Porcelain 42

She awoke to darkness so complete it scared her, Allura sluggish with sleep and disorientated. She wasn’t even sure what had awakened her, the girl shifting about in the bed, finding it was empty of her partner. She didn’t know where Prince Lotor was, the girl finding the bed had already cooled, the warmth it had leeched from his body having faded long before she thought to touch the sheets.

She continued inching along the mattress, hitting the edge and pausing. Her arm reached out, Allura feeling around with her hand until she brushed fingers against a night stand, the metal furniture bolted to the floor. She felt around it’s top, and found the lamp, a press of it’s button filling the room with soft light. The room looked much like it had before she had fallen asleep, her bags of belongings having arrived, servants having neatly arranged them in one corner.

She was glad to see them, but in no hurry to unpack, remembering Lotor had told her the ride back to Doom would only take a few days. She’d leave the unpacking for when they arrived, Allura wondering what her room would be like in the castle. She held out hope that she would be given a chamber separate from the prince, Allura wanting the chance for some time away from the man.

She had a feeling her alone time would be limited, the girl making judgments about the prince and his attentions towards her. Even after that disastrous coupling, he had insisted on remaining close to her, the prince picking her up and carrying her to the bed. There they had laid, Allura pressed into Lotor’s front, the prince petting her like she was some animal he took comfort in touching.

Upset as she had been, Allura hadn’t been able to resist being lulled to sleep, her exhaustion making itself known in the quick way she passed out in his arms. She had slept as though dead, but the sleep hadn’t refreshed her, Allura still feeling tired and sore. And dirty, the girl frowning down at herself, knowing she had yet to have a chance to wash after the frantic sex with the prince.

She could take care of that now, before he returned and started making demands of her once more. With a sigh, Allura was moving, slow ginger movements that had her setting her feet on the floor. She winced when she went to stand, Allura feeling pain flare up in her center. The prince had not been gentle, and she was suffering the repercussions of his enthusiasm now.

She made her way to the bathroom, hands busy with the knotted sash around her waist. The knots took some work, but eventually the sash came undone, the robe sliding open as she gave a shrug of her shoulders. The robe fell to the floor, a crumpled mess around her feet that she ignored as she walked towards the open bathroom door.

A feel of the wall had her finding the light’s switch, the overhead lights coming on, too bright for her dark adjusted eyes. Allura squinted, and closed the door, making sure to lock it behind her before stepping towards the shower. A variety of soap and shampoo products rested on a ledge, Allura not caring what she used so long as it would get her clean.

She activated the shower and stepped in, feeling grateful for the warm water that pelted onto her face and chest. She stood there basking in the water’s shower, letting it wash away all of the sweat and grime that had accumulated during the sex. She reached for the soap, ready to lather up her hands, but instead it went slipping out of her hands, Allura scrambling to catch it.

It hit the floor with a soft sound, the girl bending to retrieve it. That sent a new pain through her, Allura gasping, and the next thing she knew, she was sitting on the floor of the shower, huddling her knees against her chest. The soap was forgotten, Allura sitting there with the water raining down on her, mingling with the tears that were falling down her face.

It seemed as good a time to cry as any, Allura knowing she had been fighting the urge long before Lotor had taken her virginity. She gave in to the chest wracking sobs, not trying to muffle her voice in the slightest. She felt as though she was in mourning, though for what she did not know, Allura sobbing harder as she began to run down a mental list of the things that had gone wrong with her life.

She was deaf to the sounds of everything but her own grief, Allura not realizing Lotor had return to the cabin. The prince entered the dimly lit room, and his eyes immediately sought out the bed, hoping to spy her sleeping upon it. He didn’t let her absence dampen the smile he wore, Lotor closing the door, and striding deeper into the room. He didn’t bother to activate any more lights, his Drule senses allow him to see perfectly in the illumination offered by the lamp.

He was in an extraordinary good mood, the prince having ventured from the cabin to join some of the men and women of the ship inside the gym. It had been a long time since he had felt like exerting himself, his forced abstinence making him lazy and loathe to do any strenuous work. Funny how a good lay could change his whole outlook, Lotor positively cheery in the moment.

The time in the gym had been good for him, the prince exerting much of his pent up energy. But not all of it, Lotor saving some in anticipation of shared times with his mistress. He smiled as he thought of Allura, thinking of how completely the girl had pleased him. Just the thought of her was enough to set his blood on fire, his pulse pounding more sharply as he imagined the delights he would find in her arms once more.

He practically whistled as he walked, spying the discarded robe on the floor. He dropped to one knee, his hands reaching for the garment, and crushing it to his face. His nostrils flared, Lotor closing his eyes as he took in that delicious scent of hers. It triggered reactions in him, Lotor wishing it was Allura he held and not her clothing.

He told himself to be patient, the prince dropping the garment after one more deep inhale. He could hear the sounds of the shower running, and he was already hurrying to pull off his boots. He had done many things in his short career as a womanizer, but engaging a woman’s attention while they showered would be a new first for him. He smiled and unfastened his belt’s clasp, tossing it to join the boots and robe on the floor.

He was in the midst of tugging off his tunic when he heard a sound that made him pause. Was it a trick of his imagination, or did that sound like a woman sobbing? The rustle of his tunic’s fabric pulling free of his body distracted him, Lotor thinking he heard it grow quiet once more. And then the weeping started anew, no doubts about it, a woman was distressed—his woman!

A frown on his face, he left his pants on and strode the last few feet to the door. The handle rattled, Lotor surprised to find the door locked. He began knocking on it’s metal, hand making loud sounds that almost drowned out the sobbing. “Allura? What is the matter?”

A pause, and then he heard it, a sharp intake of breath. “It’s nothing. I’m fine.” He could tell she tried to compose herself, but he still heard the tremor in her voice. She was upset, to the point she couldn’t hide it completely.

“You don’t sound fine at all.” Lotor pointed out, and banged a fist harder against the door. “Open this door.”

Another one of her pauses, he could almost picture her shaking her head no. “Give me a moment and I will.”

“I am not a patient man.” Lotor said, and without waiting for her reply, began punching in the override code to the door. He heard her shout out a no, the sound of her voice close to breaking on a sob. The door opened and he stalked in, his eyes immediately finding her hunched over on the shower’s floor. He frowned, finding it hard to tell the tears on her face from the shower’s spray, but she looked at him so mournfully his heart gave a twinge of some foreign emotion. “Allura?”

“I dropped the soap.” She whispered, and to his shock and dismay she began openly crying. It left him unsure of what to do, Lotor having little experience with human women.

Somehow he found himself kneeling before her, the shower’s spray getting him just as wet as she. He reached out to touch her shoulder, and she flinched, the action not lost on him. He frowned harder, and pulled on her arms, dragging her into his lap. She gave a weary struggle, but then she was sagging against him, resting her head against his chest, tremors shaking her body.

Somehow he knew this wasn’t about the soap, but he couldn’t imagine what had upset her so. His hand rubbed down her bare back, he was trying for a soothing touch, attempting to ignore the fact that she was naked and his for the taking.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, and it was as though flood gates opened up in Allura.

“Everything.” She whispered in between hiccups of sound.

“Everything?” He echoed bemused. She nodded her head, her voice a soft mumble as she tried to explain.

“I had to leave my home, my friends, my family!”

“Ah…so you are feeling….sadness over the parting?” This he could understand, Lotor remembering a time when he too had to say good-bye to a friend. To his only friend, Lotor fighting not to think about the child Allura he had known.

Another nod, and then she hesitated. “Allura? Tell me?”

“It’s nothing…” she insisted, and he frowned.

“It can’t be nothing if it has you this upset…”

“That’s for me to deal with. It has nothing to do with you.” Her tone was almost dull, Allura not looking at him as she spoke.

“You are mine.” His tone was firm, Lotor easing her back so as to force her to lock gazes with him. “Everything about you concerns me.” She seemed to get a stubborn set to her jaw, the girl going completely silent in response to his words. It left him frustrated, the prince wondering if he should command her to tell him. He wondered if she’d resent him for such a command, and the thought had him deciding to drop the subject. Allura would either tell him when she was ready, or she would not.

He looked her over, noting she seemed to be composing herself before his eyes. That was somewhat better than the tears, and Lotor remembered his original intention for coming into the bathroom in the first place. He licked his lips, staring at her, and something must have shown in his face, for Allura’s eyes were widening.

Chasing away his frown, he let a smile take it’s place, Lotor allowing his eyes to take on a predatory gleam. He looked at her with the knowledge she was his, and let
that knowledge shine in his eyes, giving him the hungry gleam of a man who is certain of a sure thing.

“Lotor…” She whispered his name, and he silenced her with a hiss, reaching for her arms to pull her back against him. He nuzzled his face against her wet hair, and his hands began caressing up and down her back. He turned his face to kiss just under her ear, intending to lick a path to her lips when it happened. She burst into tears, loud, raucous ones that had her whole body shaking.

He was torn between pulling back and holding her close, Lotor wondering what was wrong with the girl for her to be so emotional. Surely leaving her old home behind couldn’t be THAT upsetting! “Allura…..shhh…..it’s okay….just tell me what is it?”

“It’s you!’ She blurted it out, then followed up that exclamation with a gasp, hand slapping over her mouth. He frowned and looked at her, and she shook her head no.

“Me?” His eyes narrowed, and then he was ordering her, demanding she tell him. “Tell me what is going through that mind of yours!” She hesitated, and he snapped out the words. “I command you!”

Something like defiance flashed in her eyes, and then with a sullen look on her face, Allura began talking. “It’s you….and it isn’t you…” He didn’t understand, frowning confused at her. “It’s the sex. It’s not like anything I expected…..not like anything at all!”

“It was…good, wasn’t it?” The long drawn out silence that followed his question was answer enough, Lotor staring stunned at her. “You…..you didn’t like it?” She gave a miserable nod of her head, seeming to cringe into a smaller person in preparation for his reaction. He had to exhale, the slow breath easing some of his shock. “What was not to like about it?!” He couldn’t help the exasperated tone as he demanded an answer to his question.

He saw her hesitating, Allura not wanting to answer his question. “Never mind.” She tried to turn away from him, but his grip on her arms wouldn’t let her. “Just drop it…please…”

“I can’t. I won’t!” Lotor snapped back, fighting the urge to shake her. “What was so bad about it?!”

“Everything!” She shrieked, the sound almost hurting his ears. Stunned Lotor let go of her, watching as she immediately backed away from him.

“Everything?” He repeated dully, watching as she nodded her head. “What does that mean…?”

Allura hesitated, not believing she was having this kind of talk with him. Surely such open, frank honesty went against everything she had been taught. A courtesan was expected to sell the lie, to see to the clients’ care and needs, not the other way around. She was supposed to be his fantasy, and any pleasure she did or did not get was incidental. She just hadn’t expected sex to hurt so much, to be such a disappointment.

To her horror she felt the tears coming faster, hot ones that had her biting back sobs. She knew she should shut up, should not say anymore, but it was impossible to hold everything in!

“It hurt!” Allura cried out, watching his eyes widen. “More than I could have imagined. It was uncomfortable, and unpleasant, and I really don’t see what the fuss is all about! I…can’t imagine…” She wisely bit her lip, forcing the words to stay inside her. She didn’t want him to know she couldn’t imagine going through three more years of this kind of agony.

“It didn’t feel good for you?” Lotor asked, and she nodded, watching him frown and narrow his eyes. “I don’t understand…”

How could he, Allura sighing and shaking her head. She understood he had enjoyed himself, he had all but glowed with satisfaction. No wonder he seemed puzzled as to her own sorrow. “Never mind.” She muttered, casting her gaze down at her lap.

“No, I want to understand…” Lotor said slowly, reaching out to lay his hand on her knee. It took every effort on her part not to flinch away from his touch, Allura holding herself still.

“What more can I say?” She asked him, and now Lotor shrugged. They sat quietly on the floor, letting the shower rain down on them, to the point their fingertips started to wrinkle from the water.

Lotor was staring at her, and she shifted, uncomfortable with the look in his eyes. She had no way of knowing what was going on his mind, the prince reviewing some of the sex he had had in the past two years.

From what Lotor could remember, it had been all good, the woman wanting and eager for the experience of bedding the prince. He tried to think if any had had any complaints, Lotor noting that the women had always come off happy and satisfied. He had took it to mean he was a natural born God when it came to his skill as a lover, but now Allura and her tears had him doubting that.

The doubt made him think harder, Lotor searching for a pattern among the women he had been with. He found one, the Drule realizing that none of them had been humans or virgins. Even the least experienced Drule female had found something to enjoy, Lotor remembering the women had been greedy and demanding, riding him just as hard as he rode them.

Sex with the Drule females had almost been violent, a hard claiming that held nothing back. If he thought about it hard enough, he realized the sex had been selfish on both sides, each one seeking their own fulfillment, and not really caring about their partner. Certainly Lotor hadn’t put much thought into worrying if the women he was with had enjoyed themselves, the prince assuming it was a given.

And now here was Allura, his mistress who was paid to know how to please him, crying and upset, telling him she hadn’t enjoyed it. It boded ill for their future relationship, Lotor wondering how and if he could make this up to her. He was still trying to wrap his mind around the thought that she hadn’t enjoy it at all, Lotor staring at her. Allura fidgeted in place, uncomfortable with his looks, surely wondering what he was thinking.

“I…I’m sorry.” He said at last, Allura looking surprised to hear his apology. “I…I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was rougher than I should have been, especially with a virgin.”

“We should have waited.” She was chidng him, softly but surely. “YOU should have waited. At least until those creams and oils arrived.”

“Never had a problem before.” Lotor said, wondering if it was some human problem that caused her not to enjoy what they had done together. “The women I’ve been with were always wet and eager to receive me.”

“I’m not like the other women!” She pointed out, and he nodded. He was coming to realize that, Lotor studying her some more.

“Allura….women can and do enjoy sex. You know that don’t you?” She turned red, and averted her eyes, Lotor surprised to see her shaking her head no. He frowned, reaching out to touch her hands with his. “It’s true. Let me prove it to you.”

“How?” She asked warily, still not looking at him.

He had an inkling of an idea, Lotor squeezing her hands gently. “You’ll have to put your trust in me…”

“I don’t know if I can…” She began, and Lotor let go of her hands to press a finger against her lips.

“Just try…” He wished he had something to bargain with, but the only thing he could think of to interest her would be to promise Allura her freedom from him. And he was simply too selfish to give up on this girl. Not while she was so new to him, holding his interest and desire firmly in check in her hands. “What have you got to lose?” he added, risking a smile at her.

She hesitated, seeming to consider his words, Lotor not quite holding his breath as he waited for her answer. Finally Allura nodded, allowing a relieved smile to cross his face. She didn’t flinch this time when he gathered her against him, Lotor tucking her in close as he got up off the floor. He paused only long enough to turn off the shower, and then he was striding out of the bathroom, determined to show his mistress a good time.

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