Bad 04

There were ships waiting for him, black metal constructs that hovered at the very outskirts of the Drules’ impressive sized fleet. Instead of the rotund, almost clunky sized star cutters, these ships were sleek in appearance. Long and narrow, able to fit a pilot and a spare, these ships were mirror images of the one Lotor currently flew.

Behind him were the light gray and white metal of the Arusian’s ships. Over two dozen pursued him, the number impressive given how little warning the pilots had had before undertaking their current mission. The Arusian ships weren’t’ as small as the Drules’, that extra bit of size costing them speed. Lotor had already had a head start, and he continued to widen the distance between them.

Laser fire was a constant volley his way. They weren’t holding back, intent on bringing him down, on killing Lotor if necessary. Lotor kept power to the maximum levels of his shielding, not bothering to fire back, as he focused on reaching the perimeter of the Drule fleet. The ships waiting for him, began to move, firing off shots pass Lotor, and into the midst of the Arusians. Those ships scattered, the light gray and white jets able to maneuver safely out of the way.

Lotor sped on under the cover of laser fire, until his ship was surrounded by the sleek black jets. Together they began a series of complex maneuvers, circling and twisting, mixing it up, until the Arusians could no longer tell which ship was Lotor’s. The Arusians kept on firing, trying to take out all of the enemy ships. An explosion happened to the right of Lotor, one of the Drule ships destroyed. He growled, his hands tightening on the controls, Lotor looping back, firing wildly. He scored a direct hit on one of the Arusians, the ship tearing apart in an explosion of metal and fire.

Almost immediately, an alarm went off, a familiar voice giving the command for all ships to return to the heart of the fleet. Lotor knew that message was meant for him, a reminder that now was not the time for showboating and grandstanding. Knowing better, and yet tempted to ignore it, Lotor wanted to continue to attack and destroy the Arusians who had chased after him. His blood was stirred, boiling with a near violent need. A need that could only calm in one of two ways, through sex or violence, and right now violence seemed the ideal way.

He attacked another ship, disabling it’s engines. Smoke poured out, thick and voluminous. It almost provided enough cover for the pilot who had ejected free of the damaged ship, but Lotor’s sharp Drule eyes saw him anyway. He quickly picked him off with his lasers, watching as the flaming mass began it’s rapid descent to the ground.

“All ships, return at once to the fleet!”

The words were angry now, the clipped tones of General Mogor exaggerated by the stress the Drule felt. Lotor rolled his eyes, thinking Mogor was worrying for nothing even as Arusian ships began a retaliation. Shooting at him, his shielding beginning to flicker under the heavy assault. Drule ships sped towards him, intent on protecting their prince, on guiding Lotor to safety.

“Fools.” spat Lotor, beginning evasive maneuvers. Avoiding both the Arusians and his own men, his ship hiking higher into the sky. The Arusians and the Drules nearly crashed into each other, only a miracle guiding them safely past one another. By the time the two opposing forces got over their scare, Mogor had unleashed a wave of star cutters to join in the fight.

Shield flickering, Lotor was still tempted to remain in the midst of the battle. But the weakened shield left him too vulnerable, another wave of starcutters boxing him in, blocking Lotor from going anywhere but forward. The prince grumbled under his breath, allowing himself to be herded like some mindless farm animal, towards the safety of the fleet.

A large ship was waiting for him, it’s bottom half opening wide enough to allow Lotor’s ship to ascend into it. He didn’t even get to park his own jet, mechanical restraints latching onto it, holding him steady as he was pulled deeper into the ship’s hanger. Lotor could only roll his eyes at Mogor’s overcautious nature, thinking the Drule a fool for going this far. Effectively grounding him in order to prevent the prince from returning to the fight.

Stirred up and volatile as he was, even Lotor was not that foolish. He didn’t let his anger blind him completely to the danger he would have been in, continuing a fight with a ship whose shield was failing. But neither was he ready to thank Mogor for the concern the General had shown, nor apologize for his own behavior. A behavior that some might consider reckless, though to Lotor it had been a mere venting of steam.

The ship came to rough halt, thunked down inelegantly on the hanger’s floor. The restraints did not snap free, holding him there. Lotor heaved an annoyed sigh, allowing the ship’s overhead hatch to pop open. He’d be leisurely about climbing free of his ship, noticing that many of the Drules that worked in the hanger area had made themselves scarce. No doubt they worried about being made a target, fearing their prince’s wrath in response to the General’s heavy handed tactics.

They needn’t have worried. As annoyed as Lotor was, Mogor’s behavior was nothing compared to the princess of Arus’ own. To the downright dirty tactics she had employed to keep Lotor distracted and busy, long enough for help to arrive and rescue her from him.

~Conniving little wench.~ Lotor thought to himself, his mouth scowling. He couldn’t believe he had fallen for her act, fallen for the naive little innocent she had pretended to be. She was quite the liar, quite the accomplished actress, to not only play the shy but interested maiden, but make Lotor believe Allura had been succumbing to his seductions. A seduction he hadn’t even been taking seriously, barely making an effort to woo her before Allura of Arus had melted like butter beneath him.

His jaw clenched, Lotor wanting to growl. Wanting to punch something as he remembered those moments in the princess’ bedroom. Remembering how she had looked, the innocent fascination in her blue gaze, how quick she had been to fluster and blush. It had all been quite charming, Lotor never dreaming that every move, every word spoken, every damn reaction had all been calculated on her part.

The princess of Arus was dangerous, Lotor had come to realize. Crafty and cunning, manipulative and quick on her feet. She had used the one weapon available to her, using innocence to seduce Lotor. No wonder his father wanted her. No wonder Zarkon had warned Lotor to not underestimate the Arusians’ princess.

He wouldn’t make that mistake again. Never again would he allow her to trick him, to use her beauty and that false innocence to manipulate him. The next time they met, it would be Lotor who had the upper hand, and he wouldn’t have to resort to dirty tricks to do it. Lotor would get Arus, get it’s people, and it’s princess’ surrender.

Of course, Lotor fully expected that next time to happen after Arus fell. The fleet he had brought with him, outnumbered the Arusian’s ships outrageously so. Arus had the lions, but so far those mythical ships had failed to impress him. Lotor was estimating the ensuing battle to last no more than a few days, before Arus ultimately became Doom’s.

The princess would be at his mercy then. Not that she’d find him full of it, not after the insult she had given him with her tricks. Lotor would take from her what she had teased him with, take the promises she had pretended to make with her kisses and caresses. He tried not to think about it too much, tried not to remember, nor to anticipate just how sweet the sex would be. But she had succeeded in arousing him something fierce in her bedroom, Lotor’s body still hungering strongly for her. The still tight fit of his pants felt uncomfortable, and there was the sticky fluid he had begun leaking during that little grinding session Lotor had shared with Princess Allura.

He needed to do one of two things. Fuck someone, or fight, even kill someone. General Mogor had seen to preventing the latter, by forcing Lotor’s return to the ship. The first outlet seemed just as unattainable, Lotor not one for bringing any of his harem with him on actual missions and invasions. He was normally a firm believer when it came to avoiding mixing pleasure with work, preferring to abstain from the more enjoyable pursuits of sex and drink in order to keep a clear head. It was the key to his success, the reason why so many worlds had fallen to Lotor’s attack. It was only after, once the invasion was successful, that Lotor allowed himself to get drunk off wine and women.

Again he scowled, angry with himself, angry with the princess of Arus. Angry for letting himself forget his cardinal rule, of letting himself be beguiled by her innocent gaze, and the way she had pretended to react to him. And though he knew it for a lie now, Lotor couldn’t stop reacting, remembering the soft feel of her beneath him. She hadn’t struggled once he had gotten her down on the floor, once she had recognized and pretended to be happy to see him.

He cursed himself a fool, annoyed by the fact he had allowed himself to be blinded by her pretty looks, and her even prettier act. Her lies had been just as sweet as her mouth’s feel, but now it left a bitter taste on his tongue. Lotor hated being played for a fool, hated that even for a few seconds he had allowed her to manipulate him. He refused to go easy on himself, Lotor all but snarling, wondering if he was just that desperate for a woman, or if it had been the princess own shocking beauty that had rendered him vulnerable to her.

Blonde, blue eyed, and innocent looking, Lotor knew she’d be a devastator of men once she took the time to dress in something other than the dowdy clothing, and frumpy nightgowns he had so far seen her in. Her loose clothing had bagged enough to hide her figure, but he had felt how pleasing it was, pressed against him. Allura of Arus was all curves, shapely and soft, pleasing to the touch. Lotor groaned then, shaking his head, trying to dislodge the distracting thoughts of her. He really needed a woman, really needed sex to destroy the need festering inside him. But none of the female soldiers aboard his ships were what Lotor wanted. They weren’t blue eyed blondes, with honey colored skin, weren’t the pleasing innocent Allura herself had pretended to be. The simple fact of the matter was, they weren’t HER, Lotor hungry for Allura in a way that surprised him.

He needed her out of his system, needed to rid himself of the arousal she had purposefully stirred. He could think of no better way than to take what she had teased him with, but for now that would have to wait. With the Arusians now on guard, there would be no returning to Allura’s bedroom. No further opportunities until the morning. Until the battle began in earnest.

Lotor tiredly rubbed the bridge of his nose, understanding he was contemplating doing something supremely stupid. Allowing his attentions to be distracted, to actually be thinking of launching a side campaign that had little to do with the war, and everything to do with fucking the princess of Arus. It was completely insane, no matter how big an insult or erection she had given him.

Grumbling to himself, he continued on to the command deck of the ship. Fighting his thoughts, full of half realized schemes that had nothing to do with preparing his men with the tactics needed to win this war with Arus. The princess was good, having done more than unsettled him, actually knocking Lotor off his game. It made him wonder if she was some kind of witch, some infernal enchantress to have affected him so.

He was downright glaring then, a scowl on his face as he stepped onto the floor of the command deck. The Drules present wisely shifted away, averting his gaze, busying themselves with self appointed tasks. Trying to appear as though they were needed, as though the work they did was so valuable they couldn’t be replaced. Trying in fact, to appear to be less than a target.

Lotor couldn’t even be amused at how frightened they were of his notorious temper. Nor was he happy by the fact General Mogor was approaching, that Drules’ face clipped with strained annoyance. As if Lotor was in any doubt if how unhappy the General was with the prince’s actions outside, Mogor glaring as much as he dared.

“Don’t start.” warned Lotor, in no mood to deal with Mogor’s nagging.

“I’ll be quiet when you stop risking yourself.” Came the General’s retort.

“What is life without a few risks?” countered Lotor.

“The risks aren’t worth it if they can get you killed.” snapped Mogor. “Prince Lotor, you’re father entrusted me with overseeing your well being.”

“I do not want nor need a babysitter.” Lotor retorted.

“None the less…” Mogor seemed to think better of what he had initially been about to say, exhaling a long breath before continuing. “It will be my head that rolls, should you die while in my care.”

“I won’t be dying anytime soon.” Lotor stated. “Certainly not until long after I get to be King of the Empire I’ve been helping my father to build.”

Mogor was hardly appeased. “But…”

“But nothing. You and my father needlessly worry. I’ve been conquering planets since before I graduated from the Academy. Arus won’t be any difficulty.”

“They’ve yet to use Voltron.” pointed out Mogor.

“Their last resort won’t be any problem.” Lotor just oozed confidence. “Not if we disable at least one of the lions before they attempt to form it.”

“Easier said then done.” Mogor muttered. “Tell me…did you have any luck reasoning with the princess of Arus?”

“No, none.” Lotor answered, not about to tell Mogor what had really gone on. That he hadn’t had a real chance to try and get Allura to see to and agree to niceties of a total surrender. “But I’m sure you already guessed, given how many ships escorted me back.”

“I thought it best given the amount of ships that pursued you.” Mogor said. He sighed then. “It is my hope that, in all the ensuing commotion, none of the Arusians noticed which ship you boarded. The last thing we need is for them to be targeting it.”

“They won’t.”

“How can you be sure?” Mogor demanded.

“If our pilots are any good, the Arusians won’t get anywhere near this ship.” Lotor retorted. “But I didn’t come here to listen to you berate me.”

“Then why DID you come?” Mogor asked, suspicion in his tone.

Lotor gave him a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Why to let you know personally, of the change in our plans.”

“Change?” Mogor was less than pleased.

“A new target to acquire come the morning.” Lotor explained. “The princess of Arus pilots blue lion, does she not?” A confirming nod from the General. “Then blue lion is what we will go after.”

“What would the point be?”

“Think Mogor! Not only is she the weakest link of the Voltron Force, she is also stands to one day be this planet’s Queen. If we capture her, not only do we deal Voltron a disabling blow, we hold the one person that will force Arus to capitulate to Doom’s demands.”

“They won’t just up and surrender.” Mogor warned. “The Voltron Force will come after her.”

“Let them try.” sneered Lotor. “They may pilot the legendary lions, but they are still humans. Ultimately weak, and downright inferior to us Drules.”

“Do not underestimate them. Those pilots have the devil’s own luck, winning time after time, no matter how dire the circumstances.”

“No one’s luck is that good.” Lotor said flatly. “No one! I’ll personal put an end to that winning streak of theirs, and their own princess will be their downfall.”

“Just so long as she is not OURS.” Mogor stressed.

“Gather the men.” Lotor ordered. “Let it be known our new objective in tomorrow’s battle.”

“And what will you be doing?” Mogor asked.

Lotor nearly grimaced then. “Do not concern yourself with me. I intend to spend the rest of this night….resting for tomorrow.” It wasn’t exactly the truth, Lotor unsure if he’d be able to get much of any sleep due to the way he was feeling. Not even the thoughts that Allura would soon be in his possession, would soon be forced to do something about the way she had made him feel, could appease him. If anything it only excited him more, Lotor spending the night in an excited state of mind and being. Wondering if the princess of Arus would live up to his expectations, if she would be half as sweet to fuck as she was to kiss. It was not battle tactics that filled his head when Lotor finally did fall asleep, the prince haunted by Allura even in his dreams.

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