Merla 01


Her footsteps were soft, hesitant, a direct contrast to the confidant walk of the woman ahead of her. Her long braid, a dark hue of pink bounced against her back, reminding Allura of the braided coils of a whip. Right now she was never more tempted than to reach out and tug on that hair, knock the woman off balance. But she was conscious of the weapons trained on her, the blasters surely set on kill.

So she behaved herself, Allura knowing she had to somehow survive, live to get out of this mess. She held back her sigh, letting her mind flash back on the day’s events. She didn’t have to wonder how she got into this mess, Allura already knew. Once again she had fallen into a trap set by her enemies from Planet Doom, and never did she feel more foolish than she did at this moment.

Allura could still remember how excited she had been when the men from the village that was closest to the castle had come to her. They had been breathless, excited with their eyes wide and gleaming. They told her about the rumor that her father, King Alfor was coming back to life and she believed them. She wanted so hard to believe that she ignored the impossible, hoping that a spirit would somehow be able to become flesh and blood once more.

The villagers told her many things, and she found herself wound up, believing them down to the tiniest detail. According to them, it would be in the Valley of Zohar where her father would make his return. That they had seen his shield, now turned golden inside one of the caves that lined the valley. Allura hadn’t even thought twice about going there, pushing aside her fear and hatred of the valley. She had not been to the Valley of Zohar since that horrible day, that day when her father fought King Zarkon and lost.

Now she ventured there, excitement in her heart, making the journey there on foot. It wasn’t far from the castle, it merely took her most of the morning to cover the distance. She ran all the way, and was panting by the time she reached the rainbow caves.

Allura had been alone when she ventured inside, she hadn’t been able to wait for an escort, a stupid move on her part. Now she realized she hadn’t been thinking clearly, letting her hopes and excitement cloud her judgment.

She saw the statue of her father, the shield standing out brightly against the faded bronze of the statue. It was golden just like the villagers had said, and she took it as proof that if this was true, so had to be the rest of the rumors. Allura had approached the statue, her hand reaching towards the shield when what felt like an earthquake rocked the cave. She had screamed, someone knocking into her.

It was Keith, and he had managed to arrive just in time to keep her from being crushed by the statue. The rest of the Voltron Force was with him, already examining the broken statue. Most importantly, the so called golden shield had crumbled into pieces from the impact, showing it was a fake. It broke as easily as her hopes for her father’s return, Allura sagging in place.

There had been no time for berating herself, another earthquake had rocked the cave. Only this time it was revealed to be no earthquake, but a giant boulder being rolled into place before the cave’s entrance. The boys had tried to stop it, using brute strength against the boulder, but it was too immense in size to move. At best they could only hold it back, leaving a small space that was just big enough for Allura to squeeze through.

Pidge had tried to follow her, but the boulder’s movement had stirred up the rock around the cave, causing a small collapse to seal up the space. The boys had remained trapped, and Allura had promised to get help. Which is what she had been doing when she ran back to the castle, only to see it under attack. It was then that all the pieces came together, Allura realizing the rumor of her father’s return had been nothing more than an elaborate hoax by Doom.

She barely had time to register what was going on before a skull tank pulled up beside her. A woman she had never seen before emerged from it, leaping down to confront Allura even as Doom soldiers surrounded her. She learned the woman’s name was Merla, and they had had a heated exchange of words. It was intense, but had only lasted a few minutes before Lotor had arrived.

In his typical, boorish fashion, he had approached her, telling Allura how he simply must have for his bride. She hadn’t known what to say to him, and Merla spared her from coming up with an answer. Unfortunately, Merla reminded them all that Allura was HER prisoner, a fact that didn’t set the princess’ mind at ease. The woman had ordered Allura to be taken onboard her ship, to something called the Cosmotron.

That device loomed up ahead, looking alien and frightening. She took a step back, bumping into the front of Lotor who wordlessly put his hands on her shoulders. She didn’t know what he was trying to do, keep her from fleeing, or offering her comfort with his touch. Allura ignored the way his fingers seemed to massage her tense shoulders, staring straight ahead at the Cosmotron.

“Step into my parlour.” purred Merla, gesturing towards one of the large tubes of the Cosmotron. She did as Merla commanded, knowing she had no choice but to step into one of the glass tubings. Allura stared straight ahead, eyes defiant though inwardly she was panicking, wondering what was about to happen to her. A few feet before her stood Lotor, silent for once, his eyes troubled as he looked at her. Allura ignored him to stare at Merla, seeing the woman walk over to a machine that had a large lever protruding from it.

She touched something on the machine, and golden bands of energy surrounded Allura. They cast a sickly glow on her skin, illuminating the darkened room with a golden glow of energy. “Excellent.” Smiled Merla, her hand on the lever now. She wasn’t even looking at the machine, her eyes focused on Allura. It seemed the evil Queen did not want to miss a second of what was to happen to the princess, her face showing how she relished the thought of Allura’s pain.

“You’re about to take a vacation to an exciting, new place.” Continued Merla, her hand starting to move the lever. “It’s called infinity, bye bye!” The beams increased in intensity, starting to merge together, making Allura sweat and grunt in pain.

“Too bad you’re not a bad guy.” Merla commented, completely unmoved by Allura’s cries of pain. “We’d have lots more fun.”

“You always loose in the end! AH!!” She cried out, the best come back she could manage under the circumstances.

“Not this time!” Hissed Merla, pulling the lever down to the third setting on the machine. The hum of energy grew louder, nearly deafening Allura in the process. Her groans continued, the pain worsening and she actually hunched over, her eyes squinted shut.

“Arus forever…” Moaned Allura, falling to her knees. She heard Lotor make a sound, but she couldn’t identify the emotion behind it.

“You and I could have been good friends Allura.” Merla told her, flashing fangs in a smile. “But when friendship gets in the way of greed…” The lever moved to it’s final setting, the light becoming blinding, Merla’s word tinny and distant. “Guess who loses!” Merla’s laughter was the last thing Allura heard, she lost consciousness from the pain, her mind seeking relief.

Allura didn’t know how long she was out of it, one moment her body seemed to have left the ship, going to a place that defied description. There had been pain, sharp flashes of it going up and down her body. The next moment she was back, her vision blurred as she saw the glass door lift open. She immediately tried to take a step forward, wanting to be free of the tubing before the light returned and caused her more pain.

Footsteps coming towards her, she heard a voice, Lotor’s, sounding far too soft to be real. “Careful.” It was too much for her, her legs shaking, she wavered in place, grabbing onto the side of the tubing for support. But she was falling, pitching face forward towards the ground. Only she didn’t hit the floor, finding strong arms around her, catching her. She twisted to turn, for an instant seeing Lotor as he gathered her up in his arms. Allura let her eyes close, for the moment too weak to protest his touches, finding if she could just rest, even for a moment, she’d get the strength to fight back.

“My love is stronger than your power!” Lotor suddenly announced to the room, surprising Allura. She nearly opened her eyes to stare at him in shock, wondering what he meant by that. Silence accompanied Lotor’s words, Merla not saying anything, though Allura heard the sound of footsteps, someone running out of the room.

“My beautiful princess.” Lotor murmured, holding her close to his chest. She said nothing, feigning sleep, resting her head against his muscled chest.

“She’ll never love you back Lotor.” Merla’s voice, a mocking quality to it. “Nice girls don’t go for your type.”

“That shows how much you know!” Lotor said, but her words had upset him. Allura could tell by how angry he sounded.

“I know more than you think!” retorted Merla, laughing at him. Lotor didn’t bother to dignify that with a retort, but his hands tensed on Allura’s body, a possessive touch as though that alone could shield him from Merla’s words. “Where do you think you’re going with the princess?!” Demanded Merla. It was a question Allura wanted to know the answer to herself, hearing Lotor respond.

“Far away from you.”

“You can’t do this!” Merla hissed, and now it was Lotor’s turn to laugh.

“I can do anything I want, and don’t you forget it.” His footsteps echoed on the metallic floor of the ship, Lotor moving to leave Merla behind.

“Your father will hear about this!” Merla shouted, sounding incensed.

“My father will not care so long as Arus is captured and Voltron defeated.” retorted Lotor. Merla’s words were lost to the sound of the door closing behind him. Allura continued to pretend to be asleep, wondering if her situation had gone from bad to worse. She didn’t believe Lotor would hurt her in the same manner that Merla did, but at the same time she didn’t feel safe with him.

She tried not to think too deeply on the kind of abuse she could suffer at his hands, trying instead to reassure herself that she stood a better chance at getting away with Lotor than she did with Merla. Her experiences in the past with the prince had always ended with fortune smiling on Allura. She only prayed that this time would be no different!

Lotor was quiet as he carried her, Allura listening to the sound of his heart beat as they moved. It was strong like him, a steady thing, almost having a calming effect on the princess. Other sounds quickly rose around them, Allura realizing they were leaving Merla’s star cutter. All around her she could hear the sounds of battle, the assault on the castle continuing. Ships and tanks were moving about, large rumbles in her ears, and she could hear the soldiers talking in Drule, alien words that surely boasted of their apparent victory.

Lotor was quiet through it all, moving through the ranks of people and vehicles with ease, Allura wondering where he was taking her. Minutes passed by, and then she heard his feet leave the soft grass ground of Arus and step onto the metal ramp of a ship. She almost opened her eyes right then, thinking to leap from his arms and try to make a run for it.

“Easy…” Lotor’s voice in her ear, his arms tightening around her as though he had sensed her thoughts. She didn’t respond, letting her body relax, her breathing remain even and calm as though she was still in a deep sleep.

More Drule voices, this time greeting Lotor, Allura recognizing his name amidst the alien words. Her name as well, Lotor speaking something back to them, laughing jovially as he continued to move throughout the ship. She knew she was just getting further and further away from escaping, Allura having no hope of fighting her way past Drule soldiers especially when she didn’t even have a weapon on hand.

Minutes passed, and then she heard the hiss of air, the sound of a door opening. It quickly sounded again, metal closing behind them, Lotor taking a few steps forward. She felt him lay her down gently, a soft cushioned mattress at her back. He said nothing, just stayed with his hands on her body, surely gazing down on her. She could practically feel the heat of his gaze on her, Allura fighting not to twitch and give some sign of being awake.

A sigh from Lotor, the mattress groaning as he added his weight to it, sitting down besides her. His hands skimmed across her body, a light, ghost like touch that left Allura wondering if she imagined it. Soon his fingers found their way into her hair, undoing the pins that held the locks up into her strict bun. He stroked his fingers through her loosened hair, arranging it to lay spread out around her on the pillows.

“Allura…” His fingers on her face, brushing back the stray curls that grazed against her cheeks. “Allura…” Slightly louder this time, Lotor attempting to rouse her with the sound of his voice. Allura gave no sign of being awake, trying to keep from trembling at his gentle touch on her skin. His fingers moved, dropping down to her lips, fingertips carefully touching them.

She could feel him tracing the shape of her mouth, and then she felt something brush her face, Allura slow to realize it was the spill of his hair on her skin. She fought not to sneeze as his hair tickled her nose, Allura finding his breath was warm and heavy on her lips. He kissed her then, Lotor gently pressing his lips to hers, leaving Allura startled but proud of herself when she gave no outward reaction to the kiss.

She kept thinking if she pretended to be asleep, he’d give up and go away. That then she’d but herself some time to really think, and perhaps stumble upon a way out of this mess. But no such luck, Lotor continued to kiss her, his hands dropping to her shoulders, holding onto her as he pressed his lips harder against hers. Allura found herself pinned between his lips and the pillow, no where to move, and she was rapidly losing her breath. When Lotor licked across her mouth, Allura couldn’t keep the gasp from escaping her. With her lips parted, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, and Allura squealed in response.

Mercifully, he kissed her quickly, doing a quick coiling of his tongue around hers before pulling back. She opened her eyes just in time to see Lotor smile at her, Allura fixing him with a stony glare.

“Ah so you were awake.” Lotor said, and she watched as he licked his lips slowly, the sight of his pink tongue bringing the memory of the feel of it in her mouth. She blushed when she realized Lotor was watching her stare, the prince’s eyes gleaming with amusement.

“Do you always go around molesting sleeping women?!” demanded Allura, her voice higher in her nervousness.

“That wasn’t molestation.” Lotor told her, grinning widely at her. He hadn’t moved off her, still holding onto her shoulders, his shadow on the upper half of her body. “It was merely a kiss Allura.” His golden eyes twinkled with mischief, Lotor casting a quick glance down at her body. “But if it’s molestation you want, I’d be glad to oblige.”

“No thank you.” Allura quickly said, not wanting to give him any reason to do such a thing. “Now get off of me.” Surprisingly he obliged, straightening up to sit besides her on the bed. Now that he wasn’t hovering quite so close, she took a glance around the room, seeing the ornate furnishings, and the rich tapestry that took up one of the walls. The bed itself was large, a direct contrast to the standards a military ship would have, easily fitting two people even one as large as Lotor.

It was a room built for royalty, pleasing to the eye, and quick to see to their comfort. She felt her stomach sinking, even as Lotor spoke, confirming her fears. “Do you like it, Allura? This is my private quarters on board the flag ship, Destruction.”

“Why have you brought me here?” Allura asked, ignoring his question as she slowly sat up. Her hair draped over her shoulders, and Lotor reached to snag a handful in his hand. She tried to ignore him bringing that handful to his face, the man sniffing at it’s scent, letting out a happy sigh in the process of smelling her.

“I couldn’t let Merla have her way.” Lotor said, eyes staring at her. They seemed to trap her in place, the gold holding her captivated so that she could not look away.

“You seemed to have no problems letting her put me in that machine.” Allura retorted, and saw him flinch as though she had struck him with her words.

“That was a mistake.” Lotor said. “One I will forever regret. I shouldn’t have let her take things so far, I should have taken you at once but…”


“Do you know much about the Queen?” Lotor asked, and Allura shook her head no. “Then know this. Merla is a mind witch.”

“A mind witch?!” Allura said, not familiar with the concept.

“Yes. She has vast powers of the mind, including the abilities to talk to you telepathically. She can even go as far as to control you with her thoughts.” Lotor sighed. “I fear she was manipulating me in allowing her to do this to you.”

“You expect me to believe this?!” Allura demanded, making a scoffing sound.

“Yes. I give you my word that what I say is true.” Lotor said.

“Your word?! As if I could trust such a thing!” Allura exclaimed.

“You can. I assure you. I may be many things, but I’ve never lied to you, Allura.” Lotor told her, letting her hair spilled out between his fingers. “I’ve always been honest towards you, and my feelings for you. My intentions towards you.” She said nothing, just stared, letting him continue. “Why would I propose to you, only to the next minute allow you to be harmed?”

“I don’t know but…if what you say is true, how did you ever break free of her power in the first place?” Allura asked. She was surprised when he smiled back at her, taking hold of her hand. He placed it over his heart, Allura feeling the material of his uniform against her palm.

“Love for you Allura.” Lotor answered, and she raised her eyebrows in surprise.


“Yes love. Seeing you in pain, seeing you suffer was the first step. It broke through her control bit by bit until I was free.” Lotor explained, squeezing her hand softly. “When you were sent away, the pain in my heart was unbearable. I drew my sword, the threat of it forcing Merla to bring you back before it was too late.”

She just stared at him, surprise in her eyes.

“Merla tried to force me to hand you over again, she talked to me in my mind.” Continued Lotor.

“Is that why you suddenly said your love is stronger than your power?” asked Allura.

“So you were awake at that time.” Lotor said, and she nodded. “And yes, Merla was trying to control me again. It leaves me wondering how often she has controlled me, and my father’s actions as well. He’s been acting strange ever since Merla came to Doom, changing his decisions almost immediately after announcing them.”

“What a frightening power.” Allura murmured.

“Yes.” Agreed Lotor, letting go of her hand. She quickly brought it back to her side, letting it rest on the mattress. “Luckily I have you to shield me from it.”

“Lucky….” repeated Allura, holding back a sigh. “Lotor? WHat do you intend to do next? I mean….what do you intend to do with me?”

“What I’ve always told you I’d do if I ever got a hold of you.” Lotor grinned. “I’m going to marry you Allura.”

Her eyes were wide, her heart sinking as she stared at him. “I can’t marry you!” She protested.

“Why not?” Lotor asked.

“Well, for one thing…I’m not sure I even like you.” Her hands flew to her face, Allura stifling her gasp. “Uh….that is…I mean…”

Lotor let out a laugh, delighted amusement in the sound. “It’s all right Allura. I know we haven’t had the best track record when it comes to getting acquainted. But that can change now. We will have all the time in the world to get to know one another.”

“Wonderful.” This time she did sigh, a heavy huff of air, depressed.

“Are there any other objections?” Lotor asked her.

“Aside from you effectively kidnapping me?” Allura demanded, and Lotor chuckled.

“I did not kidnap you this time. I rescued you.”

“You’re hardly my ideal knight in shining armor!” snapped Allura. “Call it what you want, rescue or kidnapping, I am still your prisoner. You are leaving me with little choice towards marrying you.”

“You won’t be a prisoner for long.” Lotor said, reaching to touch her face. She held herself still, letting his gloved fingertips caress her cheek. It was hardly a soothing touch, Allura staring at him, unmoved by his words. “Just until we are united in marriage. Then you’ll enjoy a freedom as my wife the likes of which you’ve never even dreamed of.”

“I don’t believe you.” She said softly.

“Then believe this.” Lotor said, hand sliding from her cheek to capture the back of her head. “I love you. That will never change.” He was leaning in towards her face, the hand in her hair keeping her trapped in place, Allura unable to evade his lips.

Her heart beat quickened at the feel of his lips, soft like satin, pressing against her. Lotor let out a satisfied sound, a deep hmm of pleasure as he used his mouth to dazzle her. His lips clung to hers, moving in a sensuous rhythm as he worked to coax her mouth open. Allura felt his tongue probing at her lips, testing to see how resistant she was to deepening the kiss.

She made noise, lips remaining firmly closed even as she brought up her hands, her grip landing on his upper arms. Strong muscles beneath his uniform, the thin layer of material doing little to disguise their hardness. Her hands moved upwards, taking hold of his shoulders, Allura trying to push him away. Lotor was aggressive, still trying to kiss her, Allura attempting to fight the grip in her hair.

She opened her mouth to protest, managing to say a muffled sounding of his name. “Lotor!” And then his tongue was inside her mouth, doing a lazy crawl along her tongue, stroking and caressing along the length of it. Lavish strokes, teasing her, Allura making a dismayed sound as she fought not to let him overwhelm her with the sensations of his kiss.

Harder she pushed against him, fingers squeezing down on his shoulders. He eventually let her move him, Lotor backing off from Allura. But only by an inch, their mouths still so dangerously close, breaths mingling as they stared at each other. Allura was blushing, unable to look away from the intensity of Lotor’s gaze. “Allura.” His voice was husky, Lotor starting to speak, but Allura shook her head no.

“Your arms certainly don’t feel like you’re wearing foam rubber stuffing.” She said, blurting out the first thing that came to mind. She saw him blink, surprised, the mood ruined.


“Er…something Merla said to me before you arrived.” Allura hastened to explain, wishing she had never said anything in the first place. “That your muscles are fake, that you wear stuffing underneath your uniform.”

Lotor was clearly insulted by her words, pulling away from her in agitation. “She said that? And you believed her?!” He went to stand, an unreadable expression on his face. Allura nodded, not risking saying anything out loud. Lotor grumbled something in Drule, reaching for his belt.

“What are you doing!?” Allura asked alarmed, seeing him remove his belt, dropping it onto the bed besides her. His arms crossed over his chest, fingers gripping hold of his tunic, which he slowly drew up and over his head, revealing a broad chest of azure colored skin, with plenty of defined muscles on his torso. He tossed the tunic onto the bed, setting one hand on his hip as he posed before her.

“Do these look fake to you?” He demanded, and she quickly shook her head no. “The nerve of that woman….telling lies about me…” Lotor was reaching for her hands, taking hold of her wrists. Allura tried to resist by pulling back, but found such movements made little difference against Lotor’s strong grip. He placed her hands on chest, urging her to feel his skin. “See Allura? They’re real.”

“Yes…I can feel that.” She blushed harder, dismayed that her first touching of another man’s chest was a forced touch, Lotor letting her hands move down lower onto his stomach. She felt up the clearly defined muscles on his abdomen, Lotor holding her hands to him. “Er….you can let go of my hands now…” Allua told him, once again trying to pull back.

“Ah but I find I like where your hands are.” Lotor grinned at her, Allura not sure where to look. His smirk was making her blush, and yet to look down was to be seen ad admiring his body. “It’s the first time you’ve touched me where you haven’t tried to push me away.”

“A mistake I can easily rectify.” Allura said, and now her hands pushed against his abdomen, trying to knock him off balance. It merely made Lotor sigh, letting go of her wrists. Allura quickly drew back her hands, folding them together on her lap. “Lotor? What is going to happen now? I mean to Arus?”

“Arus? Well…it’ll become a part of the Doom Empire.” Lotor explained, reaching out to brush his hand against her hair. “The castle has already been overrun with Doom soldiers, and the Voltron Force is incapacitated.”

“There are soldiers in the castle?” Allura was dismayed, not liking to think her beloved home had been invaded.

“Yes.” Confirmed Lotor. “My father will be pleased. Merla is proving to be quite capable in her conquest of Arus. If this keeps up, she will be made Queen of your planet.”


“No? Ah but it will happen. You needn’t worry, Arus may be lost to you, but you’ll sit on a throne much more exalted than the one Merla claims for herself.” Lotor said, his words hardly reassuring her. “You’ll be queen to my king, and together we will rule over the Doom Empire. Whole worlds will be laid at your feet, their riches mined for your pleasure.”

“But I don’t want that!” protested Allura, seeing Lotor frown at her. “I only want my people to be safe and free. To let them live their lives happy.”

“I’m afraid that may not be possible.” Lotor said, and Allura felt her eyes welling up with frustrated tears.

“Why?” She asked, trying to hold back her tears. “Why must your people always seek to enslave others?”

He hesitated, waiting so long she was sure he wasn’t going to answer. “It’s our way of life.” He said at last, Lotor sighing. “It’s what we do. What we must do in order to survive.”

“I don’t understand.” Allura told him.

“I know but in time you will. Living on Doom….you’ll see…it’s not like on Arus.” replied Lotor, looking wistful. “It’s not a fertile planet, it’s a dark and desolate place. Our very lives depend on the resources we bring in from other planets.”

“You could always make a deal with those planets.” Allura suggested without much hope of him listening to her. “You could pay them for their time and efforts, pay for those goods you import…”

Lotor actually laughed, shaking his head no. “That would be expensive. And without other planets to rely on, Doom would soon be rendered broke in trying to do what you say. No Allura….that is not the way for my people.”

“But…” The console on the wall next to the door beeped, interrupting Allura’s next words. Lotor turned from her, striding over to the unit.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Cossack here your highness. Queen Merla is growing impatient. She wants to release the robeast.”

“NO!” protested Allura, and she went to get off the bed. “Lotor, the Voltron Force is trapped. There are no lions to battle. The robeast is a needless thing at this point!” She reached out to touch his arm, her face holding a pleading expression to it.

“I’ll be returning to the bridge.” Lotor said, looking back at Allura. “Try to delay Merla until I get there.” He released his thumb’s hold on the button, leaving them to converse in private once more. “I’ll see what I can do Allura….But I make no promise of my effectiveness in holding Merla back.” He slipped free of her hand’s hold, walking to the bed to retrieve his tunic. Allura watched him pull it on, the prince buckling his skull belt back into place.

“Just try. It’s all I ask.” Allura told him.

“I will.” Lotor said, and paused to brush a kiss against her forehead. She stared bemused at him, watching as he walked out of the room. She went to follow, only stopping at the door, hearing the lock click into place. Allura actually hit her hands against the door, some of her frustration easing out of her at the sound of her palms hitting the metal.

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