Porcelain 82

She wasn’t sure what had awakened her, the bedroom empty of any troublesome sounds. She sat up, Allura staring out into the darkness of the room, noting that the candles had melted down to mere stubs. She and her husband had been sleeping for hours it seemed, and from the light snore Lotor was emitting, she knew it would be a while before the Drule roused himself.

Allura smiled as she looked at him, admiring his features as best she could, given the dim lighting of the candles. His hour was tousled, and she swept back the strands that covered his face, tucking them carefully behind his ears. He sighed at the glancing touch of her fingertips on that sensitive spot, and for a moment she thought he would awaken.

His lips smacked together, and then he was settling back into sleep, an arm slung loosely across her waist. Allura touched that arm now, carefully lifting it up off her. It didn’t disturb Lotor’s sleep, the girl sliding out of bed, and reaching for a sheer robe. She pulled it over her naked form, and began her rounds, moving as silent as she could manage about the room.

She blew out the candles as she passed them by, and the room’s lack of windows made the darkness even more pronounced. Allura liked the candles, thought they added a romantic touch to the previous night’s frolicking. She shivered and stretched, feeling a delicious ache between her legs, a reminder of how well loved her husband had made her feel.

She smiled to herself, Allura loving those words. ~My husband.~ She almost laughed at that possessive thought, Allura slipping through the bedroom door and out into the living quarters of their apartment. It was still in the midst of being decorated, they had returned from their honey moon earlier than expected. A small crisis had arisen, one that needed the King of the Drule Empire to be on hand to deal with it personally.

Allura had told Lotor she hadn’t minded, the girl almost eager to start making the apartment feel like a real home in the castle. It was helped that the gifts, presents from those in attendance at their wedding, were house warming presents that were both simple and extravagant, depending on the person who had done the giving. Many of the nobles had sought to impress their King and new Queen, spending an astronomical amount of coin on the items they bestowed.

As fancy and decadent as some of those gifts were, Allura preferred the simple things, the items that had been picked out by the people who knew her best. She smiled, and touched a hope chest that was carved with a warm saying about dreams. A gift to her from Liandra and Crystalline, the females filling it up with odds and ends, things that held personal meaning and value to Allura.

Of course Liandra hadn’t been able to keep from showing her mischievous side, including a few questionable items that would have shocked a more proper lady. Allura had merely laughed at the gadgets, wondering if she could entice Lotor into using them as part of their bed play.

Not that their love making needed enhancing, Allura well satisfied in that regard. They acted half starved around each other, always hungry for more of everything, be it kisses, or touches. She wondered if their frantic pace would ever slow down, if they would settle as the novelty of being around each other faded. Allura hoped not, greedy for her husband in ways that should have shocked her.

Such greed made her lust for more time than Lotor could always give her, at times the Drule having to put aside their time to devote himself to running the Empire. Allura tried to support Lotor as best she could, knowing how difficult a job he had as king. Especially a king who was making unpopular choices, the least of which being his marriage to Allura, a human.

The Drule Empire was back at war with the Demos Empire, all plans for peace having fallen through when Lotor refused to marry their princess. Disappointment quickly led to anger and resentment, the King of Demos not willing to accept the idea of a royal marrying for love. He had tried to get Lotor to reconsider, citing that Zarkon himself had been all for the marriage.

Lotor had wisely kept quiet about the fact that that proposal of Zarkon’s had been nothing more than a ruse, one of many where the Demos Empire was concerned. The Demos King would not have handled it well to know the plot had been to torture Princess Corral, all in an effort to devastate her father. Nor did Lotor ever bring to light the fact that Zarkon had been the one responsible for the terrorist activity on Zabatos. Some secrets were best left buried, there was enough animosity between the two empires.

Lotor may not have wanted to remain enemies with Demos, but the Drules of his Empire enjoyed the benefits of the war. At least when the battles were going in favor of the Drule! On occasion, the Drule Empire lost territory to Demos, but Lotor was usually quick to get it back. Especially with the help of Arus’ robot champion, Voltron being put to use in fighting the Empire’s wars.

But Voltron could not be everywhere at once, a fact that was made all the more frustrating to the Drule, what with battles that were occurring all over the Denubian Galaxy. Both empires were stretched thin, having little luck in adding new planets to their collections.

The war wasn’t the only battles that were being waged. There was fighting here on the Drules home territory, Doom being plagued with plots and schemes, the nobles as underhanded as they were ruthless. There had been several assassination plots uncovered, Lotor taking the appropriate measures to rid himself of his would be murderers.

It still left Allura frightened, the girl not liking to think how much danger both she and her husband were in. And all because Lotor was trying to do things differently! It kept them both on their toes, alert for danger and potential attacks. But Lotor would not back down from his ideas, a fact that left Allura proud of her husband.

Lotor didn’t leave off change with just the other planets, he worked to do things on Doom. Concerned that there would be other children abused, he had set up a child welfare system to help rescue the children from those who would harm them. Allura took great pleasure in working closely with the heads of the child welfare administration, and also dabbled in the system set up to help battered women.

It was almost shocking how many children and women were abused on Doom. The Drules had maintained a tight knit silence about their home practices, quick to resort to violence when angered. Lotor never wanted what had happened to him, his mother, and Allura, to repeat itself. It was a lofty goal, and Allura knew it frustrated him for every person they could not save from domestic abuse.

They didn’t just try to save those who were recognized citizens of Doom, they were working to keep the slaves from suffering needless violence. Every year hundreds of thousands of slaves were killed, and not one of those deaths had been justified.

With a sad sigh, she padded over to the desk in the corner of the room, intending to get a start on the paperwork that awaited her. She had many forms and documentations to go over, cases begging her attention, Allura’s heart breaking as she read about the brutality the people on the paper had suffered. She wanted to help everyone she could, and yet the amount of paperwork was daunting to her.

And amidst the stacks of papers, was a leather bound book, gold lettering on it’s binding. She smiled to see it, thinking Lotor had purposefully left it here to distract her from her work. She opened the wedding album, the pictures being projected into the air, fist sized holograms that came alive when she tapped corresponding buttons on the page.

It had been a beautiful wedding, a lavish affair, with all the important people of the Drule Empire in attendance. Allura had almost been overwhelmed by the number of people in attendance, the numbers reaching near a thousand guests, all crowded into the rooms of the castle. Most had gained invitations only because of their positions of power, Lotor not wanting to slight anyone by not including them.

The real guests of honors had been Allura’s friends, the girl making sure to invite all the students from Madame Elianza’s school. Of course the inner circle of her age group had all attended, Allura being reunited with Corrum, and Crystalline. Liandra had shown up on the arm of her client, the girl resplendent in her blue maid of honor’s gown. Phillip had been there with Lord Mundi, and Allura had made special care to ask Lotor to help free Phillip from Mundi’s patronage.

Madame Elianza had also attended the wedding, shockingly breaking down in tears during the ceremony, though she had been careful to wear eye make up that was proof against water.

If there was one moment of sadness on her special day, it was the fact that her parents had not been present. Of course Allura had extended the invitation to them, but they had politely declined. They simply weren’t comfortable coming to Doom, anymore than Lotor had been accepting of the idea of holding a second, smaller ceremony on Arus. The worlds were too different, the people still holding too deep a grudge against one another.

Allura understood that, realized that if they held a wedding on Arus, it was most likely only Alfor and Diana would have attended. So she contented herself with sending them holos of the wedding, and playing over and over their video recorded message of well wishes to her and her groom.

Her parents may not like her choice in husbands, but at least they accepted that it was Allura’s decision to make. She supposed that was the best she could hope for, Allura wondering what their reaction would be when the time came for her to get pregnant with Lotor’s child. Not that Allura expect to conceive any time soon, though she and Lotor certainly made the effort each and every day.

But it was still too soon, Allura slowly being weaned off her birth control dosages. It would be another month before it’s effects would fade completely from her body, and then they would see where fate took them. Allura was a bit nervous at the thought of introducing a child into the equation during this most chaotic time in the Drule Empire. But Lotor pointed out that things might never calm down enough for them to safely start a family.

She didn’t want fear to keep her from having children, Allura knowing she had a lot of love to give. Not just to her husband, but to however many children they had. Of course, sometimes when she read the horror stories from the child welfare bureau, it made her want to adopt those battered and abused children. Lotor pointed out that as big a the castle was, they couldn’t take in every child.

She sighed then, knowing he was right. She couldn’t personally save everyone, she had to be content with what she could do. And for the most part Allura was, both with her charity work and with the life she had with her husband. She flipped the pages of the wedding album, finding a shot of her and Lotor. A press of a button had them moving, the two dancing a slow dance, eyes filled with heart felt emotion for one another.

She was still studying the hologram, when a few minutes later, her husband’s questioning voice intruded on her thoughts. “Allura?”

“I’m here.” She called out, quickly shutting off the hologram.

“Come back to bed.” He murmured, half asleep. “It’s cold without you by my side.” Allura smiled, and rose from her seat. leaving the wedding album closed on the desk. She reentered the bedroom, already shifting the robe off her shoulders. By the time she reached the bed, she was naked, Allura draping the robe over a night stand.

Lotor was shifting over to make room for her, his gold eyes seeming to glow in the darkness of the room. He was staring at her, and she wondered how well he could see her with his enhanced Drule vision. “Hmm…” He sighed out a happy sound, hand reaching to snag hold of her wrist. “You take my breath away.”

“Can you even see me?” She asked, amused.

“Don’t need to see you for you to affect me.” Lotor retorted, and she crawled into bed at his insistent pull. He snuggled up to her, and she found him sniffing at her hair, a purr rumbling out of him. “Gods, you smell good.”

“I always smell good according to you!” Allura laughed, teasing him.

“And you always will.” Lotor said, arms enveloping her into his embrace. She fit against his body with a happy sound, Allura resting her head on his shoulder. He continued to nuzzle her hair, and she felt other parts of him reacting to her scent. A mischievous grin crossed her face, Allura sliding her hands down the front of his body, over the ridges of his stomach.

“Allura…” A sharp hiss, but otherwise he sounded as if he didn’t mind when her hands wrapped around his cock. She began petting and stroking him into readiness, thinking they had both rested enough for the night. Apparently Lotor agreed, for he was soon caressing his hands over her body, whispering I love you in her ear.

She smiled and said the words back to him, turning her head upward for a kiss. She was rewarded with just that, Lotor’s lips sealing possessively over hers. She knew when morning came, she would have to give him up to the high court of the Drule. Duty usually came before pleasure, at least during the day hours of Doom. But the night belonged to her, and her alone, and that pleased Allura greatly.

She could feel Lotor smiling against her lips, and knew her own mouth mirror that expression, Allura letting her joy in the moment bubble up as sweet laughter. There was no doubt about it, even with the troubles around them, life was good.


The End….X_X

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  1. Wow, a great epic love story. The beginning was hard to take with Zarkon’s cruelty & Allura’s almost prostitution, but all the agony brought sweet ecstasy at the end. I really hope you get your mojo back writing for these two…I can’t stop reading about them!

    1. Thanks! I admit I was nervous to read the comment…*blush* it’s me being hard on myself. For the longest time I’ve been dissatisfied with this story…like I feel I had missed opportunities in arc three, and the final arc, the arus stuff. I worry is stupid…..I also felt like, I was trying to confine myself into 20 chapters per arc, so I think I limited myself greatly. So I always worry people won’t like this story cause of the last two arcs.

      It’s always a learning process I think…I hope I learn and get better from my mistakes. I don’t know if I would ever have it in me to overhaul this particular story. I know I want to overhaul The price of freedom before I try to write it’s sequel (It was my first adult voltron story too! So lot of inexperience and mistakes with that one.) and I always day dream about rewriting the harem slave, overhauling it….but I die at the idea of the effort such a huge story would take to rewrite. With harem slave, not only did I make quite a few blunders, but I feel like…the story got so long, it was difficult for ME to retain what I was rereading before writing a new batch of chapters. I reread my stories, especially when it’s it’s been more than a few weeks since I last worked on one….to refresh my mind of the details.

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