Porcelain 35

There was something new awaiting Allura when she walked into the class room, the girl pausing in the doorway to stop and stare long enough for Liandra to crash into her back. The twenty year old made a sound, annoyed that Allura had stopped so suddenly. Allura was wordless, merely lifting her hand to point at the object in front of the room, and she heard Liandra gasp, the sound shocked.

The other students began crowding into the doorway, jostling each other as they vied for a better position to see. No one thought to enter the room any further, not until Madame Elianza’s amused voice called out to them.

“It’s all right children.” Phillip took offense to that, noting that none of them had been children in years. “Do come in and take your seats now.” The Madame said, choosing to ignore Phillip’s expressed annoyance.

“Madame, what is this?” Allura asked, walking towards her seat as she kept sneaking glances to the front of the room.

“Is this what you meant by a hands on lab?” Corrum demanded, the boy walking not to his seat but to the front of the classroom. He was already circling around the object, a man sized silver armature that stood to the left of the Madame’s desk. Inside it was a naked, human male, the man tall and standing upright, though he was unmoving save for the blinking of his eyes.

He was thoroughly strapped down inside the armature, leather bindings stretched in over twenty places, holding down more than just arms, legs and torso. Even his neck and forehead had a binding, preventing him from moving his head. He could not speak, for a ball gag had been stuffed inside his mouth, but the man didn’t even make the attempt to angrily protest this treatment of his.

His arms were lifted out to the sides of his body, and his legs were spread out in a v, his cock dangling limply between his thighs. It was clear he was not enjoying this treatment, and resentment was harbored in his eyes. Corrum continued to move around the prisoner, taking care to not actually touch him.

Allura continued to study the man, noting he was young, perhaps freshly entering his thirtieth year. His skin was tanned, and stripped of all hair, leaving the smooth lines of his muscled body revealed to her eyes. He was different from the boys in her class, having reached maturity, his body losing the leanness of youth to fill out with muscles. He was pleasing to look at, well formed and generously endowed.

“That’s enough ogling Corrum, unless you wish to be the first to get your hands wet on this tempting morsel.” Madame Elianza’s words had Corrum scuttling to his seat, the boy’s interest fading at the thought of actually touching this man.

Madame Elianza walked out from behind her desk, ignoring the man to address the class. She was smiling as she spoke, almost casual as she leaned against the edge of her desk. “This is a pleasure slave recently acquired from one of Doom’s outposts.” Allura had already had a sneaking suspicion that the man had been a slave, for why else would he agree to endure such humiliation before them. “He’s going to help you develop your skills.”

“Help us how?” Crystalline asked, suspicion in her voice.

“You’re going to be practicing on him.” The Madame answered, and the class erupted into excited murmurs. The girls were giggling, sneaking glances at the man, while the boys frowned.

“Couldn’t you have gotten a female slave for us?” complained Phillip, the boy alternating his glare from the Madame to the trapped slave.

“Since the likelihood of any of you being bought by a female is rare, I thought it best that you all familiarize yourself to the touch of a man.” Explained the Madame, Allura’s eyebrows raising in surprise.

“The touch of a man?” She blushed as everyone turned to look at her. “Does that mean….at one point…he will be freed from that contraption and allowed to touch us?”

“So eager to move on to the advance courses.” The Madame teased, smiling at Allura. “But to answer your question, yes. You need to practice your reactions when someone unfamiliar touches you.” That got the class talking again, the gathered group of boys and girls having practiced their touches on one another both under Madame’s supervision, and without.

“And he’s okay with this?” Allura asked, looking at the man who continued to stare straight ahead with a blank expression in his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if he is.” The Madame replied. “This was the purpose he was bought for, he will learn to endure it.”

“Are…are we going to have sex with him?” Liandra asked, her blunt question causing mixed emotions in the class.

“No. You know better than to ask that Liandra.” chided the Madame.

“But how can we ever expect to be experienced if you continue to deny us this aspect of our education?” argued the girl.

“She makes a point.” Phillip called out, the others raising their voice in agreement.

“I will not have you waste your virginity on a mere slave.” The Madame snapped, seeming as though some of her infinite patience had been sapped.

“More like you will not lose out on the added monetary bonus our virginal states will get you.” Phillip muttered, tone snide.

“I am merely looking out for your best interests.” Argued the Madame, expression strained. She often looked that way when arguing with Phillip, the young man becoming more and more rebellious the older he got. He deeply resented the future the Madame was giving to him, the boy angry that he would not get to choose his partner or their gender.

He was beginning to break more and more rules, or at least attempting to, Phillip trying to coax the girls into engaging in behavior that went beyond a few quick gropings, and stolen kisses. He was also sullen and angry all the time, especially when the girls refused his enticements, the boy becoming hostile. Allura feared for his future, feared that he would face expulsion or even worse, somehow pass all his courses and then bring shame to Madame Elianza’s name.

Sometimes Allura even worried that Phillip would get himself killed, the young man seeming unable of unwilling to control his mouth and the nastiness he often spewed. These days they rarely got through a class without Phillip causing some kind of disruption.

Today he was starting early, openly arguing with Madame Elianza. “Phillip, enough! This is not a negotiable thing you ask of me!”

“It’s my body!” He snapped back, folding his arms across his chest. “I should have the right to decide who I sleep with!”

“You signed the contracts!” Corrum interjected with a tsk. “That binded you to the agreement of living the life the way Madame Elianza sees fit.”

“You had a choice…” added Liandra.

“Some choice! Sign away my sexual freedom or be cast out onto the streets!” Phillip growled, eyes flashing with his anger.

“I wouldn’t have just abandoned you.” The Madame spoke quietly, locking gaze with Phillips. “I would have seen you into a new home, a new life.”

“But one that wouldn’t have been as lucrative as this one.” He pointed out.

“There’s few options for a boy of your limited education to make even half the amount you would earn as a courtesan.” Madame told him, earning a derisive snort from Phillip. “You know I speak true. Sacrifices are required for those of us who come from humble beginnings. We must fight, claw our way to the top to make something of ourselves. This life will give you the money and the means to do that, if you’re smart and invest your time and finances wisely.”

The others were shifting their gazes back and forth between Phillip and Madame Elianza, watching to see who would win in this argument. Phillip seemed to quiet down, a sullen look in his eyes. The Madame did not sigh, though surely she was relieved, standing up straight as she gestured at the slave in the armature. “Now…if you will direct your attention to this man…”

“We’re no better than that slave!” Phillip suddenly shouted, slamming his hands on his desk. Allura jumped at the sound, looking wide eyed at Madame Elianza for her reaction.

“If that is the way you feel, than you can leave my class. The others here would like to learn.” The Madame said stiffly.

“Fine…” Phillip stood up, kicking over his book bag. “You can be all mindless sheep for the Madame to command….I will not.” He stormed out of the room, forcibly slamming the door shut behind him.

The ones who had remained behind were silent, the room filling with their tension. Madame was smoothing her hands through her hair, adjusting an already strand perfect hair do. Allura tell by her actions the woman was nervous, and trying to recompose herself. The slave continued to look bored, not having attempted to struggle or speak during Phillips’ outburst.

“Now…” The Madame began, her smile forced. “As you can see from his state, this man is not in the slightest aroused. While it is a common practice to give pleasure slaves aphrodisiacs to get them ready for their masters, your touches alone will have to suffice. The better the reaction, the higher you will score on this little test.” The
more she talked, the more the Madame appeared to be at ease, the woman gesturing at the trapped slave.

“You’ve had two years to study the various erogenous zones of a human male. I expect you to know what to do, and how to employ those points to maximize his pleasure.”

“But..” Allura hesitated, the Madame turning towards her.

“Yes Allura?” She hardly looked pleased at another interruption.

“But..won’t that be painful for him?” Allura asked, blushing. “I mean…you said we were not going to have sex with him. Won’t that be cruel to arouse him, and then do nothing to aid him in his release?”

“He will not die from a delay of his pleasure.” The Madame answered. “It will be uncomfortable yes, but he will endure it.” It still sounded cruel to Allura, the girl staring sadly at the slave. The Madame noticed the look on her face, calling Allura up to the front of the class. Allura felt it was punishment for her protests, the girl blushing as she found herself standing before the armature.

Even standing on tip toe, Allura could not easily reach the tall man’s head, Corrum fetching a stool for her to stand on. That left her breasts about even with the man’s eyes, but he barely took notice, staring through her at something only he could see.

“Now don’t just stand there staring.” Madame Elianza said, coming closer to Allura and the slave. “I want you to begin practicing some of the caresses I taught you earlier in the year.”

Allura was hesitant, shy, staring at the man as she wondered where she should touch him. The Madame misread her hesitation as fear, the woman rapping her knuckles on the armature. “There’s no need to fear Allura, it’s not as if he can reach out of that trap to touch you. Now, why don’t you start with a soothing touch. See if you can’t get him to relax enough to close his eyes.”

“Yes, Madame.” Allura murmured, nerving herself to touch the man. His skin was warm, and even without the restraints she felt he would have held himself still for her touch. The tips of her fingers touched his cheeks, and a trickle of energy crackled between them, Allura feeling the shock of static. The man felt it too, he was suddenly LOOKING at her, seeing her in a way he had not before.

She felt her cheeks flame, the heat burning brighter in her face as she began caressing the sides of his face. His stare unnerved her, her touch almost clumsy, hardly the soothing effect the Madame wanted her to perform. She continued to stroke, pressing harder against his skin, the Madame issuing out a reprimand.

“No no no! Gently Allura, soft strokes along his brow. You want to relax him, not give him a headache!”

“So..sorry!” stuttered out Allura, moving her fingers carefully over the man’s eyebrows. Back and forth she rubbed, trying her best to relax him. When the man closed his eyes it left Allura with the distinct feeling it was done as a dismissal, the slave hardly relaxed but wanting her fumbling touch gone from him.

“All right, that’s enough.” The Madame seemed disappointed, calling Liandra forward to replace Allura. Liandra was bold where Allura had faltered, stroking the man’s face confidently. The Madame watched with approval, allowing each of the remaining students their chance to work their finger’s magic on the slave’s skin. Soon she deemed him relaxed enough to remove the bands from his forehead and neck giving the man the chance to move his head about.

But he remained staring straight ahead, determined to ignore Corrum and the girls who worked on him. Soon it was Allura’s turn again, the girl back up on the stool, awkward and uncertain. “Try to massage the tightness from his neck.” Ordered Madame Elianza, and Allura nodded. She began to touch him, her fingers kneading his skin, thumb caressing over his pulse point. It beat faster than it should, hinting that the man was not as unaffected as he pretended. Some part of him was reacting to the attention, small though that response may be.

“Madame!” Liandra was waving, distracting the woman from Allura. “Will we ever get a Drule to practice our touches on?”

“I’m afraid not children.” She said to disappointed moans. “Drule slaves are expensive due to their rarity. Not to mention highly illegal in any of the worlds under the Doom Empire’s command. You’ll just have to be satisfied with this slave here, and hope the practice is enough should you end up with a Drule as your partner.”

“I was looking forward to sucking on a Drule’s ear.” Allura heard Liandra say, the rest of the class erupting into laughter at her words.

Allura continued to massage the man’s necks, feeling how the long muscles were taut beneath her fingers. She squeezed them gently, and even went so far as to reach around to the back of his neck, thumbs moving in slow circles across the nape. The man seemed to breathe deeper, and then he attempted to shake off her hands, the act causing Allura to draw back in alarm.

Madame Elianza noticed, coming over to frown at the slave. “You agreed to behave for me before I bought you. Are you reneging on your word?” The slave hesitated, than shook his head no, the Madame nodding. “Then we understand each other. Allura, resume.”

Reluctance in her every movement, Allura laid her hands back on his neck, fingers massing upwards to stroke just under his jaw. The man was working to ignore her, staring straight ahead once more. Allura struggled a few moments more to relax him, than mournfully spoke. “I don’t think this is working….”

The Madame was there, touching the slave’s neck, frowning at how tight with stiffness it remained. “It’s enough Allura. Go take your seat, Crystalline will try next.”

Allura gratefully retreated, watching as the other girl took her place on the stool. Crystalline approached the slave with a serious look in her eyes, her hands working his neck over. The girl was determined to relax him, and under Madame’s watchful eye the slave slowly capitulated. By the time Corrum got his turn at the massage, the man was completely relaxed, the boy complaining that he didn’t have a challenge to work with.

The Madame was satisfied nonetheless, calling Allura up before the armature once more. She stopped Allura from stepping on the stool, leaving the girl to stand staring at the man’s chest. “Now that he’s relaxed, we are going to move on with the lesson. It’s time you start learning the caresses that will serve you well during bed sport.”

Alarmed, Allura looked at Madame Elianza, but the woman was facing the class. “You’ll be allowed to touch him anywhere…”

“Anywhere?” Liandra asked sharply, and Corrum laughed.

“I’ve no doubt where you will touch!”

Liandra was not embarrassed, smirking back at the boy. “Well it’s my first time seeing a real one. I want to be sure to memorize everything about it.”

“You’ll have your opportunity.” Madame Elianza sounded amused. “You all will. Just remember to utilize what I taught you. That and the knowledge of a human’s pleasure points will serve you will in this endeavor.” She glanced at Allura and frowned, seeing her just standing there. “No need to wait for permission Allura. You can begin.”

“All right…” She said softly, licking her lips nervously. She reached out to touch the sides of his waist, her hands sliding upwards. It seemed a harmless enough place to start, Allura getting a thrill at feeling his body in this way. Her hands continued their movements, rubbing over to the front of his chest, Allura swearing she could feel his heart beat’s vibrations when her hand passed over that one spot.

With everyone save the slave watching her, Allura leaned in to plant kisses along his chest, shy, soft little flutters of her lips. No noticeable reaction from the man, the slave remaining stiff in the armature as Allura began kissing down lower on his body. Her hair brushed against his skin, and that drew a sound from him, the students in the class room sitting up straighter.

“Oooh, he likes that!” Liandra pointed out gleefully. “Do it again Allura!”

She responded to the order, letting her hair tickle across his skin as she kissed him. He tasted salty with sweat, the man starting to tense up the lower she went. Allura was trailing kisses on his abdomen, and she felt something harden against her breasts. Liandra had indeed been correct about the man liking what she was doing, his cock was starting to stiffen, not by much but it was enough to let her know she was succeeding.

A bolder girl would have reached down to cup his balls, to work his erection harder. But Allura was feeling too shy and embarrassed to do such a thing, merely sticking with kissing and touching about his chest and stomach area. Finally Madame Elianza interrupted, pulling Allura way from the human. Red faced with embarrassment, Allura all but ran to her seat, wishing the floor would open up and swallow her.

The other students took their turns trying to arouse the man, starting out with subtle teasing, to out right dirty tactics, forcing him into the height of arousal. His cock’s head seemed to gleam an angry red, pre come leaking steadily out the tip. Madame Elianza called a halt to the proceedings before anyone could accidentally stroke a release out of the slave.

“That’s enough for today class.”

“How did we do?” Liandra wanted to know.

“You all did an…adequate job.” They seemed to deflate at her lack of praise, Corrum and the girls grumbling under their breath. They were eager for more chances with the slave, sure if given enough time they would have the man melting at their touches. Allura wasn’t as positive, suddenly doubting everything she had ever learned in the eight something years she had spent in the Madame’s care.

“Class is dismissed.” Madame said, and they all got up to leave. But as Allura went to walk past the man inside the armature, Madame Elianza called out to her. “A moment of your time Allura.”

“Yes, Madame?” Allura asked hesitantly, and the other paused in the doorway. Madame Elianza waved them onwards, wanting no eavesdroppers for what she was about to discuss with Allura.

“Allura, what was wrong with you today?” The Madame got straight to the point, Allura’s cheeks reddening in humiliation. “You are usually one of my best and brightest pupils, but today you acted as though you had never had the benefit of previous instruction.”

“I’m sorry.” Allura apologized, fighting the sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. “I just got nervous.”

“It’s fine to be nervous, as long as you don’t let that anxiety get in the way of your performances.” The Madame told her, clicking her tongue against her teeth. “How do you ever hope to satisfy a partner if you can’t even control the shaking in your own hands?”

“I’ll do better next time….I promise I will!” Allura said, inwardly wincing that the Madame had noticed the tremors that had shook through her when she had touched the slave.

“You’ll do more than promise.” Madame replied, placing a hand on the armature, just above the slave’s left shoulder. “The time is fast approaching when you and the
others in your class will be ready to move on and start your lives. I will not have you holding yourself back with nerves and self doubts.” Allura kept her head bowed, staring at the floor as she listened to the Madame speak.

“This is why I am going to work with you to get over this anxiety.” Allura jerked her gaze upwards at that, not sure what the Madame was getting at. Elianza smiled at her, reaching out to caress Allura’s cheek. “Don’t look so startled dove. It is not unheard of for me to give promising students the time and attention they need to exceed all expectations…”

Madame Elianza glanced at the slave, the man was staring resentfully at her. “Using this tool, you will begin to have nightly sessions with me. Under my supervision, you will learn how to arouse him to the point of madness.”

“It…it’s too much…” Allura protested, shaking her head. “I cannot ask you to do this.”

“You’re not. I’ve decided of my own will and desire to see you shine.” She leaned in to whisper to Allura. “Ever since that day in the orphanage, I’ve had high hopes for you, my girl. Hopes I will not see squandered by a maiden’s shyness.”

“Hopes?” But the Madame would not say any more on that subject.

“Skip your next class. Take this time to compose yourself and settle your thoughts. And come to me this evening ready to work. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Madame.” Allura said meekly, and scurried towards the room’s door. She didn’t even glance one last time at the slave, mortified that she’d be spending even more time in his presence. As embarrassed as she was, she felt even worse over her poor performance in today’s class. And so she made a promise to herself, that no matter how shy and awkward she felt around the slave, she would learn the keys to excelling as seductress.

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