Porcelain 38

The city surroundings held no interest to him, the cruiser racing by at a speed that had the buildings blurring into one gray mass, with only the barest of colors to brighten that somber shade. Even if they had traveled at a more sedate pace, Lotor wouldn’t have cared to look out the window, the prince inwardly fuming at the events leading up to his arrival on planet Ranxhi.

For over two months time he had endured, stripped of all his comforts, no woman to warm his bed, no drink to fill his belly. He hadn’t even been allowed the comfort of the kill, the arena barred to him as Lotor endured week upon week of confinement to his rooms. It hadn’t been pleasant, this punishing solitude, Lotor’s only visits the doctors and the servants, all male, who brought him his meals.

He knew what his father was doing, trying to force him into quiet introspection about his behavior. With little in the way of entertainment, and nothing to dull his mind to the boredom of confinement, all Lotor had done was think. He was sure his father would not be pleased with the shaping of his thoughts, Lotor thinking about the children, all nineteen of them, that he had supposedly fathered.

He had never had an inkling of their existence before his father broke the news, and yet he felt sad to think of their lives snuffed out. He wasn’t ready to be a father, but he was angry all the same, enraged that his father had taken his choices from him. Choices that didn’t just extend to the children, but also to what he drank, and who he slept with.

Even the company he kept was being scrutinized, Lotor barred from the circles he usually ran with. His communications were cut off, Lotor left to detoxify from his vices, with nary a supportive word or distraction to his name. He had endured weeks of cold sweats, his body enduring violent trembles as he yearned endlessly for even just one singly drop of wine to quench the thirst that burned in his stomach.

He didn’t get it, having to make do with water and juice, leaving his mouth to feel dry all the time. He became desperate for a drink, begging and pleading with the servants, turning threatening when all else failed, and still no one brought him the wine that he desired.

As bad as his thirst was, his hunger for woman was an even greater torment. He had grown used to nightly debaucheries, a woman for every hour if he so desired. It was an insult that he was left with nothing but his fist to calm his raging hormones, the indignity of self pleasure causing him to abstain for days at a time, until finally he caved, attacking himself with a vigor that was frightening.

It never proved to be enough, his appetites yearning for more, Lotor wishing for a woman, any woman to sink into. He thought he’d go mad, and some days he thought he was already insane, all because of the endless yearning for one of two things.

He destroyed his rooms in a fit of temper, breaking large pieces of furniture into halves with the ease of his Drule strength. He hollered and screamed, demanding an audience with his father. He was ignored, leaving him to wonder if the point of this punishment was to drive off the last of his sanity. He held on though, until finally someone new appeared in his chambers, a woman clad in brown cloaks.

She was hardly the type to stir his hunger, Lotor staring in utter despair at Haggar, thinking his father had a twisted sense of humor at sending the witch to visit him. He was even less amused when she explained they were going on a journey together, the witch not even giving him time to pack. He was ushered onto a ship, the witch his constant companion, Lotor being situated inside a cabin, his confinement continuing.

There were women aboard the ship, Drule females who wore the uniforms of deck hands and officers and everything in between. He wanted nothing more than to be free to go to them, to quench his unending lusts on their soft flesh. But they were barred to him, the closest he came to being near them was to hear their voices, the
women on occasion passing by his cabin.

Somehow he survived the three day trip with the remnants of his sanity intact. Barely. The witch came to him, leading him through the corridors of the ship, and into the hanger where a cruiser awaited. Only then did she explain the reason behind this sudden trip, the witch cracking a smile as she explained he was here to get the answer to his prayers.

She had left him scoffing at that, the witch turning away from the cruiser, a dumbfounded Lotor seated inside it. That brought him to the present, the cruiser driving through a city on a planet he had never even heard of before this day. It wasn’t that uncommon, the Drule Empire had done much expanding since he was a boy, Lotor knowing they now had close to seventy-five planets under their control.

He couldn’t be expected to know them all, especially on a planet as peaceful as Ranxhi was rumored to be. Still he wondered what was so special about this world, and why he had been sent here. Lotor even wondered if there was a chance for him to escape, the prince testing the doors, finding them securely locked. He wanted a woman, but he’d settle for a drink, the prince glowering at the front of the cruiser, his driver ignoring him.

No sounds save for the music that was piped in over the cruiser’s intercom, the vehicle slowing as it approached a gated mansion. He lifted a brow at that, seeing a white walled mansion with gold colored accents and roof, located a short distance behind the gates. He spied children running about the property, laughing and playing, one holding a string that led to a colorful kite.

For one moment he was wistful, thinking back to his own childhood. There had been no kites for the young prince of Doom, Lotor not even allowed to set foot outside the castle walls. He was still staring at the happy children when the gates opened, admitting his cruiser onto the property. It drove at a more sedate speed, pulling up to park before an extravagant fountain that stood in the center before the mansion.

It was then that he heard the clicking of the doors unlocking, Lotor eagerly reaching for the handle and finding no resistance. He quickly pushed the door open, before the driver could change his mind and lock him inside once more. He hurriedly stepped out onto the concrete, a balmy breeze greeting him, caressing his skin, and lifting his hair to billow out behind him.

He heard giggling behind him, the children coming closer for a look at him, wide eyed and curious. One was even so bold as to point, Lotor realizing they were looking at his ears. He stared back at them, and a thought worried it’s way to the foremost of his mind. Was this an orphanage? He stared at the children, noting they were all humans or human hybrids, Lotor wondering if any Drule halflngs could be inside the building.

They continued to stare at him, Lotor giving a haughty toss of his head as he abruptly turned his back to them. He had no time for children, Lotor stalking forward, towards the huge double doors that were already opening. A woman was revealed, and the breath caught in his throat, Lotor staring at the porcelain pale beauty. She was older than him, but even with the lines on her face, she was lovely. Jade green eyes were set in almond shape eyes, with dark kohl rimming them. The kohl almost rivaled the black of her hair, the strands done up in an ornate style that allowed only one braid to trail teasingly down her back.

She looked at him, and her painted lips parted in a greeting smile. He barely noticed that the smile did not light up her eyes, the woman cold as she beckoned him with one slender arm towards her. She needn’t have wasted the movement, his feet were already propelling Lotor to her, the prince reaching out to snag hold of her hand.

“Madame.” He said, and pressed a kiss into the back of her hand. It felt good to be touching a woman, Lotor noting her hand lacked the callouses of one who worked hard. He straighten up to look her over, noting the way her green dress clung to her form, showing off her generous curves, the low cut decolletage offering an enticing view of her cleavage. She moved to bow to him, and her breasts seem to quiver, threatening to spill free of his top.

He immediately moaned, Lotor fighting the urge to pounce on this woman, the prince wanting nothing more than to pin her against the door and have his way with her. He had to control himself, it had been too long if just the sight of half covered breasts made him this horny.

“Welcome your highness…” She recovered her hand, her move graceful even as it sent a message. This woman did not want him touching her, and he wondered why. “We have been expecting you.”

“We?” He echoed sharply, seeing her nod. “I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage. Just who are you, and what is this place?” A thin trimmed eyebrow raised at his words, the woman allowing a look of surprise to cross her face.

“Has your father told you nothing of why you are here?” She asked.

“I’m afraid not.” Lotor refused to get into the details that had brought him to her doorstep, waiting instead for her to illuminate him.

“Oh my. This is highly unusual.” She murmured, than bowed, allowing Lotor another glimpse down the bodice of her dress. “I am Madame Elianza, and this is my home.’

“Elianza you say?” He recognized the name, his eyes showing his shock. His father had sent him to a glorified brothel?! She nodded, having noted his reaction.

“I see you’ve heard of me…”

“How could I have not? Your name is famous in certain circles….as is the wares you ply.” He had seen some of the girls on the arms of other nobles of the high court, the women beautiful and exotic, their every movement promising erotic delights to the one fortunate enough to own them.

“I excel in providing fantasies.” She said, a coy smile curving her lips. The sight of her mouth made things stir in him, Lotor wanting to kiss those red colored lips of hers. He fought that impulse, remaining rooted on the spot, forcing himself to make conversation with her instead.

“And I was brought here so you could give me my fantasy?” Another duck of Elianza’s head, the movement hiding her eyes long enough for her to compose her expression. She was nothing short of smiling, the gracious host here to let him have his way. He licked his lips, thinking on the women he had seen at court, and the great need that even now was causing his cock to hang heavy in his pants.

“Then I place myself in your capable hands.” Lotor said, gesturing for Elianza to lead him where she may. She glided past him, her heels clicking smartly on the colorful stone tiles of the floor. He turned to follow her, eager anticipation in his every step, Lotor practically humming with glee. It seemed his long abstinence was at an end, the prince hiding a smile as he imagined the kind of beautiful and above all talented women who would be awaiting him.

Of course that didn’t mean he ignored the Madame, Lotor watching the seductive sway of her hips, and the way the braid bounced down a back that was bare. The dress allowed the hint of her ass to be seen, Lotor fighting temptation to reach out and pinch her shapely rear. Every step had him swallowing back a moan, the prince growing aroused, to the point his erection tented his pants.

He really had been too long without a woman, and Lotor knew he had to control himself lest he find himself buying her entire house, all with the intent of fucking each and every one of them tonight. The Madame paused, casting a knowing look over her shoulder at him. Heat flamed in his face, Lotor grateful that a Drule’s coloring did not allow for the red flush of embarrassment to show.

“The girls are ready.” Elianza said, having stopped before a closed door, “Please look them over at your leisure.” She opened the door, and her hand gesturing for him to precede her into the room. She followed close behind him, Lotor noting that it was apparently against the rules to leave him alone with the women. At least not until he paid for one.

Such was his agitation, he barely took notice of the tastefully decorated room, the parlor lit softly, it’s colors chosen in pale shades of powder. Near the very rear, three girls stood, all dressed in identical gray silk, the garments more robe than dress. He knew the reason behind their similar outfits, the Madame dressing them down so that their natural loveliness stood out in stark comparison to the plainness of their garments.

The three girl’s heads were bowed, their expressions hidden from him. Their hands were clasped before them, the gesture timid and demure. He could tell that they were beautiful, even with the minimal glimpse of their faces. He stood some distance from them, but his arousal was such that he might as well have been on top of them, so fierce was his reaction to the three beautiful girls.

Sweat began to bead on the small of his back, Lotor feeling waves of heat go through him. He took a shaky step forward, and then another, his nostrils flaring as he caught the whiff of something pleasant. It reminded him of his mother’s favorite perfume, the scent that had faded from her to be replaced with his father’s stench. Another step forward, the scent growing stronger, bringing more memories as Lotor remembered his friend, the little girl often smelling of fading flowers after a spring rain.

Such a scent comforted him, making him smile, even as his cock twitched insistently in his pants. It didn’t care about comfort, it was reacting to the scent, primal need making itself known. He forced himself to look away from the girls, wondering if Madame Elianza was burning some kind of incense in the room. It couldn’t be perfume, such tricks would be an unfair advantage one girl would have over another. He knew enough to know perfume as well as make up had been forbidden, the girls would have to attract him with their natural loveliness.

But what else could that lovely smell be, Lotor spying nothing that hinted of actual flowers or incense. “Problem your highness?” Elianza spoke from behind him, Lotor realizing she had noticed his hesitation, the prince just standing there, still some distance from the girls.

“None.” Lotor answered, though in truth he wanted to snap at her not to rush him. He forced himself to take another step forward, the scent becoming more potent. He found himself unconsciously drawing in deeper breaths, trying to get more of that scent in his nose. Upon realizing what he was doing, he shook his head, Lotor hoping to clear it of the spell of this scent.

It didn’t work, the Drule fighting a growl, wanting nothing more than to rush one or all three of the girls, throw them down to the floor and ravish them uncontrollably. He forced himself not to do that, but it was a struggle, his control almost nonexistent as his feet led him those final step to the row of three girls. They hadn’t looked up, not even one single glance cast his way, the girls keeping their curiosity about his strangeness to themselves.

His feet didn’t stop moving once he reached the row, they were leading him as if they had a mind of his own, Lotor realizing the scent was strongest here, focused on one girl in particular. She had the most extraordinary hair, golden waves that cascaded down her back, tips touching the top of her ass. And what an ass it was, shapely and perfect in size, he could imagine himself pressing into it as he took her from behind.

His breath caught in his throat, Lotor trying to shake the erotic image that appeared in his mind, instead focusing on the rest of her body. She was small compared to him, but her body had a thin waist, with large breasts that looked as though they would be heavy. His fingers curled into his palms with the sudden need to test that heaviness. He kept his arms stiff at his sides, instead staring at her, puzzled by the reaction her scent was having on him.

As if in reaction to his state, the girl began to tremble, which only set off more urges. Strange ones, Lotor almost desiring to be protective in crushing her in his arms and sniffing at her hair. The urges grew worse, Lotor staring stupidly at her, his mouth suddenly dry as the girl’s breathing grew rapid. He was making her nervous, and he couldn’t help the reactions he was having to her, his body really, really liking the scent of this girl.

He took in a deep breath, and this close to her it was a mistake, the potent scent filling his nose. The shock of it sent fresh bolts of arousal down to his cock, his shaft tightening to the point of pain. He had the stray thought that he should leave now, should come back when he was thinking clearly, which in his current state meant fucking at least six women. Only then would he be clear headed enough to choose among these three girls.

But for all the sense that made, Lotor remained firmly rooted before the flower scented girl. He noticed everything about her, her beauty moving him with the soft curve of her cheek, and the fullness of her lips, their color a pale pink he wondered if it was natural. He almost snorted then, nothing was natural about this girl, not her scent, not her looks, and slowly she risked a peek at him, Lotor rearing back as he caught sight of the sapphire of her eyes.

He thought he knew those eyes, recalling seeing that exact shade in eyes that had always looked so wide with amazement or worry. Eyes he had thought he’d never see again, and even now he doubted he was really seeing her. It was some cruel trick of fate, some mockery the Gods made of him, bringing him to a girl who looked and smelled like the dead child, Allura.

“This is Allura…” He sucked in a sharp breath at Elianza’s words, wanting to whirl around and stare at the Madame. But the girl’s blue eyes held him trapped, Lotor staring in confusion at her. How could this girl share so many traits with a dead child, how could even the name be the same? Was this some trick of his father’s, some cruel torment his witch had designed all to drive him mad?

“She is the youngest of the three.” Elianza continued, and now the other two girls risked looking up at him. He barely noticed them, too enamored with this new Allura. “Perhaps you’d like to consider one of the other girls?”

Her suggestion took a moment to register, but he felt panicked at the thought of leaving with someone else on his arm. “No.” He said, pleased that the word came out calm and in control. Direct opposites of what he felt, the prince reckless as he spoke. “This one. I will take this one.”

“An excellent choice.” Elianza’s words were praising, but her tone was not, hinting at some disappointment he could not fathom. Allura continued to state at him, her eyes showing her shock at being chosen. He wondered how she could have doubted his choice, when everything about him had screamed for him to claim her then and there. “I’m sure Allura will make you very happy. Shall we go to my office to discuss terms?”

Lotor was nodding, though he didn’t want to leave, his body not wanting to separate from Allura. How strange that he could be mourning a good-bye that would be brief, the prince knowing of the girl for only a handful of minutes.

“Your highness?” Elianza called out to him, and now Lotor forced his legs to move. He turned his back to the girls, and walked as fast as his feet would allow, moving to join the Madame out in the hall. But he paused in the threshold of the door, unable to resist casting a glance back at the girl. The other two had moved to hug her, offering comfort or congratulations. They were speaking, he could tell by the movement of their lips, though their voices were so soft as to be indistinguishable.

Allura seemed not to pay them any mind, instead staring at him, her look unreadable. Was she shocked? Or was that fear? He did not know, and that troubled him, almost as much as the longing he felt to return to her side. What was wrong with him? He did not know, abruptly turning to follow Madame Elianza into another room. He sought to blame this reaction he was having on his forced abstinence, Lotor sure that when his desire was sated, he’d be back to normal.

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