Porcelain 55

The loud chatter of the nobles had followed his flight from the room, their voices speculating on the news they had gleaned from his conversation with Lord Mundi. Lotor couldn’t blame them, it was a startling claim Lord Mundi made, one that instantly had his anger roaring to life in a defiant display. Marriage! He scowled at the thought, resisted the very idea with every fiber of his being.

On one hand he couldn’t, didn’t want to believe his father would be so diabolical as to plan out his life, his future without even consulting him first. But the other screamed in his head that this is exactly the kind of thing Zarkon would do. After all, when had the man ever given Lotor a choice before in the big decisions of his life.
Becoming a sword master, fighting as the arena star, whether his children lived or died, even the chance to fight in a war, all decided for him!

They had never really discussed the matter of Lotor taking a wife one day, though he knew it was an inevitable fate. He would be expected to make heirs, legitimate ones, and all in order to keep the crown in the family. He had never pictured his future bride, had never given much thought to what married life would be like, and yet everything in him rebelled at the thought of his father picking her out for him.

Especially one of Demos’ blood, Lotor sneered, his lip curling as he stalked down the corridor that led to his father’s private study. He could see his guards standing in front of the door, they seemed to do a double take at the sight of him, sensing his agitation. One turned, doing a hurried knock on the door to alert the King to his son’s presence. Lotor didn’t give them time to get permission for him to enter, he was already shoving past the men, all but kicking in the study’s doors.

From the force of his violent entry, the doors banged into walls, a startling loud sound echoing in the room and in the hall. Lotor had to keep from growling, wanting to scream out his entrance as he strode inside. Zarkon looked up from a sheaf of papers, his sharp eyes missing nothing of Lotor’s agitation. A wave of his hand had the guards closing the doors behind Lotor, a decision the prince felt was most unwise.

“Father!” Lotor marched right up to his table, bending forward to slam his hands down on the desk. They rattled the table top, stacks of paper falling over, the liquid in Zarkon’s mug seeming to tremble in place. “What is the meaning of this?!”

Calm in reply to his son’s agitation, Zarkon set down the documents, his gold gaze regarding Lotor carefully. The prince thought if his father chose to play dumb he might do something foolish, such as attack the older man.

“So…” Zarkon said at last, his tone sounding amused. “You’ve heard the news I take it?”

“What are you thinking?!” Lotor demanded in response to Zarkon’s question.

“It didn’t take very long for Lord Mundi to spread the word.” Zarkon chuckled, not answering Lotor’s question. “No doubt the whole castle will be buzzing soon with news of your impending nuptials.”

“So it is true?!” Lotor scowled, hands curling into fists atop the desk. “You’re marrying me off?!” He saw the twinkle in his father’s eyes, the glee the man was taking in this situation. “Why Demos?!”

“Why not?” Zarkon asked, and Lotor growled once more.

“They are our enemies! They have been for years!”

“And enemies are usually either defeated or made friends of.” Zarkon answered.

“Not these!” Lotor retorted, his knuckles changing color from how tight a fist he was making. “Not now, not ever! Father, you swore to me we would take them down! That we would stop at nothing to destroy that empire and it’s King! That the time would come to me that I would be able to avenge Allura’s death! Did you lie to me?!”

Zarkon gazed back at him, appearing to think over what he was about to say. Lotor’s hands itched to reach over and grab the Drule by his throat, to shake him like a rag doll. “Settle down son.”

“How can you expect me to be calm?!” Lotor all but shouted. In a fit of temper, he threw out his arm, sweeping the papers off the desk and onto the floor. Zarkon calmly looked at him, listening to the prince’s growls.

“Are you through with this temper tantrum of yours?!” Zarkon asked, tone mild to disguise whatever emotion he was really feeling.

“NO!” Lotor said, and knocked more things off his father’s desk. “I will not marry that bitch, that princess of Demos!”

“Yes…you won’t.”

Lotor had been prepared for his father to argue with him, not to agree, the prince stuttering out a reply. “What do you mean I won’t?!” He watched as his father smiled,
revealing all his fangs.

“Do you honestly think, I would allow you to marry some human?” Lotor blinked, surprised at the animosity displayed in the word human. “That I would pollute our sacred bloodline even further with some human bitch’s blood?!” Now he scowled, disgust radiating off of him.

“You married a human….” Lotor began, and Zarkon’s eyes narrowed.

“And it’s a mistake I paid for time and time again!” Zarkon pushed back from his desk, rising to stand at his impressive height. It forced Lotor to crane his head back in order to stare into his father’s face. “You don’t know what it almost cost me AND YOU to allow human blood to fester inside my son’s body. I had to be extra diligent to make a man, to make a Drule out of you!”

“I…I remember…” Lotor whispered, fighting back a shiver, trying to repress the memories of his childhood. They weren’t pleasant, and he didn’t want to think about the horrors that had been done to him. Even if in the end they had helped to shape him into becoming a worthwhile Drule.

“I learned the hard way that humans are only good for two things.” Zarkon held up his fingers, listing his points. “Sex and hard labor.”

Lotor wanted to argue with him against that, knowing his mother had been a good if misguided person. He knew she had undermined his father’s lessons, but Lotor would never exchange any of the time he had spent with his mother, not even if it had meant he could become a whole Drule. And yet he kept silent to his father’s ranting, watching as the man paced before the desk.

“They foster weakness, in themselves and in their children.” Continued Zarkon, the Drule just short of growling. “You would not believe just how much you cried as a child.”

Drule children were notorious for being as unfeeling as their elders, and Lotor could vaguely recall being prone to hysterical tears on more than one occasion. Shame filled him at the memory, Lotor wondering how he had managed to harden his heart so as not to give in to his weaker emotions. Though he never felt the urge to cry these days, he still struggled with human emotions, having to work at being a cold, unfeeling Drule.

Zarkon seemed prepared to rant all day, Lotor clearing his throat to get his father’s attention. “Then what…” he began as Zarkon blinked and turned to focus on him. “Is the reason behind this….rumour about my marrying the Demosian princess?”


“Yes that!” Lotor said, in response to Zarkon’s smirk.

“You let your emotions get the best of you son.” Zarkon almost sounded disappointed as he made that chiding remark. “You need to be calm and see the big picture.”

“Just tell me what it is you’re plotting!” Lotor snapped, in no mood to try and fathom out things on his own.

“Fine…” Zarkon sighed, reaching a hand upwards to pinch between his eyes. “It’s all a meticulous trap I’ve laid out, one intended to end this war in victory for us.”

“And that will be accomplished how?” Lotor demanded, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

“It’s really very simple.” Zarkon laughed then. “The king of the Demos Empire is desperate to end this war between us. So desperate in fact, that he’s sending us his precious, only child.”

“To marry me?” Lotor asked, and Zarkon nodded.

“Of course, you won’t be marrying her. That’s just the cover story to get them to send her to us. We lure them in with false promises, and then when we have her in our grasp, we spring the real trap.” Zarkon was grinning as he retook his seat. “It’s a ploy Doom has done countless times before, capturing the beloved heir of a planet. We’ll make Demos surrender to us, give us everything they have….or the princess will die by Drule hands. Either way, it’s the blow you’ve been waiting ages to deliver.”

Lotor blinked, slowly thinking on it. He started to smile, pleased as he realized this would be one way to hurt the King of the Demos Empire. “He’ll finally know a true loss, one that strikes close to home.” Lotor said out loud, Zarkon nodding. “I’ll finally be able to start my revenge, to kill someone that means as much to him as Allura meant to me!”

Something flickered in Zarkon’s eyes, some emotion that was gone before Lotor could identify what it was. Ordinarily Lotor might press him in the moment to find out just what Zarkon was feeling, but he was too ecstatic in the moment, all but celebrating a victory before it had been achieved.

“If the princess means anything, anything at all to Demos, I’ll devastate him with what I do to her!”

“Yes, son…have your fun.” Zarkon seemed amused once more, tapping his fingers across the top of his desk. “But don’t get ahead of yourself. She has to arrive here before we can do anything to her.”

Suddenly Lotor was all for Corral arriving in a timely manner, the prince trying to reign in his excitement. “When is she due on Doom?”

“Not for a few more weeks.” Zarkon said to a disappointed Lotor. “We’re still in the midst of negotiations. Treaties must be forged and signed, agreements made….” Zarkon snickered. “He actually expects us to honor the contracts we’re making.” Lotor laughed too at that, thinking it absurd that Demos could think Doom would agree to any of it’s demands.

“Of course…” Zarkon continued, voice rising over Lotor’s laughter. “They’ve already given us a few….personal conditions.”

“Personal conditions?” Lotor lifted a brow at that, not understanding.

“Yes.” Zarkon gazed at him, all hint of laughter and humor gone. “It seems before the princess will even agree to set foot on Doom, you must honor her.”

“Honor her?” Lotor made a scoffing sound. “How?”

“You have to promise to be faithful to her, and her alone.” Zarkon answered, and Lotor frowned.

“I suppose one more lie won’t hurt…”

“It’s more than just speaking the words…” Zarkon said, and he sounded regretful now. “You have to forsake all other women….you have to be devoted to Corral.” A bad feeling was forming in the pit of Lotor’s stomach. “Son…you have to give up women, including that mistress of yours.” Lotor opened his mouth to hiss out a no, but Zarkon was still talking. “It’ll be rough on you, but it’ll only be for a few weeks. Only until we get the princess here.”

“Why do I have to go that far?!” Lotor demanded, hardly pleased at the thought.

“You know we have spies, even here in the heart of the Drule Empire. Word will get back to Demos if you continue to screw around with that mistress of yours.” Zarkon answered. “Our deceit must be complete. No one must know the truth of what we are planning. That includes our own people. As far as Doom is concerned, this is a real alliance, a legitimate wedding. We can’t run the risk of anyone telling Demos otherwise.”

“So…” Lotor practically snarled, feeling moody displeasure at the idea of a charade. “I’m to play the happy bridegroom?”

“I wouldn’t go that far….but yes! You have to seem willing to marry this girl. You don’t have to appear happy about it, but self sacrificing. Doing what is best for the good of the Empire.” Explained Zarkon.

“And I’m to send Allura away?” At his father’s nod, Lotor exploded, slamming another fist into the desk. “I paid good money for her contract! I can’t just part with her…” He almost shouted that he refused, but Lotor managed to retain some sense. “I don’t get my money back for dismissing her early….that part of the contract was worded especially tight!”

“We’ll all have to take losses when it comes to this scheme.” Zarkon replied. “I’m set to spend a small fortune on bringing in goods for a wedding that will never happen. All to make the royals of Demos believe in Doom’s sincerity.” Lotor’s lips were set in a thin line, disapproval radiating off of him. “The girl means nothing to you, right?” Zarkon asked, his golden eyes watching Lotor carefully. “I mean it’s not like you’re in love with her or anything!”

“I’ve grown fond of her.” Lotor reluctantly admitted, and Zarkon snorted.

“Fond of having her body to fuck!” If Lotor had had the coloring of a human, he would have blushed at his father’s words.

“You can always get a new mistress after we capture princess Corral.” Zarkon sounded as though he was trying to be reassuring. Lotor wisely kept silent about the fact he wasn’t yet tired with Allura.

“I’m not sure I can last the time it takes for Corral to arrive in our…care.” Lotor admitted, and Zarkon sighed.

“You managed over two months!”

“Because you imprisoned me!” Lotor pointed out, then dared to smirk. “I doubt that will go over well with Demos if they hear I had to be locked up to stay away from women!”

“Lotor, son…” Zarkon practically hissed now. “You will manage, and you will stay away from fucking other girls. You’re not going to screw this up for Doom! The next time you get urges, think of your long sought after revenge, and how you won’t be able to avenge a dead girl without showing some restraint! Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly.” Muttered Lotor.

“Good. Now go. Say your good-byes to Allura.” Zarkon told him.

“What?” Lotor’s eyes widened. “So soon?!”

“The news has already broken about the impending nuptials, thanks to Lord Mundi’s big mouth.” Zarkon pointed out. “There is appearances to uphold, deceptions to begin working on. The longer you delay in parting from your mistress, the longer it will take for Corral to be sent to us. Do you want that?”

“Fine…I’ll dismiss Allura tonight. But I’ll do it my way!” Lotor growled, and without bowing to his father, turned to stride out of the room. He could hear Zarkon rustling papers, surely picking them up off the floor. He reached the doors, and grabbed the knobs, twisting them viciously.

“Just don’t do anything foolish when you say your good-byes.” Zarkon advised. The doors opened, and the Drule called out to him one last time. “And son? Congratulations.” Laughter followed, the sound of Zarkon’s voice mocking Lotor as he all but fled into the corridor.

Lotor waited until he was well out of sight of the guards to exhale, the sound weary. His feelings were conflicted, Lotor’s emotions warring with each other. One part of him was excited over the prospects the marriage deception would present him with, but another was leery of it, Lotor not wanting to give up sex for any amount of time. Even if it was for the good of the Empire!

He tried turning the problem around in his head, but Lotor could not see any way around it. He’d have to play the devoted groom, to push back his desires long enough for the princess to arrive. Only then could he have free reign to do as he pleased once more, Lotor grumbling softly to himself. The news of Zarkon’s plan had been
shocking, to the point that Lotor had forgotten to pry out more details from his father.

How did this arrangement come to be, was Demos really so desperate for a resolution to the war that he would offer up his only daughter to his enemies? Lotor knew if he was in Demos’ position, he’d never let the princess go to his enemies’ world. He almost felt sorry for Corral, thinking of what they would do to her in order to break her father. It wasn’t enough emotion to make him reconsider the plot, Lotor eager for a chance to destroy the King’s soul. It was only fair after all, his own soul had lost whole chunks of it when Allura had been murdered.

Holding back sighs, Lotor hurried through the castle, taking the time to stop at the drawing room. Allura was no longer there, his mistress having left for her room in the wake of the news Lord Mundi had broke. Several of the nobles stopped him, wanting to congratulate Lotor, wish him well in his impending marriage. But more than that, they wanted to pry details from him, eager for more news they could speculate endlessly about.

He wouldn’t give it to them, Lotor disentangling himself from their grasp, and hurrying from the room. He needed to see Allura, needed to talk to her one last time. But more than that, he wanted to share one last perfect moment of bliss with her before sending her away. He knew once she was gone, the charade would start in earnest, Lotor having to be the chaste and restrained fiance of the princess.

His father had said to say his good-byes, but the King had made no mention of Lotor not using Allura one last time for sex. And use her he would, Lotor almost smiling at the thought. He’d work out his pent up energy, he’d spend hours by her side, to the point that neither would be able to stand, so replete with pleasure would they be.

He arrived in his part of the castle, Lotor stepping in the direction of Allura’s private chambers. The doors were locked, but he used the over ride code to unlock them, Lotor entering without waiting for permission. He swept into the outer chamber of her apartment, and saw that it was empty. But he could hear her voice, faintly through the closed door of her bedroom.

He walked that way, opening the door just in time to hear her say a name. “Liandra…I…” She gasped when the door opened, Allura stepping away from the holo communication device to drop into a hasty curtsey. “Your highness! I…I’m in the middle of a call…”

“End it.” He ordered, Lotor closing the door behind him. She nodded meekly, turning to whisper apologies to the girl on the screen. This Liandra merely smiled, an understanding look in her eyes just before her image faded from the monitor.

“Your highness…” Allura seemed to swallow nervously, putting her hands together so that she could play with her fingers. “Is it true?” She made no move towards him, just standing there across the room from him. “Are you really engaged? Are you going to marry that princess?”

“It’s…true.” She seemed to sag, Lotor unsure what emotion she was feeling.

“I see…” Was all Allura said, lowering her gaze towards the floor. She only gazed downwards for a few instants, the girl glancing up at the sound of his footsteps. He was walking towards her at a determined pace, Allura seeming to stop breathing at the lustful look in his eyes. He was glad he could steal her breath away in this manner, Lotor putting all his longing and desire for her in his expression.

“Your highness…” Allura managed to speak, seeming rooted to the spot. “What does this mean for us?”

“Us?” Lotor questioned, stopping before her, his hands reaching to grasp her shoulders. Her hair was down, and he swept strands of it back from her front. She seemed to fidget at his touch, a blush blooming on her cheeks.

“Yes, us…” Allura said, and then was whispering out words. “I know it’s not unusual for a married man to keep a paid mistress on the side….but…” Another lowering of her gaze, Allura seeming unable to look at him for longer than few seconds at a time. “Newlyweds are different…”

“Yes…yes they are.” Agreed Lotor. “A newly wedded bride is so insecure…so full of jealousy towards other women. I’m sure it will be the same with the princess.” He hugged Allura close to her, breathing in the scent of her hair. She was freshly showered, having removed any traces of the perfumes she normally doused herself with.
Desire flared within him at her scent, Lotor wondering how he was going to be able to give her up in the morning.

“Prince?” Allura risked a glance up at him, her mouth parting to ask questions. “What is going to happen? To me? To you?”

“Shhh…” Lotor whispered, raising his hands to place them on either side of her face. “Let’s not worry about that now. Let’s just concentrate on you and me.”

“But I have to know!” Allura cried out, trying to twist free of his hands. “I haven’t been able to settle down since Lord Mundi broke the news. I can’t stop worrying over what will happen next….”

“Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise.” Lotor said, drawing her up on tip toe to meet his lips as he bent over her. A muffled protest was her answer, Lotor slanting his lips over hers. The briefest of pressure, and she melted against him, the girl’s body ceasing it’s struggles. He kissed her thoroughly, sweeping his tongue inside her mouth, licking at every available surface before tangling tongues together.

“Your highness…” Allura gasped, breathing heavily when he finally pulled apart from her. Her lips looked a little kiss swollen, giving her a pouty look that only enhanced his desire for her. “I….”

“No talking….not now.” Lotor said insistently, and then was sweeping her off her feet. He cuddled her close to his chest, arms hooked under her body so that he
carried her bridal style towards the bed. It would be the first and last time he made love to her in this bed, and the moment almost seemed poignant. He adjusted his grip on Allura, hoisting her higher so that he could kiss her as he walked them towards the bed.

They didn’t break for air as he lowered her to the soft mattress, Lotor’s body covering her own as he pinned her in place. He began making soft growls, kissing and running his hands all over her body, making her wiggle and squirm beneath him. Allura tried to touch him in kind, but need had him grabbing her wrists, pinning her hands up over her head.

She fought him only enough to excite him, Allura putting on a show of resistance that made him wild for her. She turned her face to the side, and he chuckled in her ear, nibbling along it’s curve. She seemed to shiver at his laugh, his free hand feeling down the curves of her breasts. She gasped and moaned in delightful ways, the sounds playing havoc on his senses, Lotor desiring her more and more in the moment.

“Keep your hands in place where I leave them.” Lotor ordered, and she gave a slight nod of agreement. He let go of her wrists, and reared back on his knees to gaze down at her. She was hardly disheveled, dress still in place. But he could fix that, Lotor leaning down to tear open the bodice of her jade dress. Buttons went scattering, Lotor revealing her lacy bra that barely sufficed in covered her breasts from his lustful gaze.

He reached down to touch it, feeling the lace scratch against his fingertips, Lotor easing it downwards to reveal her nipples. He sucked in a breath, pleased at the sight of her, and then fell back on her. His mouth latched onto a nipple, Lotor feeling it bud against his tongue. Allura cried out, a pleased sound as he began sucking greedily on her flesh.

She wasn’t still as he tended to her, the girl arching her back up off the bed, pressing more firmly into him. She moved her arms, bringing her hands to his shoulders, clinging to him. He groaned in pleasure at the taste of her, even as he reached for her hands, intending to pin them back in place. She could touch him later, right now he wanted the pleasure of doing things to her, having her submissive beneath him.

“AH!” Allura moaned again, wiggling and writhing beautifully beneath him.

“You taste so good.” Lotor praised her, doing a slow, teasing lick of the nipple he had just sucked on. It was flush with color, and she cried out, overly sensitive in the moment.

“I ache…” Allura told him, wiggling against him as much as he would allow.

His smile widened, Lotor liked that he was making her needy with desire. “I know.” He confided, and turned his attention to her other nipple. Just like with the right one, he latched his mouth onto it, knowing the heat of his mouth would soothe some of the fire she was feeling in the peak of her breast. Some but not all of it, the suction of his lips making her wet with need, her voice shaky with her shallow breaths as she moaned and begged him to hurry.

But Lotor refused to be rushed, taking his time to leisurely explore everything about her. As excited as he was, he couldn’t fight back the twinge of sadness that was working it’s way through him, the prince understanding tonight would be his last chance to do this with Allura. He had spent weeks in her presence, learning her body, and teaching her not only what felt good for him, but what felt good for her.

“Allura…” Lotor moaned around the mouthful of breast he held, swirling his tongue over her nipple. She seemed to go boneless at the pleasure he was causing, the girl limp beneath him for the moment. He chuckled and let go of her breast, kissing upwards onto her throat. She still wore a necklace, a plain chain with just one thick green jewel. It looked lovely on her, but not as good as the marks his lips left, Lotor sucking and biting at her skin, worrying it into bruises that would show his possession of her.

“Your highness…..ah! Love it when you do that!” Allura sighed, her wrists straining against his hold.

He smiled against her neck, Lotor pleased by her words. Another suck at her racing pulse point, and then Lotor was pulling back to admire his handiwork. “Do I please you?” Allura asked, and he grinned, flashing his fangs at her.

“More than you can imagine.” His eyes were all for her, Lotor guiding her up to sit. “Help me get this dress off you.”

She giggled at his sudden show of care, Lotor tugging the dress upwards over her head. He tossed it onto the floor, seeing her still clad in her corset and slip. It made him want to growl in frustration, Lotor wanting her naked and not wanting to take the time to free her of her cumbersome clothes. And still he reached behind her, dropping a kiss on her shoulder as he fingers used their claws to slice through the laces of her corset.

Allura was not idle, she touched his hair, stroking her fingers through it again and again, the girl purring encouragements to him as he worked to free of her garments. Her corset loosened, Lotor plucked the halves off her body, and tossed it to the side. Now he worked on her slip, pulling it up over her head until she was left in nothing but her panties and bra, the lace a perfect frame for her breasts.

She smiled at him, and moved to lay back down against the pillows, arms spread wide in invitation. He descended down into her embrace, eyes all for her, even as she grabbed at him, and arched against his body. This time she kissed him, not at all shy when she thrust her tongue into his mouth. He moaned, enjoying the feel of her tongue moving deftly about the inside of his mouth, the girl teasing the tip against the roof of his mouth.

Allura seemed no longer content to just lie there, Lotor trying to reach for her hands, and pin them back in place. But she kept moving her arms, forcing him to chase after them, Lotor making a desperate grab that had him closing fingers around air. She giggled into his lips, and he growled back, once again trying to grab hold of her wrists. Instead he grabbed something soft, and furry, Lotor frowning, startled enough that he broke back from the kiss to look at what he had touched.

Allura was still laughing, arching upwards to kiss at his throat, her arms now wrapped around him as she laved attention on his skin. As pleasurable as her lips were, Lotor was frowning, staring at the item that he had grabbed hold of. It was larger than his hand, perhaps the size of a small feline, and it’s fur was matted down from one too many washings, it’s color faded.

It was a toy he was looking at, a stuffed one, seeming ancient for it’s age. It was strangely familiar to him, and though Lotor was ready to shrug it off as mere coincidence, he stilled when he saw the stitches round the robeasts’ neck. He lifted the toy for a better look, noting it’s tiny wings furled close to it’s body. But more than that, he was mesmerized by the fact that it’s head had needed to be sewn back on, for someone had managed to tear it off the body.

“Your highness?” Allura had sensed the change in him, the girl gazing up at him with a worried look in her eyes.

“Why?” Lotor whispered, slowly pulling away from Allura. He didn’t let go of the toy, gazing more at it than at her. “Why do you have this?!” He heard her gasp, Allura now taking notice of what he held in his hands. “Answer me!” He all but screamed, shoving the toy into the space before her face. “Why do you have this toy?! Where did you get it from?! Who gave it to you?!”

She looked wide eyed and nervous, Allura shaking her head. He dropped the toy to grab her arms, giving her a wild shake as though that would dislodge the answers he was so desperate for. “Where did you get this?!”

“I…” Another shake of her body, Lotor swearing he heard Allura’s teeth rattle. All desire was gone from him, Lotor more concerned with how she could have the toy, the prince wondering if he was going mad at imagining this was the toy he had given to his dearest friend a lifetime ago.

She licked her lips, Allura trying to speak around his shouting and shaking of her. “I got it from you!” He stared at her stunned, and with an angry growl, shoved her away from him, the girl toppling backwards onto the bed.

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