Porcelain 37

The sounds of the slave’s pleasure intruded on her thoughts, Madame Elianza glancing up from the papers spread out on her lap. Her approving eyes immediately sough out his naked form, the slave red faced and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Allura knelt before him, equally as nude, a look of intense concentration on her face. It wasn’t the most seductive of looks, but it was better than the shy, almost frightened expression Allura had worn just a scant two months ago.

It had taken weeks to get her to this point, Allura no longer shy and uncertain, her hands moving with bold, confidant strokes. It was Elianza’s hope that given another month’s time, the girl would find the seductive and sultry looks of an unshakable courtesan easy to wear. Till then she’d allow her the studious look, watching as Allura continued to tease the slave before her.

He was writhing about, desperate for the freedom to move. Elianza had no doubt if he could, the man would pounce on Allura, forcefully take what the girl had been denying him all these months. Fortunately for Allura, he was securely bound, resting on his knees, with shackles placed on his ankles. A spreader bar was between his legs, keeping his knees spread wide, and chains descended down from his arms to the bar itself.

He couldn’t so much as move his hips, the man desperate to thrust into Allura’s hard strokes. The girl pulled on his erection with such force it jerked out from his belly, and Elianza knew if not for the leather thong wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft, the man would have found release in Allura’s hands. A pity for him there would be no finishing climax, Elizana expressly forbidding the girl to bring the man to his much needed release.

A satisfied slave meant the end to the night’s lessons, and as they were only into the first hour of the night, that could not be allowed. “That’s it Allura. Watch his face for his reactions. Note the flushing of his skin, and the way his pupils dilate.”

“And his breathing.” Added Allura, continuing her teasing. “I must listen to any breaks in his breath to know if what I am doing is pleasing him.”

“Yes.” Elianza nodded, though the slave was too far gone to do anything but enjoy what Allura’s hands were doing. It was a pity, but he was thoroughly broken in to the girl’s touch, no longer a viable teaching tool for Allura. She’d have to go and buy another slave, one who would be new to Allura, a test to see if she could remain this confidant with a different man.

Madame Elianza still suffered doubts when it came to Allura and her performance capabilities. The girl so confidant in the privacy of Elianza’s bedroom, turned shy and uncertain when in front of the other students. She continued to fumble and make mistakes when in class, the girl seeming to suffer from permanent stage fright when a crowd was near.

It wouldn’t be that big a problem, so long as Allura could manage to remember her lessons when alone with her partner. And she did remember them, as long as the setting was private, the girl becoming comfortable in her own skills. Take now for instant, she had barely blinked at the request to remove her own clothes, Allura well used to being stared at by Elianza and the slave.

Her hands moved with surety, and not just on the slave’s groin, Allura utilizing the knowledge Elianza had given her to spread the teasing all over his body. The Madame could only nod in approval, her own words echoing to her as she recalled explaining how pleasure was to be found all over a person’s body. A common street whore would go straight for the man’s most obvious pleasure point, but an experienced seductress would use everything offered before her as arsenal for seeing her partner to climax.

Allura had worked the slave’s beautiful body all over, hands moving over his muscled chest, his torso and his thighs. Madame Elianza had no doubt the girl could bring royalty to their knees with a few simple caresses, her hands such that men and women would fight for the privilege to be massaged by her. It was only the beginning, Madame Elianza soon intended to develop Allura’s skill to encompass more of her body, using breasts and mouth to bring a partner to climax.

Oil glistened on Allura’s hands, the liquid the kind that heated when applied to the skin. She used those oil slick hands of hers to rub warmth into the slave’s thighs, Allura careful to avoid touching any part of his twitching organ. Elianza watched her a few minutes more, and then was turning back to her papers, intent on going over the latest contract bids she had received.

Many of her patrons were growing impatient for a new crop of partners to choose from, offering astronomical amounts of money for her to release the newest students early. They did not care that she had a reputation to uphold, nor that her pride would allow nothing but the best and brightest to graduate from her school. The nobles who petitioned her was quick with flattering words, speaking about how they were sure that even only half educated, her students would be better than the courtesans from other schools.

Elianza merely smiled, giving a rueful shake of her head at the pleading and in one case threatening words written down on the documents, the woman determined not to release any of her students early. She shuffled through the papers, making note of the names on the individual petitions, each noble seeking to outdo the next with the amount of money they sought to toss her way.

For the most part it was the usual crop of familiar names, men known for tiring of their mistresses within a few month’s time. Even the students trained under Elianza’s watchful eye would have a hard time satisfying some of this lot! The Madame held back a tsk, knowing she could make better matches for her children than these.

Curiosity kept her turning the pages, and then she came across a name that had her gasping, the sound startling Allura. “Madame?” She asked, voice sounding anxious with her worry. “Did I do something wrong?”

Elianza peered over the top of the documents she clutched in her hands, spying Allura with her hands hesitating over the slave’s thighs. “No. It’s nothing to concern yourself with.”

Allura looked like she wanted to argue, Elianza rising from her seat, gesturing with her free hand at the slave. “Continue practicing on him. I have a matter I must see to now…”

Thankfully the girl did not ask any questions, resuming her hands work, the slave groaning as she squeezed her fingers up and down his shaft. Elianza barely paid attention to what Allura was doing, too busy hurrying out of the bedroom and into her study. She made sure to click close the door, the wood muffling the slave’s moans and pleas for mercy.

Her heels clicked on the floor, Elianza moving with a purposeful glide to her desk. She dropped gracefully into her seat, and spread the papers out before her on the wood surface of her desk. For one long minute she just stared, brow furrowed as she frowned, studying the wax seal that marked the spot where a signature should have been. She scratched out it with a painted fingernail, the gold not so much as cracking under her touch. It was real, and that left her worried anew, the Madame’s frown deepening.

It was rare for her to get a request from the castle itself, the demon king had little use for her and her services. Not with a whole harem of women, slaves taken by force from other planets, and introduced to the pleasured pain of his touch. They had to learn quickly, or die trying, Zarkon neither patient or kind in allowing the women lee way when it came to his pleasure.

She had often thought he could benefit from one of her students, though Elianza shuddered to think of entrusting a girl to Zarkon’s tender mercies. She had heard the stories of his depravity, unmatched save for the depths of his cruelty. There was also the troubling matter that Zarkon did not share, if he liked one of her students, she doubted he would let go of them once their contract was up.

Which is why she had not taken the slightest offense to being ignored for several decades, Elianza relieved she did not have to give him one of the many boys and girls who trusted her to see after their well being. She had thought them safe forever, and now this document had been presented before her, slipped in with her other papers when it should have been brought to her immediate attention.

She’d fire whoever was responsible for this oversight, even as Elianza wondered and worried what this request was about. Request was perhaps too light a word, any demand that came from the demon king was nothing short of an order. And what an order it was, the Drule demanding she graduate her oldest set of students, and with full honors no less.

It was years too early for that, she estimated they all had a good two more years worth of lessons to learn. It would be wrong to set their unsuspecting selves out into the world, they’d surely fumble and besmirch her own good name and reputation. But how could she wiggle out of this order when it came from the King, Elianza aware her own neck could be on the chopping block if she angered him.

Her eyes continued to study the request, seeing it worded no different from the million other petitions for early release. Why now? What did Zarkon want that he could not wait another two years? She had no idea, but her fingers were already on her computer’s keyboard, Elianza typing in the contact code for the castle on Planet Doom. To her astonishment, she was put through immediately to the King’s private number, a servant appearing on the screen.

“Ah Madame Elianza….we have been expecting your call.” She merely raised an eyebrow at that, waiting for the man to continue. “The King will be with you shortly.” She nodded and waited, drumming her nails on the edge of the desk, the sound doing little to distract her from her thoughts. She was kept waiting just long enough, her anxiety mounting and her impatience leaving her unsettled.

The King strode into view of the monitor, the man resplendent in black robes that had a blood red sash overlaid from one shoulder to hip. She immediately stood, her movements so hasty her chair toppled over backwards, Elianza cringing at the sound of it crashing into the floor. Zarkon took it with good humor, nodding his head to her. She relaxed, but did not try to sit down, watching as the King took his seat behind his great desk.

“So you are the great Madame Elianza.” Zarkon began, his hands folded before him on the desk. “I’ve heard lots of things about you, both good and bad.” She was too nervous to give an unconcerned laugh, merely nodding her head for the king to continue. “Of course you come highly recommend, as do the men and women who grow up under your care.”

Now she spoke, pride in her work making her puff out her chest. “You’ll find that my students are the best when it comes to uninhibited pleasure.”

“But it’s not just sex they’re good at, are they?” Zarkon wanted to know, and she nodded. “I hear they are discreet, they know to keep their mouths shut about their partner’s secrets.”

“Yes. They enter into contracts that prohibit them from speaking out of turn about the things they may have learned with their paramours.” Elianza explained. “They cannot break their silence, not without paying a hefty fine, along with potential prison time.”

“How shrewd of you.” Commented the King.

“Our clients need to know they can talk freely. That a whispered word during a heated moment will not travel outside the bedroom.” Elianza told him. “It’s not just in the bedroom that they conduct themselves in ways that would please their partners. Their behavior is exemplary, you’d not find a princess with better manners than the men and women in my care.”

“In other words they’re able to go out in public, attend events on the arm of their paramour.” Zarkon nodded, though she could not tell if he was pleased or not. “And how are they when it comes to the more….livelier aspects of Drule entertainment?”

“They’ve been exposed to the arena and the killings that go on there.” Elianza answered. “They may not all have an appetite for gore, but they know enough how to conduct themselves so as not to be an embarrassment to the Drule whose arm they are on.” She paused, gearing herself up for a question of her own. “Your highness, what is this all about? Really?”

“A woman who gets straight to the point. How refreshing.” He actually smiled at her, flashing all his teeth in the process. “I have…” He hesitated a moment, the king striving to choose his words carefully. “A small problem.”

“Oh?” She didn’t have to feign confusion, Elianza not sure how she could help the Drule King.

“Yes. It is my son.”

“Your son? The crown prince Lotor?” She said it like a question, though she already knew who his son was. She was also aware of his reputation, the Madame hiding a disdainful look behind a blank face.

“The one and the same.” Said Zarkon, leaning back in his seat. “I’m sure you’ve heard the stories. The drinking, the fighting, the endless amount of women.” She allowed a nod, it was after all popular fodder for the media hounds, the prince’s self indulgent activities being reported weekly if not daily. “He needs to settle down.”

She didn’t know if it would get her in trouble to agree with him, Elianza keeping a polite look of interest on her face. “And you think one of my students can help him?”

“It’s better than the alternative of letting him run free like I allowed him to these last two years.” Zarkon replied. “I should have put a reign on his activity months ago…instead I foolishly allowed it….inviting disaster and ruin not only to my son, but to the kingdom as well.” It was a rare moment of vulnerable honesty from the King, Elianza keeping quiet as she listened to him speak.

“He needs a woman….he needs ONE woman.” Zarkon continued. “Someone who can be as closely monitored as he is. Someone discreet and not prone to inviting bad press to my son’s actions. Someone…uncomplicated.”

“And you’re thinking one of my students will be that woman? And do what? Help to calm him down?” Elianza asked, surprised when Zarkon nodded. “Your highness, I really doubt even someone of MY skill could help soothe a prince with a reputation as…salacious as your son’s. You may be asking the impossible in asking me to release my students into the world with their education unfinished.”

“The men and women you pick are known to be smart. They’ll be able to pick up what they need to know with on the job training.” Zarkon told her with a smirk. She had to hide her frown, hardly pleased with the idea. “You’ll be well compensated for your compliance in this matter.” He added, as though money alone would sway her.

“It’s not a matter of money….” Elianza began, and saw Zarkon lift one eyebrow.

“Oh? Than what is it? Pride?”

“A little bit, yes.” She agreed. “I have a reputation at stake. I am known for the best…how can I release into the galaxy courtesans who have not finished their training? Even one would be unthinkable!”

“You’ll just have to reconcile yourself to the idea.” Zaron retorted. “You will be graduating them post haste. And my son will get first choice among this batch of promising youngsters.” She couldn’t keep her lip from curling, Madame Elianza fighting a scowl and failing. “Problem?”

“Ah…..there is other things to consider.” She was uncertain she should speak her mind, but Elianza strode forward anyway, hesitation making her stumble. “The prince’s reputation….even here on Ranxhi, we hear things. He’s been with an awfully high number of women. I…I am concerned about his health…”

“Are you implying my son might be diseased?” Zarkon demanded, a dangerous undercurrent to his tone. She hesitated anew, and braced herself for his shout, nodding her head. “Ha! You’ve got nerve, I like that. Fear not Madame, the same thought occurred to me. I’ve had him tested for all manners of diseases, as well as kept him confined in strict solitude to his room. He’s had no contact with any new women, and his tests came out clean.”

“I’ll have to see proof of this results myself.” She boldly said, and Zarkon nodded.

“Of course. I’ll transmit the proper medical files to you forthwith. If everything meets with your approval, I shall send my son to you within a week’s time.” She was nodding in agreement, Elianza knowing she could do nothing else. Not without great risk to herself.

“I have high expectations for you and your students.” Continued Zarkon, adding pressure when she didn’t need anymore. “Do try not to disappoint me.” With those ominous words, her screen went dead, Elianza standing staring at the monitor. She felt stricken with horror, and she slowly stumbled past her desk, in need of a good stiff drink.

She was torn with conflicting feelings, a part of her wanting to sing the triumph of gaining such an auspicious client as that of the crown prince of the reigning empire. But another part was stiff with terror, the woman fearing for her charges, and the girl who would end up as the prince’s plaything. She thought again about what the rumors whispered about the prince, Elianza knowing for fact that Lotor was a killing machine. How much more like his father was he, would the courtesan chosen to be his survive the experience?

She shuddered anew, not knowing the answer, nor the way to wiggle off this hook of King Zarkon’s. Vodka poured into her glass, the Madame downing it in one gulp before slamming the glass down once more. In a daze, she stumbled towards the bedroom, nearly having forgotten about Allura and the slave who knelt besides each other. She could tell by the slave’s weeping that Allura had kept up her practice, teasing him beyond his endurance. The tortured man almost brought out Elianza’s pity, the woman standing in the doorway staring at Allura.

It was too soon to even think of parting ways with Allura, the girl still had lessons to learn, and techniques to master. Elianza wondered how she could cram two years worth of knowledge into a week’s course, all in an effort to ready the eighteen year old for an uncertain future. The prince of Doom was not who Elianza would have chosen for the girl, she wouldn’t have let any of them near such a clearly troubled young man. And now she had no choice, left to wait and wonder just who of her students would be chosen by the demon king’s son.

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