Blue 07

She lingered in a state of half sleep, the night’s dreams slow to evaporate, leaving her mind in a cloud of sleepy confusion. If Allura concentrated hard enough, she felt she’d be able to grab hold of the dream, snuggle down deep within it, as it played out once more. But such a feat seemed far too exhausting for her to try, the princess laying there, drifting in and out of slumber.

She wondered if she fell into a deeper sleep, for suddenly she was experiencing things, strange sensations of arms around her. She felt safe, secure in the embrace of those arms, snuggling harder against her pillow. She thought she heard a moan, the sound low, almost whisper soft as she wiggled in place against something firm, It was as if noticing that presence at her back gave it permission to press harder against her, Allura feeling the warmth of a body next to hers.

She should have felt alarm, something seemed off with this situation, but Allura in her tired state was quick to write it off as nothing more than a fevered dream. A dream that felt almost too real, touch lighting on the side of her face. Something nuzzled against her cheek, soft pressure that repeated itself, moving towards her ear. She was kissed just behind her ear, Allura making a sound, a soft protesting hmm.

“Shhh….” A voice whispered to her, and she felt the lick of a tongue, dipping in her ear. That odd touch woke her completely, Allura’s eyes snapping open in alarm. For a second she just lay there, staring at the lilac patterned wall, sunlight shining through the open window. Then she felt a wiggle behind her, her ear being licked again. She gasped, and started, the arms around her tightening their possessive hold.

Another wiggle behind her, Allura realizing the man that held her was grinding his groin against her rear, an obvious bulge in his pants that spoke of his early morning desire. It frightened her, and she inhaled to scream, but the sound never came out, hand clamping over her mouth.

“Allura, don’t scream…” The voice whispered in her ear, holding an amused quality to it’s tone. “It’s just me…” Cautiously, the hand moved, but hovered in place as though it would fall back over her mouth at the slightest hint of a panicked scream.

“Lotor!” She hissed furiously, feeling him nuzzle his face against her unbound hair. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Hmmm.” A sound of satisfaction, Lotor taking his time in answering her. “You smell so good Allura. Do you use perfumes for your hair?”

She wiggled, trying to squirm free of his arms, and felt him rock his hips against her. Another moan escaped him, low but desire ridden, making her go still with fright. “Lotor…” She began, nervously licking her lips. “Please….please let go of me.”

“But I like holding you.” Lotor protested, not relaxing his arms. “You feel so good in my arms, so soft.”

She could feel just how much he liked holding her, Allura blushing furiously at his clear sign of arousal. “You….you were supposed to stay on your side of the bed.”

“Did I promise that?” Lotor asked, trying for an innocent tone and failing. She nodded, sure he was smirking as he answered her. “Not on your side of the bed…..we met more in the middle of it. You move around a lot in your sleep Allura. Bad dreams?”

“Sometimes.” She admitted.

“You calmed down in my arms.” That surprised her, Allura turning her head to peer over her shoulder at him. That put her face in close proximity to his, Lotor smiling at her. “It’s the truth….” Lotor said, and tenderly kissed her forehead. “Touch can be a great comfort to those in distress.”

“I wouldn’t know.” Allura told him, seeing his eyes take on a quizzical light. “I do not get touched much.” In fact her nanny was one of the only people to still baby her, sometimes holding Allura when she needed a good cry. But more often than not people stayed away, trying to appear respectable of her royal status.

“You must be starved for touch then.” Lotor commented, the back of his fingers doing a stroke down the side of her neck. Allura was quiet, thinking about it.

“Maybe.” She reluctantly admitted, and was rewarded with another caress of his fingers.

“I’ll give you all you could ever need.” Lotor told her, and his touch turned less innocent, fingers gliding past her collar bone to touch onto the fabric of her night gown. He fingered the white ribbon tie over her breasts, Allura tensing up.

“What time is it?” She asked, breathing easier when he left the ribbon alone. But his fingers stayed on the purple material of her night gown, idly caressing the silk. “And where is Keith?”

“He’s sleeping.” Lotor chuckled, and nodded towards the foot of the bed. Allura followed his gaze and saw Keith slouched over in the chair, his body twisted in an uncomfortable position. His mouth was open, and now she realized he was snoring, soft but audible. She felt relief to know Keith hadn’t abandoned her to Lotor’s lusty intentions.

“What time is it?” She asked again, feeling Lotor shrug.

“It’s early. I’ve been up for a while.”

“That’s right. Drules don’t require as much sleep as we humans.” She turned her face away from his, starting to blush. “Have you been holding me this entire time?”

“Since I’ve been awake.” Lotor confirmed, making her hope she hadn’t done something like drool or talk in her sleep. “You’re beautiful, even in slumber. I enjoyed watching you.” Another nuzzle of her hair, his fingers idle caress turning more purposeful as his hand cupped her breast. She immediately gasped, and tried to squirm backwards, but that put her pushing against his erection.

“Oh Allura…” Lotor purred in her ear, his thumb caressing over the clothed peak of her breast. “You’re everything I could have ever wanted….”

“St….stop.” She stuttered, not liking the way his fingers rubbed friction over her nipple. “Keith…”

“Is sleeping.” Lotor said, as if she needed the reminder.

“But he could wake up….”

“That makes it more exciting, wouldn’t you say?” Lotor asked, and now he brought his lips to touch her neck, nibbling on the side.

“No, it would not!” Allura said, doing her best to keep her cries from getting too loud. She could feel her nipple starting to tingle, a warm thread of arousal working it’s way through her body. She recognized the feeling, associating it with the emotions she had experience in those flashbacks of hers.

“You’re pulse is racing.” Lotor kissed her pulse point, Allura knowing her heart had started a frantic beating at his touch. “Some part of you must find this exciting.”

“You misunderstand the situation!” It wasn’t exactly fear she was experiencing, but she was pretty sure she wasn’t excited over the prospect of Keith catching them like this.

“Oh?” Lotor’s other hand touched her unmolested breasts, both now cupped in his massive grip. She gasped, and a low moan escaped her, Allura squirming as Lotor began squeezing and kneading her flesh. It was a gentle touch he used, hardly the rough groping she had expected of him. But still she didn’t like being touched like this without her express permission to do so, Allura’s flesh breaking out into goose bumps.

“Lotor please…” Allura began, and heard him make a tsking sound.

“You hurt my feelings last night Allura.” She frowned at that, wondering what he meant. “When you wouldn’t kiss me.”

“Is this punishment for that?” She demanded, biting her lip to keep her squeals inside.

“Hardly punishment.” Lotor said in between kisses of her neck. “I also don’t like the fact that you brought Keith to OUR room. That you don’t trust me enough to be alone with me.”

“I think these touches of yours proves you can’t be trusted!” Allura found her nipples were stiffer than they had ever been, and she blushed embarrassed, sure Lotor was aware of them nudging their hardness against the palms of his hands.

“I’m behaving myself.” Allura scoffed at that, Lotor letting out an insistent word. “I am!” A sudden chuckle, the sound low and vibrating across her skin. “Just imagine what I could be doing to you right now.” She didn’t want to, but her mind starting to take that trip, Allura feeling her face grow hotter as she thought of all kinds of sinful things. Especially when he ground his erection against her rear, his voice a moan that could only be described as sexy.

“It wouldn’t take much…” Lotor whispered, lips now in the crook of her shoulder. “We’d just need to lift up this bit of silk, and untie my breeches, and then….”

“Then what…?” She couldn’t help herself, anxious as she waited for him to finish his suggestion.

“We could create memories to replace the ones we lost.” She jumped, finding Lotor’s teeth grazing her shoulder, his fangs sharp enough to have her wincing.

“No…that wouldn’t be a good idea.” Lotor shifted, and Allura found herself on her back, staring up at Lotor’s face. His golden eyes were desire ridden, and his mane of white hair fell forward to brush past his shoulders. “Lotor…”

“Shhh….” He pressed a finger against her lips, trying to silence her. “Allura….let me prove to you how good a lover I can be for you…”

“You’re mad!” Allura exclaimed, no longer able to see Keith with Lotor in the way. “Keith is in the room!”

Lotor smiled at her, a wicked grin that held all the sin and temptation in the world. “I have no objections.”

“Well I do!” Allura snapped, watching as he settled his weight more firmly on top of her body. She brought up her hands, pressing them against his bare chest, Lotor’s breath catching in his throat. She was trying to push him away, but he seemed to enjoy her touch no matter what she tried to do. “Get off me.” She ordered, pushing harder.

“I will…..for a price.”

“What?” She was suspicious, and rightfully so, seeing Lotor’s grin widen.

“Give me the kiss you denied me so cruelly last night.” She frowned, starting to shake her head no. “Such a pity.” Lotor said, ducking his head to lick at her throat. “I guess we’ll just remain this way.” His hands were wandering her body, feeling out her curves, making her wiggle.

“All right!” Allura cried out, when his hands starting pulling up the long hem of her night gown. He looked at her, and she leaned up to press a quick kiss against his lips. “There, I kissed you.”

“There was no passion to that kiss.” Lotor protested, and his one hand caught at the back of her head. “This is the kind of kiss I want.” He met her halfway, pressing his lips against hers, mouth moving in a delicious manner. She trembled, but did not fight him, even going so far as to move her lips against his. When his tongue licked across the crease of her mouth, she parted her lips, Allura offering up her tongue to Lotor’s kiss.

The alarm clock went off, ringing out the early morning hour. She tried to pull back, but Lotor was still there, his mouth hot and demanding on hers. She began making protesting sounds, Lotor seeming to eat them all up. Noise from the foot of the bed, the alarm clock still ringing it’s annoying tune.

“Get your hands off of her!” Keith’s voice, angry and loud, issuing out an order. An order Lotor took his time heeding, breaking the kiss slowly, and kissing her bottom lip one last time.

“Oh captain. You’re up.” Lotor’s disinterested voice said.

“Get off of her.” Keith was on the bed now, pulling at Lotor’s arm. Lotor let out a wicked laugh, and slid off Allura, the girl blushing redder than ever. “Are you okay Allura?” Keith wanted to know, and she nodded.

“I’m fine Keith. Thank you.”

“You shouldn’t thank me.” Keith sounded chagrined. “I shouldn’t have fallen asleep. He’d never have tried that if I was awake.”

“You’d be surprised at what I can do even with an audience.” Lotor retorted, walking over to the com unit on the wall. He pressed a button, and began ordering breakfast, Allura noting he was asking for another one of her favorite meals.

Allura sat up, and noticed Keith was staring wide eyed at her chest. She glanced down, dismayed to see the obvious way her stiff nipples protruded against the silk of her night gown. But she didn’t try to explain it, merely inching towards the side of the mattress, swinging her legs down onto the carpet. Not looking at Keith, she walked over to the shelving unit, retrieving her data pad off the top most shelf of the bookcase.

She began checking her messages, seeing her filters had allowed some advertisements to get through. She promptly deleted those, then noticed a missive from Arus. She opened it, seeing a letter from Coran, her advisor having approved of the treaty changes she and Lotor had made. He too had not noticed anything that could jeopardize Arus or Voltron, giving his go ahead to sign the document.

“Lotor here…” He walked towards her, hand extending for the data pad. She handed it over, watching as he looked at the screen, eyes already reading the writing there. “We can sign it as long as you have no objections.”

“All right.” Lotor said, walking over to a chair. “I just want to reread it first.”

“You think we snuck something in?” She asked, affronted.

“Isn’t that what you and Zarkon would do?” added Keith, making a scoffing sound.

“I’m a shrewd negotiator. I would be remiss if my duties if I did not check it over one last time.” Lotor retorted, eyes on the document.

“Fine.” Allura sighed, and walked over to the closet, pulling out a pale pink sun dress, with a darker colored jacket. Wordlessly, she went into the bathroom, and began freshening up, brushing her teeth, and taking a quick shower. When she was done, she walked out, night gown folded over her arm, ready to be put away for the day. Keith was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest, just glaring at Lotor.

“I hope you ordered enough food for three.” Allura said, hearing a knock on the door. Lotor made a sound, but he seemed not to be paying attention, too focused on the treaty. Allura shook her head, and went to answer the door, seeing a maid with a food service cart. The woman smiled a greeting at Allura, and lifted a covered tray off the cart, handing it to the princess.

“Thank you.” Allura said, and the maid nodded.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Keith was behind her, already reaching for the tray. Their hands brushed each other as she transferred the tray to his grip, Allura pulling back her hands as though burned. Keith pretended not to notice the way she had reacted, carrying the tray over to the room’s dining table. They both sat down, and Lotor came over to join them, but he was still distracted, data pad in hand.

For the most part breakfast was eaten in silence, Keith not in the mood for conversation, and Lotor busy with the treaty. Allura held back her sighs, nibbling on toast, eyes looking back and forth between the two males. Eventually Lotor put down the data pad, a half smile on his face. “I will sign this.” He said, and Allura exhaled, feeling relief that he had found nothing to object to.

“All right.” Allura said, watching as he pulled the stylus out of the device, and began signing his signature onto the screen. He then handed it to Allura, the princess adding her signature as well, noting Lotor’s handwriting was a neat cursive next to her messy scrawl. “Now all that’s left to do is to send this to the appropriate parties.” Allura said, and began addressing the treaty to Coran’s office, and to General Gromand of Galaxy Garrison. She hesitated, and Lotor told her the proper transmission codes to Zarkon’s private number, Allura adding it to the send recipient section.

Her hand actually started to shake, Allura not quite believing it was done. Arus future would be secured with just one more press of the button. “I’d like to send my father a copy of our marriage license.” Lotor said as Allura pressed send.

“I can scan a copy with this.” Allura said, tapping the device.

“All right.” Lotor got up, going to retrieve the document that he had tucked inside one of his suitcases for safe keeping.

“Are you okay with this princess?” Keith asked, and she shrugged.

“It’s done Keith. Nothing I can do to change it, regardless of how I feel.” Keith’s frown showed how much he disapproved of the whole thing, the man poking at his eggs with his fork.

“Here.” Lotor said, returning to the table, document in hand. Allura took the marriage license from him, and began scanning it into her data pad. She entered the proper send information, forwarding copies to Coran and Garrison as well. “I’d like to speak to my father now.” Lotor said, surprising her. She glanced at him, a question in her eyes.

Lotor hurried to explain. “I want to deliver the news of our marriage to him personally. He’ll…” He seemed to change his mind on what he was going to say, shaking his head no. “It’ll be better if I speak to him before he reads the treaty.”

“So you can soften the blow of the fact that Arus’ alignment with Doom is a partnership rather than an invasion?” Keith’s tone was sardonic, the captain staring at Lotor.

“Something like that.” Agreed Lotor.

“I hope he drops dead from a heart attack.” Muttered Keith.

“Keith!” admonished Allura, shocked.

Keith was unapologetic. “It would save the Denubian Galaxy a lot of strife and heart ache if he died.”

“Those are traitorous words captain.” Lotor said coldly. “That’s your king you are talking about.”

“He’s no king of mine.” Keith retorted.

“So long as you live on Arus, then yes…he is.” Lotor smirked. “Do try to show the proper amount of loyalty to your rulers.” Keith’s mouth was an ugly twist, the captain grimacing as though he has tasted something foul.

“I’ve lost my appetite.” Keith said, and pushed his plate away. “I’ll see you in a bit Allura.”

“You’re leaving?” She was surprised, watching him stand. He nodded, and started heading for the door. “Strange…” She murmured as the door shut behind Keith, leaving her alone with Lotor. “I would have thought he’d want to sit in on the transmission to Zarkon.”

“Guess he doesn’t have the stomach for it.” Lotor said lightly, then touched her arm. “You’ll stay for it, won’t you Allura? I’d like to present my bride to him.” She shivered, not sure she wanted to look at Zarkon, let alone talk to him. “Please.” Lotor added, voice sincere.

“All right.” She sighed, watching as a dazzling smile lit up his features.

“Thank you Allura.” Lotor said, and leaned in to give her a quick peck on the lips. He then stood, and sauntered towards his suitcases, ready to pull out a change of clothing. Allura turned back to her meal, using her fork to push around the remains of breakfast, already worrying about this up coming call to Zarkon.

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