Porcelain 33

She always felt a sense of nostalgia when creeping down the mansion’s long hall late at night. Especially when she neared the Madame’s room, Allura going on tip toe and taking care not to creak the floor boards. It always made her think of that night five years ago, when she had been an impressionable eleven year old, learning the word that would define who she was destined to become.

Courtesan. It sent shivers down her spine, Allura wondering if she would ever come to the point of being ready for her role in high society. She took class after class in preparation, and she still suffered from doubts and hesitations, Allura fearing no amount of studying would turn her into a lady of Madame Elianza’s grand standings. The Madame was everything Allura strove to be, beautiful and graceful, commanding and assertive. Sexy and seductive, the Madame made even eating a subtle flirtation to all who glanced her way.

A sigh escaped her, Allura recognizing the emotion in her as envy. She still felt so ungainly, awkward and clumsy, Allura hurrying forward on feet that stomped too loudly on the boards. She cringed at those sounds, fearing a servant would come to investigate, Allura knowing the others would be annoyed with her if that happened. But she reached the common room without incident, spying the other four teenagers already spread out among the furniture.

“Hello!” She said softly, making sure to close the door behind her. The room had changed, but the purpose behind her visit to it had not, Allura and the other teenagers here to unwind after a stressful day of hard studying. It wasn’t as innocent as she would have liked, Allura knowing that the others would want to experiment, to practice the day’s lessons on each other.

Still she couldn’t afford to be left out, it would be to her disadvantage if she didn’t advance at the same speed as the others. Allura always felt she was making up for time, desperate to catch up to Corrum and Liandra due to her younger years. Even Phillip and Crystalline with their briefer stays in the Madame’s care, seemed to know so much more than Allura when it came to sexual pleasure.

She had no doubts that at least two of her friends were sneaking off to do more than just kiss, although Allura could never prove it. Nor did she try, Allura thinking the
less she knew about the forbidden activities the others engaged in, the better off she’d be. Still she took her seat among the others, getting herself comfortable on the divan that Liandra allowed her to share.

Liandra already had the holo device out, the girl switching from position to position, giggling at some of the more complex ones. Allura blushed as she looked, seeing the Drule had the human female on some sort of sling, the woman nearly falling off backwards so that she bent in a painful manner. Only the Drule’s grip on her hips kept her in place, the man never missing a beat in his thrusting.

“Liandra…” Allura began, trying not to sound chiding. “We’re supposed to be studying erogenous zones…not some of the one hundred positions Madame Elianza mentioned.”

“It never hurts to get an early start.” Liandra said, making the scene in the holo change, the woman now laying back on a bed, her thighs spread wide. The Drule was the one on his knees, head pressed against the woman’s center, tongue licking vigorously at her slit. Allura’s mouth went dry at the sight, the girl far more intrigued by this sex act than she would ever dare admit.

Especially not to Liandra, the girl slowing down the image, eyes wide as she stated. “Do you think that feels good Allura?”

She shrugged, not willing to offer an answer.

“The woman certainly seems to be enjoying it.” Offered Crystalline, and Phillip made a scoffing sound.

“She’s faking it for his enjoyment.”

“How can you be so sure?” demanded Crystalline, her question causing Phillip to fall silent.

“I don’t think she is faking…” Allura said at last, the others turning to look at her. She turned redder at their attention, lowering her eyes so as not to meet the gaze of any one person.

But not before she saw Corrum’s smirk, the boy taking wicked delight in Allura’s discomfort. “Ah Allura, is that something YOU’RE interested in?” She merely blushed harder, hoping Corrum would leave off in his teasing. “Would you like to have a naughty Drule partner crouching between your legs, using his mouth on you?”

“As if you wouldn’t want a woman to be on their knees, with their mouth on you!” Liandra interjected, coming to Allura’s defense with a new distraction. “I saw how intrigued you and Phillip were when the holos showed that human woman sucking off the Drule!”

He didn’t deny it, smirking some more. It was Crystalline who brought stark reality crashing down on them, the girl’s voice laden with disappointment. “It’s a moot point Liandra. I doubt any of us will experience that kind of pleasure….not at least until we retire.”

Frowns all around followed the girl’s words, Corrum letting out a heated protest. “We might.”

“Honestly Corrum, can you imagine one of those haughty ladies of the court getting down her knees to use her mouth on your dick?” Liandra demanded. “Because I can’t.” She sighed then, a petulant pout on her lips. “It’s really not fair of the Madame to show us these things, acts of pleasure that will be denied to us.”

“She wants us to learn.” Phillip said, giving a disgusted gesture at the holo device. “Wants us to know everything about pleasing others, even at the cost of our own pleasure.”

“Can we really be happy this way….” Allura asked, having found her voice once more. “Always seeing to others, never thinking to ask or demand favors in return?”

“It doesn’t matter if we’re happy. We’ll be rich. Sought after, men fighting over us.” Crystalline didn’t sound enthusiastic over the prospect though.

“Hmph.” snorted Phillip, crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s times like these that I wish the Madame had left me at the orphanage.”

“Phillip!” Allura and Crystalline gasped out at one, feeling outrage and dismay at his words.

“And just what sort of fate would have awaited you there?” demanded Corrum, jabbing a finger into the other boy’s side. “I’ll tell you…Poverty and sickness, a low class education, and even lower class job. At least here the Madame has opened the world up to us, giving us riches beyond belief. I find it a small price to pay this sacrificing the happiness I could find in a lover’s arms.”

“You’re settling for less than you’re worth.” Phillip growled, and Corrum shook his head.

“I know what I am worth. Do you?’ Another smirk on the boy’s handsome face, his eyes gleaming with pride. “I once snuck into Madame’s office, and saw my file. My first contract alone will be worth five hundred fifty-thousand credits upon the completion of my education.”

“Five hundred fifty-thousand credits?!” squeaked out Allura, the girl in awe. The boy nodded, beaming.

“And over a third of that price will be paid to the Madame to compensate for her years of generosity.” Phillip pointed out.

“It will still be more money than you make Phillip!”

“What?” Phillip gasped, stepping towards Corrum urgently. “You looked at my contract?”

“I looked at them all.” Corrum informed them smugly. “And Phillip, your quick tempered mouth is woefully bringing down your price. I would not be surprised if Madame Elianza does not suggest your partner gag you during sex.”

Phillip let out a low growl, his hands clenching into fists. Crystalline nervously stepped between him and the other boy, her hand pressing on Phillip’s chest. “Let us not fight…” She begged, tone sweet in it’s pleading.

Phillip seemed to calm at her touch, catching at her hand and pulling her to him. She let out a soft sound of surprise, eyes going wide as Phillip pressed their bodies together. “You’re right. I can think of something much better to do than waste time fighting it out with him.”

“So can I.” Corrum said, glancing hopefully at Allura. She pretended not to notice, studying Phillip and Crystalline with interest. The girl was blushing but making no move to get away, allowing Phillip to run his hands over her nubile form.

“Corrum!” Liandra’s voice came out a low shout, startling them all into distraction. “How much is my contract worth?”

“Oh….about four hundred thousand credits, give or take a few hundred.” Corrum answered, still staring with desire ridden eyes at Allura.

“That’s all?” Liandra seemed disappointed. “I thought I’d be worth more than that.”

“It’s because you’re too assertive.” Corrum told the girl. “You have a loud mouth, and a bossy nature. You won’t be an easy sale to make for the Madame, not unless you either change your attitude, or learn a few specialized tricks.”

“It’s all right Liandra…” Allura said, giving the older girl a quick hug. “Madame Elianza said sometimes a man likes to be dominated by their mistress. I’m sure you will fetch a high price with one of them.”

“Those types are far and few in between, especially among the Drules.” Corrum said knowingly. “They much prefer a more submissive girl like Allura, to a loud mouthed brat like Liandra.”

“Corrum!” Allura was appalled at his words, the boy seeming unrepentant.

“It’s fine Allura.” Liandra said, holding her head up proudly. “Corrum…how much is Allura’s contract?”

“Don’t!” Allura cried out in embarrassment, fearing the worse. She was sure hers would be the cheapest of them all, the girl feeling she still knew so little when it came to the arts that made up a proper courtesan.

“Why not?” Liandra asked, and Allura shook her head.

“I don’t want to know. Please….respect my wishes on this matter.”

“Oh right Allura.” Liandra sighed in defeat. “But if you ever do decide to find out, be sure to let me know the number.”

“I will.” Promised Allura, hugging Liandra once more.

“We should be studying.” A giggle accompanied those words, Crystalline giving Phillip half hearted protests as he dropped down onto a love seat, the boy pulling the girl onto his lap.

“We are.” He said, tone and look flirtatious. “I’m going to practice on the various erogenous zone we learned about in class today.”


“But nothing.” Phillip cut her off, tightening his grip on the squirming girl’s waist. “I—we need to learn. And the best way is a more hands on experience, so we can better study the reactions we cause in ourselves and our partner.”

“He’s right.” Corrum said, the boy grinning. “Don’t you want to be prepared for the kind of sensations your future partner will cause in you?”

“Well…” The girl was hesitating, the other boys and girls sensing how close she was to caving.

“You wouldn’t want to make a fool of yourself Crystalline.” Liandra added her support to the boys’ coaxing. “What if you reacted unfavorably to a touch? You have to learn how to control such reactions!”

“Besides….books and holos can only take us so far…” Phillip said, letting his hands glide up the sides of the girls’ waist, Crystalline having turned docile in his lap. “It’s the only way to really learn the tools of our trade.”

“If it’s the only way…” Crystalline said, the gasped in surprise, Phillip having cupped her breasts.

“It is…” The boy practically purred out his encouragements, eyes showing how much he relished touching Crystalline in this manner. She sat stiffly as he fondled her, the boy groping and squeezing her breasts.

“How does that feel?” Liandra wanted to know, having crept closer to the love seat.

“Different…” came Crystalline’s answer, the girl shifting restlessly on the boy’s lap.

“Different how?” Liandra demanded. “Good? Bad?”

Crystalline shook her head, teeth emerging to chew on her bottom lip. “It feels strange…” A hesitation, the girl risking Phillips anger. “I’m not sure he’s doing it right…”

Corrum laughed at that, Phillip’s face turning an angry red, his hands squeezing Cyrstalline’s breasts harder. She cried out in discomfort, trying to shy away from his hands.

“She’s not fruit Phillip.” Allura said, holding back a wince of sympathy for Crystalline’s manhandling at the boy’s hands. “You have to be gentle…”

“I am being gentle.” He insisted, fixing Allura with an annoyed glare. “What do you know anyway?”

“I think plenty.” Corrum lent his support to Allura, smiling at her. “A female would know their own bodies, and what does or does not feel good. If she says you must be gentle, than you must do that.”

“And what does Liandra think?” Phillip demanded, everyone turning to glance at the oldest.

“I agree with Allura!”

“How unsurprising” muttered Phillip. But his hands ceased their squeezing, the boy moving them slowly, palms caressing over the front of Crystalline’s breasts. Time seemed to grow still, and then the girl was gasping, a shiver seeming to shake through her.

“Better?” Allura asked, seeing how the blush deepened on the girl’s cheeks.

“Yes, much!” Crystalline admitted, and Phillip grinned, triumph in his eyes.

“You’re feeling good now…I can feel your nipples budding against my hands.”

“That doesn’t mean anything!” stuttered Crystalline, and the others giggle quietly.
“It means more than you think.” Phillip insisted, shifting his hands so that his fingers rubbed and pinched at the girl’s nipples that protruded against the thin fabric of her nightgown.

Crystalline made a distressed sound, but did not try to get away from the boy, leaving Allura to assume that she was enjoying what Phillip was doing.

“How typical of you Phillip…” Corrum was speaking, his voice sardonic in it’s wry amusement. “You go right for the area that interests you most. Haven’t you paid
any attention to Madame’s lesson today?”

“Start out with slow touches…” Allura remembered out loud, and Corrum nodded.

“And I suppose you could do better?” Phillip demanded, not moving his hands from Crystalline’s breasts.

“I know I could.” Boasted Corrum, shifting closer to Allura, his look sly. “Unlike you I take everything the Madame says seriously.”

“Well, aren’t you her golden pupil…” Phillip sounded sour, glaring at the other boy.

“Hardly.” Corrum denied. “I just want to my best…”

“We all do.” agreed Allura, and Liandra nodded.

“Yes! This is why this time is important. We need these moments for practice.” A glance at Corrum, the girl none too subtle as she made a suggestion. “Corrum,
would you like a turn at testing your skills?”

“Of course.” Corrum quickly answered, looking straight at Allura. If Liandra was disappointed in where the boy’s interest lay, she hid it well, gesturing at the recliner
opposite the love seat. “I’m always up for the challenge of bettering myself.”

He was already sitting, looking expectantly at Allura who blushed, frozen to the spot. “Go on Allura.” Liandra said, nudging her friend towards the waiting Corrum. “See if you can’t get a reaction out of Corrum.”

“I think a reaction won’t be too hard, considering the crush he has on her!” Phillip laughed, and Corrum shot him a glare, angry that the boy poked fun of his affection for the younger girl.

Allura was still hesitating, even as Corrum patted his lap, trying to entice her onto it. “Come Allura. I won’t bite…”

“You better not!” Liandra warned, giving Allura one final push in the boy’s direction. “We won’t want to have to explain to the Madame the reason behind such markings!”

“No kiss marks either…” Allura warned him, taking hold of his right hand, the boy tugging her forward. She could see the excitement in Corrum’s eyes, the boy barely able to restrain himself at the thought of being able to touch her.

“‘l’ll be careful.” He crooned soft reassurances to her, helping Allura to sit on his lap. “So careful…” He leaned in to kiss at the side of her neck, and Liandra hurried to switch the picture on the holo device, replacing the couple with a static image of a naked human female, her pleasure points defined in red.

Corrum ran his fingers through Allura’s hair, sifting it aside so that he could kiss a path to the nape of her neck, the girl shivering at the feel. “You’re trembling Allura….”

“Sorry…” She whispered back, thinking she had done something wrong.

“It’s okay. It’s good, I like that my touch could make you react in such a matter.” Allura wanted to tell him it wasn’t so much his touch but her nerves, the girl feeling unpleasant butterflies fluttering about her stomach. “I’m sure that your partners will find such reactions charming as well.” Corrum added, trying to reassure her.

“Maybe.” Allura said doubtfully, nearly jumping in fright when Corrum pressed his hand against her stomach. He didn’t do anything more than touch it, but Allura could feel the heat of his hand through the fabric of her nightgown. Corrum chuckled at her reaction, sweeping his tongue in firm, insistent strokes over the side of her neck.

“You taste good Allura.” Corrum praised her, licking and kissing lower down her throat and onto the line of skin that was exposed between neck and shoulder.

“What’s she taste like?” Liandra asked, her question giving the boy pause.

“Like…honey and sweetness, all rolled up into one.”

“Is that the best you can do?” demanded Phillip from across the room. “I thought you were supposed to excel in the art of flattery!”

“I’m not just flattering her, I’m speaking the truth!” Corrum responded heatedly. His touch was less gentle, the boy running his hand over Allura’s hair in an agitated manner.

“If you keep raising your voice, the Madame may come to investigate.” Liandra said, her voice a mild reminder of the dangers that came with holding this clandestine meetings in the mansion. In all the years they had been meeting like this, they had only been caught a handful of times, making the boys grow cocky and bold.

“It would be a disaster if she did come!” Crystalline said, trying to pull free of Phillip’s hands. “Especially right now. You know she wouldn’t approve of our games.”

“Which makes it all the more fun.” Phillip caught at her hair, holding Crystalline in place to claim a hard kiss from her lips. “The sweetest fruit is always on the most forbidden of trees.”

“The punishment will be strict….” Allura said, trying to ignore that Corrum was kissing at the crook of her shoulder once more.

“What’s the worse she can do?” scoffed Phillip. “Take away some of our privileges?”

“I’m sure she can be more inventive than that!” Allura said, shivering once more as Corrum pressed her more firmly against his front. She could feel his excitement,
feel the start of his erection poking into her, and it made her more nervous than curious.

“I don’t believe it.” Continued Phillip.

“Believe what you like Phillip!” Liandra snapped. “You weren’t here for the last group of teenagers to get frisky around each other. Madame was furious….I thought she’d kick them all out into the streets!”

“What?! No!” Crystalline panicked at the thought, forcibly pulling herself free of Phillip’s hands. He made a protesting sound, and she glared at him, wagging an angry finger in his face. “You may not appreciate our life here with the Madame, but I do! I am not about to jeopardize my home and my future for a few seconds of fun!”

“It’d be longer than a few seconds…” Phillip said sullenly.

“I don’t care!” Crystalline retorted.

“It looks like the mood is ruined…” sighed Liandra, and she approached Allura and Corrum, pulling the girl off the boy’s lap. He made no moved to hide his arousal, sitting calmly with the erection tenting his pants. He had come a long way from the shy boy who had protested the kisses Allura and Liandra had tried to give him one sunny day five years ago.

“No more practicing for tonight.” Corrum sighed, casting another longing gaze at Allura. “Besides it’s late…” he glanced at the room’s chrono meter, announcing the time. “Nearly half past two.”

“Already?!” Allura gasped in dismay, and was moving, hurrying towards the room’s entertainment center. She made sure to keep the volume down, frantically flipping through channels as she sought one in particular.

“What is it Allura?” Crystalline asked, the girl walking towards her. “What’s gotten you in such a panic.”

“He’ll be fighting in the arena tonight…” Allura did not have to explain who he was. They all nodded knowingly, though Corrum did not bother to hide back his growl of displeasure.

“Oh not him again? Honestly Allura, why do you waste your time on this fixation of yours?”

“It’s not a fixation.” Allura insisted, at last finding the channel which was broadcasting live from Planet Doom. The screen filled with row upon row of screaming fans, thousands of them sitting in the stands. Some held banners up, the words in Drule proclaiming their love for the star of the arena.

“Then why do you never miss even one of his fights in the arena?” demanded Corrum, and Allura glanced at him.

“Because it’s my only chance to see an old friend.”

“Friend? Lotor? Ha!” Corrum laughed, his jealousy making the sound ugly. “As if the Prince of Doom would ever be friends with a courtesan’s apprentice.”

Allura didn’t bother to try and argue with him, the girl confidant that she spoke the truth.

“They say the demon’s son has no friends….” Crystalline said, tone hushed as though she feared word would somehow reach the Drule High court. “That he’d sooner kill a person than look at them.”

“I don’t believe that.” Allura replied, shaking her head no. “He’s not like that.”

“And you would know how?” A disbelieving Corrum asked. She just gave a helpless shrug of her shoulders, Allura never having shared with anyone, not even Liandra or Madame Elianza about the life she had had on Doom. Sometimes she thought it was because she feared they wouldn’t believe her, but more often than not Allura feared it was her own greed and self preservation that kept her tongue silent.

Greed for a better life, the desire to escape the awful situation that surely would have been made worse with Adaline’s death. She still had nightmares about Doom, waking up in a cold sweat, shivering and shaking with fear. She didn’t scream, she had learned to keep from vocalizing her fear, but it didn’t mean the nightmares stayed away completely.

Most often she dreamt of the moment in the closet, Allura surrounded by Adaline’s gowns, watching as the demon king beat the life out of Adaline. Sometimes she remembered the dungeons, the dark pit of despair where she had sat alone for many, many days. Sometimes she simply dreamt of blood, of body parts flying through the air, though Allura couldn’t put a memory to match such a situation.

More troubling of all was she dreamt of Lotor, not the man he had become, but the twelve year old boy she had left behind. Abandoned by both mother and friend, Lotor left to be consumed by the darkness his father infused the castle with. He was often crying in her dreams, great big tears rolling down his face as he cried out for her to come back and save him.

She shivered and shook her head, trying not to think too closely on the dream. Instead she focused on the holo’s screen, seeing the camera pan out to show the nobles in their private boxes. There were a few humans mingled in with the Drules, and she recognized Tarak sitting besides a gorgeous looking Drule female. Tarak’s fair looks had proven popular with the Drules, the young man was being passed around from person to person, his contract being renegotiated again and again as men and woman both vied to have him.

Allura wondered what it was like to be in person at the arena, to see the killing up close and personal. To be so near you could smell the fear emanating off the Drule’s prey in waves, the stench of sickness and desperation clinging to one’s skin. Madame Elianza encouraged them to watch the broadcasts from Doom, the woman wanting the teenagers to harden their hearts to such horrific displays of sickening violence and murder.

It was in their best interest that they watch, the Madame having explained to them that if their contract got bought out by a Drule, then there would be expectations placed upon. Attending the arena and remaining calm throughout it’s madness and gore ridden displays was just one of those expectations, Allura hearing whispers that a favored mistress would be allowed to attend the court of the demon king.

To react like a human would bring dishonor to their partners, and even worse bring shame and disaster to Madame Elianza’s name. Allura hated seeing the blood and gore of the arena, but she forced herself to watch, partly out of a sense of loyalty to the Madame, but mainly out of a desire to see Lotor, whatever the capacity might be. She was diligent in keeping up with his life, Allura reading every tidbit of information that was released to the press. The girl’s computer hard drive was full of articles and pictures given out to the public, Allura devouring the information.

Sometimes she barely recognized the person Lotor had become, the girl shivering as she thought of the more vicious stories she had heard about her friend. But then, she reasoned they had both been through changes, Allura positive Lotor would not recognize her if by chance they met again. Allura almost hoped that they didn’t, feeling it would be too painful to see the man replacing the sweet if grumpy boy of her memory.

Once again Allura continued to pray and hope her contract would be bought by a human, the girl not wanting to think what would await her if she should return to Doom.

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