Bad 01

He had the palest blonde hair she had ever seen, the long, platinum curls tied back with a bold blue ribbon. That ribbon off set his eyes, the already striking blue made even more so now as they flashed hot with his anger. But there was more to the look than just rage, desire burning in those depths, and just as dangerous as anything else he had shown her since she had started this game. Another woman, someone just a little bit smarter than she, would have backed down from seeing it. But she didn’t feel very smart, her own temper spiking, anger spilling into her gaze as she glared a challenge at him.

He didn’t like the look she gave him, his own eyes narrowing into the fiercest expression ever leveled her way. She refused to give way, refused to let even a single finger betray how she shook inside. But the shaking didn’t all have to do with intimidation. She could admit to some part of her being excited, fascinated by this man and the situation that had thrown them together. The very same situation that had him standing before her, hands planted firmly on either side of her, effectively boxing her in. She should have been scared, should have let her voice ring out in a scream. Instead she mocked him with her smile, stubbornly lifting her chin higher. His own jaw clenched in response, but she didn’t believe for one-second he’d hit her.

“You little fool.” He spat out angrily. His hands went from flat against the wall on either side of her, to grasping hold of both her arms. She couldn’t quite muffle her gasp, reacting to the contact of hot skin on hot skin at his touch.

His eyes remained angry, his mouth a cruel sneer. “It’s too late to run.” He told her, already bending down to take the kiss she had wanted to give him. There was nothing gentle or loving about that kiss, his mouth hard, unyielding. He was too demanding, taking everything she offered and then some, his tongue ruthlessly plundering against her inexperienced own.

It was brutal, it was harsh. It was everything a woman raised to be gentle and proper should have rebelled against. But in this moment, with his lips moving over hers, she felt none of those things. Wild and wanton, bold and daring, she learnt fast, leveling her own brutal passion against his. He continued to hold her, but she was in no hurry to get away. Thrills coursed through her, molten heat burning in her veins. She wanted more, and she wasn’t going to wait for his lead.

Shifting in his grip, her hands lay flat against his chest. He wore only the thinnest of shirts, and she could feel every hard muscle through it. He was warm, skin almost feverish in feel as her hands began to glide down the planes of his stomach. Lower yet, fingers bunching up the fabric, pulling the shirt free of his belt. She thought him oblivious to what she was doing, but as her fingers touched directly on his skin, a ragged sound was torn from him.

Her eyes widened just slightly. She looked up at him, almost defiant in the moment. He stared back at her, angry, almost flinching when she teasingly tested her fingers on the coarse hairs that left a trail that vanished abruptly under the waist band of his pants. “Just remember…” He all but hissed, his fingers digging into her arms so that her lily white skin would bear their bruises. “You started this!” His angry smile promised he would be the one to finish it, his hands transferring their grip to her gown. With a mighty heavy, the fabric of her bodice ripped apart, buttons flying everywhere.

She was mildly appalled, thinking he had just ruined a small fortune in designer elegance. But more than that, she was shamelessly, meeting his gaze rather than shying away. Her bosom heaved, the action drawing his gaze to her newly revealed breasts. Her nipples seemed to tighten under his inspection, almost hurting as they stiffened. For all her daring, all her taunting, she was yet unprepared for the experience when he bent and roughly took hold of one aching nipple between his lips.

“Ahhhhh!” She all but screamed, the sound as surprised as it was pleased. “AHHHHH!” Again that sound, her voice sounding so different to her own ears. “Ahhhhh!” But the sound was no longer a pleasured scream. It was more wail than anything, and increasing in pitch. Louder and sharper, hurting Allura’s ears, the girl wondering just when that sound would stop. And then she blinked, the words on the page blurring as a connection was made.

“Damn it!” Allura screamed, and flung the book across her bed. It didn’t make the floor, bouncing harmlessly on the mattress instead. The cover seemed to mock her, a couple very much like the one described inside the book, laying entwined in a torrid embrace. An embrace she had barely gotten to enjoy, that damnable alarm going off, interrupting her just as she had gotten to the good part of the book.

That alarm kept on ringing, a high pitched screech that aggravated her ears. Allura wanted to cover her ears with her pillow, to do something, anything to drown out the noise. But there was no ignoring it, the sound a hailing that called all who heard it to their proper stations. Allura hated that sound, as much as she hated what it signified, the girl knowing that an enemy was approaching. It was most likely some crony of King Zarkon, some glory seeking war veteran come to lay yet another claim on Arus in the name of planet Doom.

“I wish they would give it a break even for just one day.” Allura grumbled to herself. She was slow to get up, confidant whoever the enemy was, they would hold back the worst of their attacks until she was ready. Not that Allura put any extra thought into her appearance, remaining dressed in one of her more casual outfits. Pink and showing barely any skin, it was loose enough to be comfortable. The perfect outfit for lazing about the castle on her day off.

She didn’t get days off very often, and had been looking forward to spending it curled up with a good book. Some trashy romance novel her nanny would have pitched a fit over to know it existed. It was just one of a dozen entertainments formally forbidden to her, Allura taking pride on how she got around the restrictions placed upon her. She may be a princess, but it didn’t mean she had to be some prude no matter what her Nanny thought otherwise.

Daring though she was, Allura wasn’t entirely foolish. She knew there would be hell to pay if the book was discovered. And so she took the time to hide it, the trashy novel joining others of a similar kind behind a secret panel in the wall. It was Allura’s own treasure, the books a vital element towards keeping her sane. The alarm worked to do the opposite, her ears ringing from the loud wailing.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” She grumbled under her breath, and hurried out her bedroom. There was no one in the hall save for a two patrolling guards. All other castle soldiers had gone to their pre appointed positions, men manning the turret mounted guns in the towers, or heading to the private ship yard inside the castle. The servants were all off hiding down in the basement levels, while Coran and the others would be inside the castle control room. That is where Allura headed to now, barely putting in an effort, and nowhere near out of breath when she arrived.

Voices greeted her, the other members of the Voltron Force just as slow to arrive as Allura. They were well used to Doom’s all too frequent attacks, and knew the patterns well. Threats would be made, a robeast unleashed. The lions would launch and form Voltron, ultimately winning the day by destroying Doom’s monster and sending it’s ships packing. It was so routine as to be boring, and everyone, even Keith, had better things to do than waste time on a fight that would last only a few minutes in length.

Saying her hellos back, Allura drew to a halt besides Coran. The royal advisor was hunched over the wide panel that held buttons, levers and many flashing lights. It was here that he controlled much of the castle, Coran’s fingers busy on the panels, sending out orders to the soldiers who stood at the ready to fight and die in the name of Arus.

To the front of the room, hanging against the wall was several large panels. View screens that split into several smaller pictures, showing various locations inside and outside the castle. One such panel showed how crowded the sky was with the many ships that composed the Drule’s fleet. Allura was a little taken aback to see that many ships. This was not typical of planet Doom’s past behavior.

“What’s going on?” She demanded, hands on her hips. “Who would dare bring a fleet of that size to Arus?!”

“That is what I am trying to ascertain.” Coran answered, rapidly typing a sequence out on the control panel. “They’ve put up a disturbance…it’s blocking all signals coming in and out of the surrounding area!”

“It’s most likely Yurak making one last desperate move.” Pidge, the short pilot of green lion said. His fingers were adjusting his glasses, eyes staring at one of the readouts on one of the panels. “After all the blunders he’s made, I’m sure Zarkon is just about ready to snap!”

Lance, the brown haired pilot of red lion chuckled. “You don’t get many chances with fish face, that’s for damn sure.” His tone was insolent, the pilot not giving a damn about respecting the King of an enemy planet. “Sooner or later, even Zarkon will blow, and then it will be good-bye Yurak.”

“The day can’t come soon enough.” Hunk the pilot of yellow lion said.

“Just remember team.” Cautioned the pilot of black Lion, who was also the captain of the Voltron Force. “Get rid of Yurak and another one will rise to take his place. If we want to put an end to the problem, we got to kill the snake in it’s lair.”

“Easier said then done, Keith.” Allura said, tapping a foot impatiently on the floor. “We all know with the current situation on Doom, Zarkon’s not dying anytime soon. And as long as he has soldiers and robeasts to keep throwing at us, we’ll never get more than a few minutes rest.”

“What say we get out there, and show them we mean business?” Hunk asked. “We don’t want to miss out on today’s lunch. I hear Nanny is making her world famous stew after all!”

“I think the food is going to have to wait for once Hunk.” Keith grimaced. “The size of that fleet means trouble. This won’t be as easy a clean up as we usually enjoy.”

“I knew I should have saved on my video game.” Grumbled Pidge, then sighed. “Okay….so this takes longer than five minutes. What’s the estimate this time? Ten, maybe twenty minutes?”

“At least.” Lance was staring at the screen. “Yurak’s packing some heavy fire power this time. Might take a better part of an hour to deal with him.” Lance’s words were met with discontent grumbles all around, the only one not seeming down about this waste of their time, was Keith.

“All right team!” He pounded a fist into his palm. “This will be great practice for the day we do take the fight to planet Doom! I want you to do your best, but no one get careless and rush through maneuvers. And no show boating Lance. We’re here to disable as many of those ships as we can, with as little damage to the lions or our support ships.”

“I understand.” Lance let out a world weary sigh.

“I mean it, Lance.” Keith frowned at the brown haired man. “This is no time to be a dare devil.”

“I got it the first time, Keith.” Lance’s tone was withering. “So let’s suit up, and get in the lions!”

“Right!” Allura and the others all exclaimed as one voice. Coran began raising up the chutes that would lean to each individual lion’s lairs. The very floor seemed to shake, the transport chutes slowly rising up, one at a time. The Voltron Force waited impatiently for this process to be over with, Allura wondering when Yurak would lose impatience and send out a robeast. But before she could run to blue lion’s chute, Coran was calling out.


The team whipped around as one unit, all staring surprised at Coran. His fingers were busy typing, his eyes on a readout from the computer. “We are being hailed by one of the ships.”

“Hmph. Probably Yurak come to gloat and demand our surrender.” Pidge said in a scoffing tone.

“Tell him to go to Hell!” Lance added with a grin.

“Why don’t you tell him that, yourself Lance.” Coran asked, and the screens at the front of the room all flickered. The panels wavered and distorted, and then formed into one single image. A Drule was standing there, a smug look on his face. Whatever Yurak had planned, it was boosting the Drules’ morale, making them think they actually stood a chance against the lions.

“Tell Yurak we’re not interested!” Hunk shouted at the Drule. The Drule barely reacted to the words, his smugness increasing with the smirk he now wore. “Presenting, his royal highness, the crown heir of Planet Doom.”

Allura’s eyes widened just a bit, the girl wondering if she had heard right. She wasn’t the only one, Allura hearing Pidge let out a loud hiss to Hunk. “Did he just say crown prince? Did Zarkon get demoted or something?”

“I don’t think you can demote a King.” Hunk replied.

“Maybe not through conventional means.” Lance joined in the conversation. “But a good beheading will put an end to a tyrant’s reign lickety split!”

“ShhhhH! Quiet!” hissed Keith, the captain never taking his eyes off the screen.

“Prince Lotor!” Footsteps sounded, and Allura felt as though she had stopped breathing. What would this prince Lotor look like? A monster like his king? Or would he be even more grotesque than thought possible? And where had he come from? As far as Allura knew, Zarkon was all alone, no family or heir to his name. And yet she had heard the introduction right, the man saying this Lotor was the crown heir.

The smirking Drule hurried out of the way, and a different, taller Drule walked into view. Allura felt her breath hiss out of her, her eyes growing to the size of two dinner plates. This was Prince Lotor? This man with the pale blue skin, and the long white hair that flowed to a stop halfway down his back? The man with the sensual looking mouth whose lips were only a slightly darker shade of blue than that of his skin?

He had feline eyes that were colored a rich gold. They looked as though they held a world full of knowledge to them, a knowing that wasn’t limited to just battles and ruling an empire. He looked predatory, a man used to getting what he wanted. The hard lines of his body could not be hidden by the tight military issue tunic he wore, Allura practically salivating as she looked him over. There was not an ounce of fat to be found on him, his body seeming to be muscled perfection. She liked what she saw, Allura stepping forward almost in a daze.

~This is it.~ She thought to herself. ~This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.~ Her bosom began to heave uncontrollably, every breath feeling like a hard worn battle. Allura wondered why she hadn’t taken the time to dress herself up, even just a little would have been better than meeting him in this loose and downright frumpy attire she currently had on. First impressions mattered, and right now Allura felt absolutely plain, with her hair tied back in a messy bun, her clothing too baggy to properly show off her figure.

“I…” She had difficulty getting the first words out, Allura dimly hearing Keith ask if she was okay. “I am Princess Allura, the ruler of planet Arus.” She tilted her head up, mustering as much challenge as she could in her gaze. “And I order you to take your fleet and leave my lands at once!”

Those cold, alien eyes seemed to do a double take, Prince Lotor looking at her now. His gaze was insolent, her face, hell her whole body growing hot as he looked her over. Frumpy and unattractive as she felt, Allura thought this prince might be undressing her with his eyes, and that made her blush terribly. Her bosom continued to heave, which was an experience all it’s own. She had always read about heaving bosoms, but had never had that phenomena occur before this day. Allura would actually place a hand against her chest, trying to control it’s movement.

“You dare to give me orders?” He demanded, sounding more amused then anything. She bravely nodded, maintaining her best glare. “Princess Allura, you will soon learn that when it comes to your planet and Doom’s, you have little say in what happens.”

Her lips actually trembled, Allura fighting to keep from gaping foolishly at him. He was so confidant, so arrogant. He was exactly like the men in her books, smugly sure that everything would go his way. And if it didn’t, he would make it happen, masterful as he took control of his fate and that of her own. “You…” She wasn’t sure what she had been about to say, but Lotor was talking over her.

“We have your castle surrounded, nearly five thousand of our best ships in the air. My men are prepared to die, to take you and yours down. Can you say the same, your highness?”

“We will fight you….” She began, tone uncertain.

“Yes, I’m sure you will.” Lotor looked as though he was relishing the thought of that too. “But this time you cannot win.”


“The Voltron Force has faced tough odds before!” Keith interjected himself into the conversation. “It’ll take more than few thousand ships to get us to back down!”

“You are either very brave, or a fool.” Lotor mused. “Ah no matter. You have until tomorrow morning to make your surrender.”

“We will never surrender to the likes of you!” Keith hissed.

“Then I suggest you spend what will most likely be your last hours enjoying yourself.” Lotor locked eyes with Allura, and thoughts filled her head, the princess wondering what Lotor liked to do to enjoy HIMSELF. Her blush increased, and the faintest smile curved the prince’s lips. “Do think about a peaceful end to this conflict between us, princess. I would hate for something terrible to happen to you.”

Her heart foolishly lurched, heart beat turning erratic in the face of those words. She wondered what his terrible could be, Allura intrigued by all the possibilities she came up with. He couldn’t have meant THAT, could he? And yet she foolishly found herself wishing he had, Allura wanting Lotor to have more interest in her than just a ruler of a planet Doom meant to conquer.

Abruptly, the screens went dark. The Voltron Force began talking all at once, angry and spoiling for a fight. “Can you believe the nerve of that guy?!” demanded Hunk, his hands making fists on his hips.

“He’s a Drule Hunk. All of them are pompous asses.” Lance replied.

“Well, yeah….but he’s the worst of all!” decided Hunk.

“We’re not gong to give in, and we’re not going to be intimidated!” Keith said. “Coran, can you get a signal out to the Galaxy Alliance?”

“The disturbance is still blocking my attempts at communication.” Coran’s tone was regretful. “But I will of course, endeavor to somehow get a message through.”

“The sooner the better.” Keith nodded. “We may just need the Alliance’s aid if we’re gonna push back Lotor’s fleet.”

“Five thousand ships is a bit of a challenge, even for the Voltron Force.” Agreed Pidge. He stepped towards Coran, intent on using his technical know how to somehow help the advisor break through the Drule’s block. No one seemed to notice that Allura had yet to move, the girl staring off with a dreamy expression to her eyes. She was remembering that smile of his, and the look he had given her as he checked out her body. It was a million times better than having a man as old and crusty as King Zarkon leer at her, Allura wanting to laugh.

Finally she had met someone worthy of her. Someone who would make life interesting. A man who almost looked as though he had stepped off the cover of one of her romance novels, all darkly sexual and downright dangerous. Allura couldn’t wait for the chance to see Lotor again, to perhaps meet with him in person. Would he smile at her again? Would he remain amused at her defiance. Or would he lay his hands on her, pulling her close and taking what he wanted, showing that terrible might not have to be so bad after all?

Allura grew hot all over again, patting her cheeks as though that could stop the blush from happening. But she couldn’t stop from thinking about Prince Lotor, from obsessing over every word he had spoken. He was everything she shouldn’t have wanted, the kind of man her Nanny would vehemently disapprove of. But the thought of Nanny’s disapproval only spurred Allura onwards, the princess wanting to taste and enjoy that which was forbidden.

~I won’t do anything foolish.~ She promised herself. ~I’ll simply…flirt a little…~ Certainly she wouldn’t do anything to endanger herself or her planet’s freedom. But after two years of fighting with foes like Zarkon, Haggar, and Yurak, each one more ugly than the last, Allura was looking forward to some excitement at Lotor’s hand. Little did she realize just what she was about to get herself into….

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