Porcelain 49

The robeast beneath his feet was still alive, just barely, it’s chest rising and falling with every whimper. Lotor could hear a wet sucking sound to it’s breathing, hinting that it’s lungs were filling with fluid. He didn’t help matters, standing posed on top of the beast’s chest, watching it struggle for breath. The creature was too stupid to realize what was happening to it, it’s eyes still holding it’s angry fury. If it could muster up the strength it would have attacked Lotor, but for now all it could do was flop around like a boneless entity.

Perhaps it was less Drule of him that Lotor took pity on the monster, the prince driving his sword downwards to stab into the creature’s heart. It was a direct blow, lazon splitting open the heart and causing the light to die down in the robeaat’s eyes. It fell still after a great shudder, Lotor jerking out his sword, and raising it in the air. The crowd screamed out it’s approval, and he was nearly blinded by the lights that went flashing off around him.

He smiled for his audience, not all of the look fake. After so long an absence from killing, it almost felt good to give in to the violence of the arena. He spun slowly on top of the beast, allowing a new angle for the pictures. He could hear them chanting his name, screaming and going wild, and it made him smile wider. He glanced towards the direction of the royal balcony, eyes seeking out approval.

And stopped, stunned. There was his mistress, Allura sitting in the front of the row of seats placed inside the balcony box. His father, who should have been sitting besides her, was nowhere to be found. It was a disappearance he didn’t care about, Zarkon having been presented for hundreds of similar fights performed in the arena. No. What bothered him was the man sitting next to Allura, although sitting was too mild a word for what the Drule was doing.

He could see them, leaning in to each other, faces close as though they had just broken apart from a kiss. The Drule had his hands on Allura, one cupping the side of her face, keeping her close to him. Lotor heard a growl, and realized it was himself that was responsible for that sound, something like jealous rage working it’s way to the front of his emotions.

Allura suddenly turned her head, as though sensing his eyes on her. He saw the shock on her face when their gazes locked together, the girl’s lips parting in a gasp. Was that guilt in her eyes? It made him even more furious, Lotor sure he had caught her doing something inappropriate. It left him wondering what he would have seen if he had looked just a fraction of a second earlier. Would he have seen her kissing that other Drule? He did not know, and that upset him all the more, Lotor growing deaf to the roar of the crowd.

His adoring public wanted an encore, they wanted to see him kill again. He thought he could arrange that in the moment, but not with robeasts, his eyes narrowing as he looked away from Allura and at the Drule. This far away he wasn’t sure which of the nobles that man was, but he didn’t care, Lotor wanting to challenge him to a duel. It was his right, Allura belonged to him, and damn if he wouldn’t fight anyone who so much as looked at her covetously.

The crowd was chanting his name, trying to goad him into another fight. He barely heard the disappointed moans, Lotor lowering his sword as he leaped off of the robeast’s body. He shook his sword, the blood flying free of the lazon blade, and then he was sheathing it at his side. He didn’t glance back in Allura’s direction, instead stalking towards the warrior’s exit.

Having seen his intent to leave, human slaves were released into the arena, those men ready to remove the robeasts and get the pit ready for the next fight. Lotor barely paid them a second glance, stalking through the doorway and into the tunnel that led into the inside of the arena. Cossack was there, waiting for him, a drink in hand which Lotor snatched at.

“That was some fight.” Cossack said admiringly, watching as Lotor gulped down the brandy. “There had been talk that you had gotten rusty in the two months that you stopped fighting but..” A chuckle, the young Drule amused. “After today’s performance, there will be no doubt about that.”

A stoned faced expression was Lotor’s response, the prince shoving his glass at Cossack. The Drule moved to approach Lotor, hands already reaching to help him unfasten his armor. “Leave it.” Lotor said, pushing Cossack away from him.

“Oh? Are you going to fight another match after all?” Cossack asked, trailing behind Lotor as the prince began prowling the chamber. He did not flinch when Lotor violently threw his shield at the wall, exhibiting enough force to cause the plaster to shake free.

“Maybe.” Lotor growled in response, thinking of Allura and that other Drule.

“Should I have them pick out an especially vicious robeast this time around?” questioned Cossack, surely having sensed what a bad mood his prince was in.

“I have a different prey in mind.” Lotor retorted, and was walking past the showers to draw near to the doors that led into the castle.

“Different prey?” Cossack was confused, and even more so when Lotor moved to open the doors. “Don’t you want to wash off the blood first, your highness?”

Lotor almost whirled to face the Drule, pausing before the open doors. Such was his anger that even the stench of blood, which normally by this point was overwhelming him to the point of illness, barely registered in the moment. He glanced down at himself, knowing his garments were wet and sticky with blood, the gore hidden mostly by the black coloring of his armor.

“No.” Lotor said, and stalked out into the castle. He didn’t want to waste a minute of his anger, but more than that, the prince was paranoid Allura would continue to humiliate him with that other man. He had to go to her, put a stop to such foolishness at once.

Again he growled, startling the people who he passed as he walked hurriedly towards the other side of the castle. He refused to break into a run, not wanting to become completely undignified, but the urge to hurry was great. His anger continued, Lotor flashing back to the instant he had spied Allura leaning into the other Drule. Is that how she behaved once apart from him, shamelessly flirting with the first man to come along? He didn’t know, well aware he had kept her isolated from the men and women aboard the war ship.

She had to know, had to be made to understand that he would not allow her to so much as look at another man with a considering eye. He didn’t want his mistress even talking to another unless Lotor was there to supervise it, and some small part of him recognized that he was harboring an irrational jealousy inside him. He tried to tell himself it wasn’t any feelings he had for the girl save for the possessiveness he felt in keeping close tabs on his property.

And that was what she was, Allura his possession, one he spent hundreds of thousands of credits to acquire. She needed to learn her place, needed to know just what it was he required of her when he wasn’t making use of her body. He growled again, spying the doors that led up to the royal balcony. The guards took one look at him, and began hurriedly pulling open the doors.

Lotor didn’t acknowledge them, just rushing up the steps, and bursting out of the opening into the balcony box. A gasp was heard, Lotor recognizing it as Allura’s, the other Drules were surprised to see his sudden entrance but kept from making any unnecessary sounds. It was all too human of her to voice her surprise, his gaze narrowing in on the fact she was still sitting with that Drule, her hands being held by his.

“Your highness…” Allura began, and he saw her jerk her hands free of the man’s grasp, the faintest of blushes on her cheeks. The man next to her turned, Lotor recognizing him at last, a Lord by the name of Tarak, one of his father’s faithful lap dogs. “That….that was a marvelous fight,”

“Yes. congratulations on your success.” Tarak seemed to smirk at him, Lotor holding back a growl. “You’re in top fighting form…no doubt the two months you spent away from the arena served you well. You seemed even quicker and more ruthless than normal.”

“Pent up energy.” Lotor retorted. “It’s good to release it every now and then.”

“Indeed it is.” Tarak agreed, and suddenly touched Allura’s arm. Lotor took a step forward before he could stop himself, the growl escaping him.

“Don’t touch her.”

“Your highness?” Tarak asked, not lifting his hand off of Allura. The girl’s eyes were huge, but she made no move to shrug off Tarak’s touch. That only incensed Lotor further, the prince striding towards them. Wisely the other Drules vacated to the opposite side of the box, quick to get out of the way but stay in viewing distance of the scandal that was surely brewing.

“I said don’t touch her!” Lotor snapped, already drawing his sword. Tarak’s eyes widened slightly, the man pulling his hand back even as the prince pointed his blade at him.

“Your highness, what are you doing?!” Allura asked, sounding a bit too breathless in the moment.

“Don’t speak Allura, unless I ask you too!” Lotor snarled at her, but his eyes were all for Tarak.

“Prince Lotor, what is this about?!” Tarak demanded, holding himself as still as a statue so as not to draw any more attention to himself.

“You dared lay hands on what belongs to your prince.” Lotor told him, hearing Allura gasp again. “I could kill you for that insult alone!”

“The Lady and I were merely talking….” began Tarak, and Allura gave an emphatic nod of her head.

“It’s true.” Lotor growled at her to be silent, not liking that she disobeyed a direct command from him. “Lord Tarak was merely extending an invitation for us both to attend his party…”

“Since when do you invite me to your parties?!” Lotor demanded. “You’re my father’s private boot licker, not mine!”

If he was human, Tarak would have colored at the insult, the man’s eyes narrowing into a glare. “Be careful with your words, sire. You may be my prince, but I am allowed to defend myself against such slurs.”

“It’s only your position in the court that has kept me from running you through this instant.” Lotor snapped back. “Keep that in mind lest you say something even more foolish.”

“It is not I who is acting foolish.” Tarak retorted. “I understand the lady is beautiful, but do try to keep a hold of your head. Your behavior is deplorable, your actions practically that of an insane man. We were merely talking…”

“It looked like a lot more than talking to me!” Lotor hissed, sword still pointed in Tarak’s face.

The Drule laughed, and it took every ounce of Lotor’s will power not to run him through with the sword. “Are you jealous? My, my, she must be good to get you to react so passionately. Or maybe she’s a witch that has bespelled you..!”

Lotor’s gaze was unwavering, though Tarak’s words gave him pause. He had felt strange ever since he had first seen Allura, had first SMELLED her. Could it be something more was going on here than pure attraction, could she be using some kind of trick to make him go so wild?

“I wonder what your father would think, to know his son was so out of control over some woman?” Tarak continued, tone thoughtful, expression sly.

“Are you trying to threaten me now?” Lotor demanded, then snorted as Tarak tried to deny he had done that. “It matters not what you say or not say.” He raised his voice, making sure all in the box heard him. “What any of you say. This girl is my business, my property to do with as I see fit. And that includes defending her from those who seek to make use of her in ANY way.”

Tarak seemed to breathe a a sigh of relief as Lotor sheathed his sword, the prince giving him one last glare that let the Lord know how lucky he had been. Allura however was still staring shocked, lips parted in an o of surprise as she gaped at Lotor. He didn’t like that expression on her face, the prince suddenly growling at her. “Get up.”

“Your highness?” She didn’t move.

“I said get up!” Lotor snapped, and grabbed her by the left arm. She seemed to wince at how tight his grip was, his fingers digging into her arm as he bodily dragged her from her seat. She wisely did not protest this, and none of the Drules present sought to prevent his rough treatment of his mistress.

Walking with his head held high, Lotor dragged her unprotesting form towards the staircase, the girl grasping hold of the rail in a desperate attempt not to fall down. It was only concern that she break her neck if she fell, that Lotor slowed his pace, but once free of the staircase, he resumed dragging her through the castle. It was after they made it into a second corridor that she spoke, her voice high with nervousness.

“Just where are you taking me?!” Allura demanded, and he whirled around to glare at her.

“To get some answers!” Lotor snapped, and resumed dragging her through the castle. They walked several more feet in relative quiet, Allura easily following him though he did not relax his hold on her arm.

“Answers?” She at last asked, Lotor nodding his head. “Answers to what?!”

He waited until they reached her room, Lotor flinging open the doors, and throwing her to her knees. “Answers to whatever magic you are using to make me feel this way!”

“Magic?” She blinked rapidly, her look showing how insane she thought he was in the moment. “What are you talking about?! I have no magic!”

“Then it’s something you bought, or were given. Maybe Madame Elianza gave it to you, in order to lure a prince to your side!”

“She wouldn’t have done that!” Allura retorted, tone a tad too defiant for his liking. “She wouldn’t have given any of us an unfair advantage over the other.”

“But you have it all the same!” Lotor snapped out, approaching her with fury flashing in his eyes.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m talking about this!” She flinched when he bent over her, Lotor snagging a handhold on her hair. She held back a cry when he pressed his face against her hair, Lotor inhaling deeply, getting the scent of flowers. Even in his anger it aroused him, Lotor feeling the first flickers of desire course through him. “Why does this smell affect me so much?! It’s just flowers…it shouldn’t, and yet it drives me wild!”

She was staring at him, whole body trembling, Lotor letting go of her hair to haul her up off the floor. He didn’t stop smelling at her, pressing his nose into the crook of her shoulder. “It’s all over you. Your hair, your skin, your clothes. Do you feel it Allura?!” He brushed his groin against her, letting her feel the hardness that was starting to take root in his pants. “Do you feel what it does to me?!”

“I feel it.” She whispered hoarsely. “But I swear I am not wearing any scent to purposefully do this to you!”

He let out an anguished sound, suddenly shoving her away from him. She back pedaled and managed to stay upright long enough to fall against the wall, breathing almost as heavily as he. He gave her a glare and then stalked into the bedroom, and began rooting through her belongings. He tried the closest first, pulling dress after dress out and onto the floor, looking to see if she had anything hidden in their pockets.

Allura cautiously stepped into the room, her footsteps muffled in the ankle thick carpet. She just looked at the mess he was making, the girl silent and afraid. “If not a perfume, than a magic charm of some kind. Some kind of symbol sewn into your clothes, or kept hidden among your belongings.”

“There is none.” Allura said, and he snorted in disgust, moving over to her vanity. He began opening bottles of perfume, taking deep sniffs of each fragrance, but could not find one that matched the smell of flowers fresh after a spring rain. He sloppily spilled the fragrant liquids as he slammed the bottles back down, not bothering to replace the tops.

“Those were expensive..” Allura murmured, but he didn’t care. If he was wrong about her, he’d buy her ones to replace any he damaged. He even took the time to sniff at all her powders and lipsticks, determined to find proof of her deception. In the end he found nothing, and began pulling open the drawers, upending it’s contents in an attempt to find the magic symbol of power.

He found lace under garments instead, flimsy bits of silk and satin, things that drove him wild to imagine them on Allura’s body. He forced back a moan, and turned to her, and she went even wider eyed at his tortured expression. “Please your highness…” She tried again to get through to him, Lotor narrowing his eyes into a glare. “I don’t have anything like you say…I’ve used no tricks on you…”

“And that is suspicious of itself!” Lotor said, and turned the last drawer upside down.

“There’s nothing to find!”

“Nothing to find, is there?” He demanded, and stalked towards her. She tried to stand her ground, but ultimately fled backwards to the nearest wall. “Then let’s see if there is something to wash off!”

‘What?!” She all but shrieked, Lotor tearing off Allura’s form fitting dress. He made quick work of her underwear, and then tossed her over his shoulder. She actually formed fists and struck at his back, protesting his action both verbally and physically. Lotor ignored the blows, and carried her into the bathroom, stalking towards the shower enclosure.

He dumped her inside, and closed the glass door behind him. He didn’t care that he was about to get wet, Lotor turning on all the faucets, so that multiple shower heads began raining water down on them. The water turned pink from the blood that had been covering his clothes, Lotor hauling a naked Allura up right, soap in hand as he began scrubbing at her body.

She wiggled and squirmed, the prince having to pin her against the wall to wash her body more thoroughly. “Stop it!” It was more plea than anger, Allura pushing at his chest. “I didn’t drug you!”

“No?” Lotor dropped the soap, his hands pulling at his armor. He couldn’t get the fastenings open, the prince having to settle with opening his pants to show her his erect cock. “Then how do you explain this?!”

“I cannot.” She admitted staring.

“Why do you affect me so?!” Lotor demanded, and suddenly was kissing her, his body pressed against hers, cock hot and eager for her. “Tarak was right. You make me lose control.”

“I’m sorry…” She whispered, his arms around her, crushing her to him. “I don’t mean to…”

“I can still smell it on you, even after all that soap.” He groaned, and began feverishly kissing her. “It’s driving me wild, and that’s making me angry. Almost as angry as I was when I saw you practically kissing Tarak!”

“We didn’t kiss!” Allura protested in between the brushing of their lips together. “We merely talked…”

‘You were holding hands.” Lotor pointed out, pulling back enough to stare into her eyes. “You let him touch you.”

“It was all his doing.” Allura replied. “I would never cheat on you in any way!”

“You better not.” He warned, and kissed her again. “Because I fear for us both what will happen if you do.” The time for talking seemed at an end, Lotor feeling Allura shiver as he kissed her. She whimpered as he pressed his mouth more insistently against her, lips slow to open to his advance. But open they did, Lotor quick to slide his tongue into her hot little mouth, his body rubbing his erection insistently against her belly.

“Maybe you should send me back…” Her suggestion shocked him, Lotor letting out a vocal protest. “If I’m really driving you this nuts…it would be best for both of us if you were rid of me…”

“It might.” He allowed, then nipped at her throat. “But damn if the thought doesn’t tear me up inside.” Another shiver of her body, Lotor licking the drops of moisture off her neck. “I paid a good amount of money for you…I don’t intend to send you back just yet. Not until I understand what it is about you that makes me so wild…”

“All…all right…” She said, though he knew she really didn’t have a choice. She couldn’t end her own contact, Allura’s fate locked with his so long as he wanted her.

“But there will be rules to follow.” He warned, voice a harsh whisper in her ear. “You can’t just do as you please. You can’t flirt with other men….”

“I wasn’t flirting…” Allura protested, then moaned, Lotor’s hand having slipped between her legs. “Your highness…”

“No flirting Allura. That means no coy looks, no unsupervised encounters with other men.” Lotor worked his fingers over the folds of her flesh, feeling out each bit carefully with the pads of his fingertips. She wiggled and moaned, legs spreading wider for him, an unspoken plea for him to thrust his fingers inside her. He didn’t respond in the way her body begged him too, Lotor determined to torment her as much as she had him.

“What about the women?!” Allura asked, tone tart. “Can I be alone with other women?!”

“I’ll think about it.” Lotor said, remembering Allura telling him she had been trained to please women as well as men. “But first I want to hear you admit you are mine.”

“I am yours.” She instantly replied, and he growled, pulling back his hand.

“I want to hear you say it like you mean it!”

“I do mean it, your highness!” Allura insisted, her own hand reaching for his erection. “Let me prove it to you..” Her fingers curled around his length, the girl giving teasing squeezes of his swollen flesh. His eyes fell close, Lotor doing a testing thrust into her fist.

“This is a very convincing argument…” He moaned, feeling her hand pump up and down his shaft. He let her stroke him up and down for a few seconds more, and then was grabbing at her wrist. “But I want something more…”

“More?” She looked startled at that, even as Lotor was lifting her right leg, allowing her to hook it over his hip. He rubbed his swollen cock’s head against her sex, rubbing it right over her clit which made Allura moan and toss back her head.

“Yes, more.” Lotor said, and shifted enough to allow his dick to line up with the opening of her body. “Scream for me Allura.” He ordered, and began pushing into her. She let out a sound, a loud moan but it wasn’t the scream he had asked for.

“Louder.” Lotor said, holding back his own moan as he sank himself into her tight sheathe. “Harder, let it all out.”

“YES!” Allura said, moan emphasizing her pleasure. She hook her left leg around him, forcing Lotor to grip her bottom, as he and the wall supported her off the floor. The shower heads continued to pelt them with warm water, Lotor thrusting in that final inch that seated him fully inside her. “oooh….your highness….!”

“Mine Allura. Say it!” Lotor said, staying still, just enjoying the feel of her squeezing around him.

“Yours! I am yours.” Allura said, and with a grunt of satisfaction he began to move. She wiggled and bounced into him, breasts jiggling like crazy. He moaned and began building up rhythm between them, Allura continuing to cry out, voice sounding more and more certain with every thrust. “I belong to you!”

“Yes! Yes, you do!” Lotor growled in agreement, kissing her hard. His hips went wild, pounding into her, and it wasn’t long before he brought them both, the two screaming as they rode each other into a climax. They were left leaning into the wall, Allura’s legs still locked into place around him, as Lotor grew soft inside her. He let out happy sounds of contentment, his anger gone as suddenly as it had come. That alone should have been troubling, Lotor wondering why sex with Allura could have such a calming effect on him.

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