Toasting 02

Allura’s pained shriek echoes through the hall, loud enough that I wonder if the Drules inside the throne room can hear her over the noise of their own drunken partying. But no one comes to investigate, Allura’s wild cry not the first female scream to be heard in this part of the castle this night. Nor will it likely be the last, my Drules having long thirsted for victory, and the wild celebrations that went with it. There would be much merry making, the drink flowing freely as the women were preyed upon by the men. There wouldn’t be much chance of coming away unmolested, especially for those that were slaves. Allura had to know this, and if she didn’t, she was about to get a most potent reminder, my finger thrusting against the thin membrane of her virginity, then piercing it open.

Again that pained cry, that wild shriek she can’t quite contain. Allura shakes as she voices it, pressing into the wall in an attempt to hide her face. I don’t doubt that she has tears in her eyes, my finger hardly gentle as it roughly probes inside her. My actions are driven by anger, by a ruthless need to punish her. To even make her understand why this was happening, maybe even regret her spiteful refusal to marry me. Allura needs to be made to realize how much better things would be for her, if she didn’t fight me, and that she has to accept me and all that I offer her.

I can’t say I truly understand her resistance, her refusals. I am offering her the universe, ready to lay out whole planets on a silver platter for her consideration. That she sneers and all but spits in my face, it wounds me more than I like, leaving me to forget my careful plans, the preparations I had laid out for tonight.

Certainly I am being rougher, turning cruel in a way I shouldn’t have to have been. At least not with Allura, hurting her more than pleasuring her. But I’ve never been able to stay rational when my temper is roused, and Allura has shown an astonishing talent for pushing just the right buttons to make me my most angry. Even as I violate her with my fingers, a second one joining the first in thrusting inside her dry passage, my emotions grow more volatile. And all because this isn’t how it’s supposed to be, isn’t at all what I had planned when I had thought of Allura and I coming together. This night was supposed to be special, was supposed to be the start of a promising future together.

Right now I can’t see beyond the anger, beyond this moment. Even as I had planned to seduce her slowly, downright lovingly, I roughly twist and thrust my fingers inside her. A muffled sound from Allura, a groan, pain at the heart of it. That sound almost freezes me in place, a twinge of remorse battling the anger that I feel.

There’s so much that needs to be said, so much that can ruin things further. I wait, almost desperately, for Allura to beg for forgiveness. For her tearful pleas to soothe the savage anger that I feel, and put an end to this merciless play.

My fingers continue thrusting, the way growing wet with her virgin’s blood. I don’t kid myself that it is arousal slickening her, not with the way I had hurt her. Allura’s shifting about, trying to evade my fingers’ intrusion inside her. She’s making fitful sounds, discomforted and too damn proud to beg.

“Stop it!” She finally manages to speak. “Take your fingers away!” Allura is commanding, speaking as though she is not a victim in my power, but a proud queen looking down at me from her throne. It’s so at odd with the fear I know she has for me, and yet it’s what makes her an intriguing mix. To be so scared, and hurting, yet remain proud and defiant. She’s a spirited girl, a trait I admire in the woman I have chosen to be my wife. Admiring though I am, I won’t tolerate disrespect, which brings us to this damnable lesson I am trying to teach Allura.

Conscious of what she needs to learn, and brimming with anger and hostility, my voice sounds harsh even to my own ears. “But you wanted this.” I all but hiss, my own tone angry. “You wanted to be the whore, preferred it to the honor I was going to bestow to you.”

It’s words meant to make her think, to get her to regret, maybe even beg for forgiveness. Instead she growls at me, her voice equal parts anger and pain. “There is no honor in being the wife of a monster!”

I don’t see her face, but I know her eyes must be flashing with her determined belief of that statement. It’s that spirit of hers, rising to the surface, challenging me. There’s things I will allow, and things I will punish for, and I can only hope I won’t break Allura completely before this night is through.

“So you prefer the whip to the feather?” I demand, and thrust inside her abused flesh. She actually goes up on tip toes, as though that can somehow help her alleviate some of her pain and discomfort. “Fool.” I mock then, my harsh laugh heavy in her ear. “What does this accomplish?” I ask her, pressing into her back, my cock settling against her bottom. A shudder goes through her, violent in it’s intensity. Allura’s caught between two unappealing choices, trying to evade both my fingers and the feel of me against her ass.

“You haven’t spared yourself of anything!” I point out ruthlessly. “In fact, if anything, your foolish pride has only contributed to your suffering.”

“I prefer this to being embraced by a lie!” Allura snaps back, her voice distorted, breath rasping out in pained pants.

“A lie?” I arch an eyebrow at that, my tone curious.

“The lie of you actually caring. That my comfort could mean anything to you.” A shuddery inhale before she can continue. “The lie of you treating a wife any different from the millions of women you hurt and abused in the past.”

“They weren’t you.” I tell her. “They weren’t privileged to receive any more than what I gave them.”

“Such arrogance!” scoffs Allura. “Who are you to decide that?!”

“The soon to be King of the entire universe.” I say with satisfaction, hearing her distressed moan. “You may not like that truth, but it’s going to happen Allura. With the lions in Doom’s possession, there will be no stopping the Drule.”

“There will always be someone to fight you.” She insists.

“And I’ll dispose of them just as I did all my other enemies.” I laugh then, triumph in my voice. “My father, Garrison, even the Voltron Force…..there will be no stopping me. So you might as well come along for the ride, rather than throw yourself down a path of needless self destruction.”

“Never.” Allura says. “I won’t turn a blind eye, or try to pretend I am okay with your crimes. I certainly won’t sit back and play adoring wife to a tyrant.”

“And what good does this resistance do you?” I demand. “You’ve already cost us both the pleasure that should have accompanied the taking of your virginity.”

“Pleasure?” Even in her moment of discomfort, she manages a haughty disbelief to her tone. “As if there could ever be any pleasure found at your hands!”

More of my temper snaps, my fingers doing one last thrust before I pull them out. But Allura doesn’t have time to sag to the floor in relief. Not when I’m grabbing at her, spinning her so that her back is to the wall, and she is forced to look at me.

This time it is I who shakes, as though my anger cannot be contained by my body’s flesh. “You try saying that when my tongue is buried between your legs, my hands massaging and caressing all over your body.”

She blanches white at that, shaking her head no. “It wouldn’t matter.” She whispers. “Nothing you attempt, can make me feel anything but revulsion for you.”

I stare at her, seeing the belief apparent in her eyes. A belief that is wrong, a belief that has sprung up from Allura’s own ignorance where her body and sex is concerned. I start to laugh, knowing how easy it will be to shatter it, to educate Allura about her own body.

She shifts slightly, her eyes flashing with anger. She doesn’t like that I laugh, it upsets and angers her. But more than that, it makes her uneasy, Allura glaring.

“There should be a limit to how naive one can be.” I finally speak. Allura’s eyes narrow further, but I don’t give her a chance to properly retort. “It can be charming at times, but also appalling. Remember what you said for I look forward to the moment when you realized I’ve proven you wrong.”

She begins to scoff, but her words freeze in her throat as I drop down to my knees. The sight is apparently so surprising, Allura almost forgets to kick me. My hands quickly grabbed hold of her legs, jerking them apart cruelly as I maneuver myself between them. We end up in a tangle, Allura leaning against the wall for balance as her legs are now hooked awkwardly over my shoulders. She can’t struggle properly without falling, the front flap of her skirt being pulled aside, so I can stare at the treasure between her legs.

I nearly wince, regret once again blossoming in my heart. There is blood on her thighs, thin trickle paths that mark the extent of the damage I had done with my fingers. The regret I feel almost swallows up my anger, I’m annoyed that she had forced me to this, forced me to take her virginity in such a brutal fashion.

There’s no changing the past. I can’t take away the sting of how I had broken through her virginity with my fingers, but I can attempt to soothe the memory into something not quite as bitter.

“Lotor, no!” Allura is saying, having put together what I intended to do. But she can’t even close her legs, not with the way I have set things up. “Don’t….”

I glance up at her, my voice heated. Even with all the negative emotions swirling through me, I am affected by the sight of her, desire holding fast inside me. “You are beautiful Allura. Even here…with your most precious spot ravaged.”

She’s not taken by my compliments, something like hate turning her eyes dark. I purposefully hold her gaze, as I press my mouth to her abused flesh, watching the panic, and the way she tries to jerk back out of my hold. But there’s no escaping me, Allura trapped between me and the wall. She doesn’t so much as scream, though a hiss escapes past her clenched teeth.

I lick slowly, carefully over her slit. The tangy, metallic taste of blood accompanies my lick, but it doesn’t deter me. We Drules like blood, like the taste of it. We’ve even gone drunk off it, having learned how to make a potent mixture called blood wine. Allura’s blood, her lost virginity, is almost sweet on my tongue, and I fight to keep from going ravenous.

I lick over her, encouraging her flesh to spread with my fingers. The first reluctant whimper escapes Allura, my tongue moving over every inch of her delicately furled folds. I learn the taste, the texture of her sex, enjoying the satin feel of it on my tongue. I lick almost everywhere, avoiding only the entrance to her body, not wanting my tongues’ probe to illicit gasps of pain from her.

From bottom to top I lick her, over and over, trying to encourage Allura to relax. She remains tense, not willing to let go and enjoy this. But I am determined, and as my impatience rears, I go from the lazy licking, to a more thorough attack, seeking out the spot that is the most pleasurable on a woman’s body.

Allura’s eyes grow wide in shock when my tongue begins moving purposefully over her clit. I lick and dig in around it, encouraging that little nub to bud. My tongue worries underneath it, circles around it, even presses down on it. I lick harder as it swells, dragging my tongue upwards. Allura is biting her lip, hard enough that I’m surprised she isn’t bleeding. But even with that action, the pleasure is too much for her, Allura unable to glare at me any longer.

I practically smirk then, my tongue, my lips, even my chin wet with the juices of her arousal. It’s not yet a flood, Allura not gushing in the way I want her to be. But it’s a start, proving to her she’s incapable of resisting me when I relentlessly assault her in this fashion.

Still teasing, I use my lips on her clit. It seems to throb in time to the beat of Allura’s frantic heart. She actually twists and squeals, nearly falling when I begin a gentle suck of it. Only my hands gripping her waist, keep her upright, Allura crying out, her whole body trembling, great heaving breaths escaping her.

She’s close to sobbing, almost willing to cry in a way she had refused to when I had hurt her with my fingers. Allura is more affected by pleasure than pain, a fact I relish and will use against her every time. I’ll enjoy turning her body against her, letting her hate and desire confuse her, until Allura reaches the point where pleasure consumes her. She’ll learn to not only tolerate what I do to her, Allura will come to want it, want me. She’ll be dependant on it, coming to love it and me.

But such is still a ways off, Allura making fitful sounds the longer I maintain my focus on her clit. She resumes struggling, her legs trying to thrash as best they can considering their position on my shoulders. My hands’ grip on her waist is almost not enough to hold her in place, Allura trying to arch her back as a low wail erupts out of her. She’s close to coming, and the lost, helpless look in her eyes leaves her with a blind, unfocused look as she continues to pant and moan.

“Please.” It’s a mantra she whispers over and over. Allura both wants me to stop and doesn’t, her body hungry for the orgasm I am building into her. Her skin where I touch her, holds a feverish warmth, and she continues to struggle. I’m struggling to, wanting so badly to be inside her when she comes for the first time. That want slows but doesn’t stop my lips and tongue’s movement, even as I debate the risk of having hurt her too badly for her to tolerate my cock’s penetration at this time. I know there’s a chance that I have, am aware of how the potential pain could ruin her chances of achieving an orgasm should I follow through on my own urges and desires. And yet I’ve decided, wanting, needing to be inside her, to see her scream and come while stuffed with my dick inside her.

I pull back, enjoying the whimper she releases when it registers that I am no longer teasing her flesh. I wait until Allura looks at me, truly sees me, my own gaze blazing with heat. “This.” I say, watching the shudder shake through her as her legs remains seated on my shoulders. “This is what you sought to deny us both.”

A long pause between us, Allura’s chest heaving with her many breaths. She manages to speak, and it’s not at all loving, or even endearing. “Bastard.” Her voice holds a sad note to it, Allura seeming bitter in the moment. I can only smile, inclining my head in acknowledgement. My breath huffs, blowing across her damp flesh. She shudders anew, so sensitive in the moment, as though even a slight breeze would bring her screaming into her release.

Smirking now, I am ready to get up, ready to claim my bride to be in the most basic, primal way. I almost don’t hear the footsteps, or the polite coughing that follows. A growl erupts from my throat, and I turn to glare at the arrivals. Allura has made a dismayed sound, shifting once more in my grip.

“Pardon the intrusion, your highness.” Comes the regretful words of my aide. He and the other man are studiously looking everywhere but at Allura, more conscious of my possesiveness than any embarrassment they might cause the princess.

“But you wanted to be notified the instant the priest arrived?”

Some of my annoyance clears, my gaze settling on the priest, and the woman besides him. She is an older Drule, well beyond the age when most men would find her appealing. It’s perhaps the only reason she’s safe on this night of debauched revelry, for a younger priestess would surely have fallen prey to one of the many drunken idiots out celebrating tonight.

“Ah yes. So good of you to come, your holiness.” Nonplussed that I am on my knees, and that a sizeable erection presses against my clothes, I begin to shift Allura off of me. I am not bothered that they caught me on my knees, nor am I the first Drule to become too impatient to wait before being properly wed.

I settle Allura’s clothes to cover her once more, my aide appearing at my side when I step away from the shaking princess. A silk napkin is in his hand, wordlessly handed over so that I can clean my face of Allura’s juices. Everyone is studiously ignoring the fact that I am aroused, pleasantries being exchanged.

“Is everything ready?” I ask.

“We can begin the ceremony at any time.” The priest informs me.

“Good. The sooner the better.” I am eager to get these formalities over with, eager to return to seducing Allura. She’s still leaning against the wall, still trying to regain a steady breath.

“Help me.” She says, looking at the only other female present. The priestess ignores her, impervious to a human’s pleas. “You can’t do this…you can’t let him get away with this!” Allura continues. “I have rights….you can’t marry me against my will!”

“Perhaps a moment is needed.” The aide suggests, looking displeased by the hysterical note in the princess’ voice.

“A good idea. I’m sure the princess would appreciate it. And it will offer Tilimia the chance to explain to her about the ceremony, and Drule marriages in particular.” The priest is looking to me for approval, and relaxes when I nod.

“Come with me, princess.” The priestess Tilimia, approaches Allura. The princess shakes her head no, but can barely evade the Drule female as she grabs one of Allura’s bound arms. My aide goes with them to show the pair to the nearest restroom. My eyes stay on them, noting the funny way Allura is walking. It doesn’t help that she keeps trying to pull away from the priestess, but even an elderly Drule is still stronger than a human female.

The priest comes to stand beside me, though he makes no attempt to touch me. I glance at him, and he doesn’t quite smile, congratulating me on many victories this night. I can only smirk, thinking the sweetest of them has yet to happen.

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