Blue 01

It was a decidedly garish looking room, with bright shades of red, and pale pinks coloring the walls, with even a hint of lavender accents along the ceiling’s edge. Even the furniture was painted a stark red color, couches and overstuffed chairs brimming with pink and purple cushions atop their plush surface. Bouquets of flowers tied with glittery gold and silver bows lined the table tops, and several buckets of chilled champagne clustered around the couch.

It was a room that looked as though it fit someone’s odd idea of love in the flesh. In actuality, it looked as though cupid himself had thrown up, leaving one to wish they were colorblind in the face of all this red.

There was a hint of dark shades to break up the monotony of all that pink and red that enveloped the room. A black tunic rimmed with red on the sleeves lay discarded on the floor, along with blue leggings and black boots. They were spread out across the floor, as though hastily discarded without a care towards putting them in their proper place. They cast a trail towards the back of the room, leading up to a bed that was shaped like a heart in appearance, it’s sheets of course being a dark red color.

And beneath those rose red sheets were two lumps, long in length and currently covered from head to toe. They weren’t completely still, the one on the left was moving, slowly burrowing her way out of the sheets to blink sleepily at nothing in particular.

It was the ruler of planet Arus, princess Allura who sat up in the heart shaped bed, lips parting as she yawned out her sleepiness. For one brief instant she felt disoriented by all that red, Allura wondering where in the galaxy she was. But that was before memories started to push their way forward in her mind. Allura could remember arriving on planet Las Tibayas the day before, the princess giddy with excitement as she and her entourage arrived at their hotel.

Her cousin, Princess Romelle had been there to greet her, the blue eyed blonde looking radiant in her simple blue dress. The two princesses had embraced, all warm smiles and giggles, while the boys—the Voltron Force, had hung back scanning the crowds for any sign of danger. Not that there was any to be found, Romelle had hired the most expert of security, well paid men and women who were doing everything possible to keep all danger from the hotel.

The amount of security involved with the two princesses arrival on Las Tibayas was enough to rival the coming of several notable heads of states. Her cousin was simply making sure nothing would go wrong on her special day. Allura still couldn’t believe it, her cousin Romelle was getting married! And not just to anyone, but to Sven, the former pilot of blue lion. There was some scandal involved in the marriage. After all Sven wasn’t royalty, nor was he originally from planet Pollux. But Romelle didn’t care, going so far as to plan a small elopement that only her closest friends knew about.

Allura bit back a giggle to think how upset her nanny would be to know she had played a part in such an impropriety. Nanny would never approve of a commoner marrying royalty, and she would shudder to think of a princess having anything less than a grand wedding celebration. As far as Nanny and Coran were concerned, the Voltron Force were off aiding a distant planet in it’s time of need.

Allura only felt a twinge of guilt at deceiving her caregivers, for the most part she was too happy for Romelle to care about the consequences. She couldn’t wait for this evening when the wedding was due to take place. Not only would she bare witness to the ceremony, but she would be Romelle’s maid of honor! Allura smiled, and thought of the beautiful butter yellow gown Romelle had shown her, such a difference from the pink she normally wore.

Another yawn from Allura, the girl raising her hands high up above her head as she stretched, trying to work out the kinks in her body. She closed her eyes as she did this, making a soft murmur of contentment. The bed sheet slid down her body to pool at her waist, soft crumples of material that left Allura shivering slightly from the air conditioned chill of the room.

It was then that she glanced downwards and gasped, seeing she wore not a single stitch of clothing on her body. Allura didn’t know what to think, never had she slept in the nude, never had she wanted to. There was simply too many servants who moved in and out of her chambers at all hours of the day, not to mention the castle could fall under attack at any moment. It had always been a nightmare of hers to find herself sans clothing just as planet Doom attacked her home planet.

A frown on her face, Allura reached for the sheets, intent on wrapping them around her. She wanted to make a mad dash to the closet and find something, anything to wear. But at the precise moment her hand began to pull on the blanket, there was movement. And it was not because of her!

Allura’s eyes became two saucer pools of blue, the princess’ hand frozen on the blanket. Again that movement, slight this time but enough to draw her attention to the fact there was a lump in the bed next to her. It was too big to be her pet mice, and she had no other explanation for what a lump under the blankets could be. Biting her lip, she began wrenching back the blankets, a loud gasp escaping her as she caught sight of blue skin and long snow white hair spread out across the pillows.

“Lotor!” She squeaked out before she could stop herself. She followed out that exclamation with another, slapping her hands over her mouth to stifle her dismayed cries. The blanket lay crumpled between them, and Allura’s eyes did a slow travel downwards, noting his broad, muscled chest, and the tuft of white hair that started by his navel. Before she could follow that treasure trail of hair, she was looking away, having seen enough to determine that the prince of Doom was as naked as she was.

No longer feeling cold, but shivering with fear, Allura fought back the urge to be sick. She didn’t know what Lotor was doing in her bed, but she didn’t want to stick around to find out. Unfortunately for her, at the precise moment she moved, Lotor snorted, rolling onto his side. His muscular arm landed across her waist, his skin feeling warm to the touch, pressing himself against her side.

To be touched by Lotor under the best circumstances made Allura blush, now she positively turned red from all the blood rushing to her face, the princess stiffening in fright. Minutes seemed to tick by, Allura breathing through her mouth as she thought over what to do. Lotor continued to murmur in his sleep, nuzzling his face just under her breast, his arm tightening around her ever so slightly.

Allura looked about the room helplessly, even casting a glance upwards to see her predicament reflected back at her via the mirrored ceiling. The only thing that seemed to be in reach was pillows, and Allura knew the feather stuffed cushions would not be an effective weapon against a naked prince of Doom. If anything they would prove to be only a slight discomfort to him before he pounced on her.

She was still fretting on what to do when Lotor heaved a heavy sigh, his breath warm across her skin. “Allura…” She glanced downwards just in time to see his eyes flutter open, the gold looking foggy with sleep. At the sight of her, Lotor became instantaneously awake though he did not move from his comfortable perch against her. “Am I dreaming?”

She let out a nervous titter, shaking her head. “If it’s a dream, we’re both still sleeping….” That got him to smile, Lotor nuzzling his cheek against the underside of her breast. Such an action sent goose bumps across her skin, Allura fighting not to reach for a pillow.

“You smell good…” Lotor commented. “Feel good too….soft….delicate…real.” A sharp inhale from Lotor, the man repeating himself. “Real!” He adjusted his position to sit up, but kept his hand on her waist as though to keep her pinned in place. “You’re real!”

“Yes.” Allura answered solemnly.

“I mean…you’re really here! With me!” Lotor exclaimed, than cast a look around the room. “And no Voltron force to run interference?” His tone was wary, he was checking to make sure Keith would not pop up at the most unexpected of places.

Allura felt a mixture of alarm and relief at the thought of Keith and the boys showing up. On the one hand they would protect her from Lotor, on the other….they’d see her naked. Even worse, naked and in bed with the enemy!

“Allura, just exactly what happened between us?” Lotor asked, his attention reverted back to her face. His golden eyes were studying her features, his expression serious as he waited for her to answer.

“You don’t know?” Allura asked, unable to keep from frowning.

“No….my memories are all a blur. My mind is hazy as best…” Lotor told her. “You?”

“The same.” Allura admitted with a sigh.

“I think….” Lotor smacked his lips together as though he was tasting something. “Yes….most definitely….it’s a faint after taste, but it’s there. I’ve been drinking. And quite heavily if I don’t remember getting into bed with YOU!”

She blushed harder, looking away from him. If she concentrated, she too could taste the faint hint of berries in her mouth. “I think….I might have drank a little too much last night…”

“You, drink?” Lotor quirked an eyebrow, looking amused. “Allura, you don’t drink alcohol!”

“Normally no…” Allura said, choosing not to question how he could know her drinking habits. “But last night was a special occasion. It’s…” She trailed off, not wanting to admit her cousin was getting married, and last night had been the bachelorette party.

“Ah….Princess Romelle’s wedding.” His words surprised her, Allura staring at him in shock. He chuckled, and hurried to explain. “Do you really think you could keep anything secret from me for very long? I make a habit of studying you, and where you go. My…men intercepted the invite transmission before it reached your private chambers.”

“You mean your spies!” Allura said, the first hint of anger flaring up in her. She knew he was stalking her, but it was shocking to hear just how thorough his information network was when it came to her comings and goings.

“If you prefer to call them that.” Lotor agreed.

“That doesn’t explain why you’re here!” Allura muttered, glaring at him.

“AH, I followed you to planet Las Tibayas.” admitted Lotor. “I was hoping for a chance to…”

“To what? To kidnap me?!” Allura demanded, surprised when Lotor nodded. “You’re not even going to try to deny it?!”

“Why bother?” Lotor asked with a smile. “We both know I’ve been after you for quite some time. I mean to marry you Allura, be it by fair or foul play.”

“Hmph!” Allura said, and this time she did grab for a pillow. Hands curled around the material, Allura lifting the pillow and bringing it towards Lotor’s face. Apparently he hadn’t been expecting her to strike him, the pillow twapped across his face, Lotor grunting in surprise. It felt good to hit him, so she did it again, and then went for a third time.

It was one time too many, Lotor grabbing her wrist and yanking the pillow free of her hands. He tossed it towards the foot of the bed, keeping his grip on her wrist. “Allura, that was childish of you. You….” He trailed off, and Allura could swear his eyes widened slightly.

“You what?” She wanted to know, trying to pull her arm back.

“That ring…” Lotor breathed out, and Allura blinked.

“My ruby? That was my mothers…” She began, but Lotor cut her off.

“No, not that one! I’m talking about this one!” He gently ran a finger tip across the single band of gold around her finger, Allura’s own eyes widening. That couldn’t be a wedding ring, could it? She didn’t voice her concern out loud, but Lotor was already looking at his own hand. A similar band of gold was on his finger, identical to the one she wore.

“No…” Allura whispered, shaking her head frantically.

“Yes…” Lotor breathed out, eyes excited. “I think you know what this means!”

“No….it’s not true!” Allura shouted. “This is all some horrible prank!”

“Who would dare prank the prince of Doom?!” Lotor demanded, a wide grin on his face. “Allura! You and I are married!”

If she wasn’t so scared of what he would do, Allura would have fainted right on the spot. Instead she growled at him, jerking her hand free of his grip. “If it’s a marriage it can easily be annulled! Besides…” She added, shifting away from him on the bed. “It’s just rings…it doesn’t mean anything…”

“You’re in denial.” He sounded far too calm for her liking. “You wake up next to me, naked except for your jewelry, and you want to pretend this doesn’t mean we’re married?! What more do you need as proof?”

“A marriage certificate for one!” Allura snapped, reaching the edge of the bed. Lotor rolled onto his stomach, and began crawling towards her, Allura nearly falling off the bed in her haste to get away.

“I bet there’s one somewhere in this room.” Lotor exuded confidence, his smile predatory as he advanced on her. “What’s more…I think we already consummated the union….which means it’s binding…there’s no annulling what has happened between us, and I won’t let you divorce me!”

“You’re getting carried away!” Allura said, Lotor attempting to pounce on her. She scrambled off the edge of the bed, for once too fast for him to catch her. “Just because we’re naked….”

“Naked and sticky…” Lotor added, which caused her to glare at him.

“Doesn’t mean we….we…” She was faltering over the word, unable to voice it out loud.

“Sex Allura. We had sex.” Supplied Lotor with a smirk.

“NO!” She stamped her foot, which sent parts of her body jiggling in an interesting way. Lotor got a silly look on his face, and she all but screamed in fury at him. His smirk made her want to slap him, but she settled for snatching at the blanket, Allura yanking it off the bed and wrapping it around her body.

Even covered so, she felt uncomfortable around him, Allura noticing Lotor had no inhibitions about being nude in front of her. With a loud scoffing sound, she turned her back on him and began pacing around the room.

“What are you doing?” Lotor asked, still lying on the bed, his eyes tracking her movements.

“I’m trying to find my clothes.” Allura said. “I need to get out of here, and I can’t do that dressed in a blanket!”

“See if you can find a marriage certificate while you look.” Lotor wasn’t helping things, the prince laughing at her hiss of fury. He got up off the bed, stretching his arms slowly up over his head. He was putting on a show for Allura, trying to get her to look at his body in all it’s glory. She wasn’t rising to the bait, keeping her back to him. It made Lotor frown, the prince not liking that she was trying to ignore him.

“Allura…” Lotor quickly closed the distance between them, sneaking up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, pressing her blanket covered form against his front. “No good morning kiss for your husband?”

“You are not my husband!” Allura exclaimed, jerking free of his arms. His fingers caught at the blanket, Allura unwinding from it to get away from his embrace. He liked watching her walk around naked, her body on full display for his eyes only. In his sillier moments, Lotor often fantasized about keeping Allura naked at all times of the day, though he knew that wasn’t practical.

“Yes…” Lotor said, noticing all the empty wine bottles on the table. “We definitely did a lot of heavy drinking…”

“I’ll never drink again!” swore Allura, jabbing viciously at the couch cushions in her endless quest for her clothing.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep dearest.” Lotor said, watching as she overturned couch cushions. “Do you really think you’ll find your clothing looking under that?”

“I don’t know!” She exclaimed, her agitation apparent. “I just need to find them…and fast!”

Lotor was silent for a moment, letting Allura move about the room. He frowned as he looked at the rumpled bed, wishing he could remember just what had happened the night before. “Damn it….” He muttered softly to himself. “I wish I could remember making love to you.”

“You can’t remember because it didn’t happen!” Allura snapped. “Now don’t just stand there, help me looK!”

“All right, all right.” Lotor said, trying to ease some of her agitation. “But you know…” Lotor said, smirking at her back. “We did make love…I am sure of it.”

“You’re arrogant and deluded.” Allura retorted, sweeping the flowers onto the floor. “We did nothing of the sort!”

“You have a better explanation as to why we’re naked and in this room together?” Lotor asked, amused. That earned him nothing but her silence, Allura continuing to upturn the room in her quest for clothing. Lotor himself wandered back to the bed, sitting down on the edge of it with a loud thump. He was startled to suddenly feel it vibrating, a loud hum of noise accompanying the motions.

“This is too perfect…” Lotor laughed, a hand over his face. “I married you, then we honeymooned in a dingy hotel room complete with vibrating bed!”

“Be quiet!” Allura snapped, a rustle of papers sounding after her words. Lotor glanced at her, and saw a sheaf of documents in her hand, Allura staring pale faced at the writing on the paper.

“What is it Allura/” Lotor asked, watching her carefully. “Find something interesting?” She wasn’t answering, so he got up and walked towards her. “Allura?” Wordlessly she handed the documents to him, her face looking as though it might crumple into tears at any given moment.

“Hmm….” Lotor glanced at the top most page, and gave in to his urge to smirk. It was legal documentation showing that one prince of Doom had married the princess of Arus. Not only did it bear their signatures, but their fingerprints, and the stain of a drop of blood from each of them, making the papers official. “We really are married. This proves it.”

“No…” Allura whispered, and she swayed in place, Lotor dropping the papers to catch her. She sagged in his embrace, leaning against him as she stared off into space. “What have I done?”


“What have I done?!” Allura interrupted him, repeating herself. “How could I have married you? How could I do such a thing? I mean….I didn’t even see to Arus’ safety….we have no treaty….there was no negotiations towards seeing to Arus future prosperity….I….I’ve just handed it all over to you!” Lotor blinked, not yet having considered all the perks that being Allura’s husband would entail. “My people will be enslaved by your people….and it’s all my fault!” That last word was wailed out, Allura sniffling as tears filled her beautiful eyes.

“Allura it won’t be so bad.” Lotor began, trying to be diplomatic. “We’ll work things out…”

“I have to get out of here…” Allura said, and struggled out of his arms. “I can’t say here….not in this room a moment longer….” She ran across the room, blond hair bouncing and grabbed at his tunic. She slipped it over her head, hands pulling it down her body. It came down to her knees, it’s sleeves bagging heavily around her hands. If she hadn’t sounded so anguished, Lotor would have smiled at how adorable Allura looked in his uniform.

Not even bothering to look for her shoes, Allura paused only long enough to make sure the tunic covered everything adequately on her body. Then she was running across the room, opening the door that led out into the hallway. A bouquet of colorful balloons, with a congratulatory card was attached to the handle, but she ignored them. She heard Lotor swearing behind her, and as the door closed, she saw him rushing to put on his pants so he could chase after her.

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