Porcelain 80

Lotor’s mirth was infectious, Allura responding to the mischief in his grin with a giggle of her own. That merely got him smiling wider, the Drule reaching past her to pull the door close. She felt anticipation building between them, knew the look he was wearing in his eyes could mean only one thing, could lead them only to a consummation of the words they had just spoken.

Allura almost felt nervous, the girl stepping shyly past him deeper into the room. She took the care to brush the fingers of her left hand over his chest as she moved, Lotor closing his eyes in pleasure at the contact. But only for a brief instant, the man catching her hand, bringing it up to his lips where he brushed kisses across her knuckles.

It was a move that endeared him to her all the more, Allura feeling the beginnings of flutters deep inside her. She smiled at him, sure her gaze was full of adoration, and the love that she had fought so hard not to voice for so long. That love was a bright, shiny new thing, and she felt drunk with the realization that Lotor loved her as well.

It was almost enough to get her to forget everything, Allura studying her handsome Lotor, the Drule looking back at her over the top of her hand. He didn’t ask what she was staring at, he was too busy casting his own admiring gazes to her. And still she softened even further, reaching with her other hand to caress his cheek. He actually leaned into her touch, practically purring at her finger’s glide.

Heat filled his eyes, thrilling Allura that something as simple as a touch from her could arouse him so. He seemed to nuzzle his face into her palm, lips kissing her skin. It made her giggle again, and then Lotor was laughing, speaking happily. “How I’ve missed that sound! It feels like ages since I last heard you express joy.”

“It has been a while.” Allura agreed, knowing there had been too much sadness and uncertainty in both their lives.

“If I can, I vow to make you happy every single day of our lives together.” It was a bold claim, and she almost smiled to hear it.

“I would do the same for you.” She said, and Lotor shook his head.

“Just being with you is happiness enough.” That had her blushing, Allura lowering her eyelashes demurely. He kissed her palm again, and then was letting go of her hands, Lotor intent on touching other parts of her body. She didn’t try to stop him, knowing they needed this, wanting and yearning for this closeness that they had denied each other for so long.

“Lotor…” She hesitated a moment, his arms wound around her, Allura pressed into his chest. He paused in his attempt to kiss her, giving her his full attention even as his hands wandered the curves of her body. “Everything will be all right, will it not?”

“Of course it will be!” He insisted. It made her wish she had his confidence, Allura thinking too much on all the obstacles that surrounded their being together.

“I just worry…” She said as he kissed the front of her throat. He made a questioning sound, showing he was listening even as he was focused on her skin. “I know everything rides on you, the responsibilities of the Empire, gaining peace with Demos, taking a bride….”

“You’re the only bride I want!” Lotor announced, lifting his head to stare into her eyes. She was startled by his passionate exclamation, Allura making a shocked sound.

“Me? Your bride?” She could hardly wrap her mind around the thought.

“Yes.” She had earned a strange look from him. “Is it so difficult to imagine?”

“It kinda is.” She admitted to him. “Lotor, your people will never accept me. They will want you to marry a woman of the proper pedigree, someone who can help further the Drule Empire’s ambitions.”

“I will not tie myself to some bitch just to gain a political advantage.” Lotor retorted. “I want to marry for love, and damn my people if they try to stop me!” They probably would, she thought with a shiver. He noticed her upset, and began cuddling her close, a hand petting over her hair gently. “Allura, when I came to you today, what did you think the outcome of my confession would be?”

“I…” Allura shrugged, hesitant to answer. “I guess I thought things would resume the way they were. With me as your mistress, albeit a loved one. I know better than to expect any more…” He was frowning at her, Allura trailing off uncertainly.

“I wouldn’t force you into that role again. Damn it Allura, I love you. I want to be with you, and only you.” He was growling fiercely, a direct contrast to the gentle petting he was doing of her hair. “I don’t want you to be on the sidelines watching me take another woman as my wife. I want YOU to be my wife. For sickness and in health, for all time.”

“Even if it would endanger your position?” Allura asked, earning an emphatic nod from Lotor.

“Even…no especially if!” He grinned, looking a little savage in the moment. “I will fight all who dare challenge me, kill if I have to, all to be with you. The woman that I love.”

Her heart was melting even further, Allura wanting to swoon against him. “Oh Lotor….”

“But, and this is important, what do you want?” Lotor asked. “Do you love me enough to come back to Doom, to rule at my side? Don’t answer too quickly, I know you’d be giving up on a chance to spend real quality time with your parents.”

“Well…..I could always come visit them could I not?” She asked, sounding hopeful. She was rewarded with a nod, Allura tearing up with happy tears as she squeezed a hug around Lotor. “Then I would risk damnation itself to be with you!”

“It won’t be quite that risky…” Lotor chuckled. “But it may be trying at times. And you’ll have to break the news to your parents about your choice…”

“I don’t look forward to that.” She admitted. “But I am a grown woman, and it is my right to be with the man I love. And I know they love me, and would want me to be happy…”

“Even if that happiness lies with a Drule?” Lotor asked in all seriousness.

“Yes.” She insisted. “Arus will always be in my blood, my place of origin. But my true home, my happiness lies with you. As corny as that sounds.”

“It doesn’t sound corny to me.” He assured her, and kissed the tip of her nose. “Now….let me hear it.”


“I want to hear from your lips how much you love me.” He grinned, and she giggled in response.

“Oh tons! I love you tons!” It was her turn to kiss him, her hands smoothing back his hair, tucking it behind his ears. He seemed to shiver at the contact of her fingers on his ears, Allura’s grin widening. “In fact, why don’t you come back to the bedroom with me, so I can show you just how much I love you?”

His gaze heated up even more, Lotor’s grin showing how much he liked the idea. With a giggle, she was slipping free of his arms, already stepping towards the bedroom door. He let her get a few steps ahead of him, and then he was giving chase, Allura letting out a wild sound as she took off running.

She didn’t get more than a quarter’s way into the bedroom before he was grabbing her, Lotor hefting her up into the air. She ended up over his shoulder, Allura giggling more than protesting as he ran the rest of the way to the bed. It was there that he laid her down, taking care to slide her off him in such a way that she rubbed over his chest. The lingering contact affected them both, Allura breathing in a hiss of air, Lotor’s eyes darkening even further.

“I want you so much…” He began, then changed his mind. “I NEED you….desperately.” She needed him too, Allura reaching up to cup his face, tug him down to meet her in a kiss. Kneeling on the mattress, she stayed pressed against him, and she could feel the swelling of his desire starting to press into her. It almost distracted her from the kiss, Allura having the thought that it had been a long while since either one of them had taken any pleasure with another being.

She was reminded of the time when they first came together, that sexual experience marred by his need. His father had kept him locked up from wine and women, two whole months where Lotor had had to go without. This drought was different, a self imposed one that hadn’t lasted nearly as long. But she felt certain he had been suffering, Allura sure he could burn her alive with his needful passion.

She had only seconds to think this, Lotor pulling her tight against him, quickly taking control of the kiss she offered. As his tongue penetrated her mouth, she reached down between their bodies, forcing enough space between them that she could place her hand on the bulge in his pants. Any protests Lotor might have offered about her widening distance between them died at the first squeeze of her hand, the King moaning into her mouth.

A quick parting for breath, and then his hand was on the back of her head, holding her in place for his next kiss. He needn’t have bothered, she was all too ready to accept his tongue into her mouth, Allura sighing happily. She continued to fondle his cock through his pant’s material, feeling it start to lengthen, the fabric stretching tight over his erection.

With a curse he broke the kiss, staring into her eyes with a glazed over look in his eyes. She knew then he was putty in her hand, Allura using her other hand to urge him to bend, enough so she could put her lips to his ear. She did a soft cooing, but more than that she fluttered her lips over the ridge of his ear, moistening it all the way up to the tip.

Lotor seemed to tremble at that, and as she began to suck on his ear’s tip, he growled. “Allura…” It was a husky sounding word, and it sent shivers down her spine. Even more, she became positively wicked, licking at the inside of his ear, only to resume sucking intently on the tip. She knew just how wild such a thing drove him, and combined with her hand’s squeezing pressure on his confined cock, it didn’t take him long to shout, a fierce Drule curse as he tried to chase her hand away from his pants.

She wouldn’t move easily, teasing him with both hand and mouth. Allura liked the power she had over him in this moment, liked his loss of self control. “Allura…” Lotor was panting now, words sounding harsh due to it. “Just a moment…” He was grabbing at her wrist now, but somehow lacked the strength to properly pull her hand away. “Just a moment…just give me…” A sharp hiss, Lotor trembling even more as her teeth gently grazed his ear. “A moment!”

Allura wanted to giggle, but she held it in, letting go when he said the following. “If you don’t stop…you’ll bring me in my pants!” As appealing as that notion was, she didn’t want that, Allura reluctantly releasing him. He seemed to sigh with relief, his fingers working his pant’s ties open, even as she purred into his ear. “I don’t want you to come in your pants….”

He had gotten his erection out into the open, his pants falling rapidly down to his knees. She reached down to rub the underside of his dick, and finished purring out her statement. “Because I want to bring you inside me.”

“Inside!” Lotor repeated with a groan, seeming to relish the thought.

“Inside.” She confirmed, rubbing down to his ball sac, and giving him the lightest of massages. That made him lose whatever self control he had left, Lotor reaching to rip her bathrobe off her. She wore little underneath it, just panties and an undershirt that left her arms bare. It didn’t last long, Lotor tearing it off her by digging his fingers into the neck and pulling. He did the same to her panties, the pieces falling all around them.

She’d be shocked if he hadn’t ripped clothes off her in the past, and as far as undergarments went, the shirt cost little in the long run. “Lotor!” She started to say, and he cupped her right breast in his hand. He flashed her a wicked grin, even as she saw the concentration in his eyes, Allura still massaging his balls.

“You know…” He growled, giving her a teasing squeeze of his own. “It’s not nice to tease men, you wicked girl.”

“You’re the only man I want to tease!” Allura cried out, just before he knocked her onto her back. She lost her grip on him in the process, Allura staring up at Lotor who grinned with evil intent. He straddled her hips, and she immediately arched up, trying to press against his throbbing erection. Lotor pushed her back down, his aroused gaze sweeping over her as though she was a feast and he did not know where to start.

Allura felt moisture pooling between her legs, growing hot and bothered by the look in his eyes, and the very nearness of his body. And that was before he leaned down to kiss over her breasts, mouth immediately seeking out a nipple. There was no hesitation there, he began sucking on her immediately, lips pulling on her as though he was a starving baby.

It was all she could do to retain her sanity in the moment, Allura writhing like a wild woman beneath him. “Lotor!” It seemed all she could say was his name, the rest was drawn out moans, Allura vocal in her pleasure. For one instant she forgot everything but his mouth’s warmness on her nipple, Allura forgetting to tease him back. And then she arched up, pressing herself more firmly against his lips, her arms encircling around his body.

He didn’t stop save to switch to her other breast, Allura moving her hands to rub up and down his back. She wanted to touch his front again, but didn’t dare, too aware that he was liable to go off at the slightest of provocation. She didn’t want that, she had meant it when she said she wanted him inside her. But more than that, she wanted this to last, for an eternity if possible.

The fabric of his shirt bunched up under her hand’s movements, she was wrinkling the hell out of the silk. But she was sure Lotor wouldn’t care anymore than she had had about her shirt. A few more caresses of his back, and then she was smoothing her hands down onto his rear, nails digging into his bottom though she was careful to keep from drawing blood.

Lotor growled in response, and shifted on her, enough so that she could let her legs fall apart. She felt the head of his cock brush against her sex, Allura letting go of his rump, to make a grab at his cock once more. “Don’t…” Lotor hissed, misunderstanding her intentions. Allura smiled reassuringly at him, and began tugging him forward by her hold on his cock.

Her legs sprawled even wider, she was guiding him forward, aiming him for her center. “I need this..” She whispered, very much wanting to tongue some part of him as she made that statement. “I need you.”

He had enough presence of mind to feel between her legs, trying to deem if she was wet enough to ease him inside her. Allura tossed back her head with an impatient whine, trying to drag him that last inch of space towards her. “I’m ready…” She insisted to him, even as his fingers stroked along her cream drenched center. “I’m more than wet enough…”

“Don’t want to hurt you…” Lotor whispered, and her heart filled with even more love.

“You won’t.” She assured him, succeeding in getting him right up against her entrance. Lotor moaned, unable to resist her any more, and she felt his cock trembling in her hands. It earned a raw sound of longing from his throat, Lotor pressing down to kiss her on the mouth, even as his hips began to thrust, shoving inside her. “Gods!” She gasped, and her hands were back on his back, fisting the material there. “Oh, Gods, keep going!”

It was all the encouragement he seemed to need, Lotor kissing her once more. His hands cupped her bottom, tilting her at an angle that was even better than what they previously had. His knee jerked up the mattress, catching her beneath one thigh, leaving her spread with her leg bent at what seemed the perfect position. He lifted his head, pausing for a moment, and the strain showed on his face what it cost him to stop.

“I love you.” Lotor growled out in that husky tone that made her melt all over. She would have swooned if not for the fact she didn’t want to miss an instant of this moment, Allura reaching to cup his face.

“And I you.” She said, planting kisses all over his face, tasting the beads of sweat that had started to form there. Behind here, he reached for the bed’s headboard, gripping it with one hand to better his leverage.

“Let me hear the words again…” Lotor rasped, and she instinctively knew what he wanted.

“I love you. More than words can say!” Allura told him, and it was only then that he pushed the final distance inside her. Now seated fully inside her, Allura gave out a wild, sensual moan, her head thrashing from side to side on the pillow. “More!” She cried, as he trembled and throbbed inside her. “Please don’t wait!”

Another curse from him, no less potent than the others uttered earlier. Allura had to swallow back a scream of relief when Lotor let his body do what she knew they both wanted. In one slick move, he began to pull out, only to thrust back in before he could escape her body completely. It was pure heaven, his hips shoving tight against her, plunging the length of him inside her, over and over.

Lotor was sweating with his labors and absolutely gorgeous, hair mussed in a way that only happened during sex. He looked better than when he was at his most picture perfect, for here she was seeing him at his rawest form, wild and abandoned to lust.

The time for speaking was over with, they could only moan, voices filling the air with their appreciation of one another. Allura hooked her one leg over him as he thrust, Lotor moving hard and fast as she rubbed her hand up his back. The shirt was sticking to his skin, slightly damp and she had the moment to wish he had disrobed completely before making love to her.

It didn’t stop her from running her hands over every available inch of him, Allura pressing her lips to the front of Lotor’s throat. She licked and sucked at the skin there, eager to leave her mark on him. He purred in contentment, hips seeming to speed up in a harsher pace that she matched with movements of her own. That got Lotor talking, the King sounding embarrassed. “Allura..you’re going to make me come too soon!”

That didn’t feel like it mattered to her in the moment. Not when her hands were as greedy as the rest of her, running all over him. With a muted shout, Lotor changed his position, putting more of their weight on his knees, his cock seeming to shaft her higher, longer though she knew he couldn’t reach any deeper than he already had. Her body loved the change, the parts he focused on drinking in the friction. She clutched at his back, frantic for more as pressure began to gather between her legs. It was a sweet ache that left her burning, feverish and thinking she’d melt before reaching a release.

Lotor’s hips began rolling faster, his broken cries catching in his throat. The bed’s headboard protested loudly, Allura fearing Lotor would snap it in halves from how tight his hand was gripping it. His eyes fell close, and she could see how he was struggling to hold on. She wanted to tell him it’d be okay, but a scream erupted from her, bliss at the heart of it.

Something had snapped inside her, perhaps brought on by the sight of his rapidly fraying control. But more than that, Allura had to suspect it had to do with the fact that he was doing everything right. “Oooh yes…” She murmured, feeling a little dazed as her climax rippled over them both. Her body squeezed even tighter around his, moving rhythmically over his thrusting cock.

“Damnation!” Lotor gasped, surely feeling the effects of her climax. “Allura!” Whatever guile he had possessed failed him, his hips losing that smooth motion to do frantic thrusts. His eyes snapped open the instant he began to come, Allura moaning in pleasure at the feel of his hot seed filling her up. One last pump of his hips, a small eternity lasting as his seed was emptied out of him.

She still clung to him, even as Lotor toppled forward, collapsing on top of her. He didn’t seem to realize what he had done, until she let out a muffled, “I can’t breathe” sound. That had him immediately pushing off her, a mortified look on his face. Allura gazed up at him for a long moment, and then was giggling, her hands finding his hair as she petted him in reassurance.

He relaxed enough to crack a smile, and then was snuggling up to her on his side. She returned the cuddle, wrapping her arms around his waist. Allura couldn’t stop smiling, and would continue to do so for the better part of ten minutes. That would be all the time they would have left, before reality came intruding in on their situation.

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