Bad 03

There were moments, more than Allura would like to admit to, where her life became a series of embarrassments and mortifications. Moments where the stress of these embarrassments, these humiliations, made the young princess want to die. She was experiencing one such moment now, Allura frozen in place, her skin no longer such a rosy soft color, but the full on angry red of a humiliated blush.

As humiliated as she felt, Allura still felt a panic of a different kind, hoping her red mottled skin didn’t make her look too hideous. And all because she still wanted to present a pleasing image to Prince Lotor, wanting to appear her most fetching to the man who so intrigued her.

Allura couldn’t know that her thoughts exaggerated how bad her red flush was. That the color, heightened though it was, did not detract from her disarrayed beauty. Her hair, loose and tangled from Lotor’s fingers, cushioned around her head like a golden halo. Stray curls kissed the frame of her face. Her blue eyes, normally sparkling, now held a dismayed look to them, her lips swollen from the kisses they had shared.

Her chest was heaving, breasts straining against their confinement in her thin nightgown. She was the picture of ravished beauty, properly displaying the right amount of panic and dismay. To an outside observer, they’d have no way of guessing how eagerly Allura had been giving herself over to Lotor’s kisses. Nor would they know how close she had been to succumbing completely, that she had allowed herself to fall into a dream like stupor, lost to the exciting feelings and arousal the prince had caused inside her.

Feelings she still felt, even as her pulse raced with panic, dread taking root in the pit of her stomach. Allura was frightened, too scared to look in the direction of the intruders—her would be rescuers. She was frightened of what she would see, the disapproving looks, their dawning realization that she had been shamelessly rubbing back against Lotor’s groin. She didn’t want to be judged by them, didn’t want them to hate her for surrendering so completely to the enemy.

She needn’t have worried. To Nanny, to Keith, to the castle guards that accompanied them, they only saw a crime about to take place. Their eyes had zeroed in to the fact Prince Lotor had pinned Allura’s hands to the floor above her head, the group assuming the motions of the princess’ body had been that of a desperate but futile struggle.

Not yet aware of this, all Allura could truly focus on was her embarrassment. She actually wished for the floor to open up and swallow her down, anything to escape the stares she was sure were accusing and judgmental. Such was her distress, she was almost willing to leave Lotor behind, to allow the prince to face the accusations alone.

Lotor himself, had gone rigid above her, having lifted his head up the instant the lights came on, and the door had opened. Allura had almost expected him to growl, to snarl in protest at the intruders untimely interruption. But somehow he controlled himself in that regard, though he made no move to get off her. Nor did he let go of her hands, effortlessly holding her down as he coldly met the gaze of the captain of the Voltron Force.

Keith didn’t seem to know what to say, his mouth opening and closing several times. Stammered, half formed words would come out, mostly you and what being voiced. The castle guards were all taking up position across from Lotor and Allura, some dropping to their knees to aim the sight of their lasers at the prince. But they didn’t dare shoot, all too aware that they might hit the princess as well.

Two of the castle guards had drawn their swords, their bodies tense and ready for action. It would only take seconds for the situation to explode into violence, yet Allura was too embarrassed to say anything, to do anything, to try and defuse the situation.

“Get….stop….you…how…” Keith was still stammering, the scene he had run in on truly shocking him senseless.

“Get off the princess!” Came the voice of Allura’s nanny. A woman Allura dearly loved, but was also growing increasingly embarrassed by. As mortified as she was, Allura also hoped Lotor didn’t know what role Nanny played in the princess’ life. And all because Allura knew she was too old for nannys, too old for the spankings, the rules and restrictions, and the downright babying she received at the governess’ hands.

Lotor didn’t immediately move. Allura had a clear look up at his face, seeing the calculating look in his eyes. He was surely trying to work out a way to get out of this situation without getting killed, and felt no need to be rushed into doing something that might make his circumstances worse.

“Didn’t you hear me?!” Nanny was demanding. “I said to get off of her!” She made a sound of impatience, and the sound of someone being slapped followed. “Don’t just stand there captain. Shoot him!”

The slap must have knocked some sense back into Keith, for he had stopped stammering. But he didn’t do as Nanny demanded, his voice a stern protest. “We can’t risk hitting the princess!”

Nanny made an exasperated sound. “Well we can’t just let him do as he pleases!”

Keith apparently agreed. “Okay prince…” He said to Lotor. “This is how it’s going to go down. You are going to roll off of Allura, SLOWLY. Then put your hands up in the air. You will not fight, and you will not resist as we take you into custody and put you in the dungeons.”

“We should just kill him!” grumbled Nanny.

“We need him to call off the invasion.” Keith reminded the woman. “Okay prince? Get off of Allura at the count of five…”

“And what makes you think you can order me around?” Lotor demanded.

“We’ve got you cornered. Any wrong move, and it’s your corpse on the floor.”

“I’m cornered, but don’t count me out just yet.” Lotor hissed, and in a rapid move, smoothly rolled himself and Allura to the right. Allura couldn’t scream, though Nanny did it for her, a trigger happy guard shooting where Lotor and Allura had just been. Allura was left blinking in surprise, finding Lotor was still rolling them, the prince somehow maneuvering them up off the floor. Allura ended up pressed against Lotor’s front, the hum of lazon in the air. She registered the blue blade of a lazon sword, the weapon close enough to her that she could feel it’s heat.

“You fiend!” raged Nanny with an impotent little scream.

“Now what will you do?” Lotor demanded, a mocking note in his voice.

“Let her go, your highness.” Keith advised, hands up. He was trying to hide his own fright, but even from across the room Allura could see how scared he was for her. She was scared herself, her heart racing. But she didn’t for one second believe Lotor would use his sword on her, not after that electrifying moment they had had on the floor, the passionate intensity of their kisses. It had to have meant something, had to have affected him just as strongly as it had affected her.

“And lose my only bargaining chip? I think not!” Lotor let out a slow, cold laugh. “Now it’s my turn to tell you how it’s going to be. You are all going to back off, and discard your weapons. I’m going to leave the way I came….”

“Good riddance!”

Everyone quickly shushed Nanny, anxious to hear what else Lotor had to say.

“And I’m taking the princess with me.”

“NO!” screamed a horrified Nanny. “You can’t.”

“Foolish woman, I can do whatever I want. Especially in this situation.” He began inching backwards towards where the large bedroom window was. “Do not try to follow us. I’ll contact you for your surrender once the princess and I are safely aboard my ship.”

“Damn it, you monster!” Keith made helpless fists, glaring at Lotor. “You won’t get away with this.”

“Dear boy, I already have!” Lotor practically smirked in response, dragging Allura with him. She hadn’t once dared speak, the only real sound Allura was making was the ragged breaths she let out. She couldn’t believe what was happening, couldn’t believe how things had gone from exciting to terrifying. Most of all she couldn’t believe how helpless she had made everyone, the guards and Keith too frightened of hitting Allura to dare shoot at Lotor.

She knew it was now up to her. That she alone could possibly attempt something to turn the tables on Lotor. Because as much as he made her FEEL, Allura couldn’t allow her planet to be invaded, her people to become slaves. No matter how twisted up inside she felt, her fantasies had to remain just a fantasy. She couldn’t allow Lotor to win, not at the cost of her planet and her people.

She allowed herself to be dragged backwards, unresisting. Her mind raced, Allura trying to decide what if anything she could do. Her slipper encased feet wouldn’t make a dent on his sturdy boots, but maybe if she twisted just enough as he attempted to pull them both up on the windowsill.

Her leg swung out at the precise moment Allura deemed Lotor distracted with the window. Her knee all but crunched into his groin, Lotor dropping his hold on both Allura and his sword. Nanny screamed, Allura throwing herself to the floor. A volley of laser fire erupted, flying over Allura’s head and slamming into the durable laser and bullet proof glass of her window.

Allura didn’t know what happened next, unable to lift her head to look back at Lotor. The others would tell her the prince had done a magnificent leap, hurtling towards a small ship that had dropped it’s cloaking device. He had given one furious look at them all, before slipping into the inside safety of the ship.

Allura would remain on the floor, while Keith barked out orders. Already soldiers were being roused, ships being launched in hot pursuit of the prince and his ship. Two of the guards in the room were standing at the window, futilely shooting at the retreating ship. Allura breathed in and out slowly, her heart thumping hard in her chest. She’d notice Lotor had left his sword behind, a fancy piece with silver etchings engraving something in the Drule’s language on the bejeweled hilt.

Silly as it seemed, she felt glad to have something of his, Allura stretching out a shaking arm to reach for the sword. Nanny swooped down and snatched it away from her, holding it up distastefully.

“Get rid of this thing.” She ordered, a sneer on her face. “We don’t need any reminder of that filth lingering here.”

Allura didn’t know what to do, what reason she could give to possibly keep Lotor’s sword in her possession. She watched almost mournfully as a guard took the sword from her Nanny, and rushed out of the room with it.

Nanny took one look at Allura, and completely misinterpreted the reason behind that mournful look. “Oh my poor child.” She crooned, helping Allura up off the floor. “How badly did he hurt you?” She was looked over, Nanny’s hands brushing at Allura’s nightgown, searching to make sure it hadn’t been ripped. It hardly appeased the older woman to see that no inappropriate skin had been revealed, the woman tsking, then pulling Allura into a crushing bear hug.

It was difficult to breathe, all but swallowed head first into Nanny’s bosom. Allura began to pull away, but Nanny wasn’t finished, a fierce lioness barking out orders and reprimands at nearly everyone in ear reach.

“How could you let this happen?!” She was demanding. “How could you allow that monster to get so close to the princess!? Captain, why weren’t you monitoring the fleet. How did even one ship get this close to the castle without anyone noticing sooner?! Do you know what could have happen, what that lustful fiend could have done to the princess? What he already tried to do?!”

“Nanny.” The first words Allura spoke were quiet but strong. “It’s all right.”

“All right?!” Allura was now the focus of that disapproving gaze, the woman full of righteous indignation. “After what he tried to do? What he already did to you…”

“It was just kisses Nanny.” Allura began, in no way willing to share with anyone that it had been more than that. That it had been the start of her body’s sexual awakening, Allura rubbing herself in time with Lotor’s own grinding. That her hands had been clutching at him, frantically rubbing up and down his back, wanting to tear the clothes off him.

“Kisses? Just kisses?!” Scoffed Nanny, drawing to her full height as her stance turned rigid. “It looked to be a little more than that.”

“It wasn’t…not really…”

“Child, that Drule had you on the floor. He was holding you down. He was seconds away from doing a lot worse than just kissing you.”

Flustered anew with a humiliation that had never truly gone away, Allura forced herself to meet Nanny’s disapproving gaze. “Then it’s a good thing you all came to my rescue.” But her eyes began watering, Allura feeling as though it hadn’t been a good thing at all. She was left longing, wishing for more time, wishing for even one second more to have spent beneath Lotor, being kissed by him.

“Oh child…” Nanny had recognized the bereft look in Allura’s eyes, but was misunderstanding the reason behind her tears.

“I…I am fine.” Allura said, just as Nanny pulled her into another hug. It was the final straw, Allura bursting into tears. Nanny patted her back, and smoothed down her hair, crooning softly that it would be all right, that she would take care of everything. Allura could only stand there, enduring the hug, enduring Nanny’s attempts to calm her. But nothing the governess could say could make things all right, Allura upset born of being torn. Of wanting the fantasies to be real but also wanting to be loyal to her planet and her people.

Arus would win every time. As much as Allura was charmed by Lotor, attracted to, downright fascinated by, she knew what her true duty was. Where her loyalties had to lay. It didn’t make it easy on the young princess, her heart constricting in pain. Wanting something that couldn’t be, that wasn’t at all healthy for her and the people around her. But she couldn’t stop the crush anymore than she could live without breathing, Allura having fallen a little too fast, and a little too hard for Prince Lotor.

She didn’t recognize the crush for what it was, Allura having no real experience with romantic love of any kind. Lotor was the first man to truly attract her, the first to arouse such feelings inside her. It was an ironic twist of fate that he was her enemy, that he was a villain who would enslave her people.

Crying for what could not be, Allura was unresisting as Nanny ushered her out of the bedroom. The governess no long felt Allura’s private chambers were secure, demanding changes be done. For security to be increased, lasers installed on the outside to shoot down anything bigger than a bird that came near. It wasn’t all reasonable, neither the time nor the man power available during this time of siege.

It only made Nanny angrier, the frustrated woman harassing anyone within ear shot. But no matter how much she ranted, there was nothing to be done in the dead of the night. She would have to settle for the next best thing, moving Allura to a guest bedroom, and taking up position on a couch. As though her presence could somehow stave off an unwanted return from the prince of Doom.

Allura would settle into her borrowed bed, but be unable to sleep. Tossing and turning, shifting restlessly under the sheets, she’d keep on replaying the moments before Nanny and the others had burst into her bedroom. Allura would shiver, touching fingertips to her lips. Remembering the kisses, the sensations, the wild pleasure that had begun to fill her. Those memories would leave her shaken, distracted from sleep but not from the pain of her crush.

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