returning, the Drule keying in the correct sequence of numbers that would unlock the cabin’s door. Allura quickly plopped back down against the pillows, rolling onto her side, with the blankets pulled high on her naked waist. She didn’t want to see Lotor right now, didn’t want to waste time trying to get the answers to her questions.

Nor was she ready for another round of sex, Allura thinking the man concentrated too much on seducing
her. Her eyes already closed, she let her breathing even out, feigning sleep. It should have been enough to discourage Lotor, the prince usually apt to let her have her rest. But not this time, she could hear him calling out to her, voice soft, but growing louder and more insistent the longer she stayed sleeping.

The door clicked close behind him, and then she heard his booted footsteps across the floor, the prince heading for her resting place. “Allura, my sweet. It’s time to get up.” She said nothing in response to that, though a thread of worry went through her at his next words. “I have something for you to see, something you will not want to miss.”

Fingertips brushed against her back, just across the top of her shoulder blades. His touch was on bare skin, Lotor having disposed of the only clothing Allura had had, her pilot’s uniform lost to her. She could guess at his reasons for keeping her naked, Allura knowing that lack of proper clothing had kept her hesitating at the thought of escape.

“Come Allura, there will be other times for sleep, but this…? This can’t wait.” His fingers caressed upwards, then moved aside her hair, the prince pressing a kiss to the back of her neck. She made a sound, a tiny protest that showed she was awake. She didn’t have to look at Lotor to know the smile was on his face, the prince helping her to turn onto her back.

Frustrated she stared up at him, noting he was clad in his commander’s uniform. “What is it? What is so important?” A mysterious smile was his answer, Lotor urging her to get out of bed. Allura did so reluctantly, wrapping the blanket around her naked body, and padding after him towards the western wall.

“I think it’s better to show you than to tell you.” Lotor paused by a small, round shaped table to pick up the remote that lay across it’s top. Allura watched him push several buttons, a low hum filling the room. The sound surprised her, Allura skittish and moving closer to Lotor before she could stop herself. He smiled at her approach, Allura turning inwardly furious with herself.

She was soon able to distract herself from that fury, to stare gaping as the wall began to part in two, a seam of light between the two halves. She realized it wasn’t so much a wall, but a shell covering thick glass. With the two halves pulled back, she was left looking out into the vastness of space, seeing millions of white stars blazing past them at a startling speed.

“Lotor….what exactly am I looking at?” She was hardly impressed with the sight of them traveling through warp speed, Allura long used to seeing such a sight while traveling in her lion.

“It should be any second now.” Lotor said, and she nearly jumped when she realized he was right behind her, the Drule leaning in to sniff at her hair. There wasn’t much room to avoid him, she was just short of pressing up against the glass.

As if sensing her uneasiness, Lotor placed his hands on her bare shoulders, his front pressing against her
back. He continued to nuzzle his cheek against the side of her hair, Allura fighting back a shiver in response to that gentle action. Allura did the only thing she could do in this situation, ignore his actions in the hopes it wouldn’t lead to further touches.

The speeding stars seemed to slow, they were coming out of that heightened state of speed. A mere blinking of her eyes took her from seeing the blurred stars, to suddenly seeing a planet looming before them. It was close enough for Allura to gasp, the girl fearing the ships would crash against the monstrosity of a planet. All around them, other ships of the fleet were arriving, cruising at a sedate place towards the dark planet.

Allura didn’t need Lotor to tell her what planet that was, she was already whispering a name, her stomach
lurching in upset. “Doom…”

“Yes.” Lotor agreed, and kept her facing forward, even when she tried to turn away. “I wanted to be here with you when you saw it for the first time…” As the ships drew closer to the planet, Doom’s dim sun broke over the top of it, shining light around it so that she could see it’s gray and brown colors illuminated. It wasn’t much to look at, and it certainly wasn’t a pretty sight, looking more like a lifeless bit of asteroid than a planet that housed such a vicious race of people.

With their ever increasing approach to the planet, Allura felt all her hopes of escape or a rescue vanishing bit by bit. It was even worse when Lotor spoke to her, the prince trying for a soothing tone. “This will be your new home. Our home, together.”

“No.” She whispered it, unable to bear the thought of living on a world whose sun could barely warm it’s surface. To be on such a dismal planet, without flowers and unpolluted oceans, with smog filling the skies so that they could not even see the sun from the ground, something would die inside her, she was sure of it. “It will never be my home.” Allura said. Before Lotor could ask her what she meant, she was continuing, Allura practically weeping now. “It will be my prison and nothing more.”

“It will be what you make of it.” Came Lotor’s answer, his lips pressed against her right ear. His breath ghosted along it, Lotor’s tone matter of fact as he spoke. It distracted her from her need to cry, Allura shivering slightly as his lips caught at the lobe of her ear. It was no idle touch on her ear, the man had a purpose, one Allura could easily guess at.

“Lotor…” She began with a sigh, feeling his hands smoothing down the length of her arms. Such a gliding touch caused goose bumps to rise on her skin, a reaction he surely noticed.

“There are cities….” His voice whispered into her skin, his hands gliding to a stop over hers. For now he rested them lightly in place, Allura’s fingers tensing up as she kept her steady grip on the blanket’s fabric. “Dozens of them, unlike anything you have on Arus. Technological marvels, with entertainment’s and shops to browse. I’ll take you to them all one day, and show you Doom is more than just a barbarian’s paradise.”

He kissed down from her ear onto her neck, lips fastening just above her pulse point where he began to suck sweetly. Allura made a sound, a low keening in her throat, knowing it would be just one more kiss mark to blossom on her body. She was covered in them, marked by where his mouth had lingered, both in places easily seen and not seen.

“It…it will take more than a few city marvels to convince me of that.” Her voice was low, far too breathless for her liking. Truth be known she had never given much thought to what life was like on Doom for anyone other than the people they enslaved.

“Oh?” He lifted his head, Allura catching sight of his faint reflection on the glass window. His eyes seemed to stare back at her, Allura shivering at the look. “What will it take then?”

She honestly didn’t know, Allura giving a careless shrug of her shoulders. He chuckled at that, Lotor dipping his head to kiss at one bare shoulder. She nearly startled when he licked at her skin, tongue moving over to the crook of her shoulder where he settled his teeth against. He didn’t outright bite her, but she felt the press of his fangs nibbling at her skin.

“It won’t be like Arus.” He said at last, finishing with his teasing. “I know and understand that Doom could never be a replacement for the world you called home. The two planets are too different.”

“And yet you expect me to live there and what? Come to accept my fate?” Allura demanded, seeing his reflection bob a yes to her question. “I won’t!” She was very close to shrieking now, Lotor tightening his arms around her in a hug meant to soothe her. “I’ll never accept it.”

“You’ll have to.” Lotor told her, once again rubbing his cheek against the side of her hair. “I’ll leave you no other choice.” She frowned at that, wanting to jerk out of his embrace. “I’ll make you so happy, you will be delirious with joy.”

“Sex won’t make me happy.” Allura retorted angrily. “Neither will lavishing me with jewels and expensive gowns.”

“Ah but what woman can resist affection, attention and plenty of presents?” It was a familiar argument,
Lotor refusing to believe she couldn’t be swayed by his gifts and his claims of loving her. He chuckled when she answered, Allura furious as she told him that she was the one who could hold out against such spoiling.

“It’s still not too late…” Allura whispered softly. “You can end this now before we arrive on Doom. Lotor
please…..order your ships to turn back…to return me to Arus. To my home.”

“Why would I do that?” He asked, puzzled by her request. “Allura, we are mated…we belong to each other now. Yes, we do.” He insisted in response to her head shake. Lotor brought a hand to her covered belly, pressing it against the blanket. “Why even now you might be pregnant with our child.”

Heaven help her if she was, an alarmed Allura thought. Yet she knew it was distinct possibility, the sex between them had been near endless this past week, with little to no precautions against making a child. It would be a small miracle if she wasn’t with child, and she knew Lotor would never, ever let her go if she carried his heir. Even if the Voltron force rescued her, he’d continue to chase after her, he’d destroy the whole galaxy to get her and the baby back.

She wasn’t sure what Lotor took her silence to mean, the prince continuing to hold his hand against her belly. It was like this that they stood watching Doom draw closer, Allura starting to spy other ships floating about in it’s orbit. They weren’t all war ships, some were passenger vehicles, and cargo transports, both coming and going from Doom. Surely they were transporting more slaves and goods stolen from other worlds, being an ugly reminder to Allura of Doom’s true nature.

She stared anxiously out the window, desperate for a sign of the lions, or for Alliance ships to appear. Anything to save her from having to set foot on Doom’s soil. But there was none, all the ships here bore the insignias of Doom, the demonic looking skull and crossbones painted on black metal. The planet looked even uglier the closer they got to it, Allura spying jagged bits of light that was lightning flashing in it’s atmosphere.

She shifted against him, no longer interested in watching the view outside the flagship’s window. Lotor didn’t allow her to move away from him, the prince resting his chin on the top of her head. “We will be meeting with my father upon our arrival.”

“Oh?” Allura couldn’t help but be snide, her free hand gesturing angrily at the blanket wrapped around her. “And am I to be presented to him like this, without even clothes to cover me from his stare?” She was less than pleased by Lotor’s chuckle, the prince shaking his head no.

“There are some women aboard this ship. We’ll borrow something of theirs for you.” Lotor assured her. “It will be temporary, until we can get you housed in my chambers and set up with a wardrobe of your own.”

“I think I rather be in the dungeons than share your room…” Allura muttered under her breath. Louder she said this, unable to keep from shivering as she thought of Zarkon. “And what will your father think of your new bride?”

“He’ll be pleased if he knows what is good for him.” Lotor replied, and this time Allura turned to stare at him

“Lotor, pleased will be the last thing he will be! He wants me dead…!”

“He won’t harm a single strand of hair on your head. I promise you Allura.” Lotor told her.

“How can you be so sure?” She asked, and he smiled, hand reaching up to caress her face. She didn’t have to fight her instincts, refusing to lean into his touch as she stared searchingly into his eyes.

“Because I will fight to protect you.” Her surprise must have shown in her eyes, Lotor smirking. “Do not
look so surprised at that. I’d never let anyone harm you, the woman that I love.” His tender words turned hostile, Lotor’s thumb moving to brush over her bottom lip. “I’d kill anyone who tried.” Dark, ominous words that rang with a fierce promise, Allura having never known anyone with such intensity in their love for her.

She quickly shook her head at that thought, not liking how for once she seemed to agree with his statement of loving her. “You are still troubled.” Lotor noted, and Allura merely gave a careless shrug of her shoulders, not sure how to tell him why.

“I am.” She said at last. “You bring me to Doom with nothing to offer Zarkon for my life. You don’t even have a lion…you let Romelle get away, and didn’t press on to attack Arus. Surely he will be displeased with both of us.”

“I’m sure my zeal for getting you to Doom will be forgiven.” She wondered how Lotor could be so confidant, Allura staring at him. He laughed, the sound unsettling to her. “With the blow I have dealt the Voltron Force, Arus should be easy enough to take now. That will make the old man happy enough.”

“The people of Arus will fight.” Allura told him, seeing him grin. “To their last breath if need be.”

“I look forward to it.” He made her frown, Allura frustrated with Lotor.

“My people will not turn over the planet to you, even to guarantee my safety. You’ve gained nothing by capturing me.” Again he touched her face, fingers stroking her cheek.

‘I’ve gained everything that matters most to me.” His soft tone surprised her, Allura unsure of what he meant. “Don’t you know Allura? That the woman that I love is worth more than all the planets, all the gold in the galaxy?”

Tongue tied, she made protesting sounds, staring at him. She was sure a blush was flaring in her cheeks,
the unexpected words flattering her. Her stunned reaction made him smile, the prince bending his face down towards her. The difference in their heights were great, but Allura didn’t try to help ease it, remaining flat footed on the floor.

And still Lotor brushed his lips over hers, the most gentle and chaste of kisses he had ever given her this past week. He was still smiling when he pulled back, immensely pleased by her. She couldn’t help herself, she actually raised her fingers to her lips, feeling the warmth of his mouth that still lingered there.

“There’s still time.” Lotor said, to which Allura felt like a dullard.


“Until we reach the surface.” He clarified, landing his hands on her shoulders. “It’ll take a few hours until the ship’s descent is complete…won’t you spend it with me Allura?

“You’re actually asking me for a change?” A surprised Allura asked. He nodded, and she couldn’t help the wary tone in her voice. “And just what would we do to pass the time?” She nearly groaned at the mischievous look that filled Lotor’s eyes, muttering under her breath, “I should have known.”

His laughter echoed around them, the sound pleasant and lacking his usual mocking quality to it. She
hadn’t given him an answer, but already Lotor was reaching for her hands, Allura’s embarrassment flaring as she realized he meant to force her to let go of her blanket.

“Ah….someone will see!” She exclaimed, trying to shy away from him.

“We’re too far away for them to make out the details.” Lotor told her, succeeding in wrenching open her blanket. She tried to shrink where she stood, the blanket falling to the floor. She had long since grown used to be seen by Lotor in this manner, but having her backside exposed to the other ships around them had her cringing in embarrassment.

“At….at least close the window…” She pleaded, hands coming up to push at his chest. Lotor paused in his attempt to kiss her, his hands resting on the glass, leaving her trapped between his arms.

“All right…” She was relived and surprised at his easy agreement, Lotor taking a step back. He reached for the forgotten remote, pressing a few buttons on it. As the hum of the moving window covers filled the room, Lotor crooked his finger at her, a come here motion if ever she saw one. She moved willingly enough towards him, seeing the approval in Lotor’s eyes at her approach.

“Yes…no one should be allowed to see your beauty but me.” Lotor told her, catching at her left wrist when she was within reach. She held back her gasp as Lotor pulled her to him, Allura finding herself pressed against his chest. But only for an instant, the prince sweeping her up into his arms, soft laughter chuckling out of him as he carried her towards the bed.

He laid her down gently enough, and was leisurely in his study of Allura’s body. His intense scrutiny made her want to squirm, Allura fighting not to cover herself with her hands. He often liked to just look at her, gaze lingering over each section of her body, his pleasure showing in his eyes. He truly meant it that time he had told her that she delighted the eye, Allura thought Lotor could almost be satisfied with just looking at her. Almost.

“So beautiful…” He breathed out, and now the bed dipped with his weight as he joined her on the bed. His hands were already reaching for her, and Allura’s first impulse was to bat them away. Even a week of being loved by him hadn’t conditioned away her reactions to the situation, Allura torn between complying and being difficult. It was hard when his every look, every word was heaped with flattery, Lotor praising her with his eyes and spoken compliments.

“Beautiful, perfect and all mine.” Allura bit her lip, knowing there was no use to deny that. For in this moment she was Lotor’s, and there was nothing anyone could do to change that.

Lotor’s hands caressed and stroked along her body, the prince marveling at her softness. He complimented her smooth skin, pressing against her to kiss her lips, harder now, with hungry intent to devour her whole. She’d let him, even as Allura would fight to retain some part of herself, to keep from falling completely under his spell. She’d even open to him, her lips parting on a gasp, allowing his tongue to glide unimpeded into her mouth. She tried to tell herself she wasn’t weakening to him, that she wasn’t being soft in giving in on this simple matter.

Lotor continued to stroke his tongue against hers, and with that movement came the taste of him, of flavored spice, or some kind of exotic drug that overwhelmed her senses, causing her to inadvertently move her tongue with his. It wasn’t just his taste that was brought with the closeness, she could smell him, all leather and lazon, the two scents mixing together to form a pleasant scent that teased her nose.

Look, touch, taste…even sound, he was all there, Allura aware of Lotor with every fiber of her being. Somewhere, there was occasional breaks in the kisses, just enough to allow her some air, though she remained dizzy from his kisses. His hands roamed her body, touching her breasts and between her legs, working to slicken her body so that she could accept him inside her with ease.

Her body was a traitor, responding to him, all too eager for the pleasures he would offer. She hated that she was so quick to respond to him, Allura shifting restlessly beneath him. Sound filtered in, her own drawn out moan mingled with his, Allura blushing to hear it. Each agreeable sound she made had her cringing, Allura feeling like she was betraying so many people by enjoying what Lotor was doing to her.

She could practically see them in her mind’s eyes, Nanny and Coran looking at her in disappointment, the Voltron Force wearing disgusted sneers. Further faces appeared, the accusing stares of her people making her gasp and cry out in protest. She was barely aware of the tears that started trickling down her cheeks, Allura hoarsely whispering for forgiveness.

Lotor instantly stopped what he was doing to pull her up onto his lap, his hands cradling her close against his chest. She thought it worse that he tried to comfort her, Lotor’s voice attempting a soothing lilt as he rocked back and forth with her in his arms. She wanted to fight to free herself, and yet a part of Allura craved that comfort he offered her, needing someone to tell her it would be all right. Even if that someone was a skillful liar, whose only concept of right was that which served him well.

“Shhhh Allura…shhh…” Lotor crooned in response to a hiccup, Allura risking a glance up at his face. If he was frustrated by the interruption to his seduction, he hid it well, Lotor overly concerned with calming her down. “It’s okay.”

“It’s not…” Allura whispered, not quite flinching when Lotor put a hand to her cheek. His fingers were attempting to stroke away her tears, the prince staring at her. “It hurts…” Lotor was instantly alert to her words, easing her back enough to study her body with concern. She quickly shook her head no, realizing the Drule thought he had hurt her somehow with his touches. “It’s a pain of the heart…” She clarified, and he frowned.

“I don’t understand.” He wouldn’t, and even if she tried to explain, she was sure Lotor would remain confused. The indecision over whether to tell him, must have shown on her face, because he was speaking to her, tone insistent. “Explain it to me.”

Allura sighed, the sound heavy with her sorrow. “I just thought of the people back home…..the people of Arus…..of my friends and family…”

“And that made you cry?” A confused Lotor asked. She nodded to that, and he frowned. “Why?”

“They’d be so disappointed in me…if they could see me now, lying in bed with my enemy.” Her words deepened his frown, Lotor surely not liking what she had just said.

“Husband, not enemy.” He corrected her, and resumed brushing away her tears.

“Either way, you’re still an enemy of Arus.” Allura told him, blinking rapidly as if that could stop her tears. So many words were left unspoken between them, Lotor leaning in to kiss her forehead.

“Arus is a million light years away.” He told her. “You needn’t concern yourself with what anyone there will think of you.”

He made it sound so simple, even as she felt he didn’t understand her cause for distress. “I…I can’t…”

“Maybe not right now.” He agreed. “But in time, Arus will get easier to ignore… forget about.”

“I’ll never forget…” Allura told him, in this moment too weary to muster up defiant anger. She knew she sounded defeated, Allura sighing. He smiled at her, but there was a hint of some foreign emotion in his eyes, something Allura was not used to seeing on Lotor’s face. He seemed to be pitying her for her attachment to Arus and it’s people. That was enough to make anger flare inside her, Allura trying to push up out of his lap.

Lotor kept his hands on her, and Allura began to fight him for her freedom, wanting out of his embrace. Somehow she ended up on her back, Lotor expertly maneuvering them both so that she lay pinned beneath him. Her hands landed on his forearms, nails digging into the fabric of his uniform. She couldn’t even scratch him properly, the uniform some kind of material that protected him from her nails.

“Lotor, no…!” Allura told him, struggling fitfully about. It just brushed her body up against his, allowing her to feel his interest as he let out a hiss of air. When he moved his hips, grinding his covered erection against her, she knew his attempt at comforting her had truly ended. She continued to fight against him, no closer to wanting him than she had five minutes ago.

And still he persisted, kissing her harshly, lips all but smashing against hers. She made a sound full of distress, hearing the click of his belt as it was removed. Her eyes widened, her breath hissing out of her in harsh pants. It was strange, but even with the hopelessness of the situation, it made her feel better to fight him. As if by doing so she remained true to Arus and her people.

It still didn’t make things any easier on her emotionally, Allura biting her lip when Lotor slid inside her. It wasn’t exactly a pleasured moan she held in, nor was it dissatisfaction at his intrusion into her body. It was like all things with Lotor, equal halves of both feelings, Allura staring up at him through a veil of frustrated tears. They almost flowed faster down her cheeks when he bent his head towards her face, Lotors’ tongue lapping at the wet trail of tears.

Allura kept right on holding onto his arms, fingers tight with tension in her grip as he began to slowly thrust his hips. It was a testing, teasing succession of thrusts, Lotor working to build up a gentle rhythm that would be pleasurable to them both. But she didn’t want gentle, didn’t want his kindness. Such things only made it harder to hate him, Allura allowing a gasp to escape her as Lotor angled his kisses down her throat.

His arms were wrapped tight around her, keeping her squished against his chest. The only separation Lotor allowed them, was when he pulled back his hips, dick sliding free of the snug hold of her body. It never lasted long, this separation, for he was constant in his thrusts forward, Allura letting out little gasps and moans, feeling the friction burn through her.

At some point, when all other thoughts were lost to the haze of sexual pleasure, her mind going blank as her body focused on achieving satisfaction, Allura began moving her hips into Lotor’s thrusts. Her fingers continued to dig into his arms, and only the special fabric of his uniform kept it from shredding under her nails.

With them working together, it wasn’t long before Allura’s nerves exploded in pleasure, her climax making her body sing with bliss. Lotor’s own climax soon followed Allura’s, the prince groaning and emptying his seed inside of her. It would take a few minutes of getting her breath back, of regaining her senses, but once it did, Allura was left with the self pity and disgust she felt whenever she enjoyed herself with Lotor in this way.

He didn’t withdraw immediately, staying connected to her as he softened inside her, Lotor’s arm still maintaining their possessive hold around her body. It was only then with the lack of movement between them that Allura truly felt suffocated, the girl starting to squirm about for freedom. He merely tightened his arms around her more, Lotor rolling them so that they ended up on their sides, limbs a tangle around each other.

Her tears had long since dried up, Allura could only look sorrowfully at Lotor who studied her with a serious
expression in his eyes. She wondered what he thought of her face wearing such a sad expression, Lotor not commenting on it out loud. Instead he pressed a kiss to her forehead, and snuggled her so that her head rested on his chest. She didn’t think she could sleep, and yet with the stroking of his hand in her hair, Allura started to drift off. But not before she managed to whisper one last prayer, her tone fearful as she worried what would happen when the ships landed on Doom.

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