Porcelain 53

She had experienced a small number of kisses in her life, having practiced her technique on Corrum and the slave Madame Elianza had kept as a teaching aide. Most of her experience came from Prince Lotor, Allura exchanging many kisses with the young ruler. But nothing had prepared her for the sheer and utter foulness of being kissed by someone she utterly despised, Allura’s mouth open in shock as Zarkon’s tongue wormed it’s way past her teeth.

She wanted to bite down on that offending muscle, to cause him pain that would get him to reconsider his interest in her. Fear for what the punishment would be for her refusal kept her from moving, Allura making a strangled sound as Zarkon took his time exploring her mouth’s insides. His tongue was obscene, rubbing along the contours of her mouth, brushing insistently against her own tongue.

His hand slid back from her cheek, fingers tangling into her twist, claws snagging on tightly wound strands that came undone from her bun. His other hand, resting on her hip tightened, claws digging into her dress as Allura continued to struggle against him. Zarkon made a sound, and to her horror she realized it was a moan, the king getting off on kissing her.

She tried her best to push him away, hands firm against his chest. But she was literally trapped, the wall of the alcove pressed against her back, the unyielding body of the King in front of her. She could barely breathe, and when she tried Allura inhaled the scent of Zarkon, some spicy musk with the barest hint of after shave. She was choking on his nearness, the King suffocating her to the point she started to sag.

His arms moved, the King enveloping her in his embrace. One last insistent rub of his tongue, and then he was nipping at her bottom lip, hard enough that his fangs split it, Allura tasting blood. Zarkon got a quick taste of her blood as well, the king licking his lips in satisfaction.

“You taste as sweet as you look Allura.” He told her, and she was hardly pleased by his words. “You truly are a fitting delicacy for a royal.” He leaned in again, tongue
lapping at the blood that trickled down from her lip. She couldn’t help shuddering at that, which earned a smirk from Zarkon. “You don’t like being bled do you? No matter….you’ll soon learn what an honor it is to be drank by me.”

“I doubt that very much!” Allura snapped, in between harsh pants for air. He just smiled and removed his claws from her hair, the French twist style ruined with all the
strands that had broken free of her bun.

“Even disheveled, you are as pretty as a picture.” He was complimenting her, and that upset Allura all the more, the girl giving another push at his chest. What she really wanted to do was slap him for his daring, but she feared the penalty she would pay for assaulting the King of the Drule Empire.

“You concern yourself too much with me.” Allura said, pleased her voice didn’t sound as shaky as it had a moment ago. She brought up her hand to wipe away the blood, and suddenly Zarkon’s fingers were around her wrist.

“Allow me…” He said, leaning into her for a third time.

“You needn’t bother…” She began, but he was already licking at her lip, going so far as to begin sucking on the wound his fangs had made. She shuddered again, and shoved harder, hands sliding across his silk shirt.

“Allura, my dear…” He was purring, staring at her with half lidded eyes that gave him a spoiled, indulgent look. “You’ll learn soon enough not to stop me from doing what I want.”

“I’m not your dear.” She quickly responded, not liking that he resumed touching her face with his fingers. It was an odd, gentle touch he exerted, as though she was glass he feared he’d shatter with too much pressure.

“Not yet.” Came his answer, and she lifted a brow at that.

“Yes…I believe you mentioned something about a change…” Allura said, hoping to get answers from him. “But I fail to see how you will come to hold my contract. His highness, the prince will not part with it.”

“You underestimate me if you think I will not manage to get everything I want.” He chuckled, his fingers still stroking her cheeks. “My son may pout and throw objections, but ultimately he will see the course I set us out on is the right one to take.”

“What does that mean?” A frustrated Allura asked, wanting to get a more clear answer from the King. He held up a finger before her lips, silencing her with a shush.

“You mustn’t worry so much Allura…frown lines are so unbecoming in a woman.” His words made her want to frown, Allura forcing her expression to be blank of emotion instead.

“What do you want with me?” It was foolish as soon as she said it, Allura holding a good idea of just what the king wanted to do to her.

He tsked, tongue clucking loudly against his teeth. “You disappoint me by asking such an obvious question. You know what I want.”

“Why me?” She tried again, only her hands keeping him from pressing any firmer into her front. “I mean….you could have any woman you want….why bother with your son’s mistress?”

For a second he looked troubled, pulling back to look at her. “I can’t help the way I feel. There’s something about you. Something familiar…it brings up long buried feelings….”

“It’s my scent isn’t it…?” A depressed Allura asked. “It’s attracting you to me, isn’t it?”

“Well, I won’t deny that plays a part in it….as does your beauty.” He smiled at her, Allura realizing that was his attempt to be charming. “But you’ve also proven to be an intelligent woman, as well as a strong one. I’ve seen how you’ve handled the sights at my court….you’ve impressed me Allura. You didn’t even scream, not one time.”

“If I admitted that I wanted to, that I was so scared out of my wits it was all I could do to stand there, would that turn you off?” She was without hope as she asked that question, especially when Zarkon shook his head no.

“I just admire you more for being able to maintain your composure given the feelings you kept bottled up inside.”

She sighed then, put out and depressed by his words. “I’m really not trying to attract you.”

“Yes, I realize that.” Another smile. “It’s refreshing given all the women who I surround myself with. They’re like little dogs, yapping for attention, eager to do tricks on
command….They fall in line, eager to be chosen….”

“So you want what you can’t have.” Allura said, and he chuckled, shaking his head.

“There’s NOTHING I can’t have. Even you will not prove to be the exception to this. You may resist me at first if you like, but you too will do as I say. You’ll have no choice.”

“‘Because you will own my contract?” She asked with a dull tone.

“Well, yes. It binds you to be whatever your buyer wants you to be. If I want you to be a good little girl, nice and obedient for me, you will.” Zarkon told her, smirking at Allura.

“Won’t that make me like all those women you are tired of?” She wondered out loud.

“We’ll know better.” His smirk did not falter, Zarkon leaning in to whisper in her ear. “You can play the good girl in public, but resist me all you like in the privacy of my chambers. Won’t that be fun my dear…?”

It didn’t sound fun at all, Allura shuddering as she felt Zarkon’s lips brush over the curve of her ear. “You’re a sadist.” She told him, and he laughed at that, voicing agreement. “You get off on causing pain to others, don’t you?”

“You’re in no position to hold it against me…” Zarkon told her, tongue flicking against her ear. “No matter what fancy title you give yourself, you’re little better than a whore, only the class of the cliental you serve differs you from one that works in a brothel.”

“And you’ll never miss a chance to remind me of what I really am, will you?” Allura demanded, and he pulled back to look at her again.

“Is that upset I hear in your voice?” He smiled, extraordinarily pleased with himself. “Does being a whore bother you Allura? Did I strike a nerve?”

She hesitated, Allura knowing it hadn’t bothered her until she arrived on Doom, and people began tossing that word at her. “I wasn’t always a courtesan.”


“It wasn’t my choice to be one, but circumstances led me to this fate.” Allura continued, and Zarkon nodded.

“Yes, I know.”

“You know?!” Wide eyed and gasping, Allura stared at him shocked.

“I’ve been looking into your past.” She was sure all the color fled her cheeks, Allura going pale with shock and horror.

“Why?!” She squeaked out, stricken beyond belief. “Why would you do such a thing?!”

He fixed her with a strange look, Zarkon answering. “It’s not that unusual a practice. I make sure the people around me and my son are safe. I’m sure Lotor has been too besotted with sex to even think of doing a background check. Foolish of him, but luckily he has me to clean up his messes for him.”

“Messes…” She repeated dully, sure her skin as breaking out in goose bumps. How much did Zarkon know? Had he tracked down who she really was? She was sure he did not know, because how else could she still be alive. And yet she wondered if a little more prying would get him all the closer to the truth of who Allura really was.

“He’s always been stupid when it comes to women.” Zarkon explained. “Inviting any and all strumpets to his bed. You could have been an assassin planted in the Madame’s brothel, it’s not unheard of for our enemies to send a killer disguised as a beautiful woman. I had to be certain of who—what you are.”

“And are you?” Allura asked, voice soft and small. “Certain that is?”

“I know you were an orphan before the Madame took you in. You were on that pitiful planet Zabatos, parents just another casualty of that war. In a way you were fortunate, the Madame adopting you. Saved you from the slave pits or worse….” He leaned in to nuzzled his lips against the side of her neck, she could feel them moving as he whispered. “No doubt you were a beautiful child…someone would have snatched you out of the orphanage to have their wicked, wicked way with you.”

She said nothing, but shivered, remembering how Madame Elianza had often commented on her beauty, even when Allura had been just a child. She didn’t even want to think there was people out there so depraved as to lust after a child’s flesh, and yet she had a feeling Zarkon was not lying about that.

“It’s strange though…” He was kissing over her pulse point, her heart beating wild and erratic at his touch.

“Strange?” She echoed, still pushing at Zarkon’s chest.

“Yes…I could not find any records that extended before your arrival in the orphanage.”

“Oh.” Quick thinking, Allura made up an answer that held some truth to it. “The planet was devastated in the war between Doom and Demos. It’s not unheard of for records to be ruined, and children lost in the system. Indeed there was many of us who ended up homeless and without family on Zabatos following the attacks.”

“Hmmph.” He grunted out a sound in reply, more interested in sucking at her pulse point.

“I…I could tell you about it.” Allura said, desperate to distract him. “Those days before the attack…I had a…family…”

“I’m more interested in what you can do for me, then any stories of dead families…” Zarkon said, grazing his fangs against her skin. She opened her mouth to issue out a retort, spying the curtains moving. She had seconds to wonder about that, and then they were thrust aside, revealing a furious looking Lotor.

“Your highness!” Allura gasped out, relieved at the interruption even as she feared what Lotor would do.

“Father!” Lotor snarled, and reached out to grab the King’s arms. “Just what do you think you are doing with MY mistress?!”

Zarkon was jerked back from her, but not before his teeth pricked her skin. Allura slapped a hand over her neck, trying to stop the blood before it trickled down any further. “Calm down Lotor. I was merely…”

“Merely what?!” Lotor interupted, eyes narrowed into a glare.

“Just trying to see what is so fascinating about her.” He turned and smiled at his angry son, Zarkon licking his lips. “She has such an attractive scent, I couldn’t help myself. I had to get closer to smell it.”

“It looked like you were doing a lot more than smelling her!” Lotor snapped out, Zarkon giving an inelegant shrug of his shoulders. “What’s really going on?” His gaze slid past Zarkon to Allura, the girl pale and startled looking. “Tell me!”

“He…” Allura began, but Zarkon was talking over her.

“Your mistress was lonely after your sudden departure. I was merely keeping a fascinating woman company.” Another smile, Zarkon leaning in to Lotor. “I’m sure you won’t begrudge an old man for some harmless flirting.”

“The hell I won’t!” Lotor growled, looking like he wanted to throw a punch at Zarkon.

“Calm down son.” Zarkon advised, tone holding a warning to it. “You will not lose your head over some woman.”

“Allura’s not just any woman….she’s mine!” Lotor retorted, hands making fists by his sides.

“For three years, yes I know. So long as you have that contract, she is bound to you.” A smirk from his father then. “But don’t think for a second she is loyal to you….you may own her body, but not her heart, not her mind.”

“What does that mean?” Lotor asked, some of his anger replaced with confusion. “Allura?”

“Your father is wrong…” Allura began, cringing as she spoke. “I am loyal….!”

“Remember Lotor…she’s a fantasy…she’ll tell you anything to sell the belief of it to you.” With that Zarkon was moving past Lotor to step out if the alcove. Allura was left all alone with Lotor, the girl nervous with the way the prince was looking at her.

“Your highness….” She wasn’t sure what to say, Allura staying pressed against the wall as though Zarkon still held her there. “What…what was the crisis at the castle? The one that called you away from me?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Lotor said, starting to cross his arms over his chest. He seemed to change his mind, Lotor placing his hands on his hips as he all but glared at her. “It was simple enough to fix, they really didn’t need to bother me or my father with it.” A pause, Lotor glowering at her the whole time. “What were you doing with my father?”

“It….is wasn’t my idea!”

“WHAT wasn’t your idea?!” Lotor demanded, taking a step towards her. She tried to back up, foolish though that was, back pressing into the wall harder. He noticed her attempt to step back, his eyes narrowing. “What were you two doing?!”

“He…he kissed me.” She admitted, eyes lowered so Allura would not have to look at Lotor’s face. “He stole a few kisses, and he danced with me….that’s all…”

“He bit you Allura.” Lotor pointed out, and she nodded.

“Yes, that too.”

“Why?” Lotor asked, and she shrugged.

“I cannot fathom the goings on of a King’s mind.”

“That’s bullshit!” Lotor exclaimed, and she flinched at how loud his voice came out. “He must have said something to you…!”

“He did…but it’s not worth repeating…”

“I’ll bet the judge of that.” He was before her, fingers reaching out to snag hold of her chin. He forced her to raise her head, Allura meeting angry golden eyes that glared at her forcefully.

“He…his highness has been talking…he has something planned…..something that will….separate us…” She saw Lotor frown, the prince confused by her words.

“Separate us?!”

“Yes.” Allura nodded. “I don’t know what…but it sounds like it’ll happen soon. You’ll be giving up my contract…”

“And you thought what? You’d move to secure yourself a new client already?!” Lotor demanded, leaving her to gape and gasp at him.

“Your highness no!” She shook her head, feeling the loose strands of her hair bounced around her face. “It is your father who wants me! He means to take me for

“And you’ll let him, won’t you?!” Lotor suddenly grabbed her by the arms, giving her a shake that almost had her teeth rattling.

“No, I swear it! I’d rather die than let him touch me!”

“I don’t believe you Allura!” Lotor growled, voice just short of shouting. “Not when you stand here with his scent on you, with your lips swollen from his kisses, and wearing that damn dress of his!”

“You think I want this?!” Her voice was no less heated than his, Allura growing angry as she let the fear of the encounter with Zarkon show in her eyes. “How am I
supposed to refuse a king? Do I slap him and get thrown into the dungeons or worse?!”

“I would protect you!” Lotor retorted.

“I don’t believe you!” Allura snapped, then gasped, hands flying to cover her mouth. Lotor looked even more enraged, narrowing his eyes at her. “I didn’t mean it like that…”

“You don’t trust me, do you?” Lotor demanded.

“No, that’s not it..” Allura said, but he was cutting her off.

“You’ll never trust me…you’ll never come to me with your problems…”

“In all fairness, you have not come to me either. You’ve just…just used me for sex!” Allura was almost bitter when she said that, Lotor growling back at her.

“Well, that’s what I bought you for!”

Now she wanted to slap him, feeling she had more worth to her than being just a sex toy. Instead, she just glared, Allura trying to move past him. He wouldn’t let her, Lotor grabbing her and all but slamming her into the wall. “Where are you going?!” he demanded.

“Away from you!” She retorted with a haughty toss of her head.

“Are you hoping to chase after my father?!” Lotor demanded, and she glared at him, anger and shock competing in her eyes for dominance.

“Are you mad? I just told you I don’t want him!” Again she tried to leave him, and again he stopped her.

“Oh no, I’ve not dismissed you from my sight!”

“Then hurry up and do so!” Allura ordered, struggling wildly in his grasp.

He stared at her, easily holding onto her squirming body. “You frustrate me like no other Allura.”

“Good! Because your highness, you do the same to me!” Allura retorted, eyes flashing with her taunt. She wasn’t sure what she expected him to do in that moment,
but it certainly wasn’t to kiss her! And yet there was his mouth, lips feeling a million times more softer than the kings, but just as harsh and demanding. She gasped, but opened her mouth to him, letting her tongue duel against his as she clutched and pulled at his clothes.

He fit himself against her body, Allura letting her legs spread to his knee’s prodding. The kisses they shared turned her legs to rubber, Allura suddenly feeling hot and confused. She wasn’t sure why he was kissing her, why she was enjoying it when she was so mad at him in the moment. Was this just part of the expertise of his kiss, that he could turn her on in an instant, like flipping a light switch?

She didn’t know, and Allura sought her own revenge, pressing her mouth eagerly against Lotor’s, and using lips, tongue, and teeth in her assault against him. She was satisfied when she heard him moaning, Allura sure she was winning in this battle of flirtatious guile. Her hands rubbed down his back, Allura finding his coat’s bottom and slipping under it to palm at his butt.

He growled when she gave him a squeeze, Lotor’s kiss intensifying just before they broke apart for a breather. “I am so….angry with you.” He told her, but the words didn’t match the look in his eyes.

“It’s fine.” She replied, unable to keep from smirking. “Because I am mad at you too.” Another growl from the prince, and then Lotor kissed her, hands beginning to move all over her body. He actually squeezed her breasts up out of her bodice, laces on the back of her corset snapping open from the force he used. She gasped and moaned, and Lotor suddenly pressed his lips against her throat.

“I can smell him on you…” Lotor growled, sounding frustrated. “His stench clings to you…”

“Then help me cover it with your scent!” Allura invited, and at that, Lotor was suddenly spinning her to face the wall. “Your highness?!” She couldn’t’ see his face from this position, but she could hear his voice, could practically imagine the smirk that went with his words.

“I’ll do that and more.” He promised, and she felt her skirts being moved, heard the rustle of crinoline as Lotor lifted them up out of the way, baring her panty clad
bottom to him.

“What?” She stammered, unsure they should be doing this sort of thing in the alcove of the Baroness’ mansion. Anyone could come by, anyone could hear them!

“I’m going to make you mine again. Gonna make you forget all about that nasty old man…!” Lotor told her, and she felt his hand rubbing her bottom. She couldn’t help herself, she arched her back and wiggled into his hand, teasing him. He rubbed faster, than slipped his hand inside the fabric, fingers seeking out the heat of her body. Allura moaned as quietly as she could manage, feeling Lotor caressing his fingers carefully over every inch of her sex that he could reach.

“Yes….yes your highness…..there….like that…” She closed her eyes, hands flat on the wall as she pushed back against his fingers. She could feel herself getting wet, her body quick to react to his touch.

Lotor continued to play her with his fingers, while his other hand began working open his pants. She heard the sound of his zipper being eased, and that made Allura moan again. “Now….” She pleaded. ‘Give yourself to me….right now!”

She felt him inching aside the panty band between her legs, and then his cock was pushing itself inside her. Allura blushed at the way she squealed, Lotor chuckling and unconcerned with the sounds she was voicing. Instead he thrust all the way inside her, resting on her back, with his hands flat on either side of hers. She tried to turn to look at him, but he snapped out a command at her.

“Face forward, eyes on the wall!”

“Ye…yes!” Allura stammered out, and stared at the colored stones of the wall. But if asked she wouldn’t be able to say just what shade that color was, Allura too lost to the sensations Lotor was causing in her.

“Say my name…” Lotor began, then changed his mind. “Scream it!”

“But your highness!” Allura was aghast, first that he would grant her permission to say his name, and second that he would risk them being overheard. “They’ll hear us.”

“Let them!’ Lotor answered, hips pounding into her at a rapid pace. “I want them all to know who you belong to.”

“They already know.” Allura said, and Lotor growled.

“Say it Allura!” A forceful slam hit her, powerful enough that she pressed even harder into the wall. “Say it or I’ll stop!”

“Yours! I am yours!”

“My name!” Lotor urged her, and it was all she could do to think beyond the friction he was generating, and the warmth of his cock. “Say my name!”


He let out a satisfied sound, moving even faster against her. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck, Lotor planting kisses just under her hair line. “Yes.” He murmured in between licks. “You’re mine. Not my father’s, not Lord Tarak’s, not anyone else’s.”

“Yes…I belong to you.” Allura agreed, and heard him groan out his climax. Instantly she was flooded with a new wave of warmth, Allura crying out as Lotor emptied his seed into her. They would stay connected a few moments longer, Lotor just shuddering in bliss as he rode the pleasures of his climax. It would take a while for Allura to come to her own senses, the girl turning red faced as Lotor helped adjust her panties and pull down her skirts.

Her blush deepened even further when they made the attempt to leave the alcove, the attendees of the party all waiting to stare at them. The baroness led them all in a rousing round of applause, the woman smirking. Allura clung to Lotor’s arm, the prince hardly looking put out to have been caught having sex with her. Allura looked away from the Baroness’ knowing look, and had the misfortune to catch sight of King Zarkon.

He rose a glass in toast to her, but she swore something malevolent shone in his eyes. He knew what she and Lotor had just done, and she could tell he did not approve of it. One jealous Drule royal was bad enough, but Allura didn’t think she could handle it if both Lotor and Zarkon began acting like green eyed monsters. She sighed, thinking how she was not looking forward to the ride home tonight.

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