Blue 11


Other couples had joined them on the dance floor, the small space becoming too crowded to do more than slow dance. It left Allura pouting, the princess wanting nothing more than to dance, wild and free. Lotor seemed to have no objections to whichever speed they danced at, in fact he seemed to relish holding her in his arms almost as much as he enjoyed it when she wiggled against him, grinding to the beat of the music.

“It’s too crowded.” Allura complained, looking up at her husband with a pout on her lips. He nodded, and she tugged at his neck, going on tip toe to whisper in his ear. “Let’s go back to the table.” She didn’t pull back right away, inhaling his scent, finding it pleasing to her nose. She actually found herself rubbing her face against his, practically purring in contentment,

“Allura?” Lotor sounded bemused, hands tightening on her torso. “What are you doing?”

“You smell so good.” She moaned out, sniffing him once more. “Is that after shave?”

“I don’t shave.” Lotor answered, and she squealed.

“No wonder your face feels so soft and smooth!” He actually laughed at that, and Allura slowly pulled back, setting back down on flat feet. She looked away from him to the dance floor, frowning. “Why are there so many people?”

“It’s a popular spot.” Lotor explained, and she nodded.

“I guess so.” He took her hand, and began steering her off the dance floor. She followed, but her attention wandered, Allura looking at the portraits that hung on the walls of the restaurant. They were mainly pictures of famous people who had visited the hotel, holo entertainment celebrities, and Denubian Royalty. Allura wondered if they would hang up a picture of her with her husband, the princess giggling at the idea.

So consumed with her laughter, she was shocked when the toe of her shoe hit a bump in the carpeted floor, Allura mistepping with a violent lurch. “Whoah! Easy there!” Lotor caught her before she could hit the floor, Allura sagging in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his waist, making him do all the work to get her standing straight once more.

“You’re so tall Lotor.” Allura commented, gazing at his broad chest. “Why?”

“I’m actually pretty short for a Drule.” Lotor sounded embarrassed. “You should see my father if you want to see an example of a tall Drule.”

“You’re tall to me.” She said instead, and hugged him hard. She felt Lotor touch her hair, stroking his long fingers through it. She smiled, a soft hmm of pleasure escaping her, Allura remembering another time when he petted her hair like this. ~Another time?!~ Her eyes lit up, Allura realizing she was on the verge of remembering something else.

“Lotor….!” His name was an excited moan on her lips, Allura leaning into him. “I remember! I like it when you touch my hair!”

“Do you now?” He smiled, continuing to pet her. She gave an emphatic nod of her head, the two of them standing near their table. His eyes twinkled with merriment, Lotor leaning in close to her face. “And what else do you like?”

“Um…” She stared at his lips, noticing they were a slightly darker shade of blue than the rest of him. “Your kisses!” She laughed, triumphant that she could remember this much. Allura didn’t kiss Lotor though, suddenly backing out of his arms to skip to the table. She left him standing there bewildered, Allura humming along to the tune of the music.

The waitress approached, arms laden with trays holding their meals. Allura watched as the woman set down the plates, inhaling the sweet aroma of the meat. Suddenly she spied a glass amidst the plates of food, the orange pink liquid beckoning to her. “Ooooh! More peaches!” She exclaimed in excitement, reaching for the cup.

“I think you’ve had enough.” Lotor’s hand had swooped down, snagging the glass before she could touch it. She looked at him, pouting, even as Lotor set the glass on the waitress’ tray. “Bring her a cup of coffee.”

“But Lotor, I don’t drink coffee.” Allura protested, still wanting her peach snappler.

“It’ll do you a world of good.” Lotor said, sitting down. He handed his goblet to the waitress, nodding at her. “And some chilled water for me.”

Allura was still pouting, staring pleadingly at him. He shook his head no, the waitress hurrying off to fill their new drink orders. “Nanny says coffee will stunt my growth.”

“Is that how it works with humans?” Lotor wondered out loud, shaking his head. “I’m sure one cup won’t damage you.”

“Want to be taller.” Allura mumbled, easing her feet out of her pink heels. “Want to be able to look you in the eyes without you having to bend, and me go up on tip toe.”

“It’s a little awkward when we kiss, but I don’t mind.” Lotor smiled at her. “I think you’re the perfect size for me.” A husky purr then, Lotor’s words suggestive. “In more ways than one.”

“What do you mean?” Allura asked, but she colored all the same. “You’re talking about something sexual aren’t you?!”

“Lower your voice Allura, people are staring.” Lotor advised, the waitress arriving with their drinks. Allura stared sadly at her mug of coffee, refusing to touch it. Lotor was busying himself with his veal, cutting it into smaller portions. “Aren’t you going to eat Allura?”

“Not hungry.” She said, looking down at her steak. “Just want another peach snappler.”

“Do try to eat something Allura. It’ll help you metabolize your drink faster.” Advised Lotor, eating a forkful of his veal. His suggestion was lost on her, Allura finding she couldn’t recall the meaning of such a large word.

“Why aren’t you drinking any more wine?” Allura asked, poking a finger into her steak. It’s juices bled out onto the plate, showing the meat was succulently cooked. “Does it taste bad?”

“Hardly.” Lotor said. “But I think I need to cut back.” A chuckle then, Lotor laughing. “My father is right…I do overindulge far too much. It’s cost me one night’s memory…I don’t want to lose another…”

“What do you mean?” Allura asked, confused. He merely smiled at her, eating another piece of the veal. She sighed, and picked up her knife and fork, cutting into her steak. She kept herself distracted, cutting the meat into thin little pieces, though she had no desire to eat it. She kept peeking glances at Lotor through lowered eyelashes, noting how handsome he looked.

She studied his features, liking his pale blue skin, and his aristocrat nose. His white hair framed his face, mane heavy and hanging long past his shoulders. Her fingers itched to touch his hair, Allura vaguely recalling the feel of those silken strands clutched tightly in her fists. She lifted her head, setting down her knife and fork, staring at his lips as Lotor reached for his water.

A memory hit her, Allura recalling Lotor on his knees, kissing down her belly as she stood naked before him. His hands had been on her thighs, keeping her legs spread wide while at the same time holding her steady. She had been eager, anticipation coursing through her as she watched him come closer to her sex, his lips parted to huff his warm breath on pink flesh that was damp with desire.

She could remember the feel of his tongue, moist and warm, and oh so talented. Licking her from top to bottom, over and over again, merciless in driving her to derive satisfaction from his tongue’s insidious movements. She had never, ever felt anything like that before, Allura all but innocent when it came to pleasure, even the kind one caused with their own hands.

Lotor had literally opened up a whole new world to her with his actions, and Allura squirmed in her seat, feeling feverish as she recalled the way he flexed and wiggled his tongue deeper inside her. She wanted to moan just remembering it, Allura staring hungrily at Lotor’s mouth, seeing his wicked tongue flick out to lick up the gravy on his lips. Even that simple act was seductive, sinful in the way he moved it.

“Allura?” Lotor had caught her staring, Allura doing her best not to wriggle thought she could feel wetness in her panties. “Is something the matter?”

“N…no…” Allura stammered, trying not to fan herself with her napkin. “I’m fine. Just not hungry.” At least not for food, she reflected, realizing she wanted to experience more of Lotor’s tongue on her body. Flashes of memory spiked through her mind, Allura seeing the press of azure colored skin covering her tanned flesh, the mirrored ceiling reflecting Lotor’s strong back as Allura raked her nails down his spine. She hadn’t scratched him hard enough, or perhaps his skin was simply that tough, Allura disappointed that her memory held no visions of his blood.

Still she remembered being fascinated by their reflection, seeing her bare legs squeezed tight around his waist, feet resting on his ass. His body had been beautiful, powerful, Lotor doing steady thrusts that had Allura’s head lolling back, a loud moan escaping her. In actuality, Allura sighed, leaning against the cushioned back of the booth, a smile playing on her lips.

~I’m a lucky, lucky woman.~ She thought, stifling a happy giggle. Lotor was an excellent lover, a veritable expert at the art of love making, no doubt having had years to hone and perfect his skills. And he had unleashed all those skills on her, treating her to experiences that left her toes curling just at the memory of them.

Lotor was eating, but he was eyeing her carefully, an odd look on his face. She wanted to kiss that expression away, see him look at her with raw, unabashed lust, just like he had the night they had married. More than kissing, she wanted to touch him, to run her fingers across each and every muscle, use her hands to explore the hard lines of his body. She stretched as she thought this, extending her right leg under the table, toes wiggling as she quested for Lotor’s leg.

To her disappointment he didn’t jump when she touched his boot, Allura gliding her stocking clad foot up and down the length of his leg, moving from boot to the soft leggings of his pants. He set down his fork and knife, leaning back in his seat, eyes growing heavy lidded as he watched her. She stared back at him, biting her bottom lip, a bit uncertain by his reaction.

“Allura…” his voice was level, not betraying what he was feeling. “What do you think you are doing?”

“Don’t….don’t you like it?” She worried she was too clumsy and inexperienced for him, her toes brushing higher on his leg.

“I didn’t say that.” Lotor said, and she wiggled her toes in excitement. “Just giving you a chance to explain yourself.”

“Oh….” Another slide of her foot, Allura giggling. “I wanted to touch you.” She confided.

“Did you now.” His lips quirked in a half smile, Lotor sitting up straighter.

“Yes.” Her lips pursed into a pout, Allura lowering her foot to the floor. “Why are you sitting so far away from me? I’m lonely!”

“Shall I come to you?” Lotor asked, and she gave an emphatic nod. Lotor smirked, and began sliding along the curve of the booth, moving to press against her side. She immediately let out a happy sound, snuggling against him, her head resting on his shoulder. “You haven’t eaten anything.”

“I told you I’m not hungry.” She placed a hand on his chest, playing with the red fringe that bordered the black part of his uniform’s top.

“Shall we go then Allura?” Lotor asked, moving his head so that his lips brushed her head, words being whispered into her hair. She nodded, pressing her hand down hard on his chest, feeling his pectoral muscle through the thin fabric of his tunic. She wondered how such thin material could be an effective deterrent against a weapon, Allura feeling the urge to tear through his tunic with her nails.

She settled for lightly grazing her nails over his front, hand moving lower, down onto his stomach. Lotor’s breath seemed to catch in his throat, his arm going across her shoulders, holding her there. She started to rub circles, barely aware of the waitress approaching.

“We’ll take the check now.” Lotor said, voice calm as though Allura wasn’t touching him.

“All right, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” The woman nodded, and turned to leave.

“Please make it quick.” Lotor told her, voice growing husky the more Allura’s hand traveled down south. “Your tip will be greatly increased if you do!” Their waitress practically took off running, her pony tail bobbing as she ran towards the cash register.

Allura’s hand was almost to his crotch, Lotor suddenly reaching down to catch her wrist. She pouted, a loud protest issuing out of her. “Lotor! I want to touch it!”

“Later, I promise.” Lotor said, bringing her hand towards his lips. He overturned her hand to that he could place a kiss on the bottom of her wrist, surely tasting her pulse point in the process.

“Now.” Allura whined, practically crawling into Lotor’s lap.

“You can touch me all you like Allura, let’s just get to our room first.” Lotor said, holding her steady as she hooked her legs over his.

“You promise?” She asked, mollified when he nodded. “Okay!”

“Get your shoes Allura.” Lotor said, and she sighed as if it was the greatest of effort to do as he asked. She wiggled her toes back into her heels, reaching down to make sure they fit properly over her foot. By the time she straightened, the waitress was back with the check, laying it down on the table with a flourish. Lotor barely glanced at it, save to tally the tip total based off a percentage of their bill. Allura sighed, and played with a strand of her hair, impatient for Lotor’s attention to be back on her.

“Here…this should cover it…” Lotor scribbled down room information, signing his signature with a flourish. The waitress picked up the bill, her eyes widening in appreciation of the sizable tip Lotor had given her.

“Thank you my Lord.” She exclaimed, flashing a dazzling smile at the prince. Allura immediately fixed her with the evil eye, clinging possessively to Lotor’s tunic. The message was clear, keep away you hussy, and the waitress realized it, her smile faltering. She quickly hurried away at Lotor’s dismissive gesture, running over to show the bill to another waiter.

“Can we go now?” Allura asked, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

“Yes, Allura. We’re free to go back to our room.” Lotor nudged her with his hip, and she immediately got the message, scooting over until she ran out of booth, the girl stumbling to her feet. Lotor moved more elegantly than her, rising to stand, taking hold of her hand. She glanced at the dance floor, for a second distracted, but he was already leading her past other tables, heading in the direction opposite the dancing diners.

Allura had to lean on Lotor, clutching at his arm, finding the floor felt unsteady to her feet. He voiced no complaint about that, easily maneuvering her out of the restaurant and into the hotel lobby. She looked around, but saw no familiar faces, smiling as Lotor led her to the elevators.

“How much longer?” Allura asked, watching as he pressed the call button for an elevator.

“We should be there in just a few minutes.” Lotor told her, and Allura found herself running her hands over his chest again. She bit her lip, looking up into his eyes, a throaty purr issuing out of her.

“I don’t think I can wait much longer.” Allura confided, gesturing for him to bend closer to her. He did so, Allura taking the time to sweep his hair behind his pointed ear. “I am so wet right now.” A mischievous giggle, Allura catching at his hand. “Wanna feel?”

An elevator arrived before he could answer her, Lotor all but picking her up and running inside the car. The doors barely closed, and he was pressing her against the rear wall, holding her so her feet dangled off the floor. She couldn’t say anything, his mouth was already firmly locked into place on top of hers, Allura moaning, wrapping both her arms and her legs around him.

“Hmmm!” She purred out, thrusting her tongue eagerly into his mouth. If he was surprised by her initiative he did not show it, Lotor offering up his tongue to hers. Greedy for him, she began sliding her tongue against his, enjoying the wet velvet feel of his mouth’s muscle. “Ah hum!” She murmured, enjoying the way he coiled his tongue around hers, Allura arching her back, finding Lotor was sliding his hands between her and the wall.

She didn’t protest when his hands touched her bottom, fingers taking firm handfuls of her ass. She merely wiggled harder against him, loving the way he squeezed her rump, fingers kneading her flesh. Allura broke the kiss long enough to whisper fiercely against his mouth. ‘Harder.” He was quick to oblige, their mouths coming to clash together once more.

The elevator’s bell dinged, announcing their floor with a loud ring. Lotor broke the kiss with a ragged gasp, Allura panting just as hard as him. She gave a disappointed whine when he started to untangle her arms from around him, Lotor intending to lower her back to the floor.

“Just a little longer Allura.” Lotor assured her, forcing her arms to let go of him. She still clung to him with her legs, not sure she should release her hold on him. “We’re almost to our room.”

“You promise?” Allura’s lower lip trembled, staring at Lotor’s mouth. He nodded, and she reluctantly let go of him, easing her legs back to the floor. He took her hand, and escorted her off the elevator, but once out in the hall, he pulled her to him, kissing her possessively. They stumbled forward, walking in an awkward manner, hands clutching at each other’s clothes, lips smacking together again and again.

It was Lotor’s turn to be pinned against the door, Allura all but slamming the large Drule into the wooden surface. She fisted the top half of his tunic, hauling him downwards to meet her waiting lips. Another eager molding of their mouths together, Allura nibbling on his bottom lip. Lotor tried to speak through her kisses, muttering out a desperate question.

“Where’s your purse?”

Somehow she had remembered to bring it with her from the restaurant, Allura pushing it into Lotor’s hand. She had her hands on his face, and was up on tip toe, kissing all along his jaw line as he rooted through her purse, searching for something. He made a triumphant sound when he found it, holding up the card key to their door. Reaching backwards, he somehow maneuvered the card key through the reader, lock coming open with a click.

The door gave way under their combined weight, Lotor and Allura nearly hitting the floor. He righted them both, Allura never ceasing in her sloppy but eager kisses on his jaw. She heard the door click close as she let go of his face. She dropped her hands to his belt, fingers feeling out the button in the skull’s face. It released the catch that held the belt cinched around his waist, his colorful tunic loosening.

She barely looked to see where she was throwing it, too focused on him, her hands grabbing at his tunic and pulling it upwards. Lotor obliged her by raising his arms, Allura pausing long enough to lick at his revealed stomach, hearing him let out a growl. The tunic was jerked the rest of the way off him, leaving Lotor clad in just his boots and leggings. She pulled back to admire him, her hand touching his warm skin.

“Hmmm, I just want to lick you all over.” Allura saw Lotor’s eager response to her words, her voice growing husky as she pressed against him. “Every single inch of your body Lotor.” She purposefully placed her hand on the bulge in his pants, feeling him shudder. Allura wasn’t sure if it was her words, or her touch, it could have been a combination of both that set him off trembling.

“Let’s not wait any longer than.” Lotor purred, lifting her up off the floor to cradle her in his arms. She grinned, wrapping her arms around him, working her lips into the crook of his shoulder. He walked quickly towards the bed, depositing her gently on top of it’s soft mattress. She sank in the center, her arms not letting go of him, trying to topple him on top of her. He resisted her command to fall, placing both hands down on the mattress.

“Don’t stop.” Allura told him, pulling harder, biting on his shoulder.

“I won’t. But you have to tell me what you want me to do.” Lotor answered, a purr rumbling out of him, reminding her of a great big cat. She pulled back, to stare at him, thinking on all the things she wanted to do with him. It was a tough decision to make, Allura wanting to experience everything with her husband.

“Touch me.” Allura said, pulling his hand to place it between her legs which were spread slightly. Her dress was in the way, Allura wiggling impatiently. “Clothes just get in the way.” She told him mournfully.

“Easy enough to take care of.” Lotor told her, and began pulling her dress up over her head, leaving her clad in her panties and thigh high, skin colored stockings.

“Should I take off my shoes?” She asked, wriggling harder at his fingers that rubbed her through her panties. Lotor had a wicked look in his eyes, leaning to whisper against her lips.

“Leave them on.”

“Okay.” She easily agreed, wishing he would ease aside her panties, and touch her directly. “Lotor….please….I need….”

“What do you need?’ He asked, stealing a quick kiss from her lips.

“For you to touch me!” Allura exclaimed, impatient and wondering why he teased her.

“I am touching you.” An innocent tone from him, Lotor still rubbing her vigorously, making her panties grow even wetter in the process. Allura made a frustrated sound, wondering why he couldn’t tell what she wanted.

“Without any barriers!” She told him, reaching down to pull at her panties. Lotor chased her hand away, and with a sudden slash of his nails, tore them off her. The shredded remains of white panties went sailing over his shoulder, Allura could only guess where they landed.

Lotor begin carefully touching the furled folds of her woman hood, Allura squealing with delight. “Yes!” Each caress of his finger had shivers running through her, Allura finding Lotor using his other hand to hold her still, preventing her from wiggling about. She moaned and cried out, wanting to move, and yet at the same time she wanted to just sit back and enjoy what he was doing.

He touched her so carefully, as though she would break, fingers spreading her open wider. Two fingers stroked up and down her slit, Lotor slicking his fingertips with her moisture before touching them to her clit. At that brief touch, the ripples of desire intensified, Allura crying out as her head lolled back. “M…more!” She stammered out, staring at him lustfully.

“Are you sure?” He was teasing her with more than his fingers, using his words to drive her mad.

“I’m sure!” Allura insisted, just about ready to go out of her mind with need. She didn’t get a chance to breathe easier, his firm touch on her clit had her panting, Allura’s body tensing up with pleasure. She moaned and bit at her lip, shaking her head from side to side as urgent whines escaped her.

“Allura, you’re positively drenched.” Lotor commented, and she nodded feebly.

“It’s because of you!” She told him. “It’s because I want you so much.” She leaned over his hand, nuzzling her face against one perfect pec, kissing just above his dark blue nipple. Lotor’s fingers faltered for a moment, the prince hissing in pleasure. “I meant what I said.” Allura’s hand was sliding under the waistband of his pants, fingertips touching the crown of his cock. “Wanna lick you.”

“Where?” His voice was husky with arousal, watching Allura fumble with the front of his pants. She couldn’t seem to get the zipper down, letting out a frustrated sound that Lotor echoed.

“Everywhere!” Allura told him, letting Lotor chase away her hands to open his pants for her. “But mainly here.” She poked a finger into the tip of his dick, touching the slit that was already pearling with a hint of fluid. She played with the tip for a few seconds more, using her fingers to encouraged more fluid to ooze out of it. She glanced up at his face through lowered lashes, seeing him watching her, his eyes clouded with desire.

She smiled at him, happy as she kissed him, placing her hands on his chest. At her push he went down, Lotor propping himself up on his elbows, watching down his body at her. She cooed at him, lying down on her stomach, settling between his legs with her face in his lap. She reached for his cock, nuzzling the tip against her cheek, feeling it’s fluid smear on her skin.

“Everything about you is so soft Allura.” Lotor moaned, and she made an agreeing sound. “Soft and smooth….ah!” His words cut off with a sharp cry of pleasure, Allura licking the head of his cock hard. It twitched against her lips, Allura having to use her hand to hold it steady at the base. Her other hand cupped his balls, the girl kneading them, feeling out the texture of his skin down there.

She watched his face as she planted kisses down the underside of his dick, each one seeming to make his cock stand up just a little more. He grew larger in her grasp, Allura amazed and gasping in delight, giving him a gentle squeeze with her hand. “Careful!” Lotor gasped out, and she pouted.

“I AM being careful.” Allura said, giving him another squeeze. She giggled and kissed the very tip of his dick, tongue peeking out between her lips to dig into the oozing slit. Lotor seemed to especially like that, moaning nonsense to her as her tongue worked him harder. She smirked, thrilled at the power she had over him, her legs bending, Allura wiggling them back and forth behind her.

A few more licks of the crown, and then she opened her mouth wide, taking in just the tip past her lips. Lotor seemed to shiver and shake, words in some foreign language rushing out of him. She made a note to ask him later what he said, feeling him reaching down to thread his fingers though her hair. His touch in her hair made her happier, Allura remembering how much she loved it when he pet her.

She began sucking on the dick in her mouth, fast and hard, the suction on his tip making him howl in bliss. She did it for a few seconds before she let it pop free of her mouth, licking her lips to stare adoringly at him. “You taught me well on our wedding night.” Allura purred, seeing Lotor rapidly nod his head.

“I guess I did.” Lotor sounded delirious, especially when she took him back in her mouth, easing in several more inches of his all too large cock. She tried to fit in all she could, but he seemed too big for her, Allura sighing mournfully. “What’s wrong?”

She didn’t answer him, not in words, making her lips a tight seal around his dick. Once again she started sucking, hearing him mutter and moan, his petting becoming more vigorous. She used her tongue to brush the underside of his dick, and her hands squeezed the bit that wasn’t inside her mouth. Lotor’s breath was coming out in harsh pants, the man trembling as beads of sweat appeared on his body. She stared at one, watching it trail down his washboard abs, Allura wanted to lick it up with her tongue.

So strong was that urge that she abandoned his cock, getting up on her knees to press her mouth onto his stomach. “Allura, what?” Lotor sounded confused, she could feel his dick throbbing against her breasts. She didn’t answer him, dragging her tongue over the drop, lapping up it’s salty sweetness.

“Lotor…” She was touching his dick again, kissing up his waist. “Please….I…I want you.” A tug on his dick, Lotor thrusting into her fist. “I need you. Now.” It was apparent she didn’t need to ask him twice, Lotor suddenly sitting up, pushing her down onto her back. He grinned at her, Allura mimicking the expression.

“Are you sure about this?” Lotor asked, leaving her to wonder why he would hesitate when he so obviously wanted her. In answer she merely spread her legs as wide as she could, waiting impatiently for him to cover her body with his. He did not disappoint, moving into place between her legs, rubbing his cock against her damp sex. When he began probing the entrance to her body, Allura immediately tried to push back, wanting to wiggle into place on his dick.

“Easy there.” Lotor laughed. “Don’t be so impatient.”

“Don’t go so slow then.” Allura moaned, feeling another inch go inside her.

“I’ll hurt you if I just thrust inside in one go.” Lotor told her, and smirked. “I’m too big, and pouting will not get me to do what I know will hurt you.” She pouted anyway, Allura doing her best to wriggle down his length, forcing Lotor to hold her down. “We go at your body’s pace.” He told her firmly, and thrust another inch inside her.

She grabbed at his arms, trying to draw him closer, crying out in relief when at last he pushed in four more inches. Lotor hissed, muttering something about her tightness, giving in to her hand’s urging to press his body against hers. Her breasts flattened against his body, Allura kissing at his throat, her hands clutching at the back of his head.

Lotor moaned, and began withdrawing from her body, Allura crying out, knowing he hadn’t put his entire length inside her. His hands took hold of her legs, hoisting them up, and at his urging, she wrapped them tight around his body. The sharp backs of her heels dug into his ass, Allura pushing on him, trying to draw him back inside her. Lotor did as she asked, but slowly, letting her body stretch to accommodate his large size.

“Husband move!” She cried, shaking her hips.

Lotor laughed, sounding delighted. “I am moving!”

“Not fast enough!” She protested, bucking her hips against his thrusts. She was almost frantic as she moved, Lotor clutching at her back, growling into her ear.

“What is your rush?”

“Need it!” Came her answer, licking at his throat. He muttered, and geared his hips for a mighty thrust, pistoning even deeper inside her. She squeaked surprised, for all her complaining she hadn’t been ready for that thrust. But she begged for more all the same, clinging tightly to him, her nails digging into his scalp. “Do that again, please!”

“Very well, since you beg so sweetly wife of mine.” He did that deep, powerful thrust again, Allura’s voice singing sweetly. He soon found a rhythm that pleased them both, Lotor grunting and growling, whispering entreaties in her ears. “My beautiful Allura. My precious one….oh yes, just like that….cling to me harder.”

She did as he asked, using her whole body to hold onto him, trembling with delight as she felt him build her up, body climber higher and higher to the pinnacle of ultimate bliss. Near the end, his thrusts became as fast as she had begged him for, Lotor sounding almost animalistic as he growled into her ear. “Mine! All mine!”

“Yes! All yours!” Allura confirmed, and slashed her nails down his back, trying to bleed him. Lotor did a roll of his hips, and he touched the deepest part inside of her, Allura all but screaming as she came, her climax causing her to clamp down on his cock.

“Allura!” Lotor moaned, at her body’s insistent milking, gave up his seed. It felt as powerful as the rest of him, filling her up with warmness. She went limp beneath him, arms falling to her sides, her legs only held up by his hands, Lotor shuddering in a delicious manner. When he finally finished emptying his seed into her, he too collapsed, taking care to roll them onto their sides, so they could gaze into each other’s eyes.

She immediately snuggled against him, feeling replete with pleasure. Lotor was stroking her hair once more, Allura sighing happily. “Can we do that again?” Allura asked hopefully, causing Lotor to laugh.

“Again and again and again!” He promised her, kissing her nose cutely. She smiled widely at him, than sat up. “Allura? Is something wrong?”

“I want a bath.” She said, already inching towards the edge of the bed. Allura glanced over her shoulder at him, offering him a coy smile. “And afterwards, I want you to use that talented tongue of yours to make me scream!”

“With pleasure.” Lotor said, also rising from the bed. He approached her, and for a second she thought he was going to hug her. Instead he pinched her bottom, causing Allura to shriek, wild with laughter. She moved away from him, kicking off her heels, and then took off towards the bathroom, on legs that were all too shaky. She didn’t have to look back to know her husband was hot on her trail, quick to follow the suggestive sway off her hips.

He caught up with her half way to the bathroom, picking her up and actually throwing her over his shoulder. She squealed and did a little kick, but otherwise just hung there, a silly grin on her face. She knew the day was young, and they would have plenty of time to continue their fun.

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