Untitled Bridal Candidate Fic

Zarkon’s decided it’s about time Lotor get married and start making heirs to inherit his empire. And with ot without Lotor’s approval, he’s going to make sure it happens while he’s still young enough to enjoy his grandkids. So he invites numerous ladies with the right pedigree to make a bid for Lotor’s hand. All the usual notables are here, from a bold Queen Merla, to a can barely speak the same language Princess Corral. But some ladies are hiding secrets, and Lotor can’t seem to get off his mind the mousy, brown haired, glasses wearing princess of Arus.


First chapter written in 2009, fic picked up again in 2011.

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  1. Hi!

    I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I’ve been enjoying reading your fics. I originally stumbled across your work on the general fanfiction site and couldn’t believe there were people other than me that had wondered about a possible Lotor/Allura pairing. Seriously, they were the first “couple” I found myself drawn to as a kid…as I’m writing this I’m thinking this means I might be a little warped, but regardless they shaped what couples I would come to love in the future. There’s just something about the push and pull of lighter/darker characters and ultimately the redemptive power of love (or at least the hope of it) that makes for riveting drama.

    I hope you continue on with this particular story. I’m shamelssly in love with the idea that Lotor would be attracted to (or obsessed with depending on your POV) Allura based on her personality not just her looks. I also love the idea of an Allura who has a plan, who schemes, and at least for now is getting one over on Lotor. LOL, it may also help with the trauma of just having finished reading Harem Slave which was focused on Allura’s lack of choice or rather, in the end, her only choice. Gah, the last two chapters of that fic were beautifully heartbreaking.

    Anyway, I digress. Thank you for hours of obsessive reading and I really hope to read more of this fic.

    1. Hello!

      Ah, you sound a bit like me when I first came online. Before I went on the web, I never thought anyone else would have liked Lotor with Allura. I thought I was the only one! I got plleasantly surprised to search out not only fans, but fanworks with these two. I was such a newb to the web, I didn’t even know what fanfic was before that!

      I liked Lotor even as a little girl. I can remember as a child wanting him to keep the princess, though back then I was way too young to have any idea what he would want to do with her. But I know I was very anxious that he keep her! XD

      Naturally I blame Lotor for developing a kidnapping fetish in me. He was my first bad boy, and even years later, I can’t forget about him and Allura. Other couples come and go, except for my VP ship, but Lotor and Allura and now Lezard and Lenneth remain a fixture for me. 🙂

      I’m also happy to hear someone likes this bridal fic! I was feeling kinda down about it, after it was mentioned that the Allura in this story didn’t seem very interesting or worth pursuing. I also kinda of worry I won’t be able to write it well. (Must fight off the doubts.) But I wan’t to be able to write more and finish someday!

      I’ve had to slow down a lot fic wise, cause of health issues. Though I am trying my best to get back up to speed. Hasn’t happened yet though…I went from writing everyday, to being lucky if I write a chapter a week! *sad pout*

      Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment. Always love hearing from those who have read me! 😀

  2. I can’t believe anyone would find the Allura in this story uninteresting! At first glance she appears to be completely different than I’ve read in most other fics. Typically she’s feisty, but in the end doesn’t seem to be all that proactive (or skilled) in saving herself or saving Arus. It’s not that I don’t enjoy that Allura. I have soft spot for her naiveity and kindness, but this version fascinates me. She came in with a plan which leaves me wondering if she was simply forced to go to Doom as an eligible princess or if this a ruse and she’s there with her own agenda. Either way, since she doesn’t really want Lotor’s hand, the disguise makes sense and I love it. Allura trying to outfox Lotor- it’s anything but dull and it leaves me wondering how he would respond to an Allura who is still soft-hearted and just, but is also an equal tactician.

    On a personal note- I’m sorry to hear you’re having health issues. I wish you a speedy recovery! 🙂

    1. Thank you both in regards to the speedy recovery wishes and the view of Allura! It was a good friend who made the comment, saying he doesn’t see how this type of Allura could attract Lotor when there’s Romelle and Merla around. I can’t remember off the top of my head the exact comment, but it was something about her seeming too dull or boring, and that there wasn’t much to attract Lotor about her without her looks in this story. It rather bummed me out…now you’re making me want to try this story again! WHich is a good thing!

      I have to look at my notes, but I remember I wanted some kind of dinner where Zarkon is present…and everyone is fawning over him and Lotor, but Allura is like the only one brave enough to get in a real conversation with Zarkon. Like to try and challenge his view points which would impress Lotor that she’s got nerve, courage to go up against his father like that…

      Oh dear…ideas are wanting to mix now…the other day I was musing a story idea, where Allura decides when Lotor shows up for the first time, that she’ll use him to defeat the Drule and bring peace to the galaxy. In other words, have him wrapped around her fingers, so that he’s willing to do whatever she wants, even bring peace to the galaxy! It’s supposed to be an idea where she decides to use her body as a tool, since Lotor wants her so badly, she and the galaxy might as well benefit from the marriage.

      Now I’m sorta imagining this Allura in this fic would be like that once she realizes her disguise is not working!

      Also, I think you might be the first reader to catch on that she’s wearing a wig! XD

      Now I feel torn between struggling with my explanation scene in Cost 21 and looking at this fic. But it’s a fun kind of torn! XD

  3. Aw, I’m glad I could resurrrect your interest in this story! It really has some legs. The process of Lotor picking through the princesses and honing in on Allura is as intriguing to me as an Allura who might be able keep up with him for a while. Awesome stuff! 🙂

    In regards to your friend; I completely understand where he’s coming from. I imagine the beauty of Romelle and the…ahem, confidance of Merla would be intriguing to a self-obsessed Prince like Lotor. Why would he give a less than beautiful Allura a second glance? LOL, that’s exactly why I love it. He’d have to be drawn to something else, some je ne sais quoi. Would it be her lack of interest, a feeling that something wasn’t adding up, kismet? IDK, but it’s fun to think about!

    I like the idea for your new story and incorporating it into this one as well. It leaves a lot of room for the power to shift back and forth between them :). Please don’t doubt yourself- the story is wonderful already and I know you’ll write it well. If you do decide not to return to this fic though I’m still happy to have read the first three chapters; it’s given me a lot to think about. Strong, cunning, Lotor hunting a savvy Allura… I don’t know who I would root for.

    1. Hello again!

      Ah I am kinda growling cause I finally finished that cost chapter, and now the fanfic site is not letting me log in to update it! D:

      But now I am free for the moment (*ignores my boring library book that’s due on Thursday.) to look at the bridal candidate fic. I want to reread the chapters I do have to refresh my memory…and see what I can do with it….

      I like the thought of Lotor driving himself nuts wondering how/why he could be attracted to such a plain, mousey woman! It could be tons of fun as well as the one upmanship they could try to do to each other.

      For Romelle, I haven’t written that far, but I was intending she has a lover who isn’t a royal. But she was commanded to attend as one of the bridal candidates, but she so does not want to be picked by him.

      My one friend Julie, suggested a hilarious idea of Merla feeling threathened by Allura, and trying to scare her off by being mean. I don’t know if I can explain it right. Like Merla would say, “There’s no way he would ever be interested in someone like you.” And Allura instead of being offended, would say something like, “I know right!” I’m botching the explanation, but the idea was pretty funny the way my friend stated it! XD

      I also remember I wanted a scene where Allura is privately upset when she realizes her disguise isn’t working to keep Lotor at bay! Here she is thinking he’d send her back to Arus on the first flight, and instead he keeps her around while sending other ladies home! XD

  4. Gah! Don’t you hate it when when sites go down! I was in the middle of a real cliffhanger there the other day when the whole site crashed. It was about one of my favorite character pairings too- EJ and Sami. Boo…

    I’m so excited to see you’re looking at this fic again. I love that Allura would be so sure she would be sent home and, heh, your friend Julie’s idea is super fun. Merla feeling threatened and Allura’s total understanding of her frustration is priceless.

    So,I feel like I’m cluttering up your board with my chatter. *blushes* Sorry bout that! Please feel free to tell me to pipe down or to PM me. 🙂

    1. Oh it’s more than fine! I’m quite the chatterbox myself, so it’s been fun talking with you! 😀

      As for your pairing, I know who they are! Days of Our Lives, right? I rather like EJ and Sami too, even though I kinda weaned myself off soap operas a few years ago.

      As for the bride fic, I started a chapter 4 for it. DOn’t know how far I’ll get, but I got up to 13 kb so far. WHich is impressive since a normal chapter for me is between 16 kb (If it’s short) and 20 Kb (At least.). But I keep worrying I’m gonna get stuck or rather trip up over Lotor and Allura. Right now at the part I stopped at, he was making comments to her.

      I slept through the night for once, so I feel refreshed! Hoping to at least finish four this morning. It’s nice to work on the bride fic cause it’s supposed to be much more lighthearted, and def more lighthearted than the angsty chapters of Cost of Regret.

  5. Wait, you know who EJ and Sami are too?? Wow! You may be my favorite find on the web thus far. 🙂

    If you’re ever having a bout of insomnia (or looking for an amazing fic) read “Fated” by LouBlue. It starts with a kidnapping and is quite a bit naughty…right up your alley. 😉
    I give you fair warning though- it’s some 300 chapters long, but it’s time well worth spending. She is an amazeballs writer with a mastery of funny and menacing snark.

    Speaking of amazeballs writers; you really should try to be published. The two of you are my favorite writers, bar none, and it kills me that neither one of you have taken that step. It’s pretty tragic when you think about what’s considered successful out there. *gets down off soap box*

    I’m on “Duty’s End” right now so I haven’t started reading Cost yet. I can’t wait to get there though. Is it Harem angsty? *gulp*
    I’m glad I started with Harem. I find myself reading your other fics through my fingers because I know you won’t cheese out just to get a happy ending. Mind you I love the happy endings, but it’s super angsty as a reader to know you could (and have) gone in a completely different direction.

    I also can’t wait to read the next chapter for Bridal. Whoo-hoo! Have you decided about combining your idea for a new fic with this one?

    I’m curious about why this particular fic has you so worried about how you’ll do justice to Lotor and Allura. We haven’t seen much of Allura yet, but you’ve already shown Lotor to be true to character. He’s still strong, self-absorbed, lecherous and intelligent. His draw to Allura also shows a deeper side to him…all good stuff, IMO. Are you normally apprehensive about a fic or is this one different because you’ve had some criticism? I definitely don’t want to pressure you into writing a story you’re uncomfortable with.

    LOL, after reading this last reply are you sure you don’t want to reconsider cluttering up your board? I’d been holding back a bit. 😀

    1. Well we could always take this to email, if you don’t mind me emailing you! As the moderator for this site, wordpress lets me see the email address you put in for your comments, so if it’s okay I can always email you there! 🙂

      I do worry sometimes about fics for various reasons, but this one….I dunno….it’s like I worry I can’t write a snarky and or witty Allura. ^^;; Someone even suggested I do an animal attraction mating thing, but I vetoed the idea, cause it feels like such a cop out, a cheat to do. I want Lotor to end up liking her despite the fact she doesn’t fit his ideal in beauty. I don’t want him to discover her true looks until after he’s properly ensnared. Like I imagine he gets some hints, like he catches her without her glasses on, but otherwise I like the thought of him getting flabbergasted when he lifts the bridal veil and sees a very differEnt looking woman! XD

      I think it’s a confidance thing, not just for this fic, but in general. Which is why I haven’t tried to publish. Nine days out of ten I don’t feel like I am good enough as a writer. Also, I read other authors, and start going, “They are so much better than me….no way I’ll get accepted by a publisher.”

      But also some of my stuff tends to be dark, so I feel like there wouldn’t be a market for some of my ideas. Recently, I’ve been talking with a friend who is working to get an original story of hers published, well we are talking about the whole fanfic getting made into published stories. So I’ve been trying to give it some serious thought to revamp some stories like fix up Harem Slave, or if I ever finish my giant VP story, OSVP…..now that one I would love to publish, but it would probably have to be divided into books or some such.

      Cost is rather harem slave like. It’s also kind of an experiment, cause I have scenes and things I aim for with it, but most of it is made up as I go along. A lot of times, the scenes I am trying to get to, the characters trash my chances of getting to them by throwing surprises my way with emotions and their responses. I have a few endings I see could happen for this one, and I’ve even stated a few times I don’t see this as a happy fic. I also tried to clarify one thing, cause to me it’s not a happy ending, if they’re together at the end, but one or both are completely miserable. But as I learned with harem Slave, some people would have felt it a happy ending if Allura had spent the rest of her life miserable as Lotor’s wife, just cause they wanted to let Lotor get what he wanted. Sadly a number of people gave me the impression that to them it didn’t matter what Allura wanted, all that mattered was Lotor being happy, not her. =/

      Cost was original meant to be a one shot. But by the time I finished the first chapter, I realized it was going to be more than just a set up for sex. It’s angsty and smutty, and they’ve been apart for ten years when Allura pretty much has to come crawling to Lotor, to beg him to help save her planet and people. Which is what he’s been waiting for, though he tells himself he doesn’t love her anymore, and the sex is just about revenge now….you;ll have to read to see if he realizes it’s about more than just revenge! XD

      Thanks for the fic rec for the EJ Sami pairing. I hope I can make time to read it someday! 🙂

      I’m kinda flailing again cause so many fics to write, so little time. I must have close to 50 ideas I haven’t even started yet. X_X

      OH OH!! For Better Or For worse, is rather angsty, at least from Allura’S POV but not harem slave angsty. It starts out with her happy and excited, and totally crushing on Lotor. And Lotor well let’s say the tables are turned, and he’s the one being forced by both their families to marry a princess he doesn’t actually want to marry. It and Duty’s End I really need to get back to work on…I feel frustated and kinda sad, when I think how much I should have written if not for medical health stuff getting in the way. The good news is I found out on Saturday, I don’t have cancer! So yay, one less concern there! Now if I could just get back to writing every day, or almost every day. *slowed down like crazy*

  6. Hi there!
    Work has been killing me or I would have replied sooner. :/
    I feel brutalized, lol. We’re uber short-staffed and somehow I also found myself agreeing to added work from the PR department. Not just agreeing, mind you, but offering my help. Meh, I’m an idiot. *facepalm*

    Of course you can e-mail me! Feel free any time…and I’m so happy you don’t have the big C! That must have been an awfully scary worry to have had. Talk about insomnia inducing. I’m sending positive thoughts your way that they’ll have a diagnosis for you soon.

    In regards to whether or not you’re good enough to be published: I’m sure other people have said this too, but you are. I’ve known several other fanfic authors who have been published and to be honest I’ve enjoyed your writing SO much more than what they sent to print. Harem would be an interesting choice. It has depth and rootable characters (cue waterworks for Cossick). As you said, it probably would need to be lightened up for the average romance reader, but it’s a gripping story with real moral complexity.

    Since we’re on the subject- was it your intention in that story to have the reader consider a Cossick/Allura pairing? I sure was pulling for them when he up and died (and I never thought I’d want her with someone other than Lotor). It came from loving that Cossick and wanting Allura to find the happiness she couldn’t with Lotor.
    People thought a happy ending would have been Allura staying with Lotor even given how he planned to break her of her “hang ups”? Did they want her to “realize” she had feelings for him and stay or just stay regardless of how she felt? This fascinates me. I was actually kind of proud (totally not the right word, but I can’t think of a more fitting one) of Allura for having the bravery to escape in the only way she could. Maybe saying I was understanding would be more appropriate. Still a devestating end though- I was pulling for Lotor to change and Allura to forgive through well more than 3/4 of the fic. In the end though, Harem actually changed my entire thinking on consensual (but still coerced) sex in fiction…which made me give up on Lotor as Allura did.

    As for Bridal…and I promise this will be my last paragraph…I like the idea that he wouldn’t see her true appearance until the wedding. Poor Allura, lol, to have her disguise go the distance, but not help her at all. It allows Allura to still be crafty, but gives Lotor a win. Yup, I like it a lot. 🙂 Allura doesn’t have to come out on top all the time (for me). I just love the idea that she could be smart enough to go toe to toe with Lotor. Don’t worry too much about writing Allura to be snarky/witty. First, I have no doubt you’d do just fine. Second, if her plans or countermoves are intelligent then you may not even need her to be snarky. For me anyway, it’s enough for Allura to go toe to toe with Lotor in tactics alone. He can still be the snarky one. Don’t stress yourself about it! 🙂

    1. Good evening!

      Ah this is just a heads up. About to write up an email for you, so keep an eye out. Hopefully it won’t end up in the spam folder. XD I’ll save my reply for the email! 😀

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