Porcelain 44

She spent the next three days in a daze, Allura riding one high after another, barely having time to herself to do much of anything, let alone think. Not that she tried to do much in depth examination, Allura too busy tending to the prince, Lotor seeming near insatiable when it came to sex and it’s many pleasures. She was having to put all her knowledge to use, slowly developing her own skill and technique all in order to please the prince.

He pleased her too, a fact that left her astounded, Allura remembering how Madame Elianza had warned them that their pleasure would most likely be ignored. But not with Lotor, the prince seeming to derive pleasure out of Allura enjoying herself. It left her purring, and if she let it, Allura felt she could develop her own infatuation with the prince.

That was a danger, Allura knowing she shouldn’t become besotted with any overwhelming affection for Lotor. At best their relationship could only be that of friends, a friendship that shared the benefit of sexual pleasure. He was after all a prince, and she was nothing but his mistress. A body to lay with at night, to comfort his needs and desires but never should love develop.

Of course Madame Elianza had spoken on a few rare cases where a courtesan’s client fell in love with the lady. Those types of attachments could be as lucrative as disastrous, Madame Elianza having listed examples. For every case where a love sick paramour bought the courtesan jewels and land, there was a different, more menacing type. A stalker, who did not understand the need to part with his lover, who went to outrageous lengths to keep her, and displayed jealous fits of temper. Madame Elianza had warned them all not to cultivate love in their client’s heart, the woman not wanting them to endanger themselves in that manner.

She was never told what happened if a courtesan was the one to fall in love, but Allura was sure it ended in misery and heartache. And so she fought not to let her heart be moved by the sensations awakened in her body by Lotor’s touch, Allura instead concentrating on pleasing him. And please him she did, Allura and the prince engaging in sex so often, the cabin began to take on the scent of their arousal, reeking with the scent of musk and spice.

They barely left each other’s side, they ate, showered, and slept together. Such closeness soon had any shyness Allura had been feeling fade away, the girl growing just as familiar with Lotor’s body as her own. She was soon moving around naked with the confidence of one fully clothed, able to parade around in front of Lotor without shame or humiliation. It was easy, especially with the way he looked at her, as though she was his world, primed and ready for conquest.

It was like a dream, and like all dreams, it had to come to an end, Allura conscious that with each day they came closer to Doom. Even that knowledge couldn’t dampen her spirits, not completely, not with Lotor constantly distracting her with his body. And he was a distraction, a worthy one, consuming her so thoroughly it wasn’t until the evening of the fourth day that she realized they had not really talked a true conversation.

Of course they spoke flattering words, praising and complimenting each other. Lotor liked to go on at length about how much he enjoyed her looks, and spoke about what he wanted to do next to her. But they hadn’t exchange any meaningful words, leaving Allura to frown. She didn’t understand why, and she wondered if it was awkwardness of a different kind, the prince perhaps clumsy when talking about memories to an old friend.

“You’re frowning.” Lotor noted from besides her, the prince having spied the expression on her face. “Why?”

“Just thinking.” She answered softly, trying to smile at him.

“Thinking?” a chuckle then, Lotor’s hands reaching for her breasts. “It mustn’t be very pleasant, these thoughts of yours.” A sigh then, Lotor’s thumbs rubbing over her nipples which seemed to stiffen immediately at that insistent touch of his.

“It’s not that…..not exactly…” Allura managed to moan out, trying not to squirm at his caresses.

“Then what is it?” Lotor asked, and she gave a shrug, the motion doing interesting things to her chest. His eyes seemed to gleam at the sight of her breasts jiggling, Lotor cupping them in his large hands.

“Just thinking. We’ll be arriving soon on Doom.”

“Yes…” He leaned in to lick at one stiffened peak, Allura letting out a pleased whimper. “I’m sure it will seem frightening to you at first. But I will do my best to get you used to your new surroundings.”

She wondered if he could, Allura laying back against the pillows, her hands on his back. Her fingers caressed over his shoulder blades, Allura letting out a content sigh. “It won’t be completely new…” She confided, and Lotor looked up with an arched eyebrow.


He sounded so confused, she almost frowned again. “It won’t be my first time on Doom….”

“You’ve been to my home world before?” Lotor asked, but his attention was returning to her breasts, the prince’s mouth closing around her left nipple.

“AH! Yes! It’s been nearly nine years though!” She wiggled, wondering why he seemed not to know that. “I left when I was still a child…” He appeared not to be listening, his mouth busy drawing sucks on her nipple, leaving Allura to whine and shake. The thoughts began to flee from her mind, Allura becoming consumed with being pleased and pleasing the prince.

Lotor’s mouth was greedy, drawing in more of her breast so that he sucked not just on her nipple, but the breast around it. It was quite the mouthful he took, the prince’s strong hands on her waist, holding her down even as she gave vocal praise to his technique.

He soon had her panting, Allura wet and ready for him, the girl reaching down to grasp hold of his cock. It throbbed with life, warm and hard in her hands, the girl
stroking him in manner designed to drive him just as wild as she was. It wasn’t long before he was chasing away her hands, the prince determined to use another part of her to gain satisfaction for them both.

Without breaking his mouth’s contact on her breast, Lotor slipped inside Allura, the girl’s head tossing back as she issued out a moan. Allura lifted her legs, and locked them firmly in place around Lotor, the prince already gearing up to thrust. She pushed forward when he started to withdraw, Allura following his body so that they wouldn’t separate. It made Lotor growl, the prince becoming more aggressive in his actions, his hips starting to do powerful slams into her.

“Yes!” Allura moaned, thinking how far they had come. What had once seemed so unpleasant now was true heaven, the girl enjoying sex no matter how fast or rough Lotor sometimes got. She found she enjoyed his fast pace almost as much as she enjoyed the soft rhythm he set up when he was slow and patient with her.

Her hands slid down his back, coming to rest on the curve of his ass, Allura squeezing him as she held on. That seemed to make him go faster, Lotor moaning into her skin, her breast falling free of his mouth. She didn’t care, the pleasure between her legs was more than enough to make up for the end of the teasing he did to her nipples.

It was too soon since their last joining, neither Allura nor Lotor had the ability to last for much longer. He brought her screaming to the edge then over it, Allura feeling her climax wash over her. Her body grew tighter around his, doing a quick succession of squeezes that wrung out Lotor’s own release, leaving Allura sticky but satisfied with the proof of a job well done.

They were left panting, laying side by side, staring up at the ceiling. Her thoughts were jumbled, Allura forgetting all about what she had been trying to talk to him about. There existed only this moment, the pinnacle of good sex, where both partners were satisfied with what had happened.

“We should be landing soon.” Lotor said a few minutes later, breaking the silence that had existed between them. “Enough time to take a quick shower, and get ready.”

“Yes…” agreed Allura, though in truth she wanted to roll over and go to sleep in his arms. “Just give me a minute to recover.”

“Take all the time you need.” Lotor said, already shifting to get off the bed. “I think it’s better if we take separate showers this once. Otherwise we might find ourselves….engaged with something other than getting clean.”

She giggled at that, remembering how he had jumped on her the last time they had tried to shower, the prince pinning her to the wet tile, and taking her there. “All right. But save some hot water for me.” Lotor nodded, and disappeared inside the bathroom, Allura still laying on her back. She knew a silly grin was on her face, and not even the thought that they would soon be setting foot on Doom could banish the happy expression.

A good ten minutes or more went by before she could move, her legs still feeling like jelly as she inched off the bed. She almost stumbled, the girl giggling at herself as she walked over to one of her bags to pick out an outfit to wear. It would be the first time in days that she actually wore something more than a robe, Allura digging out a dress that was colored in several shades of purple.

She was in the midst of locating the heels that went with the dress when Lotor sauntered out of the bathroom, wrapped in nothing but a towel. She glanced at him, and it was a mouth watering view, Allura allowing her admiration to seep into her eyes.

“Oh no…” Laughter was in his eyes, Lotor grinning. “If you keep looking at me in that way, we’ll never leave this room!”

“Sorry..” She murmured, hardly apologetic. Her hands closed around a high heel, Allura turning her attention back to the bag. A few more rummages and then she found the right shoe, Allura gathering up her things and walking into the bathroom. She wanted to hurry, and yet at the feel of the hot water she sighed, and stood there, enjoying getting clean.

It was only the water turning cool that had her stepping out of the shower, Allura grumbling softly to herself about selfish princes using up all the hot water. She dried off and dressed, adding silver chains that roped around her waist, and bracelets that jangled on her wrists. She gave a critical look at her reflection, remembering how Madame Elianza had always stressed to dress well enough to make a lasting impression.

Nodding to herself, Allura decided she was as composed as she was ever going to be for a return to Doom. A nervous smoothing down of her skirts with her hands, and then Allura was walking out of the bathroom. A fully dressed Lotor turned, and now it was his turn to stare, his jaw seeming to drop at the sight of her.

“You’re staring.” Allura said, delighted by his reaction to her. It seemed even dressed her body held power over him.

“Not even the Gods themselves would find fault with my looking at you.” Lotor told her, earning a blush in response. “You look amazing. If we weren’t pressed for time, I’d be all over you.”

“Oh? And just what would you do?” She teased him with a flirtatious smile, having a good idea the kind of things running through the prince’s mind. He flashed his own grin at her, the look devious.

“I could tell you, but just the act of speaking would compel me to do it to you.” He stepped towards her anyway, his hands reaching for her bare arms. She shivered at the contact of his warm hands, Lotor pulling her against him. She was already going on tip toe, head bent backwards to steal the kiss he offered her. She had meant for it to be relatively chaste, but at the touching of their mouths, they both deepened it into something more passionate.

It was with extreme reluctance Allura pulled back from Lotor, the girl feeling a tremble go through him. “You said it yourself. We can’t delay any longer.”

“Unfortunately no…” Lotor sighed, and released his hold on her. She raised her hand, running it through her hair in an attempt to smooth it down. “Come…we can watch our arrival from the deck.”

“Okay. I’d like that.” Allura said, taking hold of the arm he offered her. Together they moved, Lotor unlocking the cabin door, and guiding her out into the hall. There was hardly anyone around, save for one lonely guard that patrolled the corridor.

“No doubt the men and women are all busy with landing preparations.” Lotor told her, Allura allowing her hand on his arm to guide her in the direction he wanted to go. “They haven’t had much to do on this journey. We’ve been lucky…”


“Yes.” A nod of his head, Lotor smiling though it was without humor to it. “Demos could have attacked at any moment. I guess they did not realize the crown prince was traveling on this ship.” She shivered, Lotor patting her hand. “Don’t worry Allura. They wouldn’t have been able to take us. Not without a fight. And Doom has proven victorious in most of the battles with that fledgling empire.”

“Will there ever come a time when Doom and Demos stop fighting?” She wondered out loud, and Lotor shook his head no.

“No, never.” He paused, as though uncertain of what he was about to say to her. “I won’t rest until that foul Empire is completely destroyed. The King must pay for his crimes.”

“Crimes?” She was a little freaked out by the look he wore, the way hatred had flashed into his eyes when he spoke about destroying Demos and it’s king. “What has Demos done exactly?” Allura hesitated, not sure she should be asking him. Was this a breach of courtesan etiquette to be prying into an Empire’s problems? She simply did not know, nor was she prepared for the flash of raw pain to appear in Lotor’s eyes.

“Demos…took someone from me.” He explained, then sighed. “A very important person. She died because of their ambition.”

“I….I’m sorry.” Allura didn’t know what to do, not sure Lotor would accept a comforting hug from her in this moment.

“I’ll never forget what they did. Never forgive their King for ordering the attacks that killed her.” Continued Lotor, his free hand making a fist. “If I have to, I’ll destroy each and every planet to get to that king of theirs….”

“She must have been very special to inspire such fierce devotion.” Allura murmured, Lotor nodding his head.

“She was. She was my friend, and I miss her…”

“Just a friend? Ah…forgive me for prying. You don’t have to answer that.” Allura told him, and Lotor allowed a smile to appear on his face. It was strained though, pain still reflected in his eyes.

“Are you perhaps jealous of my friend?” She turned red at his teasing, Lotor laughing at her reaction. That seemed to be the end of the conversation, the two having arrived at double doors that pulled open as they drew near.
She got her first glimpse of the deck, a wide open space that over looked the ship’s command center. Elevated above the command center, it formed a kind of giant balcony, a railing in place to allow those to peer downwards without falling. The sounds of the command center drifted upwards, a loud murmur of noises as people shouted out orders, and electronics beeped and whirred.

They weren’t completely alone here on the deck, Allura spying a few off duty ship hands leaning against the railing. They appeared to be in deep conversation, barely paying attention to the view offered behind them. Lotor guided her closer to the railing, the girl getting her first glimpse of planet Doom in nearly nine years. It took her breath away, and not in a good way, Allura seeing the brown and gray planet with a despairing eye.

They were already in the ending stages of descent, she could see a city in the distance, it’s gray towers reaching for the sky. The city was a lit up marvel, lights twinkling everywhere, adding shine to the darkness of a Doom evening. It was actually the first time she had seen the city, Allura remembering how they had never left the castle as children. Even when she had been transported off Doom to go to Zabatos, she had been too out of it to even look out a window, let alone appreciate the view offered from such a height.

Past the city, barely noticeable from this distance was the castle, it’s own lights flashing. She felt a start of fright go through her, Allura tightening her grip on Lotor’s arm. There was so many memories tied to that place, more bad than good, leaving Allura to fight a dizzy, nauseous feeling. She tried to tell herself it would be different this time around, she was a grown woman now, and no longer at the mercy of a King’s cruel whim.

Besides, she felt sure Lotor would protect her from Zarkon, the girl giving the Drule a side long glance. He had come into his height, his muscled arms hinting at the power he held inside him. He was no longer a boy, but a capable young man, one who could surely stand up to his father if the need arose.

“What do you think Allura?” Lotor was looking at her, studying her face for her reaction to the planet.

“It’s…” She hesitated, so many words wanting to come out. She settled on one, stammering out her reply. “It’s nice.”

“No, it’s not.” A derisive snort from Lotor, the man amused. “It’s neither pretty on the eyes, nor warming to the heart. It’s a cold, cruel world, practically dead. But you’re kind to speak nicely of it.”

Allura didn’t know what to say to that, so she turned her gaze back towards the city they were flying over. Lotor leaned into her, his arm extended to point various buildings out to her. “One day soon, I will take you to the city. There’s fun to be had there.”

“I’d like that.” Allura said, glancing at him once more. He was so close, perhaps more than was proper outside the privacy of the bedroom. She suddenly wanted to put distance between them, Allura aware the other ship hands were looking at them.

“It might be far from home…” continued Lotor, straightening once more. “But it won’t be all bad. I’ll find plenty to keep you busy with so you won’t have time to be sick with longing for Ranxhi and your friends.”

She had a feeling he might be able to do that, if the last few days were anything to judge by. After their moment in the bathroom, she hadn’t once given thought to how homesick she felt, Allura too busy with the tasks Lotor set out for her. Of course she wasn’t so naive as to believe he’d spend every waking moment having sex with her. The time on board this ship was special, Lotor being free of his princely duty. But she had hopes that between spending time with him and navigating the complexities of the Drule court she would find a way to keep herself distracted.

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