Porcelain 81

Everything seemed perfect in Lotor’s world, the Drule wearing a satisfied smile that had much to do with what had just happened between him and Allura. But it was more than just the sex that had him so content, it was the knowledge that she was coming with him, Allura ready to go wherever he led her. And it was all because she loved him, and that made him smile even wider, the joy of having love and having it returned making him happy in a way he had never been before.

He thought he might have had a few rare moments of happiness when he had been a young child, those precious moments he managed to steal with his mother, and even with Allura. Back before his father intrusions into their private lives became a daily thing, with his torments, and his determination to turn Lotor into the perfect Drule. Lotor knew that what little happiness they managed had always been marred by the fear of Zarkon, knowing he could come at any time and put at end to their fun.

After his mother was killed, and Allura sent away, all happiness seemed to die within Lotor. If any bits of it had still remained inside him, it had been destroyed when Allura had seem to die on Zabatos. He became serious and studious, devoting himself to all his lessons, with no time for playing or laughter. He was consumed with revenge and sorrows, focusing on those he perceived to be his enemies.

Even the endless parade of women during those two years that preceded Allura’s return to his life had been shallow, meaningless in the long run. He couldn’t remember giving them true smiles, Lotor wearing false faces as he took what he wanted, what they were so eager to give. More tragedy would befall him for his womanizing ways, Lotor thinking of the murders his father had committed to keep the Drule Empire’s throne secure.

Even when Allura first returned to his life, tipping him into a sexual obsession with her, he hadn’t yet begun to become truly happy. Circumstance strove to keep him down, even once the truth of her real identify came out. These last few weeks had been a different kind of tense, Lotor first worrying about Allura’s safety among the rebels, and then struggling with the thought of losing her once more.

It wasn’t until he realized just how much she meant to him, and the love confessions that followed, that he felt the first glimmers of true happiness. It was a feeling he wanted to hold on to, and Allura was at the heart of it. She made him happy, and her love was already working it’s magic on healing some of his emotional scars. He could only hope he was doing the same for her, Lotor smiling down at the girl who was wrapped up in his arms.

Her lashes were lowered, Allura dozing lightly. He knew they had both earned a rest, the love making they had just performed being vigorous and energy depleting, leaving them groggy but replete. He should probably be joining her in sleep, but Lotor couldn’t stop looking at Allura, thinking how beautiful she was, both on the inside and the out.

He wanted to do more than just hold her, he wanted to run his hands through her hair, nuzzle his nose into the strands and breathe in deeply of her. He settled for staring at her, Lotor wanting to be a considerate lover who would let his woman have the time needed to recover from their earlier antics.

Allura wiggled against him, as though trying to snuggle even closer though they were already pressed up tight against one another. He held back a chuckle at that, Lotor brushing a kiss on her forehead that had her lashes fluttering open. She looked disoriented, but smiled at him, Allura’s lips parting on a sigh.

“No…go back to sleep.” Lotor urged her, not wanting their moment in bed to end.

“All right…” She agreed quick enough, and he had to chuckle at that. It was a fine thing to be able to tire out one’s woman so thoroughly! He watched her as she
attempted to slip back into sleep, and maybe five more minutes went by before a sound intruded on the quiet. He frowned at the beeping, realizing it was his communicator, the sound as urgent as it was incessant.

Allura opened her eyes again, even as Lotor was disentangling himself from her. “What is that?”

“My communicator…” Lotor grumbled, sitting up and looking for his pants. He had kicked them off the rest of the way, all in order to make himself more comfortable besides her. Now his gaze swept the floor, trying to locate them. They were found half under the bed, the communicator continuing it’s shrill beeping.

“This better be important.” Lotor growled under his breath, digging out the communicator. Allura was pushing up on her elbows, watching him as he pressed down on buttons, Lotor snapping out an impatient, “What?!”

“Your highness….” He recognized the apologetic voice as one of the guards who accompanied him almost everywhere. “I’m sorry for the intrusion…but there is an urgent situation that needs your guidance…”

Lotor fought to keep from growling about how this very much was an intrusion, one he did not appreciate in the slightest. “Surely there are others who could oversee whatever it is that is so urgent.” His mild manner tone hid how dangerous a mood he found himself in. “It’s not as if the world will fall apart if I am unavailable for a few minutes!”

“Uh…sire…” Lotor became aware of voices in the background, heated words being spoken in Arusian and Drule. His eyebrows lifted at that, Lotor recognizing one of his aides all but shouting at someone. “It’s a more….personal matter.”

“Personal?” He frowned then, wanting the guard to spit it out. “What do you mean?”

“It’s the Arusians…” The guard said hesitantly, seeming to ignore the voice arguing around him. “They are very upset about being barred from the upper level. There’s one in particular…”

“You’ve done crowd control before. Deal with it.” Lotor said, ready to switch off his communicator. But then the guard said a name, that had him freezing, finger poised on a button.

“But it’s Alfor…”

“Father?” Allura breathed out softly from behind him. Lotor glanced at her, but spoke into the device in his hand.

“What about Alfor?”

“He’s here…and he’s….angry.” answered the guard. “We don’t know how to deal with him. He’s insisting on seeing you, on seeing his daughter, and he won’t take no for an answer.” The guard’s voice seemed to lower, though Lotor felt certain most of the Arusians didn’t know enough Drule to be fluent enough to understand him. “I dare say we might have a riot on our hands if Alfor doesn’t get his way and fast!”

“Fine…tell him I’ll be down shortly.” Lotor replied. “Alfor will get his meeting, and everything will go back to normal.”

“Yes, sire.” The guard said, and the communicator turned off with a hiss.

“Why is my father here?!” Allura asked, seeming panicked. She was already crawling off the bed, a sheet wrapped around her.

“I’ll find out soon enough. Although I have my suspicions…” Lotor said, beginning to pull on his pants.

“Suspicions?” Allura repeated, then asked him what he meant by that.

“I’m sure he’s just being an overprotective father.” Lotor answered. “You are after all alone with a Drule…everyone saw me enter the ship, saw me seek out your room. I’m sure he’s assuming the worst has happened.” A glance at Allura’s face showed she had gone pale, her hand lifting to her mouth in a nervous gesture. “It’s all right Allura…” Lotor tried to reassure her. “I’ll talk to him. Make him understand what is happening…”

“I should be present for that.” Allura said, and managed to move towards the closet.

“I think not.” Lotor said, stopping her with a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him, and he shook his head no. “He might not be in the best presence of mind to see his daughter after she’s been ravished so thoroughly by her Drule lover.”

She seemed to go as white as the sheet she clutched to her body, Allure’s eyes two round circles. “You think he knows…”

“He probably suspects…and we weren’t’ that quiet…” It was the wrong thing to say, Allura shaking her head fretfully. “I’m sure they couldn’t hear us down below. Come…” He began steering her towards the room’s bathroom, Lotor pausing to tuck his shirt into his pant’s waist. “Take a shower and compose yourself. You’ll only embarrass yourself if you run down to confront him in a panic.”

“But…” She was chewing on her bottom lip, looking uncertainly at him.

“But nothing.” Lotor gently pushed into the bathroom, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. “Leave everything to me.”

“I just didn’t expect to have to tell him this soon about our relationship!” Was the last of her exclamations before he closed the bathroom door on her. Truth be known, he hadn’t expected this to happen so soon either, Lotor stalking past a mirror. He saw how wild his hair looked, and quickly set off to setting it straight with his fingers. He was surprised his communicator didn’t go off a second time, for all the time he had already wasted.

With one last critical look at himself, seeing his clothes rumpled, and his throat bearing a visible kiss mark, Lotor sighed and hurried out of the cabin. He stepped out into the empty hall, and could hear the faint sound of the people arguing. The Arusians didn’t like the thought of a Drule being alone with one of their women, didn’t trust what was being done behind their backs.

He tsked at their suspicions, even as he hurried down the stairs, the voices growing louder. His guards were doing their best to keep the people somewhat calm, in addition to barring them from the upper level of the ship. He had wanted privacy, but now knew that it had been wrong to clear out the floor, it caused needless upset in the Arusians.

His aides were doing the most arguing of the Drules, angry that the Arusians wanted to go against a direct command of Lotor’s. They were threatening the humans, and spouting off Drule law. Alfor was calm as he pointed out Lotor had no right to come into their home, and barricade himself in a room with his daughter. The aides scoffed at that, saying as King Lotor had every right to do whatever and whomever he so desired.

That didn’t help situations, but before Alfor could do more than sputter a few angry words, Lotor finished his descent down the stairs. The Arusians fell quiet at the sight of him, the guards tensing, reading to hold them back from rushing Lotor.

“I believe you wanted to speak to me?” Lotor asked coolly, eyes meeting Alfor’s. He nodded, his gaze searching behind Lotor.

“I wanted to speak to both you and my daughter.” Alfor said, frowning when Allura did not appear. “Where is she? What have you done to her?”

“Nothing that wasn’t without her consent.” Lotor answered. “Come…” Alfor had colored angrily at those words. “I believe we should have this discussion in private.”

“Indeed.” Alfor agreed, and then was giving commands to several of the women. “Check on my daughter. Make sure she is all right.”

The guards had parted for Lotor to pass through them, the Arusians crowded off to the side. Alfor seemed to assume Lotor would allow the women access to the upper level, and though it annoyed him that the man made such an assumption, Lotor did not try to stop the nervous females. They squeezed past the guards, and hurried upstairs, even as Lotor gestured for Alfor to follow him into a side room.

Once inside, with the door closed behind them, the two men just looked at each other, Alfor’s eyes angry. Lotor sighed then, letting how weary he felt show in his eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean, didn’t want you to find out this way.” He meant it too, Lotor knowing there was a dozen ways better to reveal to this man the nature of his relationship with Allura.

“Then what did you want to happen?” Alfor demanded, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Truthfully?” Lotor asked, and got a nod from Alfor. “I wasn’t really thinking beyond telling Allura my feelings.”

“Your feelings?” Alfor repeated, brow furrowing. “Is that what you were doing?!”

“I love her.” Lotor said, choosing to ignore the second question for now. “I truly do. With all my heart and feelings. I couldn’t leave Arus without at least telling her that.”

“Fine, you’ve told her. Now what?” Alfor wanted to know.


“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. A man doesn’t tell a woman those kind of sentiments without expecting something in return. What did you hope to accomplish in telling her your feelings?” questioned Alfor.

“I…” he hesitated a moment. “I don’t want to think my confession was selfish driven. But I did have hopes. Hopes she returned.” Lotor didn’t dare risk a smile, fearing Alfor would try to punch him. “She loves me back…we want to have a future together.”

“A future?” Surprised flashed in Alfor’s eyes, brief though it was. “What sort of future could a Drule and a human have together?”

“A happy one.” Lotor answered promptly.

“Hmph.” Alfor made a scoffing sound. “I won’t have you taking her from her family. Not to return to Doom as your mistress. She’s had enough of that kind of life!”

“She won’t be my mistress!” Lotor quickly protested. “I intend to make her my wife!”

“Your wife?!” Alfor looked astounded at the thought.

“Yes…She’ll be my bride, my queen, she’ll want for nothing.”

“And you think your people will allow you to take Allura as your bride?” Alfor asked.

“They don’t rule, I do.” Lotor answered. “Besides, i don’t see the problem. My father took a human for a bride…he went against expectations of the court, and so will I!”

“Comparing yourself to Zarkon in any way does not reassure me.” Alfor said flatly.

“I don’t mean to compare myself to him!” Lotor snapped. “I want to be different then him. And Allura helps me to see the things I must do, both for myself and the Drule Empire, if change is to happen.”

“She’ll be a target as your wife.” Alfor pointed out. “They’ll want to kill her, especially those Drule that are resistant to change!”

“I’ll protect her.” Lotor insisted. “I’ll keep harm from happening to her. I’ll be absolutely ruthless when it comes to her safety.”

“I don’t know my daughter as well as I would like…” began Alfor, the man pacing over to a stack of crates. “But does she realize the trouble she is getting into, becoming involved with you?”

“I think she does. It wouldn’t be the first time danger or trouble reared it’s head around us.”

“That danger should be enough to send her running from you if she had any sense.” Grumbled Alfor. “And what about you? Can you promise me you really won’t be like Zarkon? I’ve heard stories from my daughter about the kind of childhood you had…how can I know it didn’t affect you to the point of making you a monster?”

“I don’t know how to prove that I am not…” Lotor admitted. “All I can do is continue as I have been doing. Please sir…” He actually got down on one knee, an earnest look in his eyes. “Allow me to ask you properly for your daughter’s hand in marriage…”

Alfor stared at him silently for a full minute. Lotor began to grow nervous that the man would outright refuse his plea, and then Alfor sighed. “She’s a grown woman. Old enough to know her mind….old enough to make her own mistakes. BUT!” He held up a finger, stopping the relieved expression from forming on Lotor’s face. “If I find out you hurt her in any way, I won’t hesitate to hunt you down and make you pay.”

“I wouldn’t stop you if I did hurt her.” Lotor replied, expression and tone serious. “I’d welcome death if I did do her harm.”

“All right then…” Alfor said, and held out his hand to Lotor. The Drule took it, clasping it tightly, and then was rising to stand once more. “I’m still uncomfortable with the thought of you two together…” Alfor added. “But I won’t interfere if this is what my daughter truly wants.”

“It is…” Lotor said, just as a knock sounded on the door. Both men turned to see who it was, a nervous Allura opening the door.

“Father…” She began, fingers fidgeting against one another. “I…”

“It’s all right Allura.” Alfor began, his face as solemn as it was serious. “Your…Drule has been telling me everything I need to know.”

“He has?” Allura’s surprised look was cast Lotor’s way. He smiled from behind Alfor’s back, nodding his head. “Then you know….that I love him? That I intend to make a life with him on Doom?”

“I know.” Alfor sighed. “Can’t say I am thrilled with the idea, but it is your life…you have to follow your heart’s desire.” A pause, Alfor approaching to touch Allura’s hands. “And it is your desire, yes? To be with this man?”

“Oh yes!” Allura answered immediately. “I love him! A part of me has always loved him.” Lotor couldn’t help grinning at that, even as Alfor squeezed Allura’s hands.

“All right then…just promise me you’ll keep yourself safe….”

“I promise.” Allura replied, earning a kiss on the cheek from her father. She looked stunned at the gesture, Alfor nodding his good-bye to the couple before walking out the room. Allura stood with a hand to the cheek he had kissed, staring after her father’s exit. “That’s the first real sign of affection he’s given me….” She whispered, Lotor walking towards her. “He’s always been so reserved, so held back around me….”

“He cares for you. Don’t ever think otherwise.” Lotor said, hugging her. “He even threatened to hurt me if I ever harmed you in any way. He’s got the protective father act down perfect.”

“I guess so…” Allura murmured in reply. “I’m still shocked he agreed so easily to this…”

“He spent most of his anger and refusals out on me.” Lotor told her, and she twisted to face him.

“He wasn’t too hard on you, was he?” A concerned Allura asked.

“I can handle an over protective father if it means keeping the woman I love in my life.” Lotor assured her, leaning in to kiss her sweetly. Her mouth eagerly returned the affection, Allura winding fingers through his hair. “Just…” Lotor pulled back, a twinkle in his eyes. “Promise me one thing.”

“And that is?” Allura asked, curiosity in her eyes.

“You’ll be the one to break the news to your mother.” Lotor finished with a laugh. “I’ve had enough of upsetting your parents to last me a lifetime!”

“Done!” Allura said, and went up on tip toe to kiss him again. His arms squeezed tighter around her, nearly stealing her breath away as he kissed her. He knew not everything was fitting into a neat package, he’d still have to break the news of his choice in brides to his people. No doubt his aides would give him an earful, but he wouldn’t mind cutting a few of them down if it got them to back off him.

He was determined to make things work, and with Allura by his side, he was sure that it would happen. Even if they had a few rocky patches in the road they were soon to travel.

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