Porcelain 41

She had been told, time and time again, that it was a courtesan’s lot to put her pleasure last, seeing instead to the care and comfort of the client. Allura had thought she had understood and accepted that, but she wasn’t prepared for the rush of resentment that filled her at the treatment she had received at Lotor’s hands. Her mouth was sore, throat hurting from the insistent way he had kept on thrusting into her. She wouldn’t be surprised if something wasn’t bruised, and her jaw felt sore from holding something that had been too thick in width.

Nothing had prepared her for the reality of taking a man into her mouth, especially not a man of the prince’s size. Of course Madame Elianza had tried to get them used to the idea, going so far as to have them practice on toys, Allura learning to suppress her gag reaction on a purple dildo. The dildo couldn’t compare to the actual thing, it was cold and lifeless where Lotor’s cock had been warm and throbbing with vitality. It hadn’t stayed still in her mouth, not even for an instant, not with the way the prince had kept moving his hips.

At that point and time all thought had fled her, Allura doing her best just to survive, technique and skill fading away in the advent of the thrusting piece of flesh in her mouth. It wasn’t any skill of her own that had brought the prince to his satisfaction, the man doing much of the work. His fingers had tightened in her hair, pulling so roughly she had had to move with him, lest he tear out the strands by their roots.

And when he had finally reached his release, she had been hit with the taste of him, spicy and not wholly unpleasant. But he had let out too much, the girl almost choking on it, feeling it spill down the sides of her mouth and onto her chest. She could still feel the sticky remnants of his seed on her breasts, Allura wishing for a towel to wipe it off.

But all she had available to her was her silk garment, and until she had access to the clothing in her bags, she would not risk soiling the gray robe any further. She settled for pulling it closed over her chest, Allura staring at the floor, even when the prince talked to her, Lotor demanding an answer to his question. She almost wanted to burst into tears, so upset was she by his callous treatment of her. But her lessons prevailed, a courtesan’s etiquette forcing her to be polite.

He hardly seemed reassured by her words, Lotor suddenly reaching out to touch her. She wasn’t prepared for his touch, and his hands suddenly on her face reminded her a little too much of when he had grabbed at her hair, forcing her head to bob along his length. She flinched, and he noticed, a frown turning down the corners of his mouth. She had an instant to stare into his eyes, noting the black slits had barely thinned out, the gold still cloudy with desire.

Allura didn’t understand why, anymore than she understood the prince’s next action, Lotor hauling her up off the floor so that he could kiss her. That had been unexpected, Allura unable to control her reaction completly, her body growing stiff with hesitation. Madame Elianza’s words rang in her mind, reminding her that above all she must sell the lie of enjoying her paramour’s affection.

With a sigh she did not voice, Allura opened her mouth to Lotor, dutifully caressing her tongue against his in greeting. His fingers seemed to dig more firmly into her arms, the prince pressing her against him, that organ of his nudging against her belly. It had softened somewhat, but still throbbed with vitality, Allura recalling that a Drule had impressive stamina and recuperative powers.

Allura trembled as he kissed her, wondering if he would try for more with her, and the thought frightened her anew. She didn’t want that, didn’t want him, not now at least. Maybe once she had a moment to get clean, and the chance to have a good cry, she’d be able to console herself to the reality of her situation. But she didn’t know how to dissuade him from what he wanted, and none of Madame Elianza’s lessons had covered polite ways to turn down an overly amorous lover.

Her thoughts otherwise engaged, Allura still kept up the act of kissing him, finding his hands were trying to draw her back onto his lap. It was hardly a position she wanted to be in, Allura squirming, making it difficult for him to move her easily. He finally broke the kiss with a swear, and bodily hauled her into place, seating her firmly on top of his cock. She tried not to rest her weight on it, but he pushed her down, the prince doing that teasing movement that had his sex grinding against hers.

Never had she been more grateful for her undergarments than now, Allura feeling him through the flimsy barrier of her panties. His hands were back on her face, fingers smoothing back her hair, the prince staring into her eyes with a self indulgent look. He seemed to be trying to judge her reactions, and she wondered if she should risk a smile. Allura decided against it, deciding anything positive would only reinforce his behavior.

Still, she could grudgingly admit that the grinding wasn’t wholly unpleasant. The briefest of tingles existed, the longer he moved against her. Like an itch she couldn’t scratch, and Allura could acknowledge that the attention he had paid her breasts, brief though it had been, was something to be admired. The prince seemed to know a thing or two about pleasing women, something she had been in doubt of with the way he had pawed at her earlier.

The pressure of his lips returned, Lotor working her lips over, alternating between kissing and nipping at her bottom lip. For now he seemed content to do most of the work, but Allura felt certain it wouldn’t last. He had after all paid for her services, he surely had expectations of her. She nerved herself to kiss him back, bringing her arms up to wrap loosely around him, her fingers tangling in his hair.

Lotor made a startled sound, and then he was sealing his mouth over hers, cutting off her air with suffocating kisses that seem poised to swallow her down. He ate at her lips, the man hungry and feverish, and Allura found herself moving her hips, a reluctant wiggle on top of his sex. His hands drifted down her back, petting her over the silk, the fabric bunching under his finger’s caress.

He broke the kiss, and she panted against his cheek, Lotor turning his face to the side. She caught a glimpse of his ear, and wondered if he was offering her a chance to practice on it’s tip. Recollections of how wild touching a Drule’s overly sensitive ears would make them had her holding back, the girl instead brushing kisses against the line of his jaw.

He let out a sound, a blissful sigh, his hands dipping lower to sneak in under her robe’s hem. She felt him palming her bottom, a hand on each cheek. His fingers flexed, the man’s squeezes having her lurch forward against him. He turned when she moved, his puckered lips claiming another heated kiss from her. One that seemed to go on for a small eternity.

Eternity was interrupted, a loud, insistent knocking sounding on the cruiser’s door. Allura tried to break the kiss, turning to look towards the source of the sound. “Ignore it.” Lotor commanded, squeezing her bottom again and again.

“But…” He tried to kiss away her protests, the prince arrogant enough to think he could manage her with his body. The knocking continued, and then the door was lifting, a person sticking their head inside the cruiser. It was the face she had spied through the window, the wizened woman looking amused as she watched the prince make out with Allura.

Allura grew even more uncomfortable, not liking the scrutiny of the Drule female. She tried to disengage from Lotor’s mouth, the prince leaning forward as she attempted to back away, to the point they nearly both ended up on the floor. That got the newcomer laughing, Lotor suddenly whipping his head around to growl at her.


“Ah your highness, I see you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t let me stop you.” She made no move to leave, her eyes looking over Allura curiously.

“Who could enjoy themselves with you around.” Lotor muttered, clutching Allura to him like a shield. She blushed, noting that there were other people standing about the cruiser, guards by the look of them. They stood at rigid attention, but the ones closest were peering curiously into the cruiser, staring at her. Allura became even more aware of her disheveled state, the girl wanting the floor to open up and swallow her then and there.

“I’m sure you would manage.” Haggar laughed, a wheezing snicker of sound. “Well, boy? Aren’t you going to thank me?”

“Thank you?” Lotor demanded, then snorted. “Thank you for what?!”

“It was I who suggested to your father he end your confinement. It was I who suggested he send you to Madame Elianza. If it weren’t for me, that pretty little creature you have on your lap would be toiling away as some other Drule’s plaything.” Haggar smirked. “So you see your highness, you have much to thank me for.”

“That remains to be seen.” Lotor retorted, fixing the Drule female with a mistrustful look.

“So mistrusting.” Haggar clicked her tongue at them. “Or is it the girl who displeases you so?” Allura didn’t know how to respond the implied insult to her, her cheeks reddening even further.

“She pleases me just fine.” Lotor said through gritted teeth, and gave the woman a dismissive gesture. “Now be gone from my sight witch!”

Allura started at the word witch, a connection being made in her mind. This was THE Haggar, the famed witch of the high court? Why she looked like nothing more than a harmless old woman, though Allura knew that a Drule, even one as old looking as this female, could be anything but harmless.

“I’m sure you’re content to dally all day inside there, but at least come out and get the girl situated in your cabin.” Haggar told him, and Lotor grumbled something under his breath. “Your father did not allow you a mistress so you could take your pleasure when and wherever you felt like it. You’re a prince, and you need to start acting like one!”

“Fine. We’ll go to my cabin.” Lotor growled through gritted teeth, and the witch laughed.

“Don’t make it sound like a death sentence.”

“It nearly was…” Lotor did a shifting of Allura’s body, somehow using her to block Haggar’s view while he shoved himself back into his pants.

“A terrible shame prince Lotor. But a lesson needed to be learned.”

“What lesson?” Lotor demanded, his words as sharp as the sound of his zipper going up.

“A lesson in restraint.” Haggar told him. “I pray it was not in vain…”

“Save your prayers for someone who needs it!” Lotor snapped, and was vacating the cruiser. Uncertain, Allura inched after him, surprised when he held out his hand to her. She wanted to hesitate, but knew such a move would be a grave insult, especially in front of the other Drules. So she let him help her out of the cruiser, Allura quick to smooth her free hand down the rumpled lower half of her robe. Her appearance still drew glances from the gathered soldiers, their gazes knowing as they looked her over.

Lotor tightened his grip on her hand, and with a pull from him, she was moving, hurrying past the soldiers, past the witch. Haggar hardly seemed put out by the way Lotor had spoken to her, the woman instead giving orders, demanding slaves be brought forth to remove Allura’s belongings from the cruiser.

The grip on her hand continued, Lotor annoyed, and hardly willing to calm down. She didn’t dare speak to him when he was like this, instead choosing to look around her surroundings. It was no pleasure cruise they were on, the surroundings hinting at a busy war ship. There was many smaller craft docked alongside the cruiser they had traveled in, fighter craft that was armed for battle.

She searched through her memories of Lotor, of what she had learned of his adult career, and that of Doom’s enemies. Demos was the main contender towards causing trouble for Doom, the two Empires having nearly ten years of animosity between them. What had started out as brief skirmishes over the right to planets had exploded with the attack on Zabatos, the two Empires at each other throat in battle ever since.

No doubt the added firepower was for the prince’s safety, he had to be able to travel the galaxy without fear, and with the power to back off any threats the Demos Empire might make towards him. Still it was unsettling for Allura, to travel under such conditions. It was only the third time she could remember riding on a ship of any kind, and both times before they had been simple transports with only the bare minimum of defensive power.

The prince was a target, a tempting one, and she realized her association with him would make one of her as well. She tried not to tremble at the thought, thinking it best not to think of what Doom’s enemies might do to her in order to get to or hurt the prince. It was an unenviable situation to be in, Allura realizing she might be privy to Lotor’s secrets, the prince confiding in her things the Demos Empire might want to learn. And even if he did not, his enemies might assume she knew more than she did, and take the measures to torture the information out of her!

Her mind was getting carried away, thinking of things Madame Elianza had never covered in class. She had to think of something to distract her, Allura casting her gaze back at the prince’s back. His snow white hair fell down past his shoulder blades, much longer now than it had been as a boy. His sheer size and height had taken her by surprise, Lotor towering over her even when seated. He had always been bigger than her, even when they had been children, but now he was a giant, right down to his fingers.

She would have thought such a big man would be ungainly in his movements, but the prince moved with a natural grace. That same grace that had served him well in the arena, Allura recalling some of his battles. The holos had not prepared her for the reality of Lotor, he was so much more of everything than the pictures transmitted from Doom had made clear.

She wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, Allura so far having a less than ideal impression of the man Lotor had grown into. She supposed she shouldn’t be judging him on his lusts alone, but that was all he had shown her, save for a brief burst of annoyed anger at the witch. She wondered how long it would take to get to know the real him, wondering when and if he would approach her with something other than sex on the brain.

The corridors became less crowded the deeper into the ship they went, Allura judging them to be somewhere in the middle. The glass windows, thick but clear offered an uninterrupted view of the landing pad their ship was currently on. It had changed much since the day Madame Elianza had brought her to Ranxhi, the space port being expanded to offer more room for the many ships coming in and out of the city.

She felt a sense of melancholy grief take her over, Allura realizing this was probably the last view she would have of the city. At least for three years time, the girl doubting Lotor would let her come back sooner for a visit. Indeed with Liandra and the others about to embark on adventures of their own, she wouldn’t have much reason to come back, save to pay a visit to Madame Elianza.

With Lotor purchasing her contract, her happy home life had ended. But it was more than that, the girl realizing the mansion would never be hers to call home again. None of the children who had graduated ever came back to live on the property, though they did stop by for the occasional visit, wanting to pay respects to the Madame that had given them their calling.

Allura was now in effect homeless, and the thought made her want to cry. Doom would be a poor substitute for Ranxhi, and the castle would never be her true home. At best she would be a guest there, tending to the prince, and setting up connections for her future. She’d have to investigate the planets, find a world that suited her tastes, a place to build a home for her to have in the future.

She was crying, silently, with great big tear drops that slid down her face. She lifted her free hand, brushing at her eyes, the prince never even realizing her upset. She did her best not to call it to his attention, Allura holding back her sniffles.

She forced her gaze back to the prince, no longer desiring to look upon the space port. She didn’t want her last memories on Ranxhi to be sad ones, the girl instead trying to think of the fun times she had had with her peers. Staying up late with Liandra, whispering secrets. Sneaking about as children to spy on the teenagers. Visiting the city to see the local entertainment. All things that allowed her the chance to smile, Allura knowing she would always treasure the time she had spent in the Madame’s home.

They reached what appeared to be the living quarters, Lotor pressing his fingers against a key pad of one of the larger doors. The door recognized his code, and with a hiss of air, it opened, admitting them into a lavishly appointed cabin. Allura had only seconds to look around, and then he was grabbing at her, pulling her against him for a kiss.

The door barely had time to close, the prince kicking at it with his leg. He was more consumed with kissing her, Allura squirming about in his grip. He didn’t seem to mind her struggles, effortlessly holding onto her. His mouth was just as demanding as it had been in the cruiser, and she heard his moan, the sound desperate with need. She kissed him back, not knowing what else to do, growing dizzy as he cut off her air.

She gasped when he broke the kiss, her breaths holding a panting quality to them. He didn’t seem to care, kissing along her cheek and up the side of her face. She took his distraction in stride, breathing in huge gulps of air. His arms tightened around her, a possessive hold that had her going up on tip toe before him. “You smell so good.” His voice took her by surprise, Lotor burying his nose in her hair. “This scent you’re wearing drives me wild.”

Allura was confused, knowing she wore no perfumes, nor used scented shampoos. If she had, she’d be quick to wash it off, just in an attempt to calm down some of his lust for her. She opened her mouth to respond, but it died down in a squeak, Lotor licking at the inside of her ear. It tickled, her sound more from the shock of his move than any pleasure she could have felt.

“Sh…shouldn’t I be doing that to you?” Allura asked, and felt him go still against her. It was only a moment’s pause, and then he was licking her ear more surely, the prince chuckling out an answer.


“Later?” She echoed, just in time for him to claim her lips once more. Deeper was the kiss, seeming to burn hotter than the last time they had touched mouths together. He growled against her lips, and then was moving them, walking her backwards across the room. She thought to the bed, but then the hard, unforgiving surface of a wall was behind her back, trapping her more thoroughly against him.

His erection was against her thigh, the prince grinding it in place, his hands free now to touch her. He moved them down her back, grabbing firm hold of her bottom. She was hoisted off the floor, Allura grabbing onto his shoulders for support. He continued to hold her suspended off the floor, his fingers digging into her rear. His right hand moved enough to guide her leg up, Allura hooking it over his hip.

His kisses continued, Allura trying to pull back enough to speak. “Your highness…” Her words came out breathless, Allura staring nervously at him. “I am not clean. If you will allow me a brief moment to wash myself off…”

“It can wait.” He told her, and seized her lips again, grinding more surely against her. His hands were not idle, reaching under her robe, seizing hold of her panties. With his tongue in her mouth she could not offer a coherent protest, feeling a great wrenching of her body. The flimsy fabric of her panties had torn in one great rip, the prince dropping the remains on the floor.

In that moment a million things flashed through her mind, Allura remembering the Madame’s lessons, the precautions against sex with an aroused Drule. She squealed against his lips, and got the shock of her life, the prince’s fingers between her legs. He rubbed along her slit, and it was not wholly unpleasant, Allura experiencing the strangeness of someone other than herself touching her most intimate place.

A few more caresses, and then he was spreading her open, dipping his fingers inside her. She felt him gliding his fingers tips over each fold of flesh, bringing a tingling sensation with his touch. It reminded her of the all too brief pleasure she had found when he had suckled at her breast, Allura letting out a small whimper in response to his touches.

Lotor’s fingers continued their caress, the prince doing sure strokes from top to bottom and back again. He even took time to seek out her clitoris, thumb paying special care to that sensitive bit of flesh. The tingles continued, and Allura found just the briefest hint of moisture pooling between her legs. He continued, teasing her over and over, and then his fingers were touching the entrance to her body.

Her fingers tightened on his shoulders, Allura starting to wiggle writhe against his fingers. She moaned into his kisses, realizing she was getting excited by his touch. He moaned with her, fingers touching inside her, doing a quick thrust that seemed not enough. More moisture seeped out of her, and then the prince was withdrawing his fingers, leaving Allura confused.

But only for a second, the girl finding the prince had replaced his fingers with his cock, the Drule rubbing the head of it over her folds. He pulled back from the kisses, and she gasped out a protest. “The lubrication!”

“Is fine.” He insisted, his eyes seeming to glitter with a madness that could only be inspired by lust. She opened her mouth to argue, and it came out a scream, Lotor already pushing to enter inside her.

“Your highness, don’t!” She managed to cry out just as he breached her, Lotor’s organ making her recoil from the feel of it. He held onto her hips, pulling her down more securely as he pushed into her. She felt tissues give way, Allura seething with anger and pain, hating him for not heeding her about waiting.

“You’re tight.” Lotor said, stating the obvious. “So damned tight.” He paused then, sucking in deep breath, his eyes gleaming as he took possession of her body. Allura whimpered again and shifted, the movement drawing him in deeper. To her surprise she was wet, not a lot, but enough to ease his passage, the prince digging his fingers into her hips.

Pain shafted through her, vivid and immediate, Allura trying to hold back the new scream that was forming in her throat. The prince tried to kiss her again, and courtesan etiquette be damned, she turned her head to the side. It left the kiss doing a glancing blow across her cheek, but Lotor didn’t care. He was too lost in his own world, muttering things about how he had missed this feeling. She didn’t understand, staring resentfully around the room which seemed to be spinning before her eyes.

She felt his muscles strain under her hands, the prince tensing to thrust. She was prepared for it, biting back any cries, though the pain made tears come to her eyes. She hurt, feeling like she had been split in half with a blunt axe. It was excruciating, blinding, and she squeezes her eyes shut, Allura praying for it to be over soon.

Lotor was thrusting again, his lips buried in the side of her neck, his breath rasping out of him harshly. Her one foot dangled above the floor, the other firmly in place behind him. She didn’t know what to do with her other foot, if she should hook it around him or just stay the way she was. She choked on her breath, aware of the part he was pushing into her tender flesh. He felt even harder than when she had held him in her mouth, like a fine piece of granite. But unlike granite he was hot, hotter than a furnace, burning her up alive.

She was aware of Lotor on so many levels, scenting the smell of him, familiar and yet different. She caught the undercurrents of the soap he used, and the essence of his skin, and realized that faint smell of spicy musk in the air had to be the scent of male arousal.

His breathing was ragged, the prince practically trembling against her. It was all right, she shook too, Allura biting her lip when he wasn’t kissing her. Another breath, this time easier, Allura noting the pain was starting to fade. She still hurt where they joined, but the fierce agony had faded. Lotor shifted with a soft grunt, the pressure lessening as the angle of his penetration was changed.

She kept waiting for him to pull away, but he never did, instead his muscles tightening, Lotor thrusting again. So hard, she hit the wall, back sliding up and down it’s rough surface with each of his powerful thrusts. Allura could only sit there and suck in deep breaths, waiting for the prince to finish. He was taking forever, building up a rhythm inside her as he took his pleasure from her.

The room continued to spin, Allura having to close her eyes to keep from becoming ill. The prince was laving attention on her neck, biting and kissing just above her frantically beating pulse point. She lost track of time, seconds seeming like eternity, the prince’s cock plunging in and out of hers with frightening speed. Suddenly he groaned, a deep sound of satisfaction, Allura sensing this was different from all the other sounds Lotor had let out.

Another thrust, Lotor pumping his hip several time, a liquid heat being released deep inside her. It felt strange, Allura squealing in surprise, even as the prince did one last thrust. His movements ended in a groan, Lotor slumping forward to press her more firmly into the wall. In an act of cruel tenderness, his head came to rest on her shoulder, his wet hair sticking to her neck.

He was still inside her but the hardness was fading, receding into softness. It felt weird, Allura snapping open her eyes to stare dazed over his shoulder. So this was sex. It hardly seemed worth the time and effort of her training, nor could it live up to any of the waiting and wondering she and the others had done. Wondering why anyone would waste their time and money on sex, Allura came away from the whole ordeal with the thought that sex was highly overrated

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