Blue 02


She ran through the crowded sidewalks of Las Tibayas, a half sob on her lips, just waiting for her to give voice to her anguish. One fist was held tight against her mouth, Allura using it to keep her sounds inside, the princess not wanting to make an even bigger spectacle of herself with her cries. But it made little difference how quiet she tried to be, the few people she passed by were staring at her, their eyes wide and startled as she ran by.

She knew she made quite the spectacle, her hair wild and unkempt, her face red with her blushing, in the oversized tunic she wore in an attempt to keep her modesty preserved. Perhaps they wouldn’t have given her a second look if she had been a tad calmer, her eyes not so wild and frightened, Allura walking instead of running. But she was unable to slow down, and the reason for her fast speed was hot on her trail, his voice a loud shout that drew more attention to her as she burst through a doorway and into the lobby of the hotel.

“Allura, wait!”

She didn’t, though she saw out the corners of her eyes, people glancing upwards, turning to see the prince of Doom, clad only in form fitting blue pants chasing after her. They matched the shade of his body, giving off the illusion that he was naked as he chased her. Such a thought only made Allura blush harder, the princess knowing that just a few minutes ago, he HAD been naked. And so had she, Allura waking up to a situation that was straight out of her nightmares.

A nightmare she was trying to put as much distance to as possible, Allura heading for the line of elevators pressed against the lobby’s east wall. She frantically pushed the call button, moving down the row hitting them all, eager for a fast escape from Lotor.

She wasn’t thinking straight, slow to realize she carried nothing on her person, no money, no papers, and worse of all no card key to her room. Allura figured she’d worry about that later, worry once she got safely away from Lotor on how she’d get into her room.

She had reached the last of the elevators, and she paused to slam her palm against the button, pounding it frantically as though that would make it appear quicker. “Allura!” Lotor, his voice still too loud, the prince slowing down as he approached her.

“Go away!” She hissed loudly at him, taking a step back into the mirrored wall that blocked off any escape from him. She turned her head frantically to the left and to the right, seeking out a way around him, but he crowded in close to her. “Leave me alone!” Allura said stiffly, feeling the mirror at her back as Lotor stepped closer to her.

“No.” He said, and pressed his body against hers. “Allura, you’re my wife now…”

“Stop saying that!” She snapped, raising her hands to her ears as though she would block out his words. “It’s all been an awful mistake…!”

“Mistake or no…” Lotor grabbed at her wrists, forcing her hands down to her chest. “It’s the truth. You can’t change what has happened. We’re married now, for better or worse…”

“WORSE!” She interjected with her best glare, Lotor continuing as though she had not spoken.

“There are things to consider, things we have to make a decision on. ”

She couldn’t help herself, curiosity causing her to ask. “Like what?”

“Well, for one thing where are we going to live? Doom or Arus?” Came his answer, Allura instantly regretting that she had asked.

“WE are not going to live anywhere. I shall be returning to Arus. You can go crash your ship for all I care!”

Now it was his turn to frown, the prince not liking her words. “Allura, be reasonable. What husband and wife lives apart?” That made her hesitate, Allura staring gloomily at him. “You’re silent because you know the answer. None.”

“But those couples all wanted to be married!” She protested. “They had a choice in their bed partners.”

“Not all of them.” Lotor pointed out. “There’s been many a political marriage arranged, one where the two wed for the good of their people, or to cement their power.”

“This marriage to you does neither for me.” Allura said, shaking her head no. “I want no power, and being tied to you does no good for my people.”

“That’s not true.” Lotor insisted. “Don’t you see? With our marriage the war between Doom and Arus is at an end! There will be no need for any more fighting, any more deaths. We can put all that aside, and set to work on making Arus a shining jewel in the crown of the Doom Empire!”

“Neither my people nor myself wanted Arus to ever be a part of the Doom Empire!” snapped Allura. “I know what your people will do, what your father will order. He’ll set about to enslaving my people, working them to their deaths as he mines my planet of all it’s resources.”

“Not necessarily.” She jumped on Lotor’s words, eyes narrowed as she spoke.

“What do you mean?!”

“All you say could become a reality.” Lotor said, nonchalant. “However, if someone were to speak up on Arus’ behalf….if I was to speak up for it, I’m sure my father could be made to see reason where Arus is concerned.” Her eyes widened, Allura just about ready to ask him why he would do such a thing, when Lotor continued, spoiling her beginning hopes with his words. “Of course, that would all depend on you, and your behavior towards me.”

“That’s emotional blackmail!” Allura snapped, hearing the ding of an elevator announcing it’s arrival.

“Blackmail?” Lotor smirked. “I am just being a shrewd negotiator towards my wife and her affections towards me.”

“It’s wrong!” Allura protested, hearing another elevator arrive, it’s doors opening to reveal the empty space within the car.

“Wrong? How is it wrong?” Lotor asked, and let go of one of her hands to raise his towards her face. “I just want to be with you…” She jerked her face away from his fingers, but not before she saw him narrow his eyes in annoyance at her movement. “This is exactly what I’m talking about. You have to learn to tolerate my touch… welcome it….to embrace it.”

“That will never happen.” Allura swore, pushing at his chest with her freed hand. It was as though he hadn’t expected the move, Lotor stepping back from her, his hand releasing hers. She ran for the elevator, slipping inside it even as she heard Lotor call out her name. She didn’t pause to look at him, the princess frantically pressing the close button in an attempt to shut the doors in his face.

She almost succeeded, the doors were just about closed when Lotor shoved his hand between them. Immediately the sensors reacted, flinging open to avoid crushing his hand. Almost too casual, Lotor sauntered into the elevator, pausing by the control panel to push the button for her floor. Allura’s eyes narrowed, a question issuing out of her.

“How do you know what floor my room is on?” A look from him, Lotor amused. “Never mind.” She said, sighing. “It figures your spies would have given you that information already.”

“I try to be prepared when it comes to you.” Lotor said, approaching her. She pressed warily against the rear wall of the elevator, knowing there was little room for her to evade him. Especially when he pressed his arms on either side of her shoulders, trapping her between them.

Allura gazed up at Lotor’s face, hoping her glare was suitably defiant. “Leave me alone.” She told him, not liking when he bent so that his eyes were even with hers.

“Now Allura, don’t be so cold to your husband…” Lotor told her, grinning.

“Cold?” She scoffed at that, her words doing little to wipe the smile off his face. “You haven’t begun to see me cold.”

“It’s all right.” He purred, bringing his face closer to hers so that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her lips. “I’ll be sure to warm you up each and every time.” She stared at him, mouth shaped into a frown, one he leaned in to kiss away. It happened so suddenly, she barely had time to react properly, Allura hesitating just an instant before she pressed her hands against his chest.

She felt the chiseled perfection of his muscles beneath her hands, his skin alive with warmth as she pushed down on him. It didn’t move him, Lotor’s lips molding to hers, pressing together with soft insistence, the prince working to lick her lips open. Allura made a sound, a loud mewling protest as she struggled against him. It quickly gave him the opening he needed to thrust his tongue into her mouth, that velvet muscle insidious as it moved to explore the contours of her mouth.

Allura expected it to be an alien sensation to have another’s tongue in her mouth, but this felt pleasant, almost familiar. As though she had done it before, Allura finding Lotor’s tongue touching hers, attempting to coax her into mingling with his. For a second she started to react, lifting her tongue to move in a dance that was familiar to her. At Lotor’s satisfied sound, she froze, tongue going limp in her mouth.

She RECOGNIZED that sound, it spoke to her of half remembered memories, Allura’s mind flashing back to a second’s worth of memory. Of Lotor on top of her, her hands on his skin, caressing her nails down his abdomen, her touch worshipful. The lower her hands went, the more excited Lotor grew, until she touched down right between his legs, fingers curling around a hardened piece of flesh. He had made that exact sound when she touched him down there, the Drule eager for her even in his drunken state.

The memory had her blushing, even more than Lotor’s kiss, Allura shocked to realize she had been touching him willingly. Not only had she touched him, she had enjoyed it, admiring his body, enjoying his touches. And he had touched her just as much as she had him, Lotor’s hands everywhere as they roamed her curves, making her wriggle and cry out.

So caught up was she in the memory, she barely noted Lotor had grabbed hold of her waist, fingers digging into her hips as he pressed himself against her. She had also stopped pushing at him, Allura’s hands turning caressing on his chest. When she realized what she was doing, she pushed him, trying to wiggle out away from him. He didn’t let her, Lotor holding onto Allura firmly, though he lifted his head so they could both breathe.

The elevator was silent save for it’s dings, and the sound of their ragged breaths. Allura licked her lips, the motion slow, Lotor’s eyes tracking it’s movements. He started to lean in for another kiss, but she turned her face to the side. “I….I remember something.”

That got him to pause in his actions, the Drule pulling back to gaze at her in surprise. “You do? What?”

She blushed, unsure she should say it, keeping her eyes lowered as she spoke. “You and me, in bed…naked and touching…” She heard him inhale, Allura sneaking a glance at a stunned Lotor. “It was…it seemed to be consensual…” She added, watching the grin form on his face. “You didn’t force me.”

“I knew it.” He said softly, the elevator ringing it’s bell as it reached their floor’s destination. “Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be force.”

“It’s still not right….” Allura whispered, shaking her head. “We were both drunk….drunk out of our minds.”

“It doesn’t change the fact that we are married.” Pointed out Lotor, lowering his arms so that he took hold of her hand. She let him, walking with him when he led her off the elevator. Unerringly, he headed in the direction of her hotel room, needing no guidance from her to find it. She felt relieved to see there was no one in these corridors, Allura not sure how she would deal with cousin and her friends if they saw her with Lotor. She knew she couldn’t put it off forever, and yet she wanted to.

They reached the door, and Allura hesitated before it. “I don’t have my key.” She chewed on her lip, frustrated anew at the fact she hadn’t found any of her belongings inside the hotel room she and Lotor had shared. “How are we going to get in?”

“Leave it to me.” Lotor said, trying to sound reassuring. He reached for the knob, rattling it in place. He listened to the sound of the locked door, and then braced himself shoulder first so that he rammed his body into the door. A grunt escaped him, and then another, Lotor hitting the door three times in all before it gave way to his Drule strength.

With a groan, it opened, Lotor stepping in ahead of her, holding the door. Allura was wide eyed again, a bit shocked at his display of strength, moving to enter the room. Lotor closed the door behind her, though it hung lopsided on it’s hinges, opened a crack to let the light of the hall spill into her room. The room itself was different from the hotel room they had awakened in, done up in tasteful colors, with elegant pieces of furniture. Lotor headed towards a chair, plopping down on top of it’s cushioned seat, looking as though he belonged there.

“We have to talk.” Lotor said, and Allura nodded, no longer denying the necessity of it. “We have to decide what this means.”

“Yes…There is more than just our future at sake here. There’s the future of our people as well.” Allura wondered what a treaty forged after a marriage would be like, the princess hoping she could convince Lotor to make a good deal for her planet. She knew that right now, he could stubbornly refuse to do anything, his marriage to her entitling him to Arus and her people. She had really screwed up in getting drunk with him.

“I’m more concerned about you and I.” Lotor admitted, watching her as she strode over to the closet. “I want to make this work between us. I want you to come to love me back.”

Allura busied herself with pushing aside dresses, searching for her favorite pant suit so that she could avoid what he was saying. She couldn’t think of love right now, she could barely wrap her mind around liking Lotor, still shocked at her drunken behavior. What was it about begin inebriated that had liberated her to the point of embracing her enemy? Why did she find herself attracted to him when her inhibitions were lowered? She didn’t know, and that left Allura frowning, roughly shoving aside a dress to reveal the pant suit.


“I need to get cleaned up.” She announced, clutching the pink outfit to her chest. Allura yearned for her shower, wanting to wash away the evidence of last night’s debauchery. Lotor nodded, and started to rise, his words making her panic.

“Good idea, I’ll join you.”

“NO!” It came out too loud, and then she was shaking her head, whispering it. “No please. Let me do it myself. You can take the next shower.”

“All right….” Lotor looked disappointed, watching her as she backed away towards the bathroom door. She flashed him a weak half smile, a second before she ran into the room, locking the door behind her. Only then did she feel truly at ease, Allura breathing a sigh of relief as she gazed at the small but elegant looking bathroom. A mirror was hanging on the wall directly opposite the door, Allura catching sight of her reflection. She thought how strange it looked to be clad in Lotor’s uniform, the tunic several sizes too big for her. She’d have to return it, Allura walking over to set down her clothing on the bench near the sink.

Eyes still on her reflection, she pulled at the tunic, lifting it up over her head. The sight of her body had her gasping, Allura spying the tell tale bruises of heated kisses, roughly the shape of Lotor’s mouth. They colored not only the side of her neck, but were peppered all over the top of her breasts, Lotor ardent in his worship of her flesh. She brought a trembling hand to her breast, fingers carefully touching the marks on her bosom, triggering a memory of elegant, long blue fingers touching her breasts, gently kneading her plump flesh an instant before his mouth came down to suck on her skin.

Coloring bright red, Allura shook her head, trying to chase away the errant thoughts. She wondered how often she’d keep flashing back, Allura hoping that sooner or later she would remember something that went beyond a few brief memories of sex with Lotor. She shuffled across the floor, heading towards the linen closet to retrieve towels when she heard it. An angry shout, followed by another, lower in pitch. A crash sounded, the voices continuing, Allura recognizing them to be Lotor’s, along with Keith’s.

She quickly grabbed at a towel, wrapping the large piece of fabric around her body, making sure it was secure. She then ran towards the door, pausing long enough to unlock it, and threw it open. For a second she just stared, mouth hanging open as she watched Keith and Lotor wrestle on the ground, a table knocked over, it’s vase shattered with flowers strewn among the pieces of porcelain on the floor.

Keith had one hand in Lotor’s hair, yanking cruelly on the white strands. The other hand was a fist, poised to punch Lotor in the face when the prince flipped him over, pinning the captain on his back. This time Lotor raised his hand, a tightly clenched fist that was speeding towards Keith’s nose when Allura screamed.

“Lotor! No!” At the sound of her cry, Lotor hesitated, giving Keith the opportunity to head butt the prince. Lotor growled, his eyes flashing with a murderous rage, even as Allura continued to shout. “Keith, stop it. That’s enough, both of you!”

Lotor had slammed Keith’s head into the floor, his one hand easily keeping the captain pinned so that he kissed the carpet. Lotor glanced up at Allura, his eyes seeming somewhat calmer, but his words were tense. “Tell him what happened Allura.”

“Why is he in your room princess?!” Keith demanded, struggling to get free of Lotor’s grip. “Why is he wandering around half dressed while you take a shower?!”

“I…” She blushed, wrapping her arms tight around her, feeling embarrassed. “Keith, it’s complicated.”

“I saw the door. I know he forced his way inside your room.” Keith replied, and with a muted curse growled at Lotor. “Let me up damn you!”

“Be silent and let her speak!” Lotor snapped, refusing to budge off of Keith’s body.

“Keith, it’s all right. I let him come in here with me…”

“You don’t have to make up stories!” protested the captain, bucking back against Lotor’s hand. “You don’t have to protect him!”

“I’m not trying to protect anybody.” Allrua insisted, then whispered, “Except for myself.” Louder she spoke, swallowing nervously. “I’ve done something Keith….something irreversible…”

“No need to make it sound like the worst mistake of your life.” An insulted Lotor exclaimed.

“I didn’t mean to…” Allura said, and now Lotor made a rude noise.

“Just tell him already.” Lotor was more than a tad impatient, staring at her with his gold eyes gleaming. Still she hesitated, knowing this was not how she wanted it to come out, and fearing there was no better way to tell Keith. Lotor decided things for her, not laughing as he spoke. “We got married captain.”

“No.” Keith whispered, then was shouting. “No! I don’t believe you. You’re lying! Tell me he’s lying Allura!” Lotor actually allowed Keith room to lift up his head, the youth no longer fighting to get free, just staring imploringly at Allura.

“I’m sorry Keith…” She said, hanging her head to hide the sorrow in her eyes. “Lotor speaks the truth. We are married.” She was unprepared for Keith’s shout, one long howl of fury that had even Lotor wincing. It was enough to rouse the sleepy occupants nearby on the floor, Allura knowing that soon the rest of the Voltron Force would come to investigate. Allura just hoped she could keep Lotor and Keith from killing each other long enough for her to get dressed!

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  1. My favorite so far. I am reading them all. This one’s the most on point to how I remember Lotor and Allura and the tale is funny too. I’m loving it.

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