Porcelain 43

She was snuggled firmly against Lotor’s chest, the prince’s arms supporting her back and her legs as he carried her. Both of them were soaking wet, leaving puddles on the floor as the prince carried her into the main room of the cabin. Allura felt a moment of trepidation as Lotor made an immediate bee line towards the bed, Allura wondering what she had been thinking to agree to put her trust in the prince.

“Ah….” Her hesitant voice broke up the silence they had maintained, Lotor hesitating at the foot of the bed.

“What is it?” He asked, and she risked a glance up at his face.

“We’ll get the sheets wet…” He smiled at that, his reply being issued out as he lowered her down to the mattress.

“The bedding can be replaced.”

“Of course.” She whispered, realizing the truth of that statement. It still didn’t put her at ease, Allura inching away from him, feeling the sheets try to cling to her wet body. Her unease must have shown on her face, for Lotor was speaking again.

“‘Relax.” He urged her with a smile, already getting a knee up on the bed. “I won’t do anything to hurt you this time…”

That remained to be seen, Allura conscious of the growing tension between them. Lotor continued to look at her with a predatory look, eye slits thick with that desire ridden look. The bed creaked and moaned with their movements, Allura inching all the way to the headboard, Lotor crawling after her. She ran out of room, and still he came, carefully climbing on top of her, her body pinned between his hands and his legs.

A fine tremor worked it’s way through her body, Allura sure this was a bad idea. Even worse, she knew it was her duty to do whatever he wanted, the contract limiting her freedom of choice when it came to pleasing her partner. She was uneasy with everything that was happening, from her naked state that left her all to vulnerable, to the look in his eyes, Lotor hovering over her as he stared down at her body.

She could see him growing hard before her eyes, the tell tale signs of arousal tenting his pants in a bulging manner. Just looking at her seemed enough to excite him, how much worse would it be once he started to touch her?

She gasped when Lotor looked up into her face, a smile curving his lips. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

It was a question she could answer, Allura giving a small nod. People had always told her that back at the mansion, even Madame Elianza had been sure to let Allura know of her good fortune in being graced with good looks. “I’ve been told I am attractive.”

“Attractive doesn’t begin to cover it.” Lotor answered. “You shine, your radiant with beauty. I think I could never grow tired of just looking at you.”

Flattering words he did not need to speak, Allura blushing in response. “I am new to you. Eventually you’ll get used to me…” Unsaid was the thought that once the novelty of her wore off, Lotor would most likely seek to move on to a new mistress.

“Never.” He insisted, causing her blush to deepen. It almost sounded like he meant it too, his eyes gleaming with a worshipful look to them. It made her frown, Lotor sighing. “What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing.” Allura assured him quickly. “You are just infatuated with me. That will come to an end….as all things must.”

“I wonder…” Lotor trailed off, the man seeming lost in thought. She knew she should reach out and touch him, give him the comfort of her hands and distract him from whatever troubling thoughts was causing him to frown. But Allura couldn’t nerve herself to do more than lie under him, aware that any touch of hers would be seen as an advance.

He stared at her for a few moments more, to the point Allura wanted to fidget in place under his intense scrutiny. The water was drying on their skin, and she was aware of how the sheets were plastered to her back.

“Allura…” A husky saying of her name, Lotor lowering his head down towards her, never breaking eye contact with her. She knew before he did it that he intended to kiss her, the touching of their mouths a prelude to what was to come. She was surprised at how gentle he brushed his lips over hers, for once the prince wasn’t being demanding, the pressure of his kiss almost nonexistent.

“Hmm.” She made a sound, kissing him back just as light. Allura would let Lotor choose the speed and force of their kisses, the girl following his example. Another glancing blow of his mouth, and then he was kissing along her jaw line, soft, teasing flutters that felt good. His hands continued to rest on either side of her, with just enough space between them so that he did not actually touch her with anything but his mouth.

Nibbling along the line of her jaw, Allura closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of his teeth biting gently upwards. They grazed a path all the way to her ear, Allura hearing Lotor let out a happy humming sound as he began using his tongue to tease the inside of her ear. She didn’t have nearly as many nerves there as a Drule did, but it was pleasant enough, Allura relaxing somewhat.

She kept her hands flat on either side of her, Allura wondering if she should start to touch him back. She knew she should be practicing her caresses on him, and not the other way around, but she also wondered if he really meant to show her how sex could be pleasurable for a woman. So she did nothing, just laying there, her flesh breaking out into goose bumps as his tongue tickled and teased her.

His teeth caught the lobe of her ear, a gentle tug pulling on it. Allura made another little sound, Lotor purring in response to it. “That’s it Allura.” His voice startled her after such a lengthy amount of silence, Allura opening her eyes. “Relax and enjoy…”

Downwards his mouth traveled, the prince now kissing the side of her neck. He still made no move to touch her, but she could see a fine tremor shaking his body, Lotor working hard to resist the allure of her body. She gave a little start of fright when he bit down in the crook of her shoulder, but it was a gentle bite, not drawing her blood. Vague remembrances of her classes came back to her, Allura recalling the Drules enjoyed blood play, and how important it was not to bleed one, especially without permission!

Another bite, his fangs digging into her skin, scraping along sensitive flesh. She wasn’t sure she liked this, Allura hiding a frown as he licked at the spots he had bit, tongue trying to soothe away the sting of his teeth. His lips soon followed, fastening onto that tender spot, Lotor beginning to suck hard enough that she knew her skin would bear a bruise. He was marking her, as was his right, in a spot that would be easy to show off his claim of ownership on her.

A few more moments of suction, and then he was inching back towards her neck, lowering enough to plant a ring of kisses across her collarbone. He did that several times, before stopping to press a kiss at the hollow of her throat. From there he began kissing downwards, nearing her breasts, his hair falling over her skin in waves. It tickled, but Allura held back her giggles, instead lifting her head enough to watch his progress.

His puckered lips kissed right between her breasts, Lotor having inched down her body in a slow progression. He nuzzled his cheek against her right breast, and then turned to give the same treatment to the left one. He planted kisses on her breasts, moist ones that left her shivering, especially when he kissed over her nipples, breath blowing coolly over her wet skin.

The memory of his mouth around her nipples had her squirming, Allura hoping he would repeat the maneuver. At least then she could glean a few moments of intense pleasure before he had at her like a wild animal.

To her disappoint he did not linger around her nipples, licking only enough for a tingle to start in her flesh. A tingle that had them budding, just the slightest sign of arousal before the prince was kissing down her belly. She made a noise, Lotor hesitating at the sound of it.

“Yes, Allura?” He asked, lifting his head to meet her eyes. She blushed, tongue tied and stumbling over the words.

“Aren’t you…aren’t’ you going to…to touch me?” A smile was his answer, Lotor grinning.

“Do you want me too?”

She chewed on her lip, worrying over what sort of answer to give him. She must have taken too long, for Lotor was suddenly kissing her again, tongue dipping into her belly button. It was a brief touch, the prince easing down her body even more, kissing to the apex of her thighs. She shivered anew, his hands still being so careful not to touch her.

“Will you open your legs for me?” It was a question, but Allura reacted as though it was a demand, the girl parting her legs slightly. An amused smile from him, Lotor shifting his body about. “Open just a little wider than that!”

Blushing she did as he commanded, Lotor settling between her body. She thought he meant to take her now, Allura watching anxiously, waiting for his hands to go to the front of his pants. Instead he bent over her right thigh, actually pressing kisses into her skin there. He went so far as to nibble on the tender flesh of her thigh, Lotor beginning to suck anew in an attempt to mark her once more.

What surprised Allura was the rush of pleasure she felt, her body reacting to the nearness of his head so close to her groin. She wasn’t naive, Allura knew about pleasuring women orally, a lesson Madame Elianza had taught them all on the off chance a woman purchased their contacts. But Allura had never expected to be on the receiving end of such an act, the girl letting out a gasp as Lotor finished sucking and moved higher on her thigh.

His kisses reminded her of the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings, his tongue was tracing circles and patterns into her skin. Higher he climbed, onto she could feel his breath on her sex. And still he did not try to touch her!

“AH!” She almost clamped a hand over her mouth to muffle that surprised sound, Allura finding Lotor was kissing the lips that guarded her womanhood. His tongue felt amazingly good, licking over the slit of her body, teasing her from top to bottom. It was even better when he started wiggling his tongue into her, Allura’s legs falling open so wide she was spread open for his inspection.

A deep rumble came from Lotor’s throat, the prince seeming pleased by what he was doing to her. Even as her legs spread in willing compliance, Allura was fighting with herself, thinking she shouldn’t allow him to do this. “Please…..please you musn’t…..sto–op!” Her cy came out distorted, Allura choking on a gasp as she felt his tongue’s
rough movements.

He didn’t reply to her, not in words, Lotor’s tongue just as insistent as it was rough, licking her thoroughly along the folds of her flesh. She let out an ooh, finding his tongue was carefully going over every inch of her sensitive flesh, Allura breaking out into shivers. She hadn’t expected this to feel so good, and she wondered why when the Madame had stressed the importance of pleasing a female partner with this kind of technique.

His tongue wasn’t the only thing causing sensations in her, she could feel his hair moving in a silky caress on her skin. That sensation was dull compared to his tongue’s movements, Allura starting to bring her hands down to grab at his head and push him more firmly into her sex. She stopped herself just short of her finger’s contact with his hair, Allura snatching back her hands and holding them by her face.

“AH! Your highness! No! Not there….oooooh!” Words were coming unbidden from her mouth, Allura hearing how pleased her voice sounded. And he had barely begun, the girl shaking, starting to wiggle and close her legs. All in an attempt to trap him against her, the girl growing selfish with the desire to keep him going, even as she let out feeble protests she did not mean.

“Your highness! Don’t….stop!” She meant for him to never stop, Allura finding his tongue was now pushing at the entrance to her body, leaving her shaking harder. Lotor’s hands touched her, and the shock of the sudden contact made her cry, his hands cupping her bottom to push her more firmly off the bed and towards his mouth. Her legs ended up bent over his shoulders, Allura trying her best not to squeeze her thighs around his head.

His tongue pushed in deeper, and then he wiggled it, bumping it from side to side of her body’s passage. It felt sinful, wicked delight coursing through her, Allura aware that she was wet, and it was not with the water from the shower. The liquid dripped out of her, onto her thighs and Lotor continued to move his tongue, thrusting it surely in and out of her. She felt her self trying to squeeze around that velvet muscle, Allura realizing her body was becoming needy, yearning for something that could go deeper.

“M….more…” She whimpered, finding he extended his tongue to it’s full legnth and still it was not enough. “Oh god, give me more!” Allura thought she’d go mad when he began thrusting his tongue in and out of her, the girl crying out again and again. She began weeping, for his tongue could not give her the deep caress her body was demanding, Allura wondering what was coming over her. How could she want to try his cock again so soon, after the pain it had caused? But her body’s needs were trying to override her doubts and hesitations, the girl beginning to wiggle.

She cried even harder when he withdrew his tongue, Allura feeling like she was poised on the edge of something. A feeling she could not explain, body infused with pleasure that tingled along every nerve, but hinted that there was more to come. “Why…why are you stopping?!” She managed to get out, and Lotor smirked at her. For a second she thought she hated him for that expression, but then the hate evaporated as his tongue found her clit, and began licking at it.

She thought she had been at the pinnacle of pleasure, but that teasing on that one spot nearly drove her mad, her mind going blank untill she thought of nothing but how badly she wanted to come. And when the prince began sucking on that tiny morsel of flesh, her voice sang out with bliss, Allura wiggling and writhing to the point he had to pin her to the bed, his hands holding her legs down.

Those same legs turned to rubber, weak and limp and spreading wider. She felt something building, she knew she was approaching an edge, her body poised on the brink that all depended on the prince’s mercy. He sucked a few seconds more, and to her anger, stopped once again, Allura wanting to hit him if she could muster up the strength. “Don’t stop! I need…” What did she need? She couldn’t put it in words, but Allura suddenly remembered the slave, the man having begged her with similar words.

Oh Gods, is this how she made that slave feel?! No wonder he had hated her and Madame Elianza, Allura spending months torturing him in a similar fashion and never giving him the release he needed. She was ashamed now, realizing she had been needlessly cruel. She hadn’t realized just how bad she had been making the slave suffer, but she was guilty of that crime though her ignorance.

Allura almost wanted to atone now, ready to let her body forever be denied pleasure, the girl biting her lip to keep from making demands of the prince. She barely heard him easing down the zipper of his pants, coming back to the reality of the situation when she felt him rub his cock over her sensitized flesh. “AH!” Her moisture got all over his flesh, Lotor teasing her by rubbing his cock’s head against her clit.

“Don’t tease me anymore!” Allura cried out, and yes she felt trepidation to think he was going to stuff that hardened flesh inside her, but more than that she wanted an end to her frustration.

He didn’t heed her, continuing to rub over her, to the point she did scream, the sound infuriated. She grabbed at his shoulders, locking eyes with him as Lotor continued his rubbing. “Prince Lotor, I want….need you to…to fuck me!” She couldn’t believe what she had said, but he smirked, Lotor looking pleased.

“All right Allura.” Lotor told her. “You asked for this…”

“Yes..YES!” She nodded and cried out, feeling the head start to enter her. It hurt a little, for it was only the second time they had had sex, but her body quickly accommodated his, her slick passage welcoming him inside her. He was still teasing her though, Allura pushing back her hips to try and take more of him.

“Easy Allura, easy…” An amused Lotor advised, holding onto her waist, controlling her movements.

“More! Be quicker!” She demanded, giving into her greed for him. He thrust in the rest of the way, and she nearly came from the sensation of having him inside her. “YES!” Allura screamed, and fought his hold, trying to wiggle and ride on his length. Lotor shifted his hips, and began thrusting inside her, the pace far more gentle and slow compared to the first time he had taken her.

She pulled at his shoulders, Allura trying to get as close against him as possible. He kissed her for that, his hips continuing to push into hers, Lotor thrusting in and out. The feelings intensified, and then she was screaming, her mouth clashing with his, her sounds muffled. Explosions were going off behind her closed eyelids, Allura experiencing an orgasm for the first time.

It was a profound moment, the girl dazed and overwhelmed by the feelings, her body becoming like molasses. She raked her nails down his back, unheeding of the warning not to bleed a Drule, and it was only pure chance that his skin bore light scratches that did not draw blood.

Lotor was moaning too, grunting and panting, muttering things under his breath. She couldn’t really hear him over the heart beat pounding in her ears, Allura finding him biting at her throat once more. A few more powerful poundings of his hip, each friction generating movement of his cock bringing more shivers and spasms through her. And then he thrust in so deep, so hard she knew for sure he was reaching his own release.

A mighty groan, and then liquid warmth filled her, the prince coming inside her. She lay limp against the sheets, not protesting when he collapsed his weight on top of hers. For a few seconds they just lay there, bodies damp with sweat and fluids, hair sticking to each other’s skin. Allura listened to both their breathings, stunned and moved by what had just happened.

She was crying before she realized it, Lotor lifting up off her to touch her cheeks. “Why are you crying?” He looked confused, and worried, surely the prince thought he had failed her again.

“Thank you.” She whispered, and turned to catch his hand with hers. She pressed a kiss into his palm, Allura practically glowing with gratitude and satisfaction. “Thank you so much!”

Lotor smiled at her, and nodded, rolling onto his side to spare her any more of his weight. She immediately snuggled against him, content and wanting that closeness of his touch. Suddenly three years with him didn’t look nearly as bad as it had felt, Allura letting out a choked out laugh that had Lotor grinning.

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